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Extreme Championship Wrestling 2006


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Extreme Championship Wrestling 2006

The Resurrection

In 1997 Extreme Championship Wrestling struck a pot of gold by ensuring a pay per view deal. It showcased its first pay per view event on the 13th of April 1997 with Barely Legal, a night which would forever remembered by every collective soul who had something to do with ECW, whether it be Paul Heyman, the wrestlers or the fans; it was a night which was to never be forgotten. Terry Funk captured the ECW World Heavyweight Championship after beating The Sandman and Stevie Richards in a triangle match, before going on to beat the champion Raven in the main event to take the gold. Shockingly, if the show had run for a few extra minutes, the generators would have blown and the pay per view would have gone off the air, before its huge climax. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Extreme Championship Wrestling on pay per view was a success.

However, as the show went on, its makers left the fold. Raven flocked to World Championship Wrestling, along with Stevie Richards and the lucha libre superstars which Paul Heyman had brought to Philadelphia. Heyman and ECW didn’t have the billion dollar budget which Ted Turner could hand-feed Eric Bischoff with in WCW, so he couldn’t compete with their offers, and ultimately, he lost some of his biggest names to the billion dollar enterprises. He lost some of the superstars which were key parts of the ECW roster to his sworn enemy Eric Bischoff, the man who bled ECW’s talent roster dry.

Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Psicosis were all recognised due to their stints in ECW, and were eventually transported down South to Georgia to compete under Bischoff and WCW. Raven, The Sandman, Stevie Richards, Lance Storm, Chris Candido, Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow, Perry Saturn and Mike Awesome all went to World Championship Wrestling at one point or another, and some had more successful stints than others.

Heyman, the ECW alumni and the fans had to cross a long-winding road with many twists and turns. It wasn’t going to be easy for them, especially since ECW lacked the larger than life budgets which its ‘opposition’ had to work with. Paul Heyman didn’t have Ted Turner’s pay-cheque, nor did he inherit the biggest wrestling promotion in North America from his father. He took Eastern Championship Wrestling and moulded it into something of his own. When Shane Douglas took the NWA Heavyweight Championship, after defeating Too Cold Scorpio, and threw it down onto the canvas like a piece of trash, Heyman’s masterpiece came-to-be.

“Tonight, before God and my father as witness, I declare... myself, “the Franchise,” as the new ECW heavyweight champion of the world! We have set out to change the face of professional wrestling. So, tonight, let the new era begin! The era of the sport of professional wrestling. The era of the “Franchise.” The era of the E-C-W!” – “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

As The Franchise confidently spoke in the centre of the NWA ring, to the shocked spectators, it was evident that something big was in full flow. And it was. The words which The Franchise spoke were to be the words which would inevitably redefine professional wrestling forever. This was ECW, but not longer Eastern by name, this was Extreme.

The cornerstones of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Shane Douglas instantly became the cornerstone of the promotion, quickly capturing the Television Championship. Douglas went onto become one of the promotions most notorious stars, taking shots at the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair at any chance possible, and capturing the ECW World Heavyweight Championship on numerous occasions.

There was also Taz, a man despite his size, who was built up to be one of the promotions most dominant superstars. No fancy gimmick, no over the top entrance, just a one man wrecking crew.

Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal. The death-defying Sabu, a man whose body was lined with scars, scars which told the story of each of the gruelling battles he had endured over his career. Sabu is the nephew of the Original Sheik, and often shows his gratitude to the man who trained him by pointing to the sky, after putting his life on the line during his matches.

Nobody embodied ECW like The Sandman. A man who drank with the fans during his entrance, as Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” played, while smoking a cigarette. The Sandman brawled, he got busted open and he won titles. After each bout, he came back stronger. Maybe the alcohol took out the sting? One thing is for sure, the fans loved the Hardcore Icon.

The Sandman might have embodied the spirit of ECW, but the “Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer was the heart of the promotion. Dreamer cried for ECW, he sweat for ECW and he bled for ECW. There was no superstar more loyal to the cause than Dreamer, who surprisingly started off as a ‘pretty boy’ rookie for the promotion, with the fans on his back, but things changed when Dreamer proved that he had heart. After a Singapore Cane match with The Sandman, Dreamer refused to let The Sandman let-off with the cane shots and called for more despite the agony he endured. From this point onwards, Tommy Dreamer because one of the most widely associated names with the promotion. He became the Innovator of Violence.

The promotion built its foundations on a wrestling veteran, a man who became a Hardcore Legend, Terry Funk. Everyone wanted to see Funk succeed, and when he finally did at Barely Legal 1997, ECW’s first pay per view, the fans were ecstatic. A bloody Terry Funk celebrated with the fans, having finally won the big one within the promotion.

The biggest star which ECW created was perhaps the dark, brooding figure of Raven. Raven was involved in some of ECW’s biggest feuds, including one which lasted for numerous years against his arch-enemy Tommy Dreamer. In another feud, Raven stole The Sandman’s family (Sandman’s wife Lori and his son Tyler), and even went onto crucify the hardcore icon, in an act which would disgust many. Raven was ECW’s most dominant figures during his two tenures there. He eventually left to WCW, after losing to Dreamer in a “loser leaves town” match, but returned in 1999 on an episode of ECW on TNN by helping his arch enemy defeat The Dudley Boys, who were heading to the World Wrestling Federation, to capture the ECW Tag Team Titles.

Many other superstars were also synonymous with the promotion. The Public Enemy, The Dudley Boys, New Jack, Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten, just to name a few. Among itself, ECW created many names, names which would do their all for the company. They bled ECW until its death on the 7th of January 2001, with its last event Guilty as Charged.

Prior to the event, hope was lost as ECW lost its network television deal with TNN, who wanted to bring in Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation on a billion dollar contract. Heyman continued to push the envelope with the promotion, feeling that it wasn’t giving ECW sufficient promotion, and ended up delivering a ‘shoot interview’ live on air.

Without the television deal, ECW lost the cash it needed to survive. The budgets were running low, and some of the workers continued to work for free. Guilty as Charged saw the promotions last official event.

ECW Guilty as Charged – January 7th 2001

  • Bilvis Wesley defeated Mike Bell
  • Cyrus The Virus & Jerry Lynn defeated Christian York & Joey Matthews
  • Doring & Roadkill defeated Hot Commodity to retain the ECW Tag Team Titles
  • Nova defeated Chris Hamrick
  • Tommy Dreamer defeated CW Anderson in a “I Quit” match
  • Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck defeated Kid Kash & Super Crazy, and the FBI in a “three way” match
  • Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger versus Chilly Willy & Balls Mahoney went to a no contest
  • The Sandman defeated Steve Corino and Justin Credible in a three way “tables, ladders, chairs and canes” match to win the ECW World Title.
  • ECW Television Champion Rhino defeated The Sandman to capture the ECW World Title.
  • Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn

Extreme Championship Wrestling was dead. Gone. Over. It remained that way for over four years, until Vince McMahon decided to resurrect it for one night only, for a “One Night Stand”. One Night Stand was set to feature superstars from the promotions past – but unfortunately, due to contractual obligations with the other promotions in North America, and due to the fact that some of ECW’s workers had moved on away from their ECW roots, and even due to the general dislike of Paul Heyman and his methods, some of ECW’s most precious alumni (Raven, Jerry Lynn, New Jack and Shane Douglas to name a few) weren’t able to appear at the event.

However, despite this, it was a success. The fans in the Hammerstein Ballroom ate the nostalgia up, the ECW chants prevailed once again.

ECW One Night Stand – June 12th 2005

  • Lance Storm w/ Dawn Marie defeated Chris Jericho
  • Super Crazy defeated Tajiri & Little Guido in a Three Way match.
  • Rey Mysterio defeated Psychosis
  • Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso defeated Rhino
  • Chris Benoit defeated Eddie Guerrero
  • Mike Awesome defeated Masato Tanaka
  • The Dudley Boys defeated Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman

Also, littered throughout the night, were clips of ECW’s historic past. We also saw two “shoot interviews”, one from Rob Van Dam and one from Paul Heyman. ECW was back and in full force, despite the fact that the event lasted for a few hours. The spirit of the promotion was well and truly alive.

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Wow, I know LK knows how to write ECW and write it well. Your 2001 diary was amazing, I always tried to read it when I could, and I loved every minute of it.

I wonder where you're going with this, as you didn't give an clear indication of how or why ECW is back now in 2006, I'm looking forward to the rest of this backstory, and the rest of this diary.

The rest should be really interesting, hopefully some great conversations with Vince and Paul will be shown, and between Heyman and the ex-ECW talent. As well as what talent ECW has to start up, I can't see all of the alumni coming back and...you're going to need some young talent somewhere, it should be interesting to see who you picked.

Good luck!

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Marching into 2006

The rest of 2005 was engulfed in tragedy, surrounding the shock death of Eddie Guerrero. After a week of memorial shows, things continued as normal for World Wrestling Entertainment. Eddie Guerrero is truly missed by the professional wrestling community.

In 2006 itself, Vince McMahon had an idea. An idea which was set to take place on the 11th of June of that year, the same weekend which saw the “One Night Stand” event. ECW was set to rise from the ashes once again, due to the success of the prior year’s event. The event was formally announced in January, and was immediately surrounded by hype. Would it be able to out-do the first One Night Stand event? Would it be able to capture the promotions spirit once again?

However, things weren’t looking promising. Superstars who were able to appear on the prior years event, such as Rhino, Sabu and The Dudley Boys, had all found their way to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. There names were immediately struck off the list. Lance Storm had fully retired from the business, opting to focus solely on running his wrestling school and his family life. Chris Jericho was on indefinite hiatus from the business. Tajiri had headed back to Japan to focus on a new career, and on family life, much like Lance Storm. Many of the names which made the first event a success were unavailable.

On top of this, Shane Douglas decided to run “Hardcore Homecoming II”, the follow up to last years event which was quite clearly made with the intent to compete with One Night Stand, on the same weekend as the new ECW event – and due to his ties with TNAW, the contracted workers were able to appear. This instantly stole some of the thunder from the WWE backed event.

On the Saturday, the day before “ECW Resurrection”, in a shock move, Rhino (who was contracted to TNAW) lost the ECW World Championship to Justin Credible in the main event, after losing the ECW Television Championship earlier on in the night to WWE contracted worker Super Crazy. Rumours circulated around the wrestling community, suggesting that ECW was set to return full-time.

ECW Resurrection Results

11th June 2006

Joey Styles and Mick Foley call the action.

1. ECW Television Champion Super Crazy defeated Mikey Whipwreck & Little Guido in a “Three Way” match to retain the title.

The match was back and forth between the three competitors. Whipwreck was the first to be eliminated after a roll-up from Super Crazy. Big Sal Graziano and Tony Mamaluke tried to get involved, wearing the FBI attire, to help Guido, but inevitably cost him the match as Mamaluke’s errant Superkick hit Guido straight in the jaw. This enabled Crazy to capitalise, hitting the trifecta moonsaults, from each of the buckles in the corner, on Guido for the win.

2. Heyman explains all.

Paul Heyman comes out from the back wearing his leather jacket and baseball cap to a chorus of “Paul E” chants. Heyman explains that there isn’t going to be any “shooting” tonight, just a lot of straight talking. Heyman says that Rhino lost the World and Television Championships to Super Crazy and Justin Credible, respectively, at Shane Douglas’ event last night. Heyman says that “the boys in Florida were scared that our barbed wire was legitimate” so its contracted stars, such as Sabu, Lynn and The Dudleys, weren’t able to appear. Heyman says that he loves the fans, he loves the ECW roster, and damn, he loves EC-Fucking-W! He tells the fans to enjoy the show, because as always, EC-Fucking-W has no minors and it definitely has no exceptions!

3. Rob Van Dam wants his due.

Rob Van Dam comes out as Heyman looks to head off out of the arena. Rob stops Heyman and asks him about his reward for being the most successful Television Champion in ECW’s history. And no, he doesn’t want his back-dated paycheque. Rob says that Heyman never gave him another shot at the World Title, because he was afraid that Rob would do a “Mike Awesome”. Van Dam said that it was bullshit, because he was one wrestler who was truly ECW for life. He didn’t use the term loosely. He worked for free, because without R-V-D, ECW would have died a lot more prematurely. Van Dam says that he doesn’t owe ECW anything, ECW owes him. The fans start to get on Van Dam’s back. Van Dam says that he’s the Whole Fucking Show, and tonight he’ll claim the gold – whether Heyman makes the match or not. Van Dam then leaves, with the fans jeering heavily.

4. ECW Tag Team Champions Danny Doring and Roadkill defeat Spike Dudley & New Jack, and Balls & Axl

The ban on New Jack in New York has apparently been lifted. He’s no longer a wanted man. Spike came out without a partner to begin things, but was ambushed by Doring and Roadkill. Axl and Balls came out and began to take it to everyone, until Natural Born Killaz hit to the big “mark-out” moment of the show. The fans began to sing along with the music as New Jack, with his “trash can full of chaos” according to Joey Styles, began to take it to everyone who got into his way. Balls, Axl, Roadkill and New Jack were all left bloodied around the outside, as Doring flattened Spike with a flying leg drop, onto a steel chair and onto Spike Dudley, for the win.

5. Christian York has something to say.

Christian York came out from the back, along with Elektra, both looking bitter. York says that what Dreamer told him five or so years ago was exactly right; none of this was worth it. York says that his very own tag team partner ditched him, “enjoying the BIG Tag Titles, Joey?” York goes onto says that the scars he gained in ECW lost him employment. Nobody wanted him because of his ECW past. ECW was a joke, ECW was a disgrace; he hates everything about ECW!

6. Tommy Dreamer defeats Christian York

Dreamer comes out to a huge pop and gets into York’s face. York strikes first, but after a few moments, it is quite clear that he is no match for the veteran Innovator of Violence. Dreamer flattens York with the Spicolli Driver and gets the three count.

7. CW Anderson defeats Tommy Dreamer by knock-out.

Dreamer is in the ring, celebrating, but CW Anderson ambushes him from behind with a vicious chair shot to the back of the head! Anderson says that it’s been “five long years”, and “revenge is on the menu”. Anderson lifts Dreamer up and drills him with an Anderson Spinebuster before taking the chair and using it to apply some sort of camel clutch on Dreamer. Dreamer refuses to tap out as the fans get behind him. Joey informs us that Anderson must be still bitter about losing that “I Quit” match to Dreamer at Guilty as Charged back in 2001. Dreamer eventually passes out to the pain, and a referee raises his arm three times, before awarding the win to Anderson.

8. The Sandman defeats ECW World Champion Justin Credible to become the NEW champion.

Sandman and Credible go at it, brawling. Jason tries to intervene as Sandman takes control, but eats a Singapore Cane shot to the skull. Sandman plants Credible with a White Russian Leg Sweep but Lance Storm gets involved. Storm takes it to Sandman until Chris Jericho, clad with the Lionheart attire, runs out from the back to chase Storm away! We’re eventually left with Credible and Sandman, both bleeding, looking to take the advantage. A ladder finds its way into the ring. Credible lifts Sandman up and plants him with the “That’s Incredible” but Sandman kicks out on ‘two’. Credible goes for another That’s Incredible but Sandman counters with a huge back body drop, sending Credible crashing on the ladder! Francine enters the ring and hits Sandman with a low blow, until Beulah runs in to take her out! CAAAAAATFIIIIIGHT~! Credible looks to take control but the Blue World Order of Richards, Meanie and Nova run in! Richards takes Credible down with a superkick and covers, but Credible kicks out on two! Balls, Axl and Kid Kash enter the ring and take it to the Blue World Order. Credible climbs to his feet and takes a White Russian Leg Sweep from Sandman, onto the ladder! Sandman covers; …1..2…3! New ECW Champion!

9. Celebration.

Sandman grabs a few beers and downs them, raising the ECW Title into the air with tears in his eyes. The ECW locker room spill out from the back and enter the ring, all celebrating with The Sandman. Dreamer and Balls Mahoney lift Sandman up onto their shoulders, as he still drinks the beer. Sandman raised the title into the air as Rob Van Dam emerged from the back, hands on hips, as ECW Resurrection faded to a close.

And once again, it was a success. The fans loved it. On the grand scheme of things, so did Vince McMahon. The Rise and Fall of ECW DVD had been a success, One Night Stand had been a success and now ECW Resurrection was a success. Vince McMahon had the opportunity to bleed the ECW name dry, to milk as much money from it as possible and to denounce the hype which currently surrounded Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He didn’t even consult Heyman.

On the following nights Raw, Joey Styles outlined that ECW was once again a success. Later on in the show, a video package was played – ECW was set to takeover Saturday Nights, to take over Velocity’s rejuvenated one hour timeslot on the USA Network.

ECW was ready to return.

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Great show, the main event was great, a total ECW clusterfuck. I love it!

I have to say though, I'm a little iffy on McMahon allowing an over worker like RVD to go and compete on the ECW brand when he could be on Raw/Smackdown.

And something that I'am looking forward to though is the feud between TNA/ECW brand, it should be bigger then WWE/TNA because of the workers that TNA has that are ECW to the core, Sabu, Dudleys etc.

One question though, how was Douglas allowed to use the ECW Titles on his show when Vince McMahon owns them since he owns ECW?

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Probably so they could get the titles away from Rhino.

I like it a lot, York doing the anti-ECW gimmick. I dont like that RVD turned heel *just like that* though because the fans were absolutely in love with Van Dam back in the day. Hopefully you can expand a lot more on that. But I'm reading

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Something tells me Douglas is going to be heading to this ECW, which will be a major mark out moment for me. I didn't like what seemed like a squash of Christian York. Just feel he could be much more then a jobber to Dreamer, although I like Dreamer. Didn't like Sandman winning the title only a day after Credible won it, specially since I don't like Sandman and love Credible.

The real Van Dam is back, and that is another moment to applaud you for. For a second I didn't think it was going to work, but what better way to turn RVD heel....Great stuff on that one.

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It was apparent that Vince McMahon wanted to attach the brand new ECW brand to the legacy it once had, when it was its own entity. Prior to Shane Douglas’ “Hardcore Homecoming II” event, fans were wondering why McMahon had enabled several of the WWE contracted workers, including Stevie Richards, Super Crazy, Little Guido and Tommy Dreamer, to work the show. It was apparent that it came with a price, so the sole wrestling event could act as an entity which would enable the title transitions from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling superstars to World Wrestling Entertainment superstars. Logically, if matches were held to crown new champions without the existing champions in the mix, people would have questioned whether or not the winner was the “real” champion.

In another shock move at ECW Resurrection, we saw Rob Van Dam turn on his Extreme Championship Wrestling heritage. One minute he was the best thing since sliced bread to the fans, but when he began to “shoot” on Heyman and ECW, the respect was seemingly lost.

“Why am I out here, eh Paul E? I have my reasons, and no, it isn’t a back-dated paycheque. Ya see Paul, that’s the past. A few years ago I’d have bitten your arm off for that, but not now. I’m here to collect a prize which has eluded me for my career, the ECW World Title. Sure, in prestige terms, it runs at the same level as the WWE Intercontinental Title, which I’ve held, but I bet it’d rake in some dollar.”

“Paul, I was the biggest player in ECW before it closed – if it wasn’t for me, it’d have died a lot more prematurely. Hell, if you threw the World Title on me, we’d probably be around today – but you’re a paranoid old fool, you thought I was gonna do an ‘Awesome’ with the belt. (The fans start to boo) Hey! HEY! I hope you aren’t jeering me, ‘cause let’s face it, I’m the reason you’ve took a sick day of your run-of-the-mill job, in your run-of-the-mill life, to be here! You’re here to see me, Rob – Van – Dam!”

“ECW, I owe you nothing. Paul Heyman, you and ECW owe me EVERYTHING! Including those cheques. Yeah, I worked for free. That World Title Paul, it’ll belong to me. It’ll be around my waist before the nights over, whether you or your bounced cheques like it or not. I’ll be back on Monday Nights or on Thursday Nights before you knew it – it’s where I belong; at the top! Heyman, I could’ve gone to WCW when ECW was in full-flow, I could’ve accepted Bischoff’s offers and took my talents to the mainstream, but I was too blinded by my ‘love’ for EC-F’n-W to do that. If WCW was around, and if Bischoff flashed his million dollar rubber cheque book at me now … there’s no chance in hell I’d turn it down!”

"It's no longer about (mockingly does the thumbs) E-C-Dub, it's about (thumbs) Rob - Van - Dam!"

- Rob Van Dam @ ECW Resurrection
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Extreme Championship Wrestling in review.

“A Roster In Review”

30th of June 2006 edition.

When you think of Extreme Championship Wrestling, you’re inclined to associate it with the likes of The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Shane Douglas, Taz, Sabu and Raven; as it was those superstars who rose to the top of their respective wrestling mountain in Philadelphia. However, it would be crude to associate a mere seven superstars with a promotion which was at one-time, the third of the three in the United States, and the only promotion with a rabid, extreme cult following. Extreme Championship Wrestling as like no other – it had real attitude.

A superstar who characterises ECW for what it is worth is Axl Rotten. Rotten doesn’t have the technical attributes, no is he a physical “masterpiece”, but the fact of the matter is, you don’t need to be. Axl is always up for a fight, and to give or receive a good old fashioned beating. He takes no prisoners with his extreme style and his hardcore nature. He and his partner Balls Mahoney, who is very similar to Rotten in his take-no-prisoners brawling style, make up the tag team of the Chair Swinging Freaks.

When you think of Beulah McGillicutty, you think of Dreamer or Raven. Beulah was perhaps one of the first ladies of Extreme Championship Wrestling, with her quite clearly not looking to take the easy way out of situations. She was brought into the promotion by Stevie Richards, and quickly became Raven’s valet in a well-devised mind-game plan to get one over on Dreamer. The story goes that back in summer camp, Beulah was fat and Dreamer kept knocking back her advances. Raven ended up sleeping with her. Then, as the years went on, Beulah changed and ended up appearing in Penthouse. This led to Raven accepting her, but it also led to her moving on to align herself with Tommy Dreamer, who she later married.

They are as Italian as apple pie itself. The Full Blooded Italians are made up of Little Guido, Big Sal E Graziano, Tony Mamaluke and Big Vito (who was formally known as Skull Von Krush). Guido and Sal are actually Italian, Mamaluke is as American as apple pie and Vito, well, nobody knows nor do they care. The fans of Extreme Championship Wrestling, despite their chants of “pizza”, have accepted the FBI as somewhat of a joke, despite what they are all capable of within the squared circle.

At the ECW Resurrection event we saw the return of Christian York. York was once a blue chipper with a bright future ahead of him, along with former Tag Team partner Joey Matthews (who has now gone on to become a WWE superstar). However, the blue chipper returned to ECW with a chip on his shoulder. He blamed ECW for his lack of career success, and inevitably held a grudge for his more successful former partner. Along with Elektra, who appeared by his side at the pay per view, York certainly has a clear game-plan, but what will he do to achieve it?

“The Enforcer” CW Anderson is one of the most dangerous superstars to set-foot into ECW. Anderson’s hard-hitting style is unforgiving, and before ECW’s initial demise in 2001, he was set to move onto bigger things. Surprisingly, after ECW folded, Anderson wasn’t picked up by the WWE and was left to flock around the independent wrestling scene and Japan. Now that ECW has returned, and after CW racked up an impressive victory over Tommy Dreamer at ECW Resurrection, you must consider the possibility of 2006 being the year of The Enforcer.

The ECW Tag Team Champions are the mismatched duo of Danny Doring and the “Angry Amish” Roadkill. These two, despite being somewhat oddities, are a very capable tag team. With Roadkill’s cry of “CHICKENZ~!” and with Doring’s over-bearing confidence, this team is nothing short of being capable. They are technically the longest reigning ECW Tag Team Champions to date, having won the titles on the 26th of August 2000 – almost six years ago! How will this team fair, after a certain degree of absence from each other, in 2006?

He’s not just the coolest, he’s just not the best, he’s not just a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, he’s Justin Credible! Credible, along with Jason and the “Head Cheerleader” Francine by his side, is a dangerous competitor. He can match up his cockiness with the callousness he displays in the ring. He defeated Rhino at Shane Douglas’ Hardcore Homecoming II event to capture the ECW World Championship, but lost it to The Sandman at ECW Resurrection the night after. Credible is not a man to let grudges and rivalry go, so he will certainly do his utmost to re-capture the gold from The Sandman come ECW’s indefinite return.

The hard-hitting Japanese superstar Masato Tanaka may be best remembered for his bloody, violent brawls with Mike Awesome during ECW and at last years ECW One Night Stand event. However, some seem to forget that Tanaka is VERY capable of achieving big things, as he is a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion. However, his on-going commitments in Japan somewhat got the better of him during his ECW career, and he was eventually defeated by Awesome. With the return of ECW, Tanaka has signed a deal to indefinitely keep him with the promotion – Tanaka has one thing on his mind, to take the ECW title back.

Mike Awesome is perhaps the most legitimately hated man within ECW. Awesome left ECW as the World Heavyweight Champion for a multi-million dollar contract in Eric Bischoff’s World Championship Wrestling, and showed up as the ECW Champion on WCW Television. This left Awesome as a man hated by many in the ECW locker room. However, one condition of Vince McMahon’s funded ECW return was for Heyman to give Awesome an undeserved second chance. Heyman reluctantly agreed, and now Mike Awesome is once again a full-fledged ECW star.

When Natural Born Killaz hits you know you’re in for a fight. The “Original Gangsta” New Jack is known for doing whatever it takes to get the win, whether it be mutilating his opponents with various foreign objects, or from diving from the balconies onto his enemies, New Jack is one crazed son-of-a-gun. A man with justifiable homicides to his name and the man who was deeply involved in the infamous “Mass Transit” incident, New Jack is a livewire, a man with an extremely short-fuse. This as made him popular with the ECW fans, and his return to the wrestling fold at ECW Resurrection generated excitement amongst the ECW faithful, who had called to see the Original Gangsta in an ECW ring once again.

“We’ve got three words for ya. We’re taking over!” The Blue World Order, made up of Big Stevie Cool, Da Buy Guy and Hollywood Nova, are a parody of WCW’s most marketable success, the New World Order. However, the difference is, the Blue World Order are well and alive, and “don’t require walking-frames and heavy medication”, according to Stevie Richards. With ECW back in full force, will the Blue World Order finally take over?

He’s the “Whole F’n Show”, “Mr Monday Monday Night”, “Mr Pay Per View”, he’s Rob Van Dam! RVD is probably the most popular man in the promotion, having racked up an impressive 23 month run with the Television Championship before being forced to forfeit it via injury. However, at ECW Resurrection, the attitude which made the man hated by many in ECW at the beginning of his tenure within the promotion has seemingly returned – he cares more about himself than the company itself, and will do anything to return to the bigger leagues and become “Mr Monday Night” once again. With Bill Alfonso by his side, and with his formidable athleticism, you have got to wonder whether anyone will be able to stop the Whole F’n Show in his quest to return to the “big league”.

Simon Diamond has a problem. So does Johnny Swinger, who seemingly has a problem with anyone who Simon has a problem with. Simon’s arrogance, and his “Simon Says” shtick, is obnoxious and irritating, but as any ECW fan knows, Simon is very capable once he enters the ring. Ignore the third-person, ignore his voice, heck, just ignore him out of the ring, and you have a very bright athlete on your hands. Oh, and you also have Swinger.

Little Spike Dudley is the runt of the Dudley littler. A man who made a name for himself within ECW for his “never say never” attitude, and his refusal to back down from a fight. This attitude made Spike Dudley the “Giant Killer”. Since ECW’s demise, Spike hasn’t been able to capture the success he once had in Philly, and now strives to emulate it as he re-enters the promotion.

ECW Television Champion Super Crazy is one of the brightest superstars to make a successful crossover from Mexico to the United States. Crazy’s high-flying nature within the ring as made him the “Insane Luchadore”, with him doing whatever it takes to win matches. He even defeated Rhino at Hardcore Homecoming II earlier on in the month to capture the TV title, in what some would call a huge upset. Super Crazy will obviously be looking to move onto bigger things in the promotion – could he mount a, which some would call impossible, World Title challenge as ECW restarts? Only time will tell.

The “Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer is one of ECW’s most seasoned-professionals and the heart of the promotion. Dreamer is renowned for his bitter feud with Raven, which spanned over several years, and even went on to capture the ECW Title, for a matter of minutes, towards the end of ECW’s tenure. The veteran passed out to a CW Anderson submission at ECW Resurrection a few weeks ago, but one thing Dreamer can stick by, is the fact that he’s never quit. Will he look for payback?

The ECW World Heavyweight Champion is the man who embodies the promotion like no other, The Sandman. The Sandman is a multi-time former World Champion, and recently beat Justin Credible at ECW Resurrection to re-capture the gold. The alcohol loving veteran is once again at the top of the ECW ladder, making him the most wanted man in ECW. Will the Singapore Cane wielding Hardcore Icon re-capture the success he had over six years ago, before the promotion closed, or was his title win over Justin Credible a “one off”? ECW is set to return, and it’ll return with the Hardcore Icon at the top of the mountain.

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Alright, THIS I'll be reading. I never could get into your 2001 one 'cause I started with it too late and couldn't bother reading all the pages.

Excellent backstory, although I'm a bit skeptical of your roster, no new faces, all old ones. Can they still work? We'll see.

Also, Crazy & Sandman got their titles in 2006. :)

Great promo by RVD, convinced me of his dickness.

Text formatting is smooth & fine.

Can't think of anything else at this point.

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Loved the Van Dam promo, very well written. I love his cocky attitude, it's an RVD I always like and it's got the added fuel with the stuff against ECW. I'm really, really looking forward to see where Van Dam goes.

The Sandman vs. Justin Credible in a ECW Title Match. - I've gotta go with the Sandman in this one, even though I could see Credible winning and would rather see the title on him (although I mark for Sandman, I don't see him as the champion, just a main attraction) but I don't think his title reign will be that short.

Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome. - As much as Tanaka should win because of the heat on Awesome, I see Awesome taking it after cheating to get some more heat on him. I can see this being the start/continuation of their feud.

The Blue World Order vs. Kid Kash, Balls and Axl. - No idea where this ones gonna go, should be fun to read the bWo antics.

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IPB Image

ECW on the Network

1st of July 2006

1. The legacy of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

No introduction, no credits, no hype. We go straight into a video package which was well put together by the production team, highlighting some of ECW’s greatest moments. The video starts off slowly, with Shane Douglas standing in the centre of the ring, with the NWA Title and a microphone in hand.

“It's no question about it Too Cold Scorpio, you are one hell of a competitor and I will not be a champion that hides. I stand here, before God and my father in Heaven tonight, as I said I would be: World's Heavyweight champion.”

We are shown footage of old NWA matches, including Flair versus Steamboat.

“In the tradition of Lou Thesz; in the tradition of Jack Brisco; all of the Brisco Brothers; of Dory Funk Jr, of Terry Funk, the man who will never die; and the real “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers upstairs tonight. From the Harley Races, to the Barry Windhams, to the... Ric Flairs, I accept this heavyweight title.”

We are shown a montage of the former NWA Champions, from Lou Thesz to Barry Windham, to Ric Flair, to Rick Steamboat.

“Wait a second... wait a second, of Kerry Von Erich, of the fat man himself Dusty Rhodes... this is it tonight Dad, God that's beautiful...and Rick Steamboat...”

The footage starts to get distorted, flickering; black and white between various chair shots and table spots.

“… and they can all kiss my ass!”


We go to footage of Dreamer knocking the cigarette into Sandman’s eye, before levelling him in the other eye with a Singapore Cane. The footage quickly cuts to that of The Sandman, who was apparently blinded, removing his sunglasses and eye mask, before levelling Dreamer with the foreign object, in the ECW arena.

“Because, I am not the man who accepts the torch to be handed down to me from an organization that died R.I.P. seven years ago! "The Franchise" Shane Douglas is the man who ignites the new flame of the SPORT of professional wrestling.”

The infamous promo is used as a voice over, as various clips of infamous happenings in ECW are shown. Footage of The Eliminators giving New Jack the TOTAL ELIMINATION between two tables is shown.

“Tonight, before God and my father as witness, I declare... myself, “the Franchise,” as the new ECW heavyweight champion of the world!”

Taz gets the three receipts on Sabu, breaking Sabu’s neck with the Taz-Plex through the table. Shane Douglas offers Taz money, Francine and a place in the Triple Threat. All rejected. Taz beats Douglas for the ECW World Title at Guilty as Charged.

“We have set out to change the face of professional wrestling.”

Quick flashes of the infamous Tommy Dreamer versus Raven feud. Stevie Richards brings Beulah out.

“So, tonight, let the new era begin!”

The chair shot heard ‘round the world.

“The era of the sport of professional wrestling.”

We are shown various high-flying spots, from the likes of Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Rey Misterio Jr, Super Crazy and Psicosis.

“The era of the Franchise.”

Douglas throws down the NWA Title in the centre of the ring. This quickly cuts into quick footage of ECW action, featuring the likes of Taz, the Public Enemy, the Blue World Order and Sabu.

“The era of the E-C-W!”

Segment Rating: 61%

As soon as the footage ends, the fans EXPLODE with delight. The pop is huge. The Hammerstein Ballroom is almost full, the tiers are packed. The fans chant “EC-Dub” loudly. Yes, Extreme Championship Wrestling is back! The camera pans around before settling on the traditional ECW ring with stands in the centre of the Hammerstein. In that ring stands Joey Styles, with a wide smirk on his face and with a microphone in hand. Styles looks around, obviously deeply absorbed by the nostalgia, and the preciousness of the moment. ECW is back for good, or until Vince McMahon thinks otherwise.

Joey Styles: “Oh my god!”

The fans continue to cheer, now chanting “Joey! Joey!” Styles smiles.

Joey Styles: “I don’t believe it. When One Night Stand hit the screens, I thought ‘nah’, a one off. Then the Extreme Resurrection began! Think about it, it’d have never happened if it was for each and every one of you.”

Styles points at the fans who are situated to the left of him, behind the barricade which is situated behind the timekeepers table.

Joey Styles: “If the ‘Rise and Fall of ECW’ DVD hadn’t had sold as well as it did, One Night Stand would have never happened and none of us would be where we are today! ECW is BACK!”

Another massive pop for Styles.

Joey Styles: “And damn, have we got a show for you! Tonight on ‘ECW on The Network’, which you’ll be seeing every Saturday night from now on – yeah, Velocity didn’t cut it in Connecticut.”

He smugly smirks.

Joey Styles: “As I was saying, before I got sidetracked, we have got one helluva’ show for you tonight! Masato Tanaka and *a disgusted tone engulfs Joey’s voice* Mike Awesome *his voice returns to normal, after a brief pause* collide one more time in an ECW ring!”

The fans pop big-time, chanting Tanaka’s name.

Joey Styles: “The ECW Title will be on-the-line as The Sandman, who recently won the gold at ECW Resurrection last month, defends the gold against the former champion, the man who took the title off the “Man-Beast” at ”The Franchise’s” Hardcore Homecoming Two event, Justin Credible in our main event!”

This gets another monster pop from the fans. However, Joey’s facial expression suddenly transforms into one of bitterness.

Joey Styles: “However, one matched which was announced will go under some changes. The Blue World Order will no longer go up against Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney and Kid Kash. Why? Because Vinnie Mac decided that a Cruiserweight Title shot was more important to Kid Kash than ECW.”

He shakes his head, looking absolutely disgusted.

Joey Styles: “So, as the show must go on, we found Balls and Axl a new tag team partner for the match, a man they call the ‘Giant Killer’ … Little Spike Dudley!”

The mention of Spike gets somewhat of a pop from the fans.

Joey Styles: “Let’s get this show on the road!”

The fans chant “Joey!” a few more times as Styles nods and places the microphone on the mat. As he does, the Blue World Order’s music hits.

2. Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley vs. The Blue World Order

After each of the entrances we are treated to a wild brawl. Rotten and Balls slug it out with Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie in the ring, as Spike and Nova exchange blows on the outside. Spike takes control of Nova with a knee across the gut, before slamming him face-first down into the mats which are on the outside of the ring. Joey once again reminds as that the New York Wrestling Commissions regulations require that mats are used, even though ECW generally disagrees with there use. In the ring, Balls clotheslines Meanie down in the ring, but eats a Stevie Kick to the face from Richards! Axl spins Richards around and looks for a clothesline, but Stevie goes under and almost decapitates Rotten with another big Stevie Kick! Spike re-enters the ring and catches Richards in the gut with quick kick, before grabbing him via the head and running up the turnbuckle, before turning and dropping him with the Acid Drop in the centre of the ring! Little Spike Dudley is the only man standing at the moment!

Suddenly, Spike turns and takes a Double Arm DDT from Christian York! The fans jeer at their fullest, as York climbs to his feet wearing his yellow wrestling tights and a white shirt. York reaches down in the corner of the ring and picks up the microphone, before turning to the ramp as the fans start with the “York sucks dick” chants.

Christian York: “I don’t care, call me what you want. Ya see, the fact of the matter is this. All of you sons-of-bitches ruined my life without a care in the world. While I was bustin’ my nuts tryin’ to make somethin’ of myself in this business, you sat back and applauded every single chair-shot I took. You sat back and applauded the blood as it ran from my head. With every scar I gained, with every bit of blood which dropped from my forehead, came your cheers. You didn’t care about me, you ruined my life. That’s why I disappeared from this piece of shit busine—“

Journey with me

into the mind of a maniac

doomed to be a killer

York’s face drops! The fans EXPLODE with delight as “Natural Born Killaz” by Ice Cube and Dr Dre hits, meaning only one thing… NEW JACK! The Original Gangsta steps out from the back, with a trash can full of weapons, dancing to the beat as the music keeps on playing. Jack walks down the aisle, with the fans STILL popping big-time for him. He throws the trash can over the top rope and into the ring as York panics, looking for an escape, but as he almost finds the exit, Balls Mahoney pushes him into a STOP SIGN SHOT TO THE SKULL from New Jack! New Jack drags York up off the mat and pulls a cheese grater out of his trash can of fun, and begins to grate the flesh on York’s forehead away! Oh my god! That’s SICK! Blood trickles from York’s head, with the cameras failing to hide it, as this is a live broadcast to celebrate the return of ECW. New Jack drops the foreign object and proceeds to DDT York right onto the trash can in the centre of the ring! Balls decides to join in the fun, and takes a steel chair, before swinging it at New Jack, only for the OG to duck and clothesline Mahoney over the top rope and to the outside, while tumbling out himself!

Spike climbs to his feet but Nova takes him over the top with a clothesline. Axl is up and eats another Stevie Kick from Big Stevie Cool! Axl hits the deck as The Blue Meanie goes up top, and flies with a huge 300lbs PLUS Meaniesault! Meanie almost instantaneously covers his fallen opponent, hooking the leg; …1…2…3!

Winners: The Blue World Order

Match Rating: 60%

3. He’s not just the coolest, he’s not just the best, he’s the future ECW World Heavyweight Champion!

We go straight backstage to the locker room area, to where we see Justin Credible sitting on a bench, staring directly into the camera which opposes him, looking focused. Of course, Credible, who wears his “got blood?” t-shirt, has a Singapore Cane in hand. Francine and Jason aren’t far behind Credible, who begins to speak.

Justin Credible: “Sandman, you got lucky. You caught me off guard. On the 10th of June last month I went through hell, fuck, I went TO hell to claim my rightful prize, the ECW Championship. However, things don’t work out has planned, and Paul E FORCED me to defend my title against you the following night. I wasn’t one-hundred-percent, I shouldn’t have had to fight and I wasn’t ready.”

He nods his head as Francine massages his shoulders.

Justin Credible: “It’s been nineteen long days and sleepless nights since I’ve lost my title. I ain’t slept since. I’ve been thinkin’ about the agony which I’m gonna’ inflict on you, Sandman. I’ve been thinkin’ of the absolute pain you’re going to feel at MY hands. Got blood, Sandman? You’re ice cold man, but tonight, you’ll bleed.”

Credible confidently nods his head.

Justin Credible: “That title will return to its daddy tonight, ‘cause let’s face it, your time is running out. Enjoy the last, what? Forty minutes or so, they’ll be your last with my baby before I get it back. ‘Cause lets face it champ, after tonight you’ll be lyin’ in a hospital bed, suckin’ through a straw!”

He confidently smirks, letting out a little chuckle, before leaping up to his feet.

Justin Credible: “And Sandman, that ain’t just ‘cause I’m the coolest, it ain’t just because I’m the best, that my friend, that’s because I’m Justin-fucking-Credible!”

Credible nods his head as Francine smiles, standing behind her man. Jason also nods his head as we go back to the ring for our next match up.

Segment Rating: 70%

4. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome

Joey does nothing but express his distain for Mike Awesome, showing no compassion at all. Joey even goes as far to say he’d die a happy man if Masato left Awesome in a wheelchair. Joey says that Awesome has no right to be here, in ECW, especially after what he did in his first stint. The fans jeer Awesome as well, chanting a mixture of “you sold out” and “you suck dick” at him. Awesome tells the fans to shove it as Masato Tanaka sprints out from the back, giving his chest a quick slap before sliding into the ring. Awesome quickly drops a double axe handle but Masato rolls out of the way and kips up to his feet, before taking Awesome down with a hard, stiff-looking clothesline. Awesome climbs off the mat clutching his back and walks into a kick to the mid-section from Tanaka, who proceeds to drill Awesome with a DDT in the centre of the ring! The fans begin to chant “Tanaka” as he lifts Awesome up and looks towards the timekeepers table which is situated on the outside of the ring. Tanaka stuffs Awesome’s head between his legs and lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Awesome slips down behind his Japanese opponent and spins him around, before kicking him in the gut. Awesome then lifts Tanaka up and runs towards the ropes, looking for an Awesome Bomb, but Tanaka is able to slip down behind his opponent just in time! Awesome turns and eats a ROARING ELBOW from Tanaka! Awesome hits the deck and Tanaka makes the first cover of the match, but only gets the “two”.

Tanaka goes to the outside and pulls the timekeepers table towards the ring, and pushes the steel guardrail further away, before re-entering. Tanaka takes a kick to the gut from Awesome, who then proceeds to toss Tanaka over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Awesome follows and drags Tanaka to his feet, but Tanaka kicks Awesome in the gut and lifts him up for a powerbomb, and sends him crashing through the table! What a powerbomb! That was vicious! Tanaka drags Awesome to his feet and rolls him back into the ring before making the cover; …1…2, kick out! Awesome got the shoulder up! Tanaka lifts Awesome up and looks for a powerslam, but Awesome counters and lifts Tanaka up before scoop slamming him in the centre of the ring. Awesome then runs across the ring and comes off the ropes with a leg drop, dropping a leg onto Tanaka’s throat! The Japanese superstar kicks the air on impact, before rolling around with his hands on his throat. Awesome proceeds to reach down and lift Tanaka up from the canvas, before drilling him with a huge Awesome Bomb in the centre of the ring! Tanaka is down and out! Awesome senses the opportunity as Joey tries to will Tanaka on, pleading for him to get up and “beat the living crap out of that Judas”. Awesome goes up top and flies with an Awesome Splash, landing on Tanaka in the centre of the ring! Tanaka kicks the air as Awesome hooks the leg; …1..2…, KICK OUT! Tanaka kicked out once again!

Joey Styles: “How the hell did he kick out of THAT?! Come on Tanaka, COME ON! I know I’m supposed to be impartial and whole, but Awesome deserves a good beating!”

Awesome goes to the outside, looking somewhat infuriated, and goes under the ring before returning with a table. Awesome slides the wood into the ring before going back under and returning with a LADDER! Awesome enters the ring and sets the ladder up in the corner, turns, and eats a Tornado DDT from Tanaka! Tanaka climbs to his feet, groggily, and sets the table up a few feet away from the ladder. Tanaka lifts Awesome up and lays him across the table, before slowly ascending up the ladder towards the top, ready to cause some serious damage. Awesome quickly climbs to his feet and slowly climbs up the ladder, underneath Tanaka and gets him on his shoulders … AWESOME BOMB ON TANAKA, FROM THE LADDER AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!! “EC-DUB! EC-DUB! EC-DUB!” Tanaka is down and out, he’s broken! Awesome sprawls on top of Tanaka as the referee counts; …1…2…3!!

Winner: Mike Awesome

Match Rating: 70%

Awesome climbs to his feet and slowly climbs to the outside, before walking off up the aisle. The fans applaud Tanaka who returns to his feet in the ring, completely refusing to acknowledge Awesome’s victory. Awesome stops on the ramp, and looks at Styles, who is at the commentary position. Awesome nods at Styles and smirks, infuriating the commentator, before heading off towards the back.

Joey Styles: “Can you believe the audacity of that man?! I wish someone would knock his damn block off!”

Styles brushes off his shirt and sighs.

Joey Styles: “Anyway, ECW is BACK and better than ever! Tanaka put up a great fight there, and was unfortunate to lose to *Joey speaks under his breath* Mike Awesome.”

He takes a moment, after stacking together his papers, before looking straight up at the camera.

Joey Styles: “Oh, don’t go away. You don’t wanna do that. Ya see, the ECW Title WILL be on the line in the main event as The Sandman defends the gold against Justin Credible! Yes folks, you don’t need a hearing-aid, this is ECW! No minors, no exceptions. The hardcore revolution. Remember the name, ‘cause we’re BACK!”

5. Innovation.

As Joey continues to speak, Alice In Chains’ “Man in the Box” plays. The fans explode with cheers as the “Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer emerges from the back, with a wide smile on his face. He looks around at the fans and nods his head, “we’re back baby, oh yeah, we’re back!” Dreamer walks down the aisle, slapping a few hands on his way, before entering the ring and retrieving a microphone as Styles dubs Dreamer as the “heart of ECW”. The music cuts out and Dreamer speaks.

Tommy Dreamer: “EC-Fuckin’-W!”

The fans once again cheer loudly, chanting “EC-Dub!” this time.

Tommy Dreamer: “If you asked me if ECW was comin’ back about eighteen months ago, I’d have laughed in your face an’ told ya to move on, ECW was dead. One Night Stand revived it, Resurrection cemented it and now we’re here to stay! ECW is back, nothin’ can stop us now!”

Dreamer nods his head as the fans continue to chant his name.

Tommy Dreamer: “We’re back in full force. Paul E, thanks. Each and every one of you crazy bastards…”

Dreamer turns and points to the fans.

Tommy Dreamer: “Th—“

“Well, isn’t that TREMENDOUS?!”

The boos begin to chime in loudly as none other than Cyrus The Virus steps out from the back, with a microphone in hand, looking as smug as ever. Cyrus is back! He’s back in the professional wrestling scene, and he’s here in Extreme Championship Wrestling! Joey goes ape shit at ringside, questioning why Cyrus was back – “he wasn’t even invited!”

Cyrus The Virus: “Tommy, nice speech lad, but let’s face it, this little resurrection thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it?”

He shakes his head, as he continues on his way down to the ring.

Cyrus The Virus: “You see Dreamer, I’ve heard people say that The Sandman embodied ECW, I’ve heard ‘em say that guys like Sabu and Van Dam WERE ECW, and that you were the heart of ECW…”

He stops just outside of the ring.

Cyrus The Virus: “… and I was the voice of ECW, and I didn’t even get a damn invite! Paul Heyman, I know you’re intimidated, I know Joey Styles is intimidated and I know that each and every one of these troglodytes in attendance tonight is intimidated by my sheer intellectual prowess, and the prospect of receiving a rightful verbal lashing from yours truly. Paul Heyman wanted to keep me away to keep the fans happy, and to keep the truth away. I speak the truth, Dreamer.”

He nods his head, but Dreamer speaks before he can continue.

Tommy Dreamer: “Bullshit.”

Cyrus looks baffled.

Cyrus The Virus: “What was that? Oh, you said I was speaking BS, right? Fact of the matter is, is that I, the Extreme Intellectual, am the only man here in this building with a voice. I am totally right, Dreamer. No, I’m not working for the USA Network or anything, ‘cause nobody needs their fix of Roller Jam anymore.”

He sniggers.

Cyrus The Virus: “But I am here to spread the word, to spread the truth. Dreamer, I’m totally in the right; I’m ALWAYS in the right. I AM ECW! I am the voice of the people, and what I say … should go. And you Dreamer? You should go. You’re past it.”

Dreamer shakes his head.

Cyrus The Virus: “No, don’t doubt my words my friend, embrace them. This is the truth. I’m totally right, and you’re … you’re … you are TOTALLY … ELIMINATED!”

TOTAL ELIMINATION TO DREAMER~!!! SATURN AND KRONUS ARE BACK TOGETHER! THE ELIMINATORS ARE BACK! Cyrus cackles on the outside as The Eliminators pull Dreamer up off the mat and set him up once again.


Cyrus enters the ring and puts a quick, cheap stomp to Dreamer before raising Saturn and Kronus’ arms and mouthing “TREMENDOUS!” at the top of his voice. Cyrus and The Eliminators have made an impact tonight on ECW On The Network!

Segment Rating: 58%

6. ECW World Title: The Sandman © vs. Justin Credible

We return from a quick intermission, which had the sole purpose to put WWE Raw and SmackDown over, and return for the main event. Justin Credible is already in the ring, up on the top rope, with the Singapore Cane in hand. Jason and Francine are on the outside. Credible climbs off the top and waits for a few moments until the fans roar prematurely. Then, suddenly, “Enter Sandman” by Metallica hits to a MASSIVE pop from the ECW faithful. The fans begin to sing along with the music as The Sandman appears in the crowd, with the ECW title around his waist. He smokes a cigarette and downs a Budweiser before walking down the stairs. Then, he stops and smashes the can over his head, busting himself wide open! Sandman eventually makes his way through the crowd of people, after disposing of the can and the cigarette, and hops over the guardrail. Jason immediately runs towards him but eats a cane shot to the skull! Jason hits the deck like a sack of shit. Sandman turns his attention to Credible, who holds the cane like a sword, ready to fight.

Joey Styles: “The Sandman versus Justin Credible, ECW World Title on the line … right now! They’re ready to FIGHT!”

Sandman enters the ring and drops the ECW title on the mat. He then gestures for Credible to “bring it on”. Credible does as he is told and runs at Sandman, but takes a kick to the gut. Sandman proceeds to drive Credible head first into the mat with a quick DDT, before rolling over into an early cover, which gets a “one”. Sandman pulls Credible up and whips him across the ring and into the ropes. Credible comes flying back with a forearm smash, to knock the Hardcore Icon down to the canvas. Credible then lifts Sandman up and tosses him into the corner before picking the Singapore Cane up. Credible charges towards Sandman and takes a boot to the face! Sandman steps out of the corner and wraps the cane around Credible’s throat, before looking for the White Russian Leg Sweep, but Credible fights out of it with a low blow! The boos reel in as Credible wraps the cane around Sandman’s throat and takes him out with his own variation of the White Russian Leg Sweep! Sandman could be down for the count here! Credible covers; …1…2…, kick out! Francine slides a table into the ring, after a few failed attempts, and with some assistance from Jason. Credible sets the table up, turns and takes a kick to the mid-section from Sandman, who proceeds to look for a powerbomb, until Credible leaps down behind him. Sandman turns and he is almost beheaded via a superkick straight to the jaw from Credible! He almost decapitated the champion! Credible picks Sandman up, with the damage done, and nails him with the That’s Incredible spinning tombstone piledriver in the centre of the ring! He quickly covers, sensing that he has the victory in his grasp, as referee Jim Molineaux gets into position to count; …1…2…, kick out!

Joey Styles: “THE SANDMAN KICKS OUT! Credible thought he had ‘em!”

Credible picks the cane up and picks Sandman up; perhaps looking to finish him o—WHITE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! THE SANDMAN CONNECTS WITH THE WHITE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP ON CREDIBLE FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! OH MY GOD! Sandman falls on top of Credible; …1…2…, Jason breaks it up! Jason pulls Sandman up and looks for a thrust kick, but Sandman blocks and nails Jason over the head with the cane, busting him wide open! Jason hits the deck and rolls to the outside as Credible returns to his feet. Sandman turns to Credible and takes a kick to the gut. Credible proceeds to hook Sandman up and suplexes him through the table! Sandman is down, lying amongst the broken wood! Credible moves into the cover; …1…2…, KICK OUT! The Sandman somehow survived once again! Credible climbs to his feet, he can’t believe it! He can’t believe The Sandman’s resilience! Credible looks to finish Sandman off, but Sandman begins to mount a fight back! Francine rushes into the ring with a chair, and accidentally cracks Credible in the skull with it, busting him wide open! Sandman disposes of Francine, throwing her to the outside, before finishing off Credible with ANOTHER White Russian Leg Sweep, this time onto the steel chair! The Sandman covers as the fans cheer loudly, they’re ecstatic, The Sandman could have it won here! Molineaux counts; …1…2…3!

Winner: The Sandman

Match Rating: 65%

The referee hands an exhausting looking Sandman the belt, and the champion looks at the gold, with a smile on his face. He’s done well to retain the gold tonight, in his first title defence since defeating Credible last month to capture the gold. The celebrations are cut short.

Joey Styles: “HEY! That’s ROB VAN DAM!!”

RVD slides into the ring behind The Sandman, and waits for him to turn, before kicking the belt into his face! Van Dam just laid the champion out with the Van Daminator!!

The fans jeer loudly as the first ever edition of “ECW on the Network” fades to a close.

Show Rating: 64%

Edited by LK.
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I like the introduction video, it really was just an exciting segment to read, as I like the mix of Shane Douglas' infamous promo with spots in ECW's history. Brings back good memories as a ECW fan.

I loved the Joey Styles hype to start the live part of the show! Starting it off with his "Oh My God!" signature quote just starts things off great, and then goes onto hype ECW and it's fans, and trash the E to some extent. I like how Vinnie Mac is screwing ECW over though right away by pulling Kash from the show. Nice touch. But hey, Little Spike Dudley is his replacement, so all is good. Spiek Dudley is the only man left standing after Stevie Richards takes out Axl and Balls with Stevie Kick's... Stevie is dominating, nice! York interferes, and then the crowd goes crazy for New Jack. Meanie is down and out for like 5 mintues it seems from a simple clothesline, and Nova was down and out just as long from a simple attack. Pretty weak on your park there. Anywhoo, it ends up being a ginormous mess at the end, as everyone recovers at the same time. Meanie ends up winning after a Meaniesault onto Axl, and sweet, the bWo wins... they're taking over! Eh, the match is ight, but total let down in thepsychology department. bWo wins is the best out of those two teams, but the match mainly sets up something with New Jack and Christian York to me.

The Justin Credible promo got the job done of hyping his match up with Sandman, but I wasn't that into it. Credible did a good job at playing the challenger hungry to get his Title back well, but I just couldn't get into it... I did like the ending to it though; I have always liked that singature line.

I like that Joey puts Awesome over as a sell-out and it really helps get Awesome as a heel, regardless of it being a true statement. I like the opening moments of the match with the sequence of coutnering the powerbomb's and then Tanaka hitting the Roaring Elbow. From there, the match becomes spotty with an Awesome Bomb and Frog Splash, and then the Awesome Bomb off the ladder and through the table. Awesome wins and it puts him over, and then even more with Styles refusing to acknowledge the victory. Nice.

I love the angle between Cyrus and Dreamer with the Eliminators re-uniting and attacking Dreamer. Cyrus is fucking golden on the mic, and you capture him amazingly well. I liked seeing the Eliminators coming back and attack Dreamer, I didn't see that one coming at all! Golden promo/angle, golden.

And now we are at our main event; Justin credible vs. Sandman for the ECW Title. Credible is the best choice for a champion rihgt now, but I think Sandman will keep the belt since he just won it; I don't see you switching the belts twice that quickly. Jason takes a wicked cane shot before the match starts; nice. I personally thought this match as a whole rocked. You had some nice hope spots with the White Russian Leg Sweeps and That's Incredible Tombstone Piledriver. I like the spot with Francine failing to get the table into the ring; it is little touches like that that add to a match's psychology. In the end, Sandman pulls off a WRLS outta nowehere, and fights off Francince and Jason before putting Credible away with another WRLS. Sandman retains, crowd goes crazy but... World Title-Assisted Van Daminator! Sweet! Pushing RVD as a heel in great and unique; I love it.

All in all, great show. I liked what you did with basically everything, and seeds have been planted for future storylines, both on-screen and off-screen. The ECW feeling was captured marvelously, and yeah... great show.

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Extreme Championship Wrestling Newswire

2nd July 2006 Edition

- ECW on The Network’s debut yesterday on the USA Network brought in a 4.73 rating; a rating which the network was apparently happy with. However, the one thing which the network wasn’t happy with was the risky nature of the ECW product. Apparently, Paul Heyman has been warned about the type of content he airs on the show, from the language to the ‘hardcore’ action. If ECW continues to push the boundaries, it is rumoured that the USA Network would be willing to cut the show.

- In a shock move, The Eliminators (Perry Saturn and John Kronus) were reunited on Saturday. Apparently, the duo were willing to put their past differences aside in order to resurrect their wrestling careers, seeing the return of Extreme Championship Wrestling under the WWE umbrella as the ideal opportunity.

- ECW is set to return to pay per view on the 30th of July, this month, with Wrestlepalooza. Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman are set to begin promoting the event from the 11th of this month, in the New York area. The event is set to run from the Hammerstein Ballroom, as the ECW on The Network tapings do. However, don’t expect ECW to run regularly in the Hammerstein for long – this is apparently a temporary measure until the “ECW Arena” is renovated.

- As you heard on ECW on The Network yesterday, Kid Kash was pulled from the event. Apparently, this was due to an injury which WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London sustained at a house show. Kash, the man who London defeated for the gold, is seen as a possibility to regain the championship on this Friday Night’s SmackDown event, where the title will be on-the-line in an over-the-top-rope battle royal.

- Two matches for next Saturday’s ECW on The Network have already been announced on ecwrestling.com.

  • Roadkill vs. Rob Van Dam
  • #1 Contender for the TV Title: Big Stevie Cool vs. Little Guido vs. Simon Diamond vs. Spike Dudley
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It is definitely lookin' good thus far. LK., I've read your diaries for quite a long time (When looked into the ECW 2001- topic, You CAN find few replies from me :D ) and this is EXACTLY what you are capable of, Just when you're writing about something you really like. And apparently for you it's ECW. I mean, You must have watched it alot since you can portray all the characters like that.

Cyrus promo was awesome. As a matter of fact, The whole show had a feeling that anything can happen. Well, Might be due to the fact that i read it from the beginning to the end, But still! Awesome vs. Masato was... Uhh... AWESOME, But i still have to say; Especially now when the brand is now under the WWE umbrella, Is the A.B from the top of ladders thru' a table something seen on TV? God I hope something as 'extreme' as this doesn't happen every week on "ECW on The Network" - That would just plain spoil the fun.

RVD as a heel is awesome. He's like WAAAAAYYYY better than as a Mr. nice guy babyface. And if i'd see that Van Daminator on TV IRL, I'd hell yeah tune in next week.

BTW, You're holding Pay-Per-View's monthly (After Wrestlepalooza too) or not?

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IPB Image

ECW on the Network

8th of July 2006

The show fades up, after the opening credits which display a variety of action from Extreme Championship Wrestling’s past; some of the promotions most famous moments. We fade straight into the Hammerstein Ballroom, to where CYRUS THE VIRUS is stood in the centre of the ring, microphone in hand, ready to speak.

1. A simply tremendous plan.

The fans chant “you suck dick” at Cyrus, with JOEY STYLES, who is doing the voiceover from the commentary position, saying that he is inclined to agree with the ECW faithful about Cyrus. Styles says he can’t stand the “Extreme Intellectual”.

Cyrus The Virus: “Each and every noise you troglodytes grunt out signifies your sheer stupidity. You see, last week I did what I set out to do; I made an impact. I told the world that I was the voice of ECW, the neutral voice who speaks nothing but the truth, but Tommy Dreamer disagreed. And what happened? He was totally ELIMINATED!”

Cyrus cackles gleefully. His smugness is overbearing. The fans and Joey Styles are both audibly irritated by it, with neither of them responding to kindly to The Virus.

Cyrus The Virus: “Saturn and Kronus came to me and looked for guidance; they wanted a shining light to follow. I gave ‘em that. They know that, because of the fact that everything goes my way, from my intelligence to my *Cyrus flicks his hair back* extremely good looks, that my guidance could do them nothing but good. With I, the Extreme Intellectual, by their side, Perry Saturn and John Kronus will go onto achieve things they never thought they were capable of achieving.”

Cyrus nods his head confidently.

Cyrus The Virus: “Tommy Dreamer was the first man to be innovatively eliminated, and that was simply a message. Tommy, you uneducated six-fingered New Yorker, keep the hell outta’ my way. That goes for everyone in this festering pile of cra—“

I’m the man in the box

Buried in my shit

Won’t you come and save me, save me

The fans pop big-time, with the “Tommy!” chants almost deafening. Alice In Chains’ “Man In The Box” plays in the background as the “Innovator of Violence” TOMMY DREAMER emerges from behind the curtain. The fans in the Hammerstein all raise to their feet, applauding the “Heart of ECW”, as Joey dubs him. Cyrus almost shits a brick in the ring, panicking as Tommy cracks his knuckles.

Cyrus The Virus: “Tommy, Tommy, I can assure you that this is the wrong decision. Step back laddy, you’ll only get yourself into more trouble.”

Tommy, who stands on the outside of the ring, looks up at Cyrus and sneers – “it’s a chance I’m willin’ to take!” The fans EXPLODE as Tommy leaps onto the apron, and his about to climb through the ropes, until Cyrus promptly warns him once again, standing back with his hands out, gesturing for Tommy to stop in his tracks.

Cyrus The Virus: “Trust me; you don’t wanna be doing this!”

Dreamer steps through, and is about to grab Cyrus, until THE ELIMINATORS stop him in his tracks! Saturn spins Dreamer around and the duo lay him out in the centre of the ring with the TOTAL ELIMINATION~! Kronus and Saturn before leap up to their feet as Cyrus grins from ear-to-ear, with the fans chanting “fuck you” loudly.

Cyrus The Virus: “What’d I say, Dreamer?! WHAT DID I SAY?! Don’t screw with Cyrus, you pathetic piece a’ trash, don’t screw with me. Screw with me and face … total … ELIMINATION!”

He places the microphone down in the ring, and poses by the sides of Saturn and Kronus as we go to Joey Styles, who is at his announcers booth.

Segment Rating: 68%

Joey Styles: “Cyrus and The Eliminators have ELIMINATED Dreamer once again in a damn ambush! I hope they get what’s comin’ to ‘em. Cyrus can’t hide behind Saturn and Kronus forever!”

As Styles speaks, 12 Stones' “Fade Away” hits and CHRISTIAN YORK emerges from the back, dressed to wrestle.

Joey Styles: “Oh great. Speaking of guys I can’t stand, here comes Christian York – our very own anti-ECW spokesperson. And guess who he’s against? My FAVOURITE wrestler…”

Styles looks absolutely disgusted at this point. He continues, speaking rather quickly with obvious distaste.

Joey Styles: “… Mike Awesome.”

2. Christian York vs. Mike Awesome

As soon as the two men square off, it becomes quite evident that York is no match for the big-man. Awesome dominates York with a few power moves; from powerslams, to tilt-a-whirl slams to backbreakers. Awesome eventually decides that enough is enough and pulls York up to his feet and slams him down with a huge Awesome Bomb in the centre of the ring, before covering; …1…2…, he lifts York’s shoulder up! He wants the punishment to go on! Some of the fans actually applaud this, wanting York to get a good beating. Awesome drives York down into the mat with another Awesome Bomb before going up top and flying with a huge Awesome Splash, crushing York in the centre of the ring! Awesome promptly hooks the leg; …1…2…3!

Winner: Mike Awesome

Match Rating: 55%

Joey Styles: “And in the end, Christian York was no match for the Judas.”

Styles scoffs, as suddenly, the speakers come to life once again.

Journey with me

into the mind of a maniac

doomed to be a killer

The reaction is HUGE as the “Original Gangsta” NEW JACK steps out from the back, busting a few moves to the beats, holding that trash can full of foreign objects which have the sole intent of inflicting pain. Awesome is halfway up the ramp, and looks to just walk past New Jack, but eats a pool queue shot to the skull from New Jack, which knocks him back into the guard rail! Awesome steps forward and eats a HUGE trash can shot to the skull, which knocks him for six! Awesome hits the floor as New Jack turns his attention to Christian York, who leans back on the ropes for support rather groggily in the ring.

Joey Styles: “New Jack has got somethin’ in mind for Christian York! And damn, it’ll hurt!”

New Jack tosses the trash can of weapons over the top rope and into the ring before entering himself. York just staggers towards New Jack, trying to keep himself standing by using New Jack as support. New Jack just looks at York and sneers, before dropping him with a quick DDT on the canvas! The fans cheer loudly, chanting “New Jack!” as the Original Gangsta empties his trash can of fun and retrieves a pair of scissors! He turns back to York, who is now out of the ring and staggering off up the aisle, not wanting anymore of New Jack. New Jack leans over the ropes, mouthing off at York, telling him he's a "dead man!" It's apparent that New Jack seriously dislikes York, for some reason or another.

We then go to a transmission to hype up the Wrestlepalooza ECW pay per view event, which is set to take place at the end of the month.

3. #1 Contender for TV Title: Big Stevie Cool vs. Little Guido vs. Simon Diamond vs. Spike Dudley

The four men take it to each other with a wild brawl from the start. However, in true ECW fashion, the first elimination is rather quick and spontaneous. Simon knocks Stevie out of the ring with a clothesline, but Guido runs up and bundles him over the top rope to where Vito, Mamaluke and Sal go stand. Guido turns around and his luck promptly runs out, as he eats a kick to the gut followed by an acid drop from Little Spike Dudley! Spike covers and gets the three count, to eliminate Little Guido from the match up.

Big Vito and Tony Mamaluke of the FBI promptly enter the ring and give Spike a good beating, with Mamaluke hitting him with the superkick, knocking him into Vito who promptly dishes out a sit-out powerbomb to the runt of the Dudley litter. Simon, sensing the opportunity, crawls back into the ring and lifts Guido up, giving him a Simonizer for good measure before going for the cover; ..1…2…3! Spike Dudley has been eliminated.

Stevie and Diamond exchange blows within the squared circle. Johnny Swinger tries to get involved on behalf of Simon, but runs into trouble in the form of the Blue World Order! Nova and Meanie keep Swinger at bay. Simon takes control of the brawl and looks for the Simonizer, but Meanie quickly gets into the ring to club him in the back! Simon drops down and eats a double-arm DDT from Stevie! Stevie climbs to his feet and falls back into the corner, and stops his foot ala Shawn Michaels, as Diamond climbs to his feet. Diamond walks forward and eats a Stevie Kick to the face, which knocks him straight down to the canvas, almost taking his head off in the process! Richards hooks the leg; …1…2…3! He’s got ‘em!

Winner: Big Stevie Cool

Match Rating: 69%

Stevie leaps to his feet as the Blue World Order enter, embracing with their partner, celebrating the victory. It looks as though Stevie Richards will have a shot at Super Crazy with the Television title on the line, but when will he take it?

Joey Styles: “The Blue World Order are livin’ it large! They’re taking over!”

Styles begins to chuckle.

Joey Styles: “And guess what? We’ve still gotta’ hell-of-a lot more to come TONIGHT on ECW on The Network! The ‘new’ Rob Van Dam goes one-on-one with one half of the ECW Tag Team Champions, the ‘Angry Amish’ Roadkill!”

But before Styles can continue, we go backstage.

4. Lightening doesn’t strike three times.

We go backstage, to the locker rooms, to where we see The Sandman sitting down, having a beer. Sandman looks up into the camera and begins to speak.

The Sandman: “What happened to your promises, Credible? Hospital? Suckin’ through a straw? What happened to those threats? They were as empty as your bladder, after I beat the piss outta’ ya.”

Sandman smirks, patting the ECW Title which lies over his shoulder.

The Sandman: “Speakin’ of promises, Rob Van Dam, you said you’d take the title at Resurrection. What did you do? I won the title and you ran the f*ck away, ran to the hills.”

He nods his head.

The Sandman: “But then you came back and kicked MY belt into MY face. I’ve got the scar, Van Dam.”

Sandman points to the scar on his forehead and sneers.

The Sandman: “And when I’ve got my hands onto ya, you’ll have a few scars too. A few broken bones, irreparable scar tissue. You’ll have it all, and damn, I’ll enjoy givin’ it to ya.”


Justin Credible: “And when I’ve finished with you, Sandman, that title will belong to ME; it’ll lie around MY waist! The scars? They’ll be on your forehead. The broken bones will belong to YOU! Lightening don’t strike three times, Sandman. You WILL be suckin’ out of a damn straw!”

Credible smirks confidently before laying into the ECW Champion with the Singapore Cane for a few moments, leaving him in a heap on the floor. The cane eventually breaks and Credible stops, satisfied with his attack.

Justin Credible: “And that’s not just because I’m the coolest, it’s not just because I’m the best … that my friend, that’s because I’m Justin Credible!”

He grins, nodding his head in satisfaction, before heading out of the locker room with the damage evidently being done. We go back to the ring, for the main event.

Segment Rating: 75%

5. Roadkill with Danny Doring vs. Rob Van Dam with Bill Alfonso

Roadkill and Doring are out first, with the ECW Tag Team titles in their grasps. The fans respond warmly to the champions, applauding them. A few “CHICKENZ~!” chants start as we await Rob Van Dam’s entrance. And then it happens. Pantera’s “Walk” hits as Rob Van Dam, with the obnoxious rat-like “Manager of Champions” Bill Alfonso by his side, blowing his whistle furiously. Van Dam looks more confident than usual, stopping on the bottom of the ramp as the fans boo him and nodding his head nonchalantly, not giving a damn.

Joey Styles: “Can someone take that damn whistle of Fonzie and stick it somewhere where we’ll NEVER have to hear again?! Dammit it’s annoying.”

Van Dam enters the ring and does the “that title is mine” gesture, with his hands and waist, before doing his pre-match spin kick and the thumb taunts – “Rob – Van – Dam”, it’s a shame that he and Fonzie are the only two men who join in. Van Dam just shrugs his shoulders as Alfonso hurriedly leaves the ring, and promptly takes Doring down with a big spin kick in the middle of the ring! Dastardly Danny Doring isn’t even involved in the damn match! That was a cheap shot! Roadkill runs across the ring and flattens Van Dam up against the corner with a big body splash. Van Dam staggers forward and walks into a sidewalk slam, but Roadkill only gets the “two” on the resulting cover. The match continues with Roadkill using his strength advantage to keep on top of his opponent, taking him down with a few slams, but fails to get the vital three count. Roadkill kicks Van Dam in the gut and looks for the Amish Bomb, but RVD succeeds in countering, sliding down behind his opponent and rolling him up with a school boy pin, but Roadkill quickly kicks out. Both men climb to their feet, with RVD ducking a clothesline and levelling Roadkill with a wheel kick on the return! Roadkill hits the deck as Alfonso retrieves a chair from one of the fans, snatching it off him, and sliding it into the ring, to Van Dam. Roadkill slowly climbs to his feet and unwisely catches the chair, as Van Dam looks for the Van Daminator, but Roadkill ducks it! Roadkill lifts the chair, ready to take Van Dam’s head off, but the Whole F’n Show springs into action … VAN DAMINATOR~! Roadkill falls and hits the canvas as Van Dam goes up top, before flying with the Five Star Frog Splash as the fans jeer loudly! It connects! Van Dam immediately makes the cover as Alfonso prevents Doring from making the save; …1…2…3! Van Dam picks up the win!

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Match Rating: 77%

Joey Styles: “Rob Van Dam picks up the victory tonight, but the fans boo. One of ECW’s most loved superstars has become one of the most hated men within the promotion. The fans don’t like RVD one bit!”

6. I’m here for the ECW World Title.

Alfonso takes a microphone and hands it to Rob Van Dam as the fans boo furiously.

Rob Van Dam: “You people don’t appreciate me anymore, do ya? Good. ‘Cause I don’t appreciate you. Ya see, instead of performing in front of two-thousand of you in here, I should be over in Madison Square Garden performing in front of tens-of-thousands of people with the W-W-E!”

At this point, the boos are DEAFENING!

Rob Van Dam: “But guess what? Once I’ve got the World Title Paul, I’ll take it to Vince in Connecticut and receive my cheque, and a brand new WWE contract. I’ll become the biggest player in the whole wide wrestling world, not just the biggest player in this sh*t-hole!”

He nods his head, extremely confident of himself.

Rob Van Dam: “And that’s because I’m the WHOLE – F**KING – SHOW!”

He nods his head, ever-so-smugly, passing the microphone to Alfonso.


Alfonso nods his head, as he shouts into the microphone.

Bill Alfonso: “My main man Robbie V ain’t gonna’ wrassle’ for you again until he gets his WORLD TITLE SHOT, BABY!”

Alfonso begins to leap around the ring, blowing his whistle with fury. This man needs some psychological help. Suddenly, he stops in his tracks as he sets his eyes on the entrance way. The fans pop LOUDLY, chanting “PAUL E! PAUL E!” with delight. The camera pans around and sets focus on ECW’s “Executive Producer”, the leather jacket and baseball cap wearing PAUL HEYMAN. Heyman has a microphone. He paces around on the aisle and begins to speak.

Paul Heyman: “Is that so, Bill? Is that so, Rob? You’re not wrestling in ECW until you get a title shot, is that right? Well Van Dam, you want your dues, you have to earn ‘em!”

The fans pop.

Paul Heyman: “I spoke to Vince McMahon about your little situation, and damn, sure, he wants you but because of the written agreement you have with me, he can’t steal you like he did with Kash. In fact, your ‘release clause’ will be activated on winning the ECW title, as you know, right?”

Van Dam nods his head, smirking.

Paul Heyman: “I’m a fair man, Rob. Earn your shot and you can have it! But as for not wrestling for me and for ECW until you get that shot? Ha, what a load of bullsh*t! You’ll wrestle when I say, and if you refuse, you can f*ck off to Florida and be ‘Mr Total Nonstop Action’ there under Jay-Jay’s glass ceiling!”

Paul is dead serious at this point.

Paul Heyman: “It’s your choice, Rob. Earn your shot or walk through the damn door – and if you choose the latter, you won’t EVER have the chance of winning the ‘BIG ONE’, you’ll never be the ‘Whole F**cking Show’.”

Paul nods his head.

Paul Heyman: “Think about it Rob; I made you, I can break you.”

This draws a HUGE pop from the fans. Heyman simply sets the microphone down on the ramp, as Van Dam and Alfonso stand in the ring, both looking absolutely shocked. The show fades to a close.

Segment Rating: 84%

Show Rating: 73%

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Wow and damn. I just read both shows back to back and all I can say is....ECW and LK are back.

I'm going to run through a few things instead of doing my normal read and rant/review, but with the next show I'll go back to my normal routine.

-Hope you tone the language down. USA wouldn't allow "You suck dick" and "fuck" chants.

-Heel RVD is great. Hell, a heel RVD who wants out of ECW so bad is even better. I'm digging RVD the most out of all your characters thus far.

-ECW is in serious need of new blood. What's the median age here, 38?

-I agree with an above poster, I can see Douglas returning. Maybe not the most believable thing, but I'd still mark for it.

-Vince won't mention TNA, but Heyman sure as hell will. A nice bit that made me laugh.

-Kronos and Saturn huh? Sadly I couldn't care less.

The first show I give a grade of B+ to. For some reason I dug the second show more despite the first show's matches being better, so it gets a grade of A-.

I look forward to much more.


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ECW on the Network preview

15th of July 2006

Rob Van Dam might claim to be the “Whole F’n Show”, his impressive in-ring performances might also be inclined to suggest that, but one thing is for sure, the ECW fans aren’t happy with RVD and RVD isn’t happy with his position in ECW. Van Dam was one of the superstars selected to return to the resurrected Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion by Paul Heyman and WWE boss Vince McMahon, but it has become apparent that Van Dam would rather be wrestling on either Raw or SmackDown, in the WWE. Van Dam has claimed that he is only in ECW to take the World Title, and last week he even said that he wouldn’t wrestle another match until he received his title shot, but Paul Heyman came out and set the record straight, telling Van Dam that he had to earn his shot like the rest of the roster. With this all said and done, Rob Van Dam has reportedly told Heyman that he won’t be on this week’s edition of ECW on the Network because he has a meeting to attend in Connecticut! What’s the situation with Rob Van Dam? Maybe we will receive some more clarification on the matter on this Saturday Nights ECW on the Network event.

One man with a clear goal on mind is Justin Credible. The former ECW Champion has set his sights on reclaiming the gold from The Sandman, who defeated him at the ECW Resurrection pay per view last month. Credible lost his shot last week on Hardcore TV, when The Sandman once again got the better of him, but then AMBUSHED the Hardcore Icon backstage on this weeks Hardcore TV, saying “lightening doesn’t strike three times!” Credible obviously has a craven for ECW gold, and will do anything to satisfy it, including doing whatever it takes to get one over on the current ECW Champion. It has been confirmed that Credible will be on this week’s edition of ECW on the Network, but what does he have in store for us on Saturday night?

The Eliminators and Cyrus The Virus have constantly been a thorn in Tommy Dreamer’s side, since re-entering Extreme Championship Wrestling. On last week’s event, the threesome ambushed Dreamer again, constantly looking to “eliminated” him from ECW. The Innovator of Violence isn’t one to let things slide, and will more than likely look to gain some revenge over Cyrus and The Eliminators. He has the opportunity on this weeks ECW on the Network, as The Eliminators and Cyrus have been confirmed to be in the Hammerstein Ballroom – but will Dreamer show up? Dreamer is apparently suffering with his neck after receiving the Total Elimination last week, so will he be in the right physical condition to appear on the show?

One match as been confirmed for this weeks ECW On The Network event; the Blue Meanie and Nova, of the Blue World Order, team up to take on ECW Television Champion Super Crazy and Little Spike Dudley, in what should be a great match-up. All and this and a damn lot more will go down on this week’s event from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, as we’re EC-F’n-W, and we have NO MINORS – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Confirmed Matches:

  • Nova & The Blue Meanie vs. Spike Dudley & Super Crazy
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IPB Image

ECW on the Network

15th of July 2006

The usual opening montage plays, showing various clips of ECW action. We then fade up, and we’re straight to business, as ECW Executive Producer Paul Heyman stands in the centre of the ring, microphone in hand.

1. Heyman’s announcements.

Heyman, wearing his black leather jacket and baseball cap, stands in the centre of the ring smiling, as the fans chant “Paul E!” with vigour. Heyman raises the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.

Paul Heyman: “Rob Van Dam decided to make a point last week – he said he wouldn’t wrestle in an ECW ring until he got his ECW World Heavyweight Title shot. Well Rob, here’s your chance, pal.”

Heyman smirks.

Paul Heyman: “Ya see Rob, I’m all for equal opportunity, and even though you and Vinnie Mac have been conspiring to take the title to Connecticut, I’ll still give you a shot – if you beat Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka in a three way dance match next week in this very ring!”

The fans pop big-time for Heyman’s announcement! It looks as though the #1 contender for the ECW title will be decided on next week’s edition of ECW On The Network.

Paul Heyman: “ECW made history with the FIRST EVER three-way-dance match, and hell, it’ll do it again! Awesome versus Tanaka versus RVD, it’s on. The winner will go to Wrestlepalooza on the 27th to face The Sandman for the title.”

Heyman walks towards the ropes, looking as though he’s going to leave, but suddenly stops in his tracks.

Paul Heyman: “But wait, there’s more! Ya see, at the pay per view we’re going to be seeing a THREE WAY DANCE match! We’re going to make history once again on ECW’s big return, by following suit in what was one of the company’s most memorable matches. Remember Shane Douglas versus Terry Funk versus Sabu? It made history. Wrestlepalooza will also make history with ECW’s grand return to pay per view. We’ll do it in fashion. That’s why we’re going to see another #1 contenders match TONIGHT on The Network!”

This draws a MASSIVE pop from the ECW faithful, along with a chorus of “EC-Dub!” chants. The fans are patriotically in love with their favourite professional wrestling entity tonight in the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Paul Heyman: “Justin Credible seems to think that he deserves ANOTHER chance at takin’ the title from The Sandman, and well, The Sandman wants to rip his freakin’ head off!”

Heyman nods his head as the fans cheer loudly once again.

Paul Heyman: “So Justin, you’ll get your shot … if you can beat two other men who have a score to settle! CW Anderson, you came to be and said you wanted to “beat Dreamer’s sorry ass” once again – well here’s your chance! Justin Credible versus Tommy Dreamer versus CW Anderson, a classic ECW three-way-dance match … it happens TONIG—“

But before Heyman can finish, the ever-cunning Cyrus The Virus emerges from the back with a microphone in hand, to cut Heyman off.

Cyrus The Virus: “Paul, Paul, wait a minute. Could you please stop hoggin’ the damn spotlight and let me speak? I mean, I’ve been waiting to clear my damn throat since last week, when Dreamer tried to get the better of me once again. Well I’m sorry Tommy, it failed. You’re plan was that of a Neanderthal, and it displayed the intelligence off one too. I’m sorry Dreamer, but it’ll take more than flint tools to get the better of the Extreme Intellectual!”

The fans begin to chant “fuck you”, but the chants are muted by the USA Network’s censors. It looks as though the soccer mom’s have been on the phone lines again, complaining about ECW’s use of profanity.

Cyrus is now up on the ring apron, still speaking as he climbs through the ropes.

Cyrus The Virus: “You see Paul, if you listened to me and my tendancy to speak the truth, then ECW would be sellin’ out MSG, not the Hammerstein Ballroom. We’d be in the big leagues, not little league. ECW would be at the top of the mountain, if you didn’t have these kool-aid drinkin’, salami-strokin’, overweight inbreeds as your fanbase, ECW would be much higher up the wrestling pendulum.”

Cyrus gleefully nods his head, as he walks towards Paul, putting his hand on Heyman’s shoulder.

Cyrus The Virus: “Paul E, I speak sense my friend. Noth—“

MICROPHONE TO THE FACE! HEYMAN DECKS CYRUS WITH THE MICROPHONE!! Cyrus hits the deck as Heyman begins to put a few boots to him, to a HUGE pop from the fans! Suddenly, The Eliminators hit the ring and push Paul away. They’re ready to attack, but Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten quickly attack them from behind as a referee rushes down to the ring! It looks as though we have ourselves an impromptu match!

Segment Rating: 85%

2. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney vs. The Eliminators

Heyman quickly exits the ring and brushes his jacket off as Kronus and Saturn begin to brawl with Balls and Axl. Axl and Kronus go to the outside, brawling next to the guardrail, as Saturn and Balls exchange blows in the ring. Saturn takes Balls down with a dropkick to the chest and goes for the cover, but only gets a “two” count. Axl throws Kronus into the guardrail and retrieves a steel chair from one of the fans, before turning and cracking Kronus over the skull with it! Kronus falls onto the floor as Axl climbs back into the ring. Axl swings the chair at Saturn, but levels Balls! Balls falls onto the mat, busted open from the shot, as Kronus groggily slides back into the ring. Axl looks at Balls, looking shocked, and eats a TOTAL ELIMINATION from The Eliminators, with Saturn kicking the chair into Axl’s face!

Journey with me

into the mind of a maniac

doomed to be a killer

Joey Styles: “OH MY GOD! Things are about to get interesting in the Hammerstein, here comes the Original Gangsta!”

The music keeps on playing as New Jack emerges from the back, busting his usual moves to the beat, while dragging the trash can down the aisle! Saturn and Kronus stop what they are doing and turn their attentions to the ramp. Cyrus is still on the outside, watching the action after shaking off that microphone shot, and looks absolutely gob-smacked. Saturn quickly exits the ring and runs towards New Jack, but eats the stop sign to the skull! Saturn falls onto the floor as New Jack turns his attention to Kronus, who stands in the ring.

Joey Styles: “Kronus and New Jack have history! Heck, they were former tag team partners!”

New Jack enters the ring, after throwing the trash can over the top rope AT Kronus, and quickly hits his former tag team partner with a hard right. New Jack goes into his trash can of fun and pulls out an acoustic guitar! The fans pop as New Jack begins to strike a few chords, before breaking it over Kronus’ head! Kronus hits the deck, with a tonne of saw-dust, as New Jack poses in the ring, with the damage done.

Winners: No Contest

Match Rating: 63%

We go back to Joey Styles, who is at the announcers position which is situated high up, next to the ramp, as it was at the ECW One Night Stand and ECW Resurrection pay per views – however, there isn’t a Mick Foley, it’s just Joey on his lonesome.

Joey Styles: “What a night so far! The main event has been set, as CW Anderson, Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible go at it in a traditional ECW three way dance! That’s right people, traditional E-C-W – we invented the three way dance!”

He scoffs.

Joey Styles: “And guess what? The show has only just begun! We’ve got a damn lot more to come toni—“

Suddenly, Big Sal Graziano, Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Big Vito burst into the scene. The Full Blooded Italians muscle Joey out of the way and Guido takes the microphone. He has something to say.

3. We want the Tag Titles, not pizza!

The “got pizza?” chants immediately flare up, disgusting the Full Blooded Italians. Guido begins to speak.

Little Guido: “We ain’t got no pizza, ah, tha’ crap is disgustin’. We don’t wan’ it. We wan’ the ECW Tag Team Titles. Me ‘n my main man Tony Mamaluke over here, along with THE DON Big Sal and Big Vito, wan’ ourselves some gol’ in tha’ FBI.”

He nods his head.

Little Guido: “Danny Doring, Roadkill … those Tag Titles, they’ll be ours next week! Paul E has given us tha’ shot, capiche?”

Guido sets the microphone down, but suddenly, a hand drops over it. The camera pans up to reveal none other than “Dastardly” Danny Doring, wearing his sunglasses and pink spandex, with Roadkill not too far behind, holding the ECW Tag Team titles.

Danny Doring: “You want our Tag Team titles, eh? You want ‘em pretty damn bad, right? You want them as bad as every woman in Italy wants me, the Dastardly one. Haha.”

Doring smirks confidently, stroking his chin.

Danny Doring: “See boys, I’ve ‘HAD’ every woman in Italy, and me and the Angry Amish are ready to keep on bangin’! With the gold comes the chicks, and with the chicks COMES the Dastardly one! Hahaha!”

He nods his head, grinning, loving the pun.

Danny Doring: “See ya, never wanna’ be ya.”

Doring puts the microphone down, with the FBI all looking baffled.

Roadkill: “CHICKENZ~!!!”

The Full Blooded Italians almost shit themselves, with Roadkill’s randomness. We go back to the ring for the next match.

Segment Rating: 63%

4. Nova & The Blue Meanie with Big Stevie Cool vs. Spike Dudley & Super Crazy

The Blue World Order do their usual parody shtick, mimicking the original New World Order, with Nova playing the air guitar with his blue belt to mock Hollywood Hogan. Super Crazy starts on the apron, with Spike and The Blue Meanie starting in the ring, as a complete mismatch. Meanie over-powers his opponent, shoving him down to the canvas with ease before dropping a quick leg onto his throat. Meanie covers but the count is broken up after “one” after a flying Super Crazy leg drop from the top rope! This is when all hell breaks loose. Nova rushes into the ring and takes Crazy over the top with a clothesline, which sees him go tumbling to the outside too. Meanie lifts Spike up, takes a kick to the gut, allowing Spike to go for the Acid Drop, but Meanie holds on and drops Spike over the top rope and to the outside, through the timekeepers table! This draws an “EC-Dub!” chant from the fans and an “OH MY GOD!” from Joey Styles. Meanwhile, Super Crazy fights off Nova and climbs onto the apron. Super Crazy then flies with a 450 splash from the apron, and to the outside, onto Nova to mass applause from the ECW fans! Big Stevie Cool sneaks around to ringside as Super Crazy climbs to his feet, and levels him with a hard straight Stevie Kick to the jaw! Crazy hits the deck as Stevie strikes a pose before lifting the TV Champion up and sliding him back into the ring, to Meanie. Meanie looks to take the opportunity and lifts Crazy up, looking for a powerbomb, but the TV champion counters with a sunset flip; …1…2…3! He’s got ‘em, despite Big Stevie Cool’s interference!

Winners: Super Crazy & Spike Dudley

Match Rating: 70%

Stevie stands on the outside, looking dismayed as Meanie shakes his head in disbelief. Medical staff come to the outside, to tend to Spike who lies amongst the broken timekeepers table as the referee raises Super Crazy’s hand into the air, declaring his team the victor in this match up.

Joey Styles: “Stevie Richards, the number one contender for the TV Title, certainly didn’t expect that! Super Crazy got the better of the Blue World Order! I guess they aren’t taking over after all!”

We then go to a transmission, to hype up the Wrestlepalooza pay per view which is set to take place on the 27th of this month.

5. Well, well, well…

We return from the transmission and here nothing but applause and cheers. The fans are evidently excited. The camera pans around for a few moments before settling inside the ring, to where we see the leopard skin suit, the purple neck brace and the plump figure of the “Quintessential Studmuffin” Joel Gertner! Gertner smirks, holding the microphone.

Joel Gertner: “Well, well, well.”

The fans pop enormously for Gertner, who takes a pause to take the cheers in.

Joel Gertner: “It is I, the Quintessential Studmuffin, Joel, remember the name ‘cause you’ll be screamin’ it later, GERT-NEERRRRRR!”

Joel adjusts his neck brace slightly as he smirks.

Joel Gertner: “Ladies, women of all ages, I’m BACK and ready to BA—“

You can't be something you're not

Be yourself, by yourself

Stay away from me

A lesson learned in life

Known from the dawn of time

Re-spect, walk!

The jeers instantly start up as Bill Alfonso rushes out from the back, leaping around and blowing his whistle frantically. Alfonso rushes down to the ring as Rob Van Dam nonchalantly steps out from the back, looking as smug as ever. Gertner doesn’t know what’s happening. Alfonso takes a microphone and enters the ring as Gertner backs off into the corner.

Bill Alfonso: “WELL LOOK AT’CHA GERTNER! LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE, ROBBIE! We have some no good typical EC-DUBYA sh*t!”

Van Dam nods his head along with what Fonzie is saying. Both men stand in the ring, opposite from Gertner.

Bill Alfonso: “Jus’ think dadday, back in 2001, you ‘n him helped each other out! He helped ‘cha out with that VAN TERMINATOR on Lynn, BABY!”

Van Dam nods his head. Then suddenly, he leaps into the air and levels Gertner with a spin kick! What the hell was that for?! Gertner falls down onto the mat, clutching his neck in agony, as Van Dam looks down at him, looking absolutely disgusted. Alfonso grins as Van Dam does the thumb taunts over the fallen Joel Gertner. What the hell was that for, dammit?! By doing that, what does Rob Van Dam achieve? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Rob Van Dam: “Paul E, I’m the main event. Make your threats, man, ‘cause lets face it, ECW needs me more than it needs crap like this.”

Rob points at Gertner, who is down and out.

Rob Van Dam: “I am ECW Paul, I’m the WHOLE – F**KING – SHOW!”

Van Dam smirks.

Rob Van Dam: “And soon, after I get my shot and TAKE the ECW World Title, I’ll be Mr Monday – Night – RAW!”

Van Dam smirks as Alfonso begins to blow his whistle. Pantera’s “Walk” hits again as the medical staff rush out from the back, to treat the fallen Joel Gertner.

Segment Rating: 67%

We go to a transmission to hype up the weekly WWE events. After all, this is “World Wrestling Entertainment presents Extreme Championship Wrestling”.

6. CW Anderson vs. Justin Credible (with Jason & Francine) vs. Tommy Dreamer

We come back from the transmission to where CW Anderson and Justin Credible are already in the ring, ready to fight. Alice In Chains’ “Man In The Box” then hits and Tommy Dreamer makes his way out from the back. We get straight into action, with Joey running over each of these superstars’ individual accolades during their career. CW and Credible quickly begin to double-team Dreamer, backing him into the corner and hitting him with a series of hard blows. Dreamer mounts a fight back as Anderson and Credible mis-communicate, with Anderson decking Credible with a trademark hard left. Dreamer takes the opportunity to quickly scoop Anderson onto his shoulders and drill him with the Spicolli Driver in the centre of the ring. Dreamer turns and eats a hard superkick to the jaw from Credible, who is back up on his feet. Credible covers but Dreamer kicks out quickly. Credible lifts Dreamer up, but CW comes in with a hard clubbing blow to Credible’s back. The Enforcer then disposes of Credible with the Ferris Wheel Suplex! Credible quickly rolls to the outside, clutching his lower back, as CW goes to work on Dreamer. The two exchange slams and various blows before Credible re-enters, with a Singapore Cane in hand. Credible runs towards the duo, but receives a quick jab to the face from both of his opponents! Dreamer turns, quick to react, and plants Anderson with the Dreamer DDT, spiking Anderson onto the mat! Dreamer covers, and Credible quickly leaps on top of him to keep Anderson down; …1…2…3! CW Anderson has been eliminated!

Joey Styles: “We’re down to two!”

CW Anderson climbs to his feet and kicks the ropes in fury, as Dreamer and Credible separate, taking a few moments to regroup. Anderson reels Dreamer in, whips him across the ring and drills him with the Anderson Spinebuster to a chorus of (muted) “FUCK YOU” chants from the fans! CW turns and simply leaves as Credible lifts Dreamer up, along with the Singapore Cane. Credible wraps the cane around Dreamer’s throat, falls back and lays him out with the White Russian Leg Sweep!

Joey Styles: “WHITE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! The move which The Sandman made famous, and Credible’s stolen it!”

Credible lifts Dreamer straight back off the mat and drills him with the That’s Incredible spinning tombstone piledriver to more jeers from the fans! He then drops over Dreamer, sensing that he has the match in the bag; ..1….2…3! He’s got ‘em!

Winner: Justin Credible

Segment Rating: 68%

Credible climbs to his feet as Jason and Francine enter, to celebrate with him. Justin Credible will be going to the Wrestlepalooza main event with a shot at the ECW World Heavyweight title!

Joey Styles: “Goodnight!”

Show Rating: 69%

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ECW on The Network

22nd of July 2006

After the opening credits roll, with “This is Extreme” by Harry Slash and The Slashtones playing in the background, we fade up into the Hammerstein Ballroom. Joey Styles calls the action, running down the night’s card, as the Full Blooded Italians make their way out from the back. Styles informs us that the ECW Tag Team Titles will be on-the-line to kick start what should be an action packed show, as always.

1. ECW Tag Team Titles: Danny Doring & Roadkill © vs. Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke

The match starts with two men in the ring, but in two ECW style, it isn’t long before it breaks into sheer anarchy. Doring and Roadkill gain the advantage, knocking Guido and Mamaluke to the outside, but Big Vito and Big Sal enter the ring and ambush the champions on behalf of their fellow “Full Blooded Italians”. Big Sal drives Doring down into the canvas with a chokeslam as Vito hits a big spinebuster on Roadkill. Mamaluke and Guido re-enter as the other FBI members leave, and look to pick up where they left off, but it all goes pear shaped. Roadkill leaps into the air from out of nowhere and takes Guido out with a huge clothesline, almost decapitating him! Mamaluke goes after Doring and looks for a neckbreaker, but the Dastardly One reverses and connects with the Wham Bam in the centre of the ring! Mamaluke hits the deck as Doring and Roadkill swap opposition, with Roadkill going up top and flying with a big splash, crushing Mamaluke in the centre of the ring, as Guido brawls with Doring. The referee counts as Roadkill covers; …1…2…3.

Winners: Doring & Roadkill

Match Rating: 70%

The camera pans around to Little Guido, who is now stood on the outside, absolutely livid. Big Sal and Vito have to constrain him from doing something he might regret.

Little Guido: “Mamaluke wasn’t tha’ man I wanted in my corner! I wanted Vito!”

Doring and Roadkill stand in the ring, with the gold, looking puzzled.

Little Guido: “I wanna’ re-match with my RIGHTFUL tag team partnah’ by my side! Me ‘n Vito versus you two chumps at Wrestlepalooza, comprendé?”

Guido throws down the microphone in a fit of rage, with Joey commenting that he could’ve broken the equipment, and that he should control his fiery Italian temper.

2. Taking over.

The Blue World Order emerge from the back, doing their usual shtick, with Joey in hysterics, saying that the BWO look much more lethal than the New World Order ever did. The fans cheer Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova and Da Blue Guy as they enter the ring, with Meanie bouncing next to the ropes. Big Stevie Cool takes the stick from the ring announcer and begins to speak.

Big Stevie Cool: “I’ve got three words for ya’!”

Oh no. The anticipation. Stevie waits for a few moments, nodding his head.

Big Stevie Cool: “We’re TAKING … OVER!”

The fans join in with the BWO leader, as he says the infamous phrase. Richards nods his head for a few moments before resuming.

Big Stevie Cool: “And it all begins at Wrestlepalooza, when I, Big Stevie Cool, take the ECW Television Title from Super Crazy. Ya see, Crazy is smaller than me, he weighs less than me and damn … I’m big sexy.”

Joey comments with “Big Sexy Stevie Cool?” Stevie is obviously ripping off Kevin Nash here.

Big Stevie Cool: “So ECW, run for ya’ lives, ‘cause the POISON has been injected … we’re now just slowly seepin’ through your vai—“

CW SPINEBUSTER TO NOVA~! CW Anderson hits the ring, ready to fight! Meanie runs towards him but also eats a CW Spinebuster from The Enforcer. Richards launches a Stevie Kick, but Anderson sees it coming, evades, and levels him with a huge Spinebuster in the middle of the ring! Anderson has laid the BWO out here on ECW On The Network! The fans begin to boo as Anderson takes the microphone, as the BWO roll to the outside.

CW Anderson: “HE deserves a title shot?! He deserves a shot at the ECW TV title?! I DON’T THINK SO! Super Crazy, get the hell out here now so I can kick your ass!”

Anderson does the cut throat motion with his left arm as Super Crazy emerges from the back, TV title around his waist, accepting the challenge to a huge pop and an abundance of “Crazy!” chants from the ECW faithful.

Segment Rating: 60%

3. ECW TV Title: Super Crazy © vs. CW Anderson

Crazy doesn’t back down, despite Anderson being bigger than him. He hits a dropkick, followed by a moonsault, for the two count from the referee. Crazy gets up and looks to attack Anderson, but eats a big trademark left hand from The Enforcer. Super Crazy backs off, groggily, before running forward once again, but this time straight into a kick to the mid-section, followed by the Ferris Wheel Suplex from Anderson! Anderson is firmly in top in this one, dominating the champion! CW pulls Super Crazy up and calls for the end, with the cut throat motion, before whipping the Insane Luchadore into the ropes. Crazy runs back and leaps onto Anderson’s shoulders, taking him down with a hurricanrana in the centre of the ring! This draws a pop from the fans as Anderson climbs to his feet before groggily falling back into the ropes. Super Crazy runs towards him and knocks him over with a big clothesline! Anderson climbs to his feet on the outside and staggers around, until Super Crazy flies from the top and takes him out with a huge cross body on the outside, to a chorus of “EC-Dub!” chants from the fans in the Hammerstein! Super Crazy looks to capitalize and rolls Anderson back into the ring. He goes onto the first buckle and hits the first moonsault, “unos!” He goes onto the second buckle and hits it again, “dos!” He goes for the third, but Anderson leaps to life. Crazy can sense it, and turns and leaps into Anderson, and straight into a huge Spinebuster in the centre of the ring, with impact! Super Crazy is down for the count! Anderson falls on top of the champion, hooking the leg; …1…2…3! He’s done it! We have ourselves a new ECW Television Champion!

Winner: CW Anderson

Match Rating: 66%

Styles can’t believe it. He hypes up Anderson, and puts over the “shock” victory as we go backstage, to where Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso stand by in the locker room area.

4. Two matches until the big-time, baby!

Van Dam stands, hands on hips, looking as nonchalant as ever. Alfonso leaps around the locker room like a monkey, blowing his whistle like a mad man, before getting into the camera.

Bill Alfonso: “Two matches, baby! Two matches until the big-time!”

Van Dam smirks, nodding his head.

Bill Alfonso: “All you’ve gotta’ do is beat Tanaka, beat Awesome – pin both of their sorry asses in the middle o’ the ring DADDAY, then you’ve got a shot at Sandman at the pay per view!”

He blows his whistle loudly. I bet that caused a few burst ear drums.

Rob Van Dam: “Fonz, don’t sweat it. Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka, they’re both past their sell-by-date, lets face it. I mean, both of them put their bodies on-the-line in Japan, while I’m at the peak of my career – I’m in 100% physical condition. I’ve got the athleticism of a WWE superstar, yet I’m stuck here, fightin’ over-weight has-beens. Thanks Vinnie, thanks.”

He sighs.

Bill Alfonso: “Don’t worry, DADDAY! TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! You beat those two clowns and you go against the big one, you win the ECW Title at Wrestlepalooza and we go to Connecticut, BABY!”

Van Dam nods his head.

Rob Van Dam: “Consider it done. Oh, and Paul, when I win that title, I’ll laugh in your damn face. The pay cheque Vince gives me will be TWICE the amount of cash you owe me, and that’ll be for a week. EC-F’n-W? No minors, no exceptions? The Hardcore Revolution? When I’ve gone, it’s over. ECW will be just another run-of-the-mill wrestling promotion, ‘cause without (thumbs) Rob – Van – Dam, ECW is dead in the ground.”

Alfonso chimes in at the end, blowing his whistle loudly.

Bill Alfonso: “That’s right, Rob! ‘Cause you’re the (thumbs) WHOLE – F**CKING – SHOW, DADDAY!!!”

Van Dam nods in agreement, “that I am, Fonz” as we go back to Joey Styles, at the announcers position.

Segment Rating: 70%

Styles tells us that there as been an altercation in the locker rooms, backstage in the Hammerstein.

5. One man you don’t mess with.

We go to the locker rooms to where we see Saturn and Kronus hammering away on New Jack in the corner of the room, with Cyrus looking on, proud of what his henchman are doing.

Cyrus: “Never mess with me, New Jack. You’ll ALWAYS regret it.”

He cackles deviously, but suddenly, the laughing stops as Tommy Dreamer busts through the locker room door! Dreamer runs in and lays Kronus out with a hard right before throwing Saturn into the locker room wall. Kronus tries to attack once again but New Jack springs to life with a right, to even up the odds! Dreamer and New Jack get the better of The Eliminators and send them scampering from the locker room, but as Cyrus tries to get away, Dreamer grabs him and throws him up onto his shoulders … DREAMER DRIVER THROUGH THE LOCKER ROOM BENCH! An “EC-Dub!” chant immediately starts up as Dreamer and New Jack look down at the broken Cyrus, who lies amongst the broken bench.

Tommy Dreamer: “Don’t f**k with me.”

We go back to the ring for the main event.

Segment Rating: 65%

6. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome vs. Rob Van Dam

All three superstars eventually enter the ring, with each of the men standing at the corners. The fans are firmly behind Masato Tanaka, chanting “Tanaka!” before the match has even begun, due to their obvious dislike of Mike Awesome in general, and due to their dislike of Rob Van Dam’s new “better than this” attitude. The match starts quickly with Awesome and Tanaka exchanging blows, with Van Dam standing back to watch the action. Tanaka fights back and decks Awesome with the ROARING ELBOW but Van Dam is there to throw a chair at him. Tanaka catches and eats the VAN DAMINATOR~! Rob Van Dam quickly covers Tanaka, as the minutes are inevitably running low on the USA Network, as the referee counts; …1…2…3! Masato Tanaka has been eliminated. Van Dam and Awesome are left to slug it out. Awesome uses his size to dominate Van Dam, looking to finish him with an Awesome Bomb, but Van Dam counters with a few blows to Awesome’s face. Van Dam lands on his feet and takes Awesome out with a spinning kick to the jaw before going up to the top. Rob does the thumb taunts as Alfonso leaps around on the outside, blowing his whistle like a maniac. Rob then flies with the Five Star Frog Splash, but Awesome rolls out of the way and Van Dam hits the canvas! Awesome climbs to his feet and eats a chair shot to the back from Alfonso, but absorbs it! Awesome turns around, looking ever-menacing, and almost takes Alfonso’s head off with a HUGE clothesline to a pop from the fans! RVD climbs to his feet and hits Awesome with a low blow, before rolling him up with a small package, which gets a “two” count from Jim Molineaux! Van Dam climbs to his feet, as does Awesome, and looks for another spinning kick – but Awesome somehow blocks it and promptly kicks Van Dam in the gut … AWESOME BOMB!!!

Awesome could have it! Awesome puts the steel chair over Van Dam’s chest before going up onto the top rope, with some of the fans apparently forgiving him for his past betrayal of the promotion, in favour of him beating Van Dam. Awesome flies with an Awesome Splash, but Van Dam gets the chair up and Awesome hits it head first – busting him WIDE open! Blood flows from Awesome’s head as the big man staggers around the ring, looking dazed. Van Dam looks to take control but suddenly, Alfonso revises himself and swings the chair, aiming for Awesome, but he almost decapitates Van Dam!! Awesome takes Alfonso out with a Big Boot to the face. Van Dam is up but takes a kick to the gut … AWESOME BOMB ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!! ROB VAN DAM IS DOWN AND OUT! Awesome covers; …1….2….3!!! AWESOME GOES TO THE PAY PER VIEW!

Winner: Mike Awesome

Match Rating: 77%

Van Dam is still down, as is Alfonso. The referee raises Awesome’s arm high into the air as ECW on The Network comes to a close.

Show Rating: 69%

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Damn, two surprises in one night. Anderson winning the T.V title was quite a surprise, albeit deserved completely. And I expected Van Dam to win the main event, but then it would have been a give away so it's good for the swerve, but makes me wonder where you can go with this.

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