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K!XXV Tour

Cactus Drags

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Bullet For My Valentine are fucking excellent live. Hawthorne Heights are pure template emo, but I thought they were ace anyhow. Still Remains seemed to be dialling it in somewhat, very bland, which dissapointed me as I'd heard very good thing about them prior to the gig. Aiden need to focus less on the guitar/mic/drumstick twirling and imagery and more on, y'know, playing well. I got the impression they're pretty good, but their live performance let them down a fair bit. In other words, £15 well spent on an awesome band, a very good band, and two slightly meh bands. Catalogue of injuries/damage includes a ripped sleeve, a damn near broken arm (metalhead headbanged as I threw the horns up. Hurt like hell), sore ribs, deafness in the left ear, aching foot and sore neck. Awesome. anyone else go or is going to the Kerrang XXV Tour at some point? Slightly odd chocie of bands for such an anniversary, but whatever.

Oh, and southern England doesn't know how to mosh. Pussies, the lot of them.

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