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Desperate for a good game

Mountainous Cleavage

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Lately I've had absolutely nothing to do gaming-wise on my computer and I've been bored as fuck. I had Diablo 2: LoD for a while, loved it for a bit but got bored and uninstalled it. Since then I've been downloading random games and tried them but I havent found any good ones. So, basically, tell me some good free games.

MMORPGs preferrably.

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I suggest checking out Continuum its an online sheavily modified version of asteroids in a way. I've signed up as Dochappy and right now I suck got to get used to the controls

if you like games like simcity search for an abandonware game called Holiday Island. you have to try to make the best resort island and beat your competitors

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its fun once you get built up enough to actually kill people . All I'm doing now is flying around collecting the greens once I get powered up enough and my ship gets upgraded I'm gonna try to go on a killing spree

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I've ehard a game called Star Control 2 is amazing haven't played it yet though . I'm searching the freeware portion of the underdogs now so If find something good I'll post it .

it used to be easy to find good freeware games but now its getting harder

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heres one Lyle in Cube Sector

seems like it might be fun I'm downloading it now

Just noticed you wanted mmorpgs sorry . I don't really know of any good mmorpgs at the moment except for runescape

edit. jsut played the game and its pretty fun. you play as lyle who is trying to find his stolen cat . your only weapon is blocks which you pick up and throw them at your enemies . the graphics are really retro but it fits for the game. I haven't made ti far jsut far enough to get the map and the ability to pick the blocks . I keep killing myself cause the blacks richocet and hit me lol

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apparantley its free forever. its mostly make a character and trade with it (buy sell goods etc) then you travel to other cities via the silkroad. there are also other players - thieves who will try to kill you on the silkroad, and warriors who act as bodyguards to the traders. havent played it though.

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