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WCW 97 - The WWF Invasion


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The History...

July 22nd, 1994:

A trial begins in Uniondale, New York. WWF C.E.O. Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. is charged with conspiracy to distribute steroids. Various wrestling stars from the 1980s come out of the woodworks to testify against McMahon.

August 18th, 1994:

Vince McMahon is sentenced to six years in prison after being found guilty. WWF continues to operate, but the scandal gains nationwide attention making business difficult.

April 2nd, 1995:

WrestleMania XI, the first WrestleMania since McMahon's sentencing, fails to meet expected buyrates. After heavily promoting an appearance by former NFL star Lawrence Taylor, WWF issues a statement days before the event, stating Taylor will not appear. It's rumored L.T. pulled out in order to save his commentator job with Turner Broadcasting.

September 4th, 1995:

WCW debuts Nitro on TNT, opposite WWF's RAW time-slot. In the coming weeks, Nitro gains significant dominance in the ratings over RAW.

March 31st, 1996:

WrestleMania XII gives WWF it's highest buyrate of the past two years and becomes the only WWF show not to lose money since McMahon's incarceration.

February 26, 1997:

WWF holds it's first European PPV in Berlin, Germany. Having been defeated in North America by the WCW powerhouse, WWF moves operations to Europe in a risky last-ditch effort to keep the company alive. The main event sees British Bulldog defeat Owen Hart to become WWF's first European Champion.

March 10, 1997:

Proceedings begin to get Vince McMahon's sentence cut for good behaviour. The eventual outcome being a reduced sentence and a release date of March 28, 1997

March 17, 1997:

After mounting pressure, Vince McMahon strikes a deal and sells WWF to Ted Turner in what is the biggest merger in wrestling history. Rumors circulate that McMahon plans to restart a company after his release from prison, but could no longer handle the financial strain due to WWF's bad business.

March 23, 1997:

WWF's final show, WrestleMania XIII, airs on pay-per-view. The show opens with a taped goodbye message from the McMahon family.


Billy Gunn pinned Flash Funk in a dark match.

The Headbangers won a four-way match at 10:36.

WWF Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia pinned The Sultan to retain the title at 9:44.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Goldust at 14:12.

WWF World Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & WWF European Champion British Bulldog wrestled Mankind & Vader to a double-countout at 16:13.

Bret Hart beat Steve Austin in a submission match after Austin passed out in the Sharpshooter at 22:04.

Ahmed Johnson & The Road Warriors won a Chicago Street Fight over The Nation at 10:42.

The Undertaker pinned WWF World Champion Sid Vicious to win the title at 21:19.

March 28, 1997

Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. is released from prison as rumour circulates that the following Nitro could see WWF superstars on the show. McMahon declines all opportunities to speak to the press at this time.

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Vince McMahon Released

Vince McMahon, Who was sentenced to 6 years in jail, has been released early for good behahavior. Vince McMahon was put to a dury in July 1994 for Distributing Steroids and was given 6 years. Vince had tried to get out early as possible even staying in his cell during the 1996 riots and he was let out. Rumors have already began circulating that Vince wants revenge against WCW and he will be creating a new federation

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www.wcwpronews.com - 02/04/97

With the WWF buyout now complete and Nitro just around the corner rumours are starting to run as to exactly how much WWF talent, both on screen and off, has been picked up. Most of the WWF's developmental type talents, and major main eventers have been retained as far as we can tell and we've so far had no news of any of the midcard talent being released. Whether this has anything to do with the news in that Vince McMahon will be running an ingenious weekly Pay Per View idea in the near future remains to be seen.


There's been a lot of speculation over the past week as to exactly what role the acquired WWF talent will be playing. There is talk of them being run as a separate promotion under the watchful eye of World Championship Wrestling. Is there room for two separately written wrestling promotions on the Turner network? The more logical choice seems to be that they will begin appearing on WCW's programming but in what capacity remains to be seen. It is highly likely however that we will see some form of WWF talent on next week's Nitro. It's not believed however that they'll be shown in any way at Spring Stampede this coming Sunday night.


Spring Stampede is right around the corner and there's still a lot of debate as to whether WCW are going to go with the four corners match for the world title shot, or the DDP, Savage match as the main event. The card, which is unlikely to change at this point remains as, Rey Mysterio Jr Vs Ultimo Dragon, WCW Women's champ Akira Hokuto Vs Madusa, WCW TV Champ Prince Iaukea Vs Steven Regal, The Public Enemy Vs Steve McMichael & Jeff Jarrett, WCW US Champion Dean Malenko Vs Chris Benoit, WCW Tag Champs the Outsiders Vs the Steiners, Lex Luger, the Giant, and Harlem Heat in a four corners match to determine who gets a World title shot at Hogan, and DDP Vs Randy Savage.

www.wcwpronews.com - 04/04/97

Reports from last night's house show in Tulsa suggest that one of WCW's most talented wrestlers, Chris Benoit broke his leg in a tag match involving Eddie Guerrero, Diamond Dallas Page and Dean Malenko. He's expected to be out for at least 7 months and with his US title shot coming up at Spring Stampede it's currently unknown as to what plans World Championship Wrestling has for that part of the show. With WCW's huge roster there should be no problem filling the challenger's spot but they have no time to build any potential title match with no major shows planned before Spring Stampede

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TWAlliance.com Present…

IPB Image

Titan Wrestling

Titan Wrestling will surely stick in the minds of the McMahon Family’s minds for years and years. Vince and his two Children came to the ring and slated the fans. He said that He and his family owned the wrestling business and they would never be beaten, He was proved wrong! The Road Warriors hit the ring, Hawk threw Stephanie out over the tope rope while Animal hit the spine buster on Shane o‘Mac! Vince tried to get a cheap shot on Hawk but Animal saved his partner and in the end, Vince faced the Doomsday device!

Hawk’s opponent in the main event, Curt Hennig, came out but chose not to fight against the On-Form Road Warriors! So Hennig just stayed at the top of the stage and bragged about how good he is and then said that tonight, victory would be his! Vince joined Hennig on the ramp way and in anger announced that tonight match would be for a new championship, the Championship of the Titles! Vince then announced that Hennig would win!

The first match of the Evening was a mix of Cultures as Super Crazy, Blitzkrieg and Hayabusa went at it in an extreme high flying match. Blitzkrieg nearly finished the match early as he planted a vicious Stalling Brainbuster to Hayabusa but Super Crazy broke up the pin with a Springboard Moonsault. Hayabusa also nearly got a win with a Stardust Press to Super Crazy but Blitzkrieg broke it up with a Standing Moonsault, The move that did get the victory though was from Super Crazy who got a Triple Moonsault on Hayabusa then a Flying Leg-Drop to Blitzkrieg that got the 3 Count and the Victory for the Mexican!

The High Flying AJ Styles came to the ring in a long black hooded cloak followed by two men in similar cloaks but theirs were White. They took their hoods down to reveal the Haas brothers, Charlie and Russ. AJ revealed that he was the Fallen Angel, a Wrestler sent by god who was better than anybody and everybody! He then introduced the Haas Brothers as the ’Angels of the Deep’ Laell (Russ) and Suryel (Charlie). AJ’s opponent, Christopher Daniels, hit the ring for the second match of the night!

AJ and Daniels put on a Great match which saw high flying moments a-plenty. The Fallen Angel put Daniels through the announce table with the Angel Wings (A High Flying Pedigree!) It also saw Daniels hit 3 moonsault in a row starting from the bottom row working up to the top rope! Daniels managed to duck a flying Clothesline and set up the Last Rites! The Last Rites didn’t connect though as the Angels of the Deep attack Daniels, Suryel managed to hit a Angel Bomb before the Angels got sent to the back, This was enough for AJ to get the win! The Fallen Angel has defeated Christopher Daniels thanks to the Angels of the Deep!

York and Matthews had a tough time today as they faced the Huge Island Boyz, Ekmo and Kimo! York and Matthews didn’t really have any highlights for this match as they were destroyed by there opponents, Halfway through the match, York pulled out a Desperation Dropkick which hit both team members out of the ring! Ekmo and Kimo debuted a new move that finished off both members of cruiserweight team called the Island Drop where Kimo lifted His opponent into the Body Press position, Threw him to Ekmo who hits an atomic driver. The Island Driver flattened both men out and let Kimo get the 3 Count on Matthews!

Chris Kanyon made his way to the ring and explained that he had no partner tonight for a reason, The reason was that he would be allowing any member of the roster to face him because not only is he better than all the fans, he is better than everyone on the roster, Jerry Lynn took offence to this and charged down to the ring, referee Teddy Long came to the ring and started the match.

Jerry Lynn had Kanyon under control for most of the match as he managed to counter all of Kanyon’s attempts to gain control including Lynn reversing a Northern Lights Suplex and hitting a Picture Perfect Dropping DDT which nearly got the 3 count for Lynn. At the end of the match Kanyon got grabbed a Steel Chair while the ref ,Bob Densmore, was down but Lynn grabbed it from Kanyon, Threw it out of the ring and Planted Kanyon with a Cradle Piledriver. Densmore started getting back together and managed to get the 3 count for Jerry Lynn, The Fans loved it!

Vince planned to take Animal out for the main event by putting him against Tony Atlas but instead of a Match we were treated to a Beat down by Atlas and Hennig! Hennig hit the Hennig Plex and was about to cut a promo when Hawk hit the ring and jumped Hennig! Atlas grabbed Hawk though and the two broke out into a brawl which, thanks to a cheap shot from Vince McMahon, ended in Atlas winning the brawl hitting the Power slam! Atlas, Hennig and Vince rose each others hands, Atlas grabbed Animal and took him backstage so that he wouldn’t be wrestling tonight! Vince grabbed the mic and announced that there would be a Special Guest Referee for tonight’s main event… him!

Hennig took advantage of the damage already done to Hawk and gave him a beat down, He hit multiple Hennig Plex’s but they didn’t finish the match as Vince told Hennig to make Hawk feel pain! Hennig had his opponent set up for a third Hennig-Plex that would finish the match but Hawk escaped and pushed Hennig into the ropes and when he returned, he laid out Hennig with a Clothesline. Hawk climbed up top and set up a Flying Lariat to finish the match off but Vince gave Hawk a Sucker-Punch and he fell off the top ropes, Hennig climbed back to his feet, Planted the Third Hennig Plex and got the 1, 2, 3! Victory goes to Hennig. Vince’s Alliance chalk up a victory and a Title, The Title of the Titans!

Quick Results-

Super Crazy def. Blitzkrieg, Hayabusa

'The Fallen Angel' A.J. Styles def. Christopher Daniels

The Island Boyz def. York and Matthews

Jerry Lynn def. Chris Kanyon

Animal and Tony Atlas went to a No-Contest

Curt Hennig def. Hawk for the Title of the Titans

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WCW Spring Stampede

From Tupelo, Mississippi

Scott Hall is not in the arena tonight so Nash is going to have to face the Steiners on his own.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - both men are being cautious in the opening moments. The announcers are saying that Ric Flair will have a "shocking" statement to make later in the program. The Dragon puts on a short-arm scissors and rests with it for a while. He then puts on a spinning crucifix followed by a powerbomb. Sonny Oono is nowhere in evidence. The Dragon picks up Misterio and puts a "Liger-Bomb" on him - he runs him clear across the ring and then puts on the bomb. Rey finally gets loose and gets a spin kick, but Dragon comes right back and takes over again. Dragon puts on a bridged leglock with a reverse chinlock combination then turns it into an inverted surfboard. They go to the outside a moment later and Rey finally gets in a rail shot. Back in the ring a whip puts Misterio into a sleeper. Rey whips him off and gets a sleeper of his own. Dragon escapes and goes out - Rey throws a fake then vaults over and crashes down on the Dragon.

Lee Marshall is trying to get an interview with Nash. In the ring Misterio is in control for several exchanges then gets slingshotted out of the ring, striking his head on the ringpost in the process. Amazingly he gets up and is back in and on top of things again. The Dragon catches his opponent and puts him into a giant swing. He ends up making himself dizzy. Both men are down. Rey gets up first and throws his slingshot Frankensteiner but can't get the roll-up. Dragon reverses, Rey reverses it back. No cigar. The Dragon throws a spin kick and misses. Rey throws the Frankensteiner again and gets his roll-up this time.

Lee Marshall is still trying to get the interview. He finally gets Nash who demands that Nick Patrick be the referee for the title match. Scott Steiner crashes the interview. Nash spits on him - Scott goes ballistic and gets maced!! They are putting cuffs on him as we cut back to the arena.

Medusa vs. Akira Hokuto - Women's Heavyweight Title match - Medusa comes on very aggressive and dominates the opening moments. Hokuto gets loose and takes over. She grabs a powerfull bearhug. She throws her down and things start to see-saw. These are both very powerful, very athletic women. Sonny Oono is getting involved at ringside. He gets kicked in the face for his trouble. Medusa has control now and gets a Tiger suplex - Hokuto kicks out as Oono is on the apron. Medusa kicks him again and sends him flying. Hokuto goes at her from behind. They struggle as Oono is up distracting the referee again. Luna Vachon runs in and blindsides Medusa giving the pin to Hokuto.

Lord Steven Regal vs. Prince Iaukea - TV Title match - the Prince seems to be ready for this fight. Regal stalls in the beginning. We are informed that Scott Steiner has been arrested for hitting a police officer! He's been taken to jail!! What..? Rick Steiner will face Kevin Nash for the Tag Team Titles tonight.

In the ring Prince Iaukea is in control of the match. But not for long. Regal takes over after tying his opponent up in the ropes. He is attempting to ground the Prince but is not being all that successful. Iaukea takes control again but a thumb to the eye takes away the initiative. Regal slaps on a full nelson. The Prince breaks out of it but Regals forarm shots keep him on top of the action. The match is more see-saw now but Regal is still in control for the most part. There is some furious action featuring the Prince's martial arts blows while Regal tries to put on wrestling holds. They go into the corner - the Prince throws a moonsault but Regal calmly sidesteps. They scuffle some more and Regal tries a cradle but Iaukea reverses it and gets a cradle of his own to get the pin. Afterward, Regal attacks from behind and puts and STF on the Champ in retaliation. He attacks repeatedly and leaves the Champ laying in the ring.

Mean Gene with Ric Flair - the Nature boy will be back in action as of May first. Arn goes under the knife this Tuesday. He announces that Kevin Greene has been released by the Panthers to wrestle. He seems to be saying that Greene will be wrestling with the Horsemen. (doesn't he still have a bone to pick with Mongo?).

Public Enemy vs. Steve McMichaels/Jeff Jarrett w/Debra - Mongo and Rocco Rock in to start. Rocco out-wrestles the ex-football player and avoids going head-to-head with him. He tries to pull a double-team but the boys from the hood get creamed. Jarrett and Mongo strut in tandem. Jarrett in with Grunge. He slaps on an abdominal stretch and gets some leverage help from his partner. A double-team gets him loose. Jarrett gets upset and leaves the ring - he walks up the aisle, then returns - waits out the count then goes back in on 9. Mongo tagged in. He gets a sidewalk slam on Rock and might get the pin except that the referee is busy with Grunge. The fight goes out to the floor. Grunge tries to put Debra on the table but gets crunched by Jarrett with a chair. Grunge gets the best of Jarrett and positions him for the table shot but misses it and crashes through the table solo. Now three guys are in the ring - Rocco is on the outside and has the briefcase. Jarrett gets a figure four on Grunge - Rocco hits him with the case and lays him out. The referee counts his shoulders down - PE gets the win.

Mean Gene with Harlem Heat and Sherri - she says they have a plan to win the Four Corners match. The boys are wearing different colors - Booker T in gold - Stevie Ray in white.

Rick Steiner vs. Kevin Nash - World Tag Team Title match - Steiner has the odds overwhelmingly against him with Syxx and Dibiasi at ringside plus Patrick making the call. After an initial assault from Nash, Steiner takes control. A slow count denies him the victory. Syxx pulls down the rope as Rick is whipped in - he tumbles to the floor. Nash has the advantage now. A sidewalk slam puts Steiner down. Nash drapes him on the bottom rope then backs off so Dibiasi can hit him. Nash throws a leg onto him with a running start. Moments later he gets a massive powerbomb - goes for the pin - Rick kicks out. He is going for another one when Rick crotches him. Rick has to struggle to his feet. He gets to the top and throws a bulldog. Patrick slow counts him again. Nash gets the advantage and works him over as Syxx and Dibiasi are working on removing the corner buckle. Nash drops Rick's face onto the exposed buckle. Then does it again on his ear. Dibiasi tries to tell Nash to stop the assault. Nash ignores him and does it again. Dibiasi walks away in disgust. Nash throws Steiner onto the buckle a fourth time. Then he jack-knifes him. Patrick is hesitant to make the count. Nash has to intimidate him into doing it.

Mean Gene w/ the Giant and Luger - they each pledge to go for the win regardless of who they have to fight

Four Corners Match - Harlem Heat/the Giant/Lex Luger - the winner will get a shot against Hollywood Hogan for the World Title - Luger/Booker T to start - they exchange blows with Booker mostly in charge. Luger gets a press slam but doesn't follow up. Stevie Ray gets in and takes over for a while. Luger escapes and gets in a blow before he tags in the Giant. Stevie Ray is very aggressive but it doesn't help him. The Giant puts him down. Booker T tags in and gets pressed over the Giant's head. Stevie ray rolls out after the slam - Sherri conforts him and earns a rebuke from Booker T. In the ring Luger and the Giant face each other. Luger tries to slam the Giant but collapses under the weight. They each turn around and tag in the two brothers to face each other. They go nose to nose then Booker shoves Stevie Ray. They finally lock up and exchange hammerlocks. They still seem reluctant to wrestle. Booker tags in Luger. Stevie takes the initiative and puts Luger down. Both competitors tag out. The Giant and Booker face off. No contest here. The Giant dominates - Stevie comes in without a tag. He stuns the Giant and puts a sidekick on him. Booker comes in and tries as well - the Giant is still standing. Booker goes after the Giants legs. Luger tagged in and now the action is getting a little too confusing to call. After several exchanges Booker slaps on a reverse chin-lock on Luger. Luger fights out but gets put down again by a side kick. The Giant makes the save. Harlem Heat double team him - clubberin' him so to speak. Stevie goes back to the reverse chin-lock. Luger fights out of it again. Booker puts him down again and goes for the pin but the Giant saves him again. Both wrestlers tag their partners. The Giant dominates Stevie Ray and is ready to go for the chokeslam but then tags Luger in and allows him to put on the Rack! Luger gets the Title shot.

Randy Savage vs Diamond Dallas Page - Mean Gene interviews DDP before the match. Kimberly is with him lookin' hot. She's egging him on to do Savage in. Michael Buffer does the honors and makes the ring announcements. This is a no-disqualification match. Randy gets a match and tries to intimidate DDP. Fat chance...

Savage takes his time getting into the ring and then turns tail as soon as DDP comes at him. They end up fighting out in the aisle. Back in the ring Page goes for the Diamond Cutter early but Savage blocks it by holding onto the top rope. They go out again and are fighting into the stands. Savage slams DDP into a doorway then goes for a trashcan. DDP gets it away from him and turns the tables. DDP goes after Savage who grabs Kimberly for protection. Liz rakes DDP's back - Kimberly is knocked down but unhurt. Savage is in control now. He runs his opponent into the steps. Beats on him and then does it a second time. Back in the ring he goes for a pin but fails. He goes out and takes Michael Buffer's chair. Back inside DDP gets creamed and layed out. Savage goes out for David Pinzer's chair - when Pinzer resists, Savage slaps him down. Then he kicks the downed announcer before re-entering the ring. Dallas turns the tables on him with the chair. Now DDP is on fire. They exchange blows, Savage gets a hold of DDP's raised foot - spins him around but DDP gets the clothesline. DDP is out of it so Savage still keeps the advantage. He puts DDP down and goes out after the bell. Before he can climb to the top, Kimberly wrenches it away. Savage decides to go for the elbow - he flies and DDP gets his feet up. DDP is still out of it so Savage keeps the avdvantage again. The ref tries to pull him off so he piledrives him! Savage goes back up and hits the elbow. There's nobody to count. Nick Patrick comes out but DDP turns the tables on a scoop attempt and gets the Diamond Cutter. Patrick hesitates - then counts Savage out.

Nash comes to the ring and grabs Patrick by the throat. The rest of the NWO, including Bischoff come down to ringside. Nash continues to hold onto Patrick as he brings Savage around and helps him regain his feet. He then jack-knifes the referee. Savage kicks Page out of the ring then turns his attention to Kimberly. Bischoff tries to intervene as Savage is holding Mrs. Page by the hair. He gets shoved down and bounds back up and shoves Savage - Savage decks him and the rest of the NWO guys converge to keep them from coming to blows. The NWO appears to be coming apart at the seams...

This was one of the more interesting PPV's I've seen lately if only for the advances in the NWO storyline. There were also some great matches. Conspicuous by his absense was the Stinger...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,

editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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WCW Monday Nitro

Monday 7th April, 1997

Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan

Attendance: 7037

Nitro opens up with Tony Schiavone welcoming Jim Ross back to WCW and the broadcast position. They're joined by Bobby the Brain Heenan. Interestingly even with Ross's inclusion which must have taken many fans completely by surprise they make no mention of the WWF buyout.

nWo problems lead to a fallout?

Schiavone and the boys are cut off by the nWo's music as they make their way out to the ring. Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Dibiase, Bischoff, Savage, Syxx, and numerous other members make their way out. The only notable exception is Scott Hall.

Hogan: You know it seems to me brutha that we got a few chinks in the nWo armour right now man. See when I look across this ring at the likes of you Big Sexy I gotta wonder just what's going on in the mind. Now I heard all kinds of things gettin said while I was away in Chicago so here's how it is. You got something to say to me, lets just lay it all out right here right now.

Nash: Oh you aint gotta worry about me Hollywood. Ya know back when this all began me and Scottie made a vow. It stood then, and it stands now. This is 4 Life! If you're looking for problems right now then you're looking at the wrong guy. Why don't you go find Nick Patrick and ask where his head's at, huh? Or better, what's going on with Bischoff and Savage right now? You think the new World order's got problems? You're lookin in the wrong direction if ya think they're comin from me.

Hogan looks around to the fans as Savage starts pointing fingers at Bischoff, speaking in that pronounced slow manner

Savage: That's the man right there, yeeah! Last night after I got done with Page I got him up in my face. The Macho Man might be down... 4 Life yeeeaaah! but I aint down for Eric Bischoff! You keep him outta my way, I'll stay outta his.

Bischoff: Wooah woooah wait a minute, Randy, please. I was just........

Bischoff gets cut off by Savage stepping up into his face and grabbing him by the throat. Nash steps across to intervene as Savage lets go, but doesn't back up an inch.

Hogan: See this is the crap I'm talkin about. I leave you guys alone for one week while I'm in Chicago with Rodzilla and you let it all fall apart. You two guys can sort out your differences once and for all, so tonight "Macho Man", "Eazy E's" gonna be in you corner brutha.

Savage: Ohhhh no! He aint comin anywhere near me tonight!

Hogan: I'm in charge around here, Bischoff you're following him out there tonight. Now where the hell's that nWo loser Scott Hall anyway. Man, I needa talk to that nWoite

Nash steps up towards Hogan looking him in the eyes

Nash: nWo loser? See you might forget this Hollywood but this whole thing goes back before you. When you talk about 4 Life! There's only one other man who's been there since the beginning and that's Scottie.

Hogan: Well seeing as he's your buddy, maybe you wanna let us know.......

Hogan gets cut off by Lex Luger's music from the back, Luger steps out in his wrestling attire, long blonde hair, simple black trunks as he walks out with a microphone.

Luger: Hey Hogan, I don't know whether you got back from Chicago in time to watch the Pay Per View last night but I went through three men to get a shot at that World Title belt around your waist. After my good friend the Giant stepped aside and let me win a match against three of the toughest men in World Championship Wrestling I deserve my shot and HOGAN, I want it tonight!

Hogan turns to Nash, looking at him for a moment before the two appear to be communicating. Hogan looks back to Luger

Hogan: You know what, you can go through three WCW men but that aint a real test Luger. This night's gonna be all about test's brutha. I'm talkin about the gut check for my nWo brutha's, and I'm talkin about a real test for you Luger, not like you had last night with those WCW flunkies. Big Sexy, you betta prove to me that you're down with this tonight and take him out. Luger you got your match brutha, you got it with Big Sexy, Kevin Nash!


Rey Mysterio Jr d. Psychosis

The Cruiser's got the in ring action underway for the night and put on a really decent opener. The crowd barely seemed into it at all but Rey and Psychosis showed their chemistry. Fresh off a win against Ultimo Dragon at Spring Stampede Rey was in line for a Cruiserweight title shot according to Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone. Rey picked up the fairly quick win over Psychosis with a springboard Frankensteiner at 5:37 before climbing up to the top rope and motioning that he wanted a belt around his waist.

Overall: 55

Crowd: 43

Match: 82

======Ad Break======

That's hardly cricket now is it

After the break the announce team take us back to something that went down backstage during the commercial break. Prince Iaukea is shown down in the back somewhere, draped over a table as Lord Steven Regal punches him square in the face dropping him to the floor. Lee Marshall has a cameraman with him as he starts shouting out for help. A startled Regal, who realises he's being filmed, turns and scarpers off screen.


The Giant d. Scott Norton

The Giant came out to the ring and called out any member of the nWo who wanted a match. He said that as he wouldn't be facing Hogan for the belt, having handed the honour over to Luger, he wanted to break some nWo bones right now. He didn't have to wait long as Scott Norton came storming out of the back with an intense look on his face. Norton got right up into the Giant's face and began pounding away with clubbing forearms, staggering him back. It didn't take long for the Giant to shrug off a big blow and level Norton with a headbutt. The two men traded big blows again until nWo Japan member Masahiro Chono ran out from the back and slid into the ring. The Giant turned around and walked straight into a Yakuza Kick from Chono. The Giant stumbled backwards as Chono ran off the ropes and hit another massive Yakuza Kick, this time toppling the Giant who fell to the mat as the referee declared him the winner by disqualification at 2:18

Overall: 59

Crowd: 68

Match: 64

WCW TV Title: Lord Steven Regal d. Prince Iaukea

WCW Got the belt off Iaukea in this one which was no bad thing. Regal stiffed Iaukea up from the start, who appeared to have a cut on his forehead from the earlier attack by Regal. Iaukea tried to mount brief flurries of offence but was always cut off by Regal who simply outmuscled him, particularly with Iaukea's earlier injuries. After Iaukea missed a missile dropkick Regal leapt onto him locking in the STF on the mat to pick up the win by submission at 5:27

Overall: 53

Crowd: 45

Match: 73

======Ad Break======

Disco Inferno d. Macho Man Randy Savage w/Elizabeth & Eric Bischoff

After the break Disco was already in the ring in a pair of stripey flairs. Savage looked uneasy with Bischoff leading him out, standing by Elizabeth and constantly getting in a scared Bischoff's face and telling him to back off. It was all Savage for the majority of the match as he literally beat Disco up in the ring. Savage took him apart before Elizabeth got up onto the apron on one side of the ring and distracted the referee. Bischoff got up on the other side, pulling something that looked like a set of knuckle dusters out of his coat pocket. Savage went to whip Disco towards Eric but Disco reversed it to a massive pop from the crowd as Bischoff nailed Savage in the head with the knucks. Savage stumbled around and got hit with the Last Dance by Disco who picked up the win at 7:57. Bischoff was straight into the ring and nailed Disco with a roundhouse kick. Savage came around and immediately grabbed Bischoff and started jawing with him. Savage was blaming Bischoff for the loss but seemed content to take his frustration out on Disco. That was until Diamond Dallas Page charged out from the back and slid into the ring. Savage rolled out, taking Elizabeth with him. Bischoff slowly turned around realising he'd been left alone as Page pulled him in and BANG! Diamond Cutter.

Overall: 69

Crowd: 78

Match: 75

Ultimo Dragon d. Ace Darling

The next match provided probably the most intriguing moment of the night so far. Still no actual acknowledgement of the WWF buyout but definitely an indication that something was happening. Dragon was alone again, no Sonny Onoo, as he put on a decent enough match with his overmatched opponent. The main focus was two men walking through the crowd to take up ringside seats though. Schiavone went crazy once he realised who it was, HOLLYWOOD BLONDES!!! Schiavone referred to them as their old tag team name in WCW, it was Brian Pillman and Steve Austin. Ross said he had no idea why they were here but that times had changed since these two were teaming together. The Dragon got the win with the Dragon Sleeper at 4:20 as Pillman and Austin in their street clothes stood up to clap the Japanese Cruiserweight

Overall: 52

Crowd: 40

Match: 77

The Heat want their belts back

Mean Gene Okerlund comes out from the back to conduct an interview near the entrance to the arena with Harlem Heat. He calls them out as they're led by Sister Sherri in a dodgy white catsuit.

Okerlund: Booker T, Stevie Ray, I've gotta ask the question, after your defeat last night at the hands of Lex Luger in the four way, how unified do you guys stand?

Booker: You wanna talk about unity Mean Gene? We'll show you unity out in that ring tonight against the Public Enemy. It don't get no tighter than brothers like me and Stevie Ray. See we may have lost last night and neither of us got a shot at the World title but now we got our eyes set on another title held by the nWo right now. We're coming to get our tag team titles back.

Okerlund: What have you gotta say Stevie Ray?

Stevie: Hey Booker's got it right Gene, see we're brothers and when you're from the mean streets of Harlem it aint never gonna get any tighter than that. We been fighting side by side on the streets all our life so tonight the Public Enemy better watch their backs. We're going through you, and then we want our titles back. Outsiders? Get ready to knuckle up suckaaas!


======Ad Break======

Harlem Heat w/Sister Sherri d. Public Enemy

The Public Enemy were already on their way to the ring carrying a table as the show came back frmo the break. As Harlem Heat came out from the back Grunge and Rock charged at them to kickstart the match in the aisle. All four men began to brawl with Grunge getting tossed into the crowd before Rock was dragged back to the ring. This amounted to little more than a squash match really as Grunge and Rock bumped their asses off for Booker and Stevie who were always going over. Flyboy Rocco Rock had set the table up on the outside, although probably wished he hadn't after Stevie Ray press slammed him out over the top through the table leaving Booker to hit the Harlem Hangover on Grunge for the win at 4:44.

Overall: 63

Crowd: 64

Match: 77

Flair's first match back ready to go?

After the match it's time for Mean Gene Okerlund to come out for another interview, this time into the ring. He calls out the Nature Boy Ric Flair who makes his traditional Space Mountain, robed, entrance as the crowd go wild.

Okerlund: Now I was in Tupelo last night for Spring Stampede and I gotta say one of the highlight's for me was the return of this man right here to World Championship Wrestling, I'm talking about the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Now, I know there's problems with the nWo, I know there's problems with individuals, but right now I have one question to put to you and that's the future of the Four Horsemen. Can the guys become a cohesive unit once more?

Flair: MEAN WOOO GENE! Man it sure feels great to be back in front of you people. It seems in my absence that men who I chose to ride with me, men who I thought could run with the ball Gene. I'm talkin about men like the Crippler Chris Benoit. Steve Mongo McMichael. The new Nature Boy as endosed by ME GENE WOOOOO, Jeff Jarrett! See, when I went away to have my body put back together I thought I could leave the Horsemen legacy in capable hands but I was wrong. for more than a decade the Horseman tradition has dominated World Championship Wrestling and you can bet that now I'm back I'm takin it upon myself to pull us back together.

Okerlund: I better believe it Naitch. I'd like to take a moment as well just to reflect on the career of a great friend of yours, a man who tomorrow goes in for neck surgery, a man that the Horsemen and WCW could really use right now, the Enforcer Arn Anderson......... wait a minute, what is this? Syxx?

Before they can get any further Syxx of the nWo comes out from the back as the nWo music plays. Syxx has a mic but it's Flair who gets the first word in.

Flair: SYXX! Before you take just one more step, this is Horseman business. You take your whiney little nWo behind to the back pal.

Syxx: Oh ya see Flair, I could. Or I could step up into that ring and we can do it right now?

Flair: You're challenging me? He's? Gene, did I? He's challenging the Nature Boy? That's right, isn't it? You're challenging me Syxx?

Syxx: That's right I am old man

Flair: Now we both know the Nature Boy's not cleared to wrestle until May 1st, but here's what I'll do Syxx. Monday Nitro, MAY 5TH! It's gonna be you and me one on one. FIRST MATCH BACK SYXX, FIRST MATCH! You're gonna be stepping in with the world's greatest athlete Syxx WOOOOO.

Syxx: You got it old man, first match back you're getting retired Flair!


======Ad Break======

Lex Luger nc. Kevin Nash w/Ted Dibiase & Vincent

When the show came back from the break it was main event time. Luger got a great reception from the crowd. Nash was accompanied by an uneasy looking Dibiase and nWo stooge Vincent as he made his way to the ring, stopping for a moment to eyeball Pillman and Austin at ringside. Luger managed to match power with Nash early on, and used his speed to outmaneuvre the larger man. The crowd were really into the action as the camera once again focused on the surprised front row guests, Austin and Pillman. As the match went on Nash started to get on top, and with Luger down told Dibiase to start unbuckling the turnbuckle pad as Vincent distracted the referee. Dibiase refused as Nash went nuts. Nash shoved him back but Dibiase simply turned and walked out. As Nash turned around he walked straight into a running forearm from Luger. With Dibiase down the nWo sent in the troops as Scott Norton and Masahiro Chono came running from the back. Luger dropped both men off the apron as the Giant followed with an angry look on his face, focusing right on Chono and Norton. As the fight between the Giant and Chono spilled into the ring the referee threw the match out at 6:17 just as Luger looked set to get Nash up into the rack. Norton clipped him from behind as Hollywood Hogan came out to the entranceway. With the brawl ensuing in the ring Ross and Schiavone went nuts as Brian Pillman and Steve Austin jumped the guardrail and slid into the ring. Schiavone speculated that they were more nWo as they ran out of time and the show went off the air, Pillman and Austin about to make a move towards Luger, Chono, Norton, Nash and the Giant.

Overall: 72

Crowd: 83

Match: 76

Overall Show: 66

TV Rating: 6.49

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TWAlliance.com Present…

IPB Image

Titan Wrestling

The McMahon’s started the show again like last week but this week it was all about making Hennig sound like the best in the business and the Road Warriors sound very bad. Hennig was about treat us to his Perfect catchphrase when the Road Warriors music hit! The road warriors said they wanted revenge and unless Animal was given a chance to get that title, they would quit! Vince McMahon said that though he would love to get rid of the Road Warriors, They seemed to get good ratings so a decision would be announced later

The Fallen Angels all teamed up today to take on Christopher Daniels and his chosen Tag team, York and Matthews. Suryel showed what technical wrestling was all about with 10 suplex in one to the poor Christian York! Daniels then gave Suryel a master class in technique with several counters in a row followed by a snap suplex over the top rope! The Finish came when Daniels set up the last right but Laell low-blowed Daniels so Styles could get the 3 count following the Angel wings

The Island Boyz stand in the ring, a week of a very impressive victory over York and Matthews and said they could beat absolutely ANY tag team in the back, Blitzkrieg and Taka Michinoku came out shouting stuff in Japanese, Teddy long had a word with a translator and told the Island Boyz that them two were Hi-Fli and they would challenge the Island Boyz

The islanders got out-paced through most of the match and this got them frustrated! When the tried hit the island drop and Kimo threw Taka to Ekmo, Ekmo set up the atomic driver but Blitzkrieg dropkicked his partner out of his opponent hands before hitting a dropkick that sent both men out of the ring, similar to York’s dropkick last week! Taka set up Ekmo for the swinging DDT but unluckily his Ankle twisted and he had to give the end of the match to Blitzkrieg! Ekmo went for a clothesline on Blitz but Krieg ducked and Ekmo sent his own Partner out the ring! Ekmo turned around into a Hurricanrana pin which got the pin count!

Kamala and Chris Kanyon went at each other a Hell of a brawl! Kanyon went to all odds to knock the legend to the ground, but he just couldn’t do it! After taking plenty of punishment, Kamala started fighting back! Kamala pushed his opponent and started punching at the Cocky Youngsters mid-section before grabbing Kanyon and throwing him at the ground. Kamala bounced off the ropes and planted Kanyon with a Ugandan Big Splash! This got Kamala the 3 count and made Kanyon extremely annoyed!

Vince McMahon and his alliance came down to the ring. Vince said that he come up with a decision and he said that the decision was that Animal could get a title shot and it would be a No-Interruptions allowed, No-Holds-Barred match IF he can beat Tony Atlas……. AND a Mystery Opponent and new member of his alliance in a tornado 2-on-1 handicap match!

Nobody turned up at the start of the match so the fans were treated to a Brawl between Atlas and Animal. Atlas nearly finished the match with a power slam but Animal nearly escaped. Animal set up a match ending Powerbomb but Mark Henry hit the ring! Henry started beating down on Animal. Hawk hit the ring only to get hit by a doomsday device replica from Henry/Atlas before Henry locked in the Backbreaker submission hold onto Animal. Animal reached for the rope or whatever he could but he couldn’t reach anything, he saw his title hopes disappear as he was forced to tap out!

Vince grabbed a mic and stood over Animal as he shouted that Animal wasn’t getting his shot. Hawk was back on his feet and started to brawl with The Alliance but he was quickly beat. The alliance rose each others hands expecting it to be the end of the show but that was until the Road Warriors trademark ‘Oh, What a Rush!’ hit the P.A system, the McMahon’s fled the ring for safety as the wrestlers in the alliance got into position, That’s when Rhino, who appears to be a new member of the Road Warriors, came through the crowd and entered the ring where he Gored (speared) every Alliance Member one by One! The Road Warriors got to their feet and rose Rhino’s hand and pointed at the Fleeing McMahon family who had pure fear on their faces!

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It's 1997 and you've got AJ STYLES? Ridiculous. Research the time period before you write next time. (For anybody wondering, Styles didn't debut until 1999.)

I'd like to see this addressed. It absolutely kills any credibility your diary may have had (well, that and the sub-standard writing). Please explain this error.

Oh, and everyone knows there's warnings for postwhoring now, right?

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Jayden's half of the diary is rolling along nicely, as it normally does with a writer of his caliber. However, JKDaRock's half is bringing down the diary. There are some ideas there, but the shows are disjointed and hard to follow. Maybe it will get better with time, but as of right now, it's pretty sub-par.

Also, Vengeance is spelled wrong in your last show.

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www.wcwpronews.com - 08/04/97

There was a lot of disappointment surrounding the Ultimo Dragon, Ace Darling match in the WCW locker room last night. Apparently more was expected from these two and the product they delivered didn't impress anyone working behind the scenes. The majority of the blame is being heaped onto Darling though, as Dragon is one of the biggest draws of WCW's Cruiserweight Division and it's unknown as to whether Darling will be given another such opportunity on WCW programming. If the match was a disappointment at least WCW officials can rest assured that nobody was watching the action anyway. Everyone was too busy checking out Steve Austin and Brian Pillman at ringside.


There are concerns within the Turner Corporation right now regarding the size of World Championship Wrestling's wage bill. With the acquisition of the WWF and all of their contracted talent it was expected that WCW would make a series of roster cuts to compensate for the new talent coming in. This has not been the case, many feel that was due to the creation of Vince McMahon's short lived venture back into the wrestling world, the Titan Wrestling Alliance. Now just two shows in McMahon has deemed the project a huge failure and can't sustain the losses that they've made on their first two weekly Pay Per Views. The ideas behind the promotion were innovative and new, but apparently unmanageable as buy rates were far lower than predicted. With no competition waiting to snap up any rejected talent it will be interesting to see whether WCW continues to retain all of its contracted staff.


The feeling backstage following the show towards Pillman and Austin's roles in the show was for the most part positive. It was felt that they made sufficient impact and created intrigue at this point in time. WCW are likely to run the footage of what went down after the show ended on next week's Nitro. Austin has apparently been welcomed back into WCW with open arms, although the atmosphere between him and many of the WCW off screen staff, most notably and unsurprisingly Eric Bischoff, has been tense to say the least. Bischoff met with Austin personally before the show and its felt a number of their differences have been settled but it still appears to be far from an easy working relationship.

OOC: The middle piece of news there does indeed mean that the split is off and JkDaRock's no longer going to be doing the TWA promotion. From now on it's simply the WWF buyout diary, which to be fair should provide enough to work with for it not to need to be a split anyway. Side note as well Glenneth, thanks for the kinds words but surely you have me confused with someone else? "writer of his caliber"? ;)

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Not really you're a great writer Jayden....great shows so far I like the tension between the nWo I like how you used Public Enemy and Harlem Heat I am a big mark for both teams keep up the goodwork and also PILLMAN AND AUSTIN being used is great

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WCW Saturday Night

Saturday 12th April, 1997

Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbysko

Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbysko welcome us to Saturday Night as the camera pans around the small studio "arena". They announce that tonight we'll see Jim Powers against John Tenta as well as Meng, Public Enemy and the Giant all in action before leading us into a recap video.

Flair's first match back all set

Okerlund: I better believe it Naitch. I'd like to take a moment as well just to reflect on the career of a great friend of yours, a man who tomorrow goes in for neck surgery, a man that the Horsemen and WCW could really use right now, the Enforcer Arn Anderson......... wait a minute, what is this? Syxx?

Before they can get any further Syxx of the nWo comes out from the back as the nWo music plays. Syxx has a mic but it's Flair who gets the first word in.

Flair: SYXX! Before you take just one more step, this is Horseman business. You take your whiney little nWo behind to the back pal.

Syxx: Oh ya see Flair, I could. Or I could step up into that ring and we can do it right now?

Flair: You're challenging me? He's? Gene, did I? He's challenging the Nature Boy? That's right, isn't it? You're challenging me Syxx?

Syxx: That's right I am old man

Flair: Now we both know the Nature Boy's not cleared to wrestle until May 1st, but here's what I'll do Syxx. Monday Nitro, MAY 5TH! It's gonna be you and me one on one. FIRST MATCH BACK SYXX, FIRST MATCH! You're gonna be stepping in with the world's greatest athlete Syxx WOOOOO.

Syxx: You got it old man, first match back you're getting retired Flair!

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www.wcwpronews.com - 14/04/97

It appears that Ace Darling's WCW career could be an incredibly short one. It was deemed that his match with Ultimo Dragon on last week's Nitro wasn't delivered in the way that WCW would have liked, with most of the blame being heeped onto Ace. Then last week when he turned up for the Saturday Night TV Tapings only to be told that he was to job to Meng. If you saw that match you'll know it was booked to be a complete squash. In that position you'd expect most new WCW undercard workers to learn from it and move on looking to perform better the next time they got a shot on Nitro. Not Ace, instead he went to WCW President Eric Bischoff and demanded to be given a better spot, an action which has not gone down well with Bischoff at all. I can almost picture Darling jobbing to the Barbarian on Saturday Night next week already.


There was no WCW {Pro} last night as it was pre-empted by the baseball running late. Baseball getting the nod over {Pro} is happening with great regularity at the moment and there are rumours that the Turner network are considering ditching it altogether. While it is admittedly WCW's number three show right now with their hugely inflated roster there is some serious suggestion that WCW are looking into running a new secondary midweek show, much bigger than Saturday Night but still playing second string to Nitro. We'll keep you updated on developments there.


Brian Pillman's cameo appearance on Nitro this week was followed by a telephone interview on Jimmy Falzone's Wrestlerock radio show on Thursday. It's been all over the internet since. Below is a transcript from a segment of the interview. Work, or shoot? We have our own views on it but for now why don't you decide for yourselves.

Falzone: ...... blatantly, which brings me onto my next point. What was going down Monday night Brian. I mean, we all saw Nitro and everyone knows now about the WWF buy out. It's gonna be a hell of an angle, so what went down after the show ended?

Pillman: Angle? There's no angle Jimmy Falzone. What happened after the show stopped airing was me and Steve turning up the heat and kicking butt. We bought our tickets like everybody else, come on Jimmy, you're smarter than that. After everything I went through with that damned company and the likes of Eric Bischoff do you think I'd be walking back there to work for them? Hell, those idiots released me from my contract just to make one of those "Angles" you're talkin about seem more legit. WCW doesn't know its head from its ass Falzone. And, and look at it like this. You remember what they did to Steve? Last time I checked once somebody fires you by fax, you don't go running back to work for them. Monday night was about making a statement and we sure as hell did that. Oh and just for the record, Eric, if you're listening you snivelling piece of crap then you pay attention to this. You can take any contract offer you had for us and stick it straight up Tony Schiavone's ass for all I care. Eric...... fuck you, you lieing cheating yellow piece of shit!

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WCW Monday Nitro

Monday 14th April, 1997

Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan

Attendance: 7027

What are you affraid to show us Hollywood?

The show starts off at the broadcast position as Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan immediately address the subject of the ending of last week's show, with Brian Pillman and Steve Austin leaping over the barriers at ringside to get to the ring. Schiavone promises us the video and it begins to play but as soon as Pillman and Austin are shown jumping the guardrail the video abruptly cuts off as a surprised Jim Ross notes that the nWo's music has just started playing. Hollywood Hogan leads out Syxx, Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff, Masahiro Chono, Michael Wallstreet, Buff Bagwell and Ted Dibiase. There are a few absentees but most notably, again, Scott Hall. Also missing is the Macho Man Randy Savage as Hogan cuts Schiavone off and Nash and Syxx start threatening the announcers. Heenan immediately jumps up out of his seat and scarpers off screen while Nash takes Heenan's seat and starts poking Schiavone relentlessly in the face, the irritation welling up in Schiavone's miserable face.

Hogan: You can hold it right there Schiavone, there aint gonna be no footage shown tonight brutha. We got Vincent and big Norton in the production truck seeing to that. You aint gotta worry Schiavone, we're not taking over your show tonight. The new World order's got bigger things on their mind. All the nWoites gotta realise brutha, is that this is a big night for the new World order. We're calling the shots around here so tonight if WCW want to have our little buddy Syxx defending his Cruiserweight title against some Mexican Jumping Bean then we want a title shot too. Steven Regal you get that TV title belt shined up because later on tonight you're gonna defend it against this man right here!

[Hogan points towards Michael Wallstreet]

Hogan: Oh yes, that's right Mr Wallstreet. You're gonna go out there and bring back that title to the nWo tonight. Syxx is taking out the little Mexican midget. Who else got a match tonight?

Bagwell: Hey, that'll be me. Tonight, I've got the world's greatest body in that ring....... just like I do every night hahahaaa. But I'm wrestling some guy named Loser? Lex, Loser?

Hogan: Hahahahahaaa, that's right little Buffy. Luger you can forget about title shots my friend because you aint gonna get past the Stuff tonight brutha. Now, who else, who else wants to step up to the plate?

[Masahiro Chono steps up to Bischoff and starts talking in his ear, Bischoff in turn whispers something into Hogan's ear. At this point Nash is still prodding Schiavone repeatedly in the side of the face and Syxx is ruffling up his hair every few seconds]

Hogan: Hahahahaa, that's right, that big old oaf the Giant. Giant, I almost forgot about you. We've heard you calling out Mr Chono and my Japanese nWo brutha's not one to back down from a challenge so tonight Giant it's going to be you and Chono one on one dude. It's gutcheck time tonight. See you need to realise Giant that you had a piece of this, you had a part of the hottest thing going in professional wrestling today and ya threw it away like garbage Giant. Well yuo'd better get that face ready for a Japanese size 16! You want your show back Schiavone?

[Hogan drops the mic headset he'd taken off Ross to speak with and leaves the broadcast position to the nWo music playing once again]

Nash: See ya later Schiavone

[Nash poked Schiavone in the face one last time as he gets up and leaves]


Ultimo Dragon d. Rey Mysterio Jr

As is often the case it was up to the Cruiser's to get the in ring action going for the night. Dragon's outfit was mostly pink and purple tonight, as Rey had one of his more spiderman-esque ones on. Dragon was again not accompanied by Sonny Onoo as the two Cruiser's started things out. Schiavone, once he was done talking about everything that just went down with the nWo pointed out that the winner of this match would be in line for a shot at the Cruiserweight title in the near future. The offence and exchanges in this one were incredible, there was no feeling out process although that was probably due to the contraints of it being a tv match and not having a great deal of time. Dragon unloaded with a series of kicks early on but as he went for a roundhouse to finish the combination Rey Jr ducked underneath it and dropkicked out Dragon's other leg.

All the usual spots were here and came off superbly. Dragon's handstand in the corner before kicking out at a bewildered Mysterio was followed up by a missile dropkick from the Dragon. Mysterio fought back and managed to clear Dragon out of the ring before running across looking set to launch himself out. Noticing that Dragon was up Rey did the 360 through the ropes to stop himself. As Ultimo Dragon turned away Rey launched himself out over the top into a Frankensteiner on the outside. After a series of exchanges and near falls it was Dragon who scored the win. Rey sprung himself in from the outside into the Frankensteiner but Dragon blocked it and turned it into a running Liger Bomb to pick up the win at 6:14

Overall: 79

Crowd: 58

Match: 100

======Ad Break======

Jim Powers d. Glacier

When the show came back from the break we were treated to Glacier's fancy entrance, complete with lasers. Despite Jim Ross mentioning the surprise win that Powers got over John Tenta on Saturday Night nobody expected the muscular Powers to get another win here but that's what happened. After an initial flurry of offence from Glacier involving a series of a kicks followed by a roundhouse sweep to take Powers down to the mat the match became more even. After Glacier missed charging into the corner Powers, much like against Tenta, slammed Glacier's head into the turnbuckle 9 times in succession before running across the ring with him to the opposite corner for a tenth. Still having hold of Glacier's head Powers spun around and turned it into a bulldog in the centre of the ring for the win at 4:44.

Overall: 46

Crowd: 41

Match: 51

Lord Steven Regal d. Michael Wallstreet w/Vincent & Scott Norton - WCW Television Title

After Powers scored his win Regal was straight out to the ring with a microphone calling out Wallstreet for their Television title match. Regal referred to himself as one of WCW's great hopes right now, at least he held a title. Wallstreet made his way out in trunks and an nWo t shirt accompanied by Vincent and Scott Norton. The build in this one was slow as both men exchanged holds early on. Regal looked to have Wallstreet owned hold for hold as Jim Ross talked through the in ring credentials of both men. The match became a really solid technical encounter as the action drew on until first Vincent, and then Norton tried to get involved. Regal hit a butterfly suplex in the middle of the ring and looked set to lock in the Regal Stretch until Vincent leapt up onto the apron. He was met by a Regal European Uppercut that knocked him down to the arena floor. Norton got up on the other side of the ring but with the referee still shouting at Vincent who was laying on the floor Regal pulled some sort of knuckles out of his tights and smacked Norton in the head with it knocking him out cold and down to the floor. As Wallstreet turned around to get to Regal, Regal threw another shot connecting to Wallstreet's head and making the cover for the three count at 8:04. Regal made his way backstage with the Television title having left three nWo members down and out.

Overall: 57

Crowd: 40

Match: 74

======Ad Break======

Now who would want to do that to an American Male?

When the show came back from the break Schiavone sent us straight to Lee Marshall in the back. Marshall had a cameraman with him as the shot showed someone laying face down unconscious and a couple of medics tending to them. Marshall explained that it was Scotty Riggs but nobody had seen what happened. Heenan speculated that it had to be the nWo, and most likely, Riggs former tag team partner Buff Bagwell as Marshall sent it back to the ring.


Replace one American Male with another

Mean Gene Okerlund was waiting on the arena floor by the entrance to conduct an interview but had nobody to interview.

Okerlund: I, I don't know what's going on here but I was supposed to be joined at this time by none other than the American Male Scotty Riggs but as you've just seen I don't think he's going to be....... what in the?

[some unfamiliar music starts to play as a tall blonde haired guy wearing a pair of blue jeans and shirt comes out. He doesn't get the best of responses from the crowd, many of whom might not have been sure who he was]

Okerlund: Billy Gunn? What is this? Did you have something to do with what we just saw, with Scotty Riggs laid out in the back?

Gunn: You're damn right I did Okerlund. Unless you hadn't noticed I'm out of a job right now and wanted to get myself a little tv time. So, come on, don't get any questions for me?

Okerlund: This is... you can't just walk in here and attack someone like that. You want a job? You take it to the president Gunn!

Gunn: Well if you've got nothing to ask me Geano then you can hand over that microphone and get your ass outta here

Okerlund: What is the meaning of........

[Gunn grabs the microphone away from Okerlund's mouth and pushes him off. Gene looks back at him shocked and angry for a few moments before stepping out to the back. Gunn starts to walk slowly to the ring with the microphone as Schiavone tells Jim Ross this is despicable.]

Gunn: Now we got rid of the bald guy in the tux how about I answer the questions I know you're all dieing to know the answer to. Just what is Billy Gunn doing on this stinking hellhole of a show? Like I said, thanks to that McMahon idiot screwing everything up I'm out of a job and the only place to turn is "dubbya see dubbya". See I aint bitter about the WWF being gone, I cared for them about as much as I do for this place, but I wanna earn me some money. So now that you people have a real star waiting in the wings to carry this piece of crap on his back why don't you bring someone out here to offer me a contract!

[Gunn is now standing in the middle of the ring as he waits for someone to come from the back. After a few moments Donuts Dillinger heads out with a few generic WCW Security guys accompanying him. Gunn stands in the ring laughing until the last possible moment before leaping out the back of the ring through the ropes and hightailing it out through the crowd, stopping once he's in with the fans to flip Dillinger the bird before carrying on through the fans who seem at least partly confused. I'm really not sure everyone in the audience had a clue what Gunn was talking about but it worked ok]


Lex Luger d. Buff Bagwell

Lex Luger made his entrance first, his long blonde hair and impressive physique on show for the world to see. Bagwell was accompanied, briefly, by Vincent. Bagwell grabbed a mic and told Vincent to go backstage as he had more than enough to take care of Luger on his own. The match, thankfully, was fairly short lived and the action was far from great. They traded clotheslines, sloppy neckbreakers, and equally sloppy powerslams. Bagwell tried to cheat his way into the match, at one point giving Luger a blatant low blow. As the referee reprimanded him for it Bagwell cowered away in the corner insisting that he was sorry. As soon as the referee turned back around Bagwell looked straight into the camera, saying "I'm not really, hahahaaaa". It wasn't long before Luger hit a running forearm to set up the Torture Rack but as he went for it Vincent came running out from the back. Vincent got up into the ring hitting Luger in the mid section forcing him to drop Bagwell. The referee called for the dq at 4:09 as the two men began beating down on Luger. DDP came running out from the back and into the ring, and got a pretty decent pop. He turned Vincent around and hit the Diamond Cutter on him. Bagwell started laying into DDP with forearms and punches before climbing up onto the middle turnbuckle and giving the sign for the Blockbuster. As he did though, Page was there to meet him with a shot to the gut before hitting the Diamond Cutter out of the corner to leave two more nWo members down. Page helped Luger up and raised his hand as the ring announcer called Luger as the winner by disqualification.

Overall: 62

Crowd: 64

Match: 59

======Ad Break======

Syxx d. Juventud Guerrera - WCW Cruiserweight Title

After the break it was time for more Cruiserweight action, this time with the title on the line. Syxx came out alone as Schiavone and Ross pointed out that it had been a bad night for the nWo thus far. Syxx turned that around for them though with an impressive win. Juventud had his moments and got some good offence in but there were no near falls, and no real vision of him coming through and taking the title. On Juvi's part the match turned into a high flying attack which ended up costing him. After Juvi went over the top with a plancha only to be met Syxx catching him and helping him on his way to the guardrail at ringside the match looked all but over. Syxx rolled him back into the ring and locked in the Buzzkiller (cross faced chicken wing) to secure the nWo's first win of the night and retain his title by submission at 6:00. After the bell Syxx put his Cruiserweight title belt over his shoulder and looked into the camera telling Flair he could expect the same on May 5th.

Overall: 71

Crowd: 56

Match: 86

Harlem Heat w/Sister Sherri d. Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael w/Debra McMichael

The problems with Jarrett and Mongo recently were apparent as soon as they made their entrance. Debra seemed more intent on following Jarrett out than she did her husband, something that Mongo seemed unhappy with as he pulled her back by the arm to be next to him. The former tag team champions, Harlem Heat look fired up and ready to go as they came out to the ring, with Stevie Ray saying into the camera on his way to the ring, "we live for this". Early on it was a slow feeling out process between Booker and Jarrett, certainly the two most competent wrestlers in the match but it didn't take long before the women on the outside made their mark. Sherri tried to get to Debra which prompted Mongo to get down off the apron just as Jarrett tried to make a tag. Jarrett was forced to turn around straight into a Stevie Ray boot to the face.

Sherri seemed intent on getting to Debra for most of the match, although quite why there was supposed to be so much animosity was never explained. Maybe Sherri's jealous that she doesn't have boobs like that anymore. The two teams fought back and forth in a really evenly matched contest until the tension between Mongo and Jarrett intensified. As Jarrett grabbed Booker T from behind, from the apron, Mongo ran at him with a big boot but as Booker got out of the way all he connected with was Jarrett's face. This sent Jarrett backwards off the apron, straight onto Debra laying her out too. As Mongo looked out over the top shouting something down to them both Booker tagged in Stevie Ray who clubbed Mongo in the back of the head with a forearm, and as he spun around grabbed him up in a big spinebuster to pick up the win at 9:31. After the bell, and Harlem Heat had made their way backstage, Mongo picked himself up and started shouting at Jarrett and Debra who were on the floor together on the outside as the show went into a commercial break.

Overall: 71

Crowd: 56

Match: 86

======Ad Break======

Which way do you swing Mongo?

When the show came back from commercial Steve McMichael, Jeff Jarrett and Debra were all arguing in the ring. All three of them stopped and turned as Space Mountain started to play and the Nature Boy made his usualy robed entrance. He walked briskly to the ring and stepped up onto the apron. Eventually McMichael came across the ring and held the ropes open for Flair to step through.

Flair: What am I looking at? While I'm out having my body put back together I leave the Horsemen in hands that I thought were capable. What on God's green earth are you guys playing at? Huh? HUH? Jarret do you know how many times I had to listen to Arn tell me that you weren't the one? Do you know how hard I fought your corner? And you Mongo, you're a Horseman dammit, A HORSEMAN! What do you.......

[Debra steps over to Flair, putting a hand on his chest]

Debra: Now Ric baby, you know that these guys are a little..... highly strung. Hell, Jeff moreso than Steve sometimes, but darlin, now that you're back big boy we can sort all this out.

Flair: Oh Debra, my sweet little babydoll. You know what? We can sort this out......... IF YOU'D JUST GET OUTTA OUR RING! WOOOOOOO! WHAT...... RIGHT...... DO YOU HAVE....... to step up into OUR ring? Get out NOW!

[A startled Debra gets chased out of the ring by Flair who even kicks her in the butt on her way out. She stands out on the floor looking up at them]

Flair: MONGO when you stepped up to be a Horseman you knew what it meant. Simple choice pal, it's her or us. There's no place in the Horsemen for Mrs Debra McMichael! Jarrett, you want to be a Horseman? You wanna ride with the big boys? Well, DO YA?

Jarrett: Yes, yes I wanna ride with the Horseman

Flair: Then that's the last time I wanna see that cute little trashbag out here. She's not one of us, SHE'S NOT A HORSEMAN!

[Jarrett looks away, brushing Flair off and stepping out through the ropes as Debra flutters her eyelids in his direction]

Flair: WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Oh so that's your choice Jarrett? That's it, you're done! Mongo, what's it to be Mongo?

[McMichael looks at Flair before looking down at the floor. He doesn't seem to want to leave but Debra's already leaving with her arm in Jarrett's. McMichael's jealousy takes over and he steps through the ropes after them]

Flair: You wanna spit on tradition Mongo? WE'RE HORSEMEN DAMMIT! HORSEMEN!

[McMichael catches up with Jarrett and Debra, quickly pulling Debra over to him and putting her arm in his as the three of them walk backstage arguing leaving an angry Flair alone in the ring]


The Giant d. Masahiro Chono

Chono was alone as he made his entrance for the show's main event in a long black trenchcoat with black tights. The Giant stomped intensely to the ring not taking his eyes of his Japanese opponent for a second as he got up onto the apron, stepped over the top rope and got ready for a fight. Chono unloaded early on with some stiff forearms and chops but the Giant simply shrugged them off and connected with a massive slap to Chono's chest. The match was nothing more than a fight in the early going as they traded striking blows until Chono got out of the way as the Giant charged him in the corner, hooking a leg and taking the Giant down to the mat. Chono tried to work the Giant over with weardown holds and submissions but it didn't last long.

The Giant took the fight to the outside and looked dominant once again. He slammed Chono into the guardrail at ringside before pushing him up against the ringpost and taking a step back. The Giant sprang forward but Chono sidestepped and the 7'2 monster connected with nothing but metal. Once again Chono went down low, chop blocking the leg and knocking the Giant down to the ground. Once they got back into the ring Chono got set for the Yakuza kick, running off the ropes and connecting, knocking the Giant down to one knee. Chono took a step back, looking like he was going to go for it again but this time the Giant grabbed his leg and musculed him up into position for the chokeslam. The crowd turned as Hollywood Hogan, sporting a chair, followed by Kevin Nash came running from the back.

Hogan hit the Giant in the back with the chair as the referee called for the dq at 7:55 before being tossed from the ring himself by Nash. Nash and Hogan held the Giant up as Chono ran off the ropes once more and cracked the Giant's skull with a massive Yakuza Kick. All three men pummelled the Giant until Nash saw something from above, pointing up. Someone was descending from the rafters.... STING! The crowd went nuts but as soon as he hit the ring everyone noticed he wasn't moving. Hogan prodded him with the chair and finally realised that it was just a dummy. Hogan laughed along with Nash and Chono but as the turned back around the Giant had got back up to his feet, and to make matters worse for the nWo Lex Luger was running out from the back. The Giant began to fight the three men off, dropping Chono with a headbutt before kicking Nash away. He turned to Hogan and tossed him through the ropes. Hogan stumbled up to his feet only to walk straight into the clutches of Luger. Luger got him up on his back, TORTURE RACK! as they ran out of time and the show ended with it looking like the other nWo goons were heading out towards the ring.

Overall: 65

Crowd: 66

Match: 63

Overall Show: 67

TV Rating: 6.44

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www.wcwpronews.com - 18/04/97

There were problems backstage throughout, and immediately after, Nitro airing live last Monday night. After the Luger Bagwell match Buff went straight to WCW road agent Danny Davis complaining that Luger was intentionally trying to make Bagwell look bad during the match. Davis managed to calm the situation by promising to speak to Luger after the show. Davis had no chance to approach him though as Luger, immediately after the show went off the air came to Davis (who had been assigned specifically to deal with talent relations on Monday night, something the majority of the locker room were aware of) insisting that Bagwell wasn't polished enough to be carrying his end in a match with someone of Luger's caliber. I know, I know, the notion of Lex Luger complaining that anyone he works with isn't a good enough in ring performer is a little shoddy but it's expected that these two will be kept apart as much as possible in future televised matches.


There was a certain sense of disappointment from a lot of fans following Monday's Nitro as WCW failed to cash in on the footage of Pillman and Austin in the ring at the end of the broadcast from the previous week. Judging by the way that Hogan and the nWo came out insisting that the tape not be shown, in essence hyping it further, I'd be surprised not to see it at some point. From what we've heard it's nothing out of the ordinary although Hogan himself did apparently taste the first Stone Cold Stunner of his career.


We got this report emailed in to us from a fan who was at the arena on Monday night for the show. There's a couple of points that you probably wouldn't have picked up on watching it on the air, we certainly didn't, so we thought we'd share it. Thanks to "dravencage" for sending this in to us.

"Not sure how any of this came across on tv but i tell you waht, being in that arena the audience seemed pretty confused at times. Like, they sent out Regal for us who's been a massive heel recently. But he's fighting the nWo, and not one of the cool nWo that we can cheer, but Wallstreet. Then Regal plays the hero, except he's cheating and being a heel all at the same time. Confusing stuff. Then there was the Billy Gunn segment. I mean, I knew who he was but from the reactions he was getting I'd say at least half that audience didn't have a clue. Also, I dunno at what point they cut off the feed for the show but with the whole segment at the end with Luger getting Hogan up and racked? Well, pretty much all of the rest of the nWo that we'd seen in the show earlier that night came out and attacked Luger, beating him and the Giant down. Then the real Sting came down from the ceiling and the nWo scattered from the ring eventually making their way backstage. Was a weird finish after the fake Sting dummy, and seeing about 12 or so guys run away from one man didn't make much sense either. Confusing night in that audience I can tell ya."

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