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Give me some tunes


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I have incredibly broad taste. Rock, punk, punk-rock, prog-rock, dance/chillout, jazz/funk/bebop, indie i'm pretty much down with anything and will give whatever you suggest a whirl.

I'll list some of my favourite bands, so you can suggest stuff based off these (If you wish. Or whatever you think I should listen to);


Strung Out


Dream Theater

The Mars Volta


The Get Up Kids

Sigur Ros


Operation Ivy

Maynard Ferguson

Death Cab For Cutie

Spock's Beard

Rise Against

Streetlight Manifesto

A Perfect Circle

Don Ellis

Death By Stereo

Zero Seven

Arcade Fire

The Strokes

Fatboy Slim

I could go on and on. But that's pretty much the predominant artists on my playlist.

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First off, great music taste.

Right, if you like DCFC and stuff like Zero Seven, try The Postal Service, get 'Natural Anthem', 'The District Sleeps Alone Tonight' or 'Nothing Better' for a good taste.

Seeing Sigur Ros, try Mogwai.

Also check out, as just general recommendations, Iron & Wine, Gratitude (although they are fairly emo, so you know) and At The Drive-In.

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Thanks for the replies thus far. I already know of and listen to (But didn't list) a few of artists mentioned; Postal Service, At The Drive-In, Porcupine Tree, Liquid Tension Experiment and Raised Fist but i'll make sure i'll check the other suggestions out as well.

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