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1999: WCW buy out WWF (AKA Human race being punished for their sins)

Guest Oscy

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(No, the history at 1996 and beyond isn't accurate, this is alternate reality after all, but they go along a similar path)

Forget all you know, all that you believe to be true is in fact a lie. No, I'm not going all Matrix on you. Seriously, I'm about to tell you what happened. WCW, that's what happened. History isn't how you remember it, we're going into another world. Another dimension I suppose. A world where WCW won the war and bought out the WWF.

When WCW won the Monday Night Wars for 84 straight weeks, they didn't match that accomplishment for a while. But they got it back. As we all know, the mainstream wrestling fans are fickle. Sure The Rock had charisma, Stone Cold Steve Austin had what's known in the business as the 'X-Factor', sure Triple H was just plain scary to watch coming down the ramp in his own time, that couldn't be matched.

But the fans preferred Kevin Nash, Goldberg and even WCW newcomer Jeff Jarrett. Why? God only knows. But let me show you what happened:

1996: Turner starts investing more in WCW due to a ton of money he made in lucky bets and other shrewd investments. He has complete control now and he BELIEVES in WCW. He KNOWS it will make him a ton of money...he can just see it...it proved to be a very smart decision as WCW win the 'Monday Night Wars for 84 straight weeks non-stop.

1998: The WWF fight back with the Austin V McMahon feud. It's a hit, but that doesn't last long as the fans go crazy for the re-hash of nWo V WCW, which is nWo Hollywood (led by Hogan) V nWo Wolfpac (led by Kevin Nash). Due to the smoothness of WCW's stability, Turner decides to get another show: Thursday Night Thunder. Goldberg comes in, and we all know how popular he is. In polls he outranks Austin, in ratings WCW start winning again, in the majority of fans' eyes Goldberg could kick Austin's ass.

No, it doesn't stop there. Ric Flair comes back and remakes the Four Horseman. Is there anything WCW can do wrong?

Things get better as they give away a WCW PPV main event for free on Nitro, thus winning them more fans and winning the care-for-the-fans vote (although it was obviously because the match didn't finish on air due to time restrictions). World Championship Wrestling are at full throttle. Think of Eric Bischoff grinning in the mirror and combing his hair like The Fonz. Hold that thought for 3 years. That is the state of mainstream wrestling.

1998 was a huge year for WCW, they were so popular they started getting celebrities to appear! Jay Leno, David Arquette, Dennis Rodman, all want to bump up their fanbase by being associated with WCW.

Due to this success, saying egos were high would be understatement. Nash jokingly asks for a shot at booking, he gets it. He pushes himself to the moon. Ending Goldberg's streak, winning the Heavyweight title, losing to THE Hogan because he let him (Fingerpoke Of Doom!!).

WCW are so cocky that Bischoff, now in complete control of all WCW affairs, calling Nash his 'assistant' and saying he and Turner are like that *crosses fingers*, tells his commentators to reveal WWF results before they're aired. It works well. A slight mishap when a Mick Foley title win is revealed, but only about 100,000 viewers switched channels. 'Only'. WCW can afford to lose a million at this point I'm betting you.

More big names come to WCW. Ultimate Warrior has a stint before mysteriously disappearing. He apparently lives on an island he bought called 'Warrior Island' with a tribe. Hmm.

1999: This was the year that changed wrestling forever. KISS make an appearance and even get pushed by Bischoff. Turner pulls him aside and asks him to cut it out now. They don't need that star power anymore. And it's true, WCW are winning the war. The WWF constantly losing money now, money that's now going to WCW and Turner.

Bless Austin and Triple H. They really do work their butts of, but it's not happening. Despite top wrestlers in WCW being cast aside and even disrespected (Mysterio being unmasked against his will and the way it happened caused no uproar in America whatsoever. If only the fans could see).

For some reason, the fans like that crazy Jeff Jarrett. The guy who left the WWF in such bad circumstances, some say he was really planning on destroying the WWF from the inside to completely finish them off. What do I think personally? I believe it's likely. Yes that's a politician's reply, he may just be an asshole, but it's a good plan. Talk with the rich and now better-rated WCW, cause fights and arguments backstage to lessen WWF morale, get re-paid any compensation for leaving, be the man that WCW owes one and join a company who will hold you in high regard.


Whether this is true or not doesn't matter. In mid-1999 Jarrett walks out with the WWF Intercontinental title. It appears on WCW TV. But surely Jarrett would get sued to hell? Afraid not. WCW have the money to re-pay Jarrett in return for what he did, and the WWF are completely screwed.

So then it happened. October 1999. Turner and that grinning Bischoff have a talk with each other and know this is the time to strike. An apparently heated meeting with Vince McMahon himself is made. Now Vince is a proud man, but he is not an unintelligent man. WWF are down to the point of no return. Austin couldn't do it, D-Generation X couldn't do it, and the World Wildlife Fund chose this moment to file a lawsuit against him for the use of the WWF name. He had to accept the undisclosed offer. The McMahons needed the money, whatever he could get, and now. All shares, WWF contracts, titles, staff and trademarks all belong to WCW.

Spare a thought for Shane, groomed to take over the biggest promotion in the world. Now he has to watch WCW...

Good lord...

Part two to come: Which superstars stay and which leave?

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October 1999, the date marked down in history. WCW beat the WWF. And this lead to a lot of broken hearts, not just in the WWF, and boosted egos.

The following month, things went as normal like nothing happened. WWE mysteriously just disappeared from TV, it was now all about WCW. So now WCW were getting even more viewers.

For the WWF wrestlers, they were now contracted to the rival, 'unprofessional' WCW. For some of the WCW stars, it was a brick wall. Particularly the cruiserweights were biding their time, hoping for that dream call by WWF. But WCW became the superior promotion, and now they either have a choice of staying with what they've got, or go indy, or up their pain threshold and go Extreme at ECW.

They did indeed have a choice. Eric Bischoff didn't see any future threat from ECW, he'd got rid of the McMahons, who would no longer go near wrestling on the big stage, he had all the money and power he could have. He knew the arrival of WWF, some former WCW wrestlers, would make backstage a little unsettled. And the roster had, in theory, doubled now. So he gave his WCW men the oppourtunity to get the hell out and be released.

Most of the WCW wrestlers stayed. Only two had the guts to leave.

Sonny Oono sensed bad things were happening. He greatly disliked the stereotypical Japanese tourist heel character he was given, and he knew there was no chance of changing anyone's mind on it now. It was either stay as the stereotype, or leave with a little dignity. He left.

And Rey Mysterio Jr. He took a lot of shit. He knew the truth: A guy his size will never be more than a Cruiserweight champion in WCW. He knew he could do better than a company who made him lose his mask against his will and beliefs and hold him down. Maybe he'll go back to ECW.

But what of the WWF roster? Many big names were actually released, but a good majority of wrestlers were kept. Along with the entire roster of those in development. Real promising wrestlers like the Hardy brothers - Matt and Jeff, Randy Orton - a third generation star like The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin.

Here is a list of some of the big and/or important WWF names that stayed and left.

Some of those who left

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Really, this was a no brainer. He and Jeff Jarrett came to blows backstage, Steve could smell a rat. Austin said he would never work with Jarrett again.

Austin V Goldberg will never happen.

Chris Jericho: There is no way he would come back to WCW. Left in the cruiserweight division as WCW gained momentum in The Wars. Pushed to the WWF Intercontinental Title recently, this would be a big step down for him.

Mankind aka. Mick Foley: Although Ric Flair was no longer booker, WCW still held its family-orientated style. This didn't suit Foley and his eyes diverted back to ECW.

He never said anything about joining ECW, but many fans are awaiting his return.

Shawn Michaels: As explained later, Triple H and X-Pac made it in. But Bischoff didn't want to push his luck even further. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in the same locker room? NO.

The Rock: He thought long and hard. He worked hard to become wrestler and was dubbed as a future Hall of Famer already, he wouldn't really mind trying it at WCW.

But he felt he owed Vince McMahon, that he owed Pat Patterson, the WWF itself. The Rock decided to take some time off before deciding his next move in life.

Ken Shamrock: He wanted no part of WCW. It was good while it lasted, but his wrestling career didn't last as long as it should. Ken is deciding whether to try ECW, Indy, or go back to the UFC.

Chyna: She was aware of the accusations that WCW discriminated against race and size, she figured gender wasn't too unlikely either. She asked for a release and got it.

Debra: Disliked Jarrett greatly and saw no need to be in WCW.

Jacqueline: Similar to Chyna in status, but her contract was allowed to expire only a year ago. WCW didn't need her back.

Gillberg: "Hahaha, next."

Kane: Eric called him up and demanded a 'yes' or 'no' answer. Kane said no. Well, he actually said "Fuck you!". I guess that's a no.

Jim 'J.R.' Ross (commentator): Mocked for his Bell's Palsy condition and fired by Eric Bischoff before The Wars, he was re-fired again. Boy did Bischoff love that, he got to fire him twice.

Surely you'd think this would damage WCW but, aside from them hardly needing more main eventers than Hogan, Nash, Sting, Bret Hart etc, some of the names that came in filled any gaps WCW had.

Some of those who stayed

Triple H and X-Pac: This brought the biggest dispute and the first sign of any backstage heat. During their times at WCW and the WWF, these men along with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels formed a close real-life bond, known as 'The Clique' (or 'The Kliq').

Eric Bischoff however, is far from fond of them. Despite he himself growing a good professional relationship with Kevin Nash, he did not agree with keeping them on contract. X-Pac, whom Bischoff had fired whilst injured, made his return to WWF swiftly and attacked Eric on the Federation's flagship show. And Triple H has close ties within the McMahon family, he's going out with the WWF boss' daughter!

It's rumoured that Nash brought Hall along to talk with Bischoff. They eventually convinced him to not release Triple H and X-Pac, but were unable to change his mind on Shawn Michaels. How did they convince him? Well, can you imagine how much more money Eric would get his mitts on having The Kliq together (albeit minus one man)??

So Eric decided to give it a try, but he had both men marked down on his card. Particularly Triple H. He doesn't want him "pulling a Jeff Jarrett".

This just gives you a taster of the state of WCW backstage and the power that Kevin Nash has slowly gained. This group may well be pivotal in World Championship Wrestling.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer: Despite being held back when first there, The Phenom gave it one more chance. He didn't want to be unemployed and he didn't really see himself in ECW.

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn): They weren't together by October 1999, but Bischoff has the intention of reforming DX. Despite their failure to get ratings in the WWF (fans saw them as a carbon copy of the better nWo), the writers see them as an option in the nWo storyline situation.

Big Boss Man: Given a short Heavyweight title reign in the many attempts by the WWF to find a character that could get over with the fans whilst being the top WWF star.

Owen Hart: Alive and well, thanks for asking. He jumped at the chance of joining his brother Bret after failing to get out of his WWF contract post-Montreal Incident.

Earthquake: No, he wasn't a big name for WWF recently, but he joins the many other former big WWF players in WCW. He's a big guy, so surely he'll get a good career in WCW.

Goldust/Dustin Rhodes: Despite being fired for blading when told not to, he got a second chance.

The Legion of Doom, Edge and Christian, Too Much and Bradshaw & Faarooq: Bumping up the tag team division.

Ivory: Did well in WWF, she had no problem being in WCW now.

Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera: The head writers of WWF. But WCW actually liked some of their ideas and have given them plenty of space to input their ideas and storylines. And the good news? Russo has said he'd like to give some other guys a chance! Hurrah! But will Bischoff and Nash agree?

And that's the main crux of the backstory. Next to come: The state of WCW and giving the jist of where we're at now, 2 months later.

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Guest Alex Wipper

I actually don't really like that all of the top WWF stars aren't even with WCW now...

You'd gotta believe that if this really would have happened that most of these guys would have decided to continue with WCW.

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Have several bones to pick about some guys who stayed/left

Considering HHH and Michaels were close friends with Nash and Hall, I am having a hard time believing they won't be working for WCW.

And The Rock not going because he owed McMahon his fame, while the Undertaker staying (considering the Undertaker has a bigger debt of gratitude to Vince) was pretty unrealistic to me, and if The Rock left for those reasons, Taker would have left as well. I'd think Rocky would have stayed and Taker was the guy who would have left.

Great start, but then the follow up really just deflated the entire thing for me. I'll have an eye on the diary, but not as enthusiastic as I was when I first read your backstory.

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Aye I was a little unsure of the who's who of people joining and leaving, I looked up Wikipedia and the little I did know of the backstage shennanigans of wrestling. Amongst all the writing I had completely forgotten Triple H and HBK's friendship with Nash and Hall. This can be changed though as I haven't started any shows or anything yet, I shall re-edit and fix that. Time to use that trusty time machine.

Edited by Oscy
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I love it.

It's different and exciting. I'd imagine one playing this scenerio would offer up ECW as prime competition within time to WCW.

I agree that some of the reasons for the stars not joining WCW were a little of a stretch but I agree. The Rock probably would have gone into his acting and HHH, while being friends with Hall/Nash -- his loyalty probably lies with Stephanie.

I'd love to play this, if you get a chance to upload it.

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Erm...I am slightly confused about the alternate reality in regards to the nWo. After all, in the real WCW, people got sick of it. REALLY sick of it. In fact, the reason that 1998 was the big turn-around for the WWF in the real world was because fans were tired of seeing the same old, same old.

Also, fans stopped watching WCW because they had seen the celebrities appear in WWF. After all, WrestleMania was considered the greatest show in wrestling, and still is. You only need to compare the attendance figures of StarrCade to those of WrestleMania to see that.

Jarrett - BOOOOOOOOOOOO-ring. And him taking a WWF title belt to WCW is totally unrealistic. He would've been sued, not to mention the higher-ups in the WWF would've found out about his jumping ship, and given that, they would've grabbed him, taken his belt, and kicked him out of the building. All on national television.

Combine that with some stupid commentary by the WCW people (the famous shoot comments on Mick Foley's World Title victory spring to mind), and you're forgetting some important details.

Plus, McMahon would let his company go completely under before he sold it to Ted Turner.

But that's just me.

Hopefully, you can at least make the aftermath of a somewhat improbable backstory interesting, 'cause so far, this has a lot of plot holes - ones big enough to drop Andre the Giant through.

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Guest thederekeffect1

Erm...I am slightly confused about the alternate reality in regards to the nWo. After all, in the real WCW, people got sick of it. REALLY sick of it. In fact, the reason that 1998 was the big turn-around for the WWF in the real world was because fans were tired of seeing the same old, same old.

Also, fans stopped watching WCW because they had seen the celebrities appear in WWF. After all, WrestleMania was considered the greatest show in wrestling, and still is. You only need to compare the attendance figures of StarrCade to those of WrestleMania to see that.

Jarrett - BOOOOOOOOOOOO-ring. And him taking a WWF title belt to WCW is totally unrealistic. He would've been sued, not to mention the higher-ups in the WWF would've found out about his jumping ship, and given that, they would've grabbed him, taken his belt, and kicked him out of the building. All on national television.

Combine that with some stupid commentary by the WCW people (the famous shoot comments on Mick Foley's World Title victory spring to mind), and you're forgetting some important details.

Plus, McMahon would let his company go completely under before he sold it to Ted Turner.

But that's just me.

Hopefully, you can at least make the aftermath of a somewhat improbable backstory interesting, 'cause so far, this has a lot of plot holes - ones big enough to drop Andre the Giant through.

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Exactly. The backstory shouldn't be completely realistic because it's alternate reality, what didn't happen in real life, happened and what happened, didn't happen. For example, people loved the nWo rehash (Wolfpac V Hollywood/B & W), whilst Austin V McMahon was actually quite popular, but grew tired as every show it would be Austin V McMahon and D-Generation X were seen as rip-off of what made WCW so great (the nWo).

And a thing or two is altered slightly to not make WCW seem the complete failure that it ended up being like adding more spice to Jarrett's problems with Austin by making it a little more explosive and to do with the whole locker room, then him suddenly making a jump to WCW similar to Madusa and the Women's title in 1996.

Also storylines or situations will differ, but still have pretty much the same WWF or WCW feel. Things like Owen Hart never dying, because he was never made back into the Blue Blazer, because the regular Owen Hart character was still seen as a constant, pretty good draw and the WWF couldn't risk losing more ground by changing the character.

Story So Far

WCW had to cut their roster, so not only more WWF but WCW stars who just didn't fit in anymore were released. Despite many cuts, it was still too early to say who should stay, job or go out of the 120 or so wrestlers left.

Those that were released swiftly were: Brian Knobbs, Brooklyn Brawler, Glacier, Jerry Flynn, Kenny Kaos, Meng, Naked Mideon, Reno, (Scotty) Riggs, Robby Rage, Silver King, Terri, The Barbarian, The Disciple (Brutus Beefcake), The Godfather and Vincent. They were just seen as not needed.

Gangrel (followed by wife Luna) was released, Eric wanted to cut down on the mass amount of gothic and "alternate" characters that would be flooding the roster.

George 'The Animal' Steele went for an acting career, in conjunction with him also not seen as being of any use.

Van Hammer's drugs habit was getting the better of him and was another released.

Scott Norton also a casualty, Eric never liked him anyway.

Mark Henry, Miss Elizabeth and Wrath were released due to their high wage demands. Henry was actually one of the highest earners, nearly making as much as people like Hogan and Nash.

The Announcement

News had spread quickly of what was going on in WCW, and at the end of an October edition of Nitro, Bischoff came out to the ring. It was already obvious that this was no ordinary promo as Bischoff spoke of what WCW had brought to the world so far.

Eric: "...And World Championship Wrestling have brought to your TV screens the nWo, Goldberg, as well as a plethora of men who left the World Wrestling Federation and joined WCW. Men like Bret Hart, Sting. Well now...now it's been confirmed. As some of you may know, there have been rumours that..."

The fans in the crowd's cheers grow louder as Bischoff makes the biggest announcement in wresting history.

Eric: "...There have been rumours, and I'm here now to tell you right now...WCW are now sole owners...of the WWF! World Championship Wrestling have won!"

Bischoff soaked the cheers and WCW chants until Goldberg's intro played.

Goldberg came to the ring holding the WWF Heavyweight title and, breaking kayfabe, on-screen rivals Kevin Nash and Scott Hall followed carrying the rest of WWF's title belts to the ring, minus the Women's and Intercontinental titles, and a trash can (Hogan was currently off-screen and Nash wanted the nWo to be a part of this announcement if Goldberg was going to be).

Bischoff named the titles as they were, in time, chucked into the trash can.

He then gloated a little about what they have achieved and Nitro went off the air as Eric, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Goldberg posed.

It was a strange atmosphere, but it was true, it had happened and people started to adjust to this 'New Era' with no more Wars. Pessimists mentioned ECW, but many WCW fans said the company would never get big enough to even challenge them.

It was officialy WCW time now.

Storylines Up To The Start Of December

Most former WWF wrestlers trickled onto TV, the big names would be making debuts with more impact later on. Most successful thus far have been the Legion of Doom, who now hold the Tag Team belts and Owen Hart, who very recently re-formed the Hart Foundation with Bret and Jimmy. This stable is yet to debut properly.

Storyline-wise, WCW continued its normal structure and style up to 'The Greatest Spectacle Of All Time' Starrcade, where it was agreed changes would properly take place.

Lower card storylines were put back as the main focus was on the current nWo war: nWo Wolfpac, the heel group headed by Nash, V nWo Black & White, the face group head by Eric Bischoff.

Both stables slowly got smaller in size during their time from a range of things, match stipulations, not getting over enough or members just slowly slipping out of the limelight.

Eventually Wolfpac, seen as the original nWo, contained Nash, Hall and Lex Luger, and B&W contained Bischoff, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett. Hollywood Hogan had jumped from B&W back to Wolfpac, but lost a suspension match. Obviously, being the nWo, he wouldn't follow this stipulation, but Eric got it on contract and threatened to sue him for all he's got and destroy him like he did WWF. The Wolfpac said it wasn't worth it and told Hogan to just serve it, as they could deal with things themselves. His suspension lasts until the end of Starrcade.

At the November PPV 'Mayhem', Scott Hall gained the US title and Nash successfully defended his World title against DDP. Bischoff, clutching for ideas, got Nash to agree to a big Starrcade main event: A World title match where the winner will gain full control of WCW.

Seeing as Bischoff was no wrestler, he got a B&W member to represent him. A match was made between Sting and DDP to decide, Sting won. Jeff Jarrett was told he was still not ready for such a big match.

The date is now 1st December 1999, Starrcade is on the 19th December.


The roster is quite unbalanced as far as faces and heels go but a lot of names aren't on as they're yet to debut, such as Undertaker and D-Generation X.

Main Event


Diamond Dallas Page


Randy Savage

Ric Flair



Bret Hart

Hollywood Hogan

Kevin Nash

Upper Midcard


British Bulldog

Jeff Jarrett

Lex Luger

Rowdy Roddy Piper



Owen Hart

Scott Hall

Scott Steiner



Booker T

Chris Benoit

David Flair

Dean Malenko

Disco Inferno

Dustin Rhodes


Road Warrior Animal

Road Warrior Hawk

Rick Steiner



Bam Bam Bigelow

Buff Bagwell

Curt Hennig

Eddie Guerrero


Lower Midcarders


Billy Kidman

Bobby Duncum Jr.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.


Norman Smiley

Prince Iaukea


Alex Wright

Barry Windham

Brian Adams

Ernest Miller

Hugh Morrus

Juventud Guerrera

Kendall Windham

Mike Enos


Stevie Ray




Brad Armstrong


Giant Silver


La Parka

Lash LeRoux

Lizmark Jr.



Steve Armstrong



David Taylor


El Dandy

Horace Hogan

Lenny Lane

Prince Albert



Elix Skipper

Mike Sanders



Arn Anderson (managing Ric Flair)


Jimmy Hart (managing Bret and Owen Hart)



Eric Bischoff

Tag Teams


Benoit and Malenko (Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko)

Legion of Doom (Road Warrior Animal and Road Warrior Hawk)


Droz and Albert (Droz and Prince Albert)

The Harts (Bret Hart and Owen Hart)

The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher)

The Windham Brothers (Barry Windham and Kendall Windham)



nWo Black & White - Diamond Dallas Page, Eric Bischoff (leader), Jeff Jarrett, Sting


nWo Wolfpac - Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Scott Hall

The Hart Foundation - Bret Hart, Jimmy Hart (manager) Owen Hart


WCW World - Kevin Nash

WCW United States - Scott Hall

WCW Television - Rick Steiner

WCW Cruiserweight - Billy Kidman

WCW Tag Team - Legion of Doom


Monday Nitro - The flagship WCW show

Thursday Thunder - Treated as a big show like Nitro, but not as big.

Shotgun Saturday - Taking the WWF's Shotgun name, this is the B show.


November will now have the Royal Rumble, a success in the WWF and more exciting then WCW's 3 ringed attempt. It will be identical to how it was done in the WWF, with the winner getting a shot at the World title at Starrcade.

This hasn't been publicly announced yet.

January - Sin

February - SuperBrawl

March - Uncensored

April - Spring Stampede

May - Slamboree

June - Great American Bash

July - Bash at the Beach

August - New Blood Rising

September - Fall Brawl

October - Haloween Havoc

November - Royal Rumble

December - Starrcade

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IPB Image

Thursday Night Thunder

2nd December 1999

The build-up begins

The pyro goes off in front of the shiny Thunder stage as Tony Schiavone and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan don't get much of a word in introducing as the nWo Wolfpac's music hits, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, with their belts around their waists, make their way down to the ring.

Tony: "Well it looks like things are starting up early tonight, Hall and Nash of the Wolfpac are coming out here"

Brain: "Hey, where's Luger? Does anyone even notice Luger's not here?"

Tony: "You may have a point Bobby, Kevin Nash is World champion, Hall: United States champion..."

Brain: "So you're saying he's a lackey?"

Tony: "I'm not saying he's a lackey! Just maybe, perhaps, Nash and Hall are taking advantage of skilled wrestlers such as Lex to elevate themselves"

Brain: "So you're saying he's a lackey?"

Tony: "Stop putting words in my mouth, I never said that"

Scott Hall takes a microphone and speaks.

Hall: "Hey yo..."

The crowd boo already.

Hall: "So on Nitro...we found out that Sting...will be fighting Kevin Nash, for the World title and...for complete ownership of "dubya-see-dubya"...at Starrcade 1999...But y'know, it didn't matter who won your lil match, DDP or Sting...cos the Wolfpac, the real nWo, is gonna be callin' the shots by the end of the year"

Hall hands the mic to Nash, takes a toothpick from the top of his ear and starts chewing.

Nash: "Now Sting, I know the deal...If you win, Eric Bischoff stays as 100% owner, the nWo are history, and you get to be World Champion...but...that's if you win. You won't. You see me and Hall and Lex, we're restarting the nWo, an at Starrcade, when I win and WCW ownership is handed over...on the first...nWo...Nitro..." (Nash smiles and nods his head like he's proud that he made two words rhyme by accident) "It'll be a New World Order, I'll be champ, Hall will be US champ, and it'll stay like that for a long, looooong time."

The crowd boo and some fans hold up their Sting signs.

Nash: "But why wait? We know Jarrett and DDP aren't here tonight. So Sting, how about you come out here, and you can get a piece of me and Hall...right...now."

Nash drops the mic and the crowd cheer hoping that Sting comes out.

Brain: "Wooooah he's calling Sting out. This could get good!"

Tony: "I'm sure Sting won't turn down an oppourtunity like this, Brain!"

Brain: "Are you kidding me?? I bet ya he's gonna come out here with his bat, and we're gonna get some real entertainment!"

The arena darkens and Sting's intro plays! A silhouette of Sting appears at the ramp and he makes his way down the ramp, bat in hand, Nash and Hall goading him to come in the ring!

The arena lights come back up and Sting circles the ring, Nash giving him space to come in and try it. Sting slides in and Hall charges, and gets a facefull of bat! Nash goes for the big boot but Sting ducks and low blows him with the weapon! He starts stomping on Nash before a mass of referees come out and seperate the three.

Tony: "Sting just took out both men with that bat! He beat down his Starrcade opponent and the US champ!"

Brain: "Yeah but Tony, Starrcade ain't gonna be a no DQ match, he's not gonna have that bat when it comes to the crunch."

Tony: "Either way, Sting has sure sent out a message here!"

Tag Team title match

Legion of Doom © V The Acolytes

Tony: "And here come The Acolytes, Faarooq and Bradshaw, to challenge for the Legion of Doom's Tag belts"

Brain: "What a mean lookin' pair, they mean business"

Tony: "The Legion of Doom have been defending their belts well recently, at this rate they'll have gone through the whole roster and still be champs!"

Brain: "No doubt that the Legion of Doom are the greatest tag team around, but that doesn't mean they will be forever. They can't stay champs forever Tony"

Faarooq starts against Hawk, both show mean feats of power before Faarooq tags to Bradshaw, who starts working on Hawk's torso and lands a hard powerbomb. Hawk manages to get to his corner to tag to Animal, and Animal gets the upperhand. Legion of Doom start working together, tagging and double teaming. Bradshaw manages a tag to Faarooq but he runs into a big clothesline and the Doomsday Device! Animal gets the pinfall and another successful defense.

But The Acolytes aren't happy and jump the Legion as they're walking up the ramp! The brawl disappears into backstage.

Saturn V Test

They both fight evenly until Test takes the fight to the outside, but Saturn turns the tables by whipping Test into the steps, then throwing him into it again. They get back in the ring. Test lands a huge clothesline and takes the padding off of a turnbuckle. He turns around but Saturn sweeps his legs and takes him down. Test gets up quickly but is lifted up and flapjacked, Test's upper torso getting the most of the exposed metal.

He staggers back and Saturn German suplexes him down and gets the Rings of Saturn in, Test gives up.

Match made for tonight

On the big screen a match is shown for tonight, between Scott Hall and Sting in a non-title match! The match must've just been made by Bischoff.

The Harts V ???

Bret Hart's intro plays, and The Hart Foundation - Jimmy, Bret and Owen, come down to the ring.

Brain: "Tony, ask Bret if I can borrow his sunglasses, Jimmy's suit is blinding me"

Tony: "The Hart Foundation are here, they're showing their faces re-united, together for the first time here in WCW"

Jimmy gets the mic as Bret and Owen stand either side.

Jimmy: (on his megaphone) "Now The Hart Brothers are finally back together!" (on the mic) "And I'm the one who rejoined them, and boy what a sight to see it is. I'm telling you, I wished for the day, and here we are. Legion of Doom, Ultimate Powers, not even The Outsiders have anything on these two."

Brain: "What the hell did he just say? I didn't catch a word of that, the humanoids watching at home are gonna have to tape this and replay it in slow motion to get what he's saying"

Jimmy: "And seeing as this is truly the biggest moment in WCW, I'm gonna have these two pair up and fight their first PPV at Starrcade '99! So right here, I'm issuing an open challenge to any team out there to take on Bret and Owen Hart, at Starrcade, their first ever WCW PPV!"

Tony: "An open invitation for any tag team to face two of the biggest names in wrestling at the biggest stage of them all, Brain!"

Brain: "Man, I'd hate to be the poor ham-'n'-eggers who accept this challenge"

The pyro lights up and Goldberg's theme plays!

Tony: "Goldberg! But does he have a tag team?"

Brain: "Tony, Goldberg is the tag team. I smell a handicap match!...No wait, that's just these humanoids behind me. Hey get away from me and use some deodorant!"

Goldberg appears, points at The Harts and 'cuts' his throat with his thumb.

Madusa V Tori

Madusa gets a pretty easy win, she dominated 95% of the match and the match was mainly there to see two women going at it.

Ernest Miller V Steve Blackman

Tony: "This is interesting, Bobby. We both know how good 'The Cat' is at martial arts, but Steve Blackman here is an expert too"

Brain: "I thought this was wrestling, not kung fu. If I wanted Kung fu, I'd watch Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, not these two"

Tony: "Give it a chance Brain, there'll be wrestling too I'm sure"

Miller dances around as the bell rings, playing to the crowd and receiving boos, Blackman pump kicks him in the face whilst he's off guard and the crowd love it. Miller gets back up as Blackman keeps his stern eyes locked on Miller. Miller gets snap suplexed and Blackman starts stomping and kicking.

Miller reverses a kick and starts fighting back. The match continues like this for a while. Blackman seems to be aiming for the stomach of The Cat, it works as Miller loses air, setting him up nicely for the Guillotine Choke, which he taps out of.

As Blackman raises his arms, he gets whacked on the head with a chair by Miller.

Brain: "Ha! That's how to do it, you don't need none of that fancy kung fooey, just clobber him with the chair!"

A video...

The action gets broken up by a dark, unexplainable 15 second video segment of black and death.

The Hart Brothers V Malenko and Benoit

The match is technical excellence. All four men get time in the ring, Bret and Owen impress, Malenko and Benoit hold their own well. But Jimmy Hart distracts Malenko by constantly shouting down his megaphone, and gets double teamed, losing thanks to the Hart Attack.

Owen and Bret hold each other's arms up in victory.

Elix Skipper V Goldberg

Elix Skipper make his way to the ring, then takes deep breaths as Goldberg starts being escorted to the ramp as his entrance plays and the pyro starts up again.

Tony: "And here is Goldberg, just earlier accepting a challenge by The Hart Foundation"

Brain: "Goldberg's pushing it, Bret's beaten him before, so how can he beat Bret and Owen?"

Tony: "If anyone can do it, it's Goldberg!"

The match begins and Goldberg stands their smiling, Elix hops around waiting to strike. But gets SPEARED!! Goldberg cuts his throat and slams Elix with his Jackhammer. 1-2-3. Goldberg leaves the ring as quickly as he came in, shouting to the camera following: "Bret, Owen, you're NEXT!"

Tony: "The Harts are next! You heard it from the man himself! They'd better watch themselves"

Brain: "You're right Tony, The Harts must be quivering in their boots after watching Goldberg beat the mighty Elix Skipper! They may as well leave town and not come back!"

Tony: "Oh will you stop it?"

Scott Hall V Sting

Scott Hall makes his way to the ring quickly, posing and getting the crowd to boo him more. Sting comes to the ring and goes straight in, without his bat. Hall chews his toothpick and smiles as they go face to face. Hall backs off a little and throws the pick into Sting's face, but Sting quickly replies with a right hand, then a chop, then a right hand! Sting whips Hall into the ropes and lands a back body drop.

Sting goes for a right hand, but Hall blocks with his own right hands. He gets him in the corner and stomps him down to the bottom turnbuckle, then poses. He runs and slams a knee in to Sting's face. Hall keeps Sting immobile for a good while, but Sting fights back after being put in a sleeper hold, and coming back to life before the KO 3 count. Sting speeds up his attacks, and lands a perfect dropkick after a few right hands.

Sting lifts Hall up and lands a big scoop slam, hitting hard so he has the time to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock! Hall taps out!

Tony: "Kevin Nash is sprinting down to the ring with a chair!"

Nash whacks Sting with it as he lets go of the hold, then hits him again and beats him down, Hall joining in.

Brain: "Sting won the match, but he sure doesn't look like a winner right now"

Tony: "But in the end, that's all that's going to matter at Starrcade in a few weeks. If Sting can make Nash tap like he just made Hall, the nWo are over!"

Brain: "Look at this crowd, they don't know what they're witnessing. They can boo all they want, but keep this image in your head: The real nWo raising their arms in victory over a fallen and beaten Sting, I think, Tony, we'll be seeing that again, and soon"

Tony: "It's too early to tell Brain, but we can get an idea on Monday Nitro where we're sure to see a reaction! Don't miss it!"

Match Results

Legion of Doom def. The Acolytes to retain (Tag Team title match)

Saturn def. Test

Madusa def. Tori

Steve Blackman def. Ernest Miller

The Hart Brothers def. Malenko and Benoit

Goldberg def. Elix Skipper

Sting def. Scott Hall

Edited by Oscy
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Main Story:

Cactus Jack Is Back!!!

IPB Image

When WCW bought WWF and released Mankind (real name Mick Foley), many speculated whether he would go back to ECW as Cactus Jack.

Well it wasn't a matter of if, but when. And now he's back! Cactus Jack made his comeback on Saturday on ECW's 'Hardcore TV' show. Ratings were off the charts and the crowd were uncontrollable.


Welcome to the site, this is where all the fans of the (now defunct) World Wrestling Federation go. We provide updates on all the former WWF wrestlers who didn't get in WCW, as well as the big names from the good old days.

Be sure to check back for updates on our 'Wrestler Watch' where we let you know what your favourite WWF wrestlers are doing now.

Wrestler Watch

A few of the guys have gone to Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. No, that's not a typo, it really is 'Championshit'. But who would be crazy enough to join such a place? Al Snow! That's who! Joining him is Bart Gunn and Bob Holly.

The rest are still floundering around. Will we ever see Stone Cold or The Rock again? :(

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Fall Brawl Becomes Survivor Series

It was confirmed earlier today that WCW's October PPV 'Fall Brawl' will now be known as 'Survivor Series', the name which the WWF used.

This is the third name that WCW have taken advantage of their rights to use WWF names, along with TV show 'Shotgun Saturday' (taken from the WWF's 'Shotgun Saturday Night' TV show) and 'Royal Rumble', which is now the name for WCW's November PPV (the 'Royal Rumble' match type has also been adopted for this PPV).

The 'Survivor Series' name replaced 'Fall Brawl' because it was edgier and also due to the fact that WCW already have a PPV with the word 'Brawl' ('SuperBrawl' is used annually for the February PPV), avoiding repitition.

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The 'Survivor Series' name replaced 'Fall Brawl' because it was edgier and also due to the fact that WCW already have a PPV with the word 'Brawl' ('SuperBrawl' is used annually for the February PPV), avoiding repitition.

now THAT is comedy gold .... of everything that could be 'unbelievable' about this diary, WCW avoiding reptition is BY FAR the most drastic of stretches.

I'll reserve further judgement until I see a Nitro.

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It's different and exciting. I'd imagine one playing this scenerio would offer up ECW as prime competition within time to WCW.

I'd love to play this, if you get a chance to upload it.

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IPB Image

Monday Nitro

6th December 1999

BOOM! Fireworks go off to begin Nitro.

Tony: "Hello all to WCW Monday Nitro I'm Tony Schiavone with me is Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan and what a show we've got for you tonight!"

Brain: "6 man tag team match - Wolfpac against Black and White, this is gonna be setting the tone for Starrcade, Tony"

Tony: "You're right, Brain. Kevin Nash of the Wolfpac and Sting, representing Eric Bischoff, will be battling it out in two weeks at the biggest stage of them all: Starrcade"

Brain: "Not only is it for Nash's World title, but it's also for complete ownership of WCW. Tony, in two Nitro's time we could be under the contract of Kevin Nash"

Tony: "I shudder at the thought, Bobby. Also I was told by Eric Bischoff before the show, Sting, DDP, Jarrett and himself are no longer calling themselves the nWo Black and White"

Brain: "Was that his own decision or did the Wolfpac gently convince him to change it? Well it makes sense, DDP, Jarrett, Sting, they're not nWo. It's WCW V Wolfpac at Starrcade, that's the bottom line, and that's what we're also seeing tonight as the main event"

Sting speaks

The music of Sting starts and he makes his way to the ring.

Tony: "And here comes Sting. What must he be thinking after being beaten down by Nash and Hall?"

Brain: "I don't know what he's thinking, but I can tell what he should be thinking about: 'How the hell am I going to keep the Wolfpac from interfering in my Starrcade match?'. Because if he can't find a way, he's in for a tough ride."

Tony: "Sting knows how to handle the nWo Wolfpac, he's done it before and I'm sure he can do it again. If he does, the nWo and any sub-groups are surely finished, if he loses...well...Brain, we'd be in nWo country"

Brain: "And that's not a good place to be. Sting's gotta be alert, Bischoff, for once in his life, has gotta be smart, and DDP and Jarrett have gotta be there to back their man up. And they can start tonight"

Sting: "On Thunder, it took two men to take me down. But it's a fact that I pinned Hall, and that the same will happen at Starrcade to Nash. If he thinks he can beat me he'd better think again, cos I'll be damned if I'm gonna let him be the man running WCW! So when it all..."

The Wolfpac's intro plays and out steps Kevin Nash onto the ramp with a mic. He stays there and replies to Sting.

Nash: "Woaaah hold on there, after getting beaten up on Thunder, you seem a little too cocky for your own good. It's best if you remember that I'm World champ, and you're just a nobody..."

The crowd boo and start chanting 'Sting!'

Sting: "These guys here don't think I'm nobody"

The crowd cheer.

Nash: "That's because, guess what, they're nobodies too! Starrcade will be the turning point in WCW, because things are gonna come full circle and I'll be me making your matches, so perhaps you should start getting on my good side"

Sting: "Nash, don't think I'm gonna be part of your games. I'm..."

Tony: "Lex Luger and Scott Hall have jumped Sting from behind! It's an ambush!"

Brain: "You remember what I said earlier? About being alert? Sting shoulda seen this coming, and where's DDP and Jeff Jarrett?"

Tony: "This is a surprise attack, Brain. They'll have only just seen this, hopefully they'll come in time!"

Nash gets in the ring as Luger and Hall stomp on Sting, they hold him up and Nash rams his World title onto his head. Then he does it again. Luger picks him up and throws him out of the ring.

Tony: "It's always surprise attacks, isn't he man enough to fight guys one-on-one?"

Brain: "Well why should he? Perhaps Sting'll be more alert in time for Starrcade because of this. If he's not smart enough to do that, we're looking at Nash as our employer"

The Wolfpac leave smiling as Sting lays in the middle of the ring.

Ivory V Tori

Tori uses her legs to choke Ivory on the turnbuckle, using them for some hard kicks too, but Ivory slowly starts gaining momentum, she whips Tori into the ropes, picks her up on the rebound and hits the Samoan Driver! Ivory gets the pin.

D'Lo Brown and Val Venis V The Acolytes

Another former WWF V former WWF match-up. D'Lo and Val start off well by making sure they keep Faarooq down so the fresh Acolyte doesn't get tagged, but D'Lo receives a clothesline and Bradshaw gets tagged. Bradshaw makes short work of D'Lo. Val gets tagged and he fares slightly better, but Bradshaw gets the upper hand as Faarooq interferes. It ends with a Clothesline form Hell on Venis for Bradshaw to get the pin.

Brain: "I like these guys, they're just plain mean in the ring."

Tony: "They certainly did well against Brown and Venis"

Brain: "Those two were nothing. Sure The Acolytes lost their title match against the Legion of Doom, but I'm willing to bet that in a re-match, they'd do better and get a win"

Cruiserweight title match

Billy Kidman © V Juventud Guerrera

High flying moves all around, Billy Kidman misses his Shooting Star Press, but Juventud lands on the raised knees of Kidman when he attempts a 450. Kidman gets the win at his third attempt at the Shooting Star Press, missing the previous two, much to the delight of the crowd.

Goldberg V Earthquake

Tony: "As we see Goldberg make his way to the ramp, Brain, he accepted an open challenge from Bret and Owen Hart on Thunder, do you think he can beat them both at Starrcade?"

Brain: "No I don't, and I'll tell ya why. Goldberg I think would have trouble fighting just one of them, but he's fighting two high-caliber wrestlers. And he accepted a challenge, he doesn't know the stipulations. It could be a tag handicap match, he might have to face them both at the same time. I think it'll be too much"

Tony: "Well he has a chance to warm up for it here tonight, against Earthquake"

Brain: "That's 460/470 pounds there, and that's not muscle I can tell ya that. Sure Goldberg's lifted some real big men before, but I'd love to see him Jackhammer this guy!"

Goldberg gets in the ring and the match is underway. Goldberg softens Earthquake up with some punches to the stomach, then some to the head. He whips Earthquake into the ropes and lands a BIG spinebuster! He stalks 'Quake as he gets up, and hits the SPEAR! It looks terrible, but the crowd get excited as he puts Earthquake's head under his shoulder and arm over his head for the Jackhammer, but Owen Hart is rushing to the ring with a chair! Goldberg sees it and hits the chair with a side kick, smashing it into Owen's face!

Then he goes back to Earthquake. He lifts him up and lands the Jackhammer!! 1-2-3!

Tony: "My goodness! He lifted Earthquake all the way up!!"

Brain: "That was amazing, truly it was! And you know that he did it to show Bret, and Owen if he hadn't got a facefull of chair, the power he has"

Tony: "Owen tried interfering, but Goldberg was alert Brain"

Brain: "Perhaps we should have him take on Nash, I don't remember the last time someone successfully jumped Goldberg. Sting needs to grow some brains if he wants to better Nash"

Jeff Jarrett interview

Jeff gets interviewed backstage.

Gene Okerlund: "Jeff Jarrett, tonight you along with Diamond Dallas Page and Sting take on Lex Luger, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in a 6 man tag team match."

Jeff Jarrett: "That's right. I saw the Wolfpac attackin' Sting, me and DDP didn't make it in time to save him, but we're gonna make up for that when we win this 6 man tag match and give them a little taster of Starrcade."

Gene: "Sting, brutally attacked at the start of the show, he's Nash's opponent at Starrcade, do you wish it was you fighting what basically is WCW's corner?"

Jeff: "Of course I do, Gene. But I've got no problem if Sting can do the job, which I think he can. Nash, Hall and Luger think they're the big men of the industry, well I'm gonna hit them with the truth: they ain't nothin'. It'll be my time soon *looks at the camera* and you can suck on that, slapnuts"

Jarrett walks off.

Big Boss Man V British Bulldog

Brain: "Ohhh here he is Schiavone, Big Boss Man. This guy knows how to win a match"

Tony: "Why do you say that?"

Brain: "Well he knows what to do in the ring and how to pick up a win, kinda reminds me of...me!"

Tony: "You mean like use an illegal weapon to knock out his opponent?"

Brain: "What? What the hell are you talking about? I never used any weapons"

Tony: "I've seen your matches, yes you have. You'd get a chair, that's what you'd do"

Brain: "Your eyes must be failing ya, book an appointment with the optician"

Big Boss Man uses some fringe manouvers such as throat thrusts to gain the advantage, which the crowd hate. Bulldog gets an adrenalin rush and fights back, but the ref gets knocked down in the process. Boss Man gets slammed down and Bulldog goes to check on the ref, trying to revive him. Boss Man crawls to the corner and grabs his baton.

When Bulldog walks over to him and gets him to his feet, Boss Man clobbers him with it. He picks him up and hits the Boss Man Slam. The ref slowly counts to 3 for the win. Boss Man raises his arms in victory, and clobbers Bulldog again as he gets up.

Brain: "What a mean son of a gun"

Tony: "He outright cheated, using an illegal weapon, then he used it again when the match was over! That's uncalled for!"

Brain: "The guy was probably spanked too hard as a kid, but he won the match didn't he?"

Tony: "Oh I knew you'd approve"

Brain: "The wrestling business is a mean one, he's got the right idea to take himself to the top, that's what he's doing"

nWo Wolfpac V Sting, Diamond Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett

Sting makes his way to the ring first.

Tony: "Sting isn't looking too bad now, he's gotta be fired up for this battle. It's gonna be a brawl"

Brain: "There won't be a numbers game this time, all 3 members of the Wolfpac are legally in this match-up, he shouldn't have any more nasty surprises. But ya never know"

The Wolfpac charge and ambush Sting as he's walking down the ramp.

Tony: "Wait a minute! The Wolfpac are jumping Sting! The bout hasn't even started yet!"

Brain: "I guess I spoke to soon! Where are the other guys??"

DDP and Jarrett run down the ramp, and Jarrett uses his acoustic equaliser on Luger. A mass brawl, DDP and Hall eventually get in the ring and start, Luger is laid out on the ramp.

DDP fires right hands on Hall, whips him but Hall clotheslines him down. Hall starts stomping and takes control. After spinning and landing a running forearm, DDP tags to Jarrett. But Hall is ready and whips Jarrett in the turnbuckle, then distracts the ref as Nash chokes him. Hall gives Jeff a right hand and tags to Nash. Nash chokes Jarrett on the turnbuckle with his leg, then whips him into the opposing turnbuckle, but Sting tags himself in and is a house on fire as he kicks and punches Nash, Hall comes in but gets much of the same.

This brings DDP and Jarrett in and all hell breaks loose, but the numbers game is now on Sting's side for once. Nash hits a big boot from nowhere on Sting, then does the same to Jarrett. Hall punches DDP in the gut to stop his attacks, and Nash boots him too. Jarrett gets thrown out of the ring and Nash and Hall stomp the hell out of DDP, getting him against the turnbuckle. Sting, from out of nowhere, Stinger Splashes Hall, Nash and DDP in one big sandwich. He turns around and Luger clobbers him with the US belt! Luger's back up and snaps Nash back into it. Jarrett comes running in but Hall and Luger double team to keep him away as Nash Jacknife Powerbombs Sting! The cover: 1...2...3.

Tony: "That's no way to win!"

Brain: "It was messy, but in the end a win's a win"

Nash and the Wolfpac are victorious. Nash points and says something to Hall, who's outside the ring. Scott pulls out a table from under it and slides it into the ring. Luger and Hall set it up and Nash readies Sting for another powerbomb.

Tony: "They're gonna put him through the table! Haven't they done enough??"

Brain: "They wanna break Sting in half. If he never gets to 100% health by Starrcade, that can only be an advantage to Nash"

Suddenly the crowd start cheering and the attack is abandoned as Ric Flair and Randy Savage come into the ring and start attacking the Wolfpac! DDP joining in as another mass brawl starts! The Wolfpac stumble out of the ring and regroup. Their music plays as the winners and Nash just smiles and raises his arm as they make their way up the ramp, Flair tries to help Sting up as Savage points and shouts at the 'Pac.

Tony: "I think the Wolfpac got a little taste of their own medicine!"

Brain: "And we all know medicine tastes like crap, this thing just got big. Savage and Flair getting involved? Starrcade will be the beginning of a new era. What that era will be I don't know"

Tony: "It could be 5-on-3 against the Wolfpac now"

Brain: "That's right. It's back to the drawing board for the Wolfpac, they need to think up a Plan B"

Tony: "We've run out of time. From The Brain and me, Tony Schiavone, see you next time!"

Match Results

Ivory def. Tori

The Acolytes def D'Lo Brown and Val Venis

Billy Kidman def. Juventud Guerrera to retain (Cruiserweight title match)

Goldberg def. Earthquake

Big Boss Man def. British Bulldog

nWo Wolfpac def. Sting, Jeff Jarrett and Diamond Dallas Page

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Half Of WCW Tag Champs Injured

IPB Image

Road Warrior Hawk sustained a broken nose during a dark match, he'll be out ofr around a month. Although not seemingly a huge injury, Hawk is one half of the current WCW Tag Team champions the Legion of Doom (with Road Warrior Animal).

We may see how WCW deal with this situation on the next Thursday Thunder or Monday Nitro.

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A new Undertaker?

Rumours abound that The Undertaker has got on Bischoff's good side, and that we'll be seeing a new man when The Taker re-debuts for WCW. More activity surrounding The Undertaker has been apparent following the signing of long time friend, Brian Lee.

If the TV advertisements are to be believed, the return of the Undertaker will be this Thursday. Just what will we see on WCW Thursday Thunder?

In other WCW news, Triple H has started attending WCW shows and getting to know a few of his new colleagues backstage. His fellow D-Generation X cohorts X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn had already been in regular attendance, but Bischoff is said to have wanted to introduce 'Hunter' slowly to avoid any backstage turmoil due to his ties within the McMahon family and controversial behaviour.

Triple H, real name Paul Levesque, has taken advantage of the time off to patch things up with girlfriend Stephanie McMahon and remain on speaking terms with her father and his former employer, Vince McMahon.

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IPB Image

Thursday Night Thunder

9th December 1999

Tony: "Welcome to Thursday Night Thunder, after Nitro's explosive ending, a match has been made for tonight: Jeff Jarrett V Lex Luger."

Brain: "Ric Flair and Randy Savage ain't here tonight we'll have to wait until next Nitro to discover their agenda, but it's plain to see, they just don't want Nash running WCW. If you thought Bischoff was bad, Nash would be your worst nightmare."

Tony: "It certainly would, but we always talk of the numbers game, think about it. Can Kevin Nash and the Wolfpac really beat the whole of WCW?"

Brain: "I don't think they can, that's why they need to think up a new plan. For their sakes, they'd better have one."

Tag Team titles

The show starts with Eric Bischoff coming down holding the Tag Titles to make an announcement.

Tony: "Here comes the current WCW owner with the Tag Team belts, I'm sure Eric is here to sort out a situation that's arisen. Road Warrior Hawk, one half of the tag champs, is injured, and you can't have an injured champ."

Brain: "What a shame for Animal, his partner gets a little injury and they lose the gold because of it. That's a real shame."

Tony: "Well it's no little injury, he's out for a month!"

Brain: "A WHOLE month, Tony? Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize that he was out for one whole month! Come on! In wrestling ya get injured, you should grin and bear it. Hawk couldn't do it."

Tony: "Well anyway, now we have to see what's going to happen with this situation."

Eric: "I'm here with the WCW Tag belts tonight because Hawk, one half of the champions Legion of Doom, is out injured for a while. So, unfortunately, they had to be stripped of their belts. Now you all know I have bigger things to think about, so let's just deal with this right away. At Starrcade, we're having a tag team match to decide who'll hold these belts as champions. So it's first come, first serve. The first two tag teams to accept this invitation is put in the match."

Brain: "Well that's haphazardly put together, does Bischoff even give a damn about those belts?"

Tony: "I'm not sure, but this is one massive oppourtunity for two teams. Just by showing up they'll be put in a title match at the biggest event of all time!"

The Acolytes' music plays and they come down to the ring to boos.

Brain: "That's right baby, there's your champs. It doesn't matter who comes out as their opponents, the two ham-'n'-eggers won't stand a chance."

Faarooq: "Right here, The Acolytes accept your invitation. Bradshaw and myself can take down anyone and everyone, and you fans can shut the hell up cos there's nothin' you can do about it."

The crowd boo more until Edge and Christian's music play, they come out posing in sunglasses and grinning as the crowd start cheering. Edge slides into the ring and Christian comes in through the ropes.

Brain: "Who in the hell are these guys?"

Tony: "That's Edge and Christian, they're a promising tag team."

Brain: "Do you know what someone means when they say an athlete's promising? They mean he's green and not very good yet. That's exactly what these two are, Acolytes are gonna destroy them."

Edge: "Edge and Christian also accepts your invitation. See you at Starrcade, Acolytes, we're gonna kick your ass!"

Edge and Christian poses some more, but The Acolytes jump and pound them before leaving the ring.

Bobby Duncum Jr. V Prince Albert w/ Droz

Bobby is overpowered by Albert, but Bobby does power back. Droz grabs his leg and continues to interfere. This gives Albert a big advantage and he pounds Duncum Jr. down. He grabs him and lands the Puke Drop! Albert gets the win.

Droz comes in and he and Albert put the boots to Duncum.

Alex Wright V Norman Smiley

Smiley has a tough match against the German Wright. Wright beats Smiley around, kneeing him and throwing him into the turnbuckle some more. Smiley hits a low blow to counter the momentum, he uses some cheap moves to gain the advantage, including jumping over the ropes and bulldogging Wright's neck onto the ropes.

Smiley quickly gets in the ring and makes the cover and gets the win!

Plan B

The Wolfpac are shown backstage, Nash says they need a new plan. Hall tells him they need to take out the main man.

Tony: "It looks like they're going to take out Sting for good!"

Brain: "That's Plan B, make sure Sting doesn't even get to the main event. That'll give Nash the default win and control of the company."

Tony: "Let's hope they're not successful, Sting needs to be ready for an attack at anytime!"

Kanyon V Saturn

Saturn locks up with Kanyon and takes him to ground, Kanyon punches back and tries winding Saturn with kicks to the stomach. He gets the advantage as he seems to have damaged his opponent's ribs. Kanyon keeps stomping and kicking in the area. He tries one kick too many and Saturn gets a leg lock in. Saturn starts landing some hard hitting moves, he hits a brainbuster to tire Kanyon out, and manages to lock in the Rings of Saturn. Kanyon gives up.

British Bulldog V Owen Hart

Tony: "Owen is battling his old tag team partner, perhaps he can prove something to Goldberg here."

Brain: "He screwed up last time, he tried interfering in Goldberg's match, but he saw him coming."

Tony: "He's a great wrestler in his own right, as is Bret, but let's see how he handles the Bulldog first."

Hart is focused and locks up with Bulldog, but gets suplexed straight away. They lock up again and he gets another suplex. Bulldog receives an elbow in the gut and staggers back, Owen bounces off the ropes and dropkicks his opponent over them. Hart lifts his arms up and shouts at the crowd. He punches Bulldog as he gets up on the apron and suplexes him over the ropes back into the ring.

Owen works on Bulldog's legs, having control of most of the match. As Bulldog staggers up, Owen gets on the top rope and jumps for a missile dropkick, but Bulldog dives out of the way and Owen lands awkwardly. Bulldog lifts Owen up and slams him down again, but Owen gets a drop toe hold and stomps on Bulldog's legs again. He cuts his neck to the crowd, copying Goldberg and signaling the end. He turns around and SPEAR by Goldberg!! Goldberg quickly gets out of the ring and Bulldog covers: 1...2...3!

Tony: "Goldberg just cost Owen the victory!"

Brain: "He's showing Owen how it's done, and you gotta believe that Bret's 'next'"

Tony: "The games have really heated up in this battle!"

Jeff Jarrett w/ Eric Bischoff V Lex Luger

Tony: "Eric Bischoff accompanying Jarrett to the ring, he's giving his men support."

Brain: "Jarrett has the advantage in this match, he clobbered Luger with the guitar on Nitro and that took him out of the match until right at the end. Luger'll be looking for revenge."

Luger comes out on his own and gets in the ring, immediately pushing Jarrett into the turnbuckle and punching at him as the match gets underway. Jarrett kicks back and whips Luger to the ropes, goes to ground and Luger hops over, Jeff gets up but gets clotheslined. Bischoff shouts support as Luger takes control, constant punching and kicking to the gut. He lifts Jeff up and drops him on his knee, crushing his stomach.

Jarrett gets punched in the corner again, but throws Lex into the turnbuckle and punches back, then stomps his leg. He whips Luger into the opposite corner and clotheslines. He stomps Luger's leg as he staggers forward.

He walks up to him and goes for the Stroke! But Luger doesn't allow himself to drop and punches Jarrett's stomach, then tries to lift him up for the Torture Rack, but Jarrett fights back and lands a big back suplex. He makes the cover: 1-2-no! Luger kicks out and Jeff slaps the ground in frustration. He kicks at Luger as he gets up then whips him into the ropes, Luger ducks the clothesline and keeps running, then ducks the second clothesline attempt, Jarrett bounces off the other rope and both run to each other and there's a double clothesline!

The ref begins a double KO 10 count, Jarrett says something to Bischoff at 4 and Luger starts stirring. Eric hands Jarrett his guitar and Jeff gets up and waits for Luger to get up, pushing the ref out of the way. Lex turns around and BAM! the guitar breaks into pieces over his head!

The ref calls the DQ but Jarrett celebrates anyway. Eric gets in the ring and raises his arm.

Tony: "Lex picks up the win officially, but I'd say it was Jarrett that's given his side the upper hand!"

Brain: "You'd better believe it. This is just plain dirty and messy, but you've got to do anything to win. Alright Jeff didn't win on record, but you look in the ring, who would you say is the big loser in this match? No, Bischoff isn't an option."

Tony: "Every action in this battle sends out a message and gives one side momentum and--wait a minute! It's Hall and Nash!"

Hall, with a chair, and Nash beat down Jarrett. Scott Hall giving a big whack to the back of Jarrett with the chair and Nash Jacknife Powerbombing him down. They kick him out of the ring.

The mood changes when Hall, Nash and a recovering Luger's attention moves to Bischoff cowering in the corner. Hall and Luger quickly grab him and bring him to Nash in the middle of the ring. Kevin Nash brushes his hair back and gets handed a mic.

Nash: "We said we were gonna take out the main man in this group...well guess whoooo!"

Nash slowly moves towards Bischoff, but Eric's face turns from fear to laughter. Nash gets angry and shouts "What's so funny??"

Bischoff gently takes the mic as much as he can, still in the grip of Luger and Hall and replies.

Bischoff: "You...you think I didn't see this coming?...I'm the guy who runs WCW...don't...don't doubt my intelligence...I'd like to introduce to you...my bodyguards..."

A familiar voice over the sound system makes the crowd go crazy:


The bell tolls.

The lights go out and flashes of light accompany the just as well known sound of Highway To Hell by AC/DC (the first two verses and choruses on a loop) as three big, mean figures come out in biker attire, a big red logo of The Undertaker appears on the screen to confirm it, The 'Taker has returned!

Bischoff is dropped and he quickly scampers out of the ring. Nash, Hall and Luger stand watching The Deadman and the two other men make their way down the ramp with authority.

Tony: "My God! This is amazing! I've never seen the nWo in awe as they are right now!!"

Brain: "I can't hear a thing! I've gotta give Bischoff his due this time, he saw the attack coming, and here comes one hell of a big scary man and...is that Brian Adams?"

Tony: "It is, I don't know who the other guy is, but The Undertaker is leading them to the Wolfpac!"

Undertaker, Brian Adams and the other man (the more dedicated wresting fan will know him as Brian Lee) go through the ropes into the ring and 'Taker goes face to face with Kevin Nash as the lights come back up and the music dies down.

The staredown lasts for about 5 seconds then Undertaker launches a barrage of fists on Nash. Nash, surprised as hell, stumbles out of the ring, Hall and Luger driven out by the two Brians.

Wolfpac walk back up the ramp, Nash pointing and saying something to Taker in the ring. The camera goes to Undertaker's face, he does his trademark eye roll for all to see.

The music starts up again and Taker raises his arms to the side of the ring, Adams and Lee posing also.

Tony: "Is this it for The Outsiders? For The Wolfpac? That's two shows in succession where they've been foiled from fully dealing out the punishment they wanted!"

Brain: "Look at these guys, they're huge, they're mean, they're bad. And I tell ya what, the fans are going nuts for the Undertaker right now, Tony."

Tony: "We're only two shows away, just over a week from Starrcade, what a Nitro it'll be. Join us then!"

Match Results

Prince Albert def. Bobby Duncum Jr.

Norman Smiley def. Alex Wright

Saturn def. Kanyon

British Bulldog def. Owen Hart

Lex Luger def. Jeff Jarrett via DQ

Edited by Oscy
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