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Doom (*Total Spoilers*)

Farmer Reil

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So yeah, I saw Doom last night, and as there doesn't seem to be a thread on it, I decided to make one.

What's everyone's problem with the storyline change? The original storyline from the game would've SUCKED as a movie. "Mars is hell. So we're going to blow stuff up". Wow, brilliant storyline there.

Yeah, so genetic modification isn't exactly orginial, but IT WORKS. It brings us back to Good vs Evil, instead of Group Of Heroes vs. Mysterious Alien Dudes. That would've been "Alien 4353: The Mars Incident". But at the same time, it was still unmistakably Doom.

Besides, without the genetic modification thing, we wouldn't have had (in my opinion) one of the best endings to an action movie for ages. Bad guy goes to the movie's symbolisation of hell - Mars (see, they didn't change it THAT much), followed closely by a big grenade. Good guy gets in elevator and ascends with sister (who felt more like his girlfriend) into bright white light. Gee, wonder what THAT could symbolise.

Plus, the first person scene was absolute badass (especially the chainsaw fight with the Pinky Demon :P), and the BFG was... well, a Big Fucking Gun :shifty:

The only thing missing was a Rock Bottom during the hand-to-hand fight scene at the end :P (and we almost got one, albeit from Reaper instead).

Did ANYONE else actually like it? :shuriken:

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I liked it a lot. It wasn't very good but it was a lot of fun. Same thing with Freddy vs Jason. Wasn't a very good movie but was just a really good time.

EDIT: And actually it was his sister he ascended with.

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