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Tool set-list help/query


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I downloaded a file off Limewire which has a whole Tool set on it. Apparently, it is of thier performance at Woodstock, but I can't find a set-list for it.

Anyone able to help? I've looked about, but it seems a lot harder than it should be.

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I'll have a look into it.

The order of what I'd heard was something like:


46 & 2


Prison Sex

Then either another song and Pushit, or Pushit then another song.

I'll guess I'll just keep looking about.

EDIT: Not Lollapalooza...I wish people just tagged stuff right.

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1. third eye 2. 46 & 2 3. eulogy 4. prison sex 5. pushit 6. h. 7. merkaba intro/sober 8. opiate 9. aenema

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That might just be it!

Haven't listened the whole way through yet, so I'll be able to tell then.

Thanks a lot though :wub:

Edit: Yeah, you nailed it! (info from some site follows...)


"Ever have someone love you so much that they tried to kill you? Or perhaps suck you down into a hole? And you had to kill them to get away? Me either.

Time: 74:00


Third Eye <cut at 6:56>

Stinkfist <missing>

46 & 2


Prison Sex






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