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New York Wrestling Alliance

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New York Wrestling Alliance

It’s October 2006 and WWE’s deal with UPN came to an end just over a month ago. With the end of Smackdown came the end of the brand split and with the end of the brand split came less time to actively promote the inflated WWE roster. The WWE however, after two very successful Saturday Night Main Events, managed to get a new show on USA on Thursday nights, but only for one hour, not enough to promote all the talent they had.

The WWE knew cutting a huge number of guaranteed deals in a short space of time would result in a hefty amount in the overheads column for the next financial quarter, which wouldn’t look good. Instead they decided to open up a third developmental territory to run alongside DSW and OVW, the final cog if you will, in the wheel, so they could accommodate their inflated roster. Whilst Deep South would teach them the basics and OVW would teach them how to cut an effective promo, this new territory would prepare and polish those on the verge of a call up.

Paul Heyman was approached at first to head up this new territory but turned it down. Happy enough in his role with OVW for the time being, getting pretty much a free role to do what ever he saw fit with the promotion. So the offer went to Terry Taylor, whom had just returned to the WWE a couple of months earlier after ‘jumping ship’ so to speak and leaving TNA when many thought he would be getting Scott D’Amores’ role as head booker. But a falling out with Dixie Carter nipped that idea in the butt. Taylor rejoined the WWE as a member of the RAW writing team, but it wasn’t long before he was butting heads with a number of WWE employees again, many of whom had caused him to leave the WWE in the first place, namely Johnny Ace. Taylor had signed a multi-year deal and was pretty much offered the territory to keep him quiet and away from the main offices, much like how Heyman was sent to OVW to placate him. Taylor was joined in this new territory by Tommy Dreamer and Bill DeMott who would help Taylor run the territory as well as train the up and coming wrestlers.

This new territory was based in New York, and given the name ‘New York Wrestling Alliance’ so the various members of the WWE creative team would be close enough and would be able to easily attend shows from time to time to get ideas of what to do with the development talent in the NYWA.

NYWA shows would be run every week from the NYWA Arena (an old warehouse turned into a gym that could accommodate up to 400 fans) and would be taped to air in New York on the WPIX station on channel 11 at 11pm on Saturdays. Also every so often a ‘supercard’ would be run to showcase the up and coming NYWA talent against current WWE stars.


In Ring Talent

Aaron Stevens

Big Vito

Chad Toland

Da Beast

Dalip Singh

Doug Basham

Elijah Burke

Gene Snitsky

Johnny Jeter

Ken Doane

Lance Cade

Mac Johnson

Mike Mondo

Mike Taylor

Nick Nemeth


Orlando Jordan

Seth Skyfire

Simon Dean

Tank Toland

The Boogeyman

Trevor Murdoch

Tyson Tomko

Other Talent

Beth Phoenix

Josh Mathews

Michelle McCool

Shelley Martinez

Stephanie Finochio (Trinity)

Tag Teams

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Pure Perfection (Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth)

The FBI (Nunzio & Big Vito)

The Thrillseekers (Chad & Tank Toland)

Notes: This diary is being run alongside a WWE game I'm running, so whoever I call up from the developmental roster in that game will be taken from this territory to keep it realistic to how a WWE developmental territory would run. Also, CM Punk is on the main roster already for those wondering why he's not on this roster.

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Taped Wednesday, October, Week 1, 2006

On the WPIX (channel 11) station in New York, 11pm Saturday Night

Announcers: Josh Mathews and Bill DeMott

The show starts with NYWA head honcho Terry Taylor stood in the ring, with a belt, presumably the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. There are about 300 fans inside the NYWA Arena in New York, an old warehouse that was renovated and turned into a gym to hold training sessions and TV tapings on Wednesday nights. Taylor has a microphone in his hand.

TAYLOR: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the New York Wrestling Alliance. Right here tonight we’ll crown the first ever NYWA Heavyweight Champion in a 10 man over the top rope battle royal.

Before he can continue with his introduction though, Terry Taylor is interrupted by some unfamiliar music. A man in a black suit in his mid to late 40’s, balding but with plenty of hair towards the back of his head which he has tied into a ponytail, walks out, closely followed by Mark Henry. The man climbs into the ring and literally snatches the microphone out of Terry’s hand.

???: Listen here, Terry. You may be in charge of this place for the moment but let’s get one thing straight. I’m here to oversee everything you do. You step out of line just once, JUST ONCE! Then you my friend are out of here!

Taylor goes to the ropes and asks for another microphone.

TAYLOR: Who the hell are you?

The crowd laugh as the man looks on bemused, taking his time to respond.

???: They didn’t tell you I was coming?

Taylor shakes his head.

???: Ok then, I’ll tell you who I am. My name is Mr. Peter Worrall and I’m Mr. Laurinaitis’ right hand man. If he wants something done, I’ll do it, and what he wants me to do right now is keep you in line. Plus he also wants me to make sure his hand picked champion (Worrall points at Mark Henry) gets that belt tonight.

TAYLOR: Look here. I don’t have to listen to you. I don’t have to listen to anyone. This place is mine and mine alone. They gave me this place, and if they think I’m going to sit back and take this, well they’re very much mistaken.

Worrall takes his time again to respond to Taylor, mulling over his options.

WORRALL: Well, if that’s the case, I guess there’s only one thing to solve this little problem then isn’t there?

Mr. Worrall motions for Mark Henry to ‘get’ Terry Taylor, but the lights suddenly go out for a moment. They then come back on to reveal The Boogeyman stood in the centre of the ring, his face painted red with worms hanging out of his mouth. Mr. Worrall quickly dives out of the ring whilst The Boogeyman and Mark Henry stand face to face. Henry goes for a right hand, but The Boogeyman blocks it and fires back with a series of punches and headbutts before using all his strength to lift Henry and lay him out with a belly to belly suplex. The lights in the arena go out again and when they come back on, The Boogeyman has disappeared and Henry is alone in the ring laid on his back covered in worms.


Pure Perfection (Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth) vs. The Thrillseekers (Tank & Chad Toland) w/ Angel Williams

After the failed Spirit Squad gimmick both Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth are back in developmental, as are the Tolands, who you may know as The Dicks. Both Tank and Chad were re-hired after being fired at the start of the year, and are now accompanied by Angel Williams, who until recently was down in Deep South. They are using the Thrillseekers name (used by Jeter & Cappotelli in OVW) instead of the Blonde Bombers name.

The match started with The Thrillseekers in control, but some underhanded tactics from Doane got Pure Perfection back into the match, giving them the early advantage. Doane and Nemeth controlled the match from then on working over Chad Toland, stopping him from making the tag. Chad eventually managed to escape and make the tag to Tank Toland who came into the ring like a house of fire, and despite his small stature started throwing Doane and Nemeth around with suplexes, emulating a fired up Tazz. Tank then hit the Tank Turrett on Nemeth, but before he could make the cover Doane ‘accidentally’ took out the referee. Doane then laid out Chad with a low blow and kicked Tank low as well. Doane then hit Tank with an ace crusher for the victory.

Winners: Pure Perfection (Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth) in 6:45

After the match, Pure Perfection celebrated in the aisle as Angel Williams crawled into the ring to help The Thrillseekers back to their feet.


Backstage Orlando Jordan was shown in the back with former TNA Knockout Trinity whom Orlando called by her real name, Stephanie. Which if she ever gets called up, she’ll have to change because you can’t have the same name as a McMahon.

JORDAN: I can’t believe they stuck me down here, Steph. How can they not give me, Orlando Jordan TV time on USA, huh?

Stephanie shakes her head with her hands on her hips.

JORDAN: I’m the longest reigning US Champion in WWE history. I was JBL’s chief of staff. I’m a bonafide superstar. Well tonight, I’m going to show them all, all those in Connecticut what a mistake they’ve made. Tonight I’m going to walk out of here NYWA Heavyweight Champion.


Backstage, former WWE Cruiserweight champion Nunzio is shown hyping himself and Big Vito up for the Battle Royal for the NYWA Heavyweight Title, which is up next.


10 Man Battle Royal for the NYWA Heavyweight Title featuring Mark Henry, Johnny Jeter, Orlando Jordan, Nunzio, Big Vito, Elijah Burke, Seth Skyfire, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade & Aaron Stevens

Everyone went straight to it throwing punches and kicks and Skyfire was the first to go after around 30 seconds when he was tossed from the ring by Mark Henry. Henry then quickly disposed of Big Vito, lifting him up and dumping him over the top rope. Everyone then tried to gang up on Mark Henry to try and eliminate him, but he overpowered them all and pushed them off, and in the chaos Lance Cade ended up going over the ropes, giving Henry his third straight elimination. Henry continued to show his power and made it four in a row by tossing Aaron Stevens from the ring.

Johnny Jeter was then the next to go as he tried to eliminate Trevor Murdoch, but his tag partner, Lance Cade pulled down the ropes and Jeter tumbled out of the ring instead. Orlando Jordan then tried to eliminate Elijah Burke but Burke somehow managed to hang on and then hip toss Jordan over the top rope and to the outside.

With Jordan gone, it came down to the final four of Mark Henry, Trevor Murdoch, Elijah Burke and Nunzio (who had spent the entire battle royal crouching and hanging on to the bottom rope). Henry and Burke went at it whilst Murdoch pulled Nunzio up and off the ropes. Murdoch then hit a spinebuster on Nunzio and then tried to powerbomb him out of the ring, but Nunzio countered with a headscissors sending Murdoch to the floor, eliminating him. Nunzio then celebrated his elimination of Murdoch, but turned right into a huge lariat from Henry, who had just laid Burke out also with a lariat. Henry then tossed Nunzio from the ring, leaving Henry and Burke in the ring as the final two competitors.

Henry pulled Burke to his feet and whipped him into the ropes sending Burke into the air and down to the mat with a flapjack. Henry then whipped Burke into the corner but Burke managed to evade Henry as he charged at him. Henry hit the turnbuckle and then Burke somehow managed to hit an impressive back body drop on Henry. Burke and Henry then slugged it out and Henry got the better of Burke. They then did the old battle royal finish where Henry had Burke on his shoulder, taunting, and stalling whilst he motioned which side he was going to throw him from. Henry then went to toss Burke, but Burke hung onto the top rope and Henry went tumbling over to the floor, making Burke the winner and first NYWA Heavyweight Champion.

Winner And First NYWA Heavyweight Champion: Elijah Burke in 22:01

After the match, Elijah Burke was being presented with the NYWA Heavyweight Title by Terry Taylor when Mark Henry hit the ring again and laid out Burke. Henry then laid the title across Burke’s chest and hit a huge splash, squashing Burke. The show then came to an end with Henry stood in the ring staring down Terry Taylor in the aisle.

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Taped Wednesday, October, Week 2, 2006

On the WPIX (channel 11) station in New York, 11pm Saturday Night

Announcers: Josh Mathews and Bill DeMott

The shows starts with Mr. Peter Worrall heading down to the ring. He is closely followed by Mark Henry who was the last man eliminated in the battle royal last week. Henry looks pissed off, as does Mr. Worrall. Worrall jaw jacks with a number of fans on the outside before getting into the ring after grabbing a microphone.

WORRALL: Last week was a travesty. Mark Henry here was hand picked by John Laurinaitis to become NYWA Heavyweight Champion. Do you know how mad it made him last week when Elijah Burke became champion? Do you!?

Worrall takes a long hard look at the crowd, before turning and patting Henry on the chest.

WORRALL: Now some of the blame does rest on your shoulders Mark, and I knew you’ve admitted your mistakes and I forgive you but I don’t expect you to make anymore.

Worrall extends his hand and Henry wraps his huge hand around it and shakes.

WORRALL: Good. Now we can get down to business. Elijah Burke. Last week you got lucky. In fact you got extremely lucky. That belt that you’ve got with you backstage belongs to this man right here and next week you’ll be facing Mark Henry with your title on the line…

Worrall at this point is interrupted by Orlando Jordan’s music. Orlando Jordan comes walking out with Stephanie. He grabs a microphone and gets into the ring.

JORDAN: You say it’s a travesty that Mark Henry lost last week? The way I see it, is that it was even more of a travesty that I lost last week. I’m a bona-fide WWE superstar and I should have that belt. I should have it and nobody else. Me, get it? ME!.

WORRALL: Listen. Calm down. I get it. So here’s what I’m going to do.

Worrall takes a moment to think.

WORRALL: Ok, here’s what I’ma do. If there’s anyone in the back who wants a shot at becoming number one contender, well, come on down.

With the challenge laid down, Seth Skyfire, who was eliminated first in the battle royal last week comes out into the aisle. Orlando stands ready in the ring with a smile on his face at the prospect of what should be an easy match.


Orlando Jordan vs. Seth Skyfire

Skyfire slid into the ring and was immediately set upon by Orlando Jordan who laid a couple of stomps to the back before hitting a swinging neckbreaker, as Worrall and Henry made their way backstage. Orlando acted cocky, pushing the youngster Skyfire around. Jordan became too cocky parading around the ring like he was Muhammad Ali, doing the Orlando Shuffle, drawing on his amateur boxing background to jab away at Skyfire. Skyfire managed to duck a right hook and then hit a dropkick to the knee of Jordan. Skyfire took the advantage using his speed to stay one step ahead of Jordan. Skyfire then hit a tornado DDT but Jordan just managed to kick out.

Skyfire then went for another tornado DDT but Jordan blocked it and hit a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Jordan then put Skyfire on the top rope and hit a superplex before hitting a modified falling jawbreaker, which looked to have put Skyfire away. Instead Jordan took time-out to taunt again. The lights then suddenly went out and after about a minute or so they came back on to reveal Jordan laid out in the ring covered in worms, an obvious sign he was attacked by The Boogeyman. The referee and Skyfire didn’t know what to make of it and after 10 seconds or so Skyfire jumped on Jordan and the referee counted the three to become #1 contender to face either Elijah Burke or Mark Henry who face each other next week.

Skyfire showed some good potential in this match as an underdog, but ultimately he may just be ‘too small’ to actually cut it with the main roster already being crowded with cruiserweights. Although he would make a good tag partner to someone bigger as a foil for someone’s lack of in ring ability.

Winner & #1 Contender: Seth Skyfire in 6:01


Backstage Terry Taylor is in his office with Mr. Worrall sans Mark Henry.

TAYLOR: What in the hell do you think you’re doing making matches on my show?

WORRALL: Oh wait, I didn’t tell you last week that Mr. Laurinaitis gave me the power to make matches as well?


WORRALL: Oh well, I thought I had, it must have slipped my mind.


Terry Taylor grabs Mr. Worrall by the collar and threatens to punch him. Worrall looks worried.

WORRALL: Look here Terry, this is the sort of behavior the guys in Connecticut don’t want to see. If they could see you right now they’d probably fire you right here right now.

Taylor reluctantly lets go of Mr. Worrall and Worrall re-adjusts his collar looking relieved.

WORRALL: But as it stands, they’re not. So I guess you survive another week. But whilst I’m in the mood I might as well make another match. So here goes, tonight Elijah Burke, our NYWA Champion will take on the team of Nunzio and Big Vito in a handicap match to allow him some time to get in tune for his match against Mark Henry next week.

TAYLOR: More like to soften him up you mean.

WORRALL: You could say that.

Mr. Worrall then laughs before leaving Taylor’s office, leaving Taylor alone.



Lance Cade w/ Trevor Murdoch vs. Johnny Jeter

Out of everyone currently in developmental, these three are probably the closest to a call up out of the rest. Cade and Murdoch are just hanging around until something is thought up for them to get back on the main roster, whilst there are plans for Jeter to make an impact in the Cruiserweight Division. Cade and Jeter were given the time in this match to show what they could do.

The match started with a collar and elbow tie-up and Cade put Jeter into a hammerlock. Jeter managed to escape taking Cade down and then hit a series of clotheslines and dropkicks sending Cade to the outside, where Murdoch tried to hype him back up. Cade rolled back into the ring and Jeter went for a leg drop but Cade managed to evade it. Cade then took the advantage using underhanded tactics, raking the eyes of Jeter and hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Cade then worked over the back of the smaller Jeter hitting a couple of backbreakers and whipping Jeter into the turnbuckles hard. Jeter at one point, having being whipped into the turnbuckle did the old Flair/Michaels trick of flipping out onto the apron and was going to go for a springboard but Murdoch pulled him to the outside, whilst Cade distracted the referee. With the ref distracted Murdoch threw Jeter into the rails a few times before sending him back into the ring. Cade then hit a superkick for a near fall, and then a neckbreaker across his knee for another near fall.

Cade then raked the eyes of Jeter, but Jeter raked Cade’s eyes right back and made a come-back with a series of dropkicks and then a superkick for a near fall. Jeter then hit two rolling suplexes followed by a sit-out face-jam and Jeter looked to have had the match won after hitting a springboard corkscrew kick, but Murdoch put Cade’s foot on the bottom rope. Jeter then went for a lionsault but Cade got his knees up and immediately got to his feet to take Jeter down with a lariat. Cade then booted Jeter in the face and hit a falcon arrow for a two count. Cade then hit another falcon arrow but once again Jeter managed to kick out and Lance Cade became frustrated tat he couldn’t put Jeter away. Jeter then made a brief comeback, but Cade stunned him with a boot to the face and Cade covered, whilst Murdoch pulled on Jeter’s feet allowing Cade to get the victory.

This was a very good match and the two will be put together again to see what they can do as it benefited both of them greatly to be given the time to have a good match.

Winner: Lance Cade in 14:44


Backstage Shelly Martinez is laid back on a cushy leather chair in a very revealing black outfit. She has a very gothic look to her appearance. She is being fed red grapes by someone. The camera pans back to reveal Tyson Tomko feeding her the grapes. The camera then pans back further to reveal Gene Snitsky massaging her feet. Both Tomko and Snitsky have a gothic look to them too, done up in black makeup and painted black nails. Martinez then signals and they both stop what they are doing and stand behind her as she gets to her feet and stares into the camera.

MARTINEZ: What you’re looking at right here is the most dominant force in the New York Wrestling Alliance. What you’re looking at is Snitsky and Tomko, who under my guidance will take this place over, and I can personally guarantee it.

Both Snitsky and Tomko put a hand on Martinez’s shoulder and she smiles wildly with an evil grin.

MARTINEZ: Violence begets violence and The Sect will dissect you!

Snitsky and Tomko laugh wildly as the scene fades.


Elijah Burke © vs. The F.B.I. (Nunzio & Big Vito)

Elijah Burke is a long way off call-up but he showed some good potential in this match. He’s the NYWA Champion because there’s a belief that he could become a break-out star once he gets fully up to speed on his ring work. He’s got the look and natural body that is needed but his in ring abilities are weak and need some work. Which knowing how things go, he’ll probably get called up in a week or so.

Burke worked well in an underdog role here as Vito got the advantage over him allowing him and Nunzio to work him over, constantly tagging back and forth not allowing him much offence, which in turn hid his weaknesses as he can sell rather well. Burke though was resilient and kept kicking out off pinfall attempts up until he made his big comeback. He hit both Nunzio and Big Vito with clotheslines and then hit a huge powerbomb on Nunzio. Vito then ran at Elijah Burke and Burke busted out his new finisher, the crooked arm lariat a.k.a. the Ax Bomber, nearly taking Vito’s head off. Burke then covered Vito for the three.

Winner: Elijah Burke in 6:04

Straight after the match, Mark Henry immediately hit the ring and shoulder charged Burke, sending him to the mat. Burke then tried to fight back but Henry overpowered Burke and put him to the canvas with a World’s Strongest Slam, laying him out for the second week in a row ahead of their Heavyweight Title match next week.

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Guest thederekeffect1

Haha, I don't know what to think. I think it's a very interesting idea. Instead of playing as WWE like everybody else does, you're playing as WWE's developement camp. I'm getting a kick out of the Orlando Jordan angle (the having to be sent to developement and constantly losing).

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New York Wrestling Alliance News

* Mike Bucci will be debuting on the next NYWA TV tapings. He’s been in NYWA for the past couple of weeks but hasn’t been used on TV. It’s said he’ll be heading up a new group called The NY Exchange. Other members of the group are said to be Aaron ‘The Idol’ Stevens and Mac Johnson along with a female worker, either Michelle McCool or Beth Phoenix. The Simon Dean gimmick has been dropped completely and Bucci will be using the Nova name. Bucci had a successful run in OVW with a similar sort of group called The Jersey Shore Crew which also included Stevens. During that stint Bucci became OVW Champion.

* The WWE are trying to push Terry Taylor to use Dalip Singh on the NYWA shows in some fashion or another. Taylor has openly complained that he doesn’t feel Singh is ‘safe’ and that he should be relocated to Deep South or OVW for extra intensive training that would suit him better.

* Brent Albright and Jimmy Snuka Jr. (Deuce Shade) will probably be relocating from OVW to NYWA in the near future.

* Johnny Jeter will be getting looked at on upcoming RAW and Smackdown shows in dark matches and on house shows. He’s expected to be called up to the main roster sooner rather than later.

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Taped Wednesday, October, Week 3, 2006

On the WPIX (channel 11) station in New York, 11pm Saturday Night

Announcers: Josh Mathews and Bill DeMott

The show starts with a video package hyping up tonight’s main event. The video shows Elijah Burke winning the Battle Royal to become NYWA Heavyweight Champion and then shows Mark Henry laying him out after that match and also shows Mark Henry laying him out last week as well.


After the video package, some music plays out over the sound system and Mike Bucci aka Nova aka Simon Dean walks out, closely followed by Aaron ‘The Idol’ Stevens, Mac Johnson and Beth Phoenix. They all swagger to the ring with an arrogant air about them. Mike grabs a microphone and climbs into the ring.

MIKE NOVA: Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and everyone else in attendance who for some reason isn’t one of the aforementioned. My name is Mike Nova and I’m the most innovative, tactical and brightest man in wrestling today. Now please let me introduce to you, the man with over a 1000 holds, the man they call ‘The Idol’, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you - AARON STEVENS.

Aaron Stevens then does a cut-throat taunt in the ring, very similar to what Benoit does.

Mike Nova: Now, some would call him a ladies man and well, he definitely is, because they’re always all over him - introducing to you – this is MAC JOHNSON!

Mac Johnson takes his shirt off and poses in the center of the ring to a good reaction from the female portion of the 300 or so audience.

MIKE NOVA: And finally, the greatest piece of ass this side of New York. She’s luscious, she’s fine, she’s drop dead gorgeous, this ladies and gentlemen is BETH PHOENIX!

Beth Phoenix then takes her turn to pose. Doing some provocative posing, bending over and pushing her bosoms together. Nova stares at her and gets lost for a moment. Stevens shakes him and Nova gets back to the proceedings.

MIKE NOVA: Um, uh, where was I. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you – THE NY EXCHANGE. The smartest, finest and soon to be greatest group of all time.

As Nova finishes his spiel and before they can even leave the ring they are interrupted by Orlando Jordan’s music. Orlando Jordan then walks out into the aisle looking pissed off. He is closely followed by Stephanie. Jordan grabs a microphone and climbs into the ring and confronts Nova.

ORLANDO JORDAN: So - we’ve got someone else who thinks that they’re the greatest. Well let me tell ya something. I’m tha’ greatest. You might have been something in that rat infested, sweaty bingo hall of a place called ECW, but this is the big time and I rule around here. I’m a former US Champion , whilst you’re a former health guru - I’m the greatest. Not you, not nobody.

Nova and the rest of the NY Exchange laugh at Jordan.

MIKE NOVA: So, Orlando. What’s your record so far? Because if I recall I seem to remember that you’ve yet to win a match. I mean you lost last week - to Seth Skyfire…

Jordan looks extremely hacked off and interrupts Nova.

ORLANDO JORDAN: It doesn’t matter what I’ve done so far. I’m the greatest and I’m going to prove that tonight. You pick one of your homeboys here to fight me and I guarantee I’ll beat them and send your little group packing to from wherever they came from.

Nova looks at Stevens and Johnson and both seem up to it. Nova eventually decides pointing at Stevens who looks enthusiastic about fighting despite not being in street clothes and not his actual wrestling gear..


Orlando Jordan (w/ Stephanie) vs. Aaron ‘The Idol’ Stevens (w/ Mike Nova, Mac Johnson & Beth Phoenix)

Jordan immediately jumped Stevens at the bell but Stevens, running with his new gimmick of being a man of over a 1000 holds counters Jordan and puts him in an armlock, then a hammerlock, arm wringer and finally a straight jacket before hitting a german suplex. Jordan rolls out of the ring and gets consoled by Stephanie. Jordan then gets back in the ring and ties up with Stevens. Stevens takes Jordan down with a fujiwara but Jordan immediately gets the ropes. They tie up again and Stevens goes for another takedown but Jordan rakes his eyes and takes the advantage with a neckbreaker. Jordan then whips Stevens into the turnbuckles and hits a running forearm smash into the corner.

Jordan continued to control the match, using some underhanded tactics to keep his control over Stevens. Jordan then went for an axehandle off the top but Stevens booted him the gut and took him down with a Russian Legsweep. Stevens then followed that up with a downward spiral and was going to make the cover when he noticed Steph on the apron. Jordan then took Stevens down from behind. Seeing the obvious cheating Nova and Johnson try to get into the ring but the referee stops them. Stevens then gets the better of Jordan but with the ref distracted it allows Steph to get into the ring and give him a low blow. Steph is immediately taken down though by Beth Phoenix and they both roll around, just an excuse to get them rolling around in short skirts, which distracts everyone. Jordan tries to pull Beth off of Stephanie but gets taken down by Aaron Stevens who then puts Jordan in the Idolshooter (a sharpshooter) and Jordan immediately taps out, giving Stevens the win.

Winner: Aaron ‘The Idol’ Stevens in 11:15

After the match Jordan is left in the ring going crazy. He throws a paddy slamming his hands into the mat as Stephanie tries to console him. Jordan pushes her off though and storms off to the back.


Backstage Mr. P. Worrall is shown backstage on his cell phone. In the background Henry is sat on a recliner eating huge pieces of chicken out of a bucket.

P. WORRALL Yes Mr. Laurinaitis I guarantee you that tonight Mark Henry will become champion, tonight he’s going to kill Elijah Burke.

Mr. P. Worrall hangs up the cell and turns to Mark Henry.

P. WORRALL: Everything’s riding on you tonight Mark. You going to do it?

Henry stands up and spits a chicken bone across the room.

MARK HENRY: Don’t worry Mista Worrall. Tonight tha’ Elijah Burke is going ta’ get snapped in half!

Henry then laughs as Worrall slaps him on the chest.

P. WORRALL That’s my man!


Ken Doane (w/ Nick Nemeth) vs. Chad Toland (w/ Tank Toland & Angel Williams)

Back at the first show Pure Perfection (Doane & Nemeth) beat The Thrillseekers (Chad & Tank Toland) when Pure Perfection won by questionable means. On commentary Mathews explained that The Thrillseekers had being lobbying for a rematch but Pure Perfection wouldn’t agree to one because Nemeth has a bad knee and instead would only settle for a one on one until Nemeth recovers.

The match didn’t go long as both The Tolands have minor injuries too which won’t actually keep them out of the ring, but will limit them. Chad was great with his mannerisms and facials as he and Doane went at it. Chad pretty much dominated Doane. Despite Doane being taller, Chad is better built and used his power to his advantage. In the end though Chad was going for a Catatonic when Nemeth grabbed his foot stopping him from hitting it. Doane then rolled Chad up for a quick three.

Winner: Ken Doane in 4:07

After the match Pure Perfection quickly headed for the exits before The Thrillseekers could get any sort of revenge. Mathews on commentary then said Terry Taylor had just signed Ken Doane vs. Tank Toland for next week.


The Sect (Snitsky & Tomko) w/ Shelly Martinez vs. The Hunt Brothers (Kyle & Gavin Hunt)

The Hunt Brothers are two local New Yorkers who have been training at the NYWA Training Center and look very promising, they are both well built and have a good look but they are way off the mark in terms of pretty much everything else. They were used tonight to job out to The Sect in a squash match. Snitsky and Tomko were very dominating and both looked in incredible shape throwing The Hunts around. They then hit a double chokeslam on Kyle Hunt across both their knees, a move, Bill DeMott informed everyone that they call ‘The Dissector’ for the win.

Winners: The Sect in 1:46


Backstage, just minutes away from the main event Elijah Burke was in Terry Taylor’s office. Burke had an afro comb in his hair.

TERRY TAYLOR: Tonight is your chance to stick it to the man Elijah. Tonight you can show all those suits in Connecticut that this is my place and that you deserve to be champion here and that no hand picked champion is going to just come in and be champion because someone says he should be!

ELIJAH BURKE: Don’t worry Mr. Taylor. I’ve got this belt and going to be keeping this belt playa’. No matter whether it’s Mark Henry or someone else picked by Laurinaitis I’m keeping this belt until I can physically hold it no longer and that is a guarantee I intend on keeping.

Burke walks out of the room, his title slung across his shoulder looking very confident.


NYWA Heavyweight Title Match

Elijah Burke © vs. Mark Henry (w/ Mr. P. Worrall)

The match started with a tie-up and Henry overpowered Burke pushing him around the ring, using his obvious strength advantage to good effect. Henry press slammed Burke and had a near fall early. The match wasn’t anything special and it wasn’t expected to be but they tried their hardest to do something worthwhile. Burke kept on mounting spirited comebacks but Henry every time kept overpowering him. At one point though Henry had Burke up for a press slam but managed to escape and drop down taking Henry with him as well with a DDT. Burke then went to the top rope, but Worrall interfered crotching Burke on the top turnbuckle which brought out Terry Taylor with a microphone in hand.

TERRY TAYLOR: Security, please escort this man from ringside.

A bunch of security guards then came out from the back and chased Worrall around the ring with Worrall doing a comedic run and then trying to jump the rail ultimately failing and being caught by security who then escorted him away. Worrall was dragged out shouting and screaming ‘You can’t do this to me!’.

Back in the ring Henry threw Burke off the top rope and was then going for a splash but Burke quickly moved before Henry even left his feet. Henry then charged at Burke but Burke moved and Henry charged right into the turnbuckles and stumbled back and Burke in an impressive feet took Henry down with a back body drop, albeit he didn’t get him that far off the ground. Burke then went up top and hit a flying elbow but Henry kicked out at one. Henry then came back and hit a lariat and hit a big splash but Elijah somehow kicked out just before the three. Henry then whipped Elijah into the corner but as he charged in Elijah sprung out of the corner and hit Henry with a crooked arm lariat, nearly taking his head off and sending the big man crumbling to the mat. Elijah Burke then covered for the three to retain his title.

Winner and still NYWA Heavyweight Champion: Elijah Burke in 8:44

After the match Elijah Burke celebrated with his title slapping hands with the fans around ringside.

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Taped Wednesday, October, Week 4, 2006

On the WPIX (channel 11) station in New York, 11pm Saturday Night

Announcers: Josh Mathews and Bill DeMott

Nunzio (w/ Big Vito) vs. Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor grew up in Hawaii. He was moved up from DSW to NYWA after some impressive showings in his tag team High Impact with Tony Santorelli (Tony Stadlin, who should be in NYWA soon). He started off in OVW and is a former marine. He’s not the biggest at 5 ft 10 in but there’s a belief he can be molded into a solid performer, but he’s quite a way off at the moment.

On this night he had a good match but it was kept short because Taylor’s ring work isn’t quite at the required level at the moment. But Nunzio was able to carry him to a decent match. They started off with Taylor using his power to overpower Nunzio before Nunzio started using his shooter skills to take Taylor down. Taylor made a strong push to win the match hitting a series of clotheslines and then hitting a high angle backdrop driver for a two count. Taylor then put Nunzio on the top rope but Nunzio fought back and hit a tornado into a fujiwara armbar, leaving Taylor no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Nunzio in 4:43


After a short break hyping upcoming TV tapings and a local pizza place called ‘Tony’s Pizzeria’ we come back to see Johnny Jeter in his wrestling gear stood in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

JOHNNY JETER: Two weeks ago, right here in the NYWA arena, I was beaten by Lance Cade in a match that I should have won and would have won if it wasn’t for Trevor Murdoch. So I’m just going to cut straight to the chase because I can’t be bothered pussy footing around. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch – whichever one of you wants to fight me, get out here right now and we’ll settle this.

After a few minutes of waiting neither Lance Cade nor Trevor Murdoch come out the ring.

JOHNNY JETER: Fine! If you won’t come out here I’m gonna’ come back there!

Jeter then storms off to back to look for Cade and Murdoch.


Backstage, Beth Phoenix is shown walking with a pizza box from the pizza company that was plugged earlier in the night ‘Tony’s Pizzeria’. She’s not paying attention to where she is walking and ends up bumping into the gothic Shelly Martinez who is wearing a very revealing low cut top. The pizza she was carrying ends up going all over Shelly and all down her front. Shelly looks extremely pissed off.

SHELLY MARTINEZ: Eurgh. What the hell? What do you think you’re doing?

BETH PHOENIX: Um – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…

SHELLY MARTINEZ: Look at this. I’m covered!

BETH PHOENIX: I thought you’d be used to being covered.

Shelly hisses at Beth Phoenix, not liking the insult, and goes to slap her, but Beth blocks it and slaps Shelly right in the face. Snitsky & Tomko show up out of nowhere though. Beth tries to fight them off by scratching and slapping them but she is eventually dragged off into their locker room.


NYWA World Heavyweight Title Match

Elijah Burke © vs. Seth Skyfire

Skyfire won the number one contendership a couple of weeks back when he beat Orlando Jordan. He came out for this match looking confident but there was no chance really that he was going to beat Elijah Burke. He did make a good go of it though and got two near falls. Once with a tornado DDT and then once with a nice sunset flip powerbomb. In the end though Burke was just that one step ahead of Skyfire and managed to overpower the little guy. Burke hit a running powerbomb and after Skyfire kicked out Burke hit him with a sick crooked arm lariat nearly taking his head off for the win.

Burke is really connecting with the fans and it’s doing his confidence a world of good as he seems more confident in the ring. Plus the fans love it when he nearly takes people’s heads off with the crooked arm lariat.

Winner & Still NYWA Heavyweight Champion: Elijah Burke in 6:18


Backstage Terry Taylor is sat in his office when Mr. P. Worrall comes storming in.

TERRY TAYLOR: Have a seat Pete.

MR. WORRALL HAVE A SEAT!? I’m not going to have a seat. What you did last week was inexcusable. Having me carted away by security was not a good thing to do, Terry.

TERRY TAYLOR: It wasn’t?

MR. WORRALL No it wasn’t god damn. Mr. Laurinaitis wasn’t very happy. He wasn’t happy with what happened nor was he happy that Mark Henry, his handpicked champion went on to lose, most likely caused by the fact that he was distracted after seeing me being dragged away.

Taylor laughs.

TERRY TAYLOR: You mean he lost because he didn’t have you at ringside to swing the tide in his favor to cheat for him.

Mr. Worrall slams his hands down on Terry’s desk.

MR. WORRALL Listen here. You’re in Mr. Laurinaitis’ bad books enough as it is. I wouldn’t go making it any worse for yourself. So you better do something about it, right now.

Taylor takes a moment to think.

TERRY TAYLOR: Ok, here’s what I’m going to do. Next week it’ll be Mark Henry versus Seth Skyfire versus a guy I’ve been planning on bringing up from Ohio after some good words from Paul Heyman, Mike Mondo. If Henry wins that match I might consider him for another title shot in the future.

Worrall smiles.

MR. WORRALL No. If Henry wins that match. He becomes number one contender and that’s final.

Worrall then turns and walks out of the office.


Johnny Jeter then enters the room.

JOHNNY JETER: Sorry Mr. Taylor for barging in here like this. But have you seen Lance Cade or Trevor Murdoch tonight?

TERRY TAYLOR: Neither of them are here tonight.


TERRY TAYLOR: You want one of them in a match don’t you? I saw you in the ring earlier.


TERRY TAYLOR: Well then, next week it’ll be you against Trevor Murdoch and I’ll go one step further. I’ll bar everyone from ringside during the match. That way we should get a decisive victor.

JOHNNY JETER: Thankyou Mr. Taylor.

TERRY TAYLOR: My pleasure.

Jeter then leaves the room looking content.


Backstage Orlando Jordan is in a locker room sat on a bench with his head in his hands. Stephanie walks into the room.

STEPHANIE: I’ve got your water…

She sees Jordan looking dejected and sits next to him on the bench.

STEPHANIE: What’s up babe?

Jordan takes a moment before responding.

ORLANDO JORDAN: I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m a superstar. I’m a former WWE United States Champion. Or at least I was. What am I? What am I now?

STEPHANIE: Your still a superstar.

ORLANDO JORDAN: No I’m not. I haven’t even been able to win a match since I got here. How am I supposed to convince people that I deserve my spot back if I can’t even win a match?

STEPHANIE: You’re just going through a bad spell. It’ll all end soon and you’ll be back to winning ways and I’ll make sure of it. You just need to get your head back in the game.

Jordan gets up off of the bench, the dejected look on his face fades.

ORLANDO JORDAN: You’re right. I just need that one win and I’ll be back on track, in fact…

Orlando Jordan stops mid sentence. He sees a look of fear on Stephanie’s face. Orlando Jordan then turns his head to see The Boogeyman stood in the locker room behind him, frothing from the mouth, having seemingly appeared out of thing air. Jordan and Stephanie quickly run out of the room, leaving The Boogeyman stood laughing.

THE BOOGEYMAN Haha – I’m da Boogeyman, and I’m comin’ ta’ getcha.


Backstage Mac Johnson is shown sprinting down a hallway and into a locker room where Aaron Stevens is sat.

MAC JOHNSON: Aaron – It’s Beth. I’ve just been told she’s been taken by The Sect. Tomko and Snitsky have her in there dressing room.

AARON STEVENS: What? We’ve got to go get her.

MAC JOHNSON: You think we better call Nova?

AARON STEVENS: No, he’s trying to get us a spot in the WWE. He can’t do anything while in Detroit. We’ve got to sort this out now!

The camera then cuts to the ring where Ken Doane and Tank Toland are just squaring up.


Ken Doane (w/ Nick Nemeth) vs. Tank Toland (w/ Chad Toland)

Tank controlled the match, which didn’t last very long as some of the other segments had over-run not leaving much time. Toland dominated Nemeth despite being the smaller man, using his awesome power to control Doane. Doane though did get the advantage using underhanded tactics, raking the eyes of Tank. Doane got a series of near falls, coming close with a neckbreaker across his knee. Tank then got a series of near falls himself. Doane did a good job selling and he’s really improving very fast. He could very well go on to become the youngest WWE Champion in history if he continues.

The end of the match came when Tank had Doane set up and groggy, whilst Nick Nemeth and Chad Toland started fighting on the outside. Tank wound up and aimed at Doane with the Tank Turret but Doane ducked it and with the ref distracted with the fighting between Nemeth and Chad, Doane was able to boot Tank low. Doane then hit a DDT and the ref turned around to make the three count.

Winner: Ken Doane in 7:27

After the match Doane slid to the outside and cracked Chad Toland with a chair to stop him beating on Nick Nemeth. Doane and Nemeth then quickly headed to the back as Tank looked on from the ring swearing revenge.


Backstage, Aaron Stevens & Mac Johnson are stood outside the room where The Sect dragged Beth Phoenix.

AARON STEVENS: Right. We’re just going to rush in. Beat the hell out of them, grab Beth and get the hell out of here.


Stevens and Johnson then rush into the room. A brief commotion is heard and then everything falls silent. No-one comes out of the room as the show then ends.

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Taped Wednesday, November, Week 1, 2006

On the WPIX (channel 11) station in New York, 11pm Saturday Night

Announcers: Josh Mathews and Bill DeMott

The show starts with a pre-taped promo. Terry Taylor is stood in his new house in New York. He has two gold belts over his shoulders.

TERRY TAYLOR: Tonight, right here in New York. The first NYWA Tag team Champions will be crowned when the team of The Thrillseekers, Tank & Chad Toland take on the teams of Pure Perfection, Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth and The Full Blooded Italians, Nunzio & Big Vito. Tonight these three teams will give it their all to win these belts hung on my shoulders!


A video package plays of what went down last week showing the initial confrontation between Beth Phoenix and Shelly Martinez and Beth being dragged into The Sect’s locker room. It then shows Aaron Stevens and Mac Johnson rushing into The Sect’s locker room and not coming out.


We then cut to the ring where we see Mike Nova stood in the ring with a microphone in his hand. His head is hung, staring down at the canvas.

MIKE NOVA Last week, someone very close to me was kidnapped. Actually three people were kidnapped. I know you all saw it and know all of you like me can’t believe what happened, but what happened, happened and I know the people responsible are backstage and were too afraid to come to me in the back earlier, so I had to come out here and do this publicly. Shelly I know you’re backstage with your boys Tomko and Snitsky so why don’t you come out here, return Beth, Aaron and Mac and we’ll be done with all of this.

After 30 seconds or so of waiting smoke fills the aisle of the NYWA arena and Shelly Martinez walks out. She is closely followed by Tomko & Snitsky who are dragging a bound and gagged Beth Phoenix by her arms.

MIKE NOVA: You moth…

SHELLY MARTINEZ: Now, now Nova, calm down. We haven’t harmed her – yet.

Shelly turns and smiles at Tomko and Snitsky. Snitsky in the background can be seen rubbing and sniffing the feet of Beth whilst Tomko holds her up.

MIKE NOVA: Look if you don’t let her, Aaron and Mac go, I’m gonna…

SHELLY MARTINEZ: You’re gonna what!? Come down here and try to get her back. You know that’s impossible. You know you’ve got no chance against my two men. You don’t stand a chance.

MIKE NOVA: I may not stand a chance. I may not get her back tonight but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.


Nova slides out of the ring and charges straight at them as Shelly quickly scampers. Nova takes down Snitsky with a tackle but gets up and turns into a Big Boot from Tomko. Tomko and Snitsky pound on Nova and then lay him out with The Dissector (a double team chokeslam across both their knees). Tomko and Snitsky then hold Nova up as Shelly screams in his face before slapping him hard.

Tyson and Snitsky drop Nova to the concrete floor as they all laugh manically. They then grab a hold of Beth and drag her off to the back.


Backstage, The Thrillseekers (Tank & Chad Toland) are with Terry Taylor in his office.

TERRY TAYLOR: Now boys, I know you’ve had problems with Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth over the past couple of weeks. But tonight you meet them for the tag team titles and I want to make sure you’re not going to do anything stupid to get revenge.

Toland, the iceman of the team responds.

TANK TOLAND: The only revenge we want is to beat them clean in the center of the ring to become the first ever – the first ever NYWA Tag Team Champions.

Chad, the hyper-active one of the team jumps around behind Tank like a crazed lunatic.

TERRY TAYLOR: Good and to make sure there’s no wrong doing, I’m going to put another referee at ringside to act as an enforcer to make sure Doane and Nemeth don’t get a victory in a way they have been doing in recent weeks. Plus you’re up against the FBI as well and you can’t trust Italians either.


Tank turns and frowns at Chad.

TANK TOLAND: Calm down.

Tank then turns and thanks Terry Taylor himself before leaving.


Johnny Jeter vs. Trevor Murdoch

Three weeks ago on NYWA TV Trevor Murdoch’s tag team partner Lance Cade beat Johnny Jeter after interference from Murdoch himself. On last week’s NYWA TV Jeter challenged either of Cade and Murdoch to a match but neither responded. Later on in the show Terry Taylor booked Johnny Jeter vs. Trevor Murdoch for this week with the rules being that everyone was barred from ringside and any outside interference would be dealt with severely.

This was a pretty good match as Jeter is pretty much a complete worker now and his mannerisms and the way he carries himself in the ring is superb. His punches still need a bit of work as they’re a little less than believable. As noted before he is due for a call-up to the main roster soon. Murdoch controlled the match and Jeter did a good job of believably selling his offence and this could probably be rated as the best match in NYWA so far, being up there with the Cade vs. Jeter match. Murdoch had the chance to put away the match a few times but every time Jeter somehow managed to escape the final move. Murdoch was going for a full nelson slam turned into a uranage when Jeter escaped and hit Murdoch with a quick succession of dropkicks and clotheslines before laying him out with a superkick for the win.

Winner: Johnny Jeter in 11:14

After the match had ended, Lance Cade stormed the ring before Johnny Jeter had even regained his feet and hit a brutal running knee to the face of Jeter. Cade kicked the hell out of Jeter, as blood poured from Jeter’s nose before laying him out with a strong lariat.


Backstage the NYWA Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke runs into the NYWA debutant Mike Mondo

MIKE MONDO: Hey Elijah…


MIKE MONDO: Good to see you again.

ELIJAH BURKE Good to see you’ve made it up from Ohio all right.

MIKE MONDO Yeah, it was a long ride. Anyway I was hoping to run into you. I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but you know, Kenny Bolin paid good money. It was money I couldn’t turn down, ya’know.

ELIJAH BURKE: Yo, don’t worry about it man. It’s all water under the bridge.

MIKE MONDO: Thanks. Anyway I’ve got a match, hopefully I’ll be getting a shot at that gold over your shoulder after I win this match.

Elijah smiles at Mondo and extends his hand. Mondo shakes it.


Mark Henry (w/ Mr. Worrall) vs. Seth Skyfire vs. Mike Mondo

The match didn’t last long. At first it seemed as though Seth Skyfire and Mike Mondo were working together as a team to counter the size and power of Mark Henry but that didn’t last long as Mondo turned and laid out Seth Skyfire with a wicked lariat. Mondo then shook hands with Mark Henry in the center of the ring. Henry then press slammed Skyfire but he refused to die as he kept kicking out and kicking out of covers. Mondo then hit a t-bone suplex on Skyfire and Henry squashed him with a splash for the victory.

Winner: Mark Henry in 4:57

After the match Mike Mondo shakes hands with Mr. Worrall showing they were in cahoots all along.


After Mr. Worrall and Mark Henry had left the ring with there new ally Mike Mondo, Orlando Jordan stormed out to the ring followed closely by Stephanie. Jordan grabbed a microphone and slid into the ring.

ORLANDO JORDAN: BOOGEYMAN! BOOGEYMAN! Do you think I’m scared of you. Do you think I fear you Boogeyman. Just because you’re supposed to be some sort of mythical being or something do you think that I, Orlando Jordan a former WWE United States Champion is scared of you? Well guess what - I’m not. It may have seemed that way last week when you pulled that little stunt in my locker room but you just caught me at a bad time, you caught me off guard. If you pulled anything like that now I’d – I’d kick your ass! I’m a bona fide WWE superstar and I fear no man – or beast.

The lights then suddenly go out. A woman can be heard screaming from inside the ring and when the lights come back on, Stephanie is stood in the ring covered in worms and a red liquid that resembles blood. Orlando Jordan totally freaks out and quickly flees from the ring and through the crowd repeatedly shouting ‘I’m Not Scared!’ whilst running away.


NYWA Tag Team Title Match

The Thrillseekers (Chad & Tank Toland) w/ Angel Williams vs. Pure Perfection (Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth) vs. The F.B.I. (Nunzio & Big Vito)

There is some serious bad blood between The Thrillseekers and Pure Perfection and it showed here. Over the past couple of weeks Ken Doane has beaten both Chad and Tank Toland in singles matches due to cheating or outside interference. Pure Perfection also beat The Thrillseekers on the first show via cheating. So for this match Terry Taylor put an extra referee at ringside to act as an enforcer to make sure no cheating took place.

The hate spilled over into this match as both Chad and Tank used their power to beat several shades of blue out of Pure Perfection in what was a fun and entertaining match. Nemeth is probably the least advanced of all six competitors but he didn’t have much to do with the match apart from bumping around as he is still nursing a knee injury. The match at one point looked like it was going to fall apart when Doane and Chad messed up a spot in the corner but Nunzio using his wealth of experience somehow managed to cover it all up by diving into the ring and taking both down with a double Sicilian Slice. Nunzio was awesome overall in this match leading the youngsters through a good match and putting them through their paces. He’s an invaluable part of this project and it’s a shame there’s no real spot for him on the main roster.

The end of the match came when Tank Toland took Nunzio and Big Vito out at the same time with the Tank Turret whilst Nemeth and Chad Toland brawled on the outside. Doane then came out of nowhere and grabbed a hold of Tank and chucked him to the outside. Doane then covered Nunzio who was laid out from Tank’s Tank Turret for the victory.

Winners and the first ever NYWA Tag Team Champions: Pure Perfection (Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth) in 9:33

The show then came to an end with Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth celebrating with their tag team titles in the aisle.

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New York Wrestling Alliance Press Release

We’re pleased to announce that on Sunday 18th November 2006 from the NYWA Arena we will be promoting our first New York Mayhem show in association with the American Children’s and Homeless Association. The New York Mayhem show will become a permanent fixture on the NYWA schedule being held every three months at least and will see many WWE superstars come to NYWA to take on the NYWA superstars in support of the ACHA charity.

Usually it’s free to enter the NYWA Arena for TV tapings but for the NYWA New York Mayhem shows all we ask is that you donate at least $5 to gain entry into the building. Not bad for a night full of wrestling packed action.

So far announced for the first NYWA show is Elijah Burke defending his title against Shelton Benjamin. Pure Perfection defending their tag team titles against The Thrillseekers (with a stipulation to be added by Terry Taylor on this weeks NYWA TV) and Lance Cade vs. Johnny Jeter in a street fight, plus much more.

This is a great opportunity to see the future of the WWE today against current WWE superstars, We hope you can support this charity event.

More details will be revealed the week of the show.

New York Mayhem Show

NYWA Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke © defends vs. Shelton Benjamin

NYWA Tag Team Champions Pure Perfection (Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth) defend vs. The Thrillseekers (Tank & Chad Toland)

Johnny Jeter vs. Lance Cade in a street fight

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Taped Wednesday, November, Week 2, 2006

On the WPIX (channel 11) station in New York, 11pm Saturday Night

Announcers: Josh Mathews and Bill DeMott

The shows starts with Josh Mathews stood in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

JOSH MATHEWS: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring at this time – Johnny Jeter!

Johnny Jeter’s music then starts up over the sound system and Johnny Jeter walks out in jeans and a shirt. His nose is all screwed up after having it broken by Lance Cade last week. He’s got a protective face mask in his hand. He grabs a microphone and climbs into the ring.

JOSH MATHEWS: Last week we saw Lance Cade attack you after your victory over Trevor Murdoch. In that attack Lance Cade broke your nose and now in just a couple of day’s time you’ll face Lance Cade in a street fight. What are your thoughts?

JOHNNY JETER: What are my thoughts? I’ll tell you what my thoughts are. Because of that low-life redneck Lance Cade I can’t work the house shows next week. That’s right. Next week I was supposed to work the RAW and Smackdown house shows, but look at me, look at me now!

Jeter points to his broken nose.

JOHNNY JETER: Look at the state of it, it’s broken completely and the doctors say they’re going to have to slice it open and remove the excess bone that’s floating around in there. I can hardly breathe, listen.

Jeter raises the microphone closer to his face and you can hear his nose whistle when he breathes through it.

JOHNNY JETER: Do you think they’re going to call me up now that I’m not one hundred percent? Do you think they’ll that risk? DO YOU?

Mathews shakes his head.

JOHNNY JETER: That’s right, I‘ve been busting my ass in developmental for years. I’ve been busting my ass in Ohio and I’ve been busting my ass in New York and I finally get the chance to go to the big time without being some cheerleader and Lance Cade costs me my opportunity. Well he can go to hell because at New York Mayhem this Sunday I’m booked in a street fight against Lance Cade, and that suits me fine. Lance Cade, I’m talking to you – you better bring your fighting shoes at New York Mayhem because I’m going to get my revenge. I’m going to get my revenge, I’m going to kick your ass and I’m going to break your nose. I’m going to mess you up so bad you’re going to wish that you’d never crossed paths with me.

Jeter then throws his microphone down to the mat and storms off to the back.


Josh Mathews and Bill DeMott then run down tonight’s match ups which are:

Nick Nemeth vs. Mike Taylor

and NYWA Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke & Seth Skyfire vs. Mark Henry


Nick Nemeth (w/ Ken Doane) vs. Mike Taylor

This match wasn’t good. Mike Taylor had a good match a few weeks back but that was due to the fact Nunzio carried him to that good match. Nemeth is pretty decent, but he’s no Nunzio. Plus he’s also carrying a knee injury. This match was put on to give Nemeth time to prepare because he’s got a big match at the New York Mayhem show against The Thrillseekers and he hasn’t really had much ring time due to the injury.

This match was nice and steady which is probably why it was terrible as everything was slowed down to get Nemeth back into the swing of things. Nemeth controlled and his knee didn’t seem to be giving him much bother, which was good. Taylor made brief comebacks, which didn’t look good and his punches definitely need work. In the end Nemeth, who was accompanied by his tag team partner Ken Doane, picked up the victory with a modified neckbreaker.

Winner: Nick Nemeth in 6:22


Backstage, The Sect (Shelly Martinez, Tomko & Snitsky) are in a room with Aaron Stevens, Mac Johnson & Beth Phoenix the members of the NY Exchange that they kidnapped. Apparently they’d been tortured and beaten previously with Stevens and Johnson both having bloody noses.

Shelly then showed the three a tape of them beating Nova down last week to which Beth screams.


Shelly, Tomko and Snitsky all laugh at her and Snitsky gets close to her. He sniffs her hair and then looks down.

SNITSKY: Haha – I like your feet!

Snitsky starts rubbing her feet and Beth screams again as the camera cuts.


Backstage NYWA Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke and Seth Skyfire are backstage preparing for their match. Skyfire’s ribs are taped up having been splashed by Henry last week. Skyfire doesn’t look all that enthusiastic.

SETH SKYFIRE: He’s going to kill me!

ELIJAH BURKE: Yo dawg, no he ain’t. He’s going to have to get through me first and I’ll have your back. I’ve beaten that chump before and tonight I’m going to beat him again to put an end to his dreams of getting this title off of me.

SETH SKYFIRE: Just as long as he doesn’t kill me!

ELIJAH BURKE: He won’t. I promise.

A backstage hand then pops his head in the room.

BACKSTAGE HAND: Elijah, Seth, it’s time. Your match is up.

ELIJAH BURKE: You ready Seth?

Seth Skyfire shrugs his shoulders looking rather worried, but then nods and leaves the room with Elijah.


Elijah Burke © & Seth Skyfire vs. Mark Henry & Mike Mondo (w/ Mr. Worrall)

This was a decent match. Probably the best match Henry has had this year that didn’t include Kurt Angle. Burkes confidence as mentioned previously is growing every week with him being put in the position as champion and he’s really starting to shine, he even managed to get quite a lot out of Mark Henry. Skyfire himself had a great match, which he usually does. He did some good underdog spots with Mark Henry, acting worried throughout, which he did really well. Mondo though didn’t do so well, his stuff wasn’t the best but he’s rusty as he hasn’t had a proper match in weeks, having not being used on regular basis in OVW. He showed some good intensity though and he’s good enough for the role needed here in NYWA and with some solid work he has the potential to become a very good worker. The problem with Mike Mondo though is that he is only 5’ 7, but he’s well built. He has that Tazz thing going for him in that although he’s small, he’s a believable bad ass with great intensity and he can deliver some wicked suplexes.

Mr. Worrall accompanied Henry and Mondo to the ring and the idea is to expand on the stable and have a multitude of people working for Laurinaitis working down here in storyline sense. In the end Worrall didn’t need to get involved to give his team the victory. After a good 12 minutes of action the action spilled to the outside and Mondo gave Skyfire a t-bone suplex on the mats round ringside. Back in the ring, Burke was setting up to give Henry the crooked arm lariat when Mondo chop blocked him. Henry then hit Burke with World’s Strongest Slam and then hit a big splash for the pin.

Winners: Mark Henry & Mike Mondo in 14:18

After the match as Burke slowly pulled himself to his feet Mark Henry motioned to him from the aisle that he’d be taking his title soon enough. For the mean time though, Josh Mathews reminded everyone that Elijah Burke had a match to prepare for against Shelton Benjamin at the New York Mayhem show.


We come back from the final commercial to see Terry Taylor stood in the ring.

TERRY TAYLOR: I’m out here at this time to make an announcement you’ve been expecting me to make about the New York Mayhem show this coming Sunday and the match for the NYWA Tag Team Titles. But before I announce what the stipulation for the match is, I’d like both the Tag Team Champions, Pure Perfection and The Thrillseekers to come out here so they can hear it first hand.

Both teams come out separately to their own music. They then stand on opposite sides of the ring.

TERRY TAYLOR: Now Ken and Nick, over the past couple of weeks you’ve had The Thrillseekers number. But you’ve had the upper hand because more often than not you’ve cheated your way to victory. Well at New York Mayhem I’m going to aim to put an end to that, if just for one night, to make this a fair fight. So at New York Mayhem the tag team match will be the main event and the match will have a special referee to oversee all the action. That referee will be – MICK FOLEY!

The crowd go wild at the prospect of Mick Foley being in NYWA. Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth are irate whilst The Thrillseekers have huge smiles on their faces.

KEN DOANE: You’ve screwed us Terry. These tag team titles are ours and we’re not losing them. Not this Sunday, not ever! If Foley is going to be the special referee. Well, we’re going to decline the match and not show up.

TERRY TAYLOR: Let me make something clear to you boys, if you don’t turn up for New York Mayhem you will be suspended. You will be suspended from here, the Deep South and from Ohio. You’ll be blackballed and stripped of your tag team titles. So you better make your minds up.

Tank & Chad Toland can be seen laughing at Pure Perfection.

KEN DOANE: What are you two laughing at?

The hyper active Chad Toland, who is jumping up and down with like a maniac with a huge grin on his face grabs the microphone that Terry Taylor had in his hand.

CHAD TOLAND:We’re laughing at you two jackasses.

With that, Pure Perfection jump The Thrillseekers but The Thrillseekers hold their own and the two teams start throwing real hard punches at each other, as the feud moves on to a new level. They continue to go at it until, quite literally, the whole NYWA locker room hits the ring to pull them apart. They don’t do it easily as they keep going for one another, but they eventually manage to separate them as the show ends.

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I read this yesterday but never had the chance to leave any feedback. Having not paid much attention to OVW or any of the WWE development territories in the past, I have to say I'm not familiar with these characters, but you're doing a nice job of describing them.

I like the stuff you're doing with Jordan and his "I Should Be A Superstar" schtick. It's quite funny, and his losses should be helping others get over nicely. The Thrillseekers against The Tolands is another nice fued that has done quite a bit for the four men involved. Not familiar with Shelley Martinez, don't like Snitsky, but Tomko is enough to make me like this pairing, specially the creepiness you've added. I have no idea who Elijah Burke is, but it's good that you're using the title to make new stars and didn't immediately hand it off to Henry who would have..can't believe I'm going to say this but...brought star power to the championship. Good read man, I'm really digging this

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New York Wrestling Alliance


In association with the American Children’s & Homeless Association

New York Mayhem

NYWA Heavyweight Championship

Elijah Burke defends vs. Shelton Benjamin

- Elijah Burke defends his NYWA Championship against one of the hottest sensations in the WWE right now. Off the back of challenging Kurt Angle for the WWE title at No Mercy and again at Cyber Sunday in a triple threat match, Shelton Benjamin provides what should be Elijah Burke’s toughest competition to date. Elijah Burke has been at war with Mr. Worrall and it is almost certain that Mr. Worrall will have something to say about Mark Henry and this match at New York Mayhem.

NYWA Tag Team Titles

Special Referee: Mick Foley

Pure Perfection (Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth) defends versus The Thrillseekers (Chad & Tank Toland)

- Pure Perfections first defense of their tag team titles might be their last. Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth have had the edge over The Thrillseekers in recent weeks but it remains to be seen whether they can actually defeat The Thrillseekers without having to resort to underhanded tactics to win matches. Terry Taylor has made sure we’ll get an answer to that question by appointing Mick Foley as special referee. Foley will definitely make sure Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth use no underhanded tactics and they will definitely not want to get on his bad side.

New York Streetfight

Johnny Jeter vs. Lance Cade

- These two have fantastic chemistry when they come together and it’s a real shame that they have to settle their differences like this. This feud all started when Lance Cade scored a victory over Johnny Jeter with help from his tag team partner Trevor Murdoch and then just a couple of weeks ago Jeter managed to beat Trevor Murdoch. After that match though, Lance Cade attacked Johnny Jeter breaking his nose in the process. Now Jeter looks for revenge in this street fight, where anything goes and pinfalls count anywhere.

Orlando Jordan vs. Steven Levingston

- Orlando Jordan hasn’t been having the best of times recently. He’s yet to get a victory here in NYWA and he looks to put an end to that at New York Mayhem by taking on one of the students in Steven Levingston. Levingston is a promising talent from Liverpool, England and he’ll be wanting to make a mark by beating Orlando Jordan. Can Orlando Jordan, the so called superstar get focused and break his losing streak? Or will his mind still be focused on the mind games The Boogeyman seems to be playing with him?

* To gain entry to this event a donation of $5 or more to the American Children’s and Homeless Association either online at nywa.com or on the door the day of the event is required.

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NYWA New York Mayhem

Held Sunday, November, Week 2, 2006

The show starts with Johnny Jeter making his way to the ring for his streetfight with Lance Cade which will be the first of four scheduled matches tonight. Jeter is wearing a tank-top and jeans. Lance Cade then comes out without Trevor Murdoch wearing leather chaps with jeans underneath. Cade has a microphone in his hand as he stands in the aisle. He begins to speak as he slowly approaches ringside.

LANCE CADE: Look boy, before I get in that ring and whoop your ass I just wanted to let you know that I’ve already informed your family of what hospital to look for you in tonight, because I’m gonna’ beat you so bad they ain’t gonna be able to recognize…

Cade is interrupted mid-sentence as Jeter vaults over the top rope onto him starting the streetfight.


New York Street Fight

Lance Cade vs. Johnny Jeter

Both of these guys are ready for a call-up and it showed with this match. Much like they did around a month ago they had another very good match. The match never really got out of hands in terms of weapon usage because after all this is developmental and it’s not designed to actually sell tickets so they kept the hardcore aspects very basic. Instead they treated it like an old fashioned streetfight brawling around ringside really laying into each other to get over the fact that these two don’t like each other.

Jeter had the advantage early after vaulting over the top rope cutting Cade’s promo short and he kept it for a while whipping Cade into the rails around ringside. Cade raked Jeter’s eyes to get back into the match and it was pretty much on an even footing from then on. Jeter got a near fall jumping off the apron and hitting a swinging DDT on Cade onto the mats at ringside, but in the end Lance Cade came out victorious. Jeter was trying to hit a powerbomb on Cade when Cade low blowed him, which was legal in this match. Cade then clocked Jeter with a steel chair for the victory.

Winner: Lance Cade


Steven Levingston comes out to the ring for his match with Orlando Jordan up next. Orlando Jordan then comes out to the ring accompanied by Stephanie looking very pissed off. He jaw jacks with a few fans at ringside before climbing into the ring with a microphone.

ORLANDO JORDAN: The first New York Mayhem show huh? A big show to raise money for charity, huh? Well let’s get one thing clear – it’s obvious I’m being held down. The biggest show to date and I’m being booked against some wannabe out of the New York Wrestling Alliance training camp. Sid Lewingston, Simon Lowell, Steven Levingollopel or whatever the hell your name is - you’re not fit to even lace my boots. I’m a bona fide WWE superstar, I should be fighting Elijah Burke for the Heavyweight Title tonight, hell, I should be Champion and I should be fighting Shelton Benjamin. Matter of fact, I should be the big named WWE superstar coming down to wrestle the NYWA Champion. I’m a world wide superstar of wrestling and I deserve some respect!

The fans gets on the back with ‘You Suck’ and ‘Shut The Fuck Up!’ chants.


The fans then get on Orlando’s back even more. Jordan seems visibly upset as Stephanie tries to console him.

ORLANDO JORDAN: Look, if you don’t all shut up right now, I’m going to put this microphone down and leave!

Of course the fans don’t shut up and get on his back even more.


Jordan drops the microphone and is about to head to the back when the lights go out and the whole arena is plunged into darkness. When the lights come back on Orlando Jordan is stood face to face with The Boogeyman who has worms coming out of his mouth. Jordan totally freaks out and runs from the ring screaming as The Boogeyman looks on smiling widely. Steven Levingston, wanting to make a name for himself rather foolishly jumps The Boogeyman from behind, giving us an impromptu match.


The Boogeyman vs. Steven Levingston

This was actually The Boogeyman’s first match in NYWA and it was against NYWA trainee student Steven Levingston, so you can all guess what the match quality was like. Levingston is from Liverpool, England and has a good physique although he is on the small side. He’s pretty decent in the ring but a long way off from being ready and he didn’t really get chance to shine in this match. Levingston got the heat on The Boogeyman after jumping him for all of 15 seconds when The Boogeyman came back pushing Levingston down. The Boogeyman then hit a tree slam for the three.

Winner: The Boogeyman


Mr. Worrall then comes out to a chorus of boo’s. Despite all the boo’s though he’s got a huge smile on his face and a swagger in his step. He’s closely followed by Mark Henry and Mike Mondo. Worrall climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone. The crowd berates him before he even starts talking but they eventually quiet down.

MR. WORRALL Now that you’ve all quieted down maybe I can say what I came out here to say. Tonight - well next, the undeserving champion Elijah Burke goes one on one with WWE superstar Shelton Benjamin, your beloved hero who last month challenged Kurt Angle for the WWE Title. Well let me tell you all something, Benjamin sold out. Benjamin took the money. Benjamin is all about the Benjamin’s. He took the money and now he’s working for Mr. Laurinaitis and The Administration which in turn means he’s working for me and he’s here to beat Elijah Burke, win the title and then hand it over to me. So ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the soon to be NYWA Heavyweight Champion - Shelton Benjamin!

Shelton Benjamin comes out to the ring. There are a few cheers and a few boo’s as the fans don’t quite know what to make of him. He climbs into the ring and shakes hands with Mark Henry and Mike Mondo. He doesn’t however shake hands with Mr. Worrall.

SHELTON BENJAMIN: You got my money?

MR. WORRALL You know the terms. You win the belt, you give it to Mark Henry and then you get your money.

SHELTON BENJAMIN: You can either give me the money now and I’ll win that belt for you or you can watch my back as I leave this arena.

MR. WORRALL Ok, ok, you can have your money now but you better win that belt otherwise…

SHELTON BENJAMIN: Don’t worry. I’ll win the belt.

Mr. Worrall pulls a bunch of notes out of his pocket and hands them to Shelton. Shelton smiles as Elijah Burke comes down to ringside with his title slung over his shoulder and a microphone in hand. Elijah takes a moment but gets into the ring with the 4 Administration members.

ELIJAH BURKE: So this is the way it’s going to be then? You’re going to try and screw me again? Well you’ve tried to screw me before and failed and you’re going to fail again because I’m keeping this title and…

Elijah Burke is cut off mid sentence when Shelton Benjamin jumps him from behind starting the match.


NYWA Heavyweight Title Match

Elijah Burke © vs. Shelton Benjamin

This was a very good match. The best so far in NYWA and probably will be the best until Shelton wrestles someone else or until we manage to get Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle for a show. Elijah played his part well working as an underdog heel with the odds stacked against him. He didn’t really get much offense in as Shelton was working heel and the match consisted of him getting the heat on Elijah. The Administration tried to get involved in the match as much as they could but referee Ray Ramsay kept them under check.

Elijah made some good comebacks showing that he’s really been working hard on improving over the past couple of weeks as his punches and kicks looked believable. The fans were solidly behind him and he got a close fall with a powerslam. Shelton himself looked to have had the match won on a number of occasions, once after a superkick and then again after a dragon whip kick but Elijah somehow managed to kick out of the resulting covers. In the end, Elijah was going for a springboard but on the way down Elijah sprung to action and leveled Shelton with his dreaded crooked arm lariat. Elijah then made the cover for the three to retain his title.

Winner And Still NYWA Heavyweight Champion: Elijah Burke

After the match Elijah quickly made a beeline for the exit before The Administration could beat him down leaving Shelton in the ring with Mr. Worrall, Mark Henry and Mike Mondo.

MR. WORRALL What the hell was that!? You lost! Mr. Laurinaitis isn’t going to be none too happy. You better hand that money back over that I gave you.

Shelton pulls the money out and is about to give it back when he levels Mr. Worrall with a superkick. Mark Henry and Mike Mondo then jump Shelton. Shelton fights back but the numbers are against him and Mondo lays him out with a dragon suplex. Henry then flattens him with a big splash as Worrall tries to pull himself to his feet.


Mondo takes the money from the prone Shelton Benjamin as The Administration head to the back.


NYWA Tag Team Title Match

Special Referee: Mick Foley

Pure Perfection (Ken Doane & Nick Nemeth) © vs. The Thrillseekers (Chad & Tank Toland) w/ Beth Phoenix

Foley cut a promo before the match letting both teams know he wouldn’t take any crap from either of them. These two teams have great chemistry together and it showed tonight as they went out of their way and had a great match that is likely to get them noticed by a few people as there were a few members of the WWE creative team in the audience tonight taking notes. Doane carried the Pure Perfection team as Nemeth is still carrying a knee injury which may end up needing surgery as it isn’t healing like originally expected. The two teams worked an old school tag match with Pure Perfection working over Chad Toland and getting the heat not allowing him to tag. They did all the usual stuff like Chad managing to make the tag and Mick Foley not seeing it.

Foley was impartial for the match up until the end. Chad managed to make the hot tag to Tank Toland and Tank came in like a house on fire taking Doane and Nemeth down with clotheslines. Doane though in the chaos low blowed Tank and Foley saw it. Foley doing his job gave Doane a ticking off not wanting to throw the match out as that would work in Pure Perfections favor. Doane though was having none of it and went to hit a cutter on Foley, but Foley pushed him off. Foley then gave Doane a Double Arm DDT. Nemeth tried to attack Foley as well but Foley beat him off and put him in Mandible Claw rendering him unconscious. As a groggy Doane was then getting to his feet Tank laid him out with a Tank Turret giving The Thrillseekers the win and the tag team titles.

Winners And New NYWA Tag Team Champions: The Thrillseekers

After the match The Thrillseekers celebrated with the tag team titles and Mick Foley in the ring as Doane pulled Nemeth to the outside looking irate.

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