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Mindless Self Indulgence


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So, I have been a big fan of MSI, since Frankenstein Girls during my time in France, just seemed to be the way the music was going in those days, and just recently bought this album, I have to say. I am really impressed. This is one of my more impressive new buys, and I just cant stop listening to it.

Anyone else got it, and/or got an opinion on the album or MSI in genral?

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I went to see MSI live when I was over in the States as an exchange student. Being a metal man myself, I pretty much dismissed them as too hip-hoppy for my tastes, and didn't much enjoy the show apart from the stage antics of the group. After I got back home, however, I got my hands on "You'll Rebel To Anything..." and the lovable bastards grew on me. I now have a pretty extensive collection of their tracks on my computer, as well as the album from Urine and Righ?'s side project The Left Rights. And yes, I'm totally in love with them too :P

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