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Gongsun Zan

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When I first saw this game waaay back ago, I was pretty hyped for it's release, but as the days grew nearer, it sorta started appealing less and less to me. Regardless, I picked it up to help pass the time, and I've got to say that this is the best FPS to come out since HL2, hands down. The atmosphere is fucking creepy, even more so than Doom 3, combat is nicely bloody and chaotic, with all sorts of shit going down, even in slow-mo. Plus there's always that certain satisfaction you get when a lucky shotgun blast blows a guy clean in two. :D

So yeah, anyone else got the game, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

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Hm...so far, I've seen nothing incredibly groundbreaking, but the AI is pretty solid throughout. They work pretty well as a squad, taking cover the moment one guy goes down (asuming you hit him), and if you hide for too long they'll send one guy to scope you out while the rest stay safely hidden behind boxes. There's quite a fair deal of flanking as well, and I've rarely seen the AI get in the way of each other.

There also seems to be different types of pesonalities as well, like when you take out all but one guy, some times he'll hide behind a box and fire blind, where other times, he goes beserk and bum rushes you with a shotty (which I must say, is incredibly scary or funny, depending on what weapon you've got).

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Pre-ordered it from Play and it arrived yesterday (I pre-ordered pretty late).

I must say, it lived up to the hype I had for it. Definitely one of the best PC games this year. Most people complained that the game eats up your system when in fact it doesn't. The full game actually runs better than the demos did for me (I'm on a 2.5ghz, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9700 Pro computer), at Medium settings mostly.

Single player has pretty much lived up to everything. I find myself running around with my flashlight on because I'm so damn scared of dark areas, but as you progress through the game you tend to expect most stuff and it's less scarier than at the beginning. Haven't played much of Multiplayer yet, been too addicted to the single player. Those damn stealth soldiers scare the crap out of me. I'm in love with the slow-mo in the game.. Even if it does make huge firefights pretty easy at times, but just turning on slow-mo and jumping in the air with a flying kick to your enemy -- it doesn't get any more fun than that.

I'd highly recommend picking this game up, for those that are wondering to get it or not.

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