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Wesley Willis


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A lot of my friends and bands that I'm a fan of list him as an influence, but I have to say I could never get into him at all, although I can see the appeal, but I always saw his more of a sideshow oddity than a legitimate musician, and "genius" certainly isn't the first word that springs to mind to describe him.

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One of the reasons I liked Wesley was because he was a sideshow oddity. I'd say if anybody considered him a legit musician then they'd need their head examined. He was funny for what he was, a rambling man with a penchant for writing lyrics that were incredibly crude and silly. I hear that he could draw pretty well though, so he did have some artistic ability beyond writing songs like "Suck a Cheetah's Dick".

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The headbutting fans part was what I always found amusing. He's an oddity, and nothing more. I've read loads about him, and find him quite fascinating, but I don't think I could ever just sit and listen to him.

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