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So, everyone 'round these parts seems to be a Fozzy fan. I have had their first album since it came out, always did dig it. Found it again yesterday and have been listening. Lots of cool, but what about the follow-ups? I've been lazy and haven't heard any of those, so do they sound the same? Different, but still good? Or is it all downhill from here?

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I think teh second one is pretty much the same style, same effects ont he guitars, same vocal style etc. Which is no bad thing by a long shot, with the second album being my personal favourite.

The third album is a mixed bag in terms of styles, with rap based songs (It's a lie) "angrier" songs (born of anger) and my personal favourite type, the mellower songs (enemy, all that remains, nameless faceless)

Yeh...go buy, or download or listen, its all brilliant in my opinion.

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I really don't particularly like the third album, but I love Happenstance. It's more of the same, a lot of classic metal covers with some originals thrown in, but they're putting their own mark on it a lot more than they did with the first.

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