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Deus Ex: Invisible War


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So I was looking through my dad's short collection of games he has, trying to find a game akin to that of Age Of Empires II (which I just took Civilization: Call To Power from him because I guess it's kinda the same), and I found Invisible War.

I know Reily thinks it's a huge dissappointment, but is it a good game? I've never played the first one, and I don't even know what they're about, so..

Don't suggest that I buy the first one, either. If I had the money, I'd be buying Age Of Empires III, not the first Deus Ex. :P

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I've never played Invisible War myself, but the original is one of the best games ever made, IMO. You can probably pick it up for next to nothing (a quick scan of Amazon.com's marketplace shows it there for about a dollar).

Although my brother has played Invisible War and he says it's not a patch on Deus Ex (arguably anything else Ion Storm put out wouldn't have been), but still kinda fun. Seriously, everyone should have a copy of Deus Ex. :P

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