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WCW 2001 - Make them believe


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I woke up Wednesday morning with a heavy head. Last night was supposed to be about talking business, and believe me we did, but debate that tough calls for a crisp Chilean red so by the time I left the table I was hardly in the best shape of my life. Lucky that Eric wasn’t drinking and gave me a ride home. God knows how, believe me if I was Eric Bischoff I’d have been drinking a hell of a lot recently. Dragged myself over onto my side and pulled my laptop across into the bed with me, lets see what the world had waiting for me today. I couldn’t help myself, well, after last night I had to right? Who cared what they were pushing on wcw.com, lets see what the real fans had to say about the show. I mean, that’s who I had to win back right? One click to ddtdigest.com later I found this from Monday night’s show…

WCW Monday Nitro - March 19, 2001

By Aldo

• By now, you may have read that in addition to WCW's problems in finding a new owner, their programming is getting yanked from all AOL/Time Warner networks. A related article to this can be found by going here.

If you're expecting a long spiel from me about the situation, then I'm sorry that I am letting you down. Enough people, including Bill and Xavier Doom, have made their voices heard in some way or another about the WCW situation.

Okay, I guess I'll make one comment. No matter how shitty WCW got over the past two years, I'd take their worst show any day over the possibility of the WWF getting complacent because no major challengers loom in on the horizon. Eric Bischoff may not have had the best ideas of WCW in mind during his reign, but he did have one thing right — competition makes everyone involved produce a better product.

And since there is a possibility that the next two Nitros could be the last two we ever see, I'm gonna do something a little different.

Perhaps something I should have done earlier, considering the quality of the two Nitros prior to tonight.

The matches that air over the course of the next two Nitros will not be rated. I figure that since WCW's lifespan could be finite, there's no point in critiquing the quality of the matches because there may not be any room for improvement. What's going to matter now is the booking of the shows in general and how WCW plans to resolve everything in two weeks.

• We start with a black screen showing the following:

In Memoriam



A tribute by

WCW Champion

Scott Steiner

What follows is a picture of the American flag superimposed on a trailer park with "Taps" playing in the background. The screen goes black again and we see the words "Another one bites the dust..."

• We see clips from Greed where Scott Steiner retained his title.

• As the world champ walks out, I should remind you that we are live from Gainesville, FL.

o Midajah, Ric Flair and Animal accompany Scott.

o The announcers say that later on tonight, Eric Bischoff will be calling in "live" for a special announcement.

o Scott reiterates that DDP is white trash during his spiel.

o Scott says that DDP was not the last man standing. Rather, DDP was being saved for last.

o Scott runs down a list of his victims.

o Scott tells everyone to pay homage to him.

o Ric Flair gets the mic and puts over Scott.

o Ric throws up some revisionist history by claiming he and Jeff Jarrett defeated the Rhodes clan last night.

o Ric is saddened that he didn't make Dusty Rhodes kiss his Gator ass tonight.

o The Rhodes' appear on a monitor and set things straight.

o Dusty threatens a liplock on his ass from Ric.

o Scott interrupts by asking who Dusty thinks he is.

o Dusty tells Scott that someone wants him now.

o "Don't hate the player" plays, bringing out the new U. S. champ (and #1 contender to Scott's belt) Booker T.

o The announcers play up the #1 contender fact.

o Scott (to Booker): "I beat your ass so bad, you forgot what a barber shop was."

o Booker (to Scott): "Would you please shut the hell up?" Say, someone else says that, I think.

o Booker says he came back for Scott's title.

o Booker tells Ric to save the drama for his mama.

o Booker says he talked to "the man" today and he gave a message to Scott: be in the ring one hour from now with the belt.

• Ironically, they STILL show the Randy Savage Slim Jim ad after all these months.

• We see Exclusive Footage of DDP not leaving the arena under his own power.

• Backstage, Buff Bagwell bitches a cameraman for not doing a good job in filming who laid him out. Buff and Animal speculate that Lex Luger could be on it.

• Match #1: Jason Jett vs. Disqo (w/ "Above Average" Mike Sanders)

o In what could be the last production miscue ever for WCW (Ha!), Scott Hudson talks about Jett beating Kwee-Wee at Greed while we see a clip of Jett defeating Alex Wright on Thunder.

o Hudson does mention the Wright match after the clip, though.

o Jett's opponent, Disqo, is accompanied by Mike Sanders.

o Disqo says when he raises his index finger, he wants complete silence.

o Disqo introduces everyone to Sanders.

o Disqo tells Alex Wright to pay attention because he's wrestling the guy who beat Wright.

o Disqo wishes Wright luck in his singles career and calls him a big, bald loser.

o Jett starts with a headlock.

o Jett with a spinning drop toehold.

o Disqo with a headlock and a takedown.

o Jett tries a kick but Disqo grabs the leg.

o Jett with a backflip, and he comes off the ropes and applies a hip toss powerbomb for two.

o Jett whips Disqo and tries an armdrag, but Disqo blocks.

o Jett counters a Bottoms Up into a sit-out powerbomb for two.

o Heel distraction by Sanders leads to a clothesline by Disqo.

o Disqo distracts the referee, allowing Sanders to get a kick in outside.

o Back in, Disqo hits a swinging neckbreaker.

o And another.

o And again, but Jett swats him to the corner and applies a bridging roll-up for two.

o Disqo drops Jett's face on his knee and covers for two.

o Disqo with a spinning toehold into a splash on the leg.

o Twice, in fact.

o On the ropes, Disqo drops a knee onto the back.

o Disqo distracts the ref, allowing Sanders to get some offense in.

o Russian legsweep leads to choking.

o Sanders comes in as the ref gets distracted again, but misses a kneedrop.

o Jett takes out Sanders and hits the Afterburner on Disqo.

o Standing moonsault gets two.

o Jett charges Disqo at the ropes and gets bodydropped onto the apron, but Disqo mistimes and ends up crotching Jett on the ropes instead. Oops!

o Disqo regroups and hits a DDT for two.

o Disqo tries the same thing again, but Jett counters into a Northern Lights for two as Sanders makes the save.

o Jett dropkicks Sanders out of the ring.

o Jett then hits the Crash Landing (think of a gourdbuster, but Jett releases his opponent and spins him so that he lands on his back) for the win.

o YOUR WINNER: Jason Jett via Crash Landing in 4:58.

• We follow the Documentary-Cam to see Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett talk strategy.

• Match #2: WCW Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms vs. Billy Kidman

o I still don't see what the Nitro Girls dancing entrance does to enhance Helms' status.

o Helms cuts a promo, complete with "Cletus the Slack Jaw Yokel" voice.

o Helms throws a challenge to Billy Kidman, claiming he took his spot at Superbrawl.

o Kidman makes his way out.

o We get the Handshake of Doom to start.

o Feeling-out process follows, with Kidman getting the upper hand off a headscissors.

o Both men go outside, and Kidman gets sent to the rail.

o Helms re-enters the ring, runs the ropes and nails a somersault dive.

o Back inside, Helms hits a bodypress for two.

o Kidman tries a powerbomb, but Helms escapes.

o Kidman tries to finish, but Helms blocks.

o Kidman eventually gets in a backdrop suplex for two.

o Helms whips Kidman to the corner.

o Kidman floats over a charge and hits a sit-out powerbomb for two.

o Schiavone alludes to the WCW hiatus by calling next week's show the "season finale." Funny, I didn't know wrestling promotions in the States had seasons.

o Helms with a drop sleeper for two.

o Kidman fights a suplex and gets an inverted one of his own for two.

o Kidman whips Helms to the ropes but runs into a boot.

o Helms applies a running neckbreaker for two.

o Helms tries a TKO but Kidman lands on his feet.

o Kidman headlocks Helms and walks the ropes, but gets shoved aside.

o Kidman runs Helms to the corner chest-first and tries the Kid Krusher on the rebound.

o Helms counters this into the Vertebreaker for the win!

o YOUR WINNER: Shane Helms via Vertebreaker in 3:40.

o Post-match, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. tries the run-in but Helms holds his own.

o The new Cruiserweight tag champs and Rey Mysterio, Jr. run in for a giant melee.

o As expected, the faces clear the ring.

o Too compressed.

• We see clips of the University of Florida.

• You know what the nice thing about taping Nitro and watching it later is? It's being able to fast-forward through dumb stuff like Riki Rachtman's Spring Break-out. And WCW wonders why Time Warner cut their timeslot.

• The Docu-Cam shows Lex Luger laid out.

• Bam Bam Bigelow complains that Shawn "The Mecca of Minirecorders" Stasiak needed help from a woman to win last night. Bigelow wants a rematch tonight.

• Schiavone and Hudson babble.

• On the Docu-Man, Buff tends to Lex Luger. Animal runs in and Buff says to find Rick Steiner, with the plot being that Rick was involved in everyone in the room (and Midajah) getting attacked at some point.

• Match #3: Shawn Stasiak (w/ Stacy) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

o Stacy Keibler makes her way out to an anemic pop.

o Stacy speaks and brings out the Mecca of Minirecorders.

o Said Mecca comes out with REALLY bad music and new pink tights.

o Shawn speaks. I fast-forward.

o Bigelow heads to the ring.

o Bigelow charges at Stasiak, who uses his woman as a shield. Chivalry is NOT dead, folks!

o Punching to start.

o Bigelow tries a German suplex, but Stasiak grabs Mickey Jay's belt to block.

o Mickey slaps Stasiak's hand away, who in turn ends up mule-kicking Bigelow in the groin.

o Stasiak goes on offense, which isn't a good thing because all he does is kick and punch.

o Stasiak tries a bulldog but Bigelow counters by slamming him to the mat.

o Stasiak comes back with a clothesline.

o Stacy heads onto the apron and throws Stasiak the HAIRSPRAY OF HORRORS!

o Bigelow intercepts the catch, gives the hairspray to Stasiak and plants him with the Greetings From Asbury Park!

o Bigelow covers and gets the pin!

o YOUR WINNER: Bam Bam Bigelow via Greetings From Asbury Park in 1:43.

o Post-match, Shawn Stasiak says Bigelow cheated.

o Bigelow says he went from a zero to hero.

o Stasiak says he'll put anything on the line for a rematch.

o Bigelow accepts, on the condition that he gets to tattoo "that prissy little thing in the ring" should he win.

o Stasiak agrees and says that Stacy will do anything for him.

o Bigelow rebutts and says that he wasn't talking about Stacy, but about Stasiak.

o Crap match, but it's nice to see Bigelow finally get a leg up after all the shit he's endured through his career.

• We see a table and three chairs in the ring as Scott Steiner, Midajah and Ric Flair head out.

o As the lights come back on, we see Terry Taylor in the ring.

o Scott throws chairs out of the ring and threatens the Taylor Made Man as Booker walks out.

o Booker says he has talked to Eric Bischoff, so shut up and listen.

o We hear a "live" message from the Bisch himself, with the audio quality of an 8-track player.

o Bischoff talks about how he's been trying to purchase WCW with a group of investors.

o Bischoff alludes to the "last night of wrestling on the Turner networks."

o Bischoff says that next Nitro at Panama City will have all the championship belts up for grabs.

o Bischoff says that Booker T. will face Scott Steiner in a title versus title match!

o Bischoff extends an invitation to any and every former champion of WCW (read: Goldberg, Sting, etc.) and tells them not to be afraid to bring their boots with them.

o Bischoff then thanks Ric Flair for what he has done for wrestling despite their rocky relationship.

o However, Bischoff suggests to Ric that it's in his best interests to kiss Dusty Rhodes' ass.

o Ric gets livid, in case you couldn't guess.

o Bischoff closes by saying he will see us all at the "Night of Champions."

o Scott Steiner signs the title vs. title contract without reading and implores Booker to do the same.

o Scott sucker punches Booker as he goes to sign.

o Booker fights back, but Scott gets a hit to the knee with a lead pipe.

o Security runs in en masse and get routed.

o Ric brings Booker back into the ring and holds him in the corner.

o Booker breaks free and wallops on Scott, hitting the axe kick in the process!

o Booker grabs the lead pipe as Steiner and Flair flee.

o Scott calls Booker a "son of a bitch."

o Booker grabs the contract, signs it and gives it to Terry Taylor.

o Booker says he'll have both belts after next week and runs through his catchphrase.

o Pretty effective segment. I like this title versus title as a "final" blowoff. I just hope that the right man goes over. (Booker)

• Moments Ago, the contract for a title versus title match was signed.

• More Docu-Cam, Buff Bagwell tells Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett that the group thinks Rick Steiner is behind the beatings as of late. Ric brushes the topic aside and talks about being forced to kiss Dusty's ass. Everyone bickers, and Buff walks off.

• Match #4: Chris Kanyon vs. M. I. Smooth

o Kanyon gets new music on his entrance.

o We see clips detailing Kanyon's issues with M. I. Smooth.

o Said Smooth rushes the ring with actual wrestling gear.

o Kanyon gets the opening salvos in.

o Smooth powers out and gets a powerslam off the ropes.

o Smooth clotheslines Kanyon out of the ring.

o Big chop by Smooth.

o Smooth brings Kanyon back inside.

o Kanyon tries to bail, but Smooth grabs him.

o Mule kick to the nads.

o Cross-corner whip, but Smooth counters and splashes his opponent.

o Headbutt and a corner whip, but Smooth eats boot.

o Russian legsweep by Kanyon gets two.

o Kanyon whips Smooth into a back bodydrop.

o Kanyon drops a series of elbows.

o Kanyon with a wishbone legdrop for two.

o Kanyon hits a suplex and slooooooowly heads to the apron.

o I hate to say this, but Kanyon does NOT look enthused at all about being in this match.

o Kanyon with a slingshot elbowdrop for two.

o Kanyon whips Smooth and ducks his head, allowing Smooth to drive him to the mat.

o Smooth blocks a punch and decks Kanyon in one punch.

o And again.

o Smooth blows an atomic drop off the ropes.

o Smooth with a running clothesline.

o Smooth with a nice powerbomb.

o Smooth with a standing splash and he covers.

o Kanyon then does the laziest kick out in the history of kick outs.

o Did Kanyon take the Buff Bagwell course in phoning in matches recently?

o Smooth whips Kanyon to the corner but hits post on the charge.

o Kanyon goes outside and grabs a chair.

o Animal runs in from nowhere and lays out Smooth with a DDT.

o Kanyon runs in and gets the three-count as The Cat lays out Animal in the aisle.

o YOUR WINNER: Chris Kanyon via pinfall in 5:10.

o Post-match, The Cat lays waste in Kanyon in the corner, then Animal in the other corner.

o The heels flee the ring and Smooth gets to one knee.

o Cat says Animal doesn't look the same as when he kisses Ric Flair's ass.

o Cat challenges Kanyon and Animal to a tag match on Thunder.

o I know I said I wouldn't harp on the wrestling, but I was EMBARRASSED to watch this match and see Kanyon so obviously mail his effort in. Yes, his feud with M. I. Smooth sucks on paper, but it takes effort from both participants to make it work, and Kanyon certainly did not hold up his end tonight.

• Schiavone hypes the Night of the Champions.

• Backstage, Dusty Rhodes says he's going to eat a shitload of burritos (hey, I made a funny) in preparation for the ass-kissing Ric Flair is going to do. Dusty even mentions the word "stinkface."

• Match #5: Rick Steiner vs. Konnan

o A titleless (YES!) Rick Steiner makes his way out.

o He'll be facing (squashing?) Konnan tonight.

o Rick starts off with a go-behind into a BEAUTIFUL takedown followed by a body scissors.

o Oh, who am I kidding? Rick does the usual punching, kicking and chinlocking.

o Konnan's first bit of offense comes on a blocked charge in the corner, but the selfish prick known as Rick Steiner refuses to give him any more.

o Rick gets in a German suplex that was sloppier than a grandmother's kiss.

o Konnan then blows his rolling clothesline in response.

o Konnan's facebuster connects, though.

o Dueling clotheslines off the ropes, which Steiner wins.

o Overhead suplex off the ropes gets two for Steiner.

o More punching by Rick.

o Rick actually does an armbar, and Konnan sells by acting like he's falling asleep.

o As Rick brings Konnan to a vertical base, Konnan is seen obviously calling spots.

o This is hysterically funny, in all the wrong ways.

o Konnan whips Steiner to the ropes, but gets met with a back bodydrop.

o Shane Douglas rushes the ring in street clothes and breaks up the pin for the DQ.

o YOUR WINNER: Rick Steiner via DQ in 5:06.

o Post-match, Steiner refuses to sell the cast shot and pounds on Steiner some more.

o Hugh Morrus makes the save and sends Steiner out of the ring with some clotheslines.

o The sad thing is that the guys doing the run-ins put forth a better effort that the guys wrestling the match. Easily the worst match on Nitro in months, with Rick refusing to show workrate or sell anything and Chucky matching Steiner's sorry-assed pace by blowing moves and calling spots in full view of the camera.

• The Docu-Cam shows Totally Buffed and Animal interrogating Rick Steiner.

• Team Canada talks about their non-title shot against the tag champs. I'm guessing the title shot will take place at the big blowoff show next week.

• Jeff Jarrett tells Ric Flair to act like the C. E. O.

• Match #6: Team Canada vs. WCW World Tag Team Champions Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo in a non-title match.

o Team Canada heads to the ring and Lance Storm cuts his usual promo, but gets cut off at "All rise."

o The tag champs make their way out.

o They show clips of the champs taking out Totally Buffed at the PPV. Cubs Fan relayed an interesting note to me through AOL IM about this match. Supposedly, Totally Buffed got pissy earlier in the day about the booking and when the match took place, they told the champs to pin them in under a minute. Luger and Buff then proceeded to make a mockery of the champs by lying around in the ring and mockingly selling their opponents' offense.

o Palumbo and Storm start as the announcers (rightfully) bury Totally Buffed.

o Storm with a waistlock, but Palumbo gets his own.

o Palumbo turns it into a headlock, and Storm counters with his.

o Storm floats over Palumbo but gets smacked with some rights.

o Palumbo whips Storm to the ropes, leapfrogs over him and hits a nice dropkick!

o Palumbo tags O' Haire, and Storm tags in response.

o Awesome stalls a bit but eventually gets back in.

o Awesome headlocks O'Haire, goes to the ropes and runs into a jab to the stomach.

o O'Haire with a kneelift.

o O'Haire whips Awesome to the corner but runs into a boot.

o O'Haire comes back with a NICE jumping roundhouse for two.

o Awesome dumps O'Haire from the ring, and Storm sends him to the stairs.

o Awesome pounds on O'Haire as he re-enters the ring.

o Storm gets tagged and we get a doubleteam forearm shot.

o Storm with some rights.

o O'Haire fights back but Awesome gets a cheap shot from behind.

o Palumbo makes the rookie mistake of coming in, allowing a suplex by Storm.

o Tag to Awesome, who gets a slingshot bodypress for two.

o O'Haire fights back again, but Awesome headbutts him low.

o Tag to Storm.

o O'Haire fights back again, and Storm counters with a jawbreaker.

o Tag to Awesome.

o Awesome with a flying clothesline from top.

o Another O'Haire comeback, but Storm gets in a flying double axehandle from behind.

o Chuck Palumbo runs in again, and Team Canada doubleteams O'Haire as Nick Patrick admonishes the illegal man.

o Storm with some kneelifts in the corner.

o O'Haire fights back and gets whipped to the ropes.

o Storm tries a leapfrog, but O'Haire counters with a fireman's carry into an inverted DVD!

o Tag to Palumbo, who's a Jungle of Fire.

o Fall away slam on Storm.

o Palumbo beats on Awesome, allowing Storm to come in from behind.

o Storm whips Palumbo and tries a headscissors, but it's countered into a powerbomb.

o Palumbo goes up top and hits a shoulderblock, but everyone runs in.

o All four in opposite corners, Awesome whips O'Haire as Palumbo whips Storm.

o O'Haire clotheslines Storm, followed by Palumbo giving Awesome the Jungle Kick in an AWESOME spot.

o O'Haire quickly goes up top, but Storm trips him, sending O'Haire face first to the apron.

o Palumbo reverses a whip into a DDT.

o Storm brings a chair, but Palumbo Jungle Kicks it into Storm's face.

o As Nick Patrick removes the chair from the ring, Awesome sneaks up from behind and hits Palumbo with a second chair.

o Running Awesomebomb ends it as Storm keeps O'Haire from making the save.

o YOUR WINNERS: Team Canada via Awesomebomb in 8:03.

o Really good tag match there. I wish WCW did more house shows so Palumbo and O'Haire could have worked with Team Canada more often.

• Jeff Jarrett and guitar make their way to ringside.

o We see clips from Greed where the Rhodes clan defeated Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett.

o Ric Flair walks out.

o The heels shake hands in the ring.

o Ric says he's a man of his word and will make the right decision on behalf of the company.

o Ric calls Dusty Rhodes out.

o Dustin comes out first.

o Ric tells Dustin to get out of the way.

o Dustin says he wouldn't miss this for the world.

o Dustin introduces his daddy.

o Random note: One of the guys receiving the Bionic Elbow in Dusty's entrance video is Tully Blanchard.

o Dusty comes out from the side with... a donkey.

o Said donkey has "Dusty's Ass" written on it.

o Dusty says that Ric was gonna kiss his big white ass.

o Dusty points out his "ass" and tells Ric to kiss it.

o Dusty says "Ol' Silver Dollar" ate about 300 burritos before this.

o Well, they're going all out with this, I'll give WCW that.

o Dustin Rhodes walks on the apron as Ric tells Jarrett to kiss the ass.

o Jarrett refuses.

o Ric talks about making the right decision and tells Jarrett to do the deed.

o There's friction amongst the heels for obvious reasons... or is there?

o Ric pushes Jarrett into the ropes. Jarrett, in turn, gives Dustin a Diamond Cutter on the top rope.

o Dustin ends up rolling into the ring and a two-on-one beatdown.

o Here comes Big Dust.

o Dust elbows the hell out of the heels until a low-blow turns the tide.

o They go outside, and Dusty gets sent to the rail.

o They go to the donkey, and the heels get set to run Dusty into the ass, but Dustin makes the save.

o The faces force Ric and Jarrett to "kiss the ass," but really their lips were a good foot or so from the anus. But, that's semantics.

o Ric sells the kiss MAGNIFICENTLY, stopping to swing wildly as a fan while twitching and flipping all the while.

o The Rhodes stand triumphant on the entryway as we fade.

o That certainly was... different.

• The Good: Team Canada vs. Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo. In addition, tonight's show did a great job in setting up the final blowoffs for anything and everything related in WCW. The promotion has a chance to go out (or just take a hiatus) with a bang instead of a bust, and it can be accomplished if the right people (i. e. the good guys) go over decisively without any screwiness.

• The Bad: The performances of Kanyon, Rick Steiner and Konnan were quite embarrassing to the point of pausing the tape and taking a break from the recap to regain my composure.

• The Ugly: Is there anything Ric Flair WON'T do to put over his opponents?

Despite some not-so-good wrestling tonight, I'm going Thumbs Up for good storytelling, booking for next week's show and having the balls to do the "Kiss My Ass" angle in front of a national audience. Was kissing a donkey's ass silly and insipid? It sure was. But, hey, that's WCW's way of saying "If we're gonna go down, we're doing it OUR way" and for that reason I can accept it.

See you next week for the "Season Finale!"

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One thing I’d learnt from the time working for my Father was that desperate times in life were much the same as desperate times in business. The same rules almost always applied. I figured it should be the same here. No matter how bizarre the world of wrestling really was it involved the same unknown element that every other situation does in one’s life, ie. People. So as I drove into the unfamiliar surroundings of a locker room full of wrestling personalities the situation felt strangely familiar. I’d been in front of that mirror all night practising what I was going to say and in all honesty I still knew I was going to have to hit it all on the fly. Still, just those three thoughts kept buzzing through my head. The boys need to care, the boys need to work, and the boys need to believe. I had Bischoff at my side, and the new network had sent one of their execs over but this was my moment. I could kill all of this before I’d even begun if I screwed this up. Bischoff had already told me there was no Nash, no Page, no Goldberg waiting for me today but that didn’t surprise me. Hogan hadn’t been in contact and we couldn’t afford to use him anyway. Still, I knew I needed to appeal to the old boys as much as the new. If the O’Haire’s, Jett’s, Helms’ and Booker’s were the future of this company, so the Steiner’s, Luger’s, Bagwell’s and Flair’s were necessary. To create a future you have to recognise the past. To rebuild WCW I needed to know where it had come from, hell, I was planning on basing this all around exactly where it had come from. The boys looked tense, little conversation and few jokes seemed to be being shared as I hooked up with Eric and entered the room. Bischoff had made sure everyone knew they still had a job and that next week’s Nitro wouldn’t be the last. That was enough to ensure they were here but what the hell could I tell a Ric Flair about the future of this company? Me, telling my childhood hero I needed him to be there for me? Time to take a gulp of that water and get straight to it…

“Thank you for coming, each and every one of you. I can’t begin to understand what the last few months have been like with the threat of closure looming overhead. I know Eric’s briefed the majority of you but for anyone who isn’t aware at this time I’m Jay Farqhar, the new head booker for World Championship Wrestling. I’d imagine you’ve been here and seen this all before over the past couple of years and frankly I had no idea a week ago that I would even be standing before you right now, much less what I was going to say. How I was going to make this any different from what you’ve all heard and been promised before…..

[i stopped to sip my water, I’d done this over and over in my head. I either grabbed it now or I might as well turn around and walk away]

…. I said when I walked in that I wanted to thank each and every one of you for being here and it’s the most important thing I have to say to you right now. I need you all to be the best that you can be. I need YOU to care. I need YOU to work. I need YOU to believe. Show me the talent, show me you can connect with the fans, and I’ll show you the world. I know how much it means to me that this company has been given one last opportunity, I can only imagine what it must mean to you standing out there. What it must mean to you..

[i looked straight at Sean O’Haire]

… knowing that the bright star that burns for your future still has the platform to succeed. What it must mean to you…

[i turned my gaze to Ric Flair]

… knowing that the company you’ve carried on your back for so many years is going out on its own terms. I give you all the guarantee that we have 6 months to make an impact. We have a network, a vehicle to promote ourselves, to showcase your talent and to create your own future……… I look around this room and I see the past, I see the glorified past of this great company. I look around this room and I see our future, I see what can be achieved, what WE can achieve, every last one of you. We need you to care, we need you to work, we need you to believe. To create a future you have to recognise the past. I know where this company came from and looking at the faces around this room I know that majority of you do too. I remember a time when we were the true wrestling alternative to what the WWF were doing. I’m not so naieve I don’t understand the business has changed but there are people out there that give a shit about this company. You think people forget watching the Sting’s, and the Flair’s, and the Steamboat’s, busting their asses in main events that the WWF couldn’t live up to? WE need you to care, WE need you to work, WE need you to believe. There’s a place for all of you, ALL of you. I’m not asking you to work for me, I’m asking you to work for yourselves and more importantly for each other. We can be the alternative. We can embrace the past. We can be our own future but we need …….

[i looked down realising this was it, if I hadn’t won them over in some small way this was never going to work]

….. but we NEED you to care, we NEED you to work….. we NEED you to believe!”

The reaction I got from the boys was as much as I could hope for. There was cynicism in the room no doubt but deep down I knew that somewhere inside them each and every one of them cared. Maybe the Nash’s and the Goldberg’s not being there wasn’t such a bad thing after all. I had a hell of a lot to finalise before Monday night and I knew my work had only just begun. With the company's short term future secure I had a date with one of Paul's boys that I was about to be late for….

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so I guess while I have plenty of time on the journey to LA to meet with Paul's boy it's about time I filled you in. I'm Jay Farqhar, graduate of the school of life and hard business under my good old Father Dennis Farqhar. He made his money from oil, I remember when Dallas started airing and I was a kid he'd sit there telling us that JR Ewing's character was based on him. I swear my Father could have put him to shame any day of the week. My Father's wealth bought me opportunities my whole life and now was no exception. The old man always pushed me hard but it was something I'd come to appreciate, finally, as the realisation of what stood in front of me started to kick in.

Father had a lot of money, and with that came a lot of important and famous friends, one such family friend was Eric Bischoff. I remember the party we threw when he first got made WCW President. I was just 14 at the time but I was already starting to look up to Eric. He didn't seem half interested that night, no excitement, almost seemed terrified of the job he had been entrusted with. Oh don't get me wrong, Eric wanted it alright, he just wasn't about to pretend he'd been given an easy spot. Truth is that as much as you hear from elsewhere, about the only other person that wanted the job was that old coot Schiavone and we all know how that would have ended up. No, Eric was a man I'd looked up to throughout most of my teens. He'd let me hang out at shows and meet some of the wrestlers. I never wanted to follow in my Father's footsteps, always in Eric's. Wrestling had been my dream for the best part of 15 years. Had things worked out differently with WCW maybe I'd be in a different position now but here I was, the man set up to steady this company.

Selling the idea to Eric was easier than I thought, really it was but we both knew that it didn't really matter what he thought unless we had a network and some financial backing. All I really had to do was point out that nobody believed Eric could be a success all those years back either, to which he smiled and pointed out to me where WCW was at right now. Well, Father provided the finances that Eric needed to keep the company running but believe me, with him in financial control there'd be no overspending. So, Eric and I plan a meeting with a few of the networks to try and sell the Nitro proposition. We knew we'd lost any chance on the Turner networks and Thunder was a lost cause. One show a week at this point was really all we could sustain anyway. We almost sold the idea to WB, or we thought we did anyway, but the execs thanked us for our time and sent us on our way. Eric was brilliant, we lied through our teeth, we really worked the networks. I mean, we couldn't let them know that I was just some friend of Eric's who'd been hanging about backstage learning from him all these years. We worked them so good they thought I'd been a crucial backstage ideas man for years. I took credit for Goldberg, I took credit for the nWo creation, we sold them everything we could think of and in the end it worked. Of course, Eric asked them to keep it to themselves because "the business if full of ego's, everyone wants to take claim to a piece of others success. Best to let them get on with it while we have our little secret about who really created it all".

I'd not seen this enthusiasm in Eric in years. For the past couple of years he'd been a beaten man, I'd rarely seen a smile from him and he was a shadow of his fun charismatic self, seeing him like this once more made me feel at home again. So, after much negotiation we manage to get a deal with Urban American network. The choice is ours, Early evening Monday slot, Primetime Saturday night. There's no option. We can't compete with the WWF right now, and the idea that someone's offering us Primetime right now is ludicrous so we took it. This would be the last Nitro on TNT before we took it over to Urban American.....

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I had some serious stuff to do, I had to write the "last ever Nitro", I had just finished the meeting with Paul's boy which had gone really well largely because Paul refused to come join us. When we first suggested the idea he'd actually suggested he'd be there. The prospect terrified me. He was hardly Eric's biggest fan and knowing that, he was fairly likely to not be a big fan of me either. But all went as planned and we got our man. From there it was a mass of frantic telephone work to get everything else in place, a lot of it came from Eric but we achieved so much in those few days between then and Nitro..


Lorillard Anti-Smoke

Castrol GTX

Electronic Arts


God knows how Eric got those guys on board with the numbers we'd been doing recently but he did it. I met with Bobby Heenan to see whether he wanted his old Nitro spot back. Took a lot of persuasion but after admitting his voicebox could still handle a two hour show while we started looking for a more long term solution he was on board. For the most part everyone was tied into contracts that we couldn't really force our way out of. Buying people out wasn't even close to being an option so I had the idea to make the Power Plant more pro-active. I sent Arn Anderson down there to help book Power Plant shows. With no B shows anymore they'd be a decent way for the guys to get some experience in front of real crowds. With the help of some of the trainers the Power Plant would become a training ground, and developmental area all at once. They might not have a tv deal but local shows promoting "future WCW superstars" with a few existing talents should draw in some fans.

Sent to the Power Plant

Jim Duggan

Shawn Stasiak

David Flair

Major Gunns

Mark Jindrak

Tammy Sytch

Wayne deBruce


Don Harris

Ron Harris


Leia Meow

MI Smooth


Air Paris

AJ Styles

all of which led us into the Night of Champions. For a couple of the boys it would be their last Nitro before being reassigned to working shows at the Power Plant while they traned but I really just wanted to get this show out of the way. We'd have three weeks off to really come up with something and start rebuilding. This show had been booked on the fly under pressure and I really wasn't sure on whether I liked the ending....

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What would the world see in that last Nitro, well, it went something like this...

We are live from Panama City Beach, FL.

We go to the two-shot. Scott Hudson says that this is the final broadcast on TNT.

Ric Flair walks to the ring.

The announcers suck up to Flair saying that he is WCW.

Ric talks about people thinking Vince McMahon holds WCW in the palm of his hands.

Ric namedrops some former and current NWA/WCW greats.

Ric notes that a backstage worker told him not to cry about this being the last Turner show.

Ric says he was a fourteen-time champion of the greatest wrestling organization in the world.

Ric namedrops some more workers, including Arn Anderson and the Four Horsemen.

Ric says WCW has run neck-and-neck with McMahon's company for years.

Ric notes that when McMahon was an announcer in 1981, his father (Vincent J. McMahon, on the board of directors) voted Flair to be world champion.

Ric puts over his boys and says no one is going anywhere.

Ric asks McMahon when was the last time he wrestled for over an hour, bled for 45 minutes, travelled from town to town, etc.

Ric tells McMahon that he can't control WCW.

Ric says his greatest opponent of all-time in the company was Sting.

Ric challenges Sting to a match tonight, saying this is gonna be the last chance he'll have to beat the man (in order to be the man, of course).

Up next... the title vs. title match. This soon?

Match #1: Title vs. Title — WCW World Champion Scott Steiner (w/ Midajah) vs. WCW U. S. Champion Booker T.

Kind of an odd choice for the opener.

As a remember, ALL titles are being defended tonight.

The referee is Nick Patrick.

Lock-up, Booker with a headlock.

Booker tries to go behind but gets blasted with a right.

Off the ropes, Booker ducks a Steinerline and hits a Harlem Sidekick for two.

Steiner chops Booker in the corner.

Steiner whips Booker cross-corner.

Steiner charges and eats elbow.

Booker covers... two.

Booker assaults Steiner in the corner with punches on the turnbuckle.

Steiner counters with a pinning powerbomb attempt for two.

Steiner dumps Booker from the ring.

Midajah attacks Booker with a slap, then Steiner drops an axehandle from the apron.

Steiner grabs the pipe and takes a swing but misses.

In the ring, Steiner does his clothesline/elbowdrop/push-up combo.

Steiner chops and punches in the corner.

Booker tries to fight back, but Steiner belly-to-belly suplexes him for two.

As Steiner puts on a surfboard, Hudson notes both participants have *32* title reigns between them.

Booker makes the comeback, but gets popped when he telegraphs a back bodydrop.

Booker recovers with a dropkick.

Booker with rights and a whip.

Booker with a lariat, then to the ropes for an axe kick.

Flapjack off the ropes into the spinerooni (called by Hudson).

Harlem Sidekick, Book-end, but Steiner blocks and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two.

Booker flips out of a powerbomb attempt and Book-Ends Steiner for the win and both titles!

YOUR WINNER AND NEW WORLD CHAMPION: Booker T. via Book-End in 5:08.

Kind of rushed for a world title match, but it was solid and ended decisively.

We get a fool Spring Breakout segment. I change the channel.

We see Booker T. celebrating his title win, looking kind of emotional. Can't blame him though.

Match #2: Jung Dragons vs. Three Count vs. Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr.

This is for a cruiserweight tag title shot later in the show.

Kaz, Shannon and Kidman start.

Kidman tries something on Kaz but gets rolled up by Shannon.

Evan and Yang end up in the ring.

Yang dropkicks Evan, and Rey comes in from behind.

We get the great trainwreck spot outside.

Kidman even breaks out his Shooting Star Press from the top rope! (renamed the Kidmankaze)

Back inside, Yang plants Rey on the turnbuckle jaw-first.

Yang goes up top and hits Yangtime, but Kidman saves.

Kidman tries his finisher, but Shannon interrupts with Bottoms Up for two.

Jung Dragons set up Shannon for a double-team powerbomb/suplex from top.

Evan hits a 450 from top on Kaz but Kidman saves.

Everyone outside but Rey and Shannon.

Rey tries the Bronco Buster in the corner but lands on a raised leg.

Rey gets whipped, but does the Fake Out.

Rey gets Shannon hung on the ropes and goes up top for a gullotine legdrop. This gets the win.

YOUR WINNERS: Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. via gullotine legdrop in 3:37.

Total spotfest. If a two-hour show means rushed matches like the last two, why didn't they bring back the three-hour Nitro for this occasion?

Match #3: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. WCW Cruiserweight Champion "Sugar" Shane Helms

I just noticed that David Penzer is in a Hawaiian shirt.

Chavo runs Helms into the corner to start.

Helms fights back and tries a cross-corner whip, but it gets reversed.

Helms comes off the ropes and puts Chavo in a fireman's carry, then drops him face-first on the knee.

Neckbreaker gets two.

Chavo dumps Helms and brings him back in.

Chavo with a backdrop suplex.

Chavo mounts Helms on the turnbuckle but gets thrown off.

Helms with a sunset flip for two.

Off the ropes, Chavo hits a clothesline for two.

LOUD chop by Chavito.

With Helms on the apron, Chavo tries a suplex but can't get it off.

Helms runs Chavo into the turnbuckle, then goes up top for a splash. Gets two.

Chavo with a T-bone suplex for two.

Helms fights out of a suplex, and they do some reversals.

Chavo with a Northern Lights Suplex for two.

Helms whips Chavo, who does a baseball slide.

Chavo gets in a sunset flip, but Helms rolls over for two.

Sugar Smack is evaded.

Helms reverses an inverted suplex, shoots Chavo into the corner and nails the Sugar Smack.

Helms calls for the Vertebreaker but Chavo breaks.

Helms slips out of the brainbuster and lands his finisher for the win!

YOUR WINNER: Shane Helms via Vertebreaker in 4:38.

That's 3 for 3 for the good guys thus far.

Immediately after the win, we go to commercial. Some things never change.

Booker T. speaks! Booker says that while tonight may be the end of a chapter, there are still many more pages in his book. Booker issues an open challenge to anyone and everyone out there.

Match #4: Team Canada vs. WCW Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo

The Canucks get the first entrance.

Storm calls for the Anthem, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial we go to the two-shot. Wasn't there a match?

The champs make it to the ring.

Storm with a headlock, but O'Haire with a one-arm takedown.

Palumbo in, he catches Storm off the ropes and hits the fallaway slam.

Storm recovers and tags Awesome.

Storm sets Palumbo for an Awesome bodysplash. Gets two.

In the corner, Palumbo floats over a charging Awesome after a whip.

Into the other corner, Awesome hits a flying elbow from the second turnbuckle off a charge.

Storm back in, he gets sent to the corner jaw-first and rolled up for two.

Tags to O'Haire and Awesome.

O'Haire with kicks on the heels.

Awesome to the ropes but he gets caught in a DVD for two.

All four men in the ring, with the heels cleaning house.

Double-whip on Palumbo.

O'Haire trips Storm and drags him outside as Awesome sets up Palumbo for the Awesomebomb.

Palumbo breaks the move and hits the Jungle Kick.

O'Haire goes up top, hits the Sean-Ton Bomb and gets the win for his team.

YOUR WINNERS: Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo via Sean-Ton Bomb in 3:20.

Match #5: Tattoo Match — Shawn Stasiak (w/ Stacy) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

If Bigelow wins, he gets to tattoo Stasiak.

If Stasiak wins, then, well... uhm...

Stacy makes her way out first.

Stacy teases dancing but changes her mind.

Thankfully, Bigelow makes his way out before Stasiak can speak.

Bigelow threatens to hit Stasiak with his tattoo kit, but Stacy gets shoved into the way.

The ref tries to grab the kit, allowing Stasiak to get the first strike.

Stasiak controls for the first 30 seconds but misses a flying body splash.

Bigelow goes up top and hits the diving headbutt, but Stacy distracts the ref.

Stasiak swings, but Bigelow grabs Stasiak for the Greetings.

However, Stacy grabs Stasiak's legs, allowing Shawn to break free and give his opponent the neckbreaker for the first heel win of the night.

YOUR WINNER: Shawn Stasiak via neckbreaker in 1:24.

Wow, that SUCKED. Poor Bigelow.

At this point, there are fifty minutes left in the show and only one title left for contention (Cruiserweight Tag). I'm guessing there's a Flair/Sting match left and the rest of the time will be used for a future storyline.

Earlier Today, DDP speaks positively about his WCW experience. DDP thanks all the fans for letting him make it. DDP says that it's not the promoters that decide who's over, it's the fans. DDP then brings up the forbidden name of Kimberly before closing.

We get a clip montage of past WCW champions.

Up next... the cruiserweight tag title match!

Match #6: WCW Cruiserweight Tag Champions "Primetime" Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo vs. Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr.

The champs get separate entrances that each last fifteen seconds TOPS.

Gee, I wonder why the entrances (and everything else not related to guys in Connecticut) are being cut short.

Anyway, match.

Elix whips Kidman into a belly-to-belly suplex.

Tag to Romeo, who does an assisted senton on Kidman.

Kidman gets sent to the corner, but raises boot.

Romeo with an overhead release suplex.

Tag to Elix.

Series of ropes runs leads to a Kidman bodypress for two.

Tag to Romeo.

Romeo goes up top but Kidman counters whatever with a dropkick.

Tags to Rey and Elix.

Rey with a Thesz Press on Elix.

Rey with a Tornado-style DDT on Romeo but Elix saves.

Double-team whip by the heels leads to a headscissors over the ropes on Romeo.

In the corner, Rey uses Kidman as a springboard for a flying fist.

Kidman with a baseball slide on Elix's nuts.

Bronco Buster, but Romeo makes the save.

Romeo goes to finish but gets two.

Rey with a powerbomb and a diving headbutt from the top rope but Elix saves.

Elix and Rey grapple, with Elix lifting Rey on his shoulders and dropping backward. This gets two.

Rey and Romeo exit the ring, leaving Kidman and Elix, which ends in a Kid Krusher.

YOUR WINNERS AND NEW CRUISERWEIGHT TAG CHAMPIONS: Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. via Kid Krusher in 4:43.

Sting appears backstage and talks about his match tonight.

Match #7: "Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. "A Man Called" Sting

I should point out that there has been NO mention of the Magnificent Seven or who laid them out on tonight's show at all.

The announcers play this up as Flair's final match.


Sting makes his way out, and the announcers talk about Sting never jumping ship to the WWF.

Give this ten minutes and I'll be a happy man.

Ric starts with a WHOOOOO!

Kind of funny to see Flair in a black shirt and blue tights.

Sting shoves Flair out of a lock-up.

Flair and former compadre Charles Robinson get into a shoving match.

Ric tries some shoulderblocks but Sting no-sells.

Sting with a wristlock.

Into the corner for the Ric Flair Special.

Wait, Sting turns it around.

Biel by Sting, followed by a dropkick.

Flair bails out.

The wrestlers pause as the crowd chants for Sting.

Lock-up, Flair heads to the ropes and connects with a shoulderblock.

Flair backs off from a leapfrog and stalls in the corner.

Flair comes off the ropes into a Sting gorilla press.

Sting with punches on the turnbuckle.

Flair Flop!

Sting no-sells a chop and grabs his throat.

Flair hits the Great Equalizer.

Flair snapmares Sting and hits his rolling kneedrop.

Flair struts a little for old time's sake.

Sting tries a comeback but Flair thwarts it with a snapmare.

Flair goes up top, but comes down his usual way.

Clotheslines galore!

Sting tries a dropkick but Flair hangs onto the ropes.

Flair takes Sting to school with the figure-four!

Flair uses the ropes as Robinson tends to Sting.

Sting pulls Flair to the middle of the ring and gets ready to turn the move over, much to Flair's chagrin.

Figure-four is reversed, and Flair escapes.

Flair chops. All revenues have ceased.

Chops in the corner.

Flair gets whipped to the corner but doesn't quite get the Flair Flip all the way.

Sting with a superplex!

Scorpion Deathlock applied! Sting wins!!

YOUR WINNER: Sting via Scorpion Deathlock in 7:19.

Post-match, Sting and Flair embrace and shake hands. What a great moment. Honestly, at this point, I'm tearing up from watching the two true franchises of WCW square off for what could be the last time.

Damn. That was SO awesome. No matter what you think about wrestling, this was a great way to finish up the WCW legacy, with two legends squaring off in a well-worked match with all the classic bits thrown in.

This is the part of the show I'm really dreading. Bischoff comes out to the ring.

Bischoff tells the fans he's sorry, that he's a failure.

Bischoff says it's all about what we saw tonight between Sting and Flair

Damn Bischoff really looks like he means it

Bischoff wipes away a tear as he tells the world that he knows everyone thinks the company's sold to Vince McMahon

He's sorry that it seemed like the only option

Fuck Yeah, he's sorry it seemed like the only option because it wasn't!


Bischoff's smiling insisting that WCW will be back in three weeks time, Saturday night!!!!!!


Bischoff tells McMahon he can kiss his ass if he thinks Eric would ever let him buy this company

Bischoff gets serious and admits once again he was a failure

Bischoff apologises again to the fans. Ok we get it Eric

He's sorry for every mistake he ever made

He says he changed the game but lost sight along the way of where they'd come from.

Bischoff asks Ric Flair to come out to the ring with him

Bischoff offers him an apology and a handshake

Flair takes it, this is insane.

Bischoff urges everybody who gives a shit about this company to give them a chance. To tune in Saturday 7th April on Urban American

We're out, time's up.

No Vince McMahon, WCW still exists, Flair Vs Sting, god knows the rest of the show sucked but hell, I can't explain how happy I am right now.

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The days went by after that last Nitro. The diehard WCW fans just seemed happy that the company still existed but I couldn't help but think I'd missed a big opportunity. I knew I couldn't compete with Vince right now but I was itching to throw in some ideas on that last show. I'd really considered having a fake McMahon throughout the show, pretending there were links to Raw before screwing him over. At one point I'd even discussed with Eric actually finding a way to let him believe he really had bought WCW and to do some kind of simulcast only to reveal to the world on live national television that we'd screwed him but we couldn't find a way to make it work and it had so much risk in it at a time that we needed stability it just seemed like a bad idea. Somewhere a small part of me was itching for the fight, wondering what we might have been able to achieve with that last Nitro had we done more. As the days went on it was time to start working on the new Nitro. It was the hardest thing in the world to write that first show but when it was all put into place we had something workable, something a lot like this...

IPB Image

The return of WCW Nitro takes place this Saturday night, 8pm, Urban American. Be sure not to miss an action packed show.

WCW has always been famed on its amazing Cruiserweight division, well this Nitro will be no different with Crowbar taking on Yang, and the Cruiserweight tag team titles on the line as Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr take on the unlikely team of Shannon Moore & Jamie Noble.

Hugh Morrus will be in action one on one against the dancing German Alex Wright.

One half of the World Tag Team Champions will be stepping into the ring as Sean O'Haire wrestles against Shane Douglas. We grabbed a word with the Franchise earlier this week and he promised to have everything under control, guaranteeing a win on the return of Nitro.

Not only that but it's expected that there will be a ruling on the future of the United States title currently held by Booker T, along with the World title he won at the Night of Champions from Scott Steiner. Speaking of which, just how will the Genetic Freak react to losing that World Title belt?

Was the match with Ric Flair at Night of Champions really the end? Rumours have been running high since that last show and Sting has asked for some mic time to address the fans, perhaps one last time? If Sting really is to retire you can be sure this will be one of the most emotional nights in WCW history.

All this and so much more, you really can't afford to miss Saturday Nitro in its new timeslot of 8pm on the Urban American network.

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IPB Image

credit The Imperfect for pic

Saturday 7th April 2001

Vining Arena, Arkadelphia - Arkansas

Announcers: Mike Tenay, Scott Hudson & Bobby Heenan

Tenay: We’re live on Saturday night! I’m Mike Tenay joined by Scott Hudson and Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. This is the rebirth of Nitro and it means so much to us that you’ve tuned in to support World Championship Wrestling. There are few guarantees in this business, few promises but from everyone connected with World Championship Wrestling I’d like to give you the only one that we can at this time. We will do everything that we can to entertain you. Boy it feels good to be back Bobby.

Heenan: It did, until I arrived in Arkansas. Is that smell coming from you Hudson?

Hudson: Same old Brain. If you’ve been checking in over at wcw.com over the past weeks you’ll have seen a promise to take WCW back to basics, to take WCW back to its roots and that starts right here tonight.

Crowbar d. Yang in 4:28

Really good Cruiserweight opener to kick off the rebirth of Nitro. Crowbar showed that he was a lot more than just a goon with an insane gimmick. The arena looked only about half full and the fans took a while to get into the action. The match was fast paced and at times a little spotty but as an opener it did its job. With Yang getting set to go for the Yang Time, Crowbar rolled himself out of the way before pouncing on his opponent and hitting the Mindbender for the win.

Overall: 64

Crowd: 44

Match: 85

Somebody has to pay for the title loss…….

Scott Steiner comes out to the ring followed closely by Midajah. He looks furious and isn't paying any attention to her following him out to the ring. He stops to jaw with a fan but there's no posing. Steiner just looks mad as he gets into the ring with a mic.

Steiner: You pieces of Arkansas trash can shut your mouths!

the crowd are really booing the crap out of Steiner

Steiner: The last time I was out here in front of you nobody's I lost my World title to Booker T [crowd pops for Booker's name]......... While Ric Flair [pops again].... shut your stinking mouths. While Ric Flair was worrying about leaving a legacy with Sting, I was beaten in a fluke by Booker T. That was my belt. That IS MY BELT!!!! Where's the Magnificent Seven now huh? They aint out here just like they weren't when Big Poppa Pump was gettin robbed on Nitro. Flair I say this from the bottom of my heart.....

Steiner gets cut off by someone on a microphone, looking over at the entranceway fuming. The crowd pop as they realise it's the Nature Boy.

Flair: WOOOOOOO what a way to kick off Nitro. It's the FORMER Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Steiner: Don't you call me former nothing little man. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have lost MY BELT in the first place.

Flair: If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have had it in the first place. You were in way over your head Steiner. You had the WOOOOO Nature Boyyy protecting you the whole time. When I was running the show it was easy for Scott Steiner to keep that World title belt. Not got that luxury now though.

Steiner: I put out Sting, I put out Sid, I put out Kevin Nash, ME!!! I did it. While you were sitting in the back making matches, MEEEEE!!!! Step into this ring and I'll do the same to you

Flair: Oh tonight big boy the Naaaaature Boy's gonna Style, and Profiiiiiile, and kick your FORMER World Champion's ass, WOOOOOOOOOOOO!


The Laughing Man's back and ready for some fun

Hugh Morrus is backstage ready for an interview before his match with Pamela Paulshock

Pamela: So Hugh, we saw you make your return to the ring just a few weeks before the Night of Champions. What's next for you?

Morrus: What's next? I'll tell you what's next HAHAHAHAAAAA. First of all I'm going to go out there and put away the dancing German fool with the Hottest move in professional wrestling, the No...... Laughing....... MATTER! Then, then, then, then, THEN what I'm gonna do Pamela is I'm gonna go find whoever's running the show now and get Hugh Morrus a shot at the United States Title HAHAHAHAAAAAA.



Commercial Break


Hugh Morrus d. Alex Wright in 3:17

Wright tried to get Morrus to dance with him as the bell rang but instead got clubbed with a big clothesline. Wright played the cowardly heel throughout the match and got in little offence as Morrus battered him around the ring before hitting the No Laughing Matter moonsault off the top for the win.

Overall: 66

Crowd: 64

Match: 69

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles: Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr d. Shannon Moore & Jamie Noble in 7:14

The crowd seemed to be getting into the show as the new Cruiser tag champs defended their titles against Moore and Noble. The action in the ring was excellent with both teams pulling out the high flying offence. Kidman and Mysterio hadn't looked in any real danger of losing their belts until Noble, sitting on the top turnbuckle, caught Mysterio as he tried for a Frankensteiner and dropped him with a tombstone piledriver from the top. Kidman was in to make the save with a slingshot legdrop from the apron. The fast paced action continued as both teams traded near pinfalls until Kidman went up to the top and hit the Shooting Star Press on Noble for the win.

Overall: 75

Crowd: 62

Match: 88


Commercial Break


Buff's stuff sends out the challenge

When we come back from commercial Buff Bagwell is already in the ring with a microphone. He's wearing his red tights and big red hat as he addresses the fans.

Bagwell: Now what would Nitro be without Buff Daddy? Hahahaha. I'm the number one man in the business and tonight to prove to all you Arkansas hillbilly's I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back to come out here and join the illustrious list of names that have gone down for Buff Bagwell [bagwell raises his eyebrow as he pauses before looking back over the top tope]. I'm Buff, I'm the Stuff, and the girl's just can't get....

Bagwell's cut off as some unfamiliar heavy music plays and a microphone blurts out...

"Enough already!"

Bagwell: Who in the hell are you?

"I'm the guy that's about to carry you to the first five star match of your career. Hey don't sweat it, you can thank me later"

As the man walks to the ring Bagwell climbs out and meets him in the aisle as Hudson screams out "That's RVD!"


Rob Van Dam d. Buff Bagwell in 5:39

The fans seemed really receptive to the debut of Van Dam as the two men began brawling on the floor. RVD sent Bagwell crashing into the apron on the outside before leaping up onto the apron himself and coming off with a leg lariat. Van Dam looked really impressive as Bagwell had little idea what he'd let himself in for. Buff had his moments and got himself into the match but in the end there was only ever going to be one winner and that was R.... V...... D hitting a massive Five Star Frog Splash off the top for the win

Overall: 76

Crowd: 77

Match: 76

Is this the end? My only friend, the end!

After the impressive debut of Rob Van Dam Mean Gene Okerlund, black suit, came out to the ring with a solemn and serious look on his face. He called out Sting who walked out onto the entranceway, pausing to take in the moment as he looked out to the fans who gave him an amazing reception. Tenay pointed out what an emotional moment this could be as Sting stepped through the ropes, black and white makeup and long black trenchcoat.

Gene: I’m joined at this time by perhaps the greatest wrestling in WCW’s history, I’m talking about Sting. You said you wanted the forum to speak to the world, what have you got to say?

Sting pauses for a long while as the fans start to chant his name before quietening down as they realise he’s ready to speak.

Sting: Thank you, really, that means so much. Man I’ve been played this over in my head so many times over these past few weeks.

Sting puts his hand to his lips pausing again. His makeup the only thing hiding his distraught look as Okerlund puts a hand up onto his shoulder

Gene: Take a moment.

Sting: These past few months have been harder than anything I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. This company, this is my life. Seeing it so close to ruin tore me apart from the inside out Gene. Something like that forces a state of contemplation. I sat at home worrying that was it, that this company was done…… that I was done. Ya know there’s certain things every wrestler hopes for in his career and when you’ve been in the business as long as the Stinger they become more important. One of those things is going out on your own terms. Was it not for the last Nitro I’d never have had that opportunity Gene.

The crowd start to cheer with various Flair, and Sting chants around the arena

Gene: They don’t forget

Sting: They never have Gene. Every time I came out to this ring I felt proud and honoured to be wrestling in front of you guys. Every time I came out to this ring I gave you it all. I gave you everything I had inside and the respect you’ve all showed me over my career, I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means…

Sting pauses again, looking ready to break up again.

Sting: That last Nitro, out of respect, I got the chance to go out on my own terms. I got the chance to give you the best that I had against a man I have an incredible amount of respect for so as I sat at home before that match, and pondered where I was at after it and no matter how much I tried to convince myself Gene, there’s nothing left for me anymore. Sting’s time is over Gene…

Gene is choked, Sting looks over and wipes a tear away from his own eye. The crowd are chanting Sting as the camera focuses in on a couple of fans with tears streaming down their faces.

Sting: It’s time for the Sean O’Haire’s, it’s time for the Shane Helms, it’s time for the Booker T’s Gene.

A voice chirps in…

“It’s time for Lance Storm”

Gene: Lance Storm? Talk about disrespect, what the hell are you doing out here.

Storm: You people and your American hero’s continue to hold me down. You laud them in front of the world just like you were all these years Sting yet I get heat for respecting my own great nation’s heritage. If you’re quite finished how about you step aside and give air time to a real wrestler from Calgary, Alberta Canada, the greatest nation in the world!

Sting: American hero’s? If I was ever a hero out here it’s because these great fans made me one. You get out here and you earn your status and…..

Storm: Please, Sting, enough.

Before Sting can respond he’s levelled from behind with a massive forearm. As the camera pans around it’s Mike Awesome standing over Sting. Mean Gene is going wild as Awesome shoves him off and gets Sting up for a sit out Awesome Bomb. Gene kneels over the Stinger as Awesome and Storm head backstage with Sting laid out in the middle of the ring.



Commercial Break


Shane Douglas d. Sean O’Haire in 7:14

The crowd were still pumped from the segment before the break and at the start of the match they broke out into a chant of “we want Sting”. As the match went on the heat began to die down but the in ring action was pretty solid throughout. Douglas played the heel role brilliantly and was a good mix with O’Haire’s flashy offence. Douglas dirty tricks the only thing keeping him in the match. After a big superkick, O’Haire went up to the top turnbuckle but before he could hit the SeanTon Bomb he was pushed from the top by Bam Bam Bigelow who’d come running out from the back. Douglas seized his chance and put O’Haire away with the Franchiser for the 1, 2, 3. Bigelow and Douglas raised two fingers up into the air as Bigelow came off the top with a diving headbutt on O’Haire. Chuck Palumbo came running out from the back and into the ring but after a brief flurry of offence was met by a Shane Douglas low blow. Douglas and Bigelow raised the two fingers again as they left the World Tag Team Champions down in the ring.

Overall: 67

Crowd: 68

Match: 67

It’s tournament time…..

After some time spent at the announce desk with the guys talking about what we’ve seen so far the shot goes back to the ring where Larry Zbysko is waiting with a microphone in a pair of golf trousers and polo neck shirt.

Zbysko: You’ll all want to know why I’m out here so I’ll cut to the chase. There’s a title in WCW that has a long and storied history in the annals of professional wrestling. It’s a title that’s been held by some of the greatest competitors in our great sport. The title belt has graced the waists of the likes of the Sting’s, the Luger’s, the Vader’s, the Kensuke Sasaki’s, the Rick Rude’s, and more recently it’s graced the waist of the Booker T’s. Now it’s my pleasure to have been asked to come out here and represent the WCW Championship Committee who have made a ruling over this great title. As the reigning champion Booker T is now the World Heavyweight Champion it’s deemed that he cannot defend both titles. As such I’m asking Booker T to come out here at this time and hand over the United States title belt so that a 16 man tournament can begin on next week’s show.

Zbysko doesn’t have to wait very long as Booker T makes his way out with the World title belt over one shoulder, and the US title belt over the other. He steps into the ring and gets set to hand Zbysko the title belt as they’re cut off by a voice from behind them.

“Wait just a God damned minute. If that belt’s being given up then it should be given back to me. Booker, you robbed me of that belt in a fluke anyway. I’m the rightful champion”.

Booker and Zbysko turn around to see Rick Steiner coming out from the back.

Zbysko: Get out of here Steiner, you can earn it like everybody else. You’re in the tournament, now get lost

Steiner: Well if you aint about to hand over that title belt Zbysko, you’d better get ready for a fight!

Booker: Hey Steiner, you want some? Come get some!

The fans give a small pop as Booker mocks Steiner with his own awful catchphrase

Booker: You want a belt why don’t you step up with me next week and take a shot at this right here!

Booker slaps the World title belt over his shoulder

Steiner: You just signed away your title Booker, Zbysko you can stick your US title.

Booker: Hey Rick….. Don’t hate the playa……….. Hate the GAME!



Commercial Break


”The Nature Boy” Ric Flair d. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner w/Midajah in 11:27

Flair and Steiner really rolled back the years in the main event and put on a really good match. The crowd were as hot as they had been for anything else in WCW over the past few months. Flair made his traditional entrance with Space Mountain and a long green robe. Steiner was as angry as he looked earlier tonight, threatening a fan on his way to the ring and paying little attention to Midajah who followed behind him. Early on Flair used a lot of stall tactics and was clearly getting underneath Steiner’s skin as the two men traded holds. Once the pace picked up Steiner began to muscle Flair around the ring dominating him with some high impact suplexes, including the rolling thunder belly to belly. The pace slowed with the customary Steiner match restholds but Big Poppa Pump was dominating the tempo. Steiner backed Flair into a corner and beat him down with chops mocking the Nature Boy with every blow. Steiner tried to put Flair away but the crowd popped big every time Flair raised his shoulder on a pin attempt. Steiner got up onto the middle turnbuckle, spending a lot of time motioning to the fans and making the shape of a belt around his waist before trying to hit an elbowdrop. He’d taken far too long though and Flair rolled out of the way before hitting one of his trademark kneedrops on his opponent. Flair grabbed the legs and started working them over keeping Steiner grounded. Flair eventually went for the Figure Four but Steiner kicked him off, getting to his feet and blocking a Flair clothesline before levelling the Nature Boy with a stiff forearm. As Steiner bent over him to pick him up Flair hooked his legs and neck and rolled him up into a small package as the referee made the three count. Steiner popped up furious and grabbed the referee, tossing him from the ring. Steiner turned around and snapped, he started beating Flair around the ring before tossing him through the ropes. Steiner sent Flair crashing into the guardrail before grabbing him and hitting an overhead suplex that sent Flair crashing back into the ringsteps. Steiner left the ringside area slowly, constantly looking back and staring Flair down as the Nature Boy raised his head up, his face a crimson mess as he looked back at Steiner as the show went off the air.

Overall: 83

Crowd: 90

Match: 69

Overall: 76%

TV Rating: 1.21

Attendance: 1505

Overness Movement

Crowbar -1 - 50

Yang +2 - 40

Rey Mysterio Jr -1 - 74

Shannon Moore -1 - 51

Shane Douglas -1 - 66

Sean O'Haire -1 - 67

Rick Steiner +3 – 70

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After that first Nitro went off the air it was like a huge sigh of relief. I’d asked Arn to get the Power Plant guys together and watch through the show that night. I really wanted them all to see what we were doing and what we were aiming at. His reaction after the show on the phone was all I could have hoped for, he said he liked it. It had been a hectic night, but for the most part everything had gone to plan. The show was a relative success. We didn’t come close to filling the 2500 seats in the Vining Arena but that really didn’t matter. The fans on hand were vocal enough. I had a couple of ideas penned in for next week, largely replacing Paulshock with Hudson, and replacing Hudson with Dusty but that needed to be thought, and talked through before I went with it. Other than that for one night at least, my night was done.

Waking up the next morning all I could think of was that I still hadn’t spoken to Nash, Page, or Goldberg. A part of me wanted to say we didn’t need them, or to try and convince myself that I simply hadn’t had the chance to speak to them yet and try and fit in a way to use them. I knew that wasn’t the case though. The real truth was I just didn’t know what to say to them or how they’d react. I’d rarely met Goldberg in the past and I saw no reason for him to take anything I said. What was I meant to do when he started hitting me with that “I can beat them in a real fight, so I’m not jobbing” crap? Don’t get me wrong, I could take shit from anyone. Living with my Father made everyone else become a pussycat, I just didn’t see any way that I could talk guys like Goldberg into doing what I wanted, instead of what they thought was best for them. Maybe I’d give them a call tomorrow. Man I’d had that same “tomorrow” thought for weeks.

The feedback we were getting on the show from what I could see was mostly positive. I have to say that it shocked the hell out of me how hard the boys worked on Saturday. Everyone turned up with their game faces on and I had none of the customary “WCW crap” to deal with. Flair and Steiner pulled out the best match I’d seen either have in a long time and from what I was reading as I trawled through my laptop was that the fans said the same thing. Sure, for every “great show, loved it” there were the “overbooked, gave too much away, should have been saved for PPV” comments too but that’s just the internet. You know what, we did throw it all out there that first show. We had to.

I was pretty surprised at a list of roster cuts that Vince had made to his developmental talent though. Guys like Lesnar, Benjamin and Leviathan were set up to be big stars I thought. No time to ponder that right now, I had til Saturday to get everything in place for the show and I’d not even started with ideas for Spring Stampede. I needed food…

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I'd gone through and discussed the changes I had planned from last week's show. Scott had no problem moving over from announce to helping Gene conduct the interviews which made way for Dusty, who was in his own words "hella excited about tha sityoooayshun", to move back onto the announce team. I remembered watching WCW back in 1996 and loving the feel that Heenan and Rhodes gave them. This might not be 1996 but as long as both guy's voiceboxes were still working I saw no problem. After throwing so much out there for the first show I had no idea how to top it with the second. See that's not strictly true, I had every idea how to. Use Goldberg for God's sake. Hell, the guy's sat at home getting paid by us. I was being a coward. Nash and Page, I'm not even sure I had any interest in anyway but I mean. Come on, I've been sat here all week fretting over what main event I'm going to put out at Spring Stampede and who's going to challenge Booker for the belt and right there I've got the one guy who could make Booker look like a credible champion in an instant. Getting him to agree to that was about as likely as me convincing Kev that he should be putting over Kid Romeo. No, all ideas of topping last week's show went out of the window. You set things in place, now follow through on them.......

IPB Image

Just one week on from the debut of Nitro on Urban American on Saturday Night's, World Championship Wrestling promises you another night of premiere prime time action this Saturday at 8pm.

Once again the Cruiserweight's take centre stage with every Cruiserweight Champion in WCW in one exciting match. It's WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman teaming up with WCW Cruiserweight Champion Suga Shane Helms to take on the trio of Shannon Moore, Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo. Can the champs pull through as Spring Stampede approaches?

Last week's show saw Shane Douglas cheat Sean O'Haire out of a win as he called on surprise assistance from Bam Bam Bigelow. WCW's Championship Committee have tossed these men back into the ring for this week's show with the World Tag Team Championship on the line. It's Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo defending the gold against Shane Douglas & Bam Bam Bigelow in what should be an outstanding tag team encounter.

You heard the call from Larry Zbysko on last week's show, Booker T was forced to hand over the United States title and a 16 man single elimination tournament will be held starting on this week's show. Not only will Johnny the Bull square off against the Cat but after his sensational debut on last week's show Rob Van Dam will take on Buff Bagwell one more time. A rumour circulating around the wcw.com press office this week has been that Bagwell specifically asked to be given Van Dam in the first round to prove that last week's loss was nothing more than a lucky fluke.

Click here to see the US title tournament brackets

Words can't describe the disgusting attack on Sting from Team Canada last week. Sting's retirement sparked one of the most emotional moments in recent World Championship Wrestling history. Mean Gene Okerlund in particular took great displeasure in what he saw and will be trying to get a word with Lance Storm on this week's show. What explanation could he possibly have to justify such an action?

You all saw the World Champion send out the challenge last week as Booker T offered Rick Steiner a shot at his World Title in what will be the second title match of the night. With so much history between the two this has the potential to spiral out of control. Remember, it was Booker T who ended Rick's United States title reign and of course Booker won that World Title from Rick's Brother Scott. Emotion's will be running high in this one.

Be sure not to miss WCW Saturday Nitro, 8pm, on the Urban American network

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IPB Image

credit The Imperfect for pic

Saturday 14th April 2001

Pohl PE Building, Columbus - Mississippi

Announcers: Mike Tenay, Dusty Rhodes & Bobby Heenan

Tenay: Fans we're LIVE for WCW Saturday NITRO! I'm Mike Tenay joined this week by the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Bobby the Brain Heenan and Dusty, all people have been wanting to talk about last week was the retirement of Sting.

Rhodes: Ah tell ya Iron Mike, ya gotta look at tha sityooayshun. When ya delve deep inta tha mahnd of the one and only, ahm talkin about tha Stinger, ya gotta know that it aint gonna sit right with him. Ah don't think we've seen tha last of Sting just yet.

Tenay: Also on last week's show we saw the match made for tonight, the World Heavyweight Title will be on the line as Booker T defends against Rick Steiner. With so much recent history between the two the ring might not be enought to hold them Brain

Heenan: Oh you'd better believe it Tenay, Steiner's like a broken drum. He's hard to beat. See Booker's made a big mistake, he's made Steiner mad and tonight I think we could see a new World Champion. I'd bet a house on it.

Tenay: You'd bet a house on it?

Heenan: Sure, yours

Elix Skipper, Kid Romeo & Shannon Moore d. Rey Mysterio Jr, Billy Kidman & Shane Helms in 6:27

The Cruiserweight's did a great job of opening up the show in a match that the crowd seemed fairly into. Much play was made of the fact that Mysterio, Kidman and Helms were dominating with Cruiserweight division with their three title belts. The action was unsurprisingly fast paced and at times a little spotty but they got some nice pops from the crowd. Moore was tossed over the top rope but landed on the apron. As he turned around Kidman dropkicked him off onto the floor. Mysterio came straight into the ring and Kidman back body dropped him over the top rope to the outside onto Moore. Skipper and Romeo came into the ring beating on Kidman but he ducked a double clothesline. As Skipper charged at him Kidman launched him over up into the air. Skipper landed on the top rope and springboarded himself onto the guys on the outside. Romeo dropkicked Kidman who bounced up and took a great bump over the top rope onto the guys ont he outside. Romeo grabbed hold of the top rope as everyone got themselves up to their feet and slingshotted himself to the outside. The crowd became more vocal as Suga Shane stepped up into the ring, playing to the crowd briefly before running off the ropes and launching himself out over the top, Swanton style, onto the other competitors. Shannon Moore was the first guy to his feet and he went straight after Helms, rolling him back into the ring. Helms went for a suplex but Moore reversed it into an inside cradle, grabbing a handful of tights to get the pin as Mysterio & Kidman brawled on the outside with Skipper & Romeo.

Overall: 69

Crowd: 54

Match: 84

The Franchise has a guarantee and a promise

After the opening match Mean Gene Okerlund comes out from the back in his usual tux, he stops at the beginning of the aisle and gets ready to call someone out for an interview as he gets a warm welcome from the fans

Gene: Thank you, at this time I'd like to bring out to you a man who did a number on the World Tag Team Champions last week, I'm talking about Shane Douglas......

Bam Bam Bigelow makes his way out, Douglas walking behind him with a cocky smirk on his face

Gene: ... and his new accomplice, the Beast from the East, Bam Bam Bigelow. Shane, tonight you're going for the World Tag Team titles, was that your plan when you bought this man out last week?

Douglas: Hahahahahaa, there's been a lot of talk about WCW going back to basics, going back to its roots Mean Gene so that's exactly what the Franchise has done. See me and the Beast from the East go way back to a time when the Franchise wasn't censored, the Franchise wasn't held back. 35 years combined experience in this business Gene and what do we have to show for it? When they bought this monster in to World Championship Wrestling he was promised the world. He was promised big time matches, main events, and what did it get him? Jobbing out to a Mexican midget! HAhahahhaaa, well those days are no more Gene...

Gene: We've heard it all before Douglas, tell someone who cares. You've bitten off more than you can chew tonight with Palumbo and O'Haire

Douglas: Don't get me wrong Gene, Palumbo and O'Haire are great athletes but the Franchise has something planned for them tonight. There are few guarantess in this business but I'm making a bold one for you right now. By the time it's done, you're looking at the NEW World Tag Team Champions, HAHAHAHAHAAAAA


Two Championship matches for Spring Stampede

as Douglas and Bigelow made their way backstage Larry Zbysko walked straight out past them in his golf trousers and polo neck to grab a word with Mean Gene.

Gene: Wait a minute, what's this. Larry Zbysko?

Zbysko: Okerlund, I have an announcement to make on behalf of the WCW Championship Committee. Earlier tonight you saw six of the best Cruiserweights in the world. You also saw three great challengers get a win over three great champions. As a result at Spring Stampede you're going to see Kidman & Mysterio Jr defending the Cruiserweight tag titles against Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo. In addition Suga Shane Helms will be defending the World Cruiserweight Title against the man who pinned him tonight, Shannon Moore.

Heenan on announce: You know I hear Zbysko's working hard on bringing down that handicap

Tenay: Oh the Living Legend's always putting time in on the golf course

Heenan: Who said anything about golf? I heard he was getting a divorce



Commercial Break


WCW US Title Tournament: Johnny the Bull d. The Cat in 4:27

As the show came back from the break the two competitors in this one were already in the ring. The brackets for the Title tournament were flashed up on the screen....

WCW US Title Tournament Brackets

The Cat seemed more intent on dancing than wrestling and JTB took the early advantage working the Cat over with some solid offence. The crowd seemed pretty into the Cat and after a sidekick as JTB came out of the corner they popped nicely for more of the Cat's dancing. It only allowed JTB to hit the Cat with a super stiff lariat that knocked his opponent upside down and gave him the win. After the bell the Bull grabbed a mic and yelled out that he didn't care whether he got Konnan, or Lance Storm, as he'd go through either man to get to the US title.

Overall: 64

Crowd: 66

Match: 61

Canadian pride > facepainted legends?

After the match Mean Gene came out to the ring and called out Lance Storm. Storm came out with Mike Awesome at his side. Storm had a Canadian flag draped over his shoulders as he stepped into the ring opposite Okerlund.

Gene: In all my years in professional wrestling I can honestly say that few acts have disgusted me as much as what you did last week to Sting [crowd pop big at the mention of Sting's name]. What do you have to say for yourself?

Storm: If you expected me to sit in the back and watch that grotesque moment without pointing out the nonsensical idocies of what was happening you're as much of a fool as the American's who sit in that crowd each week and boo me. While I get persecuted in front of the masses for displaying my own great patriotism, Sting is made out to be the biggest hero the world has ever seen. You see Mean Gene, you can look down your nose at me all you want, just like you did all the other great Canadian's that wrestled for this company. Bret Hart, a true man of integrity, a true legend walked away from this sport graciously and after all that he achieved where was his big send off in front of the world Gene? You American people make me fear for my life week in and week out simply for loving my great nation. I receive threats from pathetic miserable American's, breeding like rabbits in their trailer park hutches yet when a man like Sting turns up in Canada he is greeted like a hero. Well not any more Gene, this is my time. I know why all you American's hate me so much, it's because you look into this ring and see a man that's better than you. You look into this ring and it brings back memories from your childhood of ambition and drive, a time of dreams that you hoped to once realise before this putrid nation sucked all the life out of you and left you wallowing in your pathetic existence.

The crowd are giving Storm a lot of heat as Gene starts to look angry.

Gene: The people of this nation have more to be proud of than you could ever imagine Storm

Storm: Like what Gene? Like Sting? You saw him bow down to a true Canadian great last week, just like all these people out here saw him. Sting is gone Gene, it's time to stop living in the past. The future is Lance Storm!



Commercial Break


WCW World Tag Team Titles: Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo d. Bam Bam Bigelow & Shane Douglas in 14:20

When we came back from the break it was time for David Penzer to get up in the ring and introduce the two teams fighting for the World Tag Team Titles. Douglas and Bigelow were first out before Palumbo & O'Haire came out to a really good reception. O'Haire had an intense look on his face as he stared down with Bigelow before the match started. The action kicked off with Douglas and Palumbo as Chuck convinced O'Haire to let him kick things off. Douglas took Palumbo to school, completely outwrestling him in the early going. Once Douglas had the upper hand he tagged in Bigelow who began to grind down Palumbo. O'Haire hadn't even been in the match yet and was getting frustrated on the outside, it wasn't long before all four men ended up battling on the inside.

As a brawl errupted O'Haire irish whipped Palumbo into the corner where Douglas was standing. The Franchise stepped out of the way though and as Palumbo came in he went shoulder first through the ropes and into the ring post before falling to the outside. As Bigelow nailed O'Haire from behind Douglas slid to the outside and began stomping on Palumbo's shoulder. Douglas grabbed a chair and crashed it into Palumbo's shoulder before raining down chairshot after chairshot onto the damaged shoulder. Douglas laughed out to the crowd as he got back up onto the apron. Officials came out to tend to Palumbo and it was soon apparent that he couldn't continue in the match. O'Haire tried to get to the outside to get to his partner but Bigelow scooped him up from behind and hit a big back suplex before tagging in Douglas.

With the odds stacked against him O'Haire looked in trouble. Douglas and Bigelow used quick tags and double team tactics to try and break him down but no matter how hard they tried O'Haire refused to go down. A vicious set of chops backed O'Haire up into his own corner, further emphasising that there was nobody there for him to tag out to. Douglas put O'Haire down with a belly to belly suplex in the corner but as he tagged in Bigelow who went straight up to the top and leapt off with a diving headbutt, O'Haire dragged himself out of the way. O'Haire got over to the ropes and pulled himself up, blocking a pair of Bigelow punches before levelling him with a massive clothesline. Douglas came into the ring but was met with a massive spinebuster. O'Haire found the strength from somewhere to get Bigelow up and slam him down to the mat. Sean went up top giving the sign for the Seanton Bomb but was met with a clubbing forearm from behind. Kronik had hit the ring. The referee quickly called for the dq, awarding the match to Palumbo & O'Haire but Kronik weren't finished. They dragged O'Haire up in the centre of the ring and dropped him with the High Time. Douglas, Bigelow, and Kronik stood in the centre of the ring facing the camera, all holding up four fingers to the crowd.

Overall: 70

Crowd: 65

Match: 75

Could last week have been a fluke?

After the match Scott Hudson had Buff Bagwell backstage before his match up next against Rob Van Dam. Bagwell had black tights on and a big black Buff hat.

Hudson: Thanks Mike, as you can see I'm with Buff Bagwell before his first round match in the United States title tournament and after your loss last week to Rob Van Dam you have to be a little nervous going out there tonight.

Bagwell: Nervous? You think Buff Daddy's nervous tonight? Last week was nothing more than a fluke Hudson. I had no time to prepare for my opponent, I didnt' even know who I was facing.

Hudson: With all due respect Buff you made the open challenge, you said you could beat any.....

Bagwell: I KNOW what I said Scott Hudson. You just remember this, and Rob Van Ham, van Spam, whatever your name is, you listen up. Tonight I'm advancing in that tournament and there's nothing you can do to stop me. See, you're a noboay, and I'm Buff. I'm Buff.... and I'm the Stuff!



Commercial Break


WCW US Title Tournament: Rob Van Dam d. Buff Bagwell in 7:09

Bagwell took time out as the match began to pose to the fans. He got a mixed reaction, guess there's still a few Buff fans out there. RVD calmly let Bagwell finish before jumping into the air displaying a spin kick before raising his arms into the air. The crowd popped for Van Dam as the two men locked up. Bagwell actually got the better of the first exchange and began paintbrushing the back of Van Dam's head as he was on the mat face down. As they locked up again it was Van Dam's turn, this time messing Buff's hair up before turning and laughing to the crowd. Van Dam was looking really impressive again, first tossing Bagwell to the outside, then leaping out over the top rope, flipping over and hitting Bagwell. Van Dam got Bagwell up in a suplex position before draping him over the guardrail at ringside. RVD came off the apron with a spinning legdrop that got a small R....V....D chant going. Bagwell had some offence and caught Van Dam with swinging neckbreaker but in the end it was to no avail. Van Dam powerbombed Bagwell down in the middle of the ring and leapt up to the top rope before coming down with a huge Five Star Frog Splash to get the win and advance in the tournament.

Overall: 76

Crowd: 77

Match: 76

He's just Rob.... Van...... Dam!

As Van Dam made his way backstage Mean Gene rushed out to try and grab a quick word with him.

Gene: Rob Van Dam, if I can just grab a quick word. That's been quite a debut in World Championship Wrestling

RVD: It's nothin really Gene, it's just what I do. Hey, Bagwell should realise losing to Rob Van Dam's no great tragedy. Just makes him the same as all the rest, I'm on my own level Gene. Ya see for all of you who don't know, Bagwell, RVD 4:20 means I just smoked your ass.

Gene: Tell us, if you will a little bit about your background.

RVD: Just keep watching Gene and you'll see all you need to know. RVD does what he says he's gonna do, and I say I'm gonna win that US title. I'm just me, which ya know, makes me better than all the rest of the boys in the back. I'm jsut me. I'm just R..... V....... D!

RVD lifts both hands up into the air and points to himself with his thumbs as he says each one of his initials.


It's all about talent, not luck

Scott Hudson has Big Poppa Pump backstage with him for an interview, with Midajah at his side. Steiner's wearing the chainmail, and Midajah as always has her tits bursting out and too much makeup.

Hudson: You know what's up next, it's the World title on the line as Rick Steiner challenges Booker T. I've got with me the man who's Brother is about to challenge for that title, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and Scott you have to be wishing Rick some luck out there tonight?

Steiner: Rick dont' need no luck Hudson! Booker T's nothin but a no good piece of crap who cheated me outta my title when I wasn't fit to wrestle. Big Poppa Pump's gonna be in the back with my number one freak right here watchin the match. It's time for another belt to come back to the Steiner's.

Hudson: You and your Brother Rick have had your problems over the years, just how much are you behind him right now?

Steiner: Problems are in the past Hudson, I'm backing my Brother 100%. You just remember that Booker!



Commercial Break


WCW World Title: Booker T d. Rick Steiner in 8:59

Penzer did the introductions once again as Steiner and Booker looked ready to go at it for the World Title. The belt was shown to both men before the bell rang but neither took their eyes off the other man. Booker was on fire early on, completely dominating the challenger and driving him to the outside. Steiner regrouped, arguing with a couple of fans outside the ring before eventually making his way back inside. Booker just looked too quick for his opponent in the early going and Steiner was becoming increasingly frustrated. It was only when Booker came running off the ropes and leapt up into the air, allowing Steiner to catch him and powerslam him over, that Steiner mounted some offence. It looked like it was resthold time as Steiner locked in a rear chinlock to try and wear down the champion. The fans got behind Booker and he managed to fight his way up to his feet but Steiner was quick to stop his surge, hitting a German Suplex before making a cover and getting a two count.

Almost all of Rick's offence was punches and forearms, with a particularly stiff looking Steinerline thrown in that got him another two count on the champion. Steiner tried to get Booker up onto his back for a DVD but Booker shoved him off and caught him with a Harlem Side kick. Booker motioned to the fans that he was ready to take it home but as they began to pop Scott Steiner made his way out from the back and down towards the ring. Booker looked ready to hit the Book End but he shoved Rick off as Scott got up onto the apron, Rick running straight into his Brother and knocking him down to the floor. As Rick turned around he walked straight into Book End that earned Booker the win. Immediately as the bell rang Scott was straight up into the ring and the two Steiner Bros started beating on Booker. The Nature Boy Ric Flair came running out from the back and into the ring. He backed Rick Steiner up into the corner and started laying in lefts and rights as Booker T fought back on Big Poppa Pump. Booker clotheslined him over the top rope to the outside as Flair tossed Rick through the ropes. The Steiner Bros backed away up the aisle staring Flair and Booker down in the ring as the Nature Boy gave the fans a little strut at the show's conclusion.

Overall: 74

Crowd: 76

Match: 72

Overall: 72%

TV Rating: 1.07

Attendance: 1504

Overness Movement

Rick Steiner _1 - 69

Chuck Palumbo -1 - 67

Shane Douglas -1 - 65

Rey Mysterio Jr -1 - 73

Kid Romeo +2 - 39

Shannon Moore -1 - 50

Johnny The Bull +2 - 63

The Cat -1 - 74

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All I'd wanted to do all week was get Nitro together and make a late start on some ideas for the Pay Per View but I'd had to deal with crap all week. On the plus side my Father wasn't interfering at all, maybe for once in his life he realised this was something he knew nothing about. Still, when I tried to get even the smallest amount of extra finance out of him this week to give Arn scope to bring in some new developmental talent I got told I'd need to cut down the wage bill first. See that bought me onto my first dilemma of the week, the same damned dilemma I'd face since I took this job. Bill Goldberg earns $300,000 a month. I'm not using him. It could wait until after Nitro but this really was it, I set myself the target of calling Bill some time next week to discuss where we were at.

While I couldn't talk my Father into providing any additional funding for more developmental talent I did, with a lot of help from Eric, get him to fund bringing an old name back into the promotion and already I was wondering whether it was a good idea. I had an idea on how I wanted to use Curt Hennig, and I genuinely thought it would benefit the company in the long run. Convinced Eric without any problems, and with a hell of a lot of persuasion we managed to get the bucks to bring him in. No sooner had the rumour mill started around the internet than I've got Shane Douglas on the phone complaining that he doesn't want to work in the same company as him. Like I really need that right now. There was no resolution to the situation, there was no compromise, as it was left I was signing Hennig, Shane was unhappy about it, and that was that. I was starting to not like the prospect of both men being in the building on Saturday night.

Still, the show had been pretty much finalised with a few edges to tidy but I was happy with what we had going into Saturday night.

IPB Image

After we hit Columbus last week Saturday Nitro will be emanating from the Livestock Expo Center in Jackson Mississippi with another huge action packed show.

We all saw Rob Van Dam and Johnny the Bull advance in the United States title tournament on last week's show, well this week sees Chris Kanyon take on Dustin Rhodes and Hugh Morrus against the Wall as we move forward in trying to crown a new United States champion

Click here to see the US title tournament brackets

Larry Zbysko made the call on behalf of the WCW Championship Committee last week, at Spring Stampede it's all guns blazing for the Cruiserweight's as Kidman & Mysterio defend their titles against Skipper & Romeo, while Suga Shane Helms defends the World Cruiserweight title against former tag partner Shannon Moore. This week's Nitro will see Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo trying to build momentum going into the match at Spring Stampede as they face off against the Jung Dragons.

Last week saw the tag team title match watched around the world as Chuck Palumbo was taken out, and Kronik seemed to have alligned themselves with Shane Douglas and Bam Bam Bigelow. They may have failed to win the tag team titles last week but they sure made an impact. Will Douglas' provide any answers as to what went down on this week's show?

Jason Jett made an impressive start to his WCW career and he'll be looking to continue that run but one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step out of Mexico will be standing in his way as he's signed to wrestle Konnan.

We'll also see the debut of a new talkshow hosted by none other than WCW's very own, Cat! Rumour has it that his first guest will be none other than Lance Storm. This will be one not to miss interview.

After the ending on last week's show to the Booker T, Rick Steiner World title match a tag match has been signed for this week's Nitro. It's going to be Booker T & the Nature Boy Ric Flair teaming up to take on perhaps the greatest tag team of all time, the Steiner Bros. With Spring Stampede just around the corner a further stipulation has been added. Whoever gets the decisive pinfall in the match will get a shot at the World title and Booker T at Spring Stampede. If Booker gets the pin he gets to choose his opponent at Spring Stampede. With so much on the line these four look set to pull something big out of the bag.

Be sure not to miss this incredible show, Saturday night, 8pm, Urban American.

Ric Flair & Booker T Vs Steiner Bros - whoever gets the pin gets the title shot

Jason Jett Vs Konnan

Hugh Morrus Vs the Wall - US Title tournament

Dustin Rhodes Vs Chris Kanyon - US Title tournament

Skipper & Romeo Vs Jung Dragons

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IPB Image

credit The Imperfect for pic

Saturday 21st April 2001

Livestock Expo Center - Jackson, Mississippi

Announcers: Mike Tenay, Dusty Rhodes & Bobby Heenan

Tenay: You can see the pyros, you can hear the crowd, WE'RE LIVE on Saturday Nitro! I'm Mike Tenay joined again this week by Bobby the Brain Heenan and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. What a show we have in store for you tonight but there's one big talking point Dream, I'm talking about the main event tonight. Booker T & the Nature Boy Ric Flair teaming up to take on the Steiner Bros

Rhodes: Oh that's fow shaw Ahr'n Mike. Ya gotta look at the four men steppin inta that ring tonight and know the histry that sits between them. Big question is this fella's, when it's all said an done who's go'ne step aside and let their partner get that title shot, rightowrong Brain, rightowrong?

Heenan: You hit the nail on the head Dusty, Booker T's at a horrible horrible disadvantage tonight. He's in there with three other men who all want that title belt. He's gotta face probably the toughest team in the history of the business teaming with a man who wants that belt just as much as the opponents do.

Here's one we taped earlier.....

Tenay takes us back to some footage from before tonight's show. Suga Shane Helms is shown pulling up outside the arena driving an open top car. As Helms steps out, grabbing a bag and the Cruiserweight Title belt Shannon Moore comes running into shot hitting Helms from behind. Moore slams Helms head into the bonnet of the car before tossing him down to the ground. Moore picked up the title belt, shouting in Helms face that it would soon be his before throwing it down onto the champion and leaving him laying.


Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo d. Jung Dragons in 5:17

The opener was pushed as a warm up match for Skipper and Romeo before their challenge at the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles at Spring Stampede. The action in the ring did its job almost flawlessly as everyone hit their spots but the lack of any huge fan reaction just further emphasised how much more work needed to be done on the young stars of the division to get them over. Skipper nearly finished it early after hitting the Overdrive on Kaz but Yang made the save. Both teams exchanged near falls and close finishes with Kaz almost putting Romeo away with a Michinoku Driver. In the end it was Romeo who scored the win for his team with the Last Kiss as Skipper cut Yang off from making the save with a roundhouse kick. The workrate in this one was incredible with not one botched spot from the guys as Skipper and Romeo went on towards Spring Stampede and the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles.

Overall: 69

Crowd: 46

Match: 93

A Steiner will be facing Booker T for the title at Spring Stampede

After the opening match Mean Gene was shown in the arena just before the aisle to the ring, calling the Steiner Bros out for an interview. Rick and Scott came out, with Midajah looking like a slut between them.

Gene: Now Rick, Scott, tonight is a chance for you two to turn back the years and remind the world what the Steiner Bros could do, and in the process get a shot at the World title, but just which one of you is that going to be?

Rick: I know what you're tryin a do and it aint gonna work Gene. Tonight we'll beat Booker T and Flair, and then at Spring Stampede one of us will beat Booker T for the World title, it don't matter who.

Gene: We'll see how it goes down later on tonight but to me it looks like things between you and the Nature Boy have gotten a bit personal Scott?

Scott: Personal? It's always been personal between me and Flair. When the Steiner Bros were breaking through in this business Flair wouldn't step aside. When the Steiner Bros were selling out arenas Flair was taking the credit. When we finally got our rightful place as US and World Champions Flair took the credit, and now he's trying to stand in our way again? Well it aint gonna happen Gene. Tonight Flair can step out of our way, or he can be another victim in our pursuit of the World title. You decide Flair!



Commercial Break


WCW US Title Tournament: Hugh Morrus d. the Wall in 7:47

This was rumoured to be the Wall's last match on tv for a while before being taken off and repackaged so it came as little surprise that Morrus picked up the win and advanced in the tournament. Morrus seemed to be playing on a slightly deranged character in a match that was surprisingly great. The two men traded high power offence early on before the Wall slowly started getting on top. He used a lot of weardown tactics as the match went into the "rest hold" zone. The action spilled to the outside where the Wall started to take over again. He tossed Morrus around like he was a ragdoll, sending him crashing shoulder first into the ringsteps. Back in the ring the Wall looked ready to get the win and went for the chokeslam but Morrus shoved his arm off and took him down to the mat with a spear like move before going up to the top. He came off with a big elbowdrop before motioning to the fans that it was time for the end. Morrus went up to the top turnbuckle again and landed the No Laughing Matter to pick up the win and advance in the tournament.

Overall: 74

Crowd: 61

Match: 88

Douglas has a New Franchise

After the match Mean Gene makes his way out in front of the fans once again, this time stepping up into the ring. He calls out Shane Douglas who comes out from the back and gets a decent amount of heat. He's followed by Bam Bam Bigelow initially. After stepping out a short way towards the ring Douglas turns back to the entrance and Kronik come out bringing more heat from the crowd. Douglas leads his men to the ring as he gets up to Okerlund.

Gene: You may have a smug grin on your face now Douglas after what you did last week to the World Tag Team Champions but you'll get yours!

Douglas: Hahahahahaaa, see that's where you're wrong Mean Gene. Over the past couple of weeks I've put together the biggest, baddest set of mother..... hahahahaaa, you know what I'm talking about Gene. I wanted people to watch my back and now I've got the three baddest men on the planet. Mike Tyson wouldn't last five minutes with any of them.

Gene: Well you've made one pair of World Tag Team Champions pretty angry, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes!

Douglas: What I've done is put the tag team champions in hospital Gene, you saw the way little Chucky had to be carried out of the arena last week. Five minutes with my new Franchise and look what we'd done to them. O'Haire and Palumbo are wet behind the ears hahahahahaaaa. You're looking at the new force in professional wrestling Mean Gene, you're looking at the New Franchise!

Gene: The last time I checked you two brutes were supposed to be friends with Palumbo & O'Haire!

Douglas: You wanna talk to somebody out here Gene, you talk to me. See Kronik aint the big dumb lugs you made them out to be Gene. They're smart enough to realise an opportunity. Friendship's get you nowhere in this business. See you're looking at the four son's of bitches that are going to dominate here in World Championship Wrestling and it starts at Spring Stampede. Palumbo, O'Haire, if you're in any shape to drag your sorry carcasses to the Pay Per View how about putting those belts on the line against Kronik hahahahaaaaa?



Commercial Break


Jason Jett d. Konnan in 5:20

When we came back from commercial the participants were already in the ring for the next match. Jett looked in good shape in his red trunks and pads. The match served as a reminder of how broken down Konnan is these days as he struggled to hit his spots and the match was thankfully kept short. Jett carried the Mexican legend and provided all the movement to allow the action to get up to a pretty decent standard. Halfway through Curt Hennig made his way out from the back wearing a grey suit, much to the amazement of the announce team. Hennig just stood watching from afar as Jett put in a polished performance, eventually getting Konnan up in position and dropping him down with the Crash Landing drop out suplex for the win. Hennig gave a brief round of applause before stepping backstage as Jett looked up confused seeing him there.

Overall: 65

Crowd: 56

Match: 75

The Greatest chatshow ever

A pre taped chatshow is shown. The set looks a lot like a low budget David Letterman, or Jay Leno type show. The Cat's sitting behind the desk as he welcomes in his first guest. Lance Storm comes out in his street clothes and takes a seat.

Cat: Now Lance, everybody wants to know, the world wants to know, what's next........... for the Cat Ernest Miller but that aint what we're here to talk about today. Instead why don't you tell us what's on the horizon for Lance Storm

Storm: It's really quite simple, so much so that even you American's should be able to understand. It's all about the one title that Lance Storm has never held. The World title. I won't stop until it's sitting around my waist and the millions of fans back in Canada have a real champion they can be proud of. Nobody will stand in my way, and if they do they'll go exactly the same way as that failed American reject Sting

Cat: Hahaha, tell ya what Brotha you keep calling Sting out like that he just might turn up

Storm: I have no need to call Sting out, he has nothing that I want. Sting is the symbolic failure of America. I'll be waiting at Spring Stampede, Sting's more than welcome to join me but he needs to realise he's nothing more than a stepping stone along the way to crowning a real World Champion, from Calgary... Alberta Canada.... the greatest nation in the World!

Cat: Hahahaa, I hear ya playa. So Spring Stampede, Lance Storm's gonna be in tha house. Sting, will you?

The Cat looks into the camera after thanking Storm for being on the show. He appears to be using the lens as a mirror.

Cat: Looking gooood, somebody call my Momma before I whoop all yo asses. Get off my set

The cameramen begin to scramble as the small studio crowd laugh.


A change for the better?

Scott Hudson's shown backstage with Chris Kanyon before Kanyon's US Title match against Dustin Rhodes. Kanyon looks pumped up as he gets ready to get to the ring.

Hudson: Thanks Mike, I'm joined right now by a man who's about to enter into the US title tournament, Chris Kanyon. Chris, what are your thoughts going into your match with Dustin Rhodes?

Kanyon: I'm just hopin that I get through the match Scott and get through to the next round. I've got a lot of respect for Dustin Rhodes but that's as far as it goes. Tonight it's about me taking a step towards the United States title. I'm gonna do it the right way Scott, but there's only going to be one winner out there and that's me. You may not be looking at the same old Kanyon, but one thing still remains Scottie. Who betta than Kanyon? ........ Nobody!

Kanyon walks off screen to get to the ring for his match.

Hudson: Respect? Do it the right way?

Hudson sends it to commercial with a confused look on his face.



Commercial Break


WCW US Title Tournament: Chris Kanyon d. Dustin Rhodes in 10:07

As the match kicked off the tournament brackets were flashed up on screen once again...

Click here to see the US title tournament brackets

The announce team talked about what a tough section of the draw these two were in with Sean O'Haire or Jeff Jarrett waiting in the next round. The two men exchanged holds early on, Kanyon backing Rhodes up onto the ropes. Dustin looked surprised as Kanyon gave him a clean break. Both men put in a good effort and the action swung back and forth before spilling to the outside. Kanyon was quick to roll Dustin back into the ring despite having the opportunity to inflict more punishment outside the ring. Dustin took Kanyon down to the mat and tried to wear him down with a headlock but it wasn't long before Kanyon was back up on his feet. The innovator of offence stood up, lifting Dustin off his feet and hoisting him up onto his back in one fluid motion before spinning him round and planting him with a Michinoku Driver that nearly got the win. Kanyon sent Dustin in to the corner but as he charged in after him Dustin side stepped before grabbing Kanyon and going for the bulldog. Kanyon shoved him off, spinning Dustin around and hitting the Flatliner to get the three count and advance in the tournament.

Overall: 72

Crowd: 70

Match: 75

Flair and Booker on the same page?

Scott Hudson was waiting backstage for another interview. He had the Nature Boy Ric Flair, and Booker T with him, tag team partners in the main event up next. Booker had the World Title belt over his shoulder.

Hudson: Thanks guys, as you can see i'm joined by the Heavyweight Champion of the World Booker T and the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair. Ric where are your thoughts as you go into this big match, knowing that if you get the win you get a shot at Booker's World title.

Flair: WOOOOOO! It's time to walk that aisle Scottie Hudson. The World Heavyweight Champion and the Nature Boyyyy together at last. STEINER BROS! You boys have taken on way too much tonight. You can't handle Ric Flair and Booker T! [Flair starts singing, and dancing around the interview set], we're gonna kick a little butt, we're gonna drink a little wine, we're gonna party allllllll niiiiight loooong! come on Scottie, WOOOOOOO!"

Booker: You know it aint gonna matter who gets the pin out there tonight because there's only one way this match is ending. That's with a win for Booker T and the Nature Boy, so at Spring Stampede Steiner's, sorry boys, you're outta luck. Tonight it goes down like this. Booker T and the Nature Boy are going out there to kick ass and show the world where it's at. Steiner's, as you lay flat out looking up at the sky remember this..... Don't hate the playa....... Hate the GAME!



Commercial Break


Booker T & Ric Flair d. The Steiner Bros in 8:27

After commercial the Steiner Bros were already in the ring waiting for their opponents. The announcers went over the rules one more time, whoever got the pin tonight would earn a shot at the World title at Spring Stampede. If Booker scored the win he'd get to choose his opponent at the Pay Per View. Flair made his entrance first, alone, but waited in the aisle for Booker as both men came to the ring together in the end. Booker and Rick Steiner started things off and the match was on. Booker looked impressive, dominating Rick early on before he tagged in his Brother Scott. Booker took control on Scott too until he tried a flying forearm which Scott ducked out of the way of. The Steiner's began to take the initiative away from Booker and began controlling the pace of the match. Flair hadn't even been in the ring and at this rate it didn't look like he was going to get a chance to be.

Booker was starting to look like he was in big trouble when Rick Steiner hit an overhead suplex and made a cover. Scott got up into the ring and pulled his brother away to break the count. The Steiner's started jawing with each other, Rick was furious that Scott had broken up the count as Booker tried to drag himself across the ring to tag in Flair. Scott saw him in time and was straight over to drag him back into the middle of the ring. Scott sent Booker in for the ride and clubbed him down with a big clothesline as he came back towards him. Big Poppa Pump got down onto the mat and rolled Booker looking set to lock in the Steiner Recliner. Rick stepped through the ropes, looking like he was going to break up the hold but as it drew the referee over to usher Rick out of the ring, Flair stepped through the ropes and gave Scott a low blow from behind. Booker scrambled across the ring as the referee turned back towards them and tagged in the Nature Boy.

Flair came in like a house of fire, taking out both Steiner Bros with chops and punches. The Nature Boy tossed Rick Steiner to the outside before turning his attention back to Scott. Scott levelled him with a big clothesline but as the referee was looking out towards Rick on the floor, Booker got back into the ring and dropped Scott Steinre with a Harlem sidekick before grabbing Flair and pulling him on top of Steiner. The referee turned around and made the count as Booker and Flair picked up the win. Booker raised Flair's hand as the show went off the air. It would be Booker and Flair for the Gold at Spring Stampede.

Overall: 80

Crowd: 84

Match: 74

Overall: 72%

TV Rating: 1.13

Attendance: 1502

Overness Movement

Rick Steiner +3 - 72

Dustin Rhodes -1 - 75

The Wall -1 - 51

Kid Romeo +2 - 41

Yang +2 - 42

Kaz Hayashi +2 - 42

Jason Jett +3 - 43

Konnan -1 - 66

Shannon Moore +1 - 51

Shane Douglas +2 - 67

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I'm reading and I'll reply as a I read along.

I liked the backstory, Having one show is gonna be tough for now, But I think you can make it work. I wish you couldn't have sent Jindrak to development, But hopefully when he returns, You can push him. I didn't know Tammy Sytch was even employed by WCW then, I think that might have been a mistake in the scenario. I don't know about Heenan returning, Wasn't he all sick then?

Saturday 7th April 2001

- Nice of you to have a great opening match, But sucks that the crowd wasn't into it. I'm hoping Crowbar and Yang move up in the ranks, Maybe fight for the Cruiserweight title? Nice confrontation between Steiner and Flair, But I think it should have been a little longer, Or you could have had Steiner play out laying down the challenge for a bit longer. I never liked Hugh Morrus, But I give you props on keeping his fat ass around. Ugh, The fat man beat Alex Wright? I hope this isn't what's going to happen to Wright during the new WCW era, Hopefully you'll use Alex Wright well and not make him a jobber. Another great Cruiserweight match, Push Kidman and Mysterio to the moon I say. I usually hate it when people bring in RVD for a WCW diary, But it was rumored that he'd be coming into WCW at the time, So I'm cool with it. And you desperately need some new talent and not the same old scrubs. Even better to see RVD winning. I'm hoping you don't push him to the main event too soon, Maybe have him fight for the US title? Keep Sting around, Sting is WCW dude. I'm hoping you keep him around even after the feud with Storm is over. That's actually gonna be a good feud in my opinion. Sucks to see O'Haire lose to a piece of trash like Douglas. If you're gonna end up building new stars, O'Haire would make a great main eventer. Bigelow and Douglas together? I doubt anything they do could make me care about either of them right now........ Just don't job O'Haire and Palumbo to them for the titles......... Steiner in the main event next week? I never understood why WCW had a hard on for Rick Steiner, But much like Hugh Morrus, Atleast you're keeping the shitty workers around. Surprised Flair won, But kinda cool to see Steiner snap again and beat the shit out of the nature boy. Decent first show, Nothing special, But you're building up to some good stuff. Can't wait to see who's in the US tournament. And push Alex Wright.

Keep guys like DDP, Goldberg and Nash around. They're too big of stars for you to let go and end up getting snatched by the WWF. Plus, The thought of a singles match between O'Haire and Nash is just too damn cool. Of course, That could be a long time from now (game time) Glad to see Dusty announcing again, He was great back in the day when he was on Saturday night.

Saturday 14th April 2001

- US tournament looks solid, My pick is either RVD or Kanyon. I'm hoping it's O'Haire though. Great Cruiserweight opener. I wouldn't mind seeing a singles feud between Helms and Moore, Which is what I think will happen after the decision during the six men tag team match. O'Haire and Palumbo should just run right over Douglas and Bigelow. Seriously, Douglas and Bigelow suck majorly. Glad to see the Cruiserweight matches been signed for Spring Stampede. I don't see any new champions being crowned yet though. I loved Heenan's handicap comment about Larry's wife too. Wow, I didn't see JTB beating The Cat. If this leads to a push then I'm all for it. I never really cared for The Cat and JTB would make a good US Champion. Great Lance Storm promo, Excellent stuff man. Glad to see O'Haire look strong in the tag match. You did a nice job making him look strong. Too bad Kronik pummeled his ass. Douglas, Bigelow, Kronik doesn't seem like anything special, But atleast it gives Kronik something to do for the time being......... Good Bagwell interview, Too bad he ended up getting his ass handed to him. RVD's my pick for the US title tournament. If he loses, Then it'll be due to Bagwell screwing him over. Good RVD interview, But I don't know about WCW letting him use the 4:20 line, Then again, You're not on the Turner networks anymore. The Scott Steiner interview makes it seem like he's going to accidentally cost Rick the match. Lets hope we're not in for another feud between Rick and Scott, Their feud in '98 was bad enough. Good to see Booker retaining and my fear of a Steiner feud won't happen. Nice to see Flair show up too.

Curt Hennig being back could be good, If you know how to use him. Fire Douglas, He's worthless.

Saturday 21st April 2001

- Good to see Helms and Moore getting some build up, Their match should be stellar. Another great opening Cruiserweight match. You're really booking the Cruiserweight division right, But it sucks that the crowd can't get into it. Rick Steiner is my guess as to who's going to face Booker, Scott's tied up with Flair and it wouldn't make sense for Ric to suddenly fight Rick. Then again, The match could always turn into a four corners match. Good lord! I can't believe The Wall and Hugh Morrus put on a good match! I don't like either of them, But after a performance like that, You got reason to push them. Kronik versus O'Haire and Palumbo should be a good stiff match. Wow, I didn't expect to see Hennig back so soon. Maybe he'll manage Jason Jett or something? Good segment with Storm and The Cat, A show with The Cat could be interesting and a good way to get people over. Kanyon turning face? I hope not, He's just too damn entertaining as a heel. Kanyon advancing is great, But I don't think he'll win if he stays as a face. I have no idea who's facing Booker T for the title, But I guess it'll be a four way? Never mind, Flair versus Booker will be a great way to put Booker over.

Overall I'm enjoying this. You're building things up quite nicely and I can't wait to see what WCW will look like in a few months.

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OOC: Thanks for taking the time to give such a lot of feedback Hewey. Glad that for the most part you seem to be enjoying the diary. Not much else to say on it, can't really argue with any of the points you made, and you picked up on a couple of things I'd not really considered, like the RVD 4:20 line, which has actually given me an idea, hmmm. Yeah, thanks man.

I knew I couldn't put it off any longer, we were paying the guy stack loads of cash, and if Booker was struggling for credibility then he could easily give it to him. How the hell was I gonna convince Goldberg to work with us, and to work how I wanted him to. What could I offer him that would get him even considering working the programme with Booker. I had nothing, and if I waited until next week I'd still have nothing. He needed to be used, or I needed him out of this contract. One way or another. I made the call on Monday before I started work on Nitro. Within two minutes of being on the phone with him I knew I had a tool to work with. The second Bill told me that we needed to talk, that he'd had a call from Vince and he wanted out of his contract I knew I had something. Did I get everything I wanted out of Bill? Hell no, but it was a hell of a lot better than I could ever have imagined before I made the call. I had concerns, like him simply no showing when we needed him, or refusing to go through with what I had planned further down the road but if he wanted to go and work for Vince then he'd need to earn that release. It was what was best for business and I had no choice. With that out of the way I had time to prepare Nitro. No complaints, no Kevin Nash, no DDP, no Goldberg, but suddenly I felt a lot better about that whole situation. Two shows in we were doing ok and right now that's about all we could have hoped for.

IPB Image

The night before Spring Stampede, Saturday Nitro is ready to explode through your set and prepare you for WCW's homecoming Pay Per View

Rob Van Dam, Johnny the Bull, Chris Kanyon and Hugh Morrus are all already into the second round of the United States Title tournament. With Crowbar taking on Big Vito, and Lance Storm in action against Konnan the race for the highly sought after US title continues on this week's show.

Click here to see the US title tournament brackets

After Shannon Moore scored an upset pinfall victory over WCW Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms on Nitro, the former tag partner was given a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship at Spring Stampede. After the disgusting actions of the challenger on last week's show, attacking Helms before the show had begun both men have been given the opportunity to gain momentum going into Spring Stampede as they face off in a mystery partners match. Who will Shannon and Shane pick to go into battle with them?

Shane Douglas told the world last week that he had put together his "New Franchise". So far the object of their desires have been the World Tag Team Titles held by Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo. The New Franchise have pushed the champions to breaking point and this week's show sees Kronik turncoat Bryan Clarke step into the ring against Sean O'Haire. With the titles on the line at Spring Stampede both men will be desperate for a victory.

Last week Ric Flair shocked the world by winning the tag team main event and earning a shot at Booker T at Spring Stampede. Both Booker and the Nature Boy will be in the arena, as will the two men who failed in their bid to earn a shot, the Steiner Bros. What's going to happen between these men with Spring Stampede just one day away.

Rob Van Dam has made an incredible debut in WCW sending shockwaves throughout the wrestling world. He already holds two victories over Buff Bagwell in recent weeks. That doesn't sit well with Buff at all, and he's promised to bring back a close friend this week to teach RVD a lesson.

All this and so much more, be sure not to miss this incredible show, Saturday night, 8pm, Urban American.

Rob Van Dam Vs Buff Bagwell's chosen opponent

Sean O'Haire Vs Bryan Clarke

Lance Storm Vs Konnan - US Title tournament

Crowbar Vs Big Vito - US Title tournament

Shane Helms & ??? Vs Shannon Moore & ???

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IPB Image

credit The Imperfect for pic

Saturday 28th April 2001

Shamrock Stadium, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Announcers: Mike Tenay, Dusty Rhodes & Bobby Heenan

Tenay: We are just one day away from Spring Stampede on Pay Per View, fan's WE'RE LIVE for Saturday Nitro. I'm Mike Tenay joined again by the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Bobby the Brain Heenan and with Spring Stampede just one day away Dusty, we've got a hell of a World title match coming up tomorrow night on Pay Per View

Dusty: Fo shaw Iron Mike. Ya know as I look at this sityooayshun over the World's Title. I'm talkin about Booker T and the Nature Boy Ric Flair I can promise ya this boys. No matter how much athletic ability the World's Heavyweight Champion Booker T has, when Ric Flair has his game face on there's nobody that can touch him. Rightowrong Bobby, am I rightowrong?

Hennan: Oh you are absolutely right Dust, I've worked with the guy, I've managed him, I know how Flair operates. All those tag lines, the 60 minute man, the Dirtiest Player in the Game, Going all night long, that aint just clever PR. He earned those names for a reason so Booker tomorrow night in front of the whole world you'd better be ready, coz you can bet Flair wlil be.

WCW US Title Tournament: Crowbar d. Big Vito in 5:21

As the match began the tournament brackets were shown again...

Click here to see the US title tournament brackets

The stadium only looked about half full as the announce team pointed out that not only would the winner of this match face Rob Van Dam in the next round, but that Van Dam would be in action later on tonight against an opponent hand picked by Buff Bagwell. Crowbar had a slightly different look this week with a pair of black tights on instead of his jean pants. The action was a brawl right from the start with both men taking the action to the outside. Vito pulled out his stickball bat from under the ring, no idea what it was doing there? And took it to Crowbar's head on the outside. Crowbar came back, suplexing Vito onto the guardrail at ringside before before leaping off the apron into the crowd to attack him. After a really good brawl the ending came as Crowbar planted Vito with the Mindbender for the three count.

Overall: 58

Crowd: 54

Match: 77

Bagwell has the Total solution to his RVD problems

After the match Buff Bagwell came out to the ring with his wrestling attire on, mic in hand. The crowd gave him a reasonably mixed reaction. Some heat, but still some people out there who actually like him apparently. He's got his right arm in a sling which seems to be confusing the announce team

Bagwell: WCW Saturday Nitro has been the scene of a great injustice over recent weeks. You've all seen the debut of a new [does quote signs with his hands]"superstar" in WCW. See first he attacks me from behind, while I'm not even ready for a match and scores the biggest fluke since the last time Buff Daddy lost a match. Then Buff faces him in a US title tournament match and he gets lucky again. Now I'd come out here tonight and beat him myself but as you can see I've hurt my arm in training and I'm not allowed to wrestle. So I've gone out and found the one man that can do me proud out in that ring tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you....... the Total Package, Lex Luuuuuuuger!

Lex Luger steps out from the back and flex's his biceps as the show goes to commercial.



Commercial Break


A Flair for the gold

After the break Mean Gene Okerlund was already in the ring as he called out the Nature Boy Ric Flair for an interview. Flair made his way out, robed, space mountain playing, with a huge smile on his face as the crowd pop really big for the Nature Boy

Gene: Ric Flair we've been stood up in this ring many many times over the years but rarely have I stood here with you in this situation. Tomorrow night at Spring Stampede you're going in as the challenger against a man that's been your ally over recent weeks, the World Heavyweight Champion Booker T.

Flair: As the years have gone on Gene I've watched as man after man has stepped into a big match with the Nature Boy and had nothing to lose. I've watched them come in and try to make a name for themselves. When you step into the ring with Ric Flair I was always the one with everything on the line. But now we stand here Gene in front of the great people of South Carolina woooo [Flair pauses winking to the crowd]................ and for the first time in my long career the Nature Boy's got nothing to lose. I'm walking in there with the chance to become the Heavyweight Champion of the world. I've got nothing left to prove Gene. Booker T's a great athlete and if he proves to the world tomorrow night that he is THE MAN then so be it.

Gene: There's a great amount of respect in that main event tomorrow night, no doubt about that, but it sounds to me like you really don't mind if you get beat out there?

Flair: Hahahahahaaa, MEAN... WOOOO... GENE! You think the Nature Boy's not going out there to win the World Title? Booker T's a great athlete but tomorow night Booker when you look across that ring and you see the Nature Boy staring right back at ya, when you realise that it's your chance to prove, that, to BE THE MAN! You gotta Beat the man! wooooo. When you step into the ring with the Nature Boy you bring your A game boy because there's one thing that's for sure. ONE THING! Whether you win or ya lose you're stepping into that ring tomorrow night with the greatest wrestler of all time


Shannon Moore & Johnny the Bull d. Shane Helms & Ultimo Dragon in 8:47

Billed as a surprise partners match before the Cruiserweight title match at Spring Stampede Shannon Moore in his three count trousers came out first. He introduced his surprise partner as Johnny the Bull. The announce team were quick to point out that everyone expected this to be a Cruiserweight match up and that Shannon may have just given himself a massive advantage. Suga Shane was out next, complete with Cruiserweight title belt and dancing girls. He stood in the entrance way and called out his surprise partner. The crowd popped pretty well when they saw it was none other than former WCW Cruiserweight Champion the Ultimo Dragon. The match itself provided some really good action. Shannon wasn't keen to get in there with Helms who seemed riled up and ready to go after last week's show. JTB's power game gave his side a definite edge and any time Helms got into the ring Moore tagged him in. Dragon looked great on his return and the crowd went wild for his handstand into kick in the corner on Shannon. When Helms finally got his hands on Moore in the ring the two men traded offence but it wasn't long before JTB would bring an end to the match. With Moore distracting the referee JTB stepped into the ring and grabbed Helms from behind. He hit the short arm lariat the he used to beat the Cat recently and it sent Helms flipping up into the air and down. Moore made the cover and pinned the Cruiserweight champion for the second time in recent weeks before their big match tomorrow night for the gold.

Overall: 65

Crowd: 63

Match: 84

Fighting over mic time?

After the match Scott Hudson is backstage with Rob Van Dam ready for an interview, RVD has his wrestling gear on, and is wearing a white RVD 4:20 t shirt over the top.

Hudson: Thanks Mike, I'm joined right now by Rob...........

somebody walks onto the screen interrupting before Hudson can go any further.

Jarrett: Whoah whoah whoah Hudson, what the hell's goin on here? This is my interview time, I was told to be here. Who the hell is this anyway?

RVD steps towards Jarrett with a smile on his face...

RVD: I'm Rob.... Van..... Dam

RVD points to his head with his thumbs as he answers. Jarrett looks angry as Hudson tries to get some sense out of the situation.

Hudson: Rob you've got a majo.....

Hudson's cut off again

Jarrett: One more word outta you Scott Hudson and I'll hit you so hard they'll be feeding you through a straw until Christmas slappy. This is my time!

RVD: Hey Jeff, it's ok, you don't need to get angry. You're not Rob Van Dam, and that's gotta suck. You what, you want the interview time Jeff, you have it. I do my talking in the ring.

RVD leaves the set as Jarrett shouts him off and a confused Hudson sends it to commercial.



Commercial Break


WCW US Title Tournament: Lance Storm d. Konnan in 6:58

Before the match Storm grabbed a microphone and talked about how Konnan had become Americanised and refused to stay true to his Mexican roots. Storm then gave one final note to Sting, that he'd be waiting for him at Spring Stampede. Apart from the usual spots you see in a Konnan match, the majority of the offence came from Storm. He looked really impressive as he took a step towards becoming the United States champion picking up the win with the Maple Leaf half boston crab over Konnan.

Overall: 65

Crowd: 70

Match: 77

That's one pissed off O'Haire

Before the next match Sean O'Haire comes out to the ring, storming his way there intensely and looking furious with a mic in his hand

O'Haire: Kronik, Douglas, Bigelow, I want my match. GET OUT HERE NOW! You want to run around in the back playing the numbers game, GET OUT HERE CLARKE! Step in the ring with me. COME ON..... COME ONNNNN!!!!

O'Haire tosses down the microphone as Kronik's music starts and Bryan Clarke makes his way out to the ring with Shane Douglas.


Sean O'Haire d. Bryan Clarke w/Shane Douglas in 4:48

Clarke rushed the ring while Shane Douglas walked slowly to ringside. The action was intense from the start with both men exchanging stiff looking offence. O'Haire ducked a Clarke clothesline and levelled him with a brutal superkick before screaming out to the crowd. Clarke got his shots in too as they built up to the tag title match tomorow night, most notably ctapulting himself in from the apron with a clothesline on O'Haire. Tag Team Champion O'Haire took the action to the outside and the two men exchanged blows before taking the fight back inside. Clarke sent him in for the ride but O'Haire caught him going for a big boot and tossed him with a huge overhead suplex. Douglas got up onto the apron distracting the referee as Brian Adams charged out from the back to make the save. Adams came up onto the apron which grabbed O'Haire attention. O'Haire swung a right hand but Adams blocked it and knocked O'Haire back with a punch of his own. As Sean spun around he was faced with Clarke running at him but he caught him in mid air and drilled him straight into Adams. O'Haire kept hold of Clarke and dropped him with a massive spinebuster for the three count. Douglas was straight into the ring attacking him from behind but O'Haire looked unstoppable fighting him off. O'Haire levelled Douglas with a stiff clothesline, turned around and caught Clarke coming at him with a superkick and then got Adams up and drove him down with a spinebuster. That allowed Bam Bam Bigelow, who had been running out from the back to hit O'Haire from behind. Chuck Palumbo, shoulder heavily taped, came running out from the back in a pair of jeans, without a top on. Palumbo started pounding on Bigelow but soon the four on two advantage came into play as Douglas dropped O'Haire with a low blow before Clarke crashed a steel chair shot into Palumbo's shoulder dropping him down to the mat. The New Franchise stood looking out to the fans, each man holding up four fingers into the air as the show went to commercial.

Overall: 63

Crowd: 70

Match: 71


Commercial Break


Hennig likes what he's seen

After the break Mean Gene comes out into the entrance way, just before the aisle to the ring. He's ready for an interview and says he has a man who made a surprise appearance in WCW recently, Curt Hennig. Hennis makes his way out wearing a grey suit, his hair tied back.

Gene: Curt Hennig, lets cut to it, just what are you doing back in World Championship Wrestling?

Hennig: Ya know Mean Gene, that's all I've been asked since I turned up on Nitro last week. Everybody wants to know what Curt Hennig is doing back. Well I'll tell you just like I've told everyone else Mean Gene. I'm out here looking for the Per...... [Hennig pauses stopping himself]

Gene: Whoah, somebody call the attorney!

Hennig: I'm out here looking for the best talent that WCW has. I'm going to find me a new protege to take to the top of this business Okerlund and you can mark my words real good. Nobody has the knowledge to pass on that I have.

Gene: We saw you out here watching a match that Jason Jett won last week, the question I put to you Sir is, is Jason Jett your new protege?

Hennig: I was impressed with what I saw last week, I'll give that to Jett. With the right management he could go far in this business. All I'm saying right now is this Mean Gene. I'm taking somebody to the top, and remember. Nobody turns down Curt Hennig.... Nobody!


Rob Van Dam d. Lex Luger w/Buff Bagwell in 8:07

Luger was first out for the match and looked, as always, in great shape. He had Bagwell with him who still had his arm up in a sling. The crowd popped pretty big for RVD as the heavy music started playing and he made his way to the ring. Luger tried to jumpstart the match early but Van Dam ducked a clothesline before running at Luger and Bagwell and taking both out with a double crossbody that sent Bagwell rolling out of the ring. RVD was explosive in the early going, blocking a Luger right hand, throwing a kick, which Luger caught, before stepping through and hitting a variation on an enziguri. The crowd were really into Van Dam as the show cut to commercial in the middle of the match. In the main event? Bad scheduling.


Commercial Break


When they came back Tenay showed us some footage from throughout the adverts, after RVD missed a running splash off the apron to the outside it had been all Luger and he was currently wearing Van Dam down with a headlock on the mat. Bagwell was a constant threat at ringside. With Luger down in the middle of the ring RVD ran off the ropes but Bagwell tripped him and pulled him to the outside. RVD ducked a running clothesline from Bagwell and grabbed a chair that was waiting on the outside for him. He turned around and tossed it to Bagwell, who put his hands up to catch it, immediately dropping the sling away and showing that there was nothing wrong with his arm. Van Dam leapt up into the air and connected with a kick that drilled the chair into Bagwell's face and knocked him out. The crowd popped big for the move as Van Dam did the thumb pointing and spun around on the outside. Luger was back up in the ring and by the time Van Dam slid back in he was met by boots from Luger. Luger began to pound Van Dam around the ring and after a running clothesline gave the sign for the Torture Rack. Luger tried to get RVD up but Van Dam slid down his back, lifting his legs up and cradling Luger down for the three count and the win. Luger was furious as RVD slid to the outside and backed up the aisle. Bagwell got up into the ring holding his head as he and Luger pointed fingers at Van Dam and stared him down. Van Dam backed up the aisle and didn't see Jeff Jarrett come out behind him. Before he knew it he was dropped to the floor as Jarrett smashed a guitar over his head, Luger and Bagwell smiling on from the ring.

Overall: 64

Crowd: 76

Match: 66

Who's hitting who?

Before the show ended the guys ran down the Spring Stampede card before Mean Gene came out to the ring one last time, calling out the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T. Booker came out from the back, stopping to take in the pyros and the fans reaction with the World title belt over his shoulder. Before he could take another step he was attacked from behind by Rick and Scott Steiner. They started pounding on him, beating him down the aisle towards the ring as Mean Gene shouted on the mic that they were disgraces. Rick Steiner rolled Booker into the ring as Scott went to get a chair from ringside. Before the attack went any further Ric Flair came running from the back carrying a chair. He slid into the ring and the four men began to fight. Rick Steiner and Booker T, and Scott Steiner and Ric Flair. Booker fought back on Rick, ducking a Steinerline and then connecting with a Harlem Side kick before clotheslining him out over the top. As he did so he was smashed in the back with a steelchair shot, Scott Steiner had wrestled the chair away from Flair. Steiner turned around and Flair kicked him in the balls, grabbing the chair from him and dropping him with a stiff chairshot. Both Steiner's were on the outside staring up at Flair who was wielding the chair daring them to come back into the ring. Booker got back up and grabbed Flair from behind, pulling him around and getting in his face. Booker thought Flair had hit him with the chair and shoved Flair backwards. Flair stood staring him down, chair in hand as the show ran out of time and went off the air with an ad for Spring Stampede playing as the show ended.


Overall: 70%

TV Rating: 1.23

Attendance: 1510

Overness Movement

Sean O'Haire -1 - 66

Lance Storm -1 - 75

Konnan -1 - 65

Big Vito -2 - 65

Crowbar +2 - 52

Shannon Moore -1 - 50

Johnny The Bull +1 - 64

Lex Luger -1 - 69

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Everything was in place for Spring Stampede, between us finishing Nitro, getting about three hours sleep, and getting ready for the show I had no time to think. I'd made sure we knew where we were at before Nitro because once it was over there was no time for anything. We were going in with something like this....

IPB Image

WCW's first return Pay Per View is set to hit you live from the Florence Civic Center, Florence - South Carolina. You invited us back into your homes and we guarantee you that Saturday 29th April we'll deliver you something truly spectacular.

The Cruiserweight division's finest will be in the building and ready to dazzle you with some high octane offence. Not only will the Cruiserweight tag team titles be on the line as Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman defend against Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo but the World Cruiserweight Championship will be defended. Suga Shane Helms has been pinned twice in recent weeks by challenger and former tag partner Shannon Moore. Who will walk out of Florence with the belt?

Two major matches added earlier today. Mike Awesome of Team Canada will take on the ever entertaining Terry Funk in what promises to be a wild brawl, while WCW's new sensation Rob Van Dam steps up to the plate against Johnny the Bull. JTB's been on a roll recently with his short arm lariat, but RVD is undefeated since debuting in World Championship Wrestling with a notable win over former WCW World Champion Lex Luger already to his name. Who will pick up the win as both men strive for victory?

The World Tag Team titles will be on the line as the champions, Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo step into the ring with former friends, Kronik. Since the allegiance was found between Kronik, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Shane Douglas, simply surviving has become tough for the champions in WCW. What state is Palumbo's shoulder in? Will O'Haire be left to fend for himself again? What role will Bigelow and Douglas play? So many questions that can only be answered by buying Spring Stampede on Pay Per View.

The retirement of perhaps WCW's greatest ever performer, Sting, was enough to bring a tear to the eye of anyone watching. The disgusting show of disrespect from Lance Storm and Mike Awesome left a bitter taste in the mouth. Storm's opened up the challenge, he'll be at Spring Stampede waiting in the ring for the Stinger. Will Sting want to go out like he did on Nitro? Where is Sting's head at right now? One thing's for certain, if Sting does show up then this promises to be one hell of a match.

A Championship match for the ages. Reigning champion Booker T is an incredibly athlete who has defended his title with pride and honour. He's finally got his opportunity to shine and he feels this is his time. The Nature Boy Ric Flair has been there, seen it all, done it all, over and over and over again. Will we see the torch passed? Can Flair pull it out of the bag just one more time? How will they react to one another after the ending of Nitro? This is as big as any major championship match in recent WCW history.

All this and so much more, this is a show you simply cannot afford to miss. Sunday, April 29th, 9pm Eastern time. Contact your local cable operator for purchasing information. WCW Spring Stampede - Who's next?

Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman Vs Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo

Mike Awesome Vs Terry Funk

Shane Helms Vs Shannon Moore

Rob Van Dam Vs Johnny the Bull

Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo Vs Kronik

Lance Storm Vs Sting ???

Booker T Vs Ric Flair

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Good show before the PPV, Flair/Booker got some nice build up. I liked O'Haire almost destroying Douglas' group, And I can see him and Palumbo taking them out at Spring Stampede. I never expected Crowbar to advance in the US title tournament, But I don't see him winning. A RVD/Jarrett feud could be good. Here's my predictions for Spring Stampede.

Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman Vs Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo

I don't see new champions being crowned here, Romeo and Skipper just aren't over enough to win this right now.

Mike Awesome Vs Terry Funk

You've gotta push new stars, What better way than to make Awesome massacre Funk?

Shane Helms Vs Shannon Moore

Moore has beaten Helms twice now, No way he's winning now.

Rob Van Dam Vs Johnny the Bull

RVD's getting pushed big right now, The only way he'll lose is if Jarrett interferes.

Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo Vs Kronik

I don't think they'll drop the titles now. Like I said, You gotta push new people to the top, And who better than O'Haire and Palumbo?

Lance Storm Vs Sting

By DQ. Sting loses next time cleanly or something. Sting's coming back with a vengeance here.

Booker T Vs Ric Flair

Gotta put Booker over as a credible champion especially after the horrid booking of the World title back in 2000. Booker's keeping the title here.

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IPB Image

Sping Stampede

Sunday 29th April 2001

Florence Civic Center - Florence, South Carolina

Announcers: Mike Tenay, Dusty Rhodes & Bobby Heenan

Tenay: Fans we are live from the near capacity Florence Civic Center for Spring Stampede. The waiting's over, tonight we've got four great title matches starting with the Cruiserweight tag team championships in just a few moments but first Dusty, there's one match that the whole world is talking about tonight and that's Booker T and the Nature Boy Ric Flair for the WCW World Heavyweight title

Dusty: This is wheyah the big boys play Iron Mike and tonight we're lookin at two of tha biggest. I really think this is Booker T's night to shine right here at Spring Stampede against the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Heenan: Well you'd better shine tonight Booker because you're stepping into that ring with the best. If you wanna look at the real big game player then it's Ric Flair. Flair's been in there time and time again, major championship matches, and when that man sets his mind to something there's nobody in this business better at getting what they want. You'd better be ready Booker because your opponent sure as hell will be!

Tenay: 4 great championships on the line in what promises to be an incredible roller coaster ride on Pay Per View. It's time to buckle up

Heenan: Why? Have you been eating burrito's again Dusty?

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship: Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Vs Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo

Skipper & Romeo definitely looked ready to take the Cruiserweight tag titles away from Mysterio & Kidman as they jump started the match before the bell had even rung. As the referee tried to show both teams the belt Skipper and Romeo attacked the champions and kicked off the action. It took no time at all for the Cruiser's to up the pace as Kidman clotheslined Skipper out over the top rope. Romeo tried to Irish Whip Mysterio towards Kidman but Rey Jr reversed it and sent Romeo running across the ring towards Kidman. Kidman caught him running at him and back body dropped him up, and over the top rope. Romeo landed safely on the apron but as Kidman turned around to face him Skipper pulled Romeo down off the apron and out of harm's way as they regrouped on the outside.

The pace of the match began to slow as all four men traded holds. Kidman and Skipper took it to the mat, going hold for hold. The tags were quick as neither team managed to get a firm advantage over the other. Rey Jr caught Skipper coming towards him and hit an incredible arm drag that was filled with pace and elevation. Rey Jr held onto the arm and tried to keep Skipper grounded but Skipper bridged up and took Mysterio down to the mat by grapevining one of his legs before hitting a legdrop to the back of Rey Jr's neck. The crowd were starting to warm to the opening bout of the night and things were set to get better as the match drew to its conclusion.

Kid Romeo leapt up onto Mysterio's neck going for a Frankensteiner but Rey Jr held him there long enough for Kidman to make a tag behind Romeo's back and springboard off the top turnbuckle with a dropkick that sent Romeo crashing to the mat. Kidman went up to the top but Skipper was there to meet him with a dropkick of his own that sent Kidman tumbling all the way to the floor on the outside. Skipper went up to the top as Mysterio Jr came into the ring. Rey ducked as Elix went for a flying cross body. The referee had lost control as Kidman, who had gingerly pulled himself up to his feet, dragged Skipper to the outside. Back in the ring Kid Romeo was climbing up to the top turnbuckle. Mysterio Jr was there to meet him with a barrage of punches before climbing up himself. Rey leapt up and tried to his a frankensteiner but Romeo caught him there. Romeo went to hit a big superbomb on Rey Jr but as he got him up and tried to execute the move Rey Jr found it in himself somewhere to turn it round into a huge frankensteiner as the referee made the three count to give the defending champions the win. Kidman & Mysterio Jr. win by pinfall in 8:20

Overall: 73

Crowd: 59

Match: 88

What the hell do we do now?

After the opening match of the night Mike Tenay quickly sent us to the back where Mean Gene was insistent that something was going down. The camera shows Okerlund in his usual tux, microphone in hand, as two medics are tending to someone on the floor. Both Steiner Bros are at the scene in their street clothes as Okerlund tries to get a word, realising that it's the Nature Boy on the floor, what can be seen of his head and face looks like there's a lot of blood coming from somewhere.

Gene: What in the name of the great man above is going on here, I've gotta get a word with you Scott Steiner, and you Rick Steiner. What the hell did you see?

Rick: I aint seen nothing Mean Gene, you get outta our faces before the same thing happens to you!

Scott: I'll tell you what happened Gene, that right there is what happens to a washed up piece of garbage that tries to stand in our way. I told the whole world on Nitro that Flair either stepped aside or became another victim.....

Larry Zbysko came into shot looking furious as the medics got an unconscious Flair up onto a gurney and ready to lift up into an ambulance waiting outside the arena. Zbysko had at least 10 security guys with him.

Gene: Larry Zbysko, somebody need to take control of this situation. What are you going to do about it Zbysko, this is out of hand!

Gene puts the microphone up into Zbysko's face, he looks angrily at Gene obviously irritated by the mic

Zbysko: What the hell's going on? YOU! YOU! [points at Rick, and then Scott], I want you out of this arena NOW! Get em outta here

Security try to usher for Rick and Scott to leave but only get attacked in the process. Zbysko is shouting orders and takes a clubbing forearm from Rick Steiner for his troubles. The security guys take a beating but due to the sheer volume of them trying to subdue the Steiner Bros, there has to be at least 15 of them there at this point, they manage to bundle Scott and Rick out as a bewildered Mean Gene sends it back to the ring for the next match.


Mike Awesome Vs Terry Funk

Awesome was first out in his red and white Team Canada trunks as he waited for his opponent. Funk turned up in the entranceway with a trashcan filled with weapons. He asked the crowd if they wanted to see a good old Hardcore bout, and the chance for Funk to bust Awesome's head open. The fans, and then Awesome, agreed and as Awesome charged out to meet Funk on the floor the match got underway. The announce team were still speculating over the previous segment with Flair on his way to the hospital, and the Steiner's out of the building, nobody seemed to have any idea what was going to happen with the main event World Title Match. The two men brawled on the outside attacking each other with various weapons with neither man able to get a clear advantage early on.

After the initial flurries Awesome was beginning to take control of the match, which the fans seemed to be enjoying more than the opener. Awesome tossed Funk over the guardrail at ringside and into the fans before backing up and charging at him with a flying clothesline over the guardrail and into the fans. Awesome got Funk up for a big press slam and dropped him throat first onto the guardrail. The Funker looked in big trouble as Awesome rolled him back into the ring. Awesome grabbed two chairs from ringside, tossing both into the ring before reaching underneath it and pulling out a table. Awesome set the table up on the outside but as he did it gave Funk enough time to drag himself up onto his feet and grab one of the chairs. As Awesome got back into the ring Funk charged at Awesome with the chair but Awesome ducked it and grabbed the other chair in the ring. Both men turned to face each other and stared down for a brief second before Awesome swung the chair at Funk. Funk blocked it with his own chair as the two men clashed steel together until Funk got the advantage and nailed Awesome in the head. It didn't drop Awesome though and Funk ran off the ropes with the chair. As he lifted it to crack into Awesome's skull once more, Awesome got his boot up and connected with the chair drilling it into Funk's face.

Awesome looked exactly that as he hit a big overhead belly to belly suplex on Funk. Awesome grabbed a chair and smashed it into Funk's skull before making a cover. Funk got his shouder up at 2. Awesome grabbed Funk up and dragged him straight into the centre of the ring for a sit out Awesome Bomb. Once again Funk's shoulders were up at two. Awesome backed off motioning for Funk to get up as he stood there waiting for him with a chair in hand. Funk slowly fought up to his feet as Awesome smashed the chair over his head again, the brave veteran refusing to go down. Awesome swung it against Funk's head once more, this time dropping him to the mat as it became apparent that Funk was bust open.

Awesome went up to the top rope looking for the Awesome Splash. He hit it as the referee counted but Funk managed to roll a shoulder out at two. Awesome was furious, thumping the mat as he realised he was unable to put Funk away. He shoved the referee away as he dragged Funk out to the middle of the ring once more, again getting him in position for a powerbomb. The bloodied Funk was out on his feet, he could barely stay up on his knees as Awesome dragged his dead weight up onto his shoulders and ran over to the ropes. The crowd gasped as Funk was tossed over the top rope to the outside through the table. Awesome turned around and dragged the referee by the scruff of the neck and pulled him down to make him count the three count as Awesome picked up a big Pay Per View victory. Awesome wins by pinfall in 7:48

Overall: 66

Crowd: 65

Match: 68

WCW Cruiserweight Title: Suga Shane Helms Vs Shannon Moore

Shannon wasn't getting all that much heat as he made his entrance in his 3 count pants. Suga Shane, accompanied by dancing Nitro Girls got a pretty good response though as he came out to the ring with the Cruiserweight title belt. The referee showed both men the belt and the match was on. The two men traded holds in the early going, tieing up collar and elbow. Moore stepped through into a Hammerlock before Helms went behind with one of his own. Moore reversed it once again into his own and starting charging Helms towards the corner. Suga Shane lifted his feet up and used the turnbuckles to run up and flip himself up and over Moore and into position for the Nightmare on Helm Street. Moore scrambled away and slid under the bottom rope to regroup on the outside, realising how close he was to losing the match so early on.

The action was fast paced throughout as both men tried to step it up a notch. Moore began to taunt Helms, most notably paintbrushing the back of his head after taking him down to the mat from a waistlock. The following tieup which went into the ropes saw Helms slap Moore across the face as the referee called for the break. The two men started brawling around the ring before Moore ducked underneath a Suga Shane forearm and rolled him up from behind for a two count. Shane reversed the pin attempt into a two count of his own. Moore rolled over onto Helms for another two count before Suga Shane flipped Helms over into a cradle for another two. Both men kipped up and stared each other down.

The crowd were really beginning to get into the action as Tenay made big play of both men knowing each other inside out having been former tag team partners. There was a lot of offence coming in from both sides with Shannon coming close to picking up the win after a flying forearm as both men ran off the ropes. Shannon went up to the top rope but Helms was quick to his feet and ready to meet him. After a shot to the mid section slowed Moore, Suga Shane climbed the turnbuckles himself as both men stood at the top. They started exchanging punches, grabbing a hold of each other and pummelling each other's heads on the top turnbuckle until it appeared that both men started to lose their balance. Moore and Helms went crashing to the floor out at ringside. The stunned referee began his ten count as neither man looked ready to get up. Moore was the first one to stir as the referee got to 6 and he was the first one back into the ring to break the count. As Helms groggily pulled himself up with the help of the apron Moore ran across the ring and tried a baseball slide. Helms sidestepped it and caught Moore with an STO. Shane went back inside the ring as Moore slowly got up to his feet. The Champion ran across the ring and leapt out swanton style over the top onto Moore leaving both men down once again on the outside.

Both men were looking void of any energy as the action went back to the ring. Moore went for a suplex on Helms but the champion reversed it into a small package for a close two count. The crowd could sense that it was building to a finish and started to get into the action a lttle more. As they got to their feet Moore went for a suplex again, this time Helms reversed out of it and landed on his feet behind Moore, getting him in position and hitting the Nightmare on Helm Street as the fans popped. Suga Shane motioned to the fans before grabbing Moore and trying to get him up for the Vertebreaker. Helms had the double underhook and had Moore up on his back but at the last second Moore flipped out so taht he was on his feet, with Helms in the same position on his back. Moore dropped down and hit Helms own move, the stunned crowd looking on as the referee counted the three and crowned a new Cruiserweight Champion. Moore celebrated with his belt on his way backstage as Helms, holding the back of his head, looked on stunned. Moore wins by pinfall in 15:07

Overall: 75

Crowd: 64

Match: 87

Rob Van Dam Vs Johnny the Bull

The announce team spent a lot of time speculating about what was going to happen later on, with there still no word on the condition of Ric Flair from the attack earlier tonight. JTB made his entrance first, in a simple pair of pink and black trunks, with pads and boots. Looks like the mafia image had gone. JTB got on the mic and started calling out RVD insisting that he would prove tonight that the US title was going to be his by defeating one of the competitors in the tournament. Van Dam came out with his music blaring playing to the crowd. He grabbed a mic and told JTB that the only thing he was interested in tonight was kicking his opponents ass. JTB appeared to have the power edge early on but Van Dam's speed and wrestling ability was an equal foil for JTB's strength game.

It wasn't long before the action spilled to the outside with JTB taking control on the floor. He shoved RVD off into the ringpost and as he stumbled back towards him Johnny grabbed him by the arm and pulled him towards him for the shortarm lariat. RVD ducked underneath and the crowd popped big as he hit a jumping spin kick to knock JTB off his feet. Once they were back in the ring RVD started to take control hitting a bridge german suplex for a near two count before running off the ropes with the Rolling Thumder. RVD sent JTB across the ring from corner to corner but the Bull leapt straight up to the top turnbuckle, spun around, and hit a flying clothesline to Van Dam that got him right back into the match.

The action swung back and forth before Van Dam leapt up to the top turmbuckle. JTB was behind him to meet him and hit a big German Suplex from the top that sent RVD flying across the ring, straight into the referee who got laid out. JTB got Van Dam up but as he went for a right hand, Van Dam blocked it and leapt up with a big kick to the head. RVD backed away waiting for Johnny to get to his feet, completely unaware that Jeff Jarrett had snuck out from the back. Jarrett got up onto the apron with his trusty guitar in hand. Jarrett shoved Van Dam from behind, who immediately spun around to see who was behind him only to take a guitar shot straight to the head. As RVD turn around stunned he walked straight into JTB who grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in for a short arm lariat that flipped him over 360. The referee crawled over and made a slow three count as JTB picked up the win. After the bell Jarrett tossed the referee to the outside and gave Van Dam the stroke before raising the Bull's hand with a big grin on his face. Johnny the Bull wins by pinfall in 6:08

Overall: 78

Crowd: 75

Match: 81

Booker says he'll be waiting....

Mean Gene Okerlund is backstage in a locker room after the match where WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T is pacing up and down the room in his wrestling gear.

Gene: Thanks Mike, as you can see I'm backstage with the reigning World Heavyweight Champion Booker T and after what went down a little earlier on tonight just where is your head at Booker?

Booker: Ya know this wasn't sposed to be about the Steiner's here tonight Mean Gene. It was about two great athletes going out there and doing it for the people over this title belt right here [slaps the title belt which is over his shoulder]. It's about the Ric Flair's and it's about the Booker T's. Naitch we mighta been getting it on tonight but I'm rooting for ya in that hospital tonight.

Gene: We're yet to get any word on the condition of the Nature Boy but at this time we can only asume that he will not be here for the world title match a little bit later on. So what happens next champ?

Booker: Booker T's a fighting champion Mean Gene, Booker T's a champion for the people, and Booker T is a champion for Booker T! What the people want, and what Booker T wants is a match tonight for this belt so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go out to that ring, lay this belt no the ground and whoever wants to come take a shot at it we can get it on. Can you dig that Gene? See I know what it's like sitting in the back working your butt off to climb the ladder and get that break. Booker T's career was full of blood, sweat, and tears to get that break so tonight if anyone in the back wants their shot they got it. But when it's all said and done and Booker T's stood looking out over the fans with the world's title belt in my hand, ya'll remember this...... don't hate the playa......... hate the GAME!


WCW Tag Team Titles: Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo Vs Kronik w/Shane Douglas & Bam Bam Bigelow

Kronik made their entrance first for the tag team title match and got a lot of heat, accompanied by Douglas and Bigelow. They still had the lasers and dark lighting for the entrance as the Franchise led them to the ring. O'Haire and Palumbo got a really good pop as they came out. Palumbo's shoulder looked heavily strapped as the champions stepped through the ropes and got up into their opponents faces. Kronik threw big forearm shots at the champions, both of which were blocked as the four men started brawling around the ring. O'Haire clotheslined Clarke out over the top as Adams and Palumbo fought in the corner. Douglas tripped O'Haire from the outside, and he and Bigelow dragged him out. The referee was quick to go to the outside and get in Douglas face. The Franchise argued briefly before the referee ordered him and Bigelow to the back. Douglas was going nuts as Kronik were left to fend for themselves.

When the match restarted O'Haire and Palumbo took control early on, taking out their frustrations on the newest members of the New Franchise. O'Haire and Palumbo hit a bit double suplex on Adams that got them a decent two count. It was only after a mistake by Palumbo that Kronik got into the match. Palumbo tried to send Clarke in for the ride to the corner but Clarke held onto the arm and swung Palumbo around in the air, wrenching that bad shoulder as Palumbo fell to the mat holding his shoulder. Kronik took over, really taking Palumbo apart and you could see how much it was getting to O'Haire on the outside. Adams hit a big shoulderbreaker on Palumbo before tagging in Clarke who came down off the top with a clubbing blow to the shoulder as Adams held Palumbo up for him. When Clarke took Palumbo down to the mat with a fujiwara style armbar O'Haire had seen enough and rushed into the ring, breaking up the hold. That only allowed Kronik the chance to get in some double team action, Adams holding Palumbo's hand onto the top turnbuckle as Clarke smashed his elbow into Palumbo's extended arm.

O'Haire was desperate to get into the ring as he watched his partner taken apart and his half of the tag team titles slip further and further away as the match progressed. Palumbo, who was now holding his arm tight to his chest as it looked completely shot, would get his chance to make an escape though as Adams went to the middle turnbuckle and tried to hit a knee to Palumbo's shoulder. Chuck rolled out of the way and as he got up to his feet he caught Adams running towards him as both men hit clotheslines and crashed to the mat. Both men crawled to their corners slowly dragging themselves inch by inch closer. Adams was first to tag out, bringing in Clarke but before he could get to the other side to cut Palumbo off he leapt forward and tagged in O'Haire. Sean levelled Clarke with a big lariat and as Adams came back into the ring he was met by a big superkick. O'Haire caught Clarke running at him in a huge spinebuster but as the referee made the count Adams made the save. Palumbo who'd mustered up the strength from somewhere ran at Adams and hit him with a clothesline that took both men out over the ropes. O'Haire was ready to finish it and as Clarke struggled to get to his feet O'Haire slammed him down before going up to the top rope. He came off with the Seanton Bomb to pick up the win and successful defence of the tag team titles

O'Haire looked intense as he went for the tag title belts and tried to tend to Palumbo. Before he knew what had hit him, Bigelow and Douglas were running from the back, Bigelow levelling him with a stiff forearm to the back that looked to have knocked him out on the outside. Douglas rolled Palumbo back into the ring and fed him to Kronik who hit the High Time. Douglas locked in a fujiwara armbar of his own on Palumbo's bad shoulder as Chuck was kicking out and writhing in pain. The referee tried to interject but was tossed aside by Bigelow. Douglas pulled harder on the shoulder as Tenay and the boys were going livid on announce. Referees came out from the back but were met by Kronik and Bigelow who swatted them all off the apron before they could even get into the ring. Finally Douglas released the hold as the four men raised four fingers looking out to the crowd. Palumbo looked to have passed out from the pain, but the New Franchise couldn't see what was behind them. O'Haire had dragged himself up into the ring and looked ready to kick ass. Kronik turned around and saw him and charged with a double clothesline. O'Haire ducked, turning around quickly and clotheslining both men out over the rope with a big double clothesline. Bigelow turned and ran at him but also fell prey to O'Haire huge spinebuster. Douglas cowered away in the corner as O'Haire ran at him. Douglas slipped through the middle ropes as O'Haire swung out over the tope rope. The New Franchise backed away as O'Haire knelt over Palumbo staring them down. O'Haire & Palumbo win by pinfall in 9:08

Overall: 75

Crowd: 74

Match: 76

Storm sends out another call to the Stinger

After the tag team title match Lance Storm makes his way out to the ring, Canadian maple leaf tights on as he has Mike Awesome at his side. Storm's music sounds hot as ever as they get up into the ring and Storm grabs a microphone.

Storm: If you will allow me the courtesy of your silence, you'll bear witness to one of the most pivotal moments in World Championship Wrestling history [the crowd are giving Storm a lot of heat]. Three weeks ago an American Hero retired in front of you people. An American Hero was worshipped and put up on a pedestal for all the world to see. You've heard all the monikers. Sting, WCW's Franchise. Sting, the only man never to jump ship, well where is Sting now? Sting won't be here in this ring to face me tonight because he's just like all of you people out there, and all of the hero's you look up to. He put his tail between his legs and he walked. You see Sting can't live with the talent in front of you right now. Lance Storm is the future, this is my time. Not the time of the Sting's, or the Ric Flair's. This man next to me retired another crippled old American hero earlier tonight, Terry Funk! You people look up to a man like Funk because when you look at him from your trailer park homes you realise that you could be him. He's no different to you, or you, or you [points to random people in the crowd]. But when you look into this ring right now you see something that you can't recreate. You see a man that you can't be. You see something you don't understand, something to talented it's unfathomable and for that you fear me. Human nature dictates we fear what we don't understand so as you sit out there booing me and proving once again that the nation of America has no class and no respect, just remember what is happening to your American hero's. Those people you try to emulate, those useless wastes of space like Sting and Terry Funk who's time's are over. Where's....... WHAT THE?

the arena goes into complete darkness for a good 30 seconds. The crowd are gasping as Dusty and Heenan are going mad on announce. The lights come back on and Storm and Awesome are still standing alone in the ring, the crowd start chanting Sting. Storm and Awesome are looking around the arena uneasily before Storm continues.

Storm: You can chant all you want but he's not here. Tonight Sting you just proved you're like every other American hero that these people worship. You're a coward! You people put these men up on pedestal's so high that their American mentality's can't handle the pressure. OJ Simpson, great football player, movie star, yet he drove half way across this country to flee from police. Mike Tyson, a great American Heavyweight champion that you all hailed as the new King, yet he's spent time incarcerated. You build your heroes and they knock themselves down, just like Sting. Sting's time is gone, chant his name all you want because it's time for the New Breed, it's time for Lance Storm, from Calgary, Alberta Canada. The greatest country in the world!

Storm and Awesome leave the ring, Storm raises his arms in the air as they walk backstage to a really large amount of heat.


Tenay: Well you know what was supposed to be up next Dusty, but we've finally got word back from the hospital and Ric Flair will not be back here tonight. We have no further word on his condition at this time but without Flair, what happens next?

Dusty: Ya hear tha champ earlier tanight Iron Mike, if he aint got the Nature Boy Ric Flair out there for him tonight then he's just gonna open it up to the back. If the Steiner's are watchin this somewhere you boys just take a look in that ring tonight because you two guys are out the buildin and you aint gettin that title shot!

Heenan: My sources tell me that it's pandemonium in the back, everyone wants a shot at Booker T, nobody knows who it is. I'll tell you one thing though, I know Ric Flair and I know the Steiner Bros and you sure as hell better be tuned in next Saturday for Nitro. This will NOT sit well with Flair or the Steiner's if someone else goes out there tonight and takes that belt away from Booker T!

Tenay: Fans we have absolutely no idea what's coming next, but it's time to get to the ring for our main event

Booker T makes his entrance first, his usual music playing as he takes in the pop from the crowd and gets up into the ring climbing the turnbuckle and looking out over the fans with the world title belt over his shoulder. Booker waited in the centre of the ring for his opponent...

DUH....DUH.....DUH DUH DUH........ DUH.....DUH..... DUH DUH DUH

the crowd went nuts as the drums started banging and the music played. It wasn't long before Goldberg came out amid a raging fire of pyro's....

WCW World Title: Booker T Vs Goldberg

Goldberg looked intense as he got up into the ring with Booker T. Booker looked surprised but wasn't backing up an inch. The referee stepped up in between them as they stared down, holding out the World Championship belt and reminding both men of the rules. Both men went back to their corners as the bell rang. They circled each other staring down before the first collar and elbow. They muscled each other around the ring until Goldberg backed Booker up on the ropes. Both men gave a tentative, yet clean break. Neither wrestler was giving anything up as they worked their way into the match. Booker grabbed a side headlock but Goldberg sent him off into the ropes. Booker came back at him and knocked him down with a shoulder block. Goldberg looked surprised as he got back to his feet and dared Booker to try it again. Booker ran off the ropes as Goldberg swung a clothesline at him which the champion ducked. Booker came back with a flying forearm attempt but Goldberg ducked out of the way.

If the first major mistake was Booker's, the second would be too. After some brief offence from Goldberg Booker caught him coming towards him with the Harlem Sidekick. Booker gave a sign that he was going up top and went up to the top turnbuckle. As Goldberg got to his feet Booker hit a missile dropkick that knocked him back down to the mat. Booker made the cover but could only get a two count. As Goldberg got back to his feet Booker kicked him in the stomach doubling him over. Booker stepped back and bounced off the ropes before going for the axe kick but as his leg came down over Goldberg's neck the challenger turned, reaching up and grabbing Booker's ankle, turning him over and wrenching his leg hard. Goldberg took him to the mat and locked in a vicious leg submission.

Booker was able to escape this time by making his way to the ropes but it looked like damage had been done. As the referee called for the break Booker pulled himself up by the ropes, his right leg not looking ready to take any weight as Goldberg kicked it out from under him, only the ropes holding him up. Goldberg went to work looking devastating as he took apart Booker's ankle. Goldberg got him up for an atomic drop type move but instead dropped Booker's lower leg over his knee inflicting more damage. Booker was struggling for his balance as he stood against the ropes. Goldberg ran at him but Booker fell down out of the way, pulling the top rope down as he did so, watching Goldberg fly out over the top rope to the floor.

The action on the outside was fervid. Goldberg backed up against the ring post as Booker charged into him with a shoulder tackle but as Goldberg got out of the way Booker connected with nothing but steel. The referee refused to issue a ten count, which Tenay put down to him realising what was at stake and letting it slide. Goldberg gorilla pressed Booker on the outside, dropping him down behind him on the floor. Goldberg stood waiting for Booker to get up, crouching down and bouncing slightly. As soon as Booker got to his feet Goldberg charged at him hitting the Spear right through the announce table at ringside. Tenay, Dusty and Heenan scrambled out of the way as the table smashed down the middle and Goldberg and Booker T lay amongst the debris.

The crowd was full of Goldberg and Booker T chants as the two men started to stir. Goldberg seemed to be pumping pure adrenaline as he staggered up to his feet, swatting at his own head, pulling himself together. Booker was still down as Goldberg grabbed him and tossed him back underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Goldberg screamed out to the fans and grabbed Booker's ankle, cinching in an ankle lock submission. Goldberg was roaring as he twisted Booker's ankle. The champion looked in unmeasurable pain as the referee got down to see if Booker would give it up. Booker was screaming out as the crowd started to gasp, desperately trying to inch his way to the bottom rope. Booker was just a couple of inches away when Goldberg dragged him back to the centre of the ring by his ankle and started twisting again. The picture of Booker's face as it happened was one of ultimate horror and intense pain. The referee got down again, he almost looked like he was pleading with Booker to give it up. Booker started to crawl once more, desperate for the rope. Goldberg wrenched and twisted that ankle with an intensity that made it look like there was only one outcome. Booker was struggling for his life but Goldberg refused to let go of the hold. Booker inched closer, and closer as the referee asked him once more if he wanted to quit. Then, with one last desperate lunge Booker caught the bottom rope and held on for dear life.

Once the hold was broken it was soon apparent that Booker's ankle was at the very least torn, if not broken. Booker got to his feet but immediately fell to the mat as he tried to put any weight on it. Goldberg stood poised, telling Booker to get up. The Champion pulled himself up by the ropes, slowly yanking his body up, resting on them for support. Goldberg stalked Booker into the corner, raining in stiff looking rights and lefts as Booker doubled over from the pain. Goldberg tried to send Booker across the ring into the other corner but after just a couple of steps Booker tumbled to the mat as his leg gave way. Goldberg looked to the fans, throwing out his arms and screaming out as he looked ready to put Booker away. Goldberg dragged Booker up to his feet, only Goldberg himself was keeping Booker up there. He grabbed Booker onto him, getting him up for the Jackhammer. At the last second Booker shifted his weight, sliding down Goldberg's back. The challenger spun around surprised as Booker grabbed him in, Goldberg hit an elbow, fighting Booker off as he went for the Book End. Booker staggered away a couple of paces, wobbling on his ankle. Goldberg took a step back and charged at Booker but as he did the World Champion grabbed him coming in and hit the Book End. The referee made the count, 1....2.....3. Booker stumbled across the ring as the referee raised his arm. Goldberg slipped away alone as Booker stood there, belt in hand, held up by the referee at the show's conclusion. Booker T wins by pinfall in 13:29

Overall: 77

Crowd: 84

Match: 64

Overall: 78%

Buy Rate: 0.54

Attendance: 6519

Overness Movement

Rey Mysterio Jr -1 - 72

Shane Helms -1 - 59

Shannon Moore +1 - 51

Sean O'Haire -1 - 65

Chuck Palumbo -1 - 66

Lance Storm +2 - 77

Johnny the Bull +2 - 66

Mike Awesome -1 - 69

Rick Steiner +1 - 73

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It was only the day after Spring Stampede that the final piece of realisation of what I'd signed up for hit me. I'd worked my butt off all month, I'd produced television and a Pay Per View that I was for the most part proud of, and had done a buy rate that the company could be happy with. I deserved at least one day's rest and in my naievety I genuinely expected to get it on Monday morning. Instead I got a phone call from my Father. We'd lost money, nothing overly substantial but in our first operation month with him as benefactor we'd lost money. More importantly in his eyes, I'D lost HIS money. No sooner had I promised to change that over the next month than I got the call from Eric. Apparently he'd just had exactly the same discussion with my ranting Father and wanted to discuss what we could do. Dead weight seemed to be the answer, and there was plenty of it. It was all we could come up with to cut our costs without hurting the product. This was going to be a busy week.

At least one portion of that money was now gone. Goldberg got his release just like I promised and as far as I knew he was now negotiating a deal with Vince. What could I do? He didn't want to work for me, and I couldn't afford him? At least he held his side of the bargain and did what was needed of him at the Pay Per View. That led me onto another of our highly paid guys sat at home doing nothing. After the relatively trouble free handling of the Goldberg situation I called up DDP. I had an idea on how to use him and I wanted to get him back on board. He was happy to come back onto tv and would be there on Saturday night. He seemed happy enough with what I had planned so that was another worry gone. Of course, if I didn't hit this damned meeting with Satoshi while he was over here then I'd need to find something else to use Page for but that's something for me to tie up later today.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, the rest of the roster cuts. Well, with Goldberg gone I called up Arn to see whether he had anyone down working the Power Plant that we didn't need. He laughed and told me he had a whole bunch. Tammy Sytch, Leia Meow and Major Gunns, all gone. Was easy enough to get out of their contracts, none of them were going to be used and they all had delusions of going to work for Vince. Like that was ever going to happen. It did mean we lost Candido but what the heck? I'd not used him all month anyway and his and Tammy's protests only made it easier on me releasing them. That girl has some serious issues. Terry Funk was gone too. He knew he wasn't ever getting a push so why bother hanging around? He had some interest in an idea starting up back in Philly at the moment with some of the old ECW boys so he was out. Jimmy Hart had an offer to go work back in Memphis more regularly and help run the show there and I was happy to let him leave. Brian Knobbs was the last guy on his way out. As far as I know Jimmy thinks he has some work down in Memphis for him. Hell, I wanted to cut more but couldn't. I wanted Elizabeth out but Luger was having none of it. Lex still had a hefty contract that I couldn't get out of so they had to stay. I wanted rid of Torrie too but I knew the suggestion would bother Kidman. He's always paranoid about one of them getting called up by Vince, and not the other, if I released her Billy would be a mess so there's no way I was suggesting that one. Still, didn't much plan on using her.

The other thing Eric needed to talk to me about was contract renewals. In the next two months Dusty and Animal's contracts would be up, and in the next three Booker's and Midajah's would be. I wanted Midajah gone anyway, but Scott and her got along great these days. I didn't want to piss that guy off so I figured I'd let her contract run out and hope someone else picked her up. I saw no use in Animal beyond two months anyway so saw no point in offering him a new deal. Dusty and more importantly Booker, was a different matter. I like Dusty, always have. He's a good guy with a lot to offer. I loved having him back on announce and I wanted to keep him around. Was no problem getting him to extend for another year either. Booker was the one that worried me. If he sat that contract out for the next three months he'd be the one guy that I know Vince would pick up in a second. Eric and I sat down with Booker and told him what we wanted from him over the next year, offered him a slightly better deal, and believe me, it really was only slightly as it's all we could afford, and we got him on board for another `12 months.

On the back of the relative success of Saturday Nitro, and Spring Stampede Eric was going to start hitting up the networks to get us a B show too. We needed more tv right now and the extra advertising would create another of those great "revenue streams" that Father was always hassling me about. I'm tired, and I'm late, and I need to get to see Satoshi right about now and I've not even started on Nitro yet. This is turning into a hell of a week.......

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That was a hell of a week but once I finally got the majority of what I wanted sorted for Nitro we got the preview's up on the site. The roster cuts had got the internet talking about doom already, but some circles thankfully realised that losing Leia Meow and Brian Knobbs never hurt any promotion. This next month was crucial.....

IPB Image

Witness the fallout of Spring Stampede this Saturday Night on Urban American.

The United States Title Tournament concludes its first round this week with two massive matches scheduled for the show. Sean O'Haire, fresh off a successful tag team title defence against Kronik will take on Jeff Jarrett in perhaps the toughest match to call so far. Where will O'Haire's head be at after the brutal attack on his partner Chuck Palumbo last night, and just what condition is Palumbo in right now? Also in action will be the Franchise Shane Douglas as he goes into battle with Mike Sanders.

WCW's Cruiserweights will once again be on hand to wow you with their high flying offence. Not only will the recently returned Ultimo Dragon be on the show wrestling against Chavo Guerrero Jr but four men will be facing off to determine the next challenger's to the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles. Lash LeRoux, Jamie Noble, Jason Jett and Suga Shane Helms will face off in a four corners match with the winner picking a partner for next week's show to take on the team of Rey Mysterio Jr and Billy Kidman. How will Suga Shane cope with being the former Cruiserweight champion after his loss against Shannon Moore at Spring Stampede?

Mean Gene Okerlund has some special guests lined up on the show, not only planning to grab a few words with the new Cruiserweight Champion Shannon Moore but also with the returning Diamond Dallas Page. This is one interview you can not afford to miss. The Cat will be in the house too with his "The Greatest Chat Show" as he has WCW Championship Committee representative and all time WCW living legend Larry Zbysko with him.

We also hope to have an update on the condition of the Nature Boy Ric Flair after he was taken out of the arena at Spring Stampede in an ambulance. The Steiner Bros will be in the building after their brutal attack robbed the Nature Boy of his World Title shot, but will Flair?

A massive six man main event has also been signed with the team of Johnny the Bull and Team Canada's Mike Awesome and Lance Storm teaming up to face Hugh Morrus, Rob Van Dam and WCW World's Heavyweight Champion Booker T. This one has all the makings of a classic with so many scores to be settled.

Be sure to tune in this Saturday, 5th May, 8pm on the Urban American network!

Booker T, Hugh Morrus & Rob Van Dam Vs Johnny the Bull, Lance Storm & Mike Awesome

Jeff Jarrett Vs Sean O'Haire - US Title Tournament

Shane Douglas Vs Mike Sanders - US Title Tournament

Ultimo Dragon Vs Chavo Guerrero Jr

Lash LeRoux Vs Jamie Noble Vs Jason Jett Vs Shane Helms - Winner picks a partner for the Cruiserweight Tag Titles next week

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