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NHL 06

Cactus Drags

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I found it too arcadey with any settings. No matter what settings you make, the adaptable AI will adjust to ensure that 8 goals minimum are scored a game.

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It personally annoys the shit out of me. I don't mind the occasional 8 goal game, but every single night is just fucking rediculous, and the fact that with 5 minute periods with the AI on hard that I could score 12 was just fucking ludicrous. I didn't truly appreciate how bad NHL 06 really was until someone bought it for me.

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I like both games. NHL 06 has great graphics, and is definitly not the sim game. I see what SDM is saying. Players like Jagr and even Kovalev are almost impossible to stop. Seriously, Kovalev is not a 50 goal scorer.

I find it really fun though, especially with a group of friends. If you only have a PC, it's the only hockey game out there (unless you want uber-sim Eastside Hockey Manager).

Of course, if you have a console, NHL 2K6 is the game for you if you want realism. The fact that you can actually cycle the puck on the powerplay alone is worth the price of admission. The only gay thing in the scoring exploit, but on Hall Of Fame is tough as balls to pull off, and I never use it.

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The only thing I found to fix it was to take a ton less shots and focus almost entirely on defense. I was always just blindly charging going for goals at every opportunity, but when I started slowing down and waiting for blatantly easy goals I scored less.

I then just started checking like crazy and that messed up the other team's offense so they weren't scoring as much either.

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The only way I'd play NHL 06 again was if I had friends over, because beating your best friend 8-1 is a great way to earn bragging rights forever.

"Dude, I just pulled Rachel McAddams!"

"Oh yeah? Remember that time I beat you 8-1 in NHL 06?"


"Bet I could have tapped it eight times harder."

For playing franchise mode, or online, or pretty much anything that doesn't involve wailing away at grown men as if they were children, NHL 2K6 is the way to go.

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