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Calling the J-Pop\Anime themes experts


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Okay, I've got a few questions:

1. At a board I used to visit, someone (who doesn't post there anymore, so I can't ask them) mentioned something called Morning Musume. Is that a J-Pop group, a tv show, or what?

2. Is there an InuYasha soundtrack cd that has the various themes on it? I'm mainly interested in "Deep Forest" (I think that's the name. Its the first theme, by DO As Infinity) and "Dearest". ("My Will" is okay, but I don't like the theme they're using for the episodes that Cartoon Network is showing right now. Didn't catch the title or artist)

3. Who does the opening theme to Gundam Seed? (If the show has had several different themes, I just need to know who did the first one, I think)

4. Who does the opening theme to .hack/Sign? And the theme to the .hack series with Kite and Blackrose? (Assuming its not called .hack/Sign season 2 - I caught the first episode, but not the name of the show).

5. Is there any place in the U.S. you can recommend for ordering J-Pop? (I'm mainly interested in T.M. Revolution, Two-Mix, and Ayumi Hamasaki.) PayPal would be preferrable, but paying by credit card is no big deal.

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1. Morning Musume is a J-Pop group, all-girl, with like fifteen members. I haven't heard enough of them to judge.

2. You might find what you need here: http://www.animenation.com/cds-anime-music-inu-yasha.html

5. Kinokuniya is a really great store to buy J-Pop/J-Rock from. Check if there's one in your area.

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1. Morning Musume are a J-Pop group, consisting of about a dozen girls. Though I haven't heard any of their songs myself, it's a group that was created via winning a television show, so that doesn't exactly fill me with confidence... Their Official Website is only in Japanese, but you can read some information about them in English HERE.

2. Inuyasha OST CDs do exist, but they're on import and are atrociously expensive. The ones listed by amazon.com are:

* 'Best of Inuyasha' - $42.99. It contains 'Dearest', and 'My Will', but not the 'Deep Forest'. It does include the opening theme that they would be using on Cartoon Network 'Change the World' - and no, I don't like it either.

* 'TV Inuyasha' - $56.99. A double disc set, most of it is different variations on the same songs. There are 2 'CTW's, 4 'My Will's, and 7 'Dearest's. It also includes 'I Am', but not 'Deep Forest'.

* 'Inyasha Koukyo Renka: Wind' - $48.49. Six Inuyasha songs get a makeover as they are played by the Japan Philharmonic Ochestra. Think Metallica's 'S&M' album. The six tracks are:

1. Change the World

2. Every Heart

3. Dearest

4. I Am

5. Grip

6. My Will

* 'B.O. Inuyasha Op&Ed Song' - $49.99. Seems almost the same as the previous album, only with a seventh song 'No More Words'. The person reviewing it on Amazon says that it's a duplicate of another CD on the site, so it might well be.

So no 'Deep Forest' at all then...pity really, it's a good song.

3. Gundam Seed's opening themes are as thus:

#1 = 'Invoke' by T.M. Revolution (episodes 1 - 13)

#2 = 'Moment' by Vivian or Kazuma (14 - 26)

#3 = 'Believe' by Nami Tamaki (27 - 40)

#4 = 'Realize' by Nami Tamaki (41 - 50)

4. The opening theme to .hack//SIGN is 'Obsession' by See-Saw.

The series with Kite and Blackrose is actually the OAVs '.hack//GIFT' and '.hack//UNISON' rather than the other TV series. These OAVs actually use the same opening them as for SIGN. However, I shall just list all the opening themes that .hack has ever used for its various series/OVAs:

* .hack//SIGN (TV) = 'Obsession' by See-Saw

Also used in:

- .hack//GIFT (OAV)

- .hack//Intermezzo (OAV)

- .hack//Unison (OAV)

* .hack//Legend of the Twilight (2nd TV series) = 'New World' by ROUND TABLE feat. Nino

* .hack//Liminality (OAV):

Theme #1 = 'Edge' by See-Saw

Theme #2 = 'Senyaichiya' by See-Saw

Theme #3 = 'Kimi ga Ita Monogatari' by See-Saw

Theme #4 = 'Kioku' by See-Saw

5. ...Someone else will have to recommend you where to order J-Pop in the US because I don't have a clue. ;)

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I found out a couple of things:

1. "Deep Forest" is the English title. The Japanese title is Fukai Mori. No idea if that means "Deep Forest" in Japanese, as I don't speak (or read) the language.

2. Apparently, the .hack series that Cartoon Network is showing now, with Kite and Blackrose, is called .hack/Dusk, but its apparently either the same thing as Legend of the Twilight Bracelet, or connected to it.

And at those prices, I don't think I'll be buying any of those cds. I know imports cost more, but.....jeez! :blink:

(I am thinking of picking up a T.M. Revolution cd that has `Heart Of Sword' on it, at the moment)

And if anyone reads this and knows, what exactly is Pocky? I know its a Japanese snack food that looks like sticks. Is it some kind of flavored pretzel rod, or something?

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