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From IGN

May 11, 2006 - It may be several years later than most people would have expected, but Reservoir Dogs is being brought to the video game medium at last. Due out this fall for PC, PS2, and Xbox, the game looks to bring the movie back to life and give more details into the back story of each character and what happened to them when they were off-screen in the movie. The game boasts a true to the film story and the full rights to Michael Madsen, the famous Mr. Blonde, and his likeness.. We were able to take a look at how the game is coming along when Eidos demoed a playable build for us at their booth this E3.

If you've seen Reservoir Dogs before, you may be wondering how it could possibly translate into a movie. The movie was heavy on dialogue with a few extremely violent action scenes. This is where the back and side-stories come in. To fill in the details in between scenes, fights and chases were added where you were left to fill in the blanks during the movie.

There are sixteen total levels in Reservoir Dogs with ten of them being third-person shooting levels and six driving. We were first shown an action level where you had to get out of the building after the cops arrive on the scene. Like each stage, you can go about this in two vastly different ways. The first is labeled as "psycho." This is the run and gun play style where you can blast your way through obstacles, shoot everything that moves, and create general havoc. Playing like this, rather than trying to learn a key code, you'd simply blast open the lock with a nice shot from your pistol.

To us, though, it was much cooler to play on the opposite spectrum of gaming dubbed "professional." If you want, you can make it through the entire game without killing a soul - very professional for a thief. This will require you to use some other game mechanics such as intimidation and hostages. You can take a hostage and hold them for when the cops come in. If the cops don't immediately put their guns down, slamming your hostages face into a table or through a window might do the trick. There's also the option of controlling some NPCs through intimidation. For instance, if you point your gun at the right people, you can then take control of them yourself and open safes or other locks so you can move through locked areas. At the end of each level, you'll be given a rating based on how psycho or professional you played.

Reservoir Dogs is trying to put an extra spin on the driving levels as well. Rather than just have a series of chase scenes, they're putting added twists to keep the game fresh. The level we saw had two health bars - one for your car and one for the passenger. If either gets to the bottom, you lose. Along the way, civilians and cop cars go in the way and cinematic slow motion camera cuts for jumps crashes.

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