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Juelz Santana


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I love this guy, I liked "S.A.N.T.A.N.A" and then I found a bunch of other stuff that I really like from him like "Mic Check", "Jealousy", "Fuckers And Friends" and my favourite, "Rumble Young Man Rumble"

Anyone else on here enjoy his music?

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Meh, Santana and the rest of Dipset are music for retards. Santana is like a shitty ODB, at least when ODB was spouting nonsense it was entertaining nonsense.

I'll say this tho, seeing him perform on Leno on Thanksgiving? night was hilarious. Just a look of WTF on the whole audience.

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Santana's not for everybody, (in fact, DipSet as a whole) but he's tight.What the Games Been Missin is much better than From Me 2 U IMO, has some good club bangers and should go atleast Gold.

Unfair judgement on DipSet too, while a Mini Cam, JR Writer makes sense most of the time and is hot.Same with Hell Rell who's a fiend and even Jay Bezel, 40 Cal, Un Kasa etc.DipSet aren't all like Cam, they got some hot rappers when you dig deeper and not just scratch the surface, Psicosis.

Check out Back Like Cooked Crack 2 & 3, got some gems around on that."Oh Yes" is my shit, as well as Shottas and Kill Em.And Fat Bitch > Fucker and Friends.

Can't wait for Killa Season, I just wished Cam would be selfish for once and instead of doing the opposite of Jay (putting his boys ahead of himself) and finally tear up like he is supposed to.Shit, Biggie crowned him the future of NY, not Jay.Duke needs to go back to his Children Of The Corn/Confessions of Fire/S.D.E times.

Santana & Bandana isn't as bad as how many times I've heard Pac rhyme Hennessy & Enemy/ies

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