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Satellite Radio


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Alright. I'm just curious among the EWB'ers, who has satellite radio out there? And if no, does anyone want to get it?

Myself, I got XM recently. I like it, although at my place the signal doesn't come in too well except for one particular spot. I mainly picked this over Sirius cause on Black Friday the deal for XM systems were better, and XM has the contract with Major League Baseball (I can listen to games while I'm away at college.)

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The plan is to get Sirius sometime in the coming 12 months...

Howard Stern, NFL, many colleges, Shady/Aftermath... etc.

I don't know how exclusive the S/A deal was, but still the only thing to drag me away from Sirius is the MLB, but my favorite team is Atlanta and they have a national TV deal.

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We JUST started selling them here in Canada at The Source. Holy fuck there were lineups of people. We only got shipped three units of three models of each brand. Gone.

Yeah, I noticed when I got XM that there were a bunch of channels brand new for the Canadian market. There were several channels in French, all Canada news (244), a Canadian comedy channel (153), some others.

So whats satelite radio? digital radio? I didn't think many people were excited by radio that much anymore.

It's digital radio broadcast by satellite instead of airwaves. There's over 120 channels, a bulk of which are commercial-free music. There's a lot of news, sports, traffic, and even a few comedy stations as well.

A lot of channels have also jumped in by just broadcasting the audio from their programming. Basic plans are cheap, and at one point Sirius had a lifetime subscription for 500 bucks.

Yeah, Sirius still has that until Dec. 31st IIRC. Just read that last night. Damn good deal, pay regular 12.95 for a little over three years and everything else free until your third transfer.

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I have XM Radio, I got it mainly because all the radio stations around my area suck, and I am tired of wasting money on CDs. I like it a lot, I usually flip between about 3 or 4 channels, but I definately recommend it if you are tired of CD prices and crappy radio stations.

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