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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC Version)

Vilge Duin

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For the longest time I wanted an upgraded PC and this was among the games I wanted most (seeing as I'll likely never get an Xbox, so PC is the only way to go) but I've been keeping my distance from it for a variety of reasons. Mostly what I hear in various reviews (Gamespot, IGN, etc.) and a fair amount of user reviews from a variety of sources. Loading issues, major bug crashes and freezes and the need for a lot of graphical power to run it. Knowing the plot twist at the end thanks to an idiotic Gamefaqs user kind of makes the story seem meh to me as well.

I have a 3.06 ghz Celeron processor with 256 mb of ram and a 128 mb graphics card (although my computer recognizes it as a 256 card so I think the tech guy installed the wrong card on me). Would I have an major issues with running the game?

I can run The Sims 2 quite dandy at regular settings (initial loading is a pain though), but it gets bogged down the more stuff is in a house and the number of sims increases. If that info helps at all. I was told by someone if I have those issues with that I should stay clear of KotOR.

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I don't think you would. The computer that I play it on sounds pretty much the same, if not worse, and I can play Knights Of The Old Republic 2 without any problems. The fact of the matter is, since it's not an action game it isn't really all that intensive it doesn't really take that much. The Sims 2 also runs pretty slow for me.

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Guest clintcasey

The graphics for the computer version are identicle the X-box. The X-box has 800 mhz processing speed, 64 meg or ram, and a 64 mb graphics card IIRC. If you at least meet the criteria and can load the game with at least that amount of recources KoToR 1 and 2 you should have no problems.

EDIT: Although I will admit that I don't know how much of your RAM is being used for background tasks such as messenger or firewalls, but you can check by going to task manager. If you are using more than 150 Meg of your ram I would close some of those backgrounded tasks. But not as many and you would need to play Sims 2.

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Thanks Apple Shampoo. Sounds more promising than getting told "your computer sucks loser".

And I usually shut every single process down and turn off my antivirus and firewall (since I also unplug my modem for the purpose of no internet connection to worry about, and to give it a reboot). Even Explorer gets shut down.

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Well, the computer I ran it on was pretty crappy, and it ran perfectly. No crashing, no bugs, nothing of the sort, never had a problem with it. Only time it ever crashed was after I had played it for about 5 or 6 hours straight, which ya know, is never a good idea in the first place.

KOTORII I had a few problems with, but nothing dire.

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I'm running a 3 Ghz Pentium 4 with 512 MB Ram and a Ati X300 video card, and the game runs well most of the time.

I do have problems with one area though. The areas outside of the jedi enclave on dantoine (spelled wrong I know but you know what I mean), gave my computer fits no matter how low I set the graphics setting. For some reason (I think because of all the creatures there) I would get freeze up only to find that when it unfroze my character had run much farther than I had wanted, or more often completely changed directions. This part of the game is not completely unplayable, but I do come to dread it somewhat as it always causes me a good degree of headache as it takes me twice as long to get through it as it should.

The game is fun though....especially being evil, though at times I found that I couldn't be as callous as I needed to be to maintain my darkside mastery :P

Edit- It's actually funny you should bring it up now though since I just bought the game a couple weeks ago in spite of the fact that it's been out for like 2 years.

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