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Short Story Collections

Timmoru Suzuki

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Ok, Ive always been into reading, but you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of novels I've read because I find it really hard to stick to a single story, and I have a short attention span (I'm also a slow reader, so it takes me ages to finish something even if wanted too). Recently, I've started reading more, but that also means Ive brought a few books that I'll almost certainly get round to reading.

All this means I'm looking for some short story collections. It seems the best of both worlds, a if I cant follow a story, or get bored, or cant stick with it, heh there's tonnes more. They're also better for a 'pick up and read a small bit' reading session.

So, can anyone recommend any good short story collectons? I'm thinking about buyng the complete Sherlock Holmes as that has tonnes of stories. The shorts dont have to be very short (IE a few pages), they can be something reasonably long, but I just dont wan a whole novel.

Thanks. Oh, I'll read almost anything, but I mostly read crime, detective or sci-fi.

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A good bet would be to look at your local library, bound to have lots of different little collections there for you to hand pick one that suits you.

The one next to my desk at the moment is called "the mammoth book of Haunted House stories" (there's a massive series of mammoth books you may want to check out) and it's quite good with a mix of spooky stories of all types, some of them are pure thrillers with great tension while there are a couple of romance ones as well for variety. Not read many others in the series but thoroughly intend to when I have the time.

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