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Ace of Base

Guest Chrystal Fury

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Guest Chrystal Fury

I've known of the song "All That She Wants" for years now, but only recently have I listened to it properly and I actually quite like it. A few years ago I wouldn't have paid it attention due to the type of music it is, and the fact that I generally prefer rock or metal music, but it's been stuck in my head as of late.

I've been told that their Happy Nation album is worth getting, but I was wondering if anyone owned it, or has heard much of Ace of Base's stuff and if so, whether or not it's worth looking up.

It's possible I'll hate everything but that one song, but what the heck!

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Ace Of Base and the Happy Nation album remind me of year 8 trip to Cornwall when I was 12 like 13 years ago.

A happy week and the 'disco' played them every night. Such happy memories and therefore I remember Ace of Base with fondness which is probably misplaced. (Like Alisha's Attic, who's album I own somewhere)

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