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WWE: 2005


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This diary really has no backstory, I started working for the WWE on the booking team a little while before Survivor Series and I gave a lot of ideas that Vince really kind of liked (I think he might've been sick or something), so, he gave me the job of head booker and now it's my duty to make things here at WWE better. I will start off by giving the Survivor Series results, this contains no spoilers.

WWE Championship

John Cena def. Kurt Angle to retian title, Angle attacks afterwards

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista def. Eddie Guerrero to retain the title, Eddie attacked afterwards

Team RAW def. Team Smackdown! when Shawn Michaels pinned JBL

Theodore Long def. Eric Bischoff

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ric Flair def. Triple H to retian the title, Triple H attacks afterwards, it's becoming a theme

World Tag Team Championships

Kane and Big Show def. TNT to retian the titles

WWE Tag Team Championships

MNM def. LOD 2005 to retain the titles

Women's Championship

Trish Stratus def. Victoria to retain the title, Lita attacks afterwards

United States Championship

Chris Benoit def. Booker T to regain the title

And now, the road to Armaggeddon begins, with Smackdown! being the first show, the preview will probably be up later tonight, if not then tomorrow sometime.

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Smackdown! Preview

After Survivor Series, things for Smackdown! are really going to start heating up. At Survivor Series, Batista retained his World Heavyweight Championship defeating Eddie Guerrero, this week, Batista has the week off, but, Eddie must keep his Number One Contendership status as he squares off against the self-proclaimed "Legend Killer" Randy Orton, the winner will get a shot at the World Title at Armageddon.

Also, after defeating RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff at Survivor Series in a singles match, Smackdown! General Manager, Theodore Long will have a message to send to the RAW General Manager this week on Smackdown!

Finally, a huge 6-man tag team match has been announced. After regiaining the WWE United States Championship at Survivor Series, Chris Benoit celebrated, after that, backstage he was attacked by the former champion, Booker T, MNM took a turn for the better after retaining their WWE Tag Team Championships, they shook hands with LOD 2005, only to be attack later in the night by former members of The Cabinet, JBL and Orlando Jordan, and now, they will battle in 6-man tag team action as Benoit and MNM face JBL, Orlando Jordan and Booker T.

Confirmed Matches

Winner gets a shot at Armageddon at the World Champion

Eddie Guerrero Vs. Randy Orton

6-man Tag Team Match

Chris Benoit and MNM Vs. The Cabinet and Booker T

Also! Theodore Long sends a message to Eric Bischoff and Smackdown!

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Steven Richards Vs. Simon Dean

This was an average match, these two guys went back and fourth throughout the entire match. Apparently, the fans only barely got into both of these men, because they weren't really into the match, but, it's just an opener, so, I'm hoping for things to improve over the night. Steven beats Simon after hitting the Stevie T and picking up the 1...2...3.

(64, 61, 63)

Mr. Kennedy Vs. William Regal

This match started off looking like it was just going to be kinda average, but, really turned into a pretty good one, the fans got into William and Mr. Kennedy both, they were able to sell moves good and sold pain, Mr. Kennedy is turning out to impress me quite a bit in the ring. He ended it when he hit a Kenton Bomb and pinned william to pick up the three count.

(64, 51, 58)

The Peep Show

Christian: "Peeps and peepettes, my guest here tonight on the greatest show in the WWE today, the Peep Show is none other than the new WWE United States Champion, Chris Benoit."

Benoit comes down and gets in the ring and gets a microphone and then Christian speaks.

Christian: "Thanks for being here on the Peep Show, Chris, but, let's get right down to business, at Survivor Series, you beat Booger T for the United States Championship, so, tell me, how does it feel to be the champ, again."

Chris: "Well, I'll tell you how it feels, Christian, beating Booker T for the title feels great, he cheated to win it in the first place, just a couple months after I won it fair and square against Orlando Jordan and I won it fair and square against Booker T at Survivor Series."

Just then, we hear Booker T's voice from somewhere.

Booker: "Now, hold on a minute, Chris. You might've won it fair and square but that title still belongs to me, as for you Christian, calling me, Booger T, that wasn't a bright move."

Then, we see Booker, standing behind the two men. Benoit turns around and Booker almost takes his head off and quickly exits the ring as the scene fades to black.


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A decent first show, nothing spectacular, but nothing obscenely bad either. The results are quick and to the point, and the match results are what i would have expected, except for one.

I was a little surprised to see you put Kennedy over Regal, as both are starting to get a push now. Maybe something will come of it, like a US Contender's Match down the road.

I hope that you get Christian involved in the US Title scene, and it appears to be the direction you're going in. A triple threat with Benoit, Christian and Booker could help elevate all of them to ME status.

Hmmm. I'm not overly keen on JBL in the tag title picture, but it's better than letting him wallow in Jobberville. Will LOD 2005 play a role in this ongoing saga? Only time will tell.

Eddie Vs. Batista III? Could work, but hopefully you'll throw a little something in to spice up the feud. Hopefully Eddie takes the belt, keeping it until WrestleMania when he loses to Orton. Hey, it's your diary but I'm allowed to dream.

Nice move with the Orton/Taker situation. I was wondering whether or not 'Taker showed up, but you obviously answered my question. I'm assuming that this will set up Orton Vs. Taker in a blowoff match at Armageddon, which, depending on the stipulation, could be a pretty good match.

All in all, a nice debut show, and it's showing some excellent promise for the future.

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Velocity Results

Sylvain Grenier def. Doug Basham (64, 45, 54)

Christy Hemme interview 74%

Christy Hemme def. Melina, Melina attacks afterwards (27, 62, 51)

Super Crazy def. Big Vito (69, 41, 55)

Christian interview, towards Christopher Daniels 89%

William Regal def. Hardcore Holly (61, 65, 63)

Overall: 54%

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RAW Preview

The first RAW of December will kick off with a bang, as promised by RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff. Three matches have been confirmed by the RAW General Manager, along with a promise to address the RAW roster along with Smackdown! General Manager Theodore Long.

Along with that, we will see a huge Tag Team Championship match on RAW, as Kane and Big Show defend their Tag Team Championships against The Justice League. Will Kane and Big Show manage to prevail over the Hurricane and his sidekick Rosey? Only on RAW will we find out.

Also, on RAW, even though Theodore Long gave his champion, Batista the night off, Eric Bischoff hates John Cena's guts and is putting him in a non-title match against an opponent of Kurt Angle's choosing, but, Eric has given Kurt Angle the night off from wrestling, so, who will Cena face off against on RAW?

Finally, at the Survivor Series, Ric Flair managed to retain his Intercontinental Championship over Triple H, in a Street Fight, but, Triple H brutally attacked the Nature Boy with a sledge hammer, Flair was immediately taken to the hospital and now Triple H must take on an old foe by the name of Shelton Benjamin live on RAW Monday night. What else will go down on Monday? Watch RAW Live Monday at 9 EST, 8 CST.


Tag Team Championships

Big Show and Kane © Vs. The Justice League

John Cena Vs. ???- Angle's chosen opponent

Triple H Vs. Shelton Benjamin

ALSO! Eric Bischoff adresses RAW and Theodore Long.

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End of the Week WWE News. Courtesy: WrestlingHeat.com

-One of the biggest pieces of news of the week is the WWE releases of Chris Masters and Tyson Tomko, and WWE diva Candice Michelle. WWE wishes the three the best in their future endeavours.

-One of the huge rumors going around the RAW locker room for tonight's show is that there is a WCW star backstage, along with huge WWE stars and some pretty high-quality indy stars, WWE is not giving any information and saying that we must wait for the show to find out who they are, if they show up at all.

-Everyone backstage at Smackdown! really enjoyed the return of the Undertaker, and the fire around the ring, the current rumor is for Smackdown! to debut a new type of match at Armageddon, what that match will be is unknown at this present moment.

-WWE officials were very happy with the rating for Smackdown! on Friday night, as Smackdown! drew a 6.23 TV rating, and the officials were very happy with that, and they're hoping the numbers will continue to rise going into the new year.

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RAW Results

HEAT Rematch

Rene Dupree Vs. Eugene

This was good for an opening match. The crowd got into it really well and Eugene and Rene had fun with this rematch. Eugene controlled the majority of the match, with Rene getting a little bit of offense in here and there. Rene ended up picking up the win though by nailing Eugene with a Death Valley Driver and picking up the three count for the win.

(77, 75, 76)

Rob Conway is backstage with RAW backstage reporter, Maria.

Maria: "Rob Conway, you talk about doing things the Con way, all the time, but, I have to wonder, what did you do to become a con?"

Rob gives Maria a look as though she were stupid (duh).

Rob: "No, no, little girl, when I do things the con way, I do them, my way, it's always my way, but, there's something I'm missing, and that something is a tag team partner, but, I have found my perfect tag team partner and we will debut as a tag team in two weeks right here on RAW."

Conway walks off and Maria again stands there looking like an idiot.

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Smackdown! Preview

Last week on Smackdown! General Manager Theodore Long said that he would address Smackdown! and Eric Bischoff, but, he never showed up, the same thing happened with Eric Bischoff, this week, it is Mr. McMahon who is coming in to be I guess the middle man in this whole thing and will address both rosters along with both General Managers, this is certainly going to be very interesting.

Also, last week on Smackdown, Christopher Daniels made a shocking debut to the Smackdown! roster by taking out Christian with a steel chair after his match with Juventud, this week, Daniels will be on the Peep Show and Christian will confront him and ask him why he did attack him. Also, Christian will be in action, against the former United States Champion, Booker T, for interrupting the Peep Show last week.

And finally, in the main event last week, Eddie Guerrero was crowned as the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, this week, Randy Orton gets one more shot to get in that main event, he will take on Batista and fight for the World Heavyweight Championship this week on Smackdown!, but, that will not be Orton's only problem this week, as last week the Undertaker made a shocking return to Smackdown!, surrounding the ring with fire, will the deadman appear this week, or will Orton only have one problem in Batista?


Christian Vs. Booker T

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista© Vs. Randy Orton w/ Cowboy Bob Orton

Also! Christopher Daniels will be the special guest on the Peep Show

And! Mr. McMahon makes a special appearance on Smackdown!

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Smackdown! Results

Simon Dean Vs. Ken Kennedy

This made for a good opening match, something to capture the fans attention, didn't do that all that much, but, it was still a good opening match. Kennedy is starting to get over pretty good, and Simon Dean might get put down back to OVW to get repackaged soon. But, the end came when Kennedy hit the Kenton Bomb on Simon and got the three count.

(57, 37, 78)

The Peep Show started with Christian coming out and the setting was the same as usual, Christian had on his green Captain Charisma t-shirt and he picked up a microphone off of a stool and spoke.

Christian: "You know, last week, I was having a pretty good match, kicking some ass, until some nobody came and attacked me for no apparent reason, and that man was Christopher Daniels, so, tonight my guest is that very same man, his name is Christopher Daniels."

Daniels comes down and gets into the ring and doesn't even bother to get a microphone, all he does is nail Christian and the two start to brawl, they are finally broken up by security and taken off, and we go to a commercial.


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Velocity Results

James Gibson def. Steven Richards by pinfall (77, 63, 70)

AJ Styles interview towards Juventud 66%

Funaki def. Scotty 2 Hottyv by pinfall (88, 57, 72)

AJ Styles def. Juventud by pinfall (100, 73, 86)

Christian interview towards Christopher Daniels, turning him face 88%

Paul London def. Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title via interference from Super Crazy (93, 70, 81)

Overall: 67%

Rating: 4.18

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WWE News


- A back injury suffered at a recent house show will keep Shawn Michaels out of action for the rest of the month, which means his rivalry started last week with Rob Van Dam will be put on hold.

-Apparently, John Cena was happy with the way the main event for last week's RAW turned out and loved the fan reaction to the Jericho returned.

-Also, for the RAW side, Gene Snitsky has been released by the WWE, the WWE wishes him the best in his future endeavours.


-As a lot of people may have noticed, the Armageddon card has already been released by the WWE, even though only one match for the event was actually confirmed on WWE TV. They're hoping that the internet fans will be drawn to it more.

-As you may have noticed on the card, the United States Championship is not on the line, apparently, the WWE will be announcing that match this Thursday night on Smackdown!

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RAW Preview

Last week, on Smackdown! Mr. McMahon made the announcement of a special 8-man tournament, featuring four men from RAW and four men from Smackdown!, the entries in the tournament for Smackdown! have been announced, who will the entries for RAW be? Eric Bischoff has once again made a promise and said that this time, he will deliver that he will announce all four of the tournament participants this week on RAW.

Also, at the Survivor Series, Ric Flair beat Triple H in a Street Fight to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship, John Cena defeated Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Title. Last week on RAW, Triple H lost to Shelton Benjamin by Ric Flair interference and Kurt Angle brought back "Y2J" Chris Jericho to take on John Cena and thanks to Kurt, Jericho picked up the win, this week on RAW, the WWE Champion and WWE Intercontinental Champion will team up to face the team of Kurt Angle and Triple H.

Last week on HEAT, Trish Stratus defeated Victoria in a non-title match, but, was attacked by Lita afterwards. This week, Trish will roll into RAW thinking about retaining her title as she will face Victoria once again, this time, her Women's Title will be on the line. Will Lita play a factor in the outcome of this match, or will Trish be able to overcome the odds and retain her title?

Also, last week on RAW, we saw the shocking return of "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam, but, in shocking fashion as well as he took out one of his so-called "friends" Shawn Michaels. Also, on the heels of beating Triple H, Shelton Benjamin was attacked by a new face to the RAW brand, calling himself, CM Punk. This week, RVD will go head to head with Shelton Benjamin, but, will these two men be completely concentrated on each other or thinking about their rivals instead? We'll find out on RAW!

Confirmed Matches:

Triple H and Kurt Angle Vs. John Cena and Ric Flair

Rob Van Dam Vs. Shelton Benjamin

Women's Championship

Trish Stratus © Vs. Victoria

Also! Eric Bischoff announces the four RAW participants in the RAW Vs. Smackdown! Tournament.

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RAW Results

Kerwin White Vs. The Hurricane

This match was good, there was a lot of good action in this one. Hurricane and Chavo really got over pretty well in this match, the fans aren't that much into the Kerwin White thing so I think after this week, Chavo makes his TV return. The end came when Kerwin locked in the Low Rider on The Hurricane and finally forced him to tap.

(94, 72, 83)

Backstage, we see Edge walking with his girlfriend Lita , they turn a corner and Edge just takes a quick glance at Lita, when they bump into someone and the two men fall back and Edge speaks after regaining his composure.

Edge: "Just who in the hell do you think you are?"

???: "I'm Kid Kash, and if you keep talking to me like that, I swear I'll beat your ass limb from limb."

Edge: "Is that so?"

Then, the man called Kid Kash walks away laughing and Edge and Lita just look at him and Edge has a little bit of an angry look on his face.


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Smackdown! Preview

This week's episode of Smackdown! will be the final show before WWE Armageddon on Sunday! The card for Smackdown! will be finalized this week as Smackdown! General Manager Theodore Long returns after an absense last week and announces the United States Championship match for Armageddon. He will also explain why he was absent last week and has said he will comment on the 8-man Smackdown! Vs. RAW tournament.

In action on Smackdown! this Friday night, though, we will see a man who is fresh off his debut a couple of weeks ago on Smackdown! as "The Phenominal" AJ Styles takes on "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. Will AJ be able to make it past Orton or will Orton be too much for the young AJ Styles?

Also in action this week, we will have the WWE United States Champion Chris Benoit, taking on Booker T, but, they will not be alone, teaming up with Chris Benoit will be Christian and teaming up with Booker T will be the newcomer Christopher Daniels.

And in our main event this week, we will get an opportunity to see an Armageddon preview and Survivor Series rematch as Batista and Eddie Guerrero square off one-on-one in a non-title match, will these two make it to Armageddon or tear each other apart getting there?

Confirmed Matches:

Batista Vs. Eddie Guerrero

Randy Orton Vs. AJ Styles

Chris Benoit & Christian Vs. Booker T & Christopher Daniels

Also! Theodore Long announces the US Title match, along with addressing the Smackdown! Vs. RAW Tournament.

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Smackdown! Results

Ken Kennedy Vs. Paul London

Not a bad match here, some good back and fourth action between both of these youngsters, the fans seemed to enjoy the match pretty well, I really enjoyed it myself. Kennedy is starting to get more over as the weeks wear on and I'm sure he'll be asking for a push sometime soon, but, for now, he's moving on up, as he defeated London with the Kenton Bomb for the three count. After the match, Psicosis came down and beat the hell out of Paul London and then left the ring with a smile.

(76, 62, 69)

James Gibson Vs. Funaki

Two words. Simply amazing. These two men work so well together, but, get no credit for their in-ring abilities, at least before now, these two men are great in the ring, need to work on their mic skills, but, we can do that. The fans kinda got into this match, but, Gibson and Funaki haven't done much before Survivor Series, they'll get more soon though, but, for now, Gibson picks up the win with the Trailor Hitch and the three count.

(100, 52, 76)

Backstage we see Randy Orton, his father, Bob Orton is with him, and there are a couple of security guards with the two, along with them is Josh Matthews, ready to conduct his interview with the two.

Josh: "Randy Orton, tonight, you will take on the newcomer to the Smackdown! brand, AJ Styles, but, I have to ask, why the security."

Randy: "Why the security? Why the security? Josh, let me ask you something, did you pay attention two weeks ago when The Undertaker surrounded the ring with fire? Or last week when he screwed me out of the World Heavyweight Championship, did you pay any attention at all?"

Josh starts to speak but, Randy interrupts.

Randy: "Of course you didn't. This week, I'll make sure the Undertaker doesn't come closer to me than he has in the past couple weeks, these are the best security guards my dad here could find in the whole United States, and I'm proud to say that they're protecting me. Let's see the Undertaker get by these guys."

Randy and his dad walk off, followed by the security guards, they walk off and the camera focuses on Josh as the scene fades to commercials.


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IPB Image

Armageddon Card

Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Batista © Vs. Eddie Guerrero

United States Championship

Booker T Vs. Chris Benoit© Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Christian

Tournament Matches

Randy Orton Vs. Undertaker

Ken Kennedy Vs. William Regal

Cruiserweight Championship

Paul London© Vs. Psicosis

AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio Vs. Juventud and Super Crazy

Tag Team Championships

MNM© Vs. The Cabinet

Dark Match: Jerry Lynn makes his debut against Simon Dean

Feel Free to make your predictions for the show, the results will be posted probably sometime next week, not sure about a day yet or anything, but, I will set a deadline for predictions reallyl soon, and I still need to do Velocity results so I will do those soon, I will start on the results once I figure out the winners and such, for now, make your predictions and enjoy the rest of the diary.
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