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NWA-TNA Lockdown Pay-Per-View

April 23rd 2006


Six Sides of Steel for the #1 contendership to the NWA Tag Team championships

The Naturals vs. Team Canada w/Scott D'Amore

Team Canada defeated the Naturals after Bobby Roode pinned Chase Stevens. Team Canada went into this match without the prospect of outside interference, and were on the back-foot for some time because of it. Eventually, however, Young and Roode were able to power back into the match, and when Young catapulted Chase Stevens into the cage, Bobby Roode was on hand with a Northern Lariat on the rebound.

Six Sides of Steel International Showcase for the TNA X Division championship

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels © vs. CIMA

Christopher Daniels defeated CIMA, brought in from the Toryumon promotion in Japan for one night only, to retain the title. Samoa Joe was on hand to watch this one from ringside, as the two men took each other to the limit and back inside the cage. Daniels was continually distracted by the presence of Joe at ringside, allowing CIMA to get several near-falls, but eventually the Fallen Angel kicked into gear and capitalised on a mistake from the Japanese import to hit the Last Rites and win the bout.

Six Sides of Steel Grudge Match

LAX vs. The James Gang w/"Bullet" Bob Armstrong

LAX won the match after Homicide pinned Kip James. With both teams fighting each other to a stalemate throughout the match, Konnan took it upon himself to use a 'difference-maker' - a steel chair - to turn the match in the LAX's favor. Bob Armstrong came to the rescue, but Konnan was soon brutalising him all over the Impact-Zone. When BJ James went to his aid, Kip fell prey to a Cop Killa from Homicide.

Six Sides of Steel

"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe vs. "The Homicidal, Genocidal" Sabu

Samoa Joe defeated Sabu. Both men brought their 'A' game to this match, with Sabu emptying a garbage can full of plunder into the ring before the match could begin. Both took full advantage of this, although it was Joe who was eventually able to make it count, hitting an unbelievable Muscle Buster onto a steel chair to pin the homicidal, genocidal Sabu.

Six Sides of Steel for the NWA World Heavyweight championship

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage © vs. "The Monster" Abyss w/James Mitchell

Christian Cage © defeated Abyss to retain the championship. Abyss came close to victory several times, but just couldn't put Cage away, no matter what he threw at him. With James Mitchell on the outside, unable to affect proceedings, Cage was able to wear Abyss down and eventually pin him following an Unprettier.

Lethal Lockdown Match

Team Jarret (Jeff Jarret, Scott Steiner, America's Most Wanted) vs. Team Sting (Sting, Rhino, Team 3D)

Team Jarret defeated Team Sting after Jeff Jarret pinned Sting. This match was probably the most brutal of the night, with every participant busted wide open before the end, thanks to the steel cage. Team Jarret began by dominating Sting's team, with Scott Steiner decimating Rhino and Team 3D whilst Jarret directed traffic and AMW kept Sting at bay. Sting fought back, however, and eliminated Steiner with a Scorpion Deathdrop only for AMW to handcuff him to the cage. Sting was forced to watch as AMW and Jarret used every dirty trick in the book to destroy Rhino, before Team 3D came to the rescue with a table. James Storm went through and was eliminated, but not before Jarret had pinned Brother Ray. Chris Harris and Brother Devon continued to assault each other, with their fight spilling to the outside, leaving Jarret alone with Rhino. The War Machine threw everything he had at Jarret, but the King of the Mountain was able to use his guitar as a difference-maker, and eliminate him. As Jeremy Borash announced that Harris and Devon had been counted out of the match, Jarret un-cuffed Sting after a chairshot, but the icon came out fighting! The two men bloodied each other in a brutal fight, before Scott Steiner made his way back to the ring, locking Sting in the Steiner Recliner until he passed out, allowing Jarret to hit the Stroke for the pinfall.

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Confirmed Matches

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels © vs. "The Samoan Submission

Machine" Samoa Joe - TNA X Division championship

hopefully Chris Daniels so Joe can move up the card

"The Notorious 187" Homicide w/Konnan vs. Cassidy Reilly

Homicide, give him the push lol

The Naturals vs. Shark Boy and Norman Smiley

Oh I love that you arent making every match a huge thing, the jobbers take the pin and the Naturals make noise in the tag ranks

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May 4th 2006

Taped at the Impact-Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

- The show opens up with some highlights from last week's edition of the show, wherein Jarret's Army stood tall at the end of the show, and Larry Zybysko confirmed that Samoa Joe would indeed be getting his much-anticipated X Division championship rematch against Chris Daniels this week on the 60-Minute Adrenaline Rush.

- With that done, we head over to Stage 21 at Universal Studios, for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling! Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the show, and hype tonight's show as the biggest of the year thus far. Tenay claims that "Samoa Joe will stop at nothing, just nothing" to get his hands on the X Division title, and that EMTs and an ambulance are on standby in the parking lot already. As they continue to shill the main event, however - Christian Cage's music plays!

- Christian Cage heads out to a colossal reaction from the Impact-Zone, wearing another of his very snazzy jacket-and-pants combinations, this one in red and gold. He poses with the title for a while, and then takes a microphone.

Christian Cage: "Y'know, I take one week off to recover from Lockdown, and all Hell breaks loose! I mean, Jarret and his boys run roughshod over Rhino, and Scott Steiner walks his way to another cheap victory. So, the question for the Christian Coalition this week is - what are we gonna do about it?"

There's a pop for that, and a small "Let's Go Christian!" chant as he continues speaking.

Christian Cage: "Now, I said I'd defend this NWA World's title against all comers, but it occurs to me that there's more to being the champion that just wearing the belt and styling like you've never styled before. There's the small matter of watching out for your buddies, and that includes Rhino - so as far as Jeff Jarret and Scott Steiner are concerned…"

Cage is cut off, however, as Jeff Jarret's music plays! The champion looks ticked off as Jarret walks out in street clothes, accompanied by the Genetic Freak, Scott Steiner, and (somewhat inexplicably) Alex Shelley. Jarret strolls down to the ring and climbs in with Steiner, leaving Shelley prowling around the outside. Double J grabs a mic, and begins to address Cage from safely behind Steiner.

Jeff Jarret: "Blah blah blah blah blah… Christian, y'know what? Just button it, boy, because TNA ain't your damn responsibility. You're wearing my title right now, and as long as you are, you do whatever it takes to shut up and keep outta the way until I take it back, you understand me? Look at me - I'm the King of the Mountain, Cage, I'm the reason TNA exists! And what are you?"

Christian Cage: "I'm a damn sight better looking than you, for one thing."

That pisses off Scott Steiner, who takes the microphone.

Scott Steiner: "Very funny, you little punk. You know somethin' Cage? I've flushed bigger things than you, so you just watch your mouth and we won't have to get physical, you hear me?"

Christian Cage: "O-Okay, a-alright Scott, no need to get angry, what do you say we, uh - "

The NWA World's champion can't keep up the pretence, however, and bursts out laughing, almost doubling over in a fit of giggles. Steiner and Jarret look livid, but Jarret almost jumps out of his skin when Cage straightens back up with a thunderous look on his face.

Christian Cage: "You want to get physical, Steiner? An NWA World's champion in the prime of his career against a juiced-up carnie sideshow? Well I say bring it on, big man, because THAT'S - "

The crowd finish off Christian's catchphrase, and he uses the distraction to drop the mic and tackle Steiner into the ropes! Jeff Jarret hightails it out of the ring as Steiner and Cage exchange hard right hands in the ring, but the King of the Mountain is quickly back up on the apron with his trusty guitar. He winds up to take a hit at Christian, but finds himself tripped up by Rhino! The War Machine, who Tenay and West remind us has been gunning for Jarret and calling TNA management all week, tosses Jarret around the ringside area as Scott Steiner begins to beat down Cage in the ring, before a familiar voice at the top of the ramp interjects.

Larry Zybysko: "Whoa whoa WHOA! Get security out here!"

At the DOA's bidding, half a dozen security flock to the ring and pull the four men apart.

Larry Zybysko: "Now here I was, sittin' in my office, about to make an announcement about Sacrifice, and what do I see on the monitors? You guys, out here like a bunch of kids without pacifiers! Now listen up, and listen good - Sacrifice is in three weeks time, May 21st, and it seems to me that we've got two matches lined up right here!"

The crowd pop for that, and Rhino is positively licking his lips, staring at Jarret.

Larry Zybysko: "So, at Sacrifice, Rhino - you can stop callin' TNA management every day. You want Jeff Jarret? You've GOT Jeff Jarret! And Christian - you said you'd defend the belt against all comers, and it looks like Big Poppa Pump is a comer, so you two will be facing off in the main event, with the NWA World's title on the line!"

Another big pop for that, and Tenay takes some time to shill this huge announcement. Jarret is positively distraught, and yells up the ramp that Zybysko can't do this to him.

Larry Zybysko: "I can do whatever I want, Jarret. Security? Get these four men outta here!"

The security guards do as they're told, and Zybysko heads down to the ring, alone now (save for Alex Shelley, who has been hanging around with the Paparazzi-Cam, filming the unfolding mayhem).

Larry Zybysko: "And now, it's time for my announcement. As you may know, the man known as the 'Charismatic Enigma' - Jeff Hardy - has been absent from TNA for some time. Well, I'm here to tell you that he is not on leave, he's AWOL! So, I'm giving him a fair warning, live on network television - Hardy! If you don't show up to Sacrifice on May 21st, your life won't be worth living! I know you're at home in Carolina, I know you've been no-showing, well I say enough is enough! If you don't show up, you'll be fired from TNA on the spot!"

At this point, Alex Shelley slides into the ring, clutching a microphone.

Alex Shelley: "Larry, Larry!"

Larry Zybysko: "What the Hell do you want?"

Alex Shelley: "Well, it's about this Jeff Hardy thing. He's been no-showing, staying at home - I figured you'd wanna know why, right? So, why don't I go up to Carolina and find out? I mean, it'd make a great documentary for the Paparazzi-Cam, right? I can see it now - the betrayal! The intrigue! The suspense!"

Larry Zybysko: "Has anybody ever told you that you need to get out more?"

Alex Shelley: "My therapist, a few times, but c'mon - what do you say?"

Larry Zybysko: "If I say yes, will you get outta here?"

Shelley nods, and Zybysko follows suit. Excited, Shelley exits the ring and grabs his camera, before running off backstage. Zybysko follows as Tenay and West speculate about Jeff Hardy's absence from TNA, and we go to a commercial break.


- The Naturals vs. Shark Boy and Smiley

Back from the commercials, Shark Boy and Norman Smiley are in the ring, and the Naturals are on their way down the ramp. We get a nice handshake from Smiley and Stevens before they lock up, and drop into a decent chain-wrestling sequence. Smiley and Shark Boy are mostly going for comedy, with Shark Boy outmatched as far as size is concerned, and Smiley playing for laughs from the crowd. The Naturals are on good form, tossing Shark Boy all over the place, but eventually Sharky gets the hot tag to Smiley, who takes Andy Douglas down with a series of heavy right hands. Finally, Douglas is able to duck one, and rolls Smiley up for the 1-2-3. *¾

- After the match, as Douglas and Stevens celebrate, America's Most Wanted hit the ring with Gail Kim in tow. Gail proceeds to direct traffic as Harris and Storm attack the Naturals from behind, brutalising them with their Tag Team title belts. Finally, Storm handcuffs Chase Stevens to the ropes and Gail Kim forces him to watch as AMW hit the Death Sentence on Andy Douglas!

(MQ 76%, CR 58%, OR 67%)

- We go to the back now, where Alex Shelley is walking by, clutching the Paparrazi-Cam. He passes Jackie Gayda, who isn't looking happy at all.

Alex Shelley: "What's up?"

Jackie Gayda: "Shove it."

Alex Shelley: "Oh, ho ho ho - that's not nice, Jackie. Y'know something, you're damn lucky you're still IN TNA, you know that? The Paparrazi-Cam has dirt on you, Jackie-baby, don't you forget it. One word from the big man, and you're toast. So watch your tongue."

Shelley walks off, and we head back to ringside.

- "The Notorious 187" Homicide vs. Cassidy Reilly

Cassidy Reilly is in the ring, and Homicide is heading out with his manager, Konnan. Cassidy begins the match by performing the crucifix taunt, and Homicide wastes no time in attacking him from behind with some brutal kicks and punches. Reilly manages to fight back, and desperately attempts the Evenflow DDT, but Homicide blocks it and proceeds to beat the hapless sidekick into a pulp, before putting him out of his misery with the Cop Killa. *

- After the match, Konnan hops into the ring and the two men continue to beat up Reilly - Homicide plants him with a second, brutal Cop Killa, and Konnan uses the steel chain he's been wearing around his neck to choke him out. As they brutalise Reilly, however, they completely miss BG and Kip James rushing out from the back! The James Gang hit the ring and clean house, throwing the LAX to the outside! Konnan is furious, and curses the two men out in Spanish, before backtracking up the ramp - right into "Bullet" Bob Armstrong! This scares Konnan half to death, and he quickly exits with Homicide, trying to look intimidating.

(MQ 69%, CR 51%, OR 60%)

- Backstage now, where Shane Douglas is standing with both Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe. The two men are both looking very fired-up indeed, and it's all Douglas can do to stand between them and prevent them from brawling as he conducts the interview.

Shane Douglas: "Guys - tonight, you two face off for the X Division title. First, Joe - you're undefeated, you're on the back of one of the hottest streaks in TNA history, and you've made it your mission to win back the X title tonight. Can you make good on your promise?"

Samoa Joe: "Can I? Can I? You'd better believe I can, Douglas. Daniels, listen up and read my lips - that title's mine. I will break you tonight, I will take you to Hell and back if I have to, and I will walk away the X Division champion. Believe that if nothing else."

Shane Douglas: "Harsh words. Chris - anything to say to your challenger?"

Christopher Daniels: "I told you last week, Joe - I've beaten you before. Cry and whine all you like, you lost the match and you lost your title. It's all as it's been foreseen, Joe, this is all another part of the grand plan. Like it or not - I'm God's gift to professional wrestling, and I'll prove it to you tonight."

That's just about all Joe can take. He roughly shoves Shane Douglas aside, almost knocking him out, and pounces on Daniels with some hard lefts and rights. The two men are quickly broken up by security, but not before Joe has left a cut on Daniels' forehead and forced him into a foetal position on the floor. As Joe is dragged away, Tenay and West hype the main event, and we go to commercials.


- "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage/"The War Machine" Rhino vs. "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarret/"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

As we return from the break, the semi-main event match is just getting underway. Rhino starts by locking up with Scott Steiner, and the Genetic Freak quickly forces him into a turnbuckle and begins whaling away at him with rights and lefts. Rhino powers out of the corner and tackles Steiner down, before throwing him into Jeff Jarret, which Earl Hebner rules is a tag. Jarret tentatively steps between the ropes, but bails when Rhino barrels towards him. Eventually, they lock up, and Rhino tosses Jarret around with some suplexes and slams, before tagging in Christian. Cage goes up top and immediately tries the Frog Splash, but Steiner is on hand to push him off of the top. Christian lands jaw-first on the ropes, and bounces off into a lariat from Jarret. Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda, who are at ringside, watch on as Jarret locks on the figure-4 leglock, but Rhino is in to break it. This brings Steiner out of his corner, and pretty soon he's brawling with Rhino across the ringside area. In the ring, Jarret continues to beat on Christian, until Captain Charisma counters a bodyslam and rolls behind him - Unprettier! That gets the pinfall. *

- Gail Kim is furious after the match, and jumps onto the apron, jawing with Christian. He stares at her, incredulous, and blows her a mocking kiss before heading backstage with his title. Rhino and Steiner, meanwhile, have brawled into the back, and Tenay informs us that security have been unable to break it up and are now concentrating on moving the fight out of the building. Good for them. We go to another commercial break.

(MQ 64%, CR 76%, OR 72%)

- TNA X Division title - "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels © vs. "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe

Back from the break, and this is the main event. Jeremy Borash is on hand for the introductions.

Jeremy Borash: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event contest of the evening, when the bell rings the man in charge will be TNA senior official Earl Hebner. The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the TNA X Division championship of the WOOOOORLD! In the corner to my left, the challenger - from Los Angeles, California, standing at six feet three inches and weighing in at an even 290lbs - he is the undefeated Samoan Submission Machine - Samoa JOOOOOOOE!"

There's a pretty big heel reaction for Joe, and some "Joe's gonna kill you!" chants.

Jeremy Borash: "And in the corner to my right, from the City of Angels, standing at exactly six feet and weighing in at 210lbs - he is the current, reigning, and defending TNA X Division champion - this is the Fallen Angel - Christopher DANIELS!"

With the introductions done, JB exits, and the bell rings. Joe immediately comes barrelling towards Daniels, but the Fallen Angel side-steps, leaving Joe ploughing into the turnbuckle. Daniels uses this to build some early momentum, chopping the Hell out of Joe's chest in the corner and knocking him down. He attempts to keep Joe on the floor as much as possible, to negate his impressive strength and submission arsenal, and to this end locks on an armbar. Eventually, Joe frees himself, and makes his way back up to a vertical base. Daniels gets a few more licks in, but Samoa Joe finally counters a punch and flattens him with a lariat. Tenay and West continue to put Joe over as an unstoppable force, as if he needs it, as Daniels gets suplexed around the ring like a rag doll and the ever-present "Joe's gonna kill you!" chant sparks up. Joe seems to feed off of the crowd, hurling Daniels to the outside and leaping over the ropes with a topé! Both men crash into the crowd barrier, and Hebner's count-out reaches 8 before they stagger back into the ring. Daniels ducks another lariat attempt and throws a wild right, which catches Joe above the eye and busts him open! The Fallen Angel tries to follow up with a DDT, but Joe shrugs him off and catapults him into the turnbuckle, and now both men are bleeding! Daniels' cut is pretty heavy, and Joe proceeds to work it over, slamming him into the corner a few more times to really open him up, before setting him up on the top rope - Muscle Buster off the top! Hebner drops to his knees for the count… 1-2-3! **

Joe unleashes a primal roar of joy as he raises the X title into the air, and unceremoniously dumps Daniels to the outside. Tenay and West are stunned, as usual, by Joe's domiance of the X division, but are distracted as an AJ Styles-shaped blur darts out to the ring! Joe sees him coming, and the two share a stare-down in the middle of the ring. Styles heads out to check on Christopher Daniels, with Tenay and West speculating at what Styles' purpose for being out here is. Unfortunately, they don't get much time to theorise, as Joe blasts him from behind with a steel chair! As the crammed Impact-zone watches on, Joe sets the chair up on the mat, and blasts Styles with a Muscle Buster right onto the steel! Security rush out to take care of Joe, and EMTs are shown rushing out to deal with Styles, as the show abruptly cuts.

(MQ 75%, CR 71%, OR 73%)

Overall - 70%

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This is definately a very promising diary. im liking the back and forth action between Jarrett and Christian in particular.

I was wondering if you had many plans Maverick Matt or Lance Hoyt enter the picture? You know Traci deserves a push :P

Would also love to see a Bobby Roode Push. Keep up the good work homey!

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Post-Impact Goal-Check

Now that Impact's over for a week, I guess we can get down to the business of settling some of Dixie and Larry's short-term goals. Mind you, all that Larry really wanted was a good buyrate and some hype for the X Cup, which is starting next week, so the bulk of the issue comes from dealing with getting workers from the E in the next month or so.

First up, the usual post-Wrestlemania cuts to the WWE roster. As has been widely reported, these cuts have been far more wide-ranging and ruthless than before. Well, the roster split idea seems to have finally taken a backseat, as they've said absolutely nothing about the draft lottery this year, and there's still no GM for Raw after months of pissing about with the inmates running the asylum.

So, who've they fired?

The usual wastes of roster space, Mark Henry and Tyson Tomko notably, and a few of the Divas who weren't getting over with the crowd. Pretty much all of the Diva Search hopefuls have gone, and a surprising amount of OVW talent as well. Notably, Aaron Stevens and Angel Williams were tipped for big things, and weren't far into their developmental runs, but they're gone now, along with the hotly-tipped Mikey Batts and, probably most surprisingly from the OVW crop, "The Shooter" Brent Albright, former OVW TV champion and one of the most promising young workers in the country.

They've also released Johnathan Coachman, Jimmy Snuka Jr., Jamal, and Daivari. Al Snow's been released from his deal, which will give him more time to work at training, which he's shown a lot of interest in lately. Viscera and Matt Stryker have also gone, and so has Victoria, which is perhaps the most shocking move of them all. As far as WWE women go, she's probably one of the few who can pull a decent match out of her ass. Lance "Garrison" Cade is also gone, so there are a lot of options as far as using their cuts to add to our roster, once the no-compete clauses run out at least.

Of course, that's not the only thing. Dixie also wants us to hire an "international superstar" to the roster, presumably to help our publicity given the need for a move to primetime television. Sting and Steiner are all very well, but one's a part-timer and the less said about Steiner, the better. Nash is pretty much out of the game in case his heart goes again, so the list is pretty thin.

Apart from those on iron-clad WWE contracts that aren't running out anywhere near soon, the list looks a little like this…

- Bill Goldberg

- Bret Hart

- Brock Lesnar

- Chris Jericho

- Hulk Hogan

- Ken Shamrock

- Randy Savage

- Sid Vicious

- Steve Austin

- The Rock

Well. A lot of name value on that list, but… they all present their own little problems. The most obvious names on the list are Rock, Hogan, and Austin, but you're only getting a part-timer for your considerable investment. Hogan and Austin are both pushing it as far as age goes, they're both notorious for causing trouble backstage - Austin, especially, doesn't get on with Jeff Jarret, and that's pretty much a blacklisting right there, because Jarret's got more power backstage than I'd like, even without the book. Rock's still committed to Hollywood, so we'd only get a few dates a year, despite the obvious public image boost.

Bret, Savage, and Vicious are all over 40, varying degrees of crippled, and thus not a viable long-term investment as far as in-ring talent goes. Shamrock's still a great talent, but he's 41 years old and perhaps a bit of a risk. Still, you're not gonna find a 20-something with the name value Dixie's asking for outside of the WWE… well, apart from Brock Lesnar, of course.

He's a definite possibility, of course, but he's made it clear that he wouldn't work dates full-time, and he's certainly not the easiest person to manage backstage, in terms of keeping him happy, and I don't wanna turn the road-agents into full-time babysitters when they've already got enough to do.

That leaves Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg. In an ideal world, I'd jump on Jericho like a selfless soldier jumps on a live grenade, but practically I'm not so sure. He's happy to be out of the game, like he's said so many times, and not even the presence of three of his best friends (Christian Cage, Raven, and Ron Killings, in case you're curious) on the roster has been able to tempt him into even preliminary talks with us before. As for Goldberg, sheesh. He's the biggest 'name' we can realistically get our hands on, but he's damned expensive and I don't know if he'd be happy being used to try and get our home-grown talent over, which is what I'd primarily want this "international superstar" of Dixie's to do. Still, it's not an ideal world, none of the candidates are perfect and there's gonna have to be some compromise somewhere else.

Aside from the "international" stars, there are a few names currently without contract that have caught my eye. Whilst they're not guaranteed draws in the way that a Rock or Hogan on the roster would be, the casual fan would know at least something about them, and maybe even mark for them out of personal preference. Hell, our website got tonnes more hits on it when Christian showed up, and any publicity is good publicity. Who knows? A name like Yoshihiro Tajiri, Juventud Guerrera, Matt Bloom (known to you as A-Train), Andrew "Test" Martin, Mark "Muhammed Hussan" Copani, Rico Constantino, or Charlie Haas on the roster could be a boost.

IPB Image


Preview for May 11th edition

This week on SpikeTV, TNA gets World X Cup fever! The first round of the prestigious tournament, which showcases X Division-style talent from all over the world, will be getting underway this Thursday night with an amazing four X-Cup matches!

In the first round, the four teams have been randomly-drawn into pairings, with a member of each team facing a member of another team in singles action, with the winners getting two points which will later decide their advancement into the final round of the X-Cup.

The teams are as follows…

- Team USA is captained by Jerry Lynn, and will also feature Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, and "The Playa From The Himalaya" Sonjay Dutt.

- Team Canada's captain is Petey Williams, who will be leading a team also featuring Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and Team Canada's newest signing, Teddy Hart.

- Team Mexico is made up of representatives from the AAA promotion. Their captain is Shocker, and the team also features Mosco de la Merced, Alan, and Billy Boy.

- Team Japan is this year made up of regulars with the popular AJPW promotion. The team will be captained by TAKA Michinoku, and features MAZADA, NOSAWA, and Kaz Hayashi.

In addition to these X-Cup matches, Alex Shelley has revealed that his Paparazzi-Cam has footage of Jeff Hardy, as promised to TNA Director of Authority Larry Zybysko last week.

Confirmed Matches

Jerry Lynn (Team USA) vs. TAKA Michinoku (Team Japan) - World X-Cup round 1

Petey Williams (Team Canada) vs. Shocker (Team Mexico) - World X-Cup round 1

Mosco de la Merced (Team Mexico) vs. Jay Lethal (Team USA) World X-Cup round 1

Kaz Hayashi (Team Japan) vs. Bobby Roode (Team Canada) - World X-Cup round 1

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This is fairly decent so far, really liking the bookers narrative regarding the set goals. I'm not sure if you did hire Goldberg it would to be to put your current talent over - that would seem like a waste as you could potentially make a lot more money if he stormed through the roster on his way to the money match with the lead heel (Jarrett, most probably).

One thing though - you seem to have missed out the UK Team in the X-Cup! Come on mate, I wanna see my boys reppin'!

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I'm pretty sure it's Jarrett not Jarret as you've written throughout the diary..

I'm with Michael on that issue as well it would seem like a total waste to use Goldberg to put a bunch of guys over as Goldberg's whole mystique is that he's an unbeatable machine. That's kinda where WWE dropped the ball in real life.

Edited by Idolized
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Stepping away from the normal diary with the goals is a good idea. Hopefully it will give you and us a better idea of where you're going with everything as well as throwing up a few challenges.

With reference to Goldberg though, having him storm through the roster and dominate won't look good when he can't wrestle as I'm sure the TNA fans would realise in real life and also when it crushes the morale/overness of the current breed only for Goldberg to leave and to leave everybody else looking weak.

Overall, it's a good start and I think it would be even without the goals but they do add that little bit more. It also feels like TNA with the main event scene and you're doing a good job of keeping it some what true to life.

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((I hate posting in my diary when I don't have a show/anything diary-related to add, so I'm very sorry and hopefully it won't happen again, but I only have half of Impact written so I can't tack this onto a show.))

You're right, Idolized, I have been misspelling Jarrett. Many thanks.

As for Goldberg, I've read some rumours suggesting that TNA were looking to bring him in to help put over Samoa Joe as the same kind of unstoppable force that he was. A kind of "streak vs. streak" match. Goldberg's overness is 95, so in all fairness he could probably put somebody (not necessarily Joe in this diary) over in a short feud and still be head-and-shoulders above the rest of my main event, who peak at 85 overness. In terms of the diary, perhaps not, although I think the mystique around Goldberg could see that he survives one 'putting-somebody-over-at-his-own-expense' thing, if it didn't become regular.

Many apologies to anybody who saw the update and expected a show, I hope to have it finished by tomorrow afternoon as I'm out on the town this evening.

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IPB Image


May 11th 2006

Taped at the Impact-Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

- The broadcast begins with a look back at last week's show, featuring Samoa Joe's brutal destruction of Christopher Daniels, and his post-match assault on AJ Styles, who had come out to check on his rival. We also see Larry Zybysko's announcements regarding Sacrifice, and a brief video package remembering last year's World X-Cup tournament.

- With that done, it's over to the Impact-Zone in Orlando, where Mike Tenay and Don West are on hand to welcome us to the 60-Minute Adrenaline Rush. The announcers hype up the wealth of global talent on offer tonight, as this week's show is devoted to the X-Cup entirely. With that said, Team Canada's music plays, and the team are out for their first X-Cup bout.

- World X-Cup - Bobby Roode (Team Canada) vs. Kaz Hayashi (Team Japan)

Bobby Roode will be taking to the ring here, against Hayashi. The bout begins with a lock-up, and Kaz gets some judo-style throws and martial arts kicks in before Roode palms away a kick and flattens him with a Polish hammer. The match is David and Goliath in nature, with Kaz trying a hit-and-run approach against the much bigger man and Roode brutalising him whenever he can get ahold of him. Hayashi shows a disregard for the rules almost rivalling Team Canada's, hooking tights and raking eyes whenever he can, and it is an underhanded tactic - a low-blow - which enables him to get the opening needed to hit a springboard hurricanrana for the pinfall. ¼*

Hayashi celebrates getting his team off the mark as the bell rings, but the rest of Team Canada are on hand to make him regret it, jumping him as he leaves the ring and tossing him around the ringside area. Coach D'Amore eventually calls them off, and the Canadians stalk backstage.

(MQ 66%, CR 28%, OR 47%)

- Samoa Joe's assault on AJ Styles is shown again, this time with some post-show footage of Larry Zybysko tacked on, checking on Styles and going livid at Joe as his car leaves the parking lot.

Larry Zybysko: "That's it - I've had enough of you, you hear me? Sacrifice - you and Styles, Joe! X Division title on the line, no disqualifications!"

The video package fades out, and Tenay informs us that Styles is recovering well, but isn't expected to be cleared to wrestle before the Pay-Per-View. We go to commercials after the announcement.

- World X-Cup - Jay Lethal (Team USA) vs. Mosco de la Merced (Team Mexico)

Back from the break, the next X-Cup match starts with a handshake between Jay Lethal and Mosco de la Merced, and a lock-up. They jockey for position until Merced sweeps Lethal's legs out from under him and goes on the offensive with some excellent lucha libre-style offense, flying from all corners of the six-sided ring in his aerial bombardment. Eventually, Lethal manages to catch him in mid-air for a sitout powerbomb, and takes to the skies himself with a missile dropkick and a moonsault. Mosco tries to get back into the match, but Lethal has kicked into gear and it's not long before he is able to hook Mosco's arms and plant him with the Dragon Suplex, which is bridged for the 3-count. *½

Lethal celebrates his victory, and helps Mosco up off of the mat. The two share another handshake, and Tenay puts over the spirit of competition in the X-Cup, claiming that it's not about who wins, but about the quality of the wrestling. Nice.

(MQ 80%, CR 31%, OR 55%)

- Up next is the footage promised to us last week by the man behind the infamous Paparrazi-Cam, "Generation Next" Alex Shelley. The footage begins outside Jeff Hardy's North Carolina home, shot through some foliage, peeking into his back yard. Shelley is heard from behind the camera, commenting on the footage.

Alex Shelley: "And here we are, TNA - the home of Jeff 'I don't have to show up to collect my pay check' Hardy. There you see the trampoline, no doubt worn down to breaking point after Hardy's early career as a yard-tard wannabe, in this very back yard! Yes, this is history in the making, folks, a look at the world-famous OMEGA arena… it's a dump, I know."

The camera moves closer, and with the help of the zoom lens, we soon see into Hardy's house through his conservatory.

Alex Shelley: "Swank, eh? However much he's collecting from TNA head office, he's certainly putting it to good use - is that Kashmir on the sofa? Niiiice! But, where oh where is the man himself? Well, let's find out."

Again, the camera creeps closer, and jolts somewhat as Shelley creeps into Hardy's back yard, snooping around and trying to find his quarry. Eventually, we spy Hardy through the kitchen window, preparing a meal.

Alex Shelley: "And there he is. Well, now that his wrestling career's wound down it seems he's found solace in the art of cookery, ladies and gents. Hell, once he gets fired and blackballed, perhaps he could try out for Masterchef? That's if he can resist the lure of tossing some of his finest home-grown into the mix, of course… that looks like oregano he's adding there, but you never can tell with Hardy, can you?"

There's a little more snooping, silently, before Shelley steps on a twig and is forced to duck into a bush to hide. He turns the camera around, so that he fills the screen Blair Witch style, and whispers.

Alex Shelley: "There you have it. Is he injured? No. Is he in some deep state of depression? No. Jeff Hardy is just a lazy, good-for-nothing has-been who's more committed to Italian cuisine than to pro wrestling. Bet the farm on him no-showing for Sacrifice, just like he's no-shown the last dozen or so TNA shows - it's the smart bet, guys. Step aside, Hardy, for the next generation - the Paparrazi-Cam's seen it all."

With that, we go to a commercial break.


- World X-Cup - Petey Williams (Team Canada) vs. Shocker (Team Mexico)

Team Mexico's captain, Shocker, is in the ring now as we return to iMPACT!, and Petey Williams is heading out to face his opposite number. Williams starts with a slap to Shocker's face, which instantly draws one in return. The two go back and forth until Williams pokes Shocker in the eye, and starts to take control. The Canadian dominates for the first few minutes, working on Shocker's back and neck with some high-impact suplexes and his wealth of submission knowledge, undoubtedly trying to weaken him up for the Canadian Destroyer. Shocker, however, fights back and goes on the offensive with a springboard cross-body block, and some lucha-style offense that Tenay puts over as being "the seed of the X Division style." Williams spends much of the match trying to ground the high-flier, and when he can't do this conventionally, he resorts to low blows and underhanded tactics. Eventually, Shocker knocks Williams down with a chop-block, and heads up to the top rope - but Williams gets his knees up to block the 450 attempt! With that, Shocker is easy prey for a victory roll, with the tights hooked, for the pinfall. ***

Shocker is stunned at having had the match stolen from his grasp, and Williams is understandably quick to exit. Tenay and West rage at Team Canada's tactics, claiming that Shocker was the better wrestler in the match and Williams had to resort to cheating, which isn't going to fly in the latter stages of the X-Cup when things get more high-octane. Apparently.

(MQ 86%, CR 60%, OR 73%)

- We're taped, now, as Scott Steiner is shown in a Florida nightclub, surrounded by an assortment of 'freaks' and drinking brewskies. He's evidently enjoying the attention, and seemingly finds it hard to tear his focus away from it as he addresses the camera.

Scott Steiner: "Christian Cage - (spits on the floor) - that's what I think of you. You're a nothing, I said it when I came to TNA and I say it now. I've swatted men like you for years, boy, like they were nothing but flies. You want to laugh at me, Cage? You dare to make insinuations that THESE PEAKS are anything other than the product of genetics and hard work?"

The steroid jibe obviously got to Steiner, and he takes a moment to compose himself.

Scott Steiner: "Just for that - I'll crush you like a bug at Sacrifice. Hell, I might've gone easy on you, I know how they like the softly, softly approach up North and I was thinkin' of playin' ball with you on that one - but you crossed the line. You're nothing, boy, an overrated sack of garbage who thinks he's funny, who thinks he's somethin' he ain't. Lemme tell you what you are - you're an insect, and I'm the exterminator. I'm the Big, Bad, Booty Daddy - and at Sacrifice, you're gonna find out just why they call me Big Poppa Pump."

Rant over, Steiner returns to his beers and women, and we go to a commercial.


- World X-Cup - Jerry Lynn (Team USA) vs. TAKA Michinoku (Team Japan)

The main event begins with Lynn offering Michinoku a handshake, which is snubbed. TAKA, playing his usual 'punk' role, proceeds to chop Lynn hard across his chest and force him into the turnbuckle for some more chops, leaving Lynn's chest lit up like a Christmas tree. Michinoku follows up with a headscissor takedown, springing up onto the ropes for a springboard elbow drop. TAKA dominates Lynn in the early parts of this match, with Tenay and West doing their best to put him over without mentioning WWE, stopping every now and then between moves to taunt the baying crowd. It is one such lapse that allows Lynn back into the bout, however, with a DDT to counter a suplex attempt. Lynn takes the match down to the mat, tying TAKA up in knots and working over his head. Michinoku, however, wrestles himself back into the match, going after Lynn's legs with some great submission holds and some old-fashioned boots to the knees. After going back and forth for a while, the two men have almost fought to a stalemate, so Michinoku opts to go all or nothing with a flying leg drop. It gets nothing, as Lynn is able to roll out of the way, and hook TAKA for the Cradle Piledriver. The work on his legs seems to have paid off, as he has a hard time lifting his opponent up, but finally he is able to execute the maneuver for the 1-2-3. ****

The Impact-Zone offers a standing ovation as Lynn celebrates his victory, leading them in a chant of 'TNA' which soon turns into the predictable 'USA' chant. As the crowd chant, however, Lynn misses Michinoku slowly picking himself up off of the mat - and grabbing the Japanese flag he brought out to ringside with him! TAKA breaks the flagpole in half over Lynn's head with a sickening crack, and dumps him unceremoniously out of the ring. He attempts to start a 'Japan' chant, but it unsurprisingly doesn't fly, so he resorts to taunting and mocking as Tenay and West run him down on commentary. They remind us to tune in next week for X-Cup tag team action, and that's it for this week.

(MQ 98%, CR 65%, OR 81%)

Overall - 70%

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Shelley/Hardy fued...that's rather interesting. Im sure those two can put on a decent match for ya at times.

Part of me would like to see Goldberg come in to be your 'international superstar', but that's just how my fantasical brain works. You should still try to get Jericho in, he could put on some killer matches with AJ Styles, Chris Dainels, and many others. Getting Jericho would be a good fit for you.

But other than that....Push Samoa Joe, damn it!

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Post-Impact Goal Check

One piece of excellent news to report right off the bat. Following the last two shows, and an overall good showing from Impact since it's moved to the Thursday slot, Dixie Carter's team had a meeting with some SpikeTV executives this morning. To cut a long story short, they're cancelling a couple of shows and re-jigging their schedule around to compensate, which means that there's a two-hour slot at 8pm on Thursday that's wide open! Yeah, we jumped into it like a fox jumps into a rabbit-hole, so starting with the May 25th show, the first after Sacrifice next weekend, TNA is going primetime!

This, of course, heightens the need for us to get this "international superstar" in, and to advertise some steals from the WWE. As far as workers nearing the end of their contracts go, only one has caught my eye, but the usual contractual agreements prevent me from even whispering his name until the deal goes through, if it even does. We've held preliminary discussions with three of the men on my list, and I've tried to keep Larry's name as far away as possible where one of them is concerned, as there's still some bad blood there. Well, you're never gonna please everybody in a promotion this big, are you?

As far as making use of the E's roster cuts is concerned, we've agreed to a deal with "The Shooter" Brent Albright, and we're hoping to speak with Victoria in the next few days.

Now that we've made some headway with our short-term plans, and gotten Impact onto primetime effective after the PPV, we can concentrate on some other goals. The development federation is something I think we could really use, especially as a lot of our workers are still very green, or unpolished diamonds from the indies who don't look quite at home on television. A developmental facility would allow us to polish them up, so to speak, and hone their talents towards the TNA style, which is decidedly different to what a lot of the ex-indie guys are used to working.

As for the PPV, which Dixie wants to draw at least 0.6, all we can do now is keep up our advertising initiative and try to build a good card. Hopefully, when we factor in the replay buys, we'll have a substantial buyrate indeed, as there's due to be more than one hair-raising surprise at Sacrifice.

IPB Image


Preview for May 18th edition

Yet more World X-Cup action in store this week, with the four teams all involved in a tag team scramble match in Round 2. Whilst victories in Round 1 were worth two points, a victory in the scramble will be worth 4 points, meaning that any team could feasibly come out on top after this match. As it stands, Team USA leads with 4 points, Teams Canada and Japan have 2 apiece, and Team Mexico is yet to get off the mark, but that could all change after this week's 60-Minute Adrenaline Rush.

Also for iMPACT! this week, Rhino is planning to warm up for his bout with the King of the Mountain himself, Jeff Jarrett, with a match against his right-hand man, Scott Steiner. Whilst this will be a high-octane bout in and of itself, you can be sure that both Christian Cage and Jarrett will be keeping an eye on their Sacrifice opponents in this one.

In other action, BG James will be meeting the LAX's Homicide in singles action, and America's Most Wanted prepare for their imminent Tag Team title defence with a match against Simon Diamond's handpicked Diamonds in the Rough.

Confirmed Matches

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

Dutt and Sabin (Team USA) vs. Los Barrio Boys (Team Mexico) vs. NOSAWA and MAZADA (Team Japan) vs. Teddy Hart/Eric Young (Team Canada) - World X-Cup Round 2

BG James vs. "The Notorious 187" Homicide

America's Most Wanted vs. Diamonds in the Rough

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Gotta say, The World X-Cup is looking great at the moment. Team USA look like they are gonna get the push in this although right now, you can never right of team Canada. Was actually suprised Bobby Roode lost although thats probably just because i'm a Roode mark. Team Mexico look kinda screwed. The build up between Hardy and Shelley was great - easily visible in my mind. Should be a great match. I kinda think at the moment that Jeff Hardy is gonna win...you know, people doubt you, then you pull through. Steiner/Cage, Rhino/Jarrett, great again. Holding off the inevitable rematches between Cage and Jarrett should pay off. I'll be intruiged to see if you can make anything of the womens division though (with the negotiations with Victoria)..you're gonna deffo have to sign some more female wrestlers - Jazz went on record as saying that she likes the girls on TNA but their not good wrestlers!

Will be reading and am looking forward to your next installment.

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IPB Image


May 18th 2006

Taped at the Impact-Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

- Last week's bonzo gonzo X-Cup action is shown in a highlights package to start the show, with Team USA especially hyped up as per patriotism, and TAKA Michinoku given the big-time heel treatment. Short and sweet.

- Videos over, we head over to Studio 21 at Universal, and the show begins. Tenay and West discuss the X-Cup matches last week, and lay down the hard sell for Sacrifice this Sunday night, especially hamming up the three big matches on the card - Cage/Steiner, Jarret/Rhino, and Joe/Styles - as well as the conclusion of the World X-Cup tournament. No show-opening interviews today, as the Diamonds in the Rough are out for the opening bout.

- America's Most Wanted vs. Diamonds in the Rough

As AMW head to the ring, Simon Diamond instructs David Young to stay on the apron, and takes the spot in this match himself! Diamond makes a good display of leading from the front in the opening moments, easily outwrestling James Storm from the opening lock-up and working over his arm with some holds and good old-fashioned armbreakers. Storm fights back with a low blow and a backbreaker, before proceeding to boot the Hell out of Diamond, leaving him wheezing and panting in the corner, unfortunately well-placed for a splash from the Cowboy. Storm makes the tag to Chris Harris, who taunts Skipper and Young by throwing Diamond around the ring like a sack of trash. This gets Young onto the ropes, distracting the referee, and Skipper uses the opportunity to rush in with a dropkick to Harris' temple, knocking him for six. Simon makes the tag, and Skipper continues his kicking and flipping, working over Harris, who eventually counters with the double-head-clash tackle and both men are down. They make their respective tags, but Diamond is too slow off of the mark and gets caught with a Superkick for the pinfall. ***

Diamond is pulled outside by his charges as the bell rings, with Tenay and West commenting that youth and stamina got the better of him there. Harris and Storm are just heading out of the ring when two figures come flying at them from opposite sides of the crowd - it's the Naturals! Attacking in a pincer movement, the chair-wielding challengers smack AMW around a bit, before tossing them head-first into each other and making the usual promises that the titles are theirs this Sunday night. We go to a commercial.

(MQ 86%, CR 68%, OR 77%)

- BG James vs. "The Notorious 187" Homicide

Back from the break and it's LAX vs. James Gang round 20ish, as BG James faces Homicide. As the two men exchange their opening punches, Tenay notes that LAX's numbers advantage has evaporated lately, and they've been on the receiving end of some beatings lately. Homicide seems to be holding his own, regardless, quickly overpowering the much older man with some quick and agile offense, before switching to his usual 'batter the crap out of you' routine when he's got the advantage. This only gets him so far, as James is able to duck a wild kick and go on the offense with his shaky punch combination and shaky knee drop, before signalling for a piledriver. As he winds Homicide up, however, a bandana-clad figure rolls into the ring and clocks him around the head with a lead pipe - and Konnan's distracting the referee! Homicide takes advantage and rolls James up for the pinfall. **

Kip James is understandably quick to race out from the back, but Konnan flattens him with his steel chain, before tossing him to the mercy of Homicide and the bandana-wearing man. Homicide drops Kip with a Cop Killa, and the other man nails a Shining Wizard on BG James, as Konnan grabs himself a mic.

Konnan: "Orale! Yo, lemme speak on dis - BG, Kip, you don't get it, hombres! This ain't 'rasslin'' no more, homes, this is street fightin' rules, man. Allow me to introduce you to mi hermano - this is "The New Age Punisher", homes, si llamo B-Boy! Yo, boys, let's quit this joint!"

Homicide, along with the bandana-wearing B-Boy, exit the ring, stalking menacingly to the back with Konnan as EMTs rush out to help the James Gang.

(MQ 77% CR 62%, OR 69%)

- Tenay informs us that last week's Shelley-Cam footage was incomplete, and Shelley has 'graciously' allowed TNA to air the rest of the footage this week, and has even waived his right to royalties. Apparently. Anyway, we're back at the Hardy homestead, where Shelley is staring Blair-Witch style into the camera, just as we left him last week.

Alex Shelley: "Y'know something? This guy makes me sick. He's a joke - look at him in there (spins camera around to illustrate his point) cooking away, while guys like me have to work tooth and nail for our pay. Ah, screw it. You know what? I can't take this guy anymore."

With that, Shelley exits the bush and heads, bold as brass, up to Hardy's kitchen window. We see his hand protruding out in front of the camera, knocking on the glass.

Alex Shelley: "Yo, Hardy! Get out here! Get out here and face me like a man, Hardy!"

Hardy heads out, understandably pissed off that TNA's most ardent voyeur has found his way into his own back yard.

Jeff Hardy: "What the (bleep) are you doing here?"

Alex Shelley: "Why haven't you been showing up like you're contracted to, Hardy? Why have you betrayed TNA? You're on the Paparazzi-Cam, you can't hide now - tell the people why you've sold them out!"

Jeff Hardy: "Put that down! Jesus Christ, I'm calling the cops. You're twisted, you know that?"

Alex Shelley: "Oh yeah?! Twist this, bitch!"

With that, Shelley cracks Hardy in the face with the Paparazzi-Cam! The camera drops to the floor, facing upwards, and we can just make out - upside-down - Shelley tackling Hardy to the floor and beating him around the face! Shelley leaves Hardy flat out on his lawn, bleeding, and picks up the Paparazzi-Cam, which has suffered a cracked lens.

Alex Shelley: "You've gotta make sacrifices for success, TNA. I guess that's why the next Pay-Per-View is called Sacrifice. Sacrifice this waste of space, and make way for the next generation."


- World X-Cup - Dutt and Sabin (Team USA) vs. Los Barrio Boys (Team Mexico) vs. NOSAWA and MAZADA (Team Japan) vs. Teddy Hart/Eric Young (Team Canada)

Next up is the World X-Cup, Round 2. This will be a one-fall match, we're informed, and scramble rules mean all four teams are in at once. So, NOSAWA starts off by kicking the crap out of Chris Sabin, whilst Teddy Hart goes after Billy Boy of Team Mexico. It's generally bonzo gonzo for a while, with Hart and NOSAWA getting the better of their opponents, but breaking off every now and then to attack each other. One such break allows Sonjay Dutt in on a hot tag, cleaning house and throwing Billy Boy over the top rope, before throwing himself over the ropes with a topé con hilo! Back in the ring, Teddy Hart tags in Eric Young, and the two men work over NOSAWA, continually tattling to the referee on MAZADA's attempts to help his partner out. Finally, Dutt and Billy Boy head back into the ring, making the tag to their respective partners, and there's more clusterfuck four-way action, with each team flying off of the top rope for some big spots but nobody able to make an uninterrupted count. Eventually, NOSAWA and MAZADA break off from the match to brawl with Teddy Hart on the outside, and Sonjay Dutt crashes down onto both of them with a top rope splash! This gives Los Barrio Boys the opening they need, hitting both Sabin and Young with stereo Missile Dropkicks, and making the pinfall! *½

The Barrio Boys celebrate as the bell rings, and the four men on the outside look very surprised indeed. Tenay and West note that, due to the double points on offer in this match, Team Mexico have gone from 0 points to 4 points, putting them neck-and-neck with Team USA for the lead!

(MQ 77%, CR 43%, OR 60%)

- There's some merchandise advertising now, featuring Samoa Joe, who implores us to buy his new T-shirt or get killed, as per the "Joe's gonna kill you" chant which is also the slogan on the shirt. Well, that's one way to market stuff. We take a commercial break.

- Back from the break, and Shane Douglas is standing by with "The War Machine" himself, Rhino. Rhino's looking pretty amped for his match, which is up next, and stares intently at the camera through his hair as Douglas begins the questioning.

Shane Douglas: "So, Rhino - just 72 hours away from Sacrifice, where you've got Jeff Jarrett at your mercy at last, you're facing Scott Steiner in a rematch of the incident that started this rivalry just over four weeks -"

He's cut off, however, as Rhino grabs his arm and jerks it over to himself, positioning the mic below his face.

Rhino: "The incident that started this? You've got it all wrong, Douglas. This started when Jarrett and his little playthings screwed me out of the NWA World's title, when they stole from me the prize I've spent my whole career chasing. Since then, I've been out of the picture! I've been ignored! And why? Two words, Douglas. Jeff - (bleep)in' - Jarrett. He can bring Scott Steiner, he can bring AMW, he can bring his harem, he can bring anybody he likes to Sacrifice. NOBODY BUT NOBODY will stop me from getting my revenge. The War Machine's on the warpath now, Douglas, and Jarrett's gonna surrender whether he likes it or not."

Rhino lets Douglas' arm go, and stalks off camera, presumably heading towards the ring.


- "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

Indeed, he is out to the ring moments later, where the Genetic Freak is waiting for him. The two men eschew the usual lock-up in favour of punching each other roundly about the face, an exchange which Steiner is able to win thanks to his large arms and a strategic eye-poke. He forces Rhino into the turnbuckle and lays into him with shoulder thrusts and more punches, before climbing up onto the middle rope. Tenay smells a Frankensteiner, but Rhino counters with a sitout powerbomb out of the corner. The War Machine takes advantage with some backbreakers and an impressive Oklahoma slam, before going to work on Steiner's surgically-repaired leg with a Nagata leg lock! Steiner is yelling blue murder, inching towards the ropes, but it turns out that Rhino has very little patience and releases the hold himself in favour of some more punches to the face. He tosses Steiner to the outside now, where the Genetic Freak makes a 'come here' gesture towards the ramp. Rhino heads out of the ring to join him - and here's Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett rushes out, guitar in hand, and Steiner is able to keep Earl Hebner suitably distracted for Jarrett to break the instrument over Rhino's head and roll him into the ring, where he's easy prey for a Steiner Recliner. Hebner rules him to have passed out in the hold, although he was probably knocked out beforehand, and rings the bell. *½

The dastardly duo pose in the ring, as per usual, until another figure rushes out from the back - it's Christian Cage! Tenay figured he was off shooting for a movie, and didn't expect him on the show tonight, and Steiner looks just as surprised. He quickly bails out of the ring, but Jarrett is ironically slower than him and is hit with a spear and the Unprettier! Cage dumps Jarrett to the outside, where Steiner helps him back up, and Rhino is on his feet too now. The four men stare down and exchange insults, whilst Tenay comments about the tension, and that we're going to see it explode at Sacrifice! That's the hard sell, and the show fades out.

(MQ 68%, CR 75%, OR 72%)

Overall - 68%

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Ok Cool, I think i'll be the first to get to the predicitons (if someone hasn't beat me to it by the end). Really great previous show btw...

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage © vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

I gotta feeling that although Steiner is definately the more experienced in the "big" matches, I think that Christian is gonna continue his tenure, as to keep his credibility as a Champion and Steiner will take a back seat (definately gonna see the Jarrett Vs. Christian rematch)

World X-Cup Final - Ultimate X Match

Jerry Lynn (Team USA) vs. Shocker (Team Mexico) vs. TAKA Michinoku (Team Japan) vs. Petey Williams (Team Canada)

Despite great starts from the Mexicans and The Americans, you can never right off the down right dirty tactics mixed with the talent of Team Canada. I expect nothing less :)

Grudge Match

"King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

Sure, Rhino is a War Machine but The King of the Mountain > J00 (not an opinion I share lol)

NWA World Tag Team Championship

America's Most Wanted © vs. The Naturals

AMW using the naturals as a stop gap to bigger matches with Team 3D

TNA X Division Championship - No Disqualifications

"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe © vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

Joe isn't ready to lose. Styles may take a serious beating

The James Gang vs. The Latin American Exchange w/Konnan

Just got a feeling...

World X-Cup Round 3 - Ladder Scramble Match

Sonjay Dutt (Team USA) vs. Mosco de la Merced (Team Mexico) vs. Kaz Hayashi (Team Japan) vs. Teddy Hart (Team Canada)

1. Will Jeff Hardy show up at the PPV? Yes/No

2a. Will there be any debuts at the PPV? Yes/No

2b. If you answered Yes to 2a - who will the debutant be?

This is a really hard question, and i'm a little tempted to say Goldberg, so i'm gonna go with it anyway..yep..Goldberg...with a very very very slight chance it could be Lesnar :unsure:

3. I guess i'm gonna go with Team Canada! I've got a feeling are gonna win it due to some hefty interference from Scott D'Amore

good luck!

Edited by DaveKOTW
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NWA World Heavyweight Championship

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage © vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Steiner is too old and doesn't have the talent to carry the top title and even if he was to pull it off who outside of Cage can really feud with him?

World X-Cup Final - Ultimate X Match

Jerry Lynn (Team USA) vs. Shocker (Team Mexico) vs. TAKA Michinoku (Team Japan) vs. Petey Williams (Team Canada)

Being part of the regular team makes me think that the Canadian should take it and cement Team Canada as a real threat in TNA.

Grudge Match

"King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarret vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

After the beatings Rhino's been taking he needs a win here or he isn't going to look quite as war machine as he should or could.

NWA World Tag Team Championship

America's Most Wanted © vs. The Naturals

Just take the titles off them and get some sort of new tag team in there.

TNA X Division Championship - No Disqualifications

"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe © vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

Styles to take a complete and utter beating to the point of being KO'd by Joe. I would like to see Joe move out of the X-Division but him and Williams seem to be the only heels in there any the loss he would need to get out would make him look weak.

The James Gang vs. The Latin American Exchange w/Konnan

Without a win the newboys look weak and they need to look a threat at the moment.

World X-Cup Round 3 - Ladder Scramble Match

Sonjay Dutt (Team USA) vs. Mosco de la Merced (Team Mexico) vs. Kaz Hayashi (Team Japan) vs. Teddy Hart (Team Canada)

I could see him as the man to hang around after the XCup despite his bad attitude and a win in this one will really let Mike and Don pimp him big style.

1. Will Jeff Hardy show up at the PPV? Yes. He has to be. He'll fight Shelley or continue there feud.

2a. Will there be any debuts at the PPV? Yes

2b. If you answered Yes to 2a - who will the debutant be? Somebody to take on Cage...maybe...Lance Storm? Oh I don't know but hell it's worth a guess.

3. Which team will be the overall winner of the World X-Cup? Canada

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NWA World Heavyweight Championship

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage © vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

World X-Cup Final - Ultimate X Match

Jerry Lynn (Team USA) vs. Shocker (Team Mexico) vs. TAKA Michinoku (Team Japan) vs. Petey Williams (Team Canada)

Grudge Match

"King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarret vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

NWA World Tag Team Championship

America's Most Wanted © vs. The Naturals

TNA X Division Championship - No Disqualifications

"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe © vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

The James Gang vs. The Latin American Exchange w/Konnan

World X-Cup Round 3 - Ladder Scramble Match

Sonjay Dutt (Team USA) vs. Mosco de la Merced (Team Mexico) vs. Kaz Hayashi (Team Japan) vs. Teddy Hart (Team Canada)

1. Will Jeff Hardy show up at the PPV? Yes

2a. Will there be any debuts at the PPV? Yes

2b. If you answered Yes to 2a - who will the debutant be? Chris Jericho

3. Which team will be the overall winner of the World X-Cup? USA

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I have to be honest with you, I haven't really read any of this yet. But the chance to win this prediction contest and force you into running a successful lesbian angle complete with on air lesbianizing has me posting predictions anyway.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage © vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Seems logical enough. I doubt Steiner is someone you'd consider your ideal champion.

World X-Cup Final - Ultimate X Match

Jerry Lynn (Team USA) vs. Shocker (Team Mexico) vs. TAKA Michinoku (Team Japan) vs. Petey Williams (Team Canada)

Shocker won't win it. I know that, so it's down to these three. Basically a random guess here.

Grudge Match

"King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarret vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

I'm looking for Jarrett to win it cheaply.

NWA World Tag Team Championship

America's Most Wanted © vs. The Naturals

TNA X Division Championship - No Disqualifications

"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe © vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

The James Gang vs. The Latin American Exchange w/Konnan

World X-Cup Round 3 - Ladder Scramble Match

Sonjay Dutt (Team USA) vs. Mosco de la Merced (Team Mexico) vs. Kaz Hayashi (Team Japan) vs. Teddy Hart (Team Canada)

1. Will Jeff Hardy show up at the PPV? Yes

2a. Will there be any debuts at the PPV? Yes

2b. If you answered Yes to 2a - who will the debutant be? Jericho

3. Which team will be the overall winner of the World X-Cup? Canada

You better hope I lose so you don't have to write an all girl orgy.

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Since I got punked out in the predictions in my own diary, winning other people's prediction contests is the only way to regain my heat...

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage © vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Because putting the big belt on Steiner is not something that can really be justified.

World X-Cup Final - Ultimate X Match

Jerry Lynn (Team USA) vs. Shocker (Team Mexico) vs. TAKA Michinoku (Team Japan) vs. Petey Williams (Team Canada)

Basically a guess... like Essa said, it's pretty much a toss-up between anyone who isn't Shocker

Grudge Match

"King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

Even in diaries, where he has no real control, you don't bet against Jarrett.

NWA World Tag Team Championship

America's Most Wanted © vs. The Naturals

Because there don't seem to be many title changes.

TNA X Division Championship - No Disqualifications

"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe © vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

Joe is gonna kill him.

The James Gang vs. The Latin American Exchange w/Konnan

The LAX are actually going somewhere, the James Gang are boring

World X-Cup Round 3 - Ladder Scramble Match

Sonjay Dutt (Team USA) vs. Mosco de la Merced (Team Mexico) vs. Kaz Hayashi (Team Japan) vs. Teddy Hart (Team Canada)

Just because he's the only one I like

1. Will Jeff Hardy show up at the PPV? Yes/No - the image of Jeff Hardy getting whacked upside the head with the Shelley-Cam is one that's stuck in my head, you must continue this angle

2a. Will there be any debuts at the PPV? Yes/No

2b. If you answered Yes to 2a - who will the debutant be?

3. Which team will be the overall winner of the World X-Cup? USA/Mexico/Japan/Canada

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1. Will Jeff Hardy show up at the PPV? Yes

2a. Will there be any debuts at the PPV? Yes

2b. If you answered Yes to 2a - who will the debutant be? Jericho/Lesnar

3. Which team will be the overall winner of the World X Cup? Mexico

Christian Cage


Jeff Jarrett

The Naturals

The James Gang

Teddy Hart

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IPB Image


Sunday, May 21st 2006

Live from the Impact-Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

"In times of war…"

Jeff Jarrett's Army is shown beating down Sting, forcing him out of TNA, and then beating up Rhino three weeks ago on iMPACT!

"…do not pray for honour, amity, or surrender."

Christian Cage's title victory over Jarrett is shown, as is Scott Steiner's shocking TNA debut.

"In times of harship…"

Samoa Joe is shown performing the Muscle Buster on various X-Division stars, and winning the X title from Christopher Daniels.

"…do not wish for release."

AJ Styles' horrific beating at Joe's hands is shown.

"In times of famine…"

AMW's ruthless handcuffings are shown now, as are their various run-ins with the Naturals.

"…do not crave sustenance."

The Latin American eXchange's recent feud with the James Gang is recapped via still photographs, featuring the debut of B-Boy last week.

"In times of uprising…"

Alex Shelley's assault on Jeff Hardy is shown, with Hardy's bloodied face frozen on screen.

"…do not yearn for order."

Some images from the World X-Cup tournament are recapped now.

"In all of this… ask only that you outlive the day."

The NWA-TNA logo flashes up on screen for a brief moment, before it is replaced by a battered, battle-ravaged landscape, over which a single crow flies, looking down at the chaos below. It lands on a broken cross, and cries a mournful cry.

"Do not ask for sacrifice - sacrifice is asked of you."

With that, the landscape is replaced by a TNA video montage, featuring the very best action spots and highlight reel moments, set to the tune of "Silverfuck" by the Smashing Pumpkins. With the music still ripping out of the PA System, we head over to Stage 21 at Universal Studios in sunny Orlando - the Impact-Zone - where Mike Tenay and Don West are at the announcer's desk.

Mike Tenay: "Welcome to TNA Sacrifice! It's May 21st, 2006, and TNA is live on Pay-Per-View from Orlando, Florida! And Don, do we have a show tonight or what?"

Don West: "Oh, you said it Mike - we've got everything tonight! Samoa Joe defends the X Division title against AJ Styles after that brutal assault two weeks ago, in a no disqualification match! The James Gang and the LAX go at it again! The Naturals try to regain the NWA Tag Team titles from AMW!"

Mike Tenay: "And then you've got the World X-Cup, of course, which comes to an end tonight. And Don, how can you forget about the big ones?"

Don West: "Rhino gets his shot at Jeff Jarrett, in revenge for months of torture at his hands! And in the main event - Big Poppa Pump himself, Scott Steiner, one-on-one with Christian Cage with the World's Heavyweight title on the line!"

Mike Tenay: "It's gonna be one Hell of a show folks, don't touch that dial. Sit back and relax, because Sacrifice is gonna be off the charts."

Team Canada are out first, the entire group swinging Maple Leaf flags and trying to psyche up their representative, Teddy Hart, as he spies the large red 'X' that is situated above the ring as the prize in this Ladder Scramble match. As Hart warms up in the ring, Team Mexico's Mosco de la Merced heads out unaccompanied, with Kaz Hayashi of Team Japan right behind him. The three men start circling the ring, eyeing each other suspiciously, as "The Original Playa From the Himalaya" Sonjay Dutt makes his way down to the ring. Referee Andrew Thomas reads them the riot act, and the bout gets underway.

- World X-Cup Ladder Scramble - Sonjay Dutt (Team USA) vs. Mosco de la Merced (Team Mexico) vs. Kaz Hayashi (Team Japan) vs. Teddy Hart (Team Canada)

All four men instantly make a beeline for the ladder, which is set up in the middle of the ring. Teddy Hart gets a few steps up before Sonjay Dutt pulls him down by the tights, whilst Hayashi and Mosco begin to trade kicks and punches, forcing each other into the ropes. Dutt slings Hart across the ring and catches him on the rebound for a spinning DDT, before rolling onto him with a flipping senton splash! Dutt then pushes the ladder over, so it is balancing see-saw like on the ropes, and throws Teddy headfirst into the steel. Meanwhile, Mosco de la Merced has taken control of Hayashi, and comes out of the corner with a hurricanrana to knock him down. He follows up with a clothesline to send Kaz over the ropes, and follows outside after a baseball slide. As the two men exchange blows on the outside, however - Team Canada get involved! Bobby Roode and Petey Williams take care of the Mexican and Japanese participants, with Coach D'Amore directing traffic, and this catches the attention of Sonjay Dutt, who breaks off from Teddy Hart and starts yelling at the Canadians. All of this gives Hart the opening he needs - first, he knocks Dutt down with a dropkick to the skull, sending him tumbling out of the ring, and then runs up the see-saw pivoted ladder, launching himself off with a shooting star press to take out everybody at ringside!

Mike Tenay: "Oh my God! Teddy Hart just took everybody out - even his own Coach!"

Don West: "Williams and Roode, they got out of the way, but D'Amore got flattened like everybody else there! Team Canada will do anything to win this one!"

Dutt is the first man up from the tangle of arms and legs, and quickly disposes of D'Amore with a stiff superkick, knocking him for six. He proceeds to pick Mosco up and shovel him back into the ring, before following him in with a springboard elbow drop. Dutt then sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring and begins to climb, almost reaching the top before -

Don West: "Hayashi! Watch out!"

- Kaz hurtles off of the top rope with a dropkick, catching Sonjay in the chest and sending him down hard to the mat! The ladder stays standing, so Kaz is quick off of the mark and starts climbing, but Mosco de la Merced is up and climbing up the other side. The two men meet on top of the ladder, and start to exchange punches at the somewhat precarious height of 15 feet above the ring. Kaz starts to gain the upper hand, and almost knocks Mosco down, grabbing him by the wrist and hauling him up as if for a suplex off of the ladder. We'll never know what he was planning, however, as Teddy Hart is at the bottom of the ladder - and topples it over with a dropkick!

Mike Tenay: "Oh no!"

Don West: "Look out below!"

Kaz and Mosco go crahsing down, with Mosco catching his jaw on the top rope and whiplashing backwards to the mat, and Kaz clearing the ropes entirely, dropping clear onto the hard concrete floor with a sickening thud! Hart takes a moment to deal with a recovering Sonjay Dutt - dropping him with a vicious Hart Attack clothesline - whilst Bobby Roode and Eric Young duck into the ring and set up the ladder! Teddy then starts his climb, unopposed, and unhooks the X! Team Canada win Round 3! *¾

Don West: "Teddy Hart wins, with a little help from Team Canada!"

Mike Tenay: "And remember, Don - Round 3 of the World X-Cup is worth six points - which means that Team Canada are now in the lead with 8 points overall! And that means, folks, that the order of entry into tonight's Ultimate X match is complete - Team Japan and Team USA enter first, Team Mexico enter three minutes later, and Team Canada come in three minutes after that!"

Don West: "That's right, Mike - the points system was designed by TNA management to give the most successful team in Rounds 1-3 the latest start, so they'd enter later and be freshest in the Ultimate X match, and now Team Canada have got that position!"

Team Canada head backstage, bearing Teddy Hart on their shoulders like a conquering hero, whilst EMTs head out to deal with the other three men, who are helped backstage to a round of applause from the capacity crowd.

(MQ 79%, CR 44%, OR 61%)

Next up, Alex Shelley's music hits, and "Generation Next" himself comes strolling down to the ring, bearing the battle-damaged Paparazzi-Cam and its tripod over his shoulder, getting booed to high Heaven by the fans. He sets the camera up, pointing towards the ramp, and grabs a microphone from Jeremy Borash.

Alex Shelley: "My name is Alex Shelley, and I HAVE A PROBLEM!"

He takes a moment to compose himself, and continues.

Alex Shelley: "That problem is named Jeff Hardy - the so-called 'Charismatic Enigma.' That problem is everything - EVERYTHING - that is wrong with professional wrestling today! Overpaid, oversexed, overrated know-nothings who're more interested in how many chicks they can bang and how much they can get up their noses than in this industry!"

There's a fairly strong round of boos for that, although some "Shelley" chants do find their way into the mix.

Alex Shelley: "Oh, shut up! Boo me if you want, it's nice to see that Hardy's months away from TNA haven't diminished his hardcore fanbase. What, you all have a night off of homework? No school dance this weekend, girls? Larry Zybysko, two weeks ago, gave Jeff Hardy until tonight to return to TNA. Two weeks, or he's fired. Well guess what? Two weeks are UP, people! No more Jeff Hardy! That means no more no-shows, no more wasted paychecks, no more valuable pieces of recording equipment broken over his good-for-nothing head! It's all on Paparazzi-Cam, we're rolling right now, filming the entry-tunnel here in the Impact-Zone as Hardy DOESN'T make his triumphant return. He's finished. It's over… in fact, he's got 30 seconds left."

Shelley makes a big display of checking his watch, and a "Hardy" chant breaks out, obviously led by the teenage girls in the audience.

Alex Shelley: "He's not coming! He's not at the arena! The guy in the parking lot hasn't seen his dayglo pink Cissy-Mobile in months! I tell you now - 10 seconds, people - Jeff Hardy is… not… -"

~"Ride this… to the top!"~

Mike Tenay: "HE'S HERE!"

The Impact-Zone goes wild as Jeff Hardy's music plays, and Shelley looks like he's seen a ghost. He drops his microphone, stunned, as Hardy bursts out onto the stage in a hail of colour! Despite sporting a sizeable plaster over his head from Shelley's camera-based attack a week ago, he's still painted like the inside of a New York nightclub, and gyrating like a regular MC Hammer. Finally, he stalks down to the ring, and grabs a microphone.

Jeff Hardy: "What were you saying, Alex?"

Shelley fumbles to pick his microphone back up, but can't seem to form words.

Jeff Hardy: "I'm not what, Alex? Here? It looks to me like I am, Alex, and it looks to me like you're in trouble. You came to my home, Alex, you invaded my home and spied on me… you hit me over the face with that camera of yours, and you thought I wasn't gonna do anything about it? How stupid are you?"

Alex Shelley: "Well, uh, uh… hey! Look on the bright side - you're not gonna get fired now!"

Jeff Hardy: "No, I sure ain't, and to celebrate that - I stopped by Larry Zybysko's office on my way out here. It turns out we've got some time to kill on this Pay-Per-View, Alex - and you know what that means, don't you?"

Alex Shelley: "Uh, a merchandising initiative?"

Jeff Hardy: "You and me, Shelley. Right here, right now, one-one-one. You game?"

Shelley looks white as a sheet, and again drops his microphone. Hardy chuckles at him as he reaches down to pick it up - but Shelley instead grabs the tripod and swings it into Hardy's gut! The Charismatic Enigma doubles over, and Shelley slams the tripod down on his back! He tosses the camera to the outside, seemingly beyond caring for his equipment, and the bell rings.


- "Generation Next" Alex Shelley vs. "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy

Shelley continues his ill-gotten advantage in the opening moments of this impromptu match, stomping down on Hardy's back and shoving him back down to the canvas every time he tries to get back to his feet. After a few repetitions of this routine, Shelley arrogantly locks on the Border City Stretch, hoping to embarrass Hardy with a quick victory, but Hardy is able to power out of the hold! Shelley tries some more stomps, but the Charismatic Enigma grabs his foot and dragon-screws him down to the floor, following up with his trademark leg drop to the groin! Shelley rolls back to his feet and the two men exchange punches, with Hardy coming out on top and forcing the man behind the Paparazzi-Cam into the corner, following up with a frankensteiner! Hardy goes up to the top, looking for the Swanton, but -

Mike Tenay: "Shelley gets the knees up!"

Don West: "Oh man, Hardy's down. Let's see the replay - whoa, look at that impact, Hardy's back just slamming into Shelley's knees!"

Shelley regains the advantage by continuing to work on Hardy's back, suplexing him around the ring and continually raining stomps down on his back whenever there's an opening. The Charismatic Enigma does his best to fight back to his feet, but Shelley is always on hand to drop him back down again. Eventually, Hardy tries a different approach, ducking to the outside of the ring. Shelley follows him out, over the ropes with a suicide dive, but Hardy was obviously expecting it and sidesteps, shovelling his opponent into the crowd barrier! There's a "you fucked up" chant to accompany that as Hardy jumps onto the barrier himself, and runs along it tightrope-style before launching off with a dropkick to Shelley as he gets up! Shelley crawls back into the ring, but Hardy is right back on him, grabbing him and setting him up for the Twist of Fate - but Shelley escapes and rolls behind him, before grabbing him for the Shellshock - Hardy escapes as well! This time, after a boot to the gut, Hardy is able to nail the Twist of Fate, and goes up top for a Swanton, which this time connects for the 1-2-3! *¾.

Mike Tenay: "Jeff Hardy's done it! What a return to TNA, and hopefully he's shut that punk Alex Shelley's mouth once and for all!"

Hardy celebrates, to a huge "Hardy" chant from the Impact-Zone faithful, and heads backstage, leaving Alex Shelley to stew in his defeat. Furious, he starts yelling at the official, blaming him for making a fast count - and blasts him with a superkick! There's a chorus of boos for Shelley as he heads backstage, furious.

(MQ 72%, CR 70%, OR 71%)

Next up, the LAX are out with Konnan, who gives them a little pep talk as they warm up. B-Boy is still wearing his bandana, and has added a pair of sunglasses to the mix, whilst Homicide seems to be collecting gangsta-chic clichés at the rate of one per show lately. Anyway, the James Gang - minus Bullet Bob now - head out next, jawing with Konnan as he rolls to the outside, and the match gets underway.

- James Gang vs. LAX w/Konnan

As soon as the bell rings, all four men rush into the middle of the ring and start to duke it out, with the LAX forcing the James Gang to the outside to regroup, and taunting them from the safety of the ring. BG and Kip's second charge is far more successful, and they are able to dump B-Boy over the top rope, before concentrating on Homicide, using their trademark punches in tandem to knock him for six. Finally, referee Andrew Thomas breaks this up and sends Kip to the apron, leaving BG in the ring with Homicide. BG continues to use the shaky punches on Homicide, but the Notorious 187 blocks the combination-ending haymaker and almost takes his head off with a stiff lariat! Homicide kicks into gear now and brutalises BG, slamming him down to the mat with some hard suplexes and a backbreaker, before simply booting him in the teeth and tagging in B-Boy.

Don West: "Here's the newest member of the LAX - now we get to see what he can do in the ring!"

The New Age Punisher starts off with a DDT, before grabbing BG about the shoulders and proceeding to knee him in the face with both legs until he falls over - and then just dropping down and continuing to rain down with the stiff knees! Kip James rushes in to break it up with a well-placed stomp to the back of his neck, but BG is visibly dazed when he gets back up, and walks right into a hurricanrana. B-Boy tags Homicide in again and hooks his arms behind his back whilst the Notorious 187 kicks him repeatedly in the chest and stomach, before letting the New Age Punisher toss him across the ring with a tiger suplex. Homicide goes back on the offensive, this time showing off his technical repetoire, cinching in a crossface hold and again forcing a break from Kip James. This time, BG James has just enough left in him to stagger on autopilot into his corner and tag Kip in. Homicide gets a few licks in before he catches a kick attempt and lifts him up by the leg, drilling him down to the mat with a modified spinebuster! This draws Konnan onto the apron, aiming for the distraction - but BG James comes crashing down onto him from the top rope with an ax handle smash! Both of them go down on the outside, leaving Homicide alone in the ring, where Kip slams him to the mat with a jackhammer and then hits the Famouser! B-Boy rushes in for the save, but he takes a Famouser too, and Kip is able to nail the Missouri Boat Ride on Homicide for the pinfall! **

After the bout, Kip goes to work on B-Boy, who has gotten back to his feet, picking him up for a press slam and simply throwing him over the top rope onto Konnan! He follows up by dumping Homicide to the outside as well, before heading outside himself and helping his still-dazed partner to the back.

(MQ 76%, MQ 62%, OR 69%)

~"You are, you are - I am, I am!"~

Mike Tenay: "Here comes AJ Styles, Don!"

Don West: "And… wow. Check out that bandage. He looks pretty banged up, Mike."

Styles is indeed looking somewhat battered, sporting a large bandage around his head, and generally seeming a little more stiff than usual. He heads down to the ring in good spirits, though, and removes his hoodie, awaiting his opponent. Samoa Joe storms out from the entrance-tunnel, his towel still covered in Styles' blood from two weeks ago, with the X Division title slung over his shoulder. He throws the belt to referee Mike Johnson, tosses the towel aside, and barely waits for the bell before locking up with Styles.

- TNA X Division title, No Disqualifications - "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe © vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

Joe powers through the initial lock-up, tossing Styles into the ropes, but AJ comes back with a flying forearm to knock him down! The "Joe's gonna kill you" chant is quick in sparking up this evening, but Styles doesn't seem fazed, and nails another flying forearm as Joe gets back up, sending him down again. He drops a leg across the X champion's throat, and makes an instinctive cover, but Joe powers out at 1, throwing Styles up into the air! Styles tries to get back on the offensive with some kicks to the mid-section, but Joe is able to block one of them and simply upend Styles by his boot, sending his injured head bouncing off of the mat. He follows up by throwing the Phenomenal one headlong into the turnbuckle, and climbing the next nearest turnbuckle - flying kick to the head! Styles goes down like a tonne of bricks, and Joe makes the cover… Styles kicks out at 2!

Mike Tenay: "There's life in AJ!!"

Don West: "That's why they call him Phenomenal, Mike! Anybody else would have been out like a light there, with a pre-existing concussion!"

AJ bails out of the ring, hoping to catch a breather and shake some of the pain off, but the "Joe's gonna kill you" chant starts up again - just as Joe comes hurtling over the top rope with a suicide drop! They both go down in a tangle of arms and legs, with the champion getting to his feet first - and drilling AJ headfirst into the ring steps! He continues to batter Styles about the ringside area for a while, slamming him into the ring apron and the crowd barrier, before proceeding to forcibly tear off the bandage around his head!

Don West: "Oh come on! That's not right!"

Mike Tenay: "Styles has that on his head for a reason, damnit - he could get seriously hurt out there!"

Don West: "And it's no DQ, Mike, the referee can't do anything about it!"

Sure enough, referee Mike Johnson's pleas to Joe go unheeded, as he slings Styles back into the ring, and lifts him up into the air - powerbomb! 1... 2... AJ kicks out! Joe looks a little annoyed, but is able to turn the pinning predicament into an STF! AJ is screaming in the hold, and Joe is just cinching it in harder and harder, but Styles is flat-out refusing to submit! Finally, Joe's frustration gets the better of him, and he releases the hold, before whipping AJ into the turnbuckle, surely looking for the Muscle Buster. He heads over to the turnbuckle - but Styles comes flying out with a second-rope dropkick! There's fight in him yet, as he follows up with a flipping senton splash, and some kicks to the midsection. Styles heads up to the top rope. He tries a moonsault, but Joe kips up and catches him in mid-air - burning hammer! Styles looks out on the mat, now, and Joe sets him up on the turnbuckle - but decides against the Muscle Buster, opting instead for a superplex, and heads to the outside - he's got a steel chair again!

Mike Tenay: "This isn't right! Come on, how can this be allowed?"

Joe sets the chair up on the mat just like he did two weeks ago, and hauls AJ up - but Styles drops down behind him - Styles Clash onto the chair! The Phenomenal one looks set to make the cover, but decides to go high-risk to finish Joe off for good. He salutes the crowd, and launches himself off of the top for the Spiral Tap - but Joe rolls out of the way! AJ crashes and burns, and Joe locks in the Kokina Clutch! Styles is almost out, but Joe still utilises the no DQ situation, bracing himself on the ropes for more leverage - and there's nothing Styles can do to escape! Johnson asks him if he submits, and he shakes his head… but just moments later, he passes out in the hold! ***¼

Mike Tenay: "Samoa Joe retains the X Division title - but AJ Styles refused to tap out!"

Don West: "Yeah, and Joe doesn't look happy with that - look!"

Sure enough, Joe has seized the chair again, and is stalking behind AJ as the referee manages to wake him up. There's a thundering "Joe's gonna kill you" chant breaking out, but Styles is in a world of his own as he gets, very shakily, to his feet. Finally, after a tantalising half-minute, AJ is back to his feet, and Joe has a grin a mile wide on his face as he turns around - Smashmouth! Joe just threw the chair right into AJ's face! Styles goes down again, and Joe slams the chair over his head again, before grabbing his towel and wiping Styles' bloody face clean with it. With that, Joe grabs his title belt back from the referee, and stalks backstage, leaving AJ to be loaded onto a stretcher by EMTs and helped to the backstage area, still bleeding profusely from his head.

(MQ 85%, CR 74%, OR 79%)

Next up, after Styles is carted out of the ringside area, the Naturals head down to the ring, looking psyched up indeed for their shot at the NWA World Tag Team titles. They warm up, talking tactics and playing to the Impact-Zone faithful, as America's Most Wanted head out from the back, as ever with Gail Kim in tow. The Tag Team champions taunt the Naturals, motioning to their handcuffs and the belts, before handing everything over to Gail and stepping into the ring to begin the match.

- NWA World Tag Team titles - America's Most Wanted © w/Gail Kim vs. The Naturals

It's bonzo gonzo to start, with Harris and Storm both taking it to the challengers right off of the bat, using their powerful brawling offense to force Douglas and Stevens into the ropes, before following up with stereo clotheslines to send them to the outside. As the Naturals regroup on the outside, Storm and Harris take the time to taunt and pose, drawing some boos from the crowd, before referee Rudy Charles forces James Storm to the apron. Stevens heads into the ring, and goes at Harris with some elbows and fists to the midsection, before slinging him off of the ropes and catching him for a belly-to-belly suplex. He keeps the pressure up with some fast-paced offense, using his smaller size and weight as an advantage, running rings around Harris with quick kicks and cruiserweight-style takedowns to keep him thoroughly on the back foot. After one such takedown, he ventures to the top rope, but James Storm is on hand to bodily shove him down into the ring!

Mike Tenay: "Oh come on! AMW are just double-teaming now!"

Don West: "They're one of the most experienced teams in TNA, Mike, and you can see that on display right here!"

Harris picks himself up and makes the tag, allowing Storm to set about showing how size can be an advantage, picking Stevens up and bodily tossing him around the ring with bodyslams, suplexes, and a powerful Samoan drop for a 2-count. Harris gets tagged in again, and goes to work on Stevens with some powerful stomps and a knee drop, before tagging right back out to Storm.

Don West: "AMW showing their experience here, Mike, tagging in and out to keep fresh here."

Mike Tenay: "And as you can see, Don, all the while they're isolating Chase Stevens and keeping Andy Douglas out of the match entirely!"

Storm goes back on the offensive with a DDT and a few elbow drops to the sternum, before hauling Stevens up and whipping him off of the ropes - but the Natural comes back with a hurricanrana takedown! He manages to roll away from Storm, and makes the hot tag to Andy Douglas, who comes in with some hard clotheslines and starts cleaning house! He knocks Storm down a few times and then dropkicks him over the ropes, before turning around and catching a superkick attempt from Chris Harris and DDTing him! Douglas slings Harris over the rope, and sees Storm on the outside - vaulting body press to the outside! The two men duke it out on the outside now, with Storm starting to regain the upper hand despite being a bit shaky on his legs, until Chase Stevens flies off of the apron with a dropkick to the back of his head! The Naturals shovel Storm back into the ring, and Douglas jumps onto the apron, waiting for him to get back to his feet. He signals for a high-risk maneuver, but just as Storm is staggering back up, Gail Kim rushes over and grabs Douglas' feet, pulling him away from the apron! His jaw bounces hard off of the apron, and Gail pushes him into the ring, before handing a pair of handcuffs to Chris Harris - who cuffs Chase Stevens to the ringpost! Back in the ring, Storm picks up the dazed Andy Douglas, and drills him with a Superkick! That gets the pinfall, and AMW retain the Tag Team titles! ***½

After the match, Gail Kim hands the belts back to AMW, and the champions celebrate with their belts and valet, before heading back to the locker room amidst a hail of abuse from the crowd. Chase Stevens remains cuffed to the ring post, although he is eventually rescued by the referee and is able to help his partner to the back.

(MQ 90%, CR 66%, OR 78%)

Next up, it's time for the Grudge match that's been brewing for months under the surface - ever since Jarrett's Army helped him steal the World's Heavyweight title away from Rhino, the War Machine has been gunning for the man at the top of TNA. Jarrett is first out now, with Jackie Gayda somewhat reluctantly accompanying him down to ringside amidst all of his pyrotechnics. The King of the Mountain is looking a little less confident than usual, but his smirk is still present as he ensures the Impact-Zone that he has this one wrapped up. He almost jumps out of his skin, however, as Rhino's music hits and the War Machine comes barrelling down the ramp at full pelt into the ring! Rhino dispenses with the usual pleasantries, and starts laying into Jarrett halfway through his own introduction!

- Grudge Match - "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarret vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

The bell is forced to ring early thanks to Rhino's enthusiasm, and the War Machine takes it to Jarrett with some brutal lefts and rights, rocketing into his head and body, eventually forcing him into the turnbuckle, where he keeps up the pressure with some brutal shoulder thrusts and a clothesline. Jarrett gets back to his feet, but Rhino isn't letting up, immediately pouncing on him with a Thesz press and laying into him with yet more closed fists to the face. Finally, referee Rudy Charles intervenes, warning him about punching with a closed fist, and Jarrett is able to get back to his feet. Rhino turns around and seems to have taken the referee's words on board, as he starts chopping the Hell out of Jarrett's chest, leaving him red raw and reeling towards the ropes - where Rhino follows up with a knee to the stomach, sending Jarrett over the ropes and himself toppling through them! The two men start duking it out on the outside, with Rhino running Jarrett into the crowd barrier, and then heading over to the timekeeper's table to grab the ring bell!

Mike Tenay: "As you can see, folks, this one has quickly lost all semblance of being a match - this is just a brawl, plain and simple! And look - Rhino's got the bell!"

The War Machine waits for Jarrett to get up, and runs headlong towards him with the bell - but Jarrett grabs Jackie by the skirt and pulls her in front of him! Rhino is able to avoid hitting her with the bell, but does slam into her and knock her down, allowing the King of the Mountain just the opening he needs to boot him right in the crotch! It's Jarrett's turn to brawl now, bouncing Rhino's head off of the ring apron and the crowd barrier, and then forcing his face into the barrier and dragging him along it. Rhino drops to his knees, an abrasion burn lighting up his face, and gets a field-goal kick to the chin for his troubles, before staggering back into the ring with Jarrett close behind. They duke it out a little more, but Jarrett is able to block a punch and suplex Rhino down, before following up with some elbow and fist drops, and a facelock submission hold. Rhino seems to be waning in the hold, but eventually gets a second wind and makes it back to his knees, with Jarrett still clinging onto him. They both struggle, trying to force each other down to the mat, but eventually the War Machine straightens up and runs Jarrett head-first into the turnbuckle! He follows up with more shoulder thrusts and a short-arm clothesline, before retreating to the opposite corner - and signalling for the Gore! Jarrett gets shakily back to his feet and starts to turn as Rhino charges - but at the last second he whips around with a pair of brass knuckles and flattens the War Machine! Jarrett quickly tosses the knux aside so as to avoid a DQ, and points to his head, indicating that he's smarter than Rhino. With that in mind, he heads to the outside and grabs his trademark guitar, before heading back into the ring and waiting for Rhino to get back to his feet. The War Machine struggles to his knees, and eventually straightens up - Jarrett takes a swing, but finds his guitar grabbed by Jackie Gayda! Gayda, on the apron, is furious with Jarrett for using her as a shield, and manages to pull the guitar away from him! Jarrett is irate, and berates her, all of which allows Rhino the time to get to his feet and once again drop into the corner… finally, Jarrett has had enough of Gayda and bodily shoves her off of the apron, before turning around - right into a Gore! Rhino rolls on top for the cover, and gets the pinfall for the victory! *¾

Rhino jumps to his feet as the bell rings, letting out a bellow of relief and joy at his victory, before standing over Jarrett's stunned form and yelling in triumph. He rolls to the outside, and as an afterthought checks on Jackie Gayda, who gets to her feet, wincing a little and holding her back, but otherwise seems fine. Rhino takes the guitar and - as a groggy Jarrett watches from the ring - breaks it into pieces over the ring steps, robbing the King of the Mountain of his trademark weapon! Rhino stalks to the back, with Jackie following close behind to escape more retribution from Jarrett, and the King of the Mountain just flips out in the ring, kicking the ropes and screaming at the referee. Finally, he storms backstage, his face like thunder.

(MQ 70%, CR 81%, 77%)

After Jarrett has made his way to the back, we see a short video package for the final of the World X-Cup, as the finishing touches to the Ultimate X structure are added by the ring crew. When we return to the ring, another large, red 'X' has been hung at the centre of the wires, and Team Japan's music plays as TAKA Michinoku heads out to the ring. Jerry Lynn heads out next, and the two men lock up as the bell rings.

- World X-Cup Ultimate X Match - Jerry Lynn (Team USA) vs. Shocker (Team Mexico) vs. TAKA Michinoku (Team Japan) vs. Petey Williams (Team Canada)

Lynn wins from the initial lock-up, and sweeps Michinoku's legs out from under him, dropping down onto him in one fluid movement with an elbow drop, and locking in a chinlock. TAKA quickly fights out, however, and sends Lynn staggering back with some kicks to the midsection and a dropkick, before jumping up onto the ropes for a springboard dropkick to send Team USA's captain sprawling to the mat. Michinoku follows up with a rolling leg drop, and cinches on a chinlock of his own to keep Lynn on the ground. TAKA keeps the hold locked in tight, but eventually Lynn is able to fight to his knees, and elbows his way out of the hold, spinning around with a kick to Michinoku's temple and a DDT. He follows up with a couple of snap suplexes, and applies a longbow backbreaker, as Team Mexico's music plays and Shocker makes his way down the ramp.

Mike Tenay: "Here comes Shocker, Don! And remember - he's fresh in this one, while Lynn and Michinoku have both already taken their share of blows right now!"

Don West: "And don't forget we've still got Petey Williams to come, Mike!"

Shocker rolls into the ring and waits as Lynn cinches in the backbreaker, letting him do the job on Michinoku, before languidly climbing onto the top rope as Michinoku fights out of the hold - and dropping both men with a double top-rope clothesline! The Mexican captain kips up, and rolls to the outside, where he goes under the ring in search of a ladder, but Lynn and Michinoku knock him down with stereo baseball slides! TAKA follows through to the outside, and starts stomping away on Shocker, but moments later Jerry Lynn comes crashing down on them both with an Asai moonsault! There's a "TNA" chant for Lynn as he runs Michinoku into the steps, and then climbs them himself for a dropkick to Shocker, before jumping up onto the apron and starting to scale the Ultimate X structure. He almost reaches the zip-wires, before Shocker follows him up onto the apron, grabs him from behind, and delivers a German suplex down onto the outside!

Don West: "Oh man! Look at that impact - Lynn's down and out, Mike!"

Mike Tenay: "And there you see the freshness, Don, coming into play - Shocker just that little bit quicker here, that little bit more spry, and he put it to good use there."

Shocker rolls back to his feet, only to be met with some knifedge chops and a couple of stiff kicks from Michinoku, who follows up with a jawbreaker and a dropkick as the Mexican captain gets to his knees. The two men head back into the ring, leaving Lynn to recover on the outside, and lock up in the middle of the squared circle. Shocker wins out, and ducks behind TAKA, shoving him forwards into the ropes and dropping him with a German suplex on the rebound. With both men down, he climbs the structure and starts to make his way onto the wires - just as Team Canada's music hits! Petey Williams heads out, alone, with two men down on the mat and another precariously hanging above the ring!

Don West: "This is Petey's reward for Team Canada's victories, Mike - he's now freshest of all!"

Mike Tenay: "And just to remind you, folks - points now mean nothing to the World X-Cup. Whoever takes this final match is the overall winner, and that means you've got to fancy Petey Williams' chances right now."

Williams rolls into the ring as Shocker edges ever closer to the centre of the wires, and quickly grabs him by the feet. The Canadian captain proceeds to violently shake his opposite number, causing him to lose grip with one hand - now Shocker is hanging by one hand! Williams rethinks his strategy, and heads up to the top rope, but Shocker is able to haul his legs up to grip the wire, avoiding the dropkick from Williams! He starts to edge, sloth-like, towards the centre of the wires, but suddenly TAKA Michinoku comes from nowhere off of one of the Ultimate X pylons, and somehow manages to drill Shocker with a neckbreaker! Both men go crashing down to the mat, of course, and Williams gets back to his feet, quickly locking Michinoku in the Sharpshooter. Michinoku taps out, but submissions mean nothing in this match, and Williams quickly releases him, before dropping him with some quick clotheslines and dropkicks, and turning his attention back to Shocker. He drills him with a DDT and a couple of suplexes, before again heading to the top rope - this time for a moonsault - and crashing down on top of him. Team Canada's leading man kips right back up and climbs up to the wires. He looks to have a free climb to the prize, until -

Mike Tenay: "There's Jerry Lynn!"

Unseen by Williams, Lynn has managed to climb the opposite pylon and is now walking tightrope-style across the wires! It's a very precarious situation, but Lynn is able to maintain his balance until he reaches the centre, where he swings down in an amazing visual, catching Petey with a mid-air spear to send them both crashing down to the mat! Back on the outside, Shocker has gone out and has found a ladder, which he sets up outside the ring and begins to climb. As he does so, TAKA Michinoku and Jerry Lynn start to climb the pylons, and very soon all three men are standing over ten feet in the air! TAKA starts to climb sloth-like across the wires, whilst Lynn opts for the quicker hand-over-hand approach, with the Mexican captain watching on. Finally, as Lynn and TAKA near the centre, Shocker leaps towards them both with a cross body! Michinoku manages to dodge, letting go with his feet and sailing out of the way, but Jerry Lynn takes it full-on and goes spinning down to the mat with Shocker. With all three of his opponents down now, Team Japan's captain climbs hand-over-hand towards the X - and unhooks it! Team Japan win the World X-Cup! **¾.

Don West: "TAKA's won it!"

Mike Tenay: "Despite entering first, with the lowest number of points - Team Japan have won the World X-Cup in the Ultimate X final! This is amazing!"

All of Team Japan rush out to celebrate with their captain, and catch him in their arms as he drops down from the wires, before hoisting him onto their shoulders. There's a bit of booing from the crowd, but the Japanese don't seem to hear them, raising the red 'X' into the air and bearing their victorious captain backstage, as EMTs head out to help the other three men to the backstage area.

(MQ 84%, CR 65%, OR 74%)

With the X-Cup participants taken from ringside in various stages of battered, it's time for the main event. Scott Steiner is out first, unusually unaccompanied for a member of Jarrett's group, wearing his shades and chain mail as per usual. He flexes his peaks on the stage, as he walks down the aisle, and in the ring, just to get over that he has very large muscles in case we've been asleep since 1995. With that, "Captain Charisma" heads out to the reaction of the night thus far, saluting his fans and heading on down to the ring. As Cage hands the belt over to senior referee Earl Hebner and takes off his snazzy black robe, Jeremy Borash is on hand for the introductions.

Jeremy Borash: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is your Pay-Per-View main event of the evening. When the bell rings, the man in charge will be TNA senior official Earl Hebner. And now - this contest is for the NWA Heavyweight championship of the WOOOORLD! Introducing first, the challenger - from Bay City, Michigan, he stands at six feet one inches and weighs and weighs in at 280lbs - he is the Genetic Freak, the Big Bad Booty Daddy… this is Big Poppa Pump - Scott STEINER!"

Steiner acknowledges his introduction with a cocky smirk and more flexing, as Borash continues.

Jeremy Borash: "And, introducing now his opponent - from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he stands at six feet one inches and weighs in at 227lbs. He is the current, reigning, and defending NWA Heavyweight champion of the WOOOOORLD! This is Captain Charisma, Christian CAAAAAAGE!"

Cage gets another standing ovation, and Borash quickly exits the ring so the match can get underway.

- NWA World Heavyweight title - "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

The two men circle the ring as the main event gets underway, sizing each other up, before finally dropping into a lock-up. Steiner overpowers Cage, ducking behind him and forcibly running him into the turnbuckle, driving his shoulders and forearms into the champion's back. Cage eventually escapes from the corner and gets a few shots in, but Steiner shrugs them off and drills him with some hard right hands, sending him reeling into the ropes. Steiner tries to follow up with a kneelift, but Christian is able to dodge and hit a couple of clubbing forearms to his back, before Irish whipping him off of the ropes and catching him on the rebound for a front-legsweep, following up with some stomps to the back of his head. Christian tries to keep Steiner on the mat to negate his powerful offense, and latches on a front facelock, but Big Poppa Pump is able to power his way to the ropes, and Hebner orders Cage to release the hold. He continues stomping on Steiner's head, but the Genetic Freak makes it back to his feet regardless, and knocks Cage to the mat with a haymaker, pausing to kiss his biceps before dropping an elbow across the champion's nose! Steiner follows up with a couple more elbows, and a knee drop, across Cage's face, before slinging him back into the corner and charging into him with an avalanche.

Mike Tenay: "Whoa! Steiner using his size to his advantage there, just crushing Christian Cage into the turnbuckle with that avalanche splash!"

Christian manages to evade Steiner long enough to roll down to the outside, catching a breather, and the challenger takes the opportunity to pose and taunt again, flexing his muscles and trying to intimidate the champion. Cage is having none of it, however, reaching under the ropes and tripping Steiner up by his feet, before pulling him roughly to the outside and dropping him with a clothesline! He follows up with a dropkick, sending Steiner staggering into the timekeeper's table, where Cage hits another clothesline, sending Steiner sprawling across the top of the desk. The timekeeper makes a well-advised beeline out of the way as Cage climbs up onto the table as well, trying to set him up for an Unprettier, but the Genetic Freak is able to power out and shove Cage off of the table, sending him face-first into the crowd barrier! He keeps the pressure up with some stiff forearms across the head and face, drawing himself a warning from referee Earl Hebner. Christian is able to regroup as Steiner is being reprimanded, and has enough presence of mind to hit him with a lowblow as he goes in for another assault, before returning to the ring. Big Poppa Pump is close behind, though, and the two lock up again. This time, Cage wins out and locks on a hammerlock, twisting Steiner's arm around, and backdrops him onto the arm, following up with some stomps to the elbow and a grounded arm wringer, before locking on an armlock. Again, though, Steiner is strong enough to force his way to the ropes, and Christian is forced to release the hold. He goes back to the hammerlock situation, but this time Steiner is able to straighten himself out and use Cage's grip to pull the champion into a brutal lariat that sends him head-over-heels to the mat!

Don West: "Oh man, Mike, you saw Cage just spin right over after that lariat, and Steiner's strength has the NWA World's champion in trouble here!"

Mike Tenay: "You're right, Don, so far the champion hasn't found a way to counter Scott Steiner's impressive physical strength, and his title reign could be in jeopardy here!"

Steiner waits for Christian to get up from that one, stalking him all the time, and finally nails him with a three-point charge, leaving him flat out on the mat again. Signalling for the end of the match, Steiner attempts to slap on the Steiner Recliner, but it's too early in the match and Cage is able to buck his challenger right over his head onto the mat! Steiner rolls back to his feet, frustrated, but is met with a dropkick that sends him sprawling into the ropes, where Christian nails him with a high knee to the face! Big Poppa Pump just barely stops himself from tumbling to the outside, but ends up on the apron, where Cage charges into him with another knee, this one sending the Genetic Freak sailing to the hard concrete floor. Cage takes the opportunity to regroup, and recover from Steiner's hard-hitting offense, and goes straight back on the attack as he rolls back into the ring, with a snap suplex and some more stomps. Steiner is slower back to his feet this time, but is able to hit a belly-to-belly suplex on the champion, before again dropping an elbow across his face. This last elbow leaves Cage clutching his face and crawling towards the ropes, allowing Steiner to kick him hard in the midsection, sending him reeling onto the mat. After another bicep-kiss, Big Poppa Pump again drills an elbow into the champion's face, and this one busts him open!

Mike Tenay: "Cage is bleeding!"

Don West: "Those elbows, and that continued work on the face, have done the job, Mike. Steiner's got Cage bleeding, and you have to believe the advantage is firmly with the challenger!"

Sure enough, Steiner seems firmly in control now, hitting three belly-to-belly suplexes in quick succession, including his trademark spinning belly-to-belly, and goes for the cover – only a 2-count! There's life in Cage yet, but Steiner quickly looks to snuff that out by locking in the Steiner Recliner. This time, Cage doesn't seem to be fighting out of it so quickly, and the arrogant smirk across Steiner's face shows that he thinks he has the title won. Earl Hebner asks if Cage taps out, but the champion refuses, and somehow manages to free one of his arms from Steiner's grip – using it to pull Big Poppa Pump down to the mat, and slap on a painkiller armbar! Steiner desperately tries to fight out of the hold, rolling over onto his back and then back onto his stomach, trying to dislodge the champion, but Cage is clinging on for dear life, cinching the hold in and trying to pull the challenger's arm out of its socket. Eventually, Steiner is able to free himself, but the damage has been done and it looks like he's fighting with one arm now. Nevertheless, he uses his good arm to hit some more hard shots to Cage's face, but the champion halts that with a swift kick to the elbow of his injured arm, causing Steiner to yelp in pain and drop to one knee, where Cage hits a shining wizard kick! Big Poppa Pump is flat out on the mat, and Cage rushes up to the top rope – Frog Splash on Steiner! Instead of covering him, however, Christian drags Steiner back to his feet, determined to finish him off for good, and hits the Unprettier! Exhausted, Cage makes the cover… 1-2-3! **¾

Christian's music fills the Impact-Zone as he gets to his feet, and Earl Hebner hands him the belt. Steiner stays down on the mat, rolling over onto his side and nursing his wounds, as the NWA World Heavyweight champion climbs onto the turnbuckle and celebrates with his title, saluting the fans. As he does so, however, he turns his back to the ramp, and completely misses the huge figure that's barrelling down the ramp into the ring!

Don West: "Wait a minute! Oh my God, is that…?!"


The Impact-Zone goes wild as Lesnar jumps onto the apron and ducks between the ropes, stalking Cage as he continues to celebrate. Finally, the champion jumps down from the top rope into the ring, and turns around, coming face-to-face with Brock. His eyes almost pop out of his head at the sight, and Lesnar smirks, before booting him in the gut and drilling him with the Force Five! Cage hits the mat hard, and Lesnar grabs Steiner up off of the mat. He effortlessly powers Big Poppa Pump onto his shoulders, and drops him with a Force Five as well! With both men destroyed on the mat, Lesnar seizes the World Heavyweight title and raises it into the air, before tossing it down onto Cage's downed form.

(MQ 76%, CR 92%, OR 87%)

Mike Tenay: "Oh my God, Don - Brock Lesnar has destroyed Scott Steiner and the NWA World's Heavyweight champion!"

Don West: "I… I just don't know what to say, Mike! Brock Lesnar in TNA?! What the Hell is going on here?!"

Mike Tenay: "Well, I guess we're going to have to wait until next week, Don, on the first-ever primetime iMPACT! on SpikeTV, because that's about all we've got time for here! Christian Cage retains the NWA World's Heavyweight title, but Brock Lesnar has come out of nowhere, and the landscape in TNA has just shifted beyond all recognition!"

Overall - 77%

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Post-PPV Goal-Check and Meeting

Okay. One Pay-Per-View in the books, and hopefully many more like that one to come. Straight off of the bat, we achieved Dixie's goal for the buyrate, as Sacrifice turned in a 0.74 buyrate - well in excess of the baseline we set last month. Now that iMPACT! has moved to a primetime slot, starting this very week, we're certainly looking up as far as ratings and buys for the on-air product is concerned, which can only be a good thing for TNA's future.

Brock Lesnar's debut certainly caused a stir on the Internet, and the rumours are already abound that we're in the final stages of negotiations with another "international superstar" to debut on the first primetime edition of iMPACT! in order to push for ratings and to once again get TNA out there as a serious competitor to the WWE. In addition to this, the contracts of numerous big-name WWE talents are reaching their 'negotiation period' at the end of this month, and we've been keeping an eye on two or three names in particular as possibilities to add to the TNA roster.

Thanks in no small part to the immense profitability of Sacrifice, we've been able to open both a training center here in Orlando, and a developmental 'feeder' promotion. The training camp is being run by our newest employee, the legendary Rocky Johnson, with Johnny Rodz and Terry Taylor helping him to train students. The developmental territory is situated in Georgia, and will bear the legendary NWA Georgia name to trade on the region's past successes, and also to strengthen TNA's waning ties with the National Wrestling Alliance. Jerry Jarret, wishing to spend more time closer to home due to his well-documented health problems, has agreed to take over the running of the territory. We've sent a few workers from the roster, including some of those who took part in the World X-Cup tournament, down to the territory, and also signed several promising talents from the independent scene to lucrative developmental deals. The full NWA Georgia roster looks like this…

-- Adam Windsor

-- Alan

-- Alicia

-- Allison Danger

-- Angel Williams

-- Becky Bayless

-- Beth Phoenix

-- Billy Boy

-- Cheerleader Melissa

-- Derek Wylde

-- Francoise

-- Greg Pawluk

-- Jamie Koeppe

-- Jerelle Clark

-- Kevin Fertig

-- Lacey

-- Lance Hoyt

-- LuFisto


-- Mosco de la Merced


-- Onyx

-- Rebecca Knox

-- Ryan Wing

-- Stevie Fabulous

-- Vanessa

As you can see, we've signed a few former WWE developmental talents, and a great deal of female wrestlers, which is in part due to one of the goals we've been set in this month's meeting by Dixie and her team.

Coming out of this meeting, we've decided to build upon the goals we've succeeded in meeting this month, and continue to strive for the ones that we haven't yet met. Meanwhile, Larry and the booking team have started to set some more specific, short-term goals as far as booking and the on-screen product is concerned, which is good news from a logic and continuity point-of-view, as hopefully everything should keep itself tied together on TV.

So, our long-term goals now are…

- To go Global before the end of 2006 and comfortably stay there,

- To have a second, primetime television show on a major network within 12 months,

- To be directly competitive with the WWE by the end of 2006,

- To hire and promote a competitive Women's division by the end of the fall.

Whilst our short-term goals are as follows…

- Make use of TAKA Michinoku before his AJPW tour starts on July 20th,

- Gain TV ratings competitive with the WWE's within three months,

- Begin to show Samoa Joe as a force outside the X Division,

- Make full use of Brock Lesnar despite his non-wrestler status,

- Draw a buyrate of at least 0.8 for Slammiversary.

As far as the booking goals go, we were very lucky to secure TAKA Michinoku's services, given his Japanese commitments and how close we are to going Global, which is usually a stumbling-block when it comes to signing wrestlers with foreign tour commitments, due to the number of dates. In addition to this, Michinoku is a supremely-talented worker, and it'd be counter-productive to drop the man who won the World X-Cup for his team off of the roster after the tournament.

With Joe, we're playing more on his winning streak, which is nearly a year long now, and trying to establish him as one of TNA's major players - evidently he's been trying to get himself back into the X Division, a move finished with his victory over Christopher Daniels, but we're now trying to make him into something of a crossover star whilst still keeping him as a figure in the X Division itself.

Brock Lesnar's signing presents a few problems right off of the bat - his status as a non-wrestler, due to his wish to work fewer dates, means that he's largely unwilling to wrestle on free TV, although he'll make appearances and pre-tape segments for the shows in order to keep himself in the mix. Whether he'll consider becoming a full-time wrestler eventually is open to negotiation, but for now Dixie and Larry want him used, and he won't step into a ring until Slammiversary at the earliest, so we have to use him as best as we can until then.

The ratings question was partly brought on by the insistence of SpikeTV that iMPACT! provide some competition not only for other shows on in the Thursday primetime slot, but also for UPN and the USA Network, who air Smackdown and RAW respectively. Aside from that, it's a part of our strive for Global status, and to compete with the WWE on as many levels as we can, and we've got some time to do it, so it's not like we're being forced to draw a 7.0 straight away. We're not on FOX, thank God.

IPB Image


Preview for May 25th edition

As of this week, TNA is going primetime! Now, on Thursday nights at 9/8 CT, TNA iMPACT! is your 120-Minute Adrenaline Rush! To celebrate, this week's show features two 'showcase' matches that will show off the very best that TNA has to offer, on our first night up there amongst the ratings heavyweights.

In the main event, a 'Champion vs. Champion Showcase' match will see Christian Cage, fresh off of retaining his NWA World Heavyweight title, facing off against the unbeaten, unchallenged Samoa Joe, the reigning X Division champion. This will be Joe's first real step out of the X Division, and all eyes will be on him, to see if he can cut it amongst the big boys.

The second showcase match is an 'X Division Showcase' that will feature former X Division champion Christopher Daniels facing the man who recently lifted the World X-Cup for his team - TAKA Michinoku. TAKA is coming off of a triumphant X-Cup tour, and may have the edge in this one, but you can never count out the Fallen Angel, of course.

Aside from all of this, there were only two words on everybody's lips after Sacrifice last week - Brock Lesnar. The former NCAA champion and Heavyweight champion of the World made a stunning appearance after the main event, destroying both Christian Cage and Scott Steiner, and this week he is expected to be in the Impact-Zone, to explain his actions and just why he is in TNA.

Jeff Hardy made his return to TNA at Sacrifice last week, beating Alex Shelley and silencing his critics once and for all. This week, he looks to make his return a done deal, and return to the title hunt, as he takes on "Alpha Male" Monty Brown in what is sure to be a highly-charged encounter.

In other action on the 120-Minute Adrenaline Rush, Konnan's LAX will be facing Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin, Jeff Jarrett will meet Ron "The Truth" Killings, and America's Most Wanted - fresh off of a successful title defence at Sacrifice - will meet Team 3D in non-title action.

Confirmed Matches

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage vs. "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe - Champion vs. Champion Showcase

"The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy vs. "Alpha Male" Monty Brown

America's Most Wanted vs. Team 3D

"King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings

"The Fallen Angel" Christoper Daniels vs. TAKA Michinoku - X-Division Showcase

LAX w/Konnan vs. Dutt and Sabin

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