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Extreme Championship Wrestling 2006


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Chapter One: Backlash, Rob Van Dam, Heel Turns, and One Night Stands!

Backlash 2006

John Cena© vs. Triple H vs. Edge

Jerry Lawler: “Oh no!”

Joey Styles: “FU on Triple H! FU on Triple H!”

Jerry Lawler: “Edge!”

Joey Styles: “NO! Edge out of no where with the spear on John Cena! Here’s the cover! One! Two! He did it! Edge has won the WWE Championship!”

Jerry Lawler: “On man, this event just got R Rated Joey Styles!”

Joey Styles: “Edge pinning the champion John Cena! Edge is the new WWE Champion!”

The internet wrestling community ran rabid as Edge recaptured the WWE championship. Many people believed it was Triple H’s time once again. However, as they soon learned, in the “true” main event of Backlash, possibly feeding McMahon’s ego, Triple H aided Shawn Michaels in defeating the McMahon duo. After the match, in all it’s glory, DeGeneration X was reborn.

May 1st 2006 – Monday Night Raw

The show opened with Edge celebrating his victory, promising “Extreme Rated R” action for later on in the show. Before he could continue, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Money In The Bank interrupted the celebration. After talking up his accomplishments and putting himself over, Rob Van Dam announce that he was cashing in his WWE Championship match. Rob Van Dam challenged Edge for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand!

Later on in the show, after arguing with Vince McMahon about defending the title on an ECW branded show, Edge reluctantly accepted the situation, and decided to focus more on the escapade he had planned for Lita live in the ring. Vince McMahon said he was eager to see all of Lita, and that he would definitely be watching.

The moment came, and Edge and Lita became their tirade of sexual teasing in the ring. Just as things were about to get really raunchy with Lita diving her head under the blanket, the ECW theme music hit, sending a chill up every fans spine.

Edge hurried to get up, but tripped over his jeans which were now tangled around his ankles, clad only in his boxers. On the stage, Rob Van Dam emerged with the Money In The Bank briefcase wrapped in barbwire. RVD stormed the ring and began to fight Edge until eventually getting the upper hand and sending him back over the bed, and on to the arena floor. This left Lita alone in the ring with RVD. Rob asked the fans for the thumb up or thumb down. He toyed with his decision before turning his thumb down and grabbing Lita by the hair. Suddenly, Rob Van Dam was attacked from behind by John Cena! Jump starting his long awaited and needed heel turn, John Cena FU’d Rob Van Dam to the mat, and spit in his face.

May 8th 2006 – Monday Night Raw

In the main event, Rob Van Dam went one on one with John Cena. Edge thanked Cena earlier in the broadcast for helping him out, and promised him a WWE Championship opportunity once they were through with Rob Van Dam. Cena thanked Edge, hinting that Edge could start paying him back by being in his corner for the main event.

So John Cena came to the ring accompanied by Edge and Lita and awaited the arrival of Rob Van Dam. RVD’s theme music hit and Mr. Money In The Bank made his way to the stage. He paused briefly, and looked over his shoulder. Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk appeared behind Rob Van Dam as the fans popped for the two Hardcore icons. Joey Styles went on a tangent over the commentary about ECW, and One Night Stand, as The Coach and surprisingly Lawler told him to calm down.

Rob Van Dam and John Cena battled one on one with Funk and Dreamer keeping both Edge and Lita at bay. Cena managed to set up for the FU, only for RVD to wiggle out of it, and score an x-factor live move to get back in to control. Van Dam called for it, and ascended the turnbuckle for the Five Star Frogsplash. Edge jumped up on the barricade, only to be taken out by Funk. Lita entered the ring to try and stop RVD. Van Dam smiled, distracting Lita as Dreamer snuck in behind her. Lita turned slowly and was then set in to a piledriver position. In stereo Rob Van Dam hit the Five Star Frogsplash on John Cena as Tommy Dreamer piledrove Lita. The fans chanted E-C-W as RVD made the cover over John Cena.

The event ended with Rob Van Dam lifting the Money In The Bank briefcase over his head and pointing at a distraught Edge at ringside.

May 15th 2006

In a night that Vince McMahon promised the return of “McMahonism” to the WWE, one of the first thing’s he addressed was Rob Van Dam’s actions the week prior on Raw. Vince called Rob Van Dam to the ring. When he arrived Vince McMahon berated Rob Van Dam for ever reminding the WWE fans about ECW. Vince continued saying that it was the Board of Directors who decided to have YET ANOTHER One Night Stand. Not Vince. Vince says he was content with letting ECW die last year. Vince says that due to the loophole, he can’t stop Rob Van Dam from competing against Edge at One Night Stand for the WWE Championship, but he damn sure didn’t have to sit by and just watch it happen.

Vince went on to ban any former ECW wrestler not currently under contract with WWE from appearing on the telecast. RVD was told that if he brought in any former buddies of his, he would then be stripped of the Money In The Bank briefcase.


For the next weeks, Rob Van Dam continued to do battle with Edge and John Cena. Eventually Mick Foley came to the aid of RVD to help him against the duo. In the week leading up to One Night Stand, Joey Styles interrupted a Vince McMahon promo by coming in to the ring saying he was getting some breaking news on his headset. Lawler and Coach spoke over commentary that they didn’t hear anything. McMahon began questioning what sort of news could be more important than Vincent Kennedy McMahon. In his WWE defining moment Joey Styles delivered the below promo.

Joey Styles: “What sort of news? How about this you pompous son of a bitch? In one week ECW Presents One Night Stand! LIVE! From the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City!”

Vince McMahon: “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

Joey Styles: “The return of ATTITUDE!”

Vince McMahon: “I’m warning you Joey Styles!”

Joey Styles: “The return of MAYHEM!”

Vince McMahon: “Security!”

Joey Styles: “The return of… EXTREME!!”

The ECW theme music hit, and the fans went wild. The locker room poured out as Al Snow, Balls Mahoney, Danny Doring, Roadkill, Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Mikey Whipwreck, Little Guido, Sabu, Stevie Richards, Taz, Terry Funk, The Blue Meanie, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Tajiri emerged. The ECW superstars lined up across the stage, before slowly filing down the ramp and surrounding the ring.


The ECW theme music kick started with a more hardcore feel as Paul Heyman walked out from the back to a huge pop. Heyman got in the ring and faced off with Vince McMahon. McMahon became irate screaming in the face of Heyman. Suddenly, the crowd popped and the camera pulled back to reveal Rob Van Dam in the ring behind Vince McMahon with the barbwire wrapped Money In The Bank briefcase. Heyman smacked Vince McMahon, spinning him around. McMahon held his face, and straightened up to come face to face with Rob Van Dam, who crashed the briefcase in to his skull.

The ECW workers flooded the ring, tossing McMahon between the ropes and to the floor below. They celebrated in the ring, as Paul Heyman got on the microphone and began to promote ECW One Night Stand. In a kayfabe moment, the broadcast cut to the Raw logo as “Technical Difficulties” scrolled across the bottom.

ECW One Night Stand

Sandman d. Terry Funk and Stevie Richards in a rematch from Barely Legal 97’

Tommy Dreamer/Sabu d. Justin Credible/Lance Storm

Tazz d. Steve Corino

New Jack d. Balls Mahoney

Mikey Whipwreck/Tajiri d. Blue Meanie/Stevie Richards and Danny Doring/Roadkill – Tables Match

Chris Benoit d. Dean Malenko – Eddie Guerrero Tribute Match

Rey Mysterio d. Little Guido, Nova, and Super Crazy

Rob Van Dam d. Edge – WWE Championship

Rob Van Dam defeated Edge for the WWE Championship with the entire ECW locker room looking on from the stage. Edge was booed out of the arena initially, but in true ECW fashion the fans appreciated his work cheering for him when the moments called for it.

Following the match Rob Van Dam was handed the WWE Championship, as well as a microphone. What came next would be the foundation for the future of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Rob Van Dam: “For five years… I fought… and clawed my way to the top so that I could call myself champion! I overcame all the odds, and shattered the corporate glass ceiling! No matter how much the they tried to stop Rob Van Dam, I kept on growing, and growing, and growing! Now, how fitting it is I be declared champion of another promotion in the company that gave me my start… Since day one I was told that in order to be the best, no I didn’t have to beat the best. I simply had to prove it. I had to prove to a team of soap opera critics that I had what it took to be champion. That I could stand with the Triple H’s, The Rock’s, the Stone Cold’s, the Hulk Hogan’s, the Goldberg’s, and The Undertaker’s. Well tonight, I’ve finally proven that I AM the Whole Fucking Show! That I AM Mr. Money In The Bank! I’ve proven that I can stand with the greatest… Shane, I expect I phone call later… This is it Paul! I’ve finally done it! I am now on the same par as each man that has been the champion of World Wrestling Entertainment, and as far as I’m concerned… they can all KISS MY ASS!!!”

In a pure nostalgic moment of Shane Douglas’ landmark speech back in 1994, Rob Van Dam threw down the WWE Championship as the ECW fans erupted in cheers.

Rob Van Dam: “Tonight, I declare myself the NEW ECW CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!

The fans burst in to “E-C-W! E-C-W!” chants, as Paul Heyman entered the ring with the ECW Championship belt. Heyman kneeled and handed it off to Rob Van Dam who placed it around his waist.

The event ended with a shot of the WWE Championship laying in a heap on the wrestling mat, followed by Rob Van Dam standing in the center of the ECW ring, with the legion of ECW fans cheering for a promotion which supposedly died five years earlier.

Joey Styles between gasps for air informed the fans to tune in to ECW.com for GROUNDBREAKING news!


The event faded off, as fans at home quickly headed over to ECW.com to check out the news section. What they saw was a message from none other than Paul Heyman...

:To Be Continued:

Chapter 2: Paul Heyman's Message, Creative Meetings, and OVW, OH MY!"

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I like, I like. You do need to check a few things ("Shane, I expect I phone call later" and similar errors I'm too lazy to go back and find), but nobody's perfect. The story itself is pretty fucking good, and I really hope it plays out even half as good as this in real life.

I love the realism in the way Douglas, Rhino, Raven, Team 3D, and the like aren't included as well. Glad to see this is playing out in a manner that's almost true to what could and hopefully will happen.

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Chapter Two: Paul Heyman's Message, Creative Meetings, and OVW Oh My!

That's right fans! We're back! Just when you thought it was safe to call yourself hardcore. With the NEW ECW Champion Rob Van Dam leading us, I have the absolute pleasure to announce to the world that Extreme Championship Wrestling will be resuming activity this September! As some of you may be aware I’ve been the head honcho down in WWE’s main developmental region known as Ohio Valley Wrestling. After one week with the job they obviously noticed I still had something left to give, and eventually, and discreetly the decision was made for ECW to return. Yep, that’s right Jim. All you “hard” work was for nothing. All of the WWE developmental talents, minus a few who yours truly felt would feel right at home in ECW, will be moved to WWE’s second developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling. ECW Programming will begin airing in September right here on ECW.com. We will be taping all of our events from the Davis Arena in Louisville Kentucky, OVW’s former pad. I know, Louisville is a long way away from true ECW territory, but I’m also pleased to announce that plans are in effect to eventually move tapings permanently in 2007 to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City! We’re still Extreme. We’re still pissed off. But bottom line, we’re back!

-Paul Heyman ECW Owner

p.s. Don’t worry Vince, you can keep your bling bling championship. I couldn’t figure out how to make the damn spinner work.

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p.s. Don’t worry Vince, you can keep your bling bling championship. I couldn’t figure out how to make the damn spinner work. that made me laugh out loud

This has the makings of a great diary. You made it as realistic as possible without crippling yourself. The Internet show idea was good as they probably wouldn't get on a network straight away and starting off in Kentucky is also something I could see the E doing with the new ECW. Kayon will be cool in ECW and Vito cud be in the new FBI but I can't see a use for tomko, suprise me

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ECW.COM Presents: ECW Wrestling

The Return: September 2nd 2006

The ECW theme song led the way in to the sold out Davis Arena. A modernized version of the ECW stage was in place of the usual OVW entrance, a now permanent change. The most noticeable difference was the addition of a titan tron. In no means is it as big as you’d find on Raw or Smackdown, but a nice addition nonetheless.

Joey Styles: “We’re back! Hello everyone and welcome to the return of ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling! I’m Joey Styles, as always the VOICE of ECW. Alongside me is my co-host, Joel-“

Joel Gertner: “Well…well…well… If it isn’t I, the Quintessential Studmuffin. Joel, I told you I’d be back, no wait, that’s I’d have you on your back, as I’m commanding an attack down where it’s oh so pretty! I never thought I’d feel so extreme, and oh yeah! So giddy! Joel, when it comes to hyped debuts, I’ve got everyone beat. Much like Joey Styles mother when she’s beating my meat. Now, now my amigo. Don’t look so crass and deep blue. I told her I’d call her again, for another dose of my goo. Joel, like the center of a little box… constantly surrounded by pussy! GERTNER!”

Joey Styles: “In a sick and morbid way I missed hearing those.”

Joel Gertner: “You say that like I should be surprised that you missed me. How’s The Coach treating ya?”

Paul Burchill’s theme music hit, and the fans gave a mostly negative reaction to it’s sound. However, the mood changed as The Queen of Extreme Francine walked out on stage with a microphone in hand.

Francine: “Now now fellas, keep your paws to yourself. When I got the phone call from Paul to come back to ECW I was more ecstatic than you could ever imagine. But I realized that I had to act quick if I wanted to hook up with the best of the best. That’s when I found my new client, my new boy toy. And no, he’s no longer playing pirate. Because thanks to me… he’s learned how to act and use his hands.. like a REAL man. Say hello to Paul Burchill!”

A new theme music hits as Paul Burchill comes walking out from the back in regular wrestling attire. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail and he wears black sunglasses. He kisses Francine on the lips as she kicks a foot in the air. The duo make their way to the ring.

CM Punk’s theme music hits, and the fans give a much better reaction than Burchill’s initial one. However, once again the mood changes as CM Punk walks out with a microphone and begins to address Burchill.

CM Punk: “This is an outrage and I demand to speak to Paul about this! No, better yet… I demand to speak to the REAL boss! Where’s Vince?! Vince?! Vince if you’re watching PLEASE call me up! PLEASE! I can’t stand this place no more! Extreme? EXTREME?! Do I look like the kind of guy who’d participate, let alone enjoy extremely violent wrestling? Heck no! I’m straightedge damnit! I enjoy the SPORT of professional wrestling. I enjoy the storytelling. I mean, my first opponent in this darn company use to run around as a pirate! A pirate! That combined with the two bit prostitute he has on his arm, I’m not sure whether to put him arm lock or hose him down with peroxide! And these fans… These fans! Look at yourselves! Half of you either forgot to do the laundry, or have forgotten what clean clothes even look like!”

Francine: “Punk! Why don’t you stop complaining like a little bitch and get in the God damn ring so my man Burchill can welcome you to ECW properly!”

CM Punk: “Oh I’m coming Francine. And not in the way you're accustomed to. I’m coming because I have to, not because I want to. Because I HAVE to. Because my OVW contract continues for another year, and until then I’m stuck! Burchill, I’m about to clean up your act!”

Joel Gertner: “So honestly Joey, how much was Vince paying ya?”

CM Punk vs. Paul Burchill w/Francine

  • Burchill and Punk battled back and forth for seven minutes with neither man getting a notable advantage over the other. The ECW fans applauded a series of chain wrestling they went in to.
  • CM Punk got advantage by low blowing Paul Burchill, followed by an eye poke. CM Punk then removed a turnbuckle pad, and using Burchill's own momentum, sent him face first in to the steel cable. Burchill got a cut slightly above his eye.
  • CM Punk removed his belt and began to whip Burchill across the back, and attempted to choke him out with it.
  • Finally CM Punk managed to hit a step up enziguri which sent Burchill to the mat.
  • CM Punk made the cover. One. Two. Three

After the match, CM Punk stood up and brushed himself off. An out of place smile then spread across his face as he waved to the fans as if he never said anything negative about them. At ringside, Burchill pounded himself in the head screaming about being a failure. Francine rubbed his shoulders and calmed him down seductively.

Joey Styles: "I don't get it. CM Punk is against extreme wrestling, yet he had no problem using extreme tactics to pick up the victory."

Joel Gertner: "..."

Joey Styles: "Thoughts?"

Joel Gertner: "I just want to know what Vince paid ya!"

Joey Styles: "A lot now can we please focus on the show?!"

Backstage Justin Credible and Lance Storm were shown getting ready.

Justin Credible: "It may have just been last year since we were together, but brother we haven't truly been back in five."

Lance Storm: "Tonight, we show Doring and Roadkill who the real most respected tag team in ECW was before it's hiatus!"

Justin Credible: "Let's do this! Yo Dawn, let's go!"

Dawn Marie: "Coming!"

Dawn Marie runs by the camera just as she snaps on her bra.

Joel Gertner: "So like, was it enough to buy a porsche?"

The Impact Players w/Dawn Marie vs. Danny Doring and Roadkill

  • Lance Storm and Danny Doring started the match off quickly showcasing eachother's athletic abilities.
  • Storm tagged out quickly after Doring managed to reverse a clothesline attempt with an elbow to the face.
  • Doring called for fan support to tag in Roadkill. As he went to tag in his partner, Credible attacked him from behind and dragged him away from his corner.
  • After hitting a series of knee drops to Doring's head, Credible tagged Storm in and the duo double teamed Doring in the corner.
  • Roadkill came in attacking both men throwing Credible to the outside. On cue, Dawn Marie handed Credible his kendo stick.
  • Before Roadkill and Doring could really lay it in to Storm, Credible came in and hit both men in the back of the heads with his kendo stick.
  • Credible then piledrove Danny Doring and Storm went for the cover. One. Two. Three.

Joey Styles: “The Impact Players with an impressive win over Danny Doring and Roadkill.”

Joel Gertner: “Nobody swings a Singapore cane like Justin Credible.”

Joey Styles: “No one except maybe The Sandman.”

Joel Gertner: “Don’t get me started on that drunk. Vince if you’re listening, fire Sandman.”

“Evenflow” by Pearl Jam hits and the fans erupt. Tommy Dreamer emerges from the back and salutes the ECW fans. He makes his way down the entrance way and gets in to the ring where he is handed a microphone.

Tommy Dreamer: “God Damnit it feels good to be back! A year ago when they came to me and Paul about possibly putting together a one night ECW memorial show, I thought they were crazy. Not because I had doubts that it would work. I thought they were crazy because they thought ECW was dead and needed to be memorialized!”

The fans chant “E-C-W! E-C-W!”.

Tommy Dreamer: “Tonight proves my thinking correct. Tonight shows the higher ups that ECW will never die! ECW lives in the hearts of every worker backstage, and each and everyone of you! That’s why tonight-“

“Who Better Than Kanyon?!” Chris Kanyon’s WWE theme music hits and the fans cheer the obvious heel actions of Kanyon. Chris Kanyon emerges from the back with a stop watch in his hand. Dreamer looks puzzled as Kanyon enters the ring, and takes a microphone.

Chris Kanyon: “Two minutes, thirteen seconds. You’ve been out here for two minutes and thirteen seconds and not said a single earth shattering or mind blowing thing. Two minutes! You know how long that is? That’s long enough for a Chris Kanyon promo that’s for damn sure! That’s long enough for Chris Kanyon to get the recognition he damn well deserves. What? I don’t deserve the same opportunity as you because I don’t bleed and breath ECW? So what, I’m not a hardcore wrestler? I’m not hardcore? Me?! Not hardcore?! Have you seen the Kanyon Cutter? It’s brutal! It damn show kicks the shit out of the Spiccoli Driver!”

Tommy Dreamer: “Speaking of not saying anything important, Chris Kanyon ladies and gentlemen.”

Kanyon waves to the booing audience. Derogatory gay terms are shouted from a few directions.

Tommy Dreamer: “But c’mon Kanyon. I think we all know the real reason why you’re out here. We’re all on the internet. I’m pretty sure 98% of this crowd HAS a myspace. You’re gay. That’s cool. Whatever man. Now you’re just looking for a platform to shout it on.”

Chris Kanyon: “My homosexuality has NOTHING to do with me being out here! For your information I’m out here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to extend a challenge! A challenge to the most hardcore, extreme wrestler known in ECW! I figure, if I have to earn my stripes, I might as well take out the biggest fish in the pond… Sabu! Get out here!”

The fans cheer.

Joey Styles: “He’s calling out Sabu?!”

Joel Gertner: “He’s a dead man.”

The lights in the arena go out as another huge pop from the crowd is heard. When they come back on, Sabu stands in the center of the ring behind Tommy Dreamer. Kanyon slowly turns and smirks. Dreamer turns and is attacked by Sabu. Kanyon and Sabu begin to stomp and beat on Tommy Dreamer as the fans rally for Dreamer. “Enter Sandman” hits over the p.a. system, and the fans go wild. Kanyon and Sabu lay off Dreamer and watch the crowd as The Sandman appears with a beer in one hand, and a Singapore cane in the other.

After his usual entrance of pouring beer in his own, and fans mouths. Sandman enters the ring and starts swinging.

Joey Styles: “It seems we’ve got a tag team match on our hands!”

Chris Kanyon and Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman

  • The team of Chris Kanyon and Sabu was an odd one to say the least. It was as if Kanyon was looking to Sabu for unforgiven advice on how to be "extreme"
  • Sabu would hit a series of impressive moves on Dreamer or Sandman, and whenever Kanyon had the oppurtonity he'd look to Sabu or the fans for encouragement. Sabu didn't really show any reaction and stayed more focused in the match.
  • The ending of the match saw Kanyon hit the Kanyon Kutter on Tommy Dreamer as he was distracted with Sabu. Kanyon made the cover as Sabu dropkicked The Sandman. One. Two. Three.

Joey Styles: "I don't believe it!"

Joel Gertner: "He's hardcore! He's hardcore!"

Joey Styles: "Would you stop it?!"

Kanyon went ecstatic in the ring, celebrating in Mick Foley fashion by running around the ring looking for the fans to slap his hand. He then got a microphone.

Chris Kanyon: "I did it! I beat the Innovator of Violence! I'm extreme! I belong! I'm extreme! I'm extreme!"

Rob Van Dam's WWE theme music hit and the fans erupted. Kanyon paused his celebration in the ring as the ECW Heavyweight Champion stormed the ring talking trash. Kanyon dropped the mic and backed away as Rob Van Dam approached obviously looking for a fight. RVD paused and picked up the mic.

Rob Van Dam: "So you think you're extreme? Prove it!"

With that Rob Van Dam lunged forward and began to brawl with Kanyon as the fans cheered on the fight. Suddenly Sabu came from behind with the singapore cane of The Sandman, knocking RVD in the back. Van Dam turned and locked eyes with Sabu. Van Dam went to lock up with Sabu, only for Kanyon to attack him from behind. Sabu and Kanyon double teamed Rob Van Dam until Tommy Dreamer and Sandman both made the save chasing them off.

Joey Styles: "Rob Van Dam and Sabu heating things up! Don't tell me THAT rivalry has been refueled! We're out of time! We'll see you next week, right here on ECW.com!"

Rob Van Dam pulled himself up in the ring, and watched as Kanyon and Sabu backed up the rampway. Dreamer and The Sandman rallied the fans, as the show came to a close.


That's it? Sure the event had lots of former ECW talents. The ECW stage was there. The ECW rules were there. The ECW fans and announcers were there. Was the ECW personality there? Was this ECW reborn? If it was, was it ECW reborn with a whole new attitude and persona?

Paul Heyman watched the closing moments of the show discreetly from the back of the audience near a fire exit. A grin as huge as his gut, across his face.

He had done it. In his eyes ECW lived.

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I would like to take this moment to thank everyone for the positive feedback so far with this diary. I hope to continue with this diary for as long as it remains entertaining.


September 3rd 2006


-Tyson Tomko has some prior independent dates which he will wrestle before relocating to Kentucky to be apart of the new ECW. Rumors of a Tyson Tomko/Steve Corino alliance have been whispered.

-Paul Heyman wishes to remain off screen for a while. He does not want to be any type of recurring authority figure.

-Jim Mitchell had approached Paul Heyman about leaving TNA for the new ECW. He was turned away.

-Terry Funk will be involved with ECW in the same fashion that Stone Cold is currently involved with the WWE. He will only make a few appearances, hyped heavily each time.

-Heyman and Dreamer are VERY high on CM Punk's work.

-Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie had assumed that a Blue World Order was going to reoccur. Heyman apparently said that it was time to move on.

-The ECW Tag Team titles are the only other championship expected in the company. Expect the championships to return in a few weeks.

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Guest H Effect

I think you'll find that ECW 06 Diaries will pop up all over the place...This one is awesome though, and he was the first so everyone else who does one (including me) will cop it...Especially cos we will all include CM Punk in a major way im sure...My idea for Punk is slightly different to this though. Notas good =( lol

Seriously man, i LOVE the Punk Character...and think the Sabu turn is interesting...lets see where it leads...Kanyon is about as Hardcore as my grandma, if i was there I'd shit all over that segment, but i suppose thats the idea.

Edited by H Effect
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well you wont need to stop anytime soon because its very entertaining. Kayon rocks he and RVD should be good. Sabu heel turn-nice touch More Impact Players and it really isn't time to move on bWo!
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ECW.com Presents: ECW Wrestling

Internet Show Preview

Stevie Richards versus Paul Burchill

It was revealed last week that Paul Burchill has a new valet, none other then the Queen of Extreme Francine! However, even with Francince in his corner Burchill was unable to defeat CM Punk last week in a one on one match. This week Burchill looks to stop Stevie Richards.

Steve Corino versus Al Snow

What does everyone want? VIOLENCE. Tune in to ECW.com as Al Snow sheds his WWE shell and becomes the brutal, psychotic superstar he once was! Al Snow will take on the King of Oldschool Steve Corino in what is sure to be a great contest.

Rob Van Dam versus Sabu

Last week Sabu shocked everyone as he aligned himself with ECW newcomer Chris Kanyon. After brutaly attacking Tommy Dreamer, and defeating Dreamer and The Sandman in a tag team contest, Sabu and Kanyon broke down the ECW Heavyweight Champion. This week Rob Van Dam looks for revenge as he goes one on one with the Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal Sabu!

In Other Action...

- CM Punk visits WWE Headquarters.

- Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri announcement.

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I am loving the diary so far. It's not often I find a diary that I really enjoy, and read the whole way through, but so far, that first show; it was great.

While I personally hope that Steve Corino is in the upstart ECW, it is probably about 95% unlikely, given that he basically co-owns Zero-One MAX in Japan, and is one of their bookers.

Maybe you could tie in a storyline where he still wrestles tours with Z1MAX or something. Could be a way to get Masato Tanaka back in, and possibly bring over Skull & Bones (Ikuto Hidaka and Minoru Fujita; Hidaka been in ECW before, Fujita toured America in 2001-03).

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ECW.com Presents: ECW Wrestling

September 9th 2006

The internet broadcast opened with a promo video for Hardcore Resurrection, an internet pay-per-view which ECW will present on September 30th. The price of the pay-per-view was a surprisingly $5.95.

After the video, we cut to the Davis Arena as Rob Van Dam’s theme music immediately hits. The fans cheer as RVD walks out from the back with the ECW Championship around his waist.

Joey Styles: “Hello everyone I’m Joey Styles, the VOICE of E.C.W. wrestling. The World Heavyweight champion, Rob Van Dam asked for this time. To say what? I’m willing to bet it has something to do with Sabu!”

RVD gets in the ring and is handed a microphone.

Rob Van Dam: “Last week I called out Chris Kanyon after he egotistically declared himself hardcore. What I got for my troubles was a blindside attack from my former tag team partner, and foe, Sabu. Sabu, I know you’re in the building tonight, so get your ass out here!”

Joel Gertner: “Sabu is quite the popular guy these last few days.”

Joey Styles: “Hopefully we’ll get some information about why Sabu has aligned himself with, of all people, Chris Kanyon!”

The lights in the arena go out and the fans cheer. When they come back on, Sabu stands perched on the turnbuckle diagonal from RVD. Out of instinct, RVD turns completely around thinking Sabu would be behind him. Sabu dives off the turnbuckle and nails RVD in the back with a missile dropkick. Sabu stands and violently kicks Rob Van Dam in the gut.

This continues for several seconds until Tommy Dreamer emerges from backstage with a steel chair in his hand. Dreamer slides in the ring and chases off Sabu. As Dreamer is checking on Rob Van Dam, the lights in the arena go out once again. This time, when they turn on Chris Kanyon stands behind both Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer armed with a steel chair of his own. Dreamer looks around confused before turning around and getting blasted with a steel chair shot from Kanyon.

The fans boo Kanyon as he poses in the ring, and points at his “I’m Positively Hardcore” t-shirt.

Joey Styles: “Kanyon with a cheap shot if I’ve ever saw one!”

Joel Gertner: “Cheap nothing! Dreamer had that coming for getting involved in other people’s business!”

Paul Burchill’s theme music hits and the fans give a nice mixed reaction, popping noticeably as Francine walks out on stage. Burchill and Francine walk down the entrance way and enter the ring. Francine gives Burchill some last minute words of advice. Ending it with a slight lick of his lips.

Joel Gertner: “I’ll take one of those!”

Joey Styles: “One of what?”

Joel Gertner: “A tongue licking.”

Joey Styles: “Don’t look at me.”

The fans break out in a “Stevie! Stevie! Stevie!” chant. After some moments of silence, the Blue World Order’s theme music hits and the fans erupt. Stevie walks out on to the stage with The Blue Meanie at his side. However, neither Meanie or Richards are wearing any “bWo” gear. Stevie and Meanie walk down to the stage, and Richards slides in. Burchill is quick on the attack, stomping on Stevie as he enters.

Paul Burchill w/Francine vs. Stevie Richards w/The Blue Meanie

  • Burchill held on to his advantage for most of the match, using his size and stature to overcome Stevie Richards.
  • Blue Meanie at ringside rallied the fans to start "Stevie" chants. He also chased Francine around looking for a kiss.
  • Eventually, Burchill's ego got the best of him. Just as it looked like Burchill was about to put Stevie away with the C4, Stevie somehow managed to wiggle out of the situation, and nail a Stevie Kick.
  • Francine jumped up on the apron to provide a quick distraction, but Meanie got rid of her but throwing her off his shoulder kicking and screaming. He then "spanked" her ass to the delight of the crowd. Stevie went for the cover in the ring. One. Two. Three.
After the match, Stevie and Meanie celebrated. Francine entered the ring and slowly approached Burchill, who looked as if he was about to snap in frustration. Slowly, Francine placed her hand on his shoulder, and began to calm him down. Burchill punched the mat a few times in anger, before rolling out of the ring, and leaving with Francine in toe.

Joey Styles: “Two weeks in a row, two loses here in ECW. I’m starting to think Paul Burchill should rethink his managerial services.”

Joel Gertner: “He just hasn’t found his niche here in ECW. Give him time!”

Joey Styles: “Now let’s send it to the back where ECW’s newest interviewer is standing by with Al Snow and Steve Corino. Take it away… Johnny Fairplay?!”

We cut backstage where shockingly Johnny Fairplay is standing by with Steve Corino and Al Snow.

Johnny Fairplay: “Thank you Joey! I’m Johnny Fairplay, Wrestling’s most EXTREMELY charismatic individual alive today! My guests tonight, plural, are none other then Al Snow and “The King of Oldschool” Steve Corino!.” Guys, tonight you two will fight one another in what is guaranteed to be EXTREME!”

Johnny continues to take things over the top with his usage of “EXTREME!” and his fake ear to ear smile. The entire time the fans have been slightly booing, and Al Snow has been shooting him dirty looks. Corino on the other hand, looks thrilled and cocky as usual.

Steve Corino: “That’s right Johnny Fairplay. Tonight, the world witnesses the return of Oldschool to ECW! It’s been a while, but tonight once again Steve Corino will walk out there and prove once again that he is the greatest showman alive today!”

Al Snow: “Very good kid. Very good. Great usage of trademark lines and nicknames. Bottom line, you’ve got nothing that-“

Johnny Fairplay: “Just a minute Mr. Snow, or can I call you Al? Just a minute Al. Steve Corino, I for one DO believe that you are the greatest showman alive today. Heck, I might even place you above Johnny Fairplay himself!”

Steve Corino: “Why thank you Mr. Fairplay.”

Johnny Fairplay: “Please, call me Johnny.”

Steve Corino: “It’s been a while since anyone around here has really-“

In the background behind Johnny Fairplay and Steve Corino, Al Snow has discreetly lifted up “Head”. The crowd pops as Al Snow turns Head as if she is looking at both Corino and Fairplay.


The sudden outburst has shocked Corino and Fairplay in to silence. Al Snow brings Head forward.

Al Snow: “Jesus Christ, I thought I told you to stay in the hotel room! Do you know what could happen to me if they catch you around here?! What? Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh, so I’m just suppose to believe that there was never any court orders involving our relationship. What do you mean “what relationship”? Don’t start with that now tonight is a very important night! You know I can’t deal with this- Fine! Fine! You can come! But only if Paul says it’s okay. What? No I don’t know if CM Punk is single…”

Al Snow walks off continuing to talk to Head. Corino and Fairplay watch him go, bug eyed.

Johnny Fairplay: “Um, good luck tonight Steve.”

Steve Corino: “…Thanks.”

Joey Styles: “She’s back!”

Joel Gertner: “Vince! Is there an opening on Velocity?!”

Joey Styles: “Would you stop that?!”

Al Snow’s WWE theme hit and he came to the ring with Head high above his… head. The fans supported the reunion.

Joey Styles: “It’s so nice to see those two back together.”

Joel Gertner: “I love Walmart.”

Joey Styles: “I love your unneeded comments.”

Joel Gertner: “SHOOT!”

Joey Styles: “Very clever.”

"Come With Me" by Puff Daddy and Jimmy Paige hits and the fans begin to boo. Steve Corino comes marching out from the back talking trash to the crowd. He holds his hand out to slap a fans, but quickly pulls it away avoiding the contact. He rolls in to the ring.

Steve Corino vs. Al Snow w/Head

  • Al Snow and Corino locked it up, and started a series of chain wrestling which the fans applauded.
  • Corino began to fight slightly dirty with an eyepoke followed by a low block kick to the groin.
  • Al Snow got back in control following Corino missing Al Snow as he dove in to the corner. Snow held on to his advantage until Johnny Fairplay came to the ring screaming in to a megaphone.
  • Fairplay continued to support Corino, eventually distracting Snow with his antics. The distraction allowed for Corino to hit the Old School Expulsion and pick up the victory.
Joey Styles: “Johnny Fairplay providing the distraction for Steve Corino to pick up the victory. Fairplay with a… megaphone? We’re gonna get sued!”

Joel Gertner: “I love a good gimmick infringement!”

We immediately cut backstage where Danny Doring and Roadkill are standing around.

Danny Doring: “Well, this is where they said to be right?”

Roadkill: “Chickens.”

Danny Doring: “Well then where the hell are they?”

Roadkill: “…Chickens.”

Danny Doring: “They said they had something VERY important to talk to us about. I wonder-“

Suddenly Doring and Roadkill attacked from behind by Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri. The fans begin to boo as Whipwreck and Tajiri continue to lay a beating to Doring and Roadkill for no apparent reason. Tajiri takes out Roadkill early on with a Buzzsaw kick, laying him out. Doring, between punches and in pain moans.

Danny Doring: “What the fuck are you doing?!”

Whipwreck latches on to his throat, and grits his teeth. Spit flies from his mouth.

Mikey Whipwreck: “What we were told to do!”

Whipwreck lifts Doring up, and does a modified Whippersnapper on to the concrete floor of the backstage area. Doring and Roadkill lay motionless as Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck stand over them. The fans continue to boo. We cut to Joey Styles and Joel Gertner in the announcer post.

Joey Styles: “What in the hell was that about?!”

Joel Gertner: “Beautiful! I think I cried a little bit!”

Joey Styles: “What possessed Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck to do such a thing? I have never, NEVER seen that look in Mikey’s eyes before. Something is going on. Was that their announcement?”

Joel Gertner: “I guess so.”

Joey Styles: “Get some help back there!”

Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam

  • The brawl continued on the outside of the ring, eventually spilling over in to the crowd.
  • RVD and Sabu battled back and up and down the bleachers with the fans cheering for every punch and kick.
  • Sabu grabbed a t-shirt out of a fans hand and wrapped it around the throat of RVD, trying to choke him out. RVD countered by smashing a fans soda cup in to his face.
  • Eventually they fought back to ringside where Sabu managed to knock RVD out with a chair shot. He then went under the ring and retrieved a ladder which he slid in to the ring. Sabu used the ladder as a weapon, knocking RVD in the gut.
  • Rob Van Dam came back, dropkicking the front of the ladder and sending it back in to the gut of Sabu. RVD then ran up the ladder as Sabu held it on a slant, and quickly enziguri'd Sabu in the head.
  • By the end of the match with both men continuing to trade the advantage, Rob Van Dam had brought a table in to the ring. Sabu lat motionless on it, and RVD was looking to hit the Five Star Frogsplash. Chris Kanyon appeared rolling Sabu off the table and saving him.
  • Tommy Dreamer emerged to battle Chris Kanyon and even the odds. After hitting a double arm DDT on Kanyon, Dreamer placed Kanyon on the table, and signaled Rob Van Dam to hit the five star. RVD stood on the ladder, pointed to him "R.V.D.!" and leaped off to hit the Five Star Frogsplash on Chris Kanyon through the table.
  • Joey Styles: "OH MY GOD!"
  • Sabu went for the cover on the fallen ECW champion, but Rob Van Dam kicked out barely. He and Sabu continued to fight until Kanyon eventually managed to pull himself back up. Kanyon lunged forward attempting to clothesline RVD, but Dreamer at ringside warned Rob Van Dam. RVD ducked, causing Kanyon to hit Sabu instead.
  • This allowed RVD to throw Kanyon from the ring, and hit the Rolling Thunder for the victory.
Joey Styles: “Rob Van Dam with the victory!”

Joel Gertner: “Someone check on Kanyon!”

Joey Styles: “He can deal, he’s hardcore!”

Dreamer entered the ring to raise RVD’s hand and give him the ECW title. At ringside, Kanyon crawled underneath the ring and emerged with a black sack filled with something. He reached inside and took a handful of it’s contents. Kanyon came in to the ring, and as RVD and Dreamer turned, Kanyon threw a handful of glitter in to their faces.

Joey Styles: “What the hell? Glitter?!”

Joel Gertner: “OH MY GOD!”

Joey Styles: “What the- that COULD blind a man.”

Sure enough Dreamer and Rob Van Dam held their faces as glitter filled their tear ducts. Kanyon raced forward hitting both men with a Kanyon Kutter at the same time. Afterwards, Kanyon stood and called for a microphone.

Chris Kanyon: “I told you I was hardcore! I’m POSITIVELY HARDCORE!”

Kanyon pulls on his t-shirt.

Chris Kanyon: “That’s why I’m challenging you to a match next week. Both of you. You see me and Sabu are going to go find ourselves a third partner. You two are to do the same. Next week, we’ll have ourselves a six man tag team match. How does that sound fellas? Oh, good luck finding a partner… I mean, how can you if you can’t even see who you’re looking at?!”

Kanyon laughs at his horrible joke as ECW Wrestling comes to a close.

Joey Styles: “Six man, next week! Good night everyone!”

The event briefly fades off. However, it suddenly comes back on at first with a snowy image. It clears up as CM Punk is shown. He is obviously filming this himself.

CM Punk: “Hello everyone, I’m CM Punk, and today we’re visiting the headquarters of the greatest wrestling promotion running today World Wrestling Entertainment!”

Cut to a montage of different shots of CM Punk around the headquarters. Complete with cheesy montage music. Different shots include him in the fountain, at a urinal, at a desk taking phone calls, degrading Shannon Moore, and finally eating food from a table marked “McMahon’s Only”. We then cut back to a horrible angle of CM Punk since he is continuing to film this himself.

CM Punk: “In just a few moments I’ll be meeting with Vince McMahon about working for the WWE on either it’s Raw or Smackdown brand! Finally! I’m getting out of that rat’s hole ECW! I’m moving on up baby!”

Cut to a first person view of walking towards Vince McMahon’s office. CM Punk speaks.

CM Punk: “here we are about to go talk to the boss. Check out these digs!”

“Excuse me sir!”

CM Punk turns the camera on Vince’s secretary.

CM Punk: “Hi, I’m here to speak to Vince McMahon… I have an appointment. Check under Punk, CM.”

Secretary: “You’re not on the list. And besides, Vince McMahon doesn’t hold meetings on Saturdays. This is his personal day to play golf or go tanning.”

CM Punk: “But… I-“

A cell phone is heard ringing. CM fumbles with the camera. It stops on a shadow of CM Punk on the floor answering his cell phone.

CM Punk: “Hello? Ashton who? What do you mean I just got- Paul Heyman?!… Contract extension…”

Punk hangs up the cell phone and fixes the camera. He focuses it on himself.

CM Punk: “It seems I won’t be meeting with Mr. McMahon today. It seems my current employer Paul Heyman would rather play childish games. Fine Paul, you want to play games? I’ll play games. I’ll see you folks next week!”

CM Punk turns off the camera, and the screen goes black.

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