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TAFKA Castroneves

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NEVER watch these shows. They're addictive, too addictive.

There's one still going on, not sure what quiz channel, some channel on Sky. Anyway, it's been going for a whole week, and still no one has won it. My brother got onto it twice, and got it wrong both times. Now he's dead set on thinking he knows the answer, so he tried another five times and never got through. In total, he's spent about twenty pound ringing.

Keep a look out for this one. It's the one where you have to fill in the blank word. Four letters going down. Idiots keep saying Yeti and Pave, answers that I've heard about two hundred times in the space of one day. I just do my best to keep the channel away now, too additive.

And isn't that major annoying guy on this Quizmania one? That rather fat guy with glasses? His voice makes my ears bleed.

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