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WWE 2006 - The Power Is Back


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(Note: You may remember my other WWE diary that ran from June to August 2005. This diary will continue on from that, so if you didn't read it, I'd suggest giving 'WWE 2005' a quick look /forum/index.php?showtopic=22942&hl=" target="_blank">here. Of course, my previous diary stopped in August and this one begins in January, so you guys need filling in on what's happened. That will come first. This diary is being done with TEW 2005, so I have done my best to convert data from my old game on TEW 2004 to the new version.)


IPB Image

IPB Image

WWE SummerSlam Results

August 21st, 2005

  • Batista beat Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Eddie Guerrero beat John Cena by disqualification. Cena retains the WWE Championship.

  • Shawn Michaels beat Kurt Angle.

  • Shelton Benjamin beat Triple H with interference by Ric Flair.

  • Chris Benoit beat Muhammad Hassan to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

  • Juventud won a 6-man Cruiserweight elimination match to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

  • Trish and Lita won a Divas 4-way to become co-Women's Champion when they pinned each other at the same time.

  • Natural Born Thrillers (Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire) beat MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro) by disqualification. MNM retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Unforgiven (RAW)

After Batista defeated Edge to retain his World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam, a new challenger appeared in the form of Chris Benoit. 'The Rabid Wolverine' vacated his newly won Intercontinental Championship and turned his back on the fans for a chance to recapture the World Heavyweight Title. The main event for Unforgiven was set and the crowd were solidly behind 'The Animal', Batista. The two collided physically and verbally over the next few weeks, Benoit grabbing a non-title victory over his Unforgiven opponent. Batista would level the scores with a pinfall over the challenger during a tag team match, and we were all tied up going into Unforgiven.

The Undertaker sent a message to Randy Orton at SummerSlam, predicting that the 'Legend Killer' would 'rest in peace'. Orton made his way to Eric Bischoff who gave him some unfortunate news. Bischoff had been pressured by the board of directors to not only lift The Undertaker's suspension, but to book Orton against The Undertaker at Unforgiven. The Undertaker returned a few weeks before Unforgiven, sending some eerie messages to Orton and sending the third generation superstar running. Just six days before the pay-per-view, Undertaker informed Orton that at Unforgiven, he could run but he couldn't hide.

Chris Jericho and The Big Show's rivalry continued at SummerSlam, although not in a sanctioned match. Jericho's surprise appearance shocked us all, after being brutally beaten by Show just a few weeks prior. 'Y2J' decided it was time to end things, but he didn't want to do it in any ordinary way. Jericho begged General Manager Eric Bischoff for a Last Man Standing match at Unforgiven against The Big Show. Bischoff refused, but when Show approved, the GM caved and made the match. Show and Jericho clashed in backstage brawls and corridor scuffles over the next few weeks as Unforgiven came closer.

Triple H was furious at 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair for his actions at SummerSlam, costing 'The Game' a match against Shelton Benjamin. Triple H demanded answers, but Flair would not give any. This lead Hunter to take physical action, mercilessly destroying Flair with his trusty sledgehammer and leaving the 16-time champion beaten, bloodied and battered. Flair wouldn't appear for a few weeks until returning to cost Triple H a SummerSlam rematch against Shelton Benjamin. Eric Bischoff came up with the only solution - to put the former allies and friends into the ring against each other at Unforgiven.

Edge was not in a good mood after SummerSlam and that was made worse by a gloating Shelton Benjamin. Edge took out his frustrations on Benjamin, throwing him around backstage and spearing him into a door. A rivalry was formed and a match was set for Unforgiven.

Eric Bischoff had to deal with numerous superstars staking their claim to be the new Intercontinental Champion after Benoit had vacated the prestigous belt. Bischoff had a solution. He made four singles matches and announced that the winners of them would face off at Unforgiven in a fatal four-way for the vacant championship. The participants would turn out to be former champion Muhammad Hassan, Carlito, Rob Conway and Mike Awesome.

Simon System (Simon Dean and Maven) were not happy about another challenge to their World Tag Team Championship when Booker T and Rob Van Dam re-united as a duo. Making a pre-emptive strike, the champs attacked Booker and Van Dam, apparently solidifying their place as the best tag team on RAW. Simon System made a joke out of their next defenses, beating unknowns easily and mocking their opponents, always refusing to put the belts on the line against RVD and Booker T. Then Bischoff stepped in and ordered a singles match - Booker T versus Maven. If Booker were to win, he and RVD would get a title shot. If Maven won, there would be no title shot. With a lot of interference from both Rob Van Dam and Simon Dean, Booker T eventually got the victory and the title shot, beating Maven with the Scissors Kick following Dean's dismissal from ringside.

The unique situation between Trish Stratus and Lita as co-Women's Champion escalated after SummerSlam. Bischoff booked Trish to defend the title against Victoria, which she did successfully with some help from Lita. Trish then aided Lita in retaining the title when she beat Christy Hemme. Both Lita and Stratus were taking cheap shots at each other during this time though. Saying enough was enough, Bischoff made the match for Unforgiven - Lita versus Trish for the Undisputed Women's Championship.

IPB Image

WWE Unforgiven Results

September 18th, 2005

  • Batista beat Chris Benoit to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Randy Orton beat The Undertaker.

  • Chris Jericho beat The Big Show in a Last Man Standing match.

  • Triple H beat Ric Flair.

  • Shelton Benjamin beat Edge.

  • Mike Awesome beat Muhammad Hassan, Carlito and Rob Conway in a fatal 4-way to win the vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship.

  • Simon System beat Booker T and Rob Van Dam by count-out to retain the World Tag Team Championship.

  • Lita and Trish Stratus wrestled to a double disqualification. Both remain co-Women's Champion.


To begin with, I will be posting month-by-month recaps, like the one above. Once I get to New Year's Revolution though, I'll be continuing normally, reporting on every RAW, Smackdown!, Velocity, Heat and so on.

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No Mercy (Smackdown!)

Eddie Guerrero's failure to capture the WWE Championship at SummerSlam resulted in numerous possible contenders to John Cena's belt. General Manager Theodore Long's solution was a six-way elimination match to determine the number one contender. Christian, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, John Bradshaw Layfield and The Rock were the competitors. It came down to Christian and Eddie, but after both had attacked Cena in previous weeks, the WWE Champion came out and assaulted both of them, ending the match in a no contest. Long punished Cena with a handicap match against Christian and Guerrero and also a triple threat against the two at the No Mercy pay-per-view. Cena came out of the handicap match bloodied and beaten by the temporary alliance of 'Captain Charisma' and 'Latino Heat'. Cena was at a disadvantage going into No Mercy.

After Shawn Michaels had wrapped things up with Kurt Angle at SummerSlam, he was recruited for a job by Theodore Long. The General Manager of Smackdown! believed that 'HBK' could stop Rhyno, who was terrorizing everyone on the roster. Michaels accepted the task, growing in confidence until he was Gored into a wooden crate backstage on one edition of Smackdown!. Rhyno continued his reign of terror on the rest of the roster while Shawn regrouped. Just a couple of weeks before No Mercy, Michaels took down Rhyno with the Sweet Chin Music. Would he be able to put the 'Man Beast' down at No Mercy?

The Rock returned fully to Smackdown!, beating JBL in a No Holds Barred match in his first night back. Then he was involved in the number one contender's match, eliminating the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. Angle took great offense and beat up Rock, allowing JBL to eliminate the film star. Rock and Kurt exchanged verbal blows in the following weeks and came to agree to face one another at No Mercy on October 9.

After destroying JBL's Cabinet, Brock Lesnar was signed by Theodore Long to a roster spot on Smackdown!. The news had JBL running for weeks, until he had nowhere to run during the number one contender's match. Lesnar returned to the WWE, F-5ing JBL and subsequently eliminating him from the match. Lesnar put a beating on Layfield so badly that he was suspended just one week after being re-hired. Long said Lesnar would be back at No Mercy... when he would take on JBL one-on-one.

The Natural Born Thrillers captured the WWE Tag Team Titles on the Smackdown! straight after SummerSlam. MNM wanted to use their re-match clause right away and the Thrillers were happy to let them, but MNM reconsidered. They said that they did things best on a big stage, in the public eye. They would wait and have their rematch at No Mercy.

'Primetime' Elix Skipper proclaimed he was better than the Cruiserweight Championship and that was why he 'didn't feel the need to win it at SummerSlam'. Skipper then said he was the best Cruiserweight in the world, and that no one could beat him - he didn't need a belt to prove that. His statement was responded to by Rey Mysterio, who reminded Skipper that he hadn't beaten him. The two did battle on Smackdown!, but Skipper walked away, faking an injury. Elix said his injury would prevent him from competing against Mysterio. Theodore Long had other ideas, though, and made the game even. Skipper would have a couple of weeks to recuperate and rest before he would take on Rey at No Mercy.

The Cruiserweight Champion, Juventud, continued to cheat his way to victories after SummerSlam. The former champion, Paul London, then came forward and realised that he had never received a one-on-one rematch. Juventud said he was a fighting champion, but London had got his shot at SummerSlam in the six-man Cruiserweight elimination bout. Theodore Long sided with London and set up the match for the October pay-per-view.

Lance Storm and Dawn Marie continued to roll on Smackdown!, Dawn helping Storm retain his title on numerous occasions. Storm said he was getting bored of these 'easy matches'. So the United States Champion said he would issue an open challenge at No Mercy to anybody he hasn't faced yet - a one-on-one United States Title match.

IPB Image

WWE No Mercy Results

October 9th, 2005

  • John Cena beat Christian and Eddie Guerrero to retain the WWE Championship.

  • Rhyno beat Shawn Michaels.

  • Kurt Angle beat The Rock.

  • Brock Lesnar beat JBL.

  • Natural Born Thrillers beat MNM to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

  • Elix Skipper beat Rey Mysterio.

  • Juventud beat Paul London to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

  • Ron Simmons beat Lance Storm by disqualification. Storm remains WWE United States Champion.
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Guest Dakendo

I'm liking this a lot so far. I briefly read through your previous diary and was also impressed by that, mainly because I :wub: the Natural Born Thrillaz. I like how you're doing little 'introdcutory' pieces of writing so far for this one, it sets the scene and kinda gets people who haven't read the previous one into it.

Plus, you're pushing Lance Storm, so it can't be bad, right?

Edited by Dakendo
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Taboo Tuesday (RAW)

Chris Benoit failed to wrest the World Heavyweight Championship away from Batista at Unforgiven, but that wouldn't be the last we heard from 'The Crippler'. Benoit appeared two weeks after Unforgiven, attacking Batista viciously and doing damage to 'The Animal's' shoulder. Batista retaliated the following week, attacking Benoit during a singles match. General Manager Eric Bischoff said the two would have one more battle - at Taboo Tuesday. The fans would vote upon the type of match - Submission, No Disqualification or Cage. Benoit managed to force Batista to tap out during a huge six-man tag team match and he hoped that he would be able to do it again if the fans chose the right match.

Randy Orton's win over The Undertaker at Unforgiven was not a clean one. The 'Legend Killer' took several shots to 'Taker with a steel chair and ended up victorious following a top-rope RKO. The Undertaker wasn't finished with Orton and the two were put in a match again, this time at Taboo Tuesday. Both sent messages to the other over the following weeks as we learned the fans' vote would decide the type of match they were to participate in - a regular singles match, a Street Fight or a Casket match.

Ric Flair took it to Triple H at Unforgiven, but came away with the loss. Flair had been set to use his brass knuckles, but 'The Game' turned the tide and ended up using them himself. Triple H was relentless as he continued to beat Flair up in the next few weeks, leading to another encounter between the two at Taboo Tuesday. The fans' vote would decide one weapon which was legal in the match - a steel chair, the brass knuckles, or a sledgehammer.

Hot off a win over Edge at Unforgiven, Shelton Benjamin continued to roll, winning match after match on RAW. Edge on the other hand was still having a rough time and was defeated at the hands of Chris Jericho one Monday night. The Big Show was then called into action to stop Shelton's winning streak, but he had no luck and also fell to Benjamin by disqualification. The altercations between these four superstars led to Bischoff making a match at Taboo Tuesday. Shelton Benjamin would face either The Big Show, Edge or Chris Jericho - depending on the fan vote.

Co-Women's Champions Lita and Trish Stratus continued to not get along, taking verbal and physical shots at one another. Bischoff said they'd try again at Taboo Tuesday - a one-on-one for the Undisputed Women's Title. The way in which they did the match would be up to the fans. Would it be a costume match, bra and panties match, or a mud wrestling match?

Simon Dean and Maven walked out of Unforgiven with the World Tag Team belts still around their waists - attacking Rob Van Dam's ankle and winning by count-out. More contenders made themselves known and Bischoff would let the fans decide who should get the shot - Booker T and Rob Van Dam, The Heart Throbs (Romeo and Antonio) or The Hurricane and Rosey.

Since Rob Conway's quitting of La Resistance, the French group has been on a slide, losing singles and tag matches. Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier blamed the sudden loss of Conway and the affects were forcing them to lose matches. Their solution? To face Conway in a handicap match at Taboo Tuesday. Eric Bischoff had other ideas, however. It would not be a handicap match and only one of La Resistance could face Conway. Who would be decided by the fan vote.

IPB Image

WWE Taboo Tuesday Results

November 1st, 2005

  • Chris Benoit beat Batista in a Steel Cage match to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • The Undertaker beat Randy Orton in a Casket match.

  • Triple H beat Ric Flair when the use of a sledgehammer was legal.

  • Shelton Benjamin beat Chris Jericho.

  • Lita versus Trish Stratus in a Bra and Panties match came to a no contest when Gail Kim attacked both competitors.

  • Booker T and Rob Van Dam beat Simon System to win the World Tag Team Championship.

  • Rob Conway beat Rene Dupree.

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Survivor Series

John Cena was still WWE Champion after having successfully defended the title against Eddie Guerrero and Christian at No Mercy. Theodore Long decided it was time for a new number one contender. Having beaten The Rock at No Mercy, Kurt Angle stepped forward and made a strong case for him to be number one contender, and Theodore Long saw his point of view. Long made the match, Kurt Angle versus John Cena for the WWE Title at Survivor Series - the joint-brand pay-per-view. Cena would cut a couple of raps on Angle, infuriating the challenger who then methodically destroyed Cena on Smackdown!. The two clashed in a non-title match, but it was short lived as they both took the match into the crowd and eventually backstage. Cena nailed Angle with the F-U through a food table backstage, having the last word before their pay-per-view encounter.

Smackdown! General Manager Theodore Long wanted to make a big impact upon the Survivor Series pay-per-view, so he set up a huge 8-man Survivor Series-style tag team elimination match for November 27th. It would be Eddie Guerrero, Christian, John Bradshaw Layfield and Rhyno teaming up against Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and a mystery partner. The unknown partner made himself known just three days before the pay-per-view. A brawl had erupted between the other seven participants until the stage was lit up with fire and Kane made his Smackdown! debut, after being traded to the show a few months previous. Kane took out all four of his opponents and stood tall in the middle of the ring.

Keeping with the Survivor Series/elimination theme, Theodore Long set up a WWE Tag Team Title match. The reigning champions, Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire (Natural Born Thrillers) would defend the straps once again against MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro). However, there would be two other teams involved - Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley (The Dudley Boyz) and also The Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny Basham). One fall would eliminate the whole team and it would happen at Survivor Series.

Lance Storm took the cheap way out at No Mercy, disqualifying himself deliberately to retain his title. His opponent, the returning Ron Simmons, challenged Storm to a rematch - a challenge which Storm accepted on one condition - if Storm wins, Simmons retires for good. The career versus title match was set up for the November 27 PPV.

The fan vote at the RAW-exclusive pay-per-view, Taboo Tuesday, decided that Randy Orton would face The Undertaker in a Casket match. The Undertaker came out victorious, planting the younger superstar with a Tombstone Piledriver into the casket. Randy Orton would not be seen for a few weeks until returning to RAW with a neck brace. Orton said that he wouldn't go out like that and that he was 'The Legend Killer', but there was one legend he had yet to slay - The Undertaker. Orton said it would all come to an end at Survivor Series, challenging The Undertaker to a Buried Alive match. 'Taker accepted the challenge and told Orton that he wouldn't survive come Survivor Series.

Eager to not be beat out by Smackdown!, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff also made a blockbuster 8-man Survivor Series elimination match for the pay-per-view. The team of World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit, Edge, The Big Show and Carlito would square off against Batista, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho and Mike Awesome. Benoit would gain a RAW victory over Intercontinental Champion Mike Awesome with some interference from his Survivor Series team-mates. Awesome's team-mates replied the favor, joining Awesome in a counter assault of their opponents.

Eric Bischoff, always wanting to outdo Theodore Long, made a World Tag Team Championship Turmoil match for Survivor Series - elimination style. He announced that new champions Booker T and Rob Van Dam would defend against former champions Simon System, Eugene and Heidenreich, The Hurricane and Rosey, The Heart Throbs and La Resistance. The odds were stacked against the champions.

After interfering against both Trish Stratus and Lita at Taboo Tuesday, the returning Gail Kim put herself in the race for the number one contender to the Women's gold. Bischoff decided to settle it at Survivor Series in a triple threat elimination match. Would one of the co-champions retain? Would Gail Kim become Undisputed Women's Champion? Or would the title still be shared?

IPB Image

WWE Survivor Series Results

November 27th, 2005

  • Kurt Angle beat John Cena to win the WWE Championship.

  • Randy Orton beat The Undertaker in a Buried Alive match.

  • Batista, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho and Mike Awesome beat Chris Benoit, Edge, The Big Show and Carlito. Chris Jericho remained.

  • Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Kane beat Eddie Guerrero, Christian, JBL and Rhyno. Kane and Brock Lesnar remained.

  • Booker T and Rob Van Dam beat Simon System, Eugene and Heidenreich, The Hurricane and Rosey, The Heart Throbs and La Resistance to retain the World Tag Team Championship.

  • Natural Born Thrillers beat MNM, The Basham Brothers and The Dudley Boyz to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

  • Gail Kim beat Trish Stratus and Lita to win the WWE Women's Championship.

  • Lance Storm beat Ron Simmons to retain the WWE United States Championship - retiring Simmons for good.
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