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ok I couldn't find the old freeware topic so I thought I'd start a new one . Recently found a fun little FREE game then come and post it for everyone else to enjoy

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Home of The Underdogs(Forum Post bunch of freeware game)

Game Hippo

FSG -Free Sim Games

Abandonia Reloaded


Remakes Zone

Planet Free Play

Noodan Games

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Game Projects


Freeware game Reccomendations

Ootp Devolopments released OOTP 5 for free Its the full game but I think the version is 5.13 which has a free agency bug. if you want to play a free baseball sim I suggest this one even with the bugs.Download it Here

Star Control 2 is considered by most to be the best pc game ever. The remake The Ur-Quan mastersis the same game but with better graphics new sounds and music and etc. read all about it at http://sc2.sourceforge.net/

if you like point and Click adventure games I suggest you check out 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic which both can be found at Abandonia reloaded linked above.

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