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Under The Corporate Umbrella


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WCW 2001: Under the WWF Umbrella

March 2001 began with murmurs and whispers of World Championship Wrestling's downfall. Rumors of the company being sold quickly began to circulate throughout the entire internet wrestling community. Ted Turner and his empire quickly denied all of the accusations, before finally announcing that WCW was to be sold. To who the company was to be sold to, that was the question. At first Eric Bischoff looked like the definite person, stepping up and putting a high bid on the company with private and corporate backers providing enough money. However, Bischoff was soon forced to back out as he backers did.

The only man left to pick up the pieces was Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the chairman of World Wrestling Federation. After years of the Monday Night Wars, and going head to head with WCW, Vince McMahon jumped at the opportunity to sign his name on the dotted line and purchase his competitor. At first Vince McMahon toyed with the idea of bringing in a few selected WCW Superstars to the WWF, and closing the WCW doors all together. He was soon talked out of it by his creative team, as all of the possible profit possibilities were discussed. The idea of an Invasion soon began to take shape, which the creative team pushed strongly. Vince agreed, but eventually decided that in order for an Invasion to work, it would have to be as realistic as possible. Vince knew how quickly the news of WCW's purchase spread, he knew the internet was his new tool.

In the end Vince McMahon decided to go about an Invasion in a different way. A new war. A new war between the WWF and WCW. A war between Vince McMahon and his own flesh and blood.

As the closing moments of the "Final Nitro" on TNT ticked away, Shane McMahon appeared in the ring, microphone in hand. In a truly historic moment, Shane McMahon announced two things, the first that he had purchased WCW right from under his father's nose. The second, that WCW Programming would continue beginning in April, on their new channel, TNN.

Duel broadcasts allowed for Vince McMahon to play the drama out in the WWF ring, receiving the news LIVE with the rest of the world. Shane smiled in to the camera, surrounded by diehard WCW fans, and declared that WCW would once again beat WWF's ass in the ratings.

And so the stage was set for one of the biggest wrestling storyline, and business decisions in history. Vince McMahon was the true owner of WCW, but he decided to continue running the promotion, as scheduled. Separate events. A separate identity. His political power and money helped him manage to purchase WCW television space on TNN on Tuesday nights for “Tuesday Night Nitro”, and on Saturday mornings for “WCW Worldwide”

To add to the tension, Vince decided that there would have to continue to be altercations between Vince and Shane on WWF programming, leading up to the debut of Tuesday Night Nitro on TNN. A strong debut rating would guarantee WCW's push on TNN, and hopefully lead to the double income McMahon hoped for.

3/37/01 - WCW.com

We here at WCW.com have just received word that Stephanie McMahon, daughter of Vince McMahon and brother of Shane McMahon has left World Wrestling Federation and has joined World Championship Wrestling. Stephanie McMahon has been appointed the CEO of WCW by WCW Owner Shane McMahon. More on this story as it becomes available.

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Current Roster of WCW Superstars - To Be Updated As Diary Progresses

Main Eventers

Booker T

Ric Flair

Scott Hall

Scott Steiner


Triple H

Upper Midcarders

Buff Bagwell

Diamond Dallas Page

Dusty Rhodes

Jeff Jarrett

Kevin Nash

Lex Luger

Mike Sanders

Randy Savage

The Cat

William Regal


Alex Wright

Big Vito

Billy Kidman

Brian Adams

Bryan Clarke

Chris Kanyon


Chuck Palumbo

David Flair

Disco Inferno

Don Harris


Jerry Lynn

Jim Duggan


Lance Storm

Mike Awesome

Rey Misterio Jr.


Rob Van Dam

Ron Harris


Sean O'Haire

Shawn Stasiak

Tommy Dreamer

Lower Midcarders

Chavo Guerrero Jr.


Elix Skipper

Johnny The Bull

Little Guido

Major Stash

Mark Jindrak


Mikey Whipwreck

Norman Smiley

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Stevie Ray


Terry Funk

The Wall

Tony Mamaluke


Air Paris

AJ Styles

Jamie Noble

Kaz Hayashi

Kid Romeo


On-Screen Characters

Paul Heyman - WCW "Commissioner"

Shane McMahon - WCW "Owner"

Stephanie McMahon - WCW "CEO"

Daffney - Manager of Crowbar

Jimmy Hart - Manager of Brian Knobbs

Leia Meow - Manager of Kaz Hayashi, Yang

Major Gunns - Manager of Lance Storm

Midajah - Manager of Scott Steiner

Miss Elizabeth - Manager of Lex Luger

Miss Jones - Manager of The Cat

Stacy Keibler -

Tygress - Manager of Rey Mysterio

RED = Heel Character

BLUE = Babyface Character

PURPLE = Neutral Character

Factions, Stables, Groups of WCW - To Be Updated As Diary Progresses

The Filthy Animals

Leader: Konnan

Members: Billy Kidman, Rey Misterio Jr., Tygress

The Corporate Radicals

Leader: William Regal

Members: Edge, Christian

Champions and Title History of WCW - To Be Updated As Diary Progresses

WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Jeff Jarrett

Defeated: Booker T

Date:Tuesday Night Nitro - 5/15/01

WCW World Tag Team Championship

Current Champions: Kevin Nash/Diamond Dallas Page - The Insiders

Defeated: Chuck Palumbo/Shawn Stasiak

Date: "Starrcade 2000" December 17th 2000

WCW United States Championship

Current Champion: Booker T

Defeated: Rick Steiner

Date: "WCW Greed" March 18th 2001

WCW Hardcore Championship

Current Champion: Rhyno

Defeated: Terry Funk

Date: "WCW Worldwide" May 27th 2001

WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Current Champion: Shane Helms

Defeated: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Date: "WCW Greed" March 18th 2001

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May 1st 2001 - WCW Tuesday Night Nitro - The Pilot

World Championship Wrestling returns to national television as Tuesday Night Nitro airs across WCW's new home, The New TNN. With new WCW Owner Shane McMahon taking control, there's no telling what's in store for WCW.

Already announced for this blockbuster event is a rematch for the WCW World Heavyweight Title, as Booker T defends his title against the man he beat, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner!

The Nature Boy Ric Flair, coming off of a lose to his long time rival Sting, has challenged WCW newcomer, Triple H to a match. Ric Flair declares WCW his territory, and he's not about to let a former WWF Superstar take over. Tune in as The Nature Boy goes one on one with The Game for the first time ever!

In tag team action, two member of Three Count will take on former tag team champions Edge and Christian in their first ever WCW match. Will there be a Con-Chair-Toe on the horizon? Or will Three Count welcome Edge and Christian to WCW with a lose?

All of this and more as Tuesday Night Nitro debuts on TNN!

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Unexpected Allies

It was the beginning of a new era as Tuesday Night Nitro debuted on TNN. The night began with Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page, the current WCW World Tag Team Champions, ready to welcome Triple H to the company. What they got instead was a beat down from Edge, Christian, and William Regal, who declared themselves “The Corporate Radicals”. Edge and Christian went on to face Shannon Moore and Shane Helms in a tag team match, as Kevin Nash and DDP were escorted from ringside by security. Much to the dismay of Edge and Christian, Shannon Moore managed to pick up the victory following Christian becoming too cocky, and letting his guard down. Afterwards, Christian, Edge and Regal made sure Three Count wouldn’t forget them, as they laid a beating to the team.

Jeff Jarrett began a campaign to overturn the brand new ownership of World Championship Wrestling, declaring it an outrage that he not be given a World Title shot on the debut episode of Tuesday Night Nitro. Jarrett claimed that he equaled ratings, and that the “corporate slapnuts” were already making mistakes. This brought out new WCW Commissioner Paul Heyman who decided he had heard enough of Jarrett’s bickering. Heyman informed Jarrett that there would be changes in store for World Championship Wrestling, as long as he was commissioner. The first was Joey Styles was lead commentator of Nitro, the second was this man… Rob! Van! Dam!

Jarrett defeated the newcomer and hot commodity Rob Van Dam after faking a knee injury, and low blowing RVD behind the referees back. This allowed Jarrett to quickly hit the Stroke, and escape the ring before RVD could find retribution.

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon kissed and gloated about defecting to World Championship Wrestling. As the duo walked out, Sting appeared out of no where watching the two walk away. A smirk appeared across his face.

In the ring, Ric Flair awaited the arrival of “The Game” Triple H. Before the match Flair delivered a promo in full blown babyface mode, declaring WCW “Flair’s Country”. Flair continued to rally the WCW fans against Triple H, and the rest of the WWF defectors. Flair made it clear that he was grateful for Shane McMahon keeping WCW afloat, but also made a point of his hatred for Triple H.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Triple H ended their match much in the same fashion that it began, a total brawl. The referee had no choice but to disqualify both men due to rule breaking. Neither man took kindly to this decision, and continued to fight after the match had been stopped, until they were broken up by security, and WCW Owner Shane McMahon.

The new WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T made an appearance promoting his match with Scott Steiner. Booker swore that his title win would not be a fluke, and that he would lead WCW in to this new Era.

Steiner didn’t feel the same way, delivering a pre-match promo in the ring. Steiner gave a shout out to Triple H, who he said was the only other man, besides himself, worthy to wear a World title strap.

Booker T defeated Steiner after a hard fought battle. There were many near falls, and the crowd was kept on the edge of their seats. In the end, Booker T managed to hit the Book End to pick up the victory, and retain the Heavyweight belt.

As the event came to a close, Triple H appeared in the ring armed with his signature Sledge Hammer. He set his sights on Booker T, but before he could attack Ric Flair had appeared and come to the aid of the WCW Champion. Steiner flew in, knocking down Flair, as he and HHH double teamed on the Nature Boy. The lights dimmed, and Sting’s entrance music hit, as he ran towards the ring armed with his baseball bat. Sting, Flair, and Booker T fought back, clearing the ring, and running off Triple H and Scott Steiner. The three prime WCW Superstars stood triumphant in the ring, as Steiner and HHH shouted words of hatred and anger.

Quick Tuesday Night Nitro Recap

Shannon Moore/Shane Helms d. Edge and Christian

Jeff Jarrett d. Rob Van Dam

Ric Flair drew Triple H

WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Booker T d. Scott Steiner

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4/5/01 - WCW Worldwide

Mike Tenay welcomed everyone to the show and began by reporting the reasoning behind Bill Goldberg, Shane Douglas, and Bam Bam Bigelow leaving World Championship Wrestling. Contract disputes led to each of the men being released, but Tenay made a slight shoot comment hinting that Douglas was released due to his hatred of Triple H.

Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page conducted an interview challenging Edge and Christian to a match next week on Tuesday Night Nitro. They even offered to put their WCW World Tag Team Championship on the line.

WCW Commissioner Paul Heyman was live in the studio to announce a rematch between Jeff Jarrett and Rob Van Dam. This time however, the match would be no DQ. Also announced by Heyman was a “One Night Stand” ECW Rules match, where former ECW Tag Team Champion, Tommy Dreamer and former ECW World Champion Rhino would face each other.

Mike Tenay announced that Triple H would face Sting, and Scott Steiner would face Ric Flair on Tuesday Night Nitro.

Worldwide Match Report

Konnan d. Chuck Palumbo

Norman Smiley d. Kwee-Wee

Chris Kanyon d. Rey Misterio

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4/8/01 – Tuesday Night Nitro – Episode 102

The new Era of WCW kicked off with two explosive situations. Ric Flair and Triple H attempted to settle their hatred for one another, only to both be disqualified and the match be declared a draw. Steiner, who earlier had failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Booker T, aided “The Game” in beating down Flair, until “The Nature Boy’s” long time rival Sting made the save.

With Flair and Sting seemingly on the same page, both men will take on Steiner and Triple H in singles competition this week on Tuesday Night Nitro. Steiner will take on Ric Flair, as Triple H does battle with Sting.

In other action, Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page have extended a challenge to Edge and Christian. Using a WCW World Tag Team title shot to sway their decision, the tag team champions are hoping to get a bit of revenge from last weeks attack.

By order of WCW Commissioner Paul Heyman, Jeff Jarrett will face Rob Van Dam in a rematch from last week. After low blowing RVD to pick up the cheap victory, Commissioner Heyman has declared that this weeks match will be No Disqualification. For the former ECW Mainstay, No DQ means bad news for Jeff Jarrett!

Finally, in a “One Night Stand” ECW Rules match, the debuting Rhino will do battle with the debuting Tommy Dreamer.

Also in action will be Lance Storm, Shane Helms and William Regal.

All this and more as Tuesday Night Nitro comes to you live on TNN!

Confirmed Matches

Scott Steiner vs. Ric Flair

Sting vs. Triple H

Jeff Jarrett vs. Rob Van Dam

Tommy Dreamer vs. Rhino

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His Chosen Path…

Tuesday Night Nitro returned to TNN this week featuring two hot main events and one unadvertised match. With “Big Poppa Pump” and “The Game” taking on “The Nature Boy” and “The Stinger” respectively, the crowd was hot from the get go.

Lance Storm opened up the show with Major Gunns at his side. After his signature “If I could be serious for a minute…” Storm went on to talk about what a pure athlete he was. He declared his victory tonight in honor of Canada, and promised that since WCW has begun a new Era, so shall Lance Storm.

After the victory of Lance Storm over Billy Kidman, Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page, the InSiders brought us backstage. They announced that Edge and Christian had accepted their challenge for a match tonight, and gloated about their future victory.

Rhino and Tommy Dreamer debuted in the ring, as the ECW theme music played. And in an all out hardcore brawl, Rhino managed to defeat Dreamer in the “One Night Stand” ECW match. After the match however, Rhino wasn’t finished. After a brutal chair shot to the head, Rhino continued the assault on Tommy Dreamer. Suddenly, Terry Funk appeared in the ring, chasing off Rhino with the same chair. Dreamer and Funk hugged, as Rhino left the soundstage.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett berated Paul Heyman for booking the rematch of him versus Rob Van Dam. Jarrett talked about how he had bigger and better things to worry about then bingo hall alumni.

Once again, Jarrett defeated Rob Van Dam, even though RVD was more in his element in the no DQ setting. Road Warrior Animal appeared from the back, and roughly took RVD out of the equation. His interference allowed for Jarrett to hit the Stroke, and pick up the victory.

Sid came to the ring with the support of a cane, and asked for a microphone. Sid talked about all of the sacrifices he’s made for WCW, and talked down the recent purchase of the company. He then challenged William Regal to come to the ring. After Regal arrived, Sid briefly talked about the achievements Regal made in WCW. After Regal had heard enough, he fired back by insulting Sid’s work rate, and ability. Just as it looked like things were cooling down, Regal kicked the cane out of Sid’s hand, and began to attack him. Security quickly broke up the brawl, but not before Regal stomped on the leg of Sid.

The InSiders defeated Edge and Christian to retain the WCW Tag Team titles, after Kevin Nash powerbombed Christian. It took a while for the match to begin as Edge and Christian played the cowardly heels. After the match, William Regal came back out, and aided Christian and Edge in taking out DDP. Nash then chased the trio off, who celebrated their attack on the stage.

Scott Steiner was shown leaving Ric Flair’s locker room who a smile across his face, and what appeared to be blood across his shirt. The camera entered the locker room to find a bloody Nature Boy on the floor.

After a commercial break, the WCW locker room was in a brief disarray. WCW CEO Stephanie McMahon arrived on the scene with Triple H at her side. Due to Flair’s accident, she said, Sting would take on Scott Steiner AND Triple H in a handicap match.

Sting defeated Steiner and HHH in a surprisingly ending. Just as it looked like The Game was going to take care of Sting, Booker T the WCW Champion came running out to even the score. This allowed Sting to hit the Stinger Splash on The Game and pick up the victory.

After the match, Flair came stumbling out from the back, with referees attempting to stop him. Flair got in the ring, and began to attack Steiner and HHH. Booker and Sting tried to pull him off, and an irate Flair even swung at them. Paul Heyman appeared on stage, and ordered a six man tag match to take place right now, right there. Heyman gave Triple H and Steiner the commercial break to find a partner.

Jeff Jarrett came to the rescue of Steiner and HHH, being their partner in the impromptu main event. Before the match, Jarrett took Heyman’s microphone and warned him to keep his eye on Jarrett, because he’d be showing Heyman why he should be World Champion.

Jarrett stayed true to his word, winning the match for his team after pinning WCW Champion Booker T in the center of the ring. Steiner and HHH showed a bit of jealously that Jarrett picked up the victory. Jarrett went nuts celebrating in the ring, as his theme music played. Joey Styles got on a microphone and announced that he had just received word in his headset that next week, Jarrett would face Booker T for the WCW Heavyweight title!

Tuesday Night Nitro Match Recap

Lance Storm d. Billy Kidman

Rhino d. Tommy Dreamer

Jeff Jarrett d. Rob Van Dam

The InSiders d. Edge and Christian

Sting d. Scott Steiner and Triple H

Jeff Jarrett/Scott Steiner/Triple H d. Booker T/Ric Flair/Sting

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5/9/01 - 1Wrestling.com

-Lance Storm appeared on Nitro without the rest of Team Canada because the new creative team has decided to scrap the faction. The other members have been sent to OVW to develop their skills.

-Triple H reportedly carried on at the pre-Nitro meeting last night about how important it is for the WCW superstars to tell stories during their matches. This stemmed from Konnan being very open about all of the attention which has suddenly been drawn to HHH, Regal, Edge, Christian and the way the WCW midcard talent was pushed aside.

-The midcard talent was told that it's up to them to get themselves over with creative. If they show creative they have what it takes, creative can come up with things for them to do. This did not go over too well.

-The Cruiserweight tag team titles have been scrapped.

-Terry Funk and Dreamer will be working as a tag team.

-Rob Van Dam wasn't the most enthused when told he'll be entering a program with Road Warrior Animal.

-Jeff Jarrett is expected to face Booker T at June's WCW Pay-Per-View. A Pay-Per-View for May has been discussed, but decided against.

-Lex Luger will apparently be turned babyface to come to the aid of Sid against William Regal. Sid has apparently been discussing retirement with people backstage.

-Triple H, and Kevin Nash have been pushing for Scott Hall to be resigned.

-The Sandman has signed a contract with WCW.

-The sudden flood of ex-ECW talent is due to Paul Heyman being the actual head of talent relations. Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Rhino, Joey Styles, and The Sandman have all been brought in as favors to Paul Heyman.

-Triple H has asked to work a program with DDP and Kevin Nash in the future.

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Things are running smoothly; don't have much to comment on now. But I do have some thigns to point out. When WCW ended, 3 Count wasn't together. Karagias and Moore tagged up on Night of Champions, but Helms was te Cruiserweight Champion. Also, the Insiders weren't the champs either; Palumbo and O'Haire were. The Misfits in Action were broken up by the end of WCW, same with the Natural Born Thrillers. Stasiak was with Stacy, O'Haire and Palumbo were teaming together. Sanders was possibly the Commissioner, and I have no clue about Jindrak. And Major Gunns was released in February 01 also, so she shouldn't be on the roster.

Just thought you might like to know these tid bits.

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Things are running smoothly; don't have much to comment on now. But I do have some thigns to point out. When WCW ended, 3 Count wasn't together. Karagias and Moore tagged up on Night of Champions, but Helms was te Cruiserweight Champion. Also, the Insiders weren't the champs either; Palumbo and O'Haire were. The Misfits in Action were broken up by the end of WCW, same with the Natural Born Thrillers. Stasiak was with Stacy, O'Haire and Palumbo were teaming together. Sanders was possibly the Commissioner, and I have no clue about Jindrak. And Major Gunns was released in February 01 also, so she shouldn't be on the roster.

Just thought you might like to know these tid bits.

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May 12th 2001

To start things off Mikey Tenay announced that Brian Knobbs, Evan Karagias, MI Smooth, Reno, and Hugh Morrus have been released from their contracts. Knobbs had been working backstage, and received a try out a road agent.

Jeff Jarrett was live in the studio to discuss his match with Booker T next week on Nitro. Jarrett promised to walk out the WCW Heavyweight Champion.

Footage shot backstage at Nitro was shown on Kevin Nash icing his fist apparently after the confrontation/match with Edge, Christian, and William Regal. The video was very candid, and featured Nash surprised that the camera was on, and when told it would air on Worldwide, Nash looked dead in to the lens and said “Hall.. Scott, man… We need you! Call me back!”.

A video piece on The Sandman was shown, playing before his match with Shawn Stasiak.

Mike Tenay announced that by order of Commissioner Heyman, the WCW United States Championship has been vacated, and a title tournament will begin this Tuesday on Nitro to decide a new champion.

WCW Owner Shane McMahon joined Tenay in the studio to announce that The Great American Bash would take place June 24th on Pay-Per-View.

Tenay welcomed Arn Anderson, introducing him as the current overseer of WCW’s developmental talent. Anderson spoke about how Air Paris, AJ Styles, Cash, Elix Skipper, Jamie Noble, Jason Jett, Kaz Hayashi, Kid Romeo, Kwee-Wee, Lash LeRoux, Mark Jindrak, Stevie Ray, The Wall, Wayne DeBruce, and Yang have reported to OVW. Anderson also informed us that Stevie Ray recently tore his peck during a training session, and would be out of action for two months.

Continuing with injuries, Tenay sent his best wishes out to WCW CEO Stephanie McMahon who suffered a broken leg after a nasty fall down a flight of stairs backstage at Nitro. Doctors have given her seven months of healing time.

WCW Worldwide Match Recap

Crowbar d. Johnny The Bull

Lance Storm d. Billy Kidman

Sandman d. Shawn Stasiak

The Cat d. Rick Steiner

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5/18/01 - Tuesday Night Nitro - Episode: 103

The first round of the WCW United States Championship tournament will kick off this Tuesday as the first group of competitors do battle to move on in the standings. Who will walk out of Nitro one step closer to being United States champion?

In a feuding situation that seems to have no end in sight, a Corporate Radical member, and former tag team champion Edge will step in the ring with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Will this explosive mixture of ego and pride finally see it’s climax? Or have we yet to see how far these two men are willing to go? One thing is for sure, Christian and Diamond Dallas Page will most definitely be watching out for their partners!

After attacking him last week, Big Poppa Pump will step in to the ring to face Sting one on one. Will Sting get revenge for Steiner’s attack last week, or will Steiner once again leave Sting laying on his back? “The Game” Triple H has no love lose for Sting, or Ric Flair for that matter. All four men have been at ends lately. Will either side provide aid for defeat?

“The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett has been granted his opportunity to become WCW Heavyweight Champion. All he has to do is beat WCW’s leading superstar and current Heavyweight champion, Booker T. Jarrett has made a name for himself telling others just how great he is. After a short bickering session with WCW creative, and an impressive win over the champion last week in a six man tag match, Jeff Jarrett has been given his title shot opportunity. Will Jarrett prove to the world just how great he is? Or will Booker T give us insight to the “all talk” stature of “The Chosen One”?

Confirmed Matches

Kevin Nash vs. Edge

Scott Steiner vs. Sting

WCW Heavyweight Championship

Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett

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Back in Black

With the World Heavyweight championship match scheduled between defending champion Booker T and Jeff Jarrett, as well as the beginning of the first round of the United States Championship tournament. Tuesday Night Nitro kicked off with an explosive opening, and an explosive response from the crowd.

The U.S. title tournament officially began with four of the eight first round matches taking place. In the opening of the tournament, “The Bizarre One” Crowbar managed to put away Big Vito. Management put over the fact that Crowbar would be an interesting U.S. champion, to say the least.

Next up, Konnan representing The Filthy Animals went up against The Disco Inferno. Inferno played the cocky heel for the encounter, with Konnan quickly gaining the fans support. In the end, Konnan came out on top, moving on in the U.S. title tournament.

Backstage, Kevin Nash delivered an interview. Nash hyped tonight’s match versus Edge, and once again called out to Scott Hall, this time more forwardly. Nash announced that if Scott Hall decided to come back to the company, it would be Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, and Scott Hall versus Edge, Christian, and William Regal next week on Nitro.

The next scheduled match was Billy Kidman versus Johnny The Bull in the U.S. title tournament. However, Chris Kanyon appeared before the match, delivering the Kanyon Cutter to Billy Kidman. As a result, Kidman booked himself in the match, citing “Unforeseeable circumstances” as the reason Kidman could not compete. Kanyon managed to put away The Bull, following his signature Kanyon Cutter, and quickly celebrated after the match. A ringside photographer got in the ring and began to take pictures of Kanyon, who posed and ate up the spotlight. Suddenly however, Kanyon delivered the Kanyon Cutter to the camera man, as the crowd cheered.

WCW newcomer Sandman then stepped in to the ring against former ECW alumni Mike Awesome. The fans saw a side of Mike Awesome they hadn’t seen in a while, a more brawling, intense side, undoubtedly brought out by the presence of The Sandman. In the final match of the U.S. title tournament that would take place tonight, The Sandman defeated Mike Awesome with a double arm DDT. Afterwards, Sandman celebrated amongst the fans complete with beer, and attitude.

Ric Flair approached Sting backstage talking about how important it was for them to put their differences aside. Flair talked about no matter how many times they tore it up, Flair has always, and will always respect Steve Borden the man, and Sting the character. Flair told Sting that he had his back tonight against Scott Steiner, and he’d make sure Triple H didn’t get involved.

Triple H came to the ring to announce that CEO Stephanie McMahon went around the commissioner, and has signed the first official match for June’s Great American Bash pay-per-view. It will be Triple H versus Ric Flair, one on one.

The announcement brought out Ric Flair and Sting. Flair put down the accomplishments of Triple H, citing that “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man!” Scott Steiner appeared from the back, attacking Flair from behind, and jumpstarting his match with Sting. In the first match which really got the fans off their feet, Sting defeated Scott Steiner after Ric Flair took Triple H out with a steel chair at ringside. HHH who had been attempting to interfere the entire match, finally got caught by “The Nature Boy”. With the sides even, Sting managed to lock on the Scorpion Deathlock to pick up the submission victory.

Nash defeated Edge. It a could-be shoot moment, Edge seemed reluctant to lay down and get pinned. Edge kicked out of a pin attempt following a jackknife powerbomb. Nash looked legitimately surprised, before hitting a leg drop and getting the pin. Afterwards, Christian quickly pulled Edge out of the ring, and the duo walked to the back, without any post match altercation or trash talking. Nash was left alone, where he slowly celebrated with the fans.

Backstage, Commissioner Heyman’s office was filled with the likes of Terry Funk, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, and Road Warrior Animal. Heyman booked two matches for next week. The first, Rob Van Dam would take out Road Warrior Animal as part of the U.S. title tournament. The second, Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer would team up to take on Rhino in a handicap match. Heyman made it clear that since the match is part of the U.S. title tournament also, Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk would have to decide amongst themselves who would move on.

With video packages leading the way, it was time for the World Heavyweight title match. Jarrett and Booker T kept the fans on the edge of their seats. The match was jam packed with near falls, and close calls. Booker managed to hit the Book End, for the two count. A short time later, Booker T kicked out of a pin attempt following a Stroke from Jeff Jarrett. Steiner and Triple H appeared at ringside, cheering on Jeff Jarrett. The announcers claimed it was their way of paying back Jeff Jarrett for last weeks favor. Ric Flair, DDP, and Sting soon filtered out from the back, taking the side of Booker T. It became clear that the other WCW Superstars weren’t out there to interview, but out there to watch the match. In a moment where if you blinked you missed it, Booker T attempted the scissor kick, only for Jarrett to quickly reverse the momentum, and hit a second Stroke. Instead of going for the pin, Jarrett locked in an STF. The fans rallied behind Booker T as he struggled to reach the ropes. Booker however, couldn’t take the pain any longer, and tapped out.

Jarrett’s theme music hit, and he quickly released the hold. Complete with a shocked look across his face, Jarrett celebrated in the ring, as he was announced as the new Heavyweight Champion. The babyfaces pulled Booker T from the ring, and gave me reassurance at ringside, as the heels entered and celebrated with Jarrett. Jeff was handed the WCW strap which he put around his waist, complete with tears and sobbing. Steiner, and Triple H hoisted Jarrett up on their shoulders and paraded him around the ring.

Suddenly, AC/DC’s Back In Black hit, and the crowd turned their attention to the entrance way. Former WCW President Eric Bischoff came strolling out from the back, to a surprisingly face reaction. Jarrett and everybody at ringside looked shocked to see the former President making his way to the ring. Bischoff got in the ring, and approached the still stunned Jeff Jarrett. Slowly, Bischoff grabbed the title belt from around Jarrett’s waist, and ripped it off him.

With Jarrett still stunned, Bischoff exited the ring with the WCW title in his hands. It must’ve finally clicked in Jarrett’s head that something wasn’t right, as he went nuts in the ring, screaming for Bischoff to bring back what was his.

Tuesday Night Nitro Match Recap

Crowbar d. Big Vito

Konnan d. Disco Inferno

Kanyon d. Johnny The Bull

Sandman d. Mike Awesome

Kevin Nash d. Edge

Sting d. Scott Steiner

Jeff Jarrett d. Booker T – WCW Heavyweight Championship

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1Wrestling.com 5/19/01

- As of right now Scott Hall appearing on Nitro next week is still up in the air. A contract has been extended to Hall, but it is believed that one of the stipulations of the contract is a company appointed “parole officer” for Hall.

- Randy Savage met with Vince McMahon yesterday about possibly coming back to WCW. McMahon showed interest due to the recent media Savage has attracted with his dwindling, but apparent, music career.

- There will be more defectors from WWF to WCW in the coming months. Names that have come up are X-Pac, Justin Credible, and Val Venis. It is believed that Kevin Nash and Triple H have been pushing for Credible and X-Pac to come to WCW.

- Dustin Rhodes has expressed interest in returning to the Goldust character.

- Dusty Rhodes has asked to possibly work a program with Terry Funk, and Tommy Dreamer.

- Both Sean O’Haire and Chris Kanyon are expected to be pushed heavily during the United States Championship tournament.

- It was Kanyon who came up with the idea of returning to the “random Kanyon-Cutter” gimmick.

- Kevin Nash has expressed interest to creative that a female manager for the tag team of him and Diamond Dallas Page might be interesting.

- Eric Bischoff has signed a new deal with WCW. He does not have any official power position backstage, but is being used as sort of a “creative consultant”. He is to be used as only an on-screen character, possibly managing a top WCW face to take on Jeff Jarrett.

- WCW.com made it clear that Jeff Jarrett is STILL WCW Champion, and that Eric Bischoff taking the belt from him last week was not Bischoff stripping Jarrett of the title.

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IPB Image

May 19th 2001

Commissioner Paul Heyman opened up WCW Worldwide announcing that Mike Tenay was unable to appear on the broadcast due to a family emergency. As such, Heyman declared tonight's edition of Worldwide, you guessed it, EXTREME!

The night was filled with shoot comments from Heyman towards TNN about not being able to kick him off the air this time around. Heyman also talked about recent news items regarding the WWF, adding some sly humor and devilish wit.

The big news item coming out of Worldwide this week was the announcement of Paul Heyman that he was “cashing in his favors”. Heyman announced that Little Guido, Mikey Whipwreck, Tajiri, The Sinister Minister, and Jerry Lynn have signed deals with WCW which were personally extended to them by Heyman himself. When would they be debuting? Heyman informed us that we’d just have to wait and see.

Immediately following the announcement of those signings, a video package promoting the arrival of Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig back to WCW played. The video promised “Perfection in Two Weeks”.

Heyman announced tonight’s special in-studio guest, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Heyman described his relationship with Flair as being “fickle” but agreed that they had a common ground with their hatred of former WCW President, Eric Bischoff. Flair agreed, questioning Shane McMahon’s judgment in bringing back the mind of Bischoff. Heyman took a stab at Bischoff, wondering out loud if “Russo would receive a call”. Flair finished the interview hyping his match with Triple H at The Great American Bash.

Heyman announced that Ric Flair’s opponent, Triple H has challenged anyone currently under WCW Contract to a match at Tuesday Night Nitro. Heyman informed us that the challenge has been accepted, but we’d have to wait and see by who.

Worldwide Match Recap

Sean O’Haire d. Jim Duggan – U.S. Title Tournament Match

Shane Helms d. Chavo Guerrero

The Insiders d. Kronik

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IPB Image

5/22/01 - Tuesday Night Nitro - Episode 104

He’s back! Last week former WCW President Eric Bischoff shocked the world as he returned to the public eye. Bischoff came to the ring following Jeff Jarrett’s World Title victory over Booker T. The stunned newly crowned World Champion watched as Bischoff took the WCW Heavyweight title, and left. This week Shane McMahon has promised to announce Bischoff’s current status with World Championship Wrestling. Hopefully also providing some insight as to his actions last week on Nitro.

Will he return? For weeks Kevin Nash has been extending an offer to his former tag team partner, and former Outsider, Scott Hall. This week at the request of Kevin Nash, it will be the Corporate Radicals, William Regal, Edge, and Christian taking on The Insiders, Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page. To even the odds, Nash is hoping Scott Hall will step in. However, if Hall does not return, The Insiders will find themselves battling in a two on three handicap match!

The cocky and arrogant Triple H has made it clear about what he thinks of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. With a one on one match already scheduled for June’s Great American Bash pay-per-view, Triple H has promised to begin showing Ric Flair exactly what he’s in for. This week on Tuesday Night Nitro, “The Game” has challenged any star currently under WCW Contract to a match. Who will accept?

The United States title Tournament will continue as Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer team up to take on Rhyno. In an interesting stipulation, Commissioner Paul Heyman has made it clear that if either Funk or Dreamer pin Rhyno, they will be forced to come to a mutual decision about which one of them will continue on in the tournament. Rhyno has a huge mountain to overcome. If he can defeat both Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer, he will move on in the tournament with a very prestigious win under his belt.

Also in U.S. Title Tournament action, “Mr. Nitro” himself, Rob Van Dam will take on Road Warrior Animal. Can RVD overcome Animal’s sheer strength and power, and move on in the tournament? Or will the Road Warrior send Rob Van Dam packing?

All of this and more as Tuesday Night Nitro airs live on TNN!

Confirmed Matches

Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer vs. Rhyno - U.S. Title Tournament

Rob Van Dam vs. Road Warrior Animal - U.S. Title Tournament

The Insiders (w/Scott Hall?) vs. The Corporate Radicals

Triple H vs. Any Star Currently Under Contract - Open Challenge

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IPB Image

They're Back...

Tuesday Night Nitro kicked off with Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk already in the ring. We were treated a recap piece on the stipulations of the match. If Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer defeat Rhyno, they’ll have to decide amongst themselves who will continue on in the U.S. title tournament. After the video Rhyno rushed the ring and got the upper hand on the team. Eventually however, the two on one aspect gave Dreamer and Funk the advantage, allowing for Dreamer to hit a double arm DDT, and pick up the victory over Rhyno.

After the match Tommy Dreamer got on the house microphone and insisted that Terry Funk be the one to continue in the U.S. title tournament. It took some assurance, but Funk eventually agreed, hugging Tommy Dreamer.

Backstage Road Warrior Animal was surprised to find “Mr. Nitro” Rob Van Dam waiting outside his locker room. RVD promised victory, and promised to send Animal packing. Packing at the hands of “Rob! Van! Dam!”.

Rob Van Dam followed through with his promise, picking up the victory over Road Warrior Animal and moving on in the United States tournament. Immediately following his victory, Lance Storm’s theme music hit and WCW’s official representative of Canada made his way to the ring. Storm asked for a moment of seriousness and begged the question of Rob Van Dam’s accomplishments. Storm asked why Rob Van Dam was able to march in to WCW and receive such high recognition, while TRUE WCW Superstars like Lance Storm have been slowly shelved. This comment brought out Commissioner Paul Heyman who informed Lance Storm that for once his whining would be coming in handy. Lance Storm is now apart of the United States title Tournament. His first match would be next, against a man who would’ve probably been too extreme for ECW. Extremely… bizarre!

With that, the lights turned gold, and Goldust made his return. The crowd popped huge, and Storm stood dumbfounded. In the match, Goldust started things off strong, before Lance Storm used shady tactics to get the advantage back. Eventually Storm managed to hit a series of German suplex’s and lock on the Sharpshooter to pick up the submission victory. Storm celebrated non-stop after the match.

The Corporate Radicals made their way to the ring, awaiting their match with Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page. Nash came to the ring, and introduced DDP. Nash said that Edge, Christian, and Regal have come in to this company, unwanted, and unneeded. They were “Outsiders” if you will. Nash said there was only one original “Outsider”, and that was “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall!

Hall emerged from the backstage area to an explosive response, as DDP and Nash charged the ring. In a match that highly put over Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and DDP, Scott Hall picked up the victory over Christian. After the match however, Regal came in with a steel chair, taking out DDP and Nash. This allowed Edge to enter with a steel chair of his own. Scott Hall ducked an initial attack from Christian, but Edge ran in to spear Hall to the ground. Hall then fell victim to a Con-Chair-Toe from Edge and Christian.

Triple H came to the ring for his open challenge. After a pause, WCW Owner Shane McMahon came to the ring. Shane told Stephanie McMahon, who had accompanied Triple H to the ring to go backstage, that she was no longer needed. Steph reluctantly followed orders, and left. HHH demanded to know who he was going to face. Shane spoke a little about how Shane may have gone along with Triple H’s antics in the past, in the WWF, but how he would no longer do that in WCW. Shane admitted he wasn’t good at hyping anybodies arrival, and he’d let the music speak for itself.

Taking it’s cue, the theme music of Randy Savage hit, and the crowd popped. “The Macho Man” came walking out from the back, decked out in an upgraded version of his previous costumes. Macho Man came to the ring, and the match started with Triple H. HHH however, showed his strength overcoming “The Macho Man” and putting him away with the pedigree. After the match, Scott Steiner came out and aided Triple H in beating down Macho Man. The two on one brought out both Ric Flair and Sting who chased away Steiner and Triple H.

Jeff Jarrett stood backstage in the office of Commissioner Paul Heyman. Jarrett, who all night long had been on a search for former WCW President Eric Bischoff, was given back his World Heavyweight Championship. Heyman however kept the title in his hands, noting how much Jarrett craved the title. Jarrett agreed, noting that he had earned it. Paul Heyman fired back that even if Jarrett didn’t have the belt around his waist, he was still the WCW Champion, and that whether Jarrett was wearing a belt or not wouldn’t change that. Jarrett didn’t have an answer, demanding Heyman hand the belt over. Heyman decided that since Jarrett wanted the title so bad, he’s have to fight for it. On the spot, Heyman booked Jeff Jarrett versus Booker T for the WCW World Heavyweight title in a ladder match!

Jarrett reluctantly accepted the conditions and made his way to the ring. Booker T came out, and the two began to brawl. The match kept the fans on the edge of their seats, with both Jarrett and Booker taking some nasty bumps with the ladder. The finish of the match saw Eric Bischoff once again appear from the backstage area. Both Booker T and Jarrett stood distracted, questioning exactly what he was doing there. Jarrett however, seized the opportunity to attack Booker T and to hit The Stroke. Jarrett then climbed the ladder and retrieved the WCW Heavyweight title. After the match, Jarrett raised the title above his head, and looked to Bischoff. Bischoff pointing to his watch, before nodding, and walking off. The gesture from Bischoff caused Jarrett to lower the title, and cut his celebration short.

Bischoff smiled devilishly as he backed up the ramp, talking a bit of trash at Jarrett. The show ended with a split screen of Jarrett with the belt, and Eric Bischoff on the stage.

Tuesday Night Nitro Match Recap

Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer d. Rhyno - Terry Funk moves on in U.S. Title Tournament

Rob Van Dam d. Road Warrior Animal - RVD moves on in U.S. Title Tournament

Lance Storm d. Goldust - Lance Storm moves on in U.S. Title Tournament

Kevin Nash/Scott Hall/Diamond Dallas Page d. The Corporate Radicals

Jeff Jarret d. Booker T - WCW Heavyweight Title Ladder Match

IPB Image

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1Wrestling.com - 5/24/01


-We've received word that Booker T has officially given notice to WCW about his retirement. Earlier this week Booker T received news from his doctor that his back, which he injured early in his career, is in terrible condition. The 36 year old was noted to be visibly heartbroken backstage at Nitro this week. The McMahons have told Booker T that even if he were to retire from the ring, there'll always be a place for him in the company. There has been talk of adding Booker T to an announcer position. At this point expect Booker to be used in the ring less, and wrestle his final match at The Great American Bash.

-Sid has been appointed a road agent job backstage. His angle with William Regal has apparently been dropped

-Road Warrior Animal announced on his Blurty.com page that he has been released from World Championship Wrestling. He says he received notice the day of Nitro, and puts himself over highly for continuing to go through with the show, even tho he HAD to job to Rob Van Dam.

-Kevin Nash has reportedly been complaining to the McMahon's that Edge and Christian are both terrible in the ring. Nash has said that their series of matches have clearly showed that, and that the former World tag team champions have no business wrestling he and Dallas Page.

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