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WWE: The Return of Attitude


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World Wrestling Entertainment Diary

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The Intro:

I know. I know. YUCK, another WWE diary. What can I say to change your mind? Realistically? There probably isn’t a single thing I can do to change your mind. I realize this. My goal really isn’t to prove I can ‘wow’ you right out of the gates, but rather be one of these diaries that are consistent and entertaining. Of course I will try to keep the WWE feel, yet at the same time I hope to put my own vibe in there.

As I read over diaries I hear these common complaints. First off originality. I can promise you this will not be a problem with me. I will do my own thing, and develop these diaries own my own. Truth be told, outside of the month or two leading up to Wrestlemania, I don’t follow wrestling a lot, so a lot of this material will be fresh. Second thing is matches. Some people just like to copy and paste straight out of EWR, while others just give you a short recap of the match. I am going to do something somewhere in the middle. I am going to try to give each match a paragraph or two, (20 lines, maybe upwards of 50 lines). Pay per views will probably have longer results, since pay per views the emphasis is on the matches. On Raw and Smackdown, they emphasis will be on the storylines.

My Diary Set Up:

Before doing this diary, I studied a lot the diaries on this board. The two I will take the most from is ‘ADGRAY: WCW2005’, and ‘FourStarFizzle:WWE2005’ Diary. Both of these journals seem to stress originality, and character development, while staying true to the company. I will attempt to do the same, as these two journals have.

I will use a ‘Flexible’ Pay Per View Set up. I will have 4 ‘InterPromotional’ PPVs. I will have 4 Raw PPVs. I will have 4 Smackdown PPVs. Here is a schedule.

January- Royal Rumble

February- Raw PPV

March- ‘UnNamed Show’, SD PPV to be held on Spring Break

April- ‘Wrestlemania’, Typically the first week

May-Raw PPV

June-Smackdown PPV

July- SummerSlam- Joint PPV

August- Taboo Tuesday, Raw, where people vote

September- SD PPV

October-Raw PPV

November- Survivor Series, Joint PPV

December- SD PPV

Allow me the chance to explain all of this. The Royal Rumble, and SummerSlam will remain in their respective months. Wrestlemania was pushed back to the first week of April (which is a typical timeslot for the show) in order to allow two shows between ‘Royal Rumble’ and ‘Wrestlemania’. The March PPV will be held in the same venue as the old WCW ‘Nitro: Spring Break Edition’. The ring will be located on a pool of water, very entertaining stuff. In August, Raw will hold its ‘Taboo Tuesday’ where people will get a chance to vote on the types of matches they want to see, along with who should be in them. The areas where you see ‘SD PPV’ or ‘Raw PPV’ are months were that brand is scheduled to hold a pay per view, however a name is not given. In this diary I want to express individuality, so while I am keeping the WWE foundation, I am allowing myself some room for flexibility.

Show Interaction:

There will be very few trades within the company. As each brand grows, it will develop its own style, and thus trades should not be needed. There may be one or two at the very begining, but this won't be a common occurance.

Set Up:

Raw will house the WWE Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the Diva Championship. Raw’s Announce Team will be Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler.

Smackdown will house the World Championship, the United States Championship, and the Cruiserweight Championship. Smackdown’s Announce Team will be Joey Styles and Tazz

Sorry Michael Cole Fans.

Weekly Operation:

I will hold two shows a week, Monday Night Raw, and Friday Night Smackdown!

On the final week of the month (excluding previously before mentioned dates), PPV will be held

Each Show will also have a short preview for the show.

I will also have a weekly ‘Insider Report’ done after Smackdown, but before the Raw Preview.

Final Note:

I really hope you enjoy this diary. I am going to make sure this is a long running diary, my hopes are that it gains a following. I realize the stereotype that is going to come with this type of diary, but I accept that going in. I can only hope to prove them all wrong, and in the end earn the respect of being an established and well liked ‘diary’. Feedback is always welcome, positive or negative. Please don’t be too harsh, but if you would like to point something out you feel it wrong feel freely. If you begin to like something I am doing, please feel free to post a response. Thank You. Good Day.


The Story.

On April 02, 2006 the WWE held their annual ‘Wrestlemania’ show, this was ‘Wrestlemania22’. The day before the show, Vince McMahon held a small press conference. He announced that due to a medial condition and his age, he could no longer continue to run both brands of the WWE, so this event would be his final as the CEO of the WWE. While he wasn’t resigning from the company, he was taking a lesser role.

He then explained how the WWE would change. He said that had spoken with his family, and that the WWE would be ran like he intended, two separate companies. The WWE would not divide, however each brand would be ran on their own, rather then one group running both shows. He explained that his vision of the new ‘WWE’ wouldn’t be just one voice, but rather a small committee of people. Each ‘Committee’, would be made up of three people; a ‘leader’, a personnel rep, and the president of the company.

The Raw ‘Committee’ would be lead by Stephanie McMahon. Linda and Vince would assume her role, until she is able to return after the birth of her child. Raw’s personnel rep would be Triple H, and the ‘President’ would be Eric Bishoff.

The Smackdown ‘Committee’ would be lead by Shane McMahon. The Smackdown personnel rep would be The Undertaker, with Paul Heyman being named as the new ‘President’.

Each of these staffs would have total control over their brands, however they would have no say on what happens with the other brand. Each brand is encouraged to do its own thing, and establish their own identity. It will be from this, that the idea of the brand split actually blossoms, like he had envisioned.

Vince said that he and his wife Linda would over see the running of the company as a whole, however most of their attention would be not directed towards the bussiness side of the company.

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April 02nd, 2006 –Raw and Smackdown Presents …

IPB Image

From: Chicago, IL

Attendance: 16, 323

Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

[‘No Chance’ starts up as the Chairman of the WWE walks out onto the stage, possibly for the final time. He walks down to the ring in a way only Vince McMahon could do. He stomps up the stairs, and enters the ring. Normally this is where the fans boo him like crazy, but on this occasion the fans are going crazy for him. Vince McMahon nods his head in acceptance, and then begins to speak.]

Vince McMahon: You know its funny. I have spent the last decade trying to get you people to hate me. So for you to cheer me coming down to the ring… well that just means a lot. I want all of you to know that the WWE will be in good hands. Steph…

[McMahon pauses. He wipes a tear from his eye. ]

Vince McMahon: I said I wasn’t going to do this. Anyways, as I was saying, the WWE will be in good hands. Stephanie and Shane are two of the most brilliant minds that I have had working for me. With the help of some fellow men who I trust, and former leaders in this industry, the WWE hopefully will return to new heights. Before I go though, I want to do something. The lord only knows how many wrongs I have done in this lifetime. Truth be told, it would be enough for three or four life times. However tonight, I am going to right one of those wrongs. Take this as my parting gift to all of you fans. Let me introduce to you, the new Raw Announcer, and the man who will be joining Tazz this evening for the Wrestlemania telecast… GOOD OLE JR!!!

[The ‘Sooners Fight Song’ starts up as Jim Ross steps out onto the stage. He walks over to the announce position, and takes his spot besides Tazz.]

Tazz: JR! I never would have thunk you were going to be out here. Truth be told, I didn’t know what was up. I figured Cole got his taleywacker stuck in his zipper again.

Jim Ross: Tazz, the pleasure is all mine. It is good to be back partner.

Tazz: No J-R, tonight the pleasure is all mine.

Jim Ross: Well folks what a night we have in store for you. TWO HUGE main events, but to be honest there are about four or five matches on this card that could headline a pay per view.

Tazz: Everyone pulls out all the stops for Wrestlemania. I expect this show to be one of the best ever.

Jim Ross: It has the make up to be exactly that. You have John Cena going up against the ‘Game’ Triple H in the Raw Main Event, and in the Smackdown main event, you have a triple threat match, featuring the winner of this year’s Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio, The Legend Killer Randy Orton, and the greatest pure wrestler in the WWE, at least in my book, that being Kurt Angle. Of course the action doesn’t stop there. Tazz, one I am looking forward too is my good buddy, Mick Foley going one on one with Edge in a good old fashion street fight.

Tazz: That one will be off the hook J-R, No Doubt. But one that I am looking forward too is The Undertaker going one on one with that no good son of a bitch, Mark Henry. J-R I don’t know if you caught it or not, but Marc Henry cost The Undertaker the World Title a few weeks back. Then if that wasn’t enough, he sent the Dead Man right through this announce table. Well not this one… but one exactly like it. Only this one ain’t all broken to hell.

Jim Ross: I did see that Tazz, and I expect the Dead Man to be in top form as he tries to go 13 and 0 in Wrestlemania History.

[‘My Own Man’ starts up as Gregory Helm walks out onto the entrance ramp. He walks down to the ring.]

- Who is the Mystery Man... Thats All Helms Wants to Know -

Jim Ross: And so it looks like we are about to get this night underway Tazz.

Tazz: I’m Ready J-R.

[Helms reaches the ring. He has his wrestling gear strapped on, and the WWE Cruiserweight title draped over his shoulder. The crowd is giving him a pop, but it is more so because they are excited to get this event underway. Helms has a tick off expression plastered all over his face.]

Gregory Helms: Isn’t this just typical! Here we are at the ‘Grand Daddy Of Them All’ Wrestlemania, and everyone else on the card knows whom they are going to face. Everyone, expect ME! Everyone else has had weeks to prepare for this night. Me? I get about sixty seconds. So yeah, I’m not happy about this at all. In fact it is a …

["Miseria Cantare " by AFI plays, and the lights in the arena go out. As the song goes into it's opening beats, strobe lights flash to them. Once the song hits its lyrics, and all of a sudden CM Punk emerges from the back. ]

Tazz: J-R!!! Look who that is! That’s CM PUNK!

[Punk slowly walks around the ring, then rolls in and stops then kneels in the middle. Right as the song ends, he rises to his feet and does his famous "X" symbol with his arms.]

Jim Ross: Oh my Tazz… this night is going to be special!

- WWE Cruiserweight ‘Mystery Opponent’ Match: © Gregory Helms vs CM Punk -

[CM Punk is sent to the canvas as the bell sounds. Helms drilled him from behind, knocking him to the mat. He begins to kick away at Punk, who is unable to reach his feet. Punk attempts to fight to his feet, but Helms is relentless kicking his opponent. He grabs Punk, by the hair, and pulls him up to his feet. He slings him into the ropes. BACK BODY DROP! Punk crashes into the canvas. Helms mounts his opponent and begins to whale away at the face of Punk.]

Jim Ross: This isn’t the way Punk expected to start the match up.

Tazz: No, the Cruiserweight Champ did exactly what he needed to. He used that built up frustration to his advantage, and is taking the fight right too CM Punk.

Jim Ross: It is very effective strategy thus far in the early going.

[Helms pulls his opponent to his feet, before unloading with a HARD knife edge chop. You hear ‘WOOOO’ scream out from all across the building. Helms sends Punk across the ring, Punk reverses! Helms is whipped into the ropes. BACK BODY DROP of his own! The Champ crashes into the canvas. Punk screams at Helms to get up. When he does, Punk explodes with a dropkick, sending Helms crashing to the canvas. The Champ rolls out of the ring. Punk waits a moment, then charges. He dives between the top and middle rope, with a suicide dive right onto Helms! The crowd goes crazy. Punk rolls Helms back into the ring. Punk rolls in, then pulls the champ up to his feet. He locks him in a grapple hold, before locking him into a suplex position. He lifts Helms up, but drops him forward, across the top rope! Helms is caught, balancing on the top rope with his stomach. CM Punk charges toward the corner of the ring. He leaps onto the middle turnbuckle before doing a head over heels flip, some how catching Helms with a LEG DROP! The crowd goes absolutely berserk.]


Jim Ross: I did, but I don’t believe what I saw.

[Punk makes the cover… ONE-TWO-KICKOUT! At the last possible second, Helms throws up a shoulder off the canvas, much to the disbelief of Punk. Punk grabs his opponent. He pulls him to his feet, but Helms explodes with a JAWBREAKER! Both men crash to the canvas motionless. The crowd start a mild chant of ‘Punk, Punk, Punk’, as both men being to stir. Punk is the first to make it to his feet. He waits for Helms to reach, then charges. Helms explodes out of no where with a SUPERKICK! Punk is sent crashing into the canvas. Helms rolls in for the cover. ONE-TWO-KICKOUT! Helms can’t believe it, and never can the people in attendance, though they are pleased Punk did find the energy to kick out. Helms stands up, and puts his hands on his hips. He shakes his head for a moment, but then gives the signal he wants to end the match. Helms grabs Punk by the hair, and throws his head between his legs. Helms sets Punk up for a powerbomb. Helms lifts him up, but Punk begins to whale away on Helm forcing him to drop into a roll up! Helms rolls through and ends up on top! Helms has the cover, as the ref slides into position. ONE-TWO-KICKOUT! Helms rolls up to his feet, as Punk pulls himself off the canvas. Helms charges. Punk gets out of the way at the last possible second. Helms runs face first into the turnbuckle. Helms staggers back towards the center of the ring, and that is where Punk delivers a kick to the gut… PUNK’D! Punk hits his version of the pedigree! ONE-TWO-THREE! We’ve got a new champion!

CM Punk def. Gregory Helms to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Match Rating: ***¾, Good

-Is This The End of Stratus as Diva Champ?-

[The scene opens up to Trish Stratus in her locker room. She is warming up, getting ready for her match. Victoria and Candice enter the room.]

Victoria: What’s the matter Trish? I don’t see Mickie James around here anywhere?

Candice: She is probably emailing her Trish Stratus Fan Club.

Trish Stratus: What do you two want?

Victoria: I just came here to inform you that your title reign is coming to an end tonight at Wrestlemania.

Trish Stratus: Haven’t you said this before?

[Victoria loses her cool, quiet quickly we notice. She goes face to face with Trish, who in turns gets right back in her face. All of a sudden we hear Eric Bishoff enter the room.]

Eric Bishoff: Ladies, Ladies. Ladies. Normally there is nothing more I would rather see then two beautiful women rip each other’s clothes off right in front of me, but you see I have to be a bussiness man first. So save it for the ring.

Victoria: That’s fine. I can beat her ass any time.

Trish Stratus: Since when have you been able to do that?

Eric Bishoff: Enough!

Victoria: He’s right. Trish will get hers later tonight. Candice lets leave.

Candice: See you in the ring, Trish.

Eric Bishoff: Actually… no you won’t. I am banning you and Mickie James from ringside. I want this to be a straight up match. If either of you two ladies interferes, I will fire you on the spot.

Victoria: Fine.

[Victoria and Candice storm out. Moments later, Mickie James walks in.]

Mickie James: Eric? What are you doing here?

Eric Bishoff: I’m the General Manager. I can be where I want.

Mickie James: But you are in Trish’s locker room. What are doing? Stalking her?

[Eric looks at Mickie James with a look of disbelief. He shakes his head and walks out.]

Mickie James: I hate perverts like that….. Oh hey Trish! I updated our fan club list. It is up to four hundred members now. Can you believe it. AHHHHH! I am so excited for you Trish. You are my …

[Cut back to the arena.]

-WWE Diva Championship Match: © Trish Stratus vs Victoria –

[stratus raises the title up into the air, in his now famous championship pose. Victoria drills her from behind, and the first two matches of Wrestlemania begin with the champion begin attacked from behind by the challenger. Victoria gives a few stomps to Stratus as she climbs to her feet. Stratus explodes with a punch straight to Victoria who appears to be rocked. Stratus delivers a second punch, then whips Victoria into the ropes. Victoria goes for a clothesline, but Stratus bends backwards showing incredible flexibility.]

Tazz: I love when she does that.

[stratus stands back up, then leaps into the air, connecting with a dropkick! Victoria is sent down to the canvas. Stratus moves over to scoop up Victoria, but Victoria explodes with a spinebuster. Stratus is rocked. Victoria rolls up Stratus, then as the ref begins to count, she adds to her leverage by placing both feet on the middle rope. ONE-TWO-The ref spots this finally before the three count. Victoria argues with the ref some. This gives Stratus time to climb up to her feet. She explodes with a StratusFaction, but as she leaps off the top rope Victoria shoves her off. Stratus crashes into the canvas. Victoria gives a running start, then executes an elbow drop! Stratus appears to be dazed, so Victoria signals for the match to end. She grabs the champ, and sets up for her Widow’s Peak. She locks Trish behind her, but as she finishes locking in the hold, Stratus rolls through with a roll up. ONE-TWO-KICKOUT! Both divas spring to their feet, however this is just the opening Stratus needed. She plants the ‘Chick Kick’ right to the side of the temple of Victoria, who crashes to the canvas. Stratus rolls her up. ONE-TWO-THREE! Stratus retains the title, and keeps the longest reigning Diva Championship Reign in history alive.

Trish Stratus def. Victoria to retain the WWE Diva Championship

Match Rating: **¾, Bad

-Could the Crippler Do It Again? -

[We cut backstage…


[We open up with the Nature Boy standing in the hall way with Chris Benoit. Benoit has that silly toothless smirk on his face.]

Ric Flair: CHRIS! Tonight, you and me are going to shock the world. Tonight you are going to win the Smackdown Money in the Bank, and then the Nature Boy is going to win the Raw Money in the bank. Then you and me…WOOT… are going to go on to become the Champions of our brands. WOOOOOOO. How do you like that?

Chris Benoit: I like the sound of that a lot. Good Luck.

Ric Flair: When you are the Nature Boy, and The Crippler, you don’t need luck.


[Flair walks off, as Benoit just shakes his head, stiff with that toothless, goofy smirk.]

- SD! Money in the Bank Match: Booker T vs Chris Benoit vs William Regal -

The match starts with Regal and Booker T double teaming Benoit. Both Booker and Regal start pounding away on Benoit in the corner. After a few moments, Benoit explodes with a chop to the chest of Booker, then Regal! Booker AGAIN! Regal Again! Benoit grabs both Regal and Benoit by the heads… TRIPLE HEADBUTT! Regal is sent tumbling out of the ring. Booker T falls to the canvas, and Benoit looks to be dazed. He shakes it off, and pulls Booker up to his feet. He whips him into the ropes…CROSSFACE! This early in the match, Benoit locks in the Crossface to Booker T. Regal is on the outside, Booker T is tapping, but the match isn’t ending! Benoit just pulls back harder on the move, as Booker T taps harder. Finally Regal comes into the match, stomping Benoit, breaking the hold. Booker T rolls to the outside. Regal pulls Benoit up to his feet, then gives him an European Uppercut! Benoit falls back into the corner. Regal explodes once more with an Upper Cut, but this does nothing but seem to fire up Benoit. He grabs Regal, before tossing him into the corner. Benoit explodes with a knife edge chop. A SECOND! A THIRD! A FOURTH!

Jim Ross: My lord, every blood vessel in Regal’s chest is about to burst!

Regal staggers forward out of the corner, before eventually falling face first into the canvas. Benoit gives the throat-slashing signal stepping out onto the apron. Benoit climbs to the top rope, and signals for his headbutt! Before the Crippler can leap from the top rope, Booker T jumps up onto the apron, and shoves Benoit! Benoit flies off the turnbuckle, and crashes onto the top rope in the middle of the ropes. Benoit stays where he is, tangling over the top rope. Booker T jumps down off the apron and reaches under the ring. He grabs the ladder and sets it up, but sets it up on the outside. Odd? Booker T climbs to the top of the ladder. He motions to the crowd before leaping off the ladder, over the top rope and landing with a leg drop to Benoit! Benoit falls off the top rope and back into the ring, as the fans love the spot!]

Jim Ross: I didn’t expect that.

Tazz: Booker T, he is a smart one.

Booker slides back out of the ring. He grabs the ladder and slides it into the ring. Booker T sets up the ladder. He begins to climb up the ladder. Regal reaches up and pulls him down. Regal begins to lay in with shot after shot, stiff punch. Booker T appears stunned. Regal appears to be going for another huge European Uppercut, but is spun around…. CROSSFACE! Benoit has him locked in the Crossface! Regal is in a ton of pain. He reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. Benoit refuses to break the hold. Regal shakes the bottom rope violently, but Benoit just tightens the hold. Booker T quickly moves over to the ladder. He begins to climb to the top.

Jim Ross: Booker T sees an opening and is taking advantage of it.

Tazz: That was a mistake. He should have knocked Benoit out first.

Booker climbs to the top of the ladder, however as soon as he reaches, Benoit explodes up the ladder. Booker T and Benoit are both at the top of the ladder! Booker T punches Benoit, who in return punches him back. The two exchange punches a bit longer, until Benoit explodes with a headbutt! The crowd is going crazy. Benoit explodes with a SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, FIFTH! Booker T is finally sent flying off the ladder. The crowd goes bonkers. Benoit is dazed after all those shots with his head. He shakes it off and reaches up for the briefcase. LOW BLOW! Regal comes from behind and connects with a low blow to Benoit. Regal sticks his head between Benoit’s legs…. POWERBOMB! Benoit is sent flying off the top of the ladder into the canvas! Regal climbs the ladder, and removes the briefcase, thus winning ‘Money In The Bank’ in a bit of a shocker.

William Regal def. Chris Benoit & Booker T to Win a ‘Money In The Bank’ Contract

Match Rating: *** ½, Average

-A New King of Hardcore?-

[We cut backstage where Edge is standing in front of a ‘Wrestlemania22 Logo’. He has his arm around Lita, with his hand resting on her left breast. He smacks on his gum a few times, then begins to speak.]

Edge: Mick Foley, tonight the King of Hardcore is going to be shown a lesson. You seem to have this notion about yourself, that you are the only one who really knows pain. Well guess what buddy? So do I! Go back and watch the original TLC match. Go back and watch how many different ways that ladder was used to bash in my skull, crack my ribs, and damn near break my leg. Mick, you may be Hardcore, but tonight there will be a new King Crowned. The New King of Hardcore… Edge! I like the sound of that.

Lita: I do too babe.

Edge: Mick, tonight will be your FINAL Wrestlemania. So live it up while you can, because tonight will be your FAREWELL MATCH!

[Edge walks off, as the scene cuts out.]

-- Raw Money in the Bank Match: Ric Flair vs Rob Van Dam vs Shelton Benjamin-

The match starts off with Flair and Benjamin exchanging chops in the middle of the ring. Shelton quickly loses this battle, and sends Flair into the ropes. DRAGON SLEEPER… into a NECKBREAKER! Flair crashes to the canvas. Rob Van Dam realizes you cant win this match without the ladder in the ring, so instead of fighting he leaves the ring and tosses a ladder into the ring. Smart. Benjamin takes the ladder and moves it to the center of the ring. However instead of setting up the ladder, he leaves is folded up. He places Flair on top of the ladder. Shelton climbs to the top rope. Rob Van Dam, pulls out a second ladder. He throws it up against the ropes, which shakes the ropes enough to force Shelton to lose his balance. He falls onto the turnbuckle, jewels first. Shelton falls onto the apron. Van Dam charges up the ladder, much like Shelton did last year in ‘Money in the Bank’, only he did it from the outside. Van Dam flies through the air and connects with a ROLLING THUNDER… NO! Flair moves! Van Dam still connects with the ‘Rolling Thunder’ only instead of hitting Flair. He hits the steel ladder!

Jim Ross: You can have all the athletic ability in the world, but no more attribute is more important in wrestling then intelligence.

Tazz: It is like I always say, wrestling is 90 percent mental… and 40 percent physical.

Flair rises to his feet. He does his classic dance, then bounces off the ropes. He drops an elbow into the chest of Van Dam!

Jim Ross: If Flair was to win this match, you would have to consider it an upset since this isn’t his style of match.

Tazz: You may, but I wouldn’t. Flair is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

As soon as Tazz talks Flair up, Flair is kicked right in the side of the head by one of Van Dam’s lighting quick kicks. Van Dam explodes with a couple punches, then flies into the air, connecting with a spinning heel kick to Flair. Flair staggers around for a moment, before falls on top of the ladder! Van Dam wastes no time. He grabs the ladder and pulls it over into the corner. RVD charges the corner… SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT! The crowd loves it. Van Dam rolls Flair off the ladder, before setting up the ladder. He climbs the ladder. Flair is motionless! Van Dam reaches up. Rob Van Dam has a hold of the briefcase! Out of nowhere, Shelton jumps onto the apron, then springboards to the top rope. He flies through the air, landing on the ladder, beside Van Dam. The two men are on the same side of the ladder! The Same Step Even! Both have one hand on the briefcase, and with the other they begin to strike at the other. Shelton drills Van Dam. Rob drills Shelton. Back and Forth! FLAIR LOW BLOWS both of them! They both fall off the ladder. Flair does his classic dance, then bounces off the ropes. He gives a ‘WOOOO’ to the crowd, before climbing up the ladder and removing the briefcase to win quite honestly a shocking victory for the 50+ year old wrestler.

Ric Flair def. Shelton Benjamin and Rob Van Dam T to Win a ‘Money In The Bank’ Contract

Match Rating: *** Average

-Is Mick Foley Finished? -

[We cut backstage where Mick Foley is standing next to Maria.]

Maria: Standing with me now is a man that needs no introduction. He is the lovable, Mick Foley.

Mick Foley: Thank you Maria. You are quiet lovable yourself, however I am afraid I have some bad news?

Maria: What’s that?

Mick Foley: Tonight, I won’t be so lovable. You see Maria; tonight I am going one on one with Edge in a Hardcore Rules Match. In this match, I am going to do things that will make people wonder my sanity. In this match, I will make people’s stomach’s curl from all the brutality and the bloodshed. In this match, people will question how this lovable man you see standing before you, could turn into such an evil, sick, twisted SON OF A BITCH!

[The crowd cheers, as we start to see a bit of Mankind come out of Foley.]

Mick Foley: You see Maria, for the past few years, Mick Foley hasn’t had that good of a record at Wrestlemanias. In fact, he hasn’t had that good of record over all. Whether it was losing to Randy Orton, to losing to Evolution, or to Val Venis, people have seemly looked at Mick Foley and started to question whether or not I could still perform in that ring. Tonight, I have to go out there and prove all the credits wrong. Tonight, I have to show the entire world that Mick Foley still has ‘IT’… but his ‘IT’ is better then Edge’s ever could be. You see, he talked about all his TLC matches. Well Edge, tonight there won’t be any ladders. There will just be chairs, and thumbtacks! Tonight, very well could be the final stand for Mick Foley, but like any great fighter, if I am going down, I will be going down swinging. Have a Nice Day.

-- Hardcore Rules Match: Edge vs Mick Foley -

As Foley slides into the ring, Edge pounds away. ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE shots to the face of Foley! Foley has to roll out of the ring. Edge goes to follow him, but doesn’t. Foley realizes something is up, but turns around too late! Lita connects with a chop block to Foley’s knees! Edge now exits the ring. He grabs Foley and begins stomping away at Foley’s knee.

Jim Ross: That isn’t right dammit. This isn’t a Handicap Match!

Edge rolls Foley into the ring, before grabbing Lita. The two exchanges a sloppy kiss that grosses just about the entire arena out. Edge rolls back in the ring. Edge rises to his feet, but Foley explodes out of nowhere with a DDT! The head of Edge is spiked into the canvas. Edge picks himself off the canvas, but is still dazed. Foley charges, drilling him with rights and lefts! Edge falls back into the turnbuckle. Foley charges going for a knee lift. Stupid. Lita pulls Edge out of the way, and Foley crashes knee first into the turnbuckle with the ‘worked on’ knee. Edge rolls Foley up. ONE-TWO-KICKOUT!

Tazz: That wasn’t a smart move by Foley.

Jim Ross: I love the man to death, but smart and Foley are rarely used in the same sentence.

Edge grabs Foley now by the leg. He locks in the sharpshooter! All the pain is being sent straight to the knee of Mick Foley, who is in obvious pain! He tries to claw towards the ropes, but can not do anything to stop the move. The main is killing Foley who raises his hand, considering tapping. Like he was going to tap ?!?!?! Foley never taps and Edge breaks the hold.

Jim Ross: You had to think it was going to take more then that to make Foley tap.

Tazz: But if Edge could make Foley here at Wrestlemania… his career would be sent straight into ICON status.

Jim Ross: Indeed it would be.

Edge slaps Foley over the head and screams ‘Get Up Old Man’. Foley fights to his feet. Edge kicks an obvious kick below the belt, which sends Foley slumping over. Edge bounces off the ropes… SPEAR! Foley is motionless! Edge believe he has the match won, as do most of the fans. ONE-TWO-KICKOUT! The crowd erupts as Edge’s face tells the story. STUNNED. Foley kicked out of the spear. Edge climbs to his feet, in total shock. Foley begins to pick himself off the canvas. Edge grabs the ref, and questions the count. Foley has made it to his feet. Lita reaches under the middle rope, giving a punch to the back of the injured knee. Foley grabs his knee, however in the process he stands up, and swells out his chest. Just like Lita planned, I bet. Edge throws the ref aside and charges… A SECOND SPEAR!!! Foley is down. The one has to be over! One-Two-KICKOUT!

Tazz: WHAT!

Jim Ross: I don’t believe it! Foley kicked out of TWO spears!

[The ref gets back in the face of Edge, and screams to him about shoving him. Edge points to Lita, then starts to yell at the ref right back. Lita pulls out one of the remaining tables from under the ring, and sets it up lying against the guardrail. Edge grabs the ref and starts screaming at him. Lita pulls Foley to the outside. She goes to powerbomb him through the table, but has trouble lifting him. Like she wouldn’t ?!?! Foley reverses the move, and dumps her through the table! The crowd loves it, but Edge looks on in total shock.

Jim Ross: Oh my lord! Someone needs to get out there and see if she is alright!

He shoves the ref aside then slides out of the ring, connecting with a baseball slide! Foley is sent backwards into the pile of wood and Lita, falling on top of both! Edge grabs Foley. He pulls him off of Lita, and throws him back into the ring. Edge checks on Lita, who isn’t moving. The crowd is loving every moment. Edge looks back into the ring with a death stare. He grabs a chair from the announce table, actually two! We know that this means! Edge slides into the ring. He takes a moment to set up. Edge sets up for a one man ‘Con-Chair-Toe’ shot. Foley is laying face down against a steel chair. Edge raises a chair over his head and swings. Foley moves at the last moment! Edge sends the chair straight down into the other one! The chair bounces off the canvas and drills Edge square in the face! Edge drops the chair and falls face first into the chair in front of him!

Jim Ross: Well that backfired.

Tazz: Yeah, huh…. That isn’t exactly how he planned that out.

Foley pulls himself off the canvas. He grabs the chair. Foley looks at Edge, then raises the chair in the air. The crowd loves it! Foley lifts the chair and connects with a ‘One Man Con-Chair-Toe’ shot! The crowd is going BONKERS! Foley throws the chair down and watches as Edge rolls to the apron. Edge pulls himself up using the ropes, his face is a bloody mess! Foley charges, running into Edge. He is sent flying off the canvas, and crashing into the Spanish Announce Table! You know what that means! Mick Foley climbs to the top rope. The entire Arena rises to their feet as well.

Jim Ross: Mick get down. You aren’t a cruiserweight. You aren’t CM Punk. You aren’t Rey Mysterio.

Foley flies through the air, connecting with an elbow drop to Edge! The table breaks in half Foley lands on top of Edge, and that is where he stays. ONE-TWO-THREE! Foley wins in a bloody mess!

Mick Foley def Edge, In a Hardcore Rules Match

Match Rating: *** Average

[Mick Foley begins to celebrate in the middle of the ring. The crowd is going crazy. Edge is covered in blood, motionless in the middle of the ring. Foley keeps his arm raises in the air, as he soaks up the moment.]

Tazz; J-R, I know I am a Smackdown man, but I will admit that match was OFF THE HOOK! Big props to Foley on that one!

Jim Ross: Indeed it was thrilling match up! That match could have gone either way Tazz. Edge has nothing to hang his head over. I showed tonight he could go toe to toe with anyone in this bussiness.

Tazz: No doubt.

Jim Ross: Well Tazz, up next is the match you said you wanted to see the most.

Tazz: That’s right. This match is going to be hella great.

[The scene fades to a video package, for the next match...

Video Package for 'Mark Henry vs The Undertaker, Casket Match'

-The Clip Shows Taker Battling Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship.

-Taker Hits the Tombstone on Angle!

-Taker goes for the cover, but moments before the three is reach, Mark Henry explodes out of no where.

-The bell sounds, as Henry assaults Taker.

-Henry drives Taker through the announce table!

-The final scene shows Henry laughing, as the words ‘Casket Match’ are uttered by Taker. Henry’s expression turns from joy and laughter, to shock and horror.

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I had two problems with this. First, the Ground Zero PPV. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. IF the WWE did try that, they would get so much bad press they wouldn't be able to get out from under it.

Second, CM Punk as the new CW Champion? The average WWE fan doesn't know who he is so he shouldn't have won the match. I would have rather seen Punk dominate the match but lose, starting a feud between the two.

Other then that, looks pretty good.

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IPB Image

WWE Monday Night Raw! Official Preview!

With just twenty-four hours removed from ‘Wrestlemania 22’, the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania is always a memorable one. This Raw should be no different as there is a LOT of backlash steaming from ‘The Grand Daddy of them All’.

The most asked question over the past twenty-four hours has to be why did Shawn Michaels cost John Cena the WWE Championship? Was it to help his friend HHH? Was it personal? What was the reason? HBK will be in the house, and hopefully will give us some answers.

Also in other action, Mick Foley at Wrestlemania defeated Edge. Where does the ‘Rate R Superstar’ go from here?

WWE.com learned today that a trade went down between Raw and Smackdown, however the details weren't released. Will this new Raw Superstar make his debut tonighton Raw?

And fresh off his ‘Money in the Bank’ victory, will Ric Flair tell us when he plans on using his title clause?

PLUS: Shelton Benjamin putting his IC Championship on the line against Rob Van Dam! This and More on Raw!

Edited by MikelSweeten
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03 April 2006, Raw Presents....

IPB Image

Jim Ross: Welcome everyone to Raw! We are just twenty-four hours removed from one of the most talked about Wrestlemania events of our time.

Jerry Lawler: First off, Jim let me say it is great to have you back with us on Raw.

Jim Ross: Indeed it does feel good to be back on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: But you used the word ‘Talked About’. Lets cut right to the chase. The reason everyone is talking is because of the ending of the pay per view.

Jim Ross: Indeed that does seem to be the topic of discussion. Let us take you back and show you exactly what transpired.

The scene fades to a video clip from the final moments of Wrestlemania last night.


HHH fights to get to his feet. Cena explodes with another clothesline. HHH is down. Cena pumps up his snickers, then bounces off the ropes, delivering the ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’. The crowd is loving this, though there are some boos. Cena plays up to the fans. He pulls HHH to his feet. He sends the Game into the ropes. Hunter is sent into the ropes. Cena slumps over to back body drop, NO! Triple H catches him, PEDIGREE! This match is over! Triple H makes the cover ONE-TWO-THREE, NO! CENA KICKED OUT!

Jim Ross: What!

Tazz: That’s never happened before!

The crowd is going CRAZY as HHH looks at the ref with total shock. He holds up three fingers, but the ref tells him it was only a two count. Triple H tells him it was a three count, but the ref tells him no. HHH shakes his head in disbelief, then explodes with a shot to the face! The ref flies down to the canvas. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos. Hunter drops to the canvas, and rolls out of the ring. He reaches under the ring, and pulls out the SLEDGEHAMMER!

Jim Ross: Oh my.

HHH rolls into the ring. He screams at Cena to get up. Cena pulls himself to his feet. HHH charges, but Cena ducks the hammer shot. HHH flies by him. As the Game turns around, Cena drills him with a right hand, then a shoulder thrust. HHH falls to the canvas, and releases his sledgehammer. Cena looks at the crowd, then points to the sledgehammer. He picks it up. HHH is staggering to his feet. Cena explodes with a SLEDGEHAMMER shot right to the face of HHH! The Game is out.

Jim Ross: Would this be poetic justice!

Tazz: After all the matches that sledgehammer has won. Yeah, it is crazy to think it will cost him tonight.

John Cena signals for the match to be over. He walks over and picks up his opponent. He throws him on his shoulder. Cena turns around getting ready to deliver the FU, when all of a sudden he is DRILLED in the face with a Superkick. Who did it?


It is revealed to be Shawn Michaels! The crowd erupts into a loud chorus of mixed reactions. HBK looks down at Cena who is motionless for a long time, before finally stepping between the top and middle ropes, slowly. He drops down to the floor, and begins to back pedal up the entrance ramp. HHH pulls himself too. He throws his arm over the chest of Cena…

Jim Ross: Don’t let it end like this! Not this way!

ONE-TWO-THREE!!! And it did. The main event is over.

Triple H def John Cena to become the New WWE Heavyweight Champion

Match Rating: *** ½ Average

The bell sounds as ‘Game Time’ plays. HHH pulls himself up to his feet, honestly stunned at the moment, but happy never the less. The ref hands him the World Championship Belt, which HHH loves. He falls to his knees, and embraces the title. All of a sudden however he stops in his tracks as he sees Shawn Michaels standing at the top of the entrance ramp. Michaels is motionless, as he looks down at the ring. HHH looks over at Cena, then up at Michaels, and realizes what happened. A smile comes across his face.

Jim Ross: I think it is just now sinking in to the Game what happened.

Tazz: Someone is going to need to tell Cena what happened, because I doubt he saw him coming either.

Jim Ross: No one did.

[HHH climbs to the middle rope. He raises the World Title Belt into the air and points at Michaels, who still doesn’t move a muscle. End of Feed.]

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IPB Image

WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Official Preview!

At Wrestlemania, the Smackdown Main Event proved to be one of the better matches of the night, with Kurt Angle retaining his World Championship over both Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. All three men will be in the building for this one!

Also in other action, The Undertaker stuffed Mark Henry in a casket at Wrestlemania to defeat him. Where does the Dead Man go from here, and will Henry be at Smackdown?

On late Monday, WWE.com learned of a trade went down between Raw and Smackdown, however the details weren't released and no Smackdown Superstar showed on a Raw. Will the new Smackdown Superstar be in the house tonight?

And fresh off his ‘Money in the Bank’ victory, will William Regal tell us when he plans on using his title clause?

PLUS: Plus Chris Benoit puts his United States Title on the line against Booker T, and Gregory Helms invokes his rematch clause, against the new Cruiserweight champion, CM Punk.

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Your RAW had some major grammer problems, and some of your characters like Carlito and John Cena had grammer that was too perfect. But grammer matters aside, I'm enjoying the diary so far and liking the whole bringing back of attitude. I love the Carlito/Masters/Torrie/Morely stable and am looking to see more of it since Morely never got the push he deserved. Keep it up, I'll be reading

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IPB Image

Joey Styles: Welcome everyone to Smackdown! We are just one week removed from Wrestlemania!!

Tazz: First off, it is great to have you out here Joey. That Cole was a real pain in the neck.

Joey Styles: Thank you Tazz. It does feel good to be on Smackdown.

Tazz: You picked one hell of a show to debut on, because tonight should be off the hook.

Joey Styles: Indeed that does seem an action packed night. We already know that Chris Benoit will put his United States Title belt on the line against none other Booker T. We also know…

Styles is cut off by ‘Mercy Drive’. The crowd roars in boos, as Randy Orton steps out onto the entrance ramp and makes his way down to the ring.

Tazz: It looks like Mr. Legend Killer Himself is going to start things off for us on Smackdown.

Joey Styles: You have to think his loss at Wrestlemania is still fresh on his mind.

--Orton Reacts To Loss At Wrestlemania In a Bad Way--

Mercy Drive continues to play as Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring. You can tell he isn’t happy at all, and you can tell this by his ‘I’m Not Happy’ frown he has plastered all over his face. Orton rolls into the ring. He demands a mic, and begins to speak. Despite the fans hating him, they quieten down to listen to what he has to say.

Randy Orton: I know what all of you are saying. You all think that I lost at Wrestlemania.

The crowd cheers. Orton just nods his head.

Randy Orton: WELL I DIDN’T! I didn’t lose. Rey Mysterio was the one who lost the damn match. He is the loser! Not me! I didn’t get pinned! Angle couldn’t pin me! That is why he went after Rey! He knew that he couldn’t get the job done over me!

The crowd boos, as Orton nods his head some more. He believes the stuff that he is saying.

Randy Orton: As far as I am concerned I should STILL be the number one contender. Kurt Angle didn’t beat me! HE CAN’T BEAT ME! However there won’t be any more hiding this go around. No, I am challenging Angle to a ONE on ONE match. No Mysterio. Just him and me! One on One for the World Title!

Mercy Drive picks back up, as Orton drops the mic. He climbs to the middle rope and does his classic pose as Joey Styles and Tazz debate what they just saw.

Joey Styles: What do you think about that Tazz? Randy Orton not allowing Kurt Angle to celebrate at all. He is calling the champ out right away!

Tazz: I wonder if… uh… Kurt Angle is even in the house. I didn’t see him today. But you know if he is, we will have an answer very soon!

Joey Styles: We should in deed. However folks it is now time to get things underway with some cruiserweight action!

Tazz: This is where Cole normally reminds us that these cruiserweights can only be seen here on Smackdown.

Joey Styles: I’m not Michael Cole.

--Jamie Noble vs Paul London--

Jamie Noble Returns to the WWE, only then did the fans realize he was gone. Noble however looked impressive and his time away looked to be well spent. The fans were really into this, because of the lack of history between the two, however this was still very good cruiserweight action, with London hitting a few amazing spots. However Noble was able to hit the ‘Redneck Drop’ and pick up the victory in a surprisingly entertaining match up.

Jamie Noble def Paul London, to win the match

Match Rating: ***3/4 Good

--William Regal speaks about his title shot--

The scene fades backstage where William Regal is standing next to Michelle McCool.

Michelle: With me now is none other then the Smackdown Money in the Bank Winner, William Regal. First off, congratulations on your victory, Mr. Regal. Do you know when you are going to use it? Or are you going to wait like Ric Flair said he was going do?

William Regal: Do I look like bloody Ric Flair! No, I do not! I am William Regal, and I do things my own way. No I will not tell you when I plan on using my money in the bank clause, but rest assure this, I won’t be milking it like the lad Edge did.

Michelle: So you plan on using your money in the bank contract soon?

William Regal: You may say that.

Michelle: Any idea when you will plan to use it?

William Regal: Now if I told you, it wouldn’t bloody help me would it? Hum!

Regal walks off. Michelle looks on confusion, realizing that was her first interview. Not realizing that wasn’t her fault.

Tazz: Poor Michelle. She had to draw William Regal, right out of the gates. Tough break kid!

Joey Styles: But Tazz, what about what Regal said? He said he didn’t plan on ‘milking it’ like Edge did.

Tazz: Yeah, it is best to take advantage of that roll he is on, while he is hot. Smart move by William Regal, even for a Brit!

Joey begins to speak, but is cut off by the lights flickering in the arena..

--A DEAD-ly sight for the World’s Strongest Man--

The crowd cheers from the unknowing. All of a sudden the entrance ramp begins to fill with smoke. Soft, scary music begins to play in the background. All of a sudden the titan tron flicker on to show a tombstone.

Tazz: What the hell?

Joey Styles: What on earth could this be about?

Tazz: I don’t know, but I’m not liking the vibe I am getting from this.

The camera zooms in on the tombstone. We are now able to read what the stone says. The stone is marked ‘Mark Henry’ with the date of ‘April 28, 2006’

Tazz: That is three weeks away Styles!

Joey Styles: In deed it is.

Tazz: I wonder what the deal is?

Joey Styles: There is no telling Tazz.

--©CM Punk vs Gregory Helms--

This match was a rematch of Wrestlemania, only the roles were flipped. Helms walk into this match as the challenger, and with a big score to settle. The crowd was really into it, as the new champion, and new character CM Punk really battled hard against the former champion, Gregory Helms. Helms appeared to be on his way to reclaiming the title, however Punk was able to duck a Shinning Wizard, and execute a roll up for the win. Helms didn’t respond well to this by flooring Punk afterwards! He grabbed the Cruiserweight title and plastered CM Punk across the face, then threw the title down at the champion, as the crowd boo’d him for his actions.

CM Punk Def Gregory Helms to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Match Rating: **** VERY GOOD

-Mysterio Let Down Eddie, At Least He Feels--

We fade backstage where Michelle McCool is standing next to Rey Mysterio. Mysterio’s body vibe is all off. You can tell he is depressed. He can barely hold his head up, as Michelle asks him the first question.

Michelle McCool: With me now is none other then Rey Mysterio. Rey, you had a tough match at Wrestlemania, just about winning the World Championship from Kurt Angle on a number of occasions before finally tapping out to his ankle lock. What are your thoughts.

Rey Mysterio: There really isn’t anything to say. I let everyone down. Most of all Eddie.

Michelle McCool: Come on now. You don’t really feel like you let down your friend do you?

Rey Mysterio: How could I not? I let him down. That was suppose to be his night and I couldn’t get the job done.

Michelle McCool: What about Randy Orton’s comments earlier? He said you lost the match not him.

Rey Mysterio: Randy…

Mysterio is cut off as he is slammed to the floor. The camera turns around to see who it is. CHAVO GUERRERO! Chavo reaches down and grabs Mysterio. He picks up Rey and hurls him head first through the ‘Smackdown’ set up. Rey crashes through the set up as the set falls down around him.

Michelle McCool: Somebody get a medic!

Chavo just looks at Rey in the pile of debris. He just gives Rey a death stare.

Joey Styles: What was that all about!

Tazz: I have no clue, but at least we found who was apart of the RAW trade. Unfortunately for Rey, he had to find out the hard way.

--Randy Orton vs Hardcore Holly--

Orton comes out and is totally on fire. It is odd for Hardcore Holly to be out ‘intensed’ but Randy Orton displayed that in this match. Orton showed a side that had only been seen once or twice during his career. Holly did able to fire back with some decent offense, but the Legend Killer was just too much, hitting a RKO out of nowhere for the victory in a surprisingly good match up.

Randy Orton Def Hardcore Holly

Match Rating: *** ¾ Good

--Why Kerwin? I mean Chavo!--

We see Chavo exiting the arena and heading towards his car. Todd Grisham rushes out onto the scene to try to get a word with him.

Todd Grisham: Chavo! Chavo! Can we get a word with you!

Chavo opens the door, but pauses.

Todd Grisham: Why the attack on Rey Mysterio? I thought you were suppose to be like brothers?

Chavo Guerrero: Brothers? Brothers? No, that is where you are all wrong. I am a Guerrero. Eddie was my family. My REAL family!

Todd Grisham: But what about Rey? Him and Eddie were so close. I thought you and Rey were so close too?

Chavo Guerrero; Things change.

Todd Grisham: What changed?

Chavo goes to respond, but bites his tongue. He just gives Grisham the death stare, then climbs into his car, slamming the door. Grisham looks on with that blank stare as Chavo speeds away.

--Orton Gets His Wish, Sorta--

We fade backstage where Paul Heyman is watching all of this unfold on his TV screen. He shakes his head from sadness really. He turns and standing beside him is none other then Randy Orton.

Paul Heyman: Good lord man. You nearly gave me a heart attack!

Randy Orton: Quit wasting your time on this Guerrero crap! I am tired of hearing that name. This is MY TIME! Everyone should be talking about me dammit! Not someone who has been dead for more then three damn months!

Paul Heyman: Eddie Guerrrero was a great man and…

Randy Orton: I don’t care! I am Randy Orton! I don’t give a damn about that name Guerrero anymore! All I want to hear is that you are giving me a shot at Angle!

Paul Heyman: Your wish is my command. You want Angle, you got him!

Randy Orton: Good. Wait. What’s the catch?

Paul Heyman: There’s always a catch, isn’t there? You see you shouldn’t be disrespecting the name Guerrero to much because next week you will be stepping into the ring with Kurt Angle, but it will be a tag match with Rey Mysterio! And your partner…you will be teaming with a Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero!!

--©Chris Benoit vs Booker T--

This match was the main event, and it delivered as it was the best match of the night. These two superstars know each other extremely well, and it showed as they had great chemistry in the ring, and the crowd loved it. It was by far the most live match of the night. Booker T appeared to be on the verge of winning the United States Championship, as he went for the Axe Kick, but the champ ducked out of the way, and locked on the Crippler Crossface to retain the title.

Chris Benoit Def Booker T to Retain the WWE United States Championship

Match Rating: **** VERY GOOD


Show Rating: 77%

Attendance 7,523

TV Rating: 6.23

Best Match: Chris Benoit vs Booker T

Most Live Moment: Tie Randy Orton Promo/Mark Henry Tombstone Showing

Best Quality Match: CM Punk vs Gregory Helms

Low Point of the Night: Jamie Noble vs Paul London

OOC Show Notes: , sorry the long delay. I had midterms all this week, so I had to focus on that. Don’t expect this long of a delay to happen with any regularity. As for the show itself I think it paid off pretty well. It didn’t have an extreme ‘low’ point. The lowest point of the night was the opening match and that match was pretty solid. The Orton Promo, and Mark Henry’s Tombstone were the highpoints of the night, which were expected. Chavo’s debut on Smackdown, and assault on Rey went off pretty well. All in all, a solid show. Not amazing.

Edited by MikelSweeten
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Guest The Legend

Even though there's only 3 shows posted, I can easily say this diary is one of the best WWE diary's I've read on here. I love the idea of recreated the Attitude Era with the current stars, unlike other "New Attitude Era" diaries that bring back guys like Austin and Rock to redo old storylines. Keep up the good work.

And I know someone above already addressed this, and it's not that big a deal, but I dislike idea for the "Ground Zero" PPV. As a former New Yorker myself, I don't know who in NY would go to a wrestling show named "Ground Zero" on 9/11. I think that subject should be kept out of wrestling, and not a traditional patriotic PPV event.

Anyhow, I love a lot of the storylines you got going. Please keep this diary going, it has a lot of potential.

Edited by The Legend
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OOC Note: I understand where the feelings from 'Ground Zero' are coming from. My intial belief was to do this as a tribute show, however I can clearly understand where all of the comments are coming from. So I will remove the show 'Ground Zero' in respects to anyone who took the naming of the show the wrong way. I apologize for any hard feelings this may have caused, because I assure you it was done with only the best intentions at heart.

Thank You for all the kind words about the diary. I will try to keep improving and entertaining.

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Great diary so far. The only nitpick I have is with the use of CM Punk. Mainly because he usually weighs in around 240, which would make him ineligible to be Cruiserweight Champion, and I doubt he (or any wrestler in the WWE developmental system who didn't want to get mercilessly jobbed) would drop the weight. On the other hand, at least he is being used, and if you're giving the Cruiser division more prominence then it's fine with me. Plus, I like what you're doing with some of the more underutilised guys, like Regal, Chavo, and the New Breed. And Orton is actually entertaining me in a main event capacity, something I didn't think was even possible, so keep it up.

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IPB Image

WWE Monday Night Raw! Official Preview!

Last week Shawn Michaels told the world why he cost John Cena the title at Wrestlemania. He said he did it for the ‘company’. Fireworks are sure to fly a both him and former World Champion, John Cena are in the house!

After losing to Foley at Wrestlemania, Edge began a weekly ‘Edgecution Gauntlet’ to prove he is still one of the best on Raw. WWE.COM has learned that Edge has challenged the new Raw Superstar acquired in the trade with Smackdown, to be his next member of the ‘Gauntlet’. Who will it be? And Will Edge stay on his winning ways?

Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin were unable to finish their match last week, so General Manager Eric Bishoff has ordered a rematch tonight where there will be NO TIME LIMIT! He has ordered that there must be a winner!

Plus last week saw the creation of a new alliance ‘The New Breed’. This new faction is tired of being over looked, and will stop at nothing to make sure they are recognized, and given the opportunity to achieve success. What will this new group do this week?

PLUS: Kane In action!! This and More on Raw!

Edited by MikelSweeten
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IPB Image

10 April 06

‘Stick and Stones May Break My Bones, but Shawn’s Words Really Hurt’

Jim Ross: Welcome everyone to Raw! Folks you have picked a great night to tune into Raw because let me tell you what! Last week Shawn Michaels came out here and told John Cena he was a bad champion, and that is why he cost him the title at Wrestlemania.

Jerry Lawler: He didn’t just do that J-R. He said that John Cena was a complete JOKE! You have to know that isn’t going to sit well with John Cena.

Jim Ross: In deed I expect it won’t. This roof could blow off the arena at any point tonight King!

--Starting Raw Off on the EDGE--

Raw kicks off as you hear Edge’s music begin to play. He steps out onto the entrance ramp with Lita. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos, as he makes his way down to the ring.

Edge: I told all of you that what happened at Wrestlemania was a FLUKE! Did you believe me? NO! You went on your message boards and chatted up how the ‘Rated R’ superstar was over rated. That his time was over, well stick that in your pie hole! What happened at Wrestlemania was a fluke, and this week I will prove again. You see last week a trade went down between Raw and Smackdown. Raw sent Chavo Guerrero over to Smackdown, and seeing how the Smackdown Star who came to Raw is suppose to debut tonight, I figured I would show him who’se show this really is! So bring them out! Who is it? Bradshaw? Batista? Benoit?


Edge’s face turns white as a ghost as Matt Hardy steps out onto the entrance ramp. The crowd explodes as he makes his way down to the ring.

-- Edge vs Matt Hardy, ‘Edgecution Gauntlet Match’--

The match was very competitive, and very emotional. The two men exchanged punches on more then one occasion, and the wrestling match broke down into a street fight on more then one occasion. Hardy took advantage of an Edge miscue, where he missed a spear, and ran into the steel post. Hardy locked Edge in a Twist of Fate, but Lita pulled Edge out of the hold, causing Hardy to get upset. When he turned back around, Edge dropped him with the Edgecution DDT for the win.

Edge Def Matt Hardy in an ‘Edgecution Gauntlet Match’

Match Rating: *** ½ Average

-- Hey! Vince is back. How long has it been? Two Weeks? --

No Chance’ starts up as Vince McMahon struts out to the ring, like only Vince McMahon can. He stomps down to the ring and enters the ring as the fans are cheering him, oddly.

Vince McMahon: I know I said at Wrestlemania that you wouldn’t be seeing me anymore, but today I got some great news! No, I didn’t save any money on my car insurance either.

Vince pauses to soak up the cheap pop at the ‘no so funny’ joke.

Vince McMahon: However these news is even bigger then that! This news is big enough for me to hop on a jet and fly here tonight to make the announcement in PERSON! Yes, you see I finalized a deal this morning with the executives at NBC to bring back for one night only… SATURDAY NIGHT MAIN EVENT! That’s right, the long standing show will make its return to NBC for one night only on the 28th of this month. Since this is such a special occasion, I have arranged it so that BOTH the stars of Raw and the stars of Smackdown will appear on this show! With that in mind…

Vince is cut off as the Titan Tron flickers on. You see a bunch of refs rushing down the hall ways with someone screaming ‘We Need Help In Here!’

-- Taking the Night Off, Involuntarily--

The scene fades backstage where you hear..


The scene rushes into the locker room to see none other then Rob Van Dam motionless in his locker room, covered in his own blood.

Jerry Lawler: Who did that?

Jim Ross: There is no telling King.

Jerry Lawler: What about RVD’s match tonight? Will he be able to go?

Jim Ross: That is unclear, but folks as soon as we get word on his condition, we will pass it along to you.

---Kane vs Diamond Dallas Page--

DDP returned to the WWE wit a bag of mixed reactions from the crowd. DDP went toe to toe with the Big Red Machane for the opening moments of the match. Kane’s dominance soon took over, causing Kane to dominate the majority of the match. Kane went for his high risk move, but DDP exploded up to his feet and executed the DIAMONDCUTTER! He didn’t have enough to make the cover however, and Kane won the match moments later with a chokeslam.

Kane def Diamond Dallas Page

Match Rating: *** ½ Average

As soon as the match is over, Chris Masters, Carlito, and Sean Morley slide into the ring. Kane is DRILLED with a chair shot from Carlito. He falls backward, right into the hands of Morley who executes a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! He calls that his ‘Reality Shot’. Chris grabs DDP and pulls him up. MASTER LOCK! Page can not escape and soon passes out! Masters throws the returning superstar to the canvas, and the three men celebrate their victory BUT ONLY FOR A MOMENT! The Big Show makes his way down to the ring, and the three members of New Breed exit the ring, making their out through the crowd.

--Bishoff Ain’t A Happy Camper--

The scene fades backstage in the General Manager’s office where Eric Bishoff is standing next to a doctor. Bishoff is shaking his head in frustration as we listen in…

Doctor: I am sorry Eric, but I am not release Rob Van Dam to wrestle this evening. I am worried he may have a concussion.

Eric Bishoff: Can’t we just sign a wavier?

Doctor: No, I will not allow it. If he goes into that ring tonight with a concussion, he could have permanent brain damage. I will not sign off on any clearance until I see the test results.

Eric Bishoff: Fine! I will just have to find a replacement for him tonight then.

Shelton enters the picture.

Shelton Benjamin: But Eric, that ain’t right. I can’t defend my title against someone who I don’t know.

Eric Bishoff: You are right. You caught a break. You will still have a match tonight, but it will be a non-title match!

Shelton Benjamin: Good Enough.

Eric Bishoff: By the way. Where exactly were YOU when all of this was happening?

Shelton Benjamin: Don’t look at me! I was getting tapped up! Go ask the trainers.

Eric Bishoff: Fine. Alright. Just get out of here, and prepare for your match.

--Reverend Malcolm vs Shelton Benjamin, Non-Title Match--

Reverend Malcolm is making his debut. He must be a local wrestler, because he is cloaked from head to toe. He actually looks sort of like Shark Boy, only in black. However his outfit doesn’t tell the story, because he was able to go move for move with Shelton Benjamin. As the match processed Shelton Benjamin became more and more frustrated with Malcolm. Malcolm locked Shelton in a double arm powerbomb, but the IC Champ delivered a head butt to the groin! The ref warned Shelton, and Shelton responded by drilling the ref! Shelton left the ring and got the IC title! Benjamin came back into the ring and DRILLED Malcolm across the face, become a total heel. Shelton rolls the belt out of the ring, and picks up the cheap victory.

Shelton Benjamin def Reverend Malcolm in a non-title Match

Match Quality: *** ¾ Good

--The Owl Says ‘Who Dat’--

The Titan Tron flickers on showing an ethic beat, that is heavy on drums. We can not tell what type of music this is, other then it is cultural. All of a sudden you hear the words…

He’s Coming...

Jerry Lawler: Who’s coming? What is that all about?

Jim Ross: I wish I knew King. I really did.

Jerry Lawler: That’s strange.

--John Cena vs Snitisky, Main Event Match--

This match was actually quite competitive despite what most believed going into the match. Cena was able to match the power of Snitisky throughout the match which made the match very competitive. Cena went for a Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Snitisky moved out of the way. Snitisky connected next with a HUGE boot to the face that lead some to believe the match was over. Cena threw a shoulder up to continue the match. Snitisky came close to ending the match a few more times throughout the match, finally saying enough is enough he called for a powerbomb. Cena however was able to reverse this and throw Snitisky onto his shoulders, before executing the FU! Cena picked up the three count soon after.

John Cena def Snitisky in the Main Event

Match Rating: *** ¾ Good

--It is Time to Face the Music, Sexy Boy!--

‘Our Time is Now’ starts up as Cena celebrates his victory for a moment, but then demands the stick from Garcia. He goes to speak, but notices he is receiving mixed reactions from the crowd. He gives the fans a death stare, then begins to speak.

John Cena: Last week, I gave Shawn Michaels the chance to come out herre and tell the world why he stuck his nose in my bizzness. He said he thought I was a joke! He then said ‘it was for the embetterment of the company’. So now that he got his story out in the open, I SAY bring his ass down to the ring so I can throw him the beating of a LIVE TIME!

The fans cheer as Cena waits for HBK. Finally ‘Sexy Boy’ starts up, and Michaels appears! However he is decked out in a suit, obviously not ‘wrasslin’ attire. He makes his way down to the ring.

Shawn Michaels: John, as I told you last week, what I did at Wrestlemania was strictly bussiness. It was nothing personal. Truth be told, I like you. I hope you learn how to wrestle and regain that title one day kid. Once again, it wasn’t personal.

WACK! Cena delivers a straight jab right to the chin of Michaels. HBK cracks that cocky smirk, as he grabs his chin.

John Cena: You’ve done enough talking, now you are going to listen! Who the hell are you to pass judgment? You think cause you wear that cross, that makes you better then anyone else here?

Shawn Michaels:

John Cena: I said you were gonna listen! Don’t make me pop you again.

The crowd cheers as Cena raises his hand. Michaels doesn’t back down, but cracks that smirk and nods his head for Cena to continue.

John Cena: When I was younger, I looked up to you. I didn’t respect you because of your flashy dancing, or you acting like a fool. I respected you because when that bell sounded you gave these fans a show. Whether were being boo’d or cheered you gave these people everything they had. That is what I am all about. Now, I may not be like you. I may not fly off the ropes. I may not flip up on my feet or bang my foot into the corner, but I entertain these people just like you. So where do you get off telling me, that I don’t belong?

Shawn Michaels: Kid, I love your spunk. I really do, but you are going to have to learn how this bussiness works.

Cena looks on puzzled by this comment. HBK backs up, then points behind Cena. He turns around and is DRILLED by the Champ, Triple H with a SLEDGEHAMMER! Cena crashes to the canvas, as the Champ looks on with a cocky smirk. He extends his hand out and exchanges a hand pound with Shawn Michaels. Both men look down at Cena with disgust, as the former champion is motionless. The show ends on this scene.



OOC Notes: For whatever reasons the RVD vs Shelton feud isn’t going over well at all. Both men seem to being hurt by this feud, more then helping. Hopefully things will turn around. The show as a whole really is starting to hit a groove. Edge is hitting home runs with his ‘Edgecution Gauntlet’ and the HBK/Cena/HHH hate-triangle is kicking into gear.

Show Rating: 77%

Attendance: 7,507

TV Rating: 6.89

Best Match: Tie, Kane/DDP & Cena/Snitisky

Best Quality Match: Shelton vs Rev. Malcolm

Best Live Moment: Cena confronting HBK, HHH attacks

Lower Point of the Evening: Shelton vs Reverend Malcolm

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IPB Image

WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Official Preview!

Last week Chavo Guerrero shocked the world when he made his debut on Smackdown, only to attack friend Rey Mysterio. When asked why, Chavo refused to comment only other then saying ‘Eddy was his family’.

Meanwhile Randy Orton claimed to still be the number one contender after ‘not losing’ at Wrestlemania. Paul Heyman had heard enough, and decided to settle matters in the ring, the old fashion way! So Kurt Angle will team with Rey Mysterio to go up Randy Orton and Chavo Guerrero in his first match back on Smackdown!

In other action last week, The Undertaker sent a clear message to Mark Henry with the Tombstone marked for ‘April 28th’. What does this date mean? Could it spell the end for the World’s Strongest Man?

PLUS: Plus Chris Benoit puts his United States Title on the line, and Gregory Helms battles Jamie Noble for a shot at the Cruiserweight champion, CM Punk.

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IPB Image

14 April 2006, ‘Who Can You Trust?’

Joey Styles: Welcome Everyone to Smackdown! We have a great show for you in store, including one of the best main event matches we have seen in a long time! The World Champion, Kurt Angle will team up with long time friend Rey Mysterio to take on the self appointed Number One Contender Randy Orton, and the newest Smackdown Superstar, Chavo Guerrero!

Tazz: That one is INTENSE Styles. That ain’t no doubt about it!

Joey Styles: But that isn’t all because folks tonight we also have the United States Championship on the line, as well as a match to see who will face the Cruiserweight Champion NEXT WEEK!

Tazz: CM Punk has proven to be a fighting champion during the short time he has had that belt. Whoever wins that match will…

‘Strong Man’ interrupts Tazz. Mark Henry and Daivari walk out.

Joey Styles: Tazz, look what we have here!

Tazz: The World’s Strongest Man I guess has something he wants to get off his


--Henry and Daivari call out the Undertaker for next week.--

‘Strong Man’ continues to play as Daivari and Henry make their way down to the ringside.

Daivari: Listen up! Undertaker you will not SCARE Mark Henry. You can stuff him in a casket. You can flash pictures of a FAKE grave all you want. The fact is that my client will not be scared. Not by you! Not by anyone!

A small ‘Taker, Taker, Taker’ chant breaks out.

Daivari: You want the Undertaker? SO DO WE! Only we don’t want to see him. We want to BEAT HIM! We are sick and tired of these games the Undertaker plays. Next week….

Mark Henry rips the mic out of the hands of Daivari.

Mark Henry: Deadman, you may have stuffed me in that casket, but you didn’t lower the coffin. That was your mistake. A mistake you won’t have the chance to make again. I am calling you out! Next week, I want to see you in the middle of this ring! FACE TO FACE!

Henry throws the mic down, and proceeds to leave as his music plays.

Joey Styles: What news! Mark Henry is calling out the Deadman.

Tazz: I like Mark Henry, but I have to question the intelligence of that move. There are just certain things you don’t do and live to tell about them.

Joey Styles: I agree with you there.

--#1CW Title Match: Gregory Helms vs Jamie Noble--

It was announced that the winner of this match would face the CW Champion next week on Smackdown. Both men really gave this match everything they had, in what was one of the best non-main event matches the WWE has seen since Wrestlemania. Helms looked as if he was well on his way to winning the match up after connecting with a shinning Wizard to Noble. Helms stepped out onto the apron however instead of going for the cover. He went for a springboard, but Noble just pie faced him to the canvas, locking on the Sharpshooter for the win!

Jamie Noble Def Gregory Helms to Become the #1 Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Title

Rating: **** ½ AWESOME

--Shane McMahon announces SNME for SD Folks--

‘Here Comes the Money’ starts up as Shane McMahon walks out onto the entrance ramp. The fans love him up as he makes his way down towards the ring.

Shane McMahon: I don’t know all of you watch Raw. I hope none of you do in fact, not that there is a reason to watch Raw, when you have Smackdown. That is like going to an expensive restaurant and ordering a burger. Don’t get me wrong a burger is never a wrong choice, buy why have a burger when you can have a STEAK!

Apparently Shane thought that would sound better then what it actually did.

Shane McMahon: Anyways… tonight I am here to announce a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! On April 28th, that is two weeks from TONIGHT we will see the return for one night only one of the most special events in WWE history.. SATURDAY NIGHT MAIN EVENT! This will be a special show featuring BOTH stars from Smackdown, and those guys from Raw. I for one am very….

Shane is interrupted as the lights go off.

--Henry’s Tombstone Again--

The crowd cheers from the unknowing. All of a sudden the entrance ramp begins to fill with smoke. Soft, scary music begins to play in the background. All of a sudden the titan tron flicker on to show a tombstone.

Joey Styles: What the hell? This AGAIN!

Tazz: I guess the Undertaker got the message!

The camera zooms in on the tombstone. We are now able to read what the stone says. The stone is marked ‘Mark Henry’ with the date of ‘April 28, 2006’. The lights turn on and Shane McMahon is left looking up at the entrance ramp with a look of joy.

Joey Styles: Did you see the look on the face of the Smackdown Chairman!

Tazz: I think he digs it!

--Orlando Jordan vs Lashley--

This match was pretty one sided, even though Jordan tried to make it a match on a number of occasions. Lashley just proved to be too powerful in the end, and after connecting with his finisher he was able to pick up the three count.

Lashley def Orlando Jordan

Match Rating: *** ¾ Above Average

The ref raises Lashely’s hand in victory. He pauses for a moment to saver the victory, however he is drilled from behind by JBL! The crowd erupts as JBL beats him down some more. Lashley fights to his feet but JBL knocked him out with a CLOTHESLILNE FROM HELL! Lashley is left motionless.

--Melinda Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place--

Melinda, Joey Mercury, and Johnny Nitro are standing outside Paul Heyman’s office. Mercury and Nitro are talking at the same time, with irrates Heyman to no end.

Paul Heyman: Enough! Either one of you speak at a time, or both of you shut up!

Joey Mercury: Mr. Heyman, you told us that one of us would get a shot at Chris Benoit tonight.

Paul Heyman: That I did. What is your question?

Johnny Nitro: Well which one is it?

Paul Heyman: That is up to you.

Johnny Nitro: Ok, I choose me!

Joey Mercury: Well you are just going to lose anyways, I choose me!

Johnny Nitro: You can’t do that!

Joey Mercury: I have just as much right as you do!

Johnny Nitro: No way! I called it first!

Paul Heyman: Gentlemen! Not that I enjoy anything more then listening to two grown men sound like pre teen children, but I have a match that needs to happen. So since neither of you can decide, I am going to let the lovely Melinda here choose.

Nitro and Mercury both looked shocked, but not nearly as shocked as Melinda. She looks terrified.

Melinda: Me?

Paul Heyman: It seems as though there is a tie in your group, and since you are apart of the group, you will be the deciding factor.

Melinda: Alright… I’ll choose Johnny.

Johnny Nitro: Sweet!

Joey Mercury: What!

Nitro rushes off to go towards the match. Melinda walks off as Mercury just questions her. Heyman shakes his head as he stands outside his office.

--Is it Payback for Whom, JBL or Lashley?--

As Heyman is standing outside his office John Bradshaw Layfield walks by him celebrating with Orlando Jordan.

Paul Heyman: Gentlemen!

JBL: Well if it isn’t Paul Heyman! You want to join the party?

Paul Heyman: No thank you. Parting really isn’t my thing. However I would like to say that it is great to see you back in the ring. I was shocked to see you return.

JBL: You weren’t the only one. I drilled that son of a bitch right between the eyes! He never saw it coming!

Paul Heyman: Well I am glad you enjoyed getting in the ring with Lashley so much, because next week, you will do it for real.


Paul Heyman: Since you want to get your hands on Lashley so badly, next week I am going to give you exactly what you want. JBL vs Lashley, one on one!

Heyman walks back into his office as JBL stands outside his office totally shocked. You can tell he doesn’t like that news at all.

--United States Title Match:Chris Benoit vs Johnny Nitro--

Benoit came out ready to defend his title, against a ‘game’ Johnny Nitro. Benoit was able to display some offense early on, however Nitro surprisd a lot of people by taking control of the match about mid way through and really dominating the match from there on out. Towards the end of the match he would connect with an BLOCKBUSTER and get a three count, however Benoit’s foot was on the bottom rope. Nitro celebrated too early, and when he turns around, Benoit caught him with a small package, that he reversed in a CROSSFACE! Nitro tapped out. ©Chris Benoit def Johnny Nitro to retain the WWE United States Championship

Rating: **** Good

Chris Benoit is handed the US Title. He embraces the title, then holds the title high in the air. However the title is soon sent crashing to the canvas, as is the champion! By WILLIAM REGAL! The crowd boos as Regal shows that he drilled Benoit with a pair of brass knuckles! Benoit is motionless, laying face down on the canvas. Regal just gives Benoit the death stare. He bends down and picks up the United States title, before raising it into the air.

--Chavo explains Why he attacked Rey--

We fade backstage where Michelle McCool is standing next to Chavo Guerrero.

Michelle: With me now is none other then Chavo Guerrero. Chavo all week people have been asking exactly why you attacked Rey Mysterio. Do you care to explain?

Chavo Guerrero: Do I care to explain? Isn’t is obvious! I am a GUERRERO! I am a REAL Guerrero! I sat over there on Raw for the days following my uncle’s death and heard wrestler after wrestler tell me how great of a man Eddie was. From Triple H to John Cena! From Lillian Garcia to Howard Finkle! Everyone loved my Uncle. So I will be DAMNED if I sit back and allow Rey Mysterio to CAPITALIZE on my uncle’s death!

Michelle: What do you mean? Is this about his dedication to Eddy at the Royal Rumble? Or Wrestlemania:

Chavo Guerrero: It was EVERYTHING! I just grew tired of it all! Every single week Rey was out here telling us how he was going to do this for Eddy and do that for Eddy. He told us he was going to win the Royal Rumble for Eddy and that he was going to win the World Title for Eddy. I am sick of it! He is USING my uncle’s death to benefit himself! I will not stand for it!

Michelle: You think he is using the situation to beneficent himself?

Chavo Guerrrero: You are damn right I do! That is why I demanded to be traded to Smackdown. To take care of this MYSELF! This is a family problem, and it takes a GUERRERO to take care of the problem!

--Kurt Angle/Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton/Chavo Guerrero--

This match was a very active tag team match with a surprise amount of excellent team work, considering these two teams hardly ever team, or in Orton/Guerrero’s case NEVER have teamed. Chavo and Rey actually carried much of the match. Orton got the tag, but tagged himself out after Angle got the tag. Orton would eventually find his way into the ring, however Angle would roll Orton up, and through. ANKLE LOCK! Orton couldn’t reach the ropes, but Guerrero drills Angle with a chair. Orton rolls the Ankle lock up and steals the victory!

Randy Orton & Chavo Guerrero def Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle

Rating: **** Good


Show Rating: 75

Attendance: 7,576

TV Rating: 5.74

Highest Rated Moment: Orton/Chavo vs Rey/Angle

Most Live Moment: Tie Main Event/Tombstone Showing

Best Quality Match: Noble/Helms

OOC Notes: I got a positive vibe when I left this show. Smackdown is really shaping up to be a better show then Raw at this point. Noble/Helms was a surprise at the high quality. The Taker/Henry angle seems to be going nicely, getting a high mark two straight weeks, despite a semi-repetitive story. The only ‘sore’ spot was the Chavo turn, which didn’t go over so well. The Main Event however made up for it. Solid Show. Room for improvement, but a good show never the less.

Edited by MikelSweeten
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IPB Image

WWE Monday Night Raw! Official Preview!

Last week former WWE Champion, John Cena was laid out by the Heartbreak Kid, and The WWE Champion. Are Triple H and HBK on the same page? And if so, what does this mean for the Doctor of Thuganomics? We have learned the Eric Bishoff has had enough and ordered Cena to face Shawn Michaels this week on RAW! And to ensure that WWE Champion doesn’t interfere, he has booked him in a match against the seven-foot monster, Kane!

After Wrestlemania, Edge began a weekly ‘Edgecution Gauntlet’, and so far has walked away each week untarnished against some of the biggest names in the bussiness. Who will be next in line for the Rated R Superstar? Can anyone stop him?

This is a pay per view caliber Raw! Make sure and tune in as this figures to be one of the most anticipated Raws in recent history!

PLUS: The Diva Championship will be on the line!! This and More on Raw!

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