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What to Play Next?


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So...I finished GUN yesterday and i've got nothing else to play :( besides the casual ones(PES5, FM06, GTA:SA, AoE3)

I would like to play another RPG as i'vebeen trough Kotor1, Kotor2, Diablo1, Diablo2 and Fable.

So what's next?

I've heard a lot of people saying good things about Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, Elder Scrolls, Heroes of Might and Magic but i'm not sure about them :ohwell:

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In terms of RPG games for the PC, not sure about Heroes of Might & Magic, but I've also heard good things about Dungeon Siege. Neverwinter Nights is not bad, but is not quite as great as people claim it to be.

In my opinion, until I get the chance to play Dungeon Siege, I would highly recommend Elder Scrolls:Morrowind, which is now available in budget. I find it has a lot more depth and is less linear than Neverwinter Nights, though whether it's better than the KOTOR and Diablo series is debatable.

Or you could wait until Elder Scrolls:Oblivion, which I hear is looking to be something worthwhile, maybe ground-breaking (yeah, you probably kinda figured out that I'm a fan of The Elder Scrolls).

Other than that, I guess you're more than stuck with the casual games.

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