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Star Wars: Revelations


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I just found out about it about an hour ago. Still downloading the film. For anyone that doesn't know, it's a fan-film set between Revenge of the Sith and a New Hope.

I'm just interested in knowing people's opinions on it. I'm just surprised it cost $20,000 and runs over 47 minutes and it's only a fan-film.

Star Wars: Revelations Wikipedia site

Link to Star Wars: Revelations site

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I've watched about 20 minutes of it so far. It looks great visually, but the acting is dubious and it just looks as if the directors wanted to cram as many orgasmic moments in as possible (don't want to say anything in case of 'spoilers' though).

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I think I'll ask what's on everyone's mind:

Who's the fat bitch in red?

Synn from OVW :shifty:

Just got finished watching it, and I was thoroughly impressed. Didn't expect the CGI to look as good as it did. With it's look, it reminded me of the cut-scenes in the older Jedi Knight games. The majority of the acting was really bad, but some of the CGI legitimately looked better than the CGI in the Prequal Trilogy.

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