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Syphon Filter Games?


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First two are certainly worth it IMO.

Always enjoyed them, maybe a bit dated, but they're still great fun. Steer clear of Omega though, I rented that and thought it was horrid. Just didn't do anything for me, lacked in quite a few ways I felt. Maybe it's just me though, but with stuff like Splinter Cell and MGS out, I just didn't enjoy this one at all.

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Syphon Filter was always a fun game for the PS1. The best part was clearly tasering people till they caught fire. It was difficult in some parts, but nothing that made you throw the controller down. Rather it was the difficult that made you want to keep playing to beat it. My only gripe is that Gabe looked like he was wearing diapers when he ran.

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I might pick up both the old ones then, having completed them when I had the PS1. I'm not a big third or first person shooter fan, but something about the game made me love them.

I guess even if the graphics are dated, the gameplay should still be fine to a degree.

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My lasting memory of Syphon Filter is firing a tazer all the way up a four or five-story building into a sniper on the roof, until they set on fire and fell off. Happy times..

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