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Virgin World Wrestling

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Virgin World Wrestling

On the 16th June 2006 WWE finalised a deal with USA Network and got their ECW brand a TV deal. It was pushed as an independent promotion as has no ties to the WWE other than the fact that the WWE pays the bills. This was done in an attempt to beat the competition before they became 'real' competition... TNA that is. What they didn't count on was the appearance of a brand new wrestling promotion, owned by British entrepenuer Richard Branson and run by Eric Bischoff Virgin World Wrestling is the newest promotion on the block.

How did this happen you ask?

Isn't Bischoff under contract to the WWE?

Why does Richard Branson care about sports entertainment?

Well I'm about to tell you.

During a UK tour Eric Bischoff was asked to come on screen on more time before sitting out the rest of his contract. He appeared on an episode of RAW where if he could beat the WWE Champion John Cena, he would get his job back as RAW GM. Bischoff was obviously booked to lose and did so in an attempt to boost Cena's face reaction.

But all that isn't really important. While in the UK, Bischoff contacted a man, suprise suprise, Richard Branson. Bischoff wanted to do something, he wanted to make an impact in the wrestling world once again. If he stayed with the WWE he would get paid thousands just to sit at home and do nothing, spare the occaisional on screen angle where he would be humiliated. Or he could quit and go to TNA, where he could have an on-screen role similar to that of the one he had on RAW, but for the money he'd get paid it wouldn't be worth it. While drinking a can of Virgin Coke, Bischoff looked at the can, smirked and knew he had a good idea!

He contacted owner of 'Virgin' the British Entrepenuer Richard Branson. After a few days of discussions, Eric convinced Branson that a Wrestling Promotion was just what he needed to add to his business empire! Bischoff requested his release from WWE, and he left on good terms.

Bischoff was given a significant sum of money to set up the promotion, while Branson embarked on a massive advertising campaign through all of his other media ventures.

The word was out about Virgin World Wrestling but it was up to Bischoff so hire workers, set up some kind of regular show and make an impact. At a press conference Branson and Bischoff said that Virgin World Wrestling isn't a WWE Alternative (referring to TNA) or WWE funded blast from the past (referring to ECW), Virgin World Wrestling is a WWE Competitor!

The statement sent shockwaves further hyping the debut of Virgin World Wrestling! However in all truthfullness, they were far from challenging the WWE, they had to first overcome ECW and TNA!

A few days later Richard Branson called for a small meeting with Eric Bischoff.....

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Saturday 1st July 2006

Virgin Offices USA

Eric Bischoff walked into a room with a 'Mr Branson' plaque on the door.

Branson: Come on in Eric, take a seat.

Bischoff: Thanks Mr Branson.

Bischoff shook Branson's hand and proceeded to sit down.

Branson: Please Eric, call me Richard?

Bischoff nods.

Bischoff: So.. Mr Bra.. erm Richard, what did you call me here for?

Branson: Well I've called you here to inform you the date of our first show, it'll be on Tuesday 1st August!

Bischoff: What?! I've only made deals with four wrestlers, and haven't even begun negotiations for a TV Show!

Branson: Calm down Eric, you have just less than a month, all you have to do is get us a decent sized roster and book a launch event. As for TV, if you've managed to secure a deal by then.. well thats brilliant. If not I already have a Pay Per View Provider lined up to air the show.

Bischoff: Thats great then, well I'd better be going then. Ill see you...

Branson: Wait just a minute, you said you'd already hired some people? I've been doing a alot of research into the world of wrestling recently, so I'm curious.. since it IS all coming out of my pocket?

Bischoff: Well I called up a couple of old WCW workers, some big names too, and I got Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon to get on board although Kanyon will be called 'Kanyan' due to copywright issues, but it'll be pronounced the same anyway.

Branson: Thats great, two top stars for the first show. Who else did you get?

Bischoff: This next guy is great... one of the biggest stars in all of Wrestling.. taken right from under TNA's nose..

Branson: Just spit it out will you!

Bischoff: Bill.... Goldberg.

Branson: Thats great not only do we have some good star power you've managed to thwart TNA's plans to sign him, I must say I'm impressed Eric.

Bischoff: Actually there was one thing... I wasn't able to sign him to a written contract..

Branson: And why not? I told you I wanted all big names signed to iron clad written contracts!

Bischoff: Its just that he doesnt want to be stuck in a company if it doesn't work out.... he said he may reconsider signing a written contract somewhere down the line.

Branson: Thats it? Thats the only reason?

Bischoff: Actually there was one more... he wasn't too pleased at the signing of the fourth guy.

Branson: Who is it?

Bischoff: A top star! A main eventer! Some one who will bring crowds..

Branson: I Said Who Is It Eric?

Bischoff: Its.. Chris Jericho!

Branson: Jericho? Thats amazing.. I'd heard he wasn't even interested in wrestling anymore.. and that he wasn't interested in going back to the WWE, let alone another company like TNA. So tell me Eric.. how did you do it?

Bischoff: Well I made him an offer he couldn't refuse... you don't need to know the details though.

Bischoff stood up and started walking towards the door..

Branson: Just a minute Eric.. Its my money and I need to know everything!

Bischoff: Okay.. well heres the thing, I told him that if VWW doesn't work out... you'd give his band Fozzy a record deal with Virgin Records...

Branson: YOU DID WHAT?!

Bischoff: Don't worry Mr Branson sir... it won't even come to that, it'll be a sucess.. just like all of your ventures!

Branson: Enough ass kissing Eric, you can go now.. and don't come back until you have something good to tell me.. oh and Eric.. this first show HAD BETTER BE GOOD!

Eric quickly nodded and left the room murmering to himself..

Bischoff: Better be good... I'm Eric Bischoff.. of course it'll be good... i'll show the wrestling world... silly Brit.

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Sunday 2nd July

Eric Bischoff's House

Eric Bischoff was sat in his house on sunday afternoon relaxing, when his cell phone rang, he answered it and saw right away who it was.

Bischoff: Erm.. Mr Branson... hello.. erm whats this call all about?

Branson: I was just calling to see how you're doing?

Bischoff: Well naturally I haven't done anything since I only saw you yesterday.. today being sunday.. day of rest and everything.

Branson: Day of rest? DAY OF REST? Well while you've been resting, the competition hasn't!

Bischoff: What do you..

Branson: I just went on the internet.. looked at a wrestling news site and guess what? The ECW/TNA war is already in full swing, ECW have thrown big money contracts around and signed Raven, AJ Styles and Jeff Jarret away from TNA!

Bischoff: But surely thats a good thing.. TNA have already been taken down a notch and ECW have done it for us.

Branson: No, no and no again Eric! TNA make have been damaged, but that just means we'll have more competition in ECW which is backed by the WWE! Not to mention how much of an asset any of them three men would've been to us. I'll speak to you in a couple of days and I want to have a conversation about something good this time Eric!

Bischoff: Of course Mr Branson don't wor..

Before he could finish, Branson had hung up the phone, leaving Bischoff with somewhat of a worried look on his face. He knew he had to get out there and make some progress.. or he might not even get to the launch show.

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Tuesday 4th July

More Phone Calls

Eric Bischoff was sat in his study at home doing some paperwork when his phone rang.. he answered.

Bischoff: Hello Mr Branson... I've got good news.

Branson: I'm glad to hear it Eric, tell me what progress you've made.

Bischoff: I've signed a couple of tag teams as well as a few Lightweights and a couple of midcarders.

Branson: Okay the Eric who've we got.

Bischoff: Well for lightweights I've signed Jimmy Yang, Eddie Colon, Shannon Moore, Mr Aguila and Billy Kidman, who will be named 'Billy Kidd' for copyright purposes.

Branson: Not bad at all Eric.. so what about tag teams then?

Bischoff: Well I called old accquaintences Brian Adams and Bryan Clark who make up Kronik. I got Kimo and Kishi, formely Rikishi and I plan to team them as a new version of the Island Boyz. Finally i got team of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch who I managed to convince to leave the WWE.

Branson: Thats great news Eric... but what about the WWE's 90 day no compete clause?

Bischoff: Apparently they weren't signed to one, they were originally going to be pushed then they were soon split.. didn't seem to be going anywhere.. WWE didn't see the point in putting the clause in their contracts.

Branson: Sounds good to me.. so who else do we have?

Bischoff: Well I signed Mark Jindrak, Perry Saturn and I'm waiting for a call from Maven Huffman to try and finalise a deal with him.

Branson: I must say Eric the rosters is shaping up nicely and I'm becoming much more impressed with you. Keep it up.

Bischoff: Thats wonderful Mr Branson.. oh and even better.. I've began negotiations with Spike TV for a television show.

Bischoff: Excellent Eric! I have a prior arrangement Involving a bottle of coke and a hot air balloon so I'd best be going, but I'll check up on you soon.

Eric was about to put the phone down when it rang again

Bischoff: Hello? Who is it?

Huffman: Hey Eric.. its me Maven, you know Maven Huffman?

Bischoff: Oh hey there Maven, have you come to a decision on wether or not you'll come and work for us?

Huffman: I have and I want to come and work with you.

Bischoff: Thats great, I'm glad to have you on board. Believe me when I say you'll get chances you never got in the WWE.

Huffman: You're putting me in the main event!

Bischoff: Erm well actually... No! I was thinking midcarder.. and some kind of eventual push.

Huffman: Look Eric.. I was in the WWE.. I deserve more than the midcard, I won't sign if thats the case.

Bischoff: Okay okay.. what do you want?

Huffman: I want decent exposure on every show and event... and on the launch show I want to wrestle a relatively big name.

Bischoff: Okay.. you have my word, I'll see what I can do for you.

Huffman: Well in that case Eric...thanks and I'll see you soon.

Eric hung up the phone and sighed in despair.. he realised that if he wanted a Wrestling Promotion without politics... he was NOT going to get it.

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Guest KDP McFly

Very nice start, I'm not really sure what to think about the Goldberg signing and Chris Jericho signing because of the ego problems but I hope this doesn't turn into the new WCW with the wrestlers having all this stroke in the company and deciding when they win and lose.

Keep up the good work and I hope you put out a solid tag team division I think it could do wonders for your promotion. I like the Murdock and Cade and Kronik signing. I will keep reading and following.

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Saturday 22nd July

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Eric Bischoff was stood in a small arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Richard Branson watching some wrestlers in a ring.

Branson: Nice set up you have here Eric.. but isn't it a little small for our shows?

Bischoff: Oh no this isn't for our shows, this is our brand new development territory.. Grand Rapids Wrestling! Over the last week or so I signed 19 wrestlers to development deals.. you won't of heard of most of them.. but I did sign Austin Aries who had been working in TNA and also Nick Mitchell who was released from the WWE, he played Mitch of the Spirit Squad.

Branson: Thats good.. nice to see you looking forward to the future. So where will our actual shows take place?

Bischoff: In my home town of Detroit, Michigan at the Jack Breslin Arena!

Branson: Not bad at all Eric.. I admit I had my doubts about you, but you're doing good. So have you made anymore signings?

Bischoff: I certainly have.. I hired Doug Basham, Matt Morgan and Marcus 'Buff' Bagwell.

Branson: Bagwell? Are you sure thats okay? I've heard bad things about him on the net?

Bischoff: Don't worry.. I'm totally aware of that.. thats why I only signed him for 6 months.. if hes any trouble we can let him go, and to be honest we could do with a little extra star power for the time being.

Branson: Okay Eric.. but he better not cause any major problems or you'll be the one in trouble.

Bischoff: Don't worry.. you have my word on it.

The two shook hands as Branson left the arena and Bischoff continued to watch the developmental wrestlers train.

OOC: Theres just one more behind the scenes segment before the first show.

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Friday 28th July 2006

Eric Bischoff's Study

Eric Bischoff was sat in his study of his house while trying to finalise the card for the first show. When he gets a phone call.

Branson: Hey Eric how are you doing with the booking?

Bischoff: Not bad, not bad at all.. what are you calling for?

Branson: Actually I have some bad news and also a bone to pick..

Bischoff: Oh.. I don't like the sound of that, i'll have the bad news first then?

Branson: It seems that Spike TV have pulled out of our proposed deal with them.. so we're going to have to go on pay per view instead.

Bischoff: I half exepected this.. I'm already in talks with FOX, but I don't think we'll get a deal out of them or anyone else for a month or so.

Branson: Thats understandable... but the other thing, we had arranged a photo shoot, for the website.. the whole roster was expected to turn up and..

Bischoff: It was Bagwell wasn't it?

Branson: Eric you assured me that he wouldn't be a problem and this happens before we even have a show!

Bischoff: It'll be okay.. I'll speak to him, set him straight.

Branson: You better had Eric, and he had better not dissapoint at the show.

Bischoff: You have my wor....

Branson: Don't even bother Eric. Oh.. and Eric.. I've arranged for a band from my label to perform at the launch show... you'll be filled in when you arrive.

Bischoff: Okay then, well I've just finished the card.. I'll officially release it within the hour.

Branson: Good work Eric.... and good luck with the show.

Eric put the phone down as his wife Lauree shouted him to tell him his Lunch was ready. He told her he'd be down in a second. He was just about to officially release the card to the internet, the advertisers and more importantly the wrestlers...a few of which he expected to be pleased about it....

Virgin World Wrestling

Launch Show Live on PPV

Tuesday 1st August 2006

The first ever Virgin World Wrestling show will be live on Pay Per View and will have a main event pitting two of the biggest stars in sports entertainment against each other. It will be the living legend Jericho one on one with the unstoppable Goldberg!

Two championships will be decided on the launch show. Aguila Rios, Billy Kidd, Jimmy Yang and Eddie Colon will do battle in a fourway elimination match where the winner will be crowned the first ever VWW Light Heavyweight Champion! On the same night Diamond Dallas Page will team up with Chris Kanyan to face the duo of Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade in a match to crown the first ever VWW Tag Team Champions!

In other tag team action The Island Boyz, Kishi and Kimo will face Bryan Clark and Brian Adams who make up the team of Kronik. Other star studded matches on the show include Perry Saturn against Maven Huffman and Buff Bagwell one on one against Mark Jindrak.

Plus a special performance from Metal band KoRn!

Don't miss it.. the debut show of Virgin World Wrestling live on Pay Per View!

Confirmed Matches

Goldberg vs Jericho

Tag Titles - DDP/Kanyan vs Murdoch/Cade

Light Heavyweight Title Elimination - Billy Kidd vs Aguila Rios vs Jimmy Yang vs Eddie Colon

Mark Jindrak vs Buff Bagwell

Maven Huffman vs Perry Saturn

Island Boyz vs Kronik

OOC: Predictions welcomed

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Guest wwwrock

Goldberg vs Jericho

Tag Titles - DDP/Kanyan vs Murdoch/Cade

Light Heavyweight Title Elimination - Billy Kidd vs Aguila Rios vs Jimmy Yang vs Eddie Colon

Mark Jindrak vs Buff Bagwell

Maven Huffman vs Perry Saturn

Island Boyz vs Kronik

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Guest KDP McFly

Goldbergvs. Jericho

Tag Titles:Murdoch and Cadevs. DDP/Kanyon (never to early to start promoting the young talent and establish them)

Lightheavyweight Title:Jimmy Yangvs. Billy Kidd vs. Aguila Rios vs. Eddie Colon

Mark Jindrakvs. Buff (since I see Branson not wanting to keep him around for very long)

Maven Huffmanvs. Saturn (About time that Maven actually got a decent gig and chance)

Kronikvs. Island Boys (Gotta love the High Times and the power and monsterous tag team that is Kronik)

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Virgin World Wrestling

Launch Show Live on PPV

Tuesday 1st August 2006

The show opened with pyro exploding at the top of the entrance ramp. The arena had a very WWE-esque feel to it... only much smaller.. the ring was basic, with a black apron and turnbuckles incorporating the Virgin Logo, and the ropes were red.

Island Boyz def Kronik

A slighty odd opener with four big men... but nonetheless entertaining. Kronik quickly established themselves as the dominant heels doubling teaming both members of the other team. Everytime Kishi or Kimo managed to get an advantage, the other member of Kronik would jump in giving the advantage back to his partner. Later in the match a worn down Kimo managed to tag in Kishi who cleaned house on the giants.. Kimo clotheslined Adams from the ring allowing Kishi to nail Clark with the Superkick for the 3 count.

Match Rating = 68%

Welcome To The Show

A song played on the PA system which had very similar words to Eric Bischoff's WWE song, and the man himself made his way out. He was carrying a gold belt on his shoulder which kind of ressembled the old WCW belt but at least managed to look different from the WWE's World Heavyweight Title. He got into the ring and was passed a microphone.

Bischoff: Welcome everybody to the first ever episode of Virgin World Wrestling!

This got a decent cheer from the crowd.

Bischoff: You people are witnessing a turning point in wrestling history... tonight is the beggining of the end for all those other promotions out there!

Bischoff: You all know of my sucess I'm sure... and with me calling the shots here.. what could possibly go wrong?

It was of course a rhetorical question, but the crowd answered with a somewhat mixed reaction of boo's and cheers.

Bischoff: Anyway.. its time we got down to business! Some of you may be wondering why we will be crowning a Light Heavyweight and Tag Team Champions tonight but not a World Heavyweight Champion?

Bischoff: Well its simple.. I want the World Championship to be earned much harder than any others and starting next week an eight man tournament will begin!

Bischoff: On with the show then and I'd like to introduce some special guests courtesy of chairman Richard Branson... playing a song which makes a statement about Virgin World Wrestling.. Metal Band KoRn with "Here To Stay"!

The camera cut to the top of the entrance ramp where the band was stood and they played the song to a pretty good reaction.

This time, taking it away

I've got a problem, with me getting in the way,

Not by design

So I take my face and bash it into a mirror.

I won't have to see the pain (Bleed, Bleed)

This state is elevating, as the hurt turns into hating.

Anticipating, all the fucked up feelings again.

The hurt inside is fading

This shit's gone way too far.

All this time I've been waiting

No I can not grieve anymore.

For what's inside awaking.

I'm not, I'm not a whore

You've taken everything and oh I can not give anymore.

My mind is done with this

Okay, I've got a question.

"Can I throw it all away?"

Take back what's mine

So I take my time, guiding the blade down the line

Each cut closer to the vein (Bleed, Bleed)

This state is elevating, as the hurt turns into hating.

Anticipating, all the fucked up feelings again.

The hurt inside is fading

This shit's gone way too far.

All this time I've been waiting

No I can not grieve anymore.

For what's inside awaking.

I'm not, I’m not a whore

You've taken everything and oh I can not give anymore.

I'm here to stay (bring it down) [x4]

Bring it down [x4]

Gunna break it down [x7]


This state is elevating, as the hurt turns into hating.

Anticipating, all the fucked up feelings again.

The hurt inside is fading

This shit's gone way too far.

All this time I've been waiting

No I can not grieve anymore.

For what's inside awaking.

I'm not, I'm not a whore

You've taken everything and oh I can not give anymore.

Give anymore. [X4]

The band finish up and pack away while Maven Huffman makes his way to the ring to a pretty good pop.

Segment Rating = 77%

Perry Saturn def Maven Huffman

Maven was on fire during this match and had plenty of fan support.. he showed how much more athletic he could be when not being held back by WWE's ring rules. He hit quite a few top rope moves including a cross body and a missile dropkick.. both of which got him near falls. Saturn however was completely ruthless and used every chance he had to try and rip Maven apart. Saturn frustrated after failing to pin Maven after a T-Bone suplex went to the outside.. he tossed a chair into the ring, and while the referee was disposing of it he nailed Maven with another chair! He quickly tossed it from the ring and pinned Maven for the 3 count.. by this point the crowd had started to loose interest and were less than impressed by the finish.

Match Rating = 73%

I'm Buff.. Im Tuff and..

Buff Bagwell made his way down to the ring to a booing crowd.

Bagwell: This is unbelievable! Not only do I have to wrestle a jerk like Mark Jindrak.. I'm stuck in an arena with a bunch of ugly looking idiots!

The crowd boo heavily at Bagwell's statement.

Bagwell: Yeh Yeh boo all you want... we all know the reason Bischoff asked me to sign with Virgin was because any good Wrestling company needs a someone gorgeous with a beautiful body to represent them... my apologies.. you people wouldn't know Beautiful if it hit you in the face!

Another big jeer at Bagwell from the crowd..

Bagwell: Okay.. well we've established how gorgeous I am...

Bagwell paused a second to tilt his shades before putting on a big grin.

Bagwell: But next week I'm going to show you all just how damned good I am when I take my first step to becoming the first ever VWW World Heavyweight Champion! I'm going to make a great champ and I'll tell you why.. its because Im Buff.. Im Tuff and I've got the Stu..

Bagwell was cut off by some unfamiliar music and Mark Jindrak sprinted to the ring!

Segment Rating = 82%

Mark Jindrak def Buff Bagwell

Jindrak took it to Bagwell right away with a quick assault taking Bagwell down with his trademark dropkick which garnered a few cheers from the crowd. A pretty even battle with both man getter the better of each other at various points during the match. Bagwell rolled Jindrak up and placed his feet on the ropes but Jindrak barely kicked out! Angered.. Bagwell had a go at the referee which allowed Jindrak to come up behind him and hit The Mark Of Excellence and get the three count! Jindrak left celebrating his victory on the way back to the locker room.

Bagwell recovered in the ring and had another go at the referee. This led to Bagwell shoving him! The referee shoved him back! Bagwell retaliated by hitting the referee with a right hand and then hitting him with the Kobayshi DDT to add insult to injury.

Match Rating = 70%

The Ring announcer then announced that the next math will be the fourway elimination match for the VWW Light Heavyweight Championship!

Jimmy Yang def Eddie Colon, Billy Kidd and Aguila Rios to win the VWW Light Heavyweight Championship

Amazing display of athletecism from all four men.. crowd weren't all that into it for the most part due to most the four men not being featured prominently in mainstream wrestling for a while. Elimination One came when Billy Kidd nailed a Shooting Star Press on Aguila Rios only to get kicked in the head by Yang who then pinned Rios. Elimination Two happened after Colon and Kidd teamed up to take on Yang, the two faced off for a while.. a few near falls then Colon caught Kidd with a small package for the three. Elimination Three, the final one happened after a fast paced battle between Yang and Colon... Yang managed to deliver a low blow to Colon before ascending the turnbuckle and hitting the Yang Time! He covered and took the title!

Match Rating = 66%

Who Betta than Kanyan... and Diamond Dallas Page?

The camera cut backstage where Chris Kanyan and Diamond Dallas Page were stood.

DDP: Tonight everyone will see D-D-P and Kanyan become Positively Tag Champs!

Kanyan: Damn right we will.. nobody hold a candle to the awesome skills of Chris Kanyan!

DDP looked at Kanyan with an puzzled expression.

Kanyan: And Diamond Dallas Page of course..

DDP nodded with a massive smile on his face.

DDP: In a few moments we're going to give Lance CadSCUM and Trevor MurdSCUM the beating of their lives!

Kanyan: After tonight.. when people ask about tag team champions.. they'll say.. Who Betta Than Kanyan?!

DDP looked at Kanyan again with a slightly less puzzled but more strained expression.

Kanyan: ..and DDP of course!

Kanyan then grinned like only he can do, patted DDP on the chest and walked towards the arena. DDP shook his head and followed.

Segment Rating = 79%

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch def DDP and Chris Kanyan to win VWW Tag Team Championships

Trevor Murdoch was ruthless in this match, looked a bit stiff mind. He got a good amount of heel heat.. which blended well with Cade's more 'Sophisticated' gimmick. A tag to DDP saved Kanyan from Murdoch's wrath.. and DDP showed his experience in this match taking on both opponents for a while.. even hitting a Diamond Cutter on Cade! Kanyan ran at Murdcoch.. who moved out of the way.. making Kanyan clothesline DDP! Cade grabbed Kanyan's foot and pulled him from the ring while Murdoch nailed DDP with a vicious looking DDT and got the 3 count.

After the match DDP and Kanyan argued about what had just happened leading to Kanyan getting frustrated and walked away from DDP.

Match Rating = 70%

Jericho def Goldberg

A decent main event.. the quality of which was probably hindered by these two mens dislike for each other. Goldberg got a massive reaction and dominated a lot of the match! Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho and nearly got a submission but Goldberg eventually managed to grab the bottom forcing Jericho to reluctantly break the hold. Goldberg soon after nailed Jericho with the Spear! He lifted him up for the Jackhammer.. but Jericho dropped behind ... rolled him up, grabbed his tights and scored the three count! Jericho left shocked that he actually pulled it off and made himself scarce! Goldberg remained in the ring looking furious as the show came to a close!

Match Rating = 81%

Overall Show Rating = 75%

OOC: Thanks for predictions guys.

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Wednesday 2nd August 2006

Virgin Offices USA

Eric Bischoff was sat in Richard Branson's office in Virgins USA headquarters.

Bischoff: Okay Mr Branson.. tell me.. how did we do?

Branson: Well we managed a 0.16 buyrate.. which was decent.. but only sold 445 tickets.. that wasn't so good!

Bischoff: Let me explain Mr Branson..

Branson: No need Eric.. its fine, we got off to a decent start.. and I'm happy as long as we continue to improve.

Bischoff: Thats good then. In other good news one of our competitors.. TNA have taken a massive drop in public image due to ECW poaching their talent... whats more sources tell me that WWE have re-signed Christian Cage!

Branson: Wow.... sounds like bad times for TNA.

Bischoff: Without a doubt sir.. they'll be gone before we know it if they don't do something soon and..

Eric was interupted by his cell phone ringing. He answered it.

Bischoff: Hello? Who is it?

Goldberg: Its Bill.. Bill Goldberg.

Bischoff: Hey Bill.. what can I do for you?

Goldberg: Actually Eric... nothing... I'm quitting.

Bischoff: You're what!?

Goldberg: Look.. I'm sorry but I got a better offer... from the WWE.

Bischoff: You're going back after the way they treated you last time?

Goldberg: It beats jobbing to Jericho...

Bischoff: Look Bill.. is there anything I can.... I'll make you World Champion!

Goldberg: So will the 'E.. sorry its ended so soon Eric.. good luck with Virign..

Bill Goldberg hung up the phone leaving Bischoff to explain to Branson.

Branson: So Goldbergs quit... what did I say about written contracts...

Bischoff: Don't worry Mr Branson I have a backup.. someone who the 'E have overlooked... he's got a week to get back from Japan.. should be fine.

Branson: Tell me.. who is it?

Bischoff: Just watch the show Mr Branson.. you'll be impressed.

Eric left the room with a smug look on his face.

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Pretty good first show. I don't think Maven will be pleased with his loss though, but Saturn's the man so he can go screw himself... Surreally. Goldberg vs. Jericho was a good main event and the match descriptions are a good length too. Of course when you get a television show, hopefully the normal Pay Per Views will be a little bit longer to have a more "Big" feel to the matches. I like the idea of the new Island Boys and though Aguila Rios was quite the creative name - I almost wish I thought of it myself. Hoping to see where this goes and who the big name Bischoff promised was.

Oh and on a side-note, when I first saw your signiture in another thread, I thought this was going to be a comedy diary, mocking Bischoff or something

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Pretty good first show. I don't think Maven will be pleased with his loss though, but Saturn's the man so he can go screw himself... Surreally. Goldberg vs. Jericho was a good main event and the match descriptions are a good length too. Of course when you get a television show, hopefully the normal Pay Per Views will be a little bit longer to have a more "Big" feel to the matches. I like the idea of the new Island Boys and though Aguila Rios was quite the creative name - I almost wish I thought of it myself. Hoping to see where this goes and who the big name Bischoff promised was.

Oh and on a side-note, when I first saw your signiture in another thread, I thought this was going to be a comedy diary, mocking Bischoff or something

Thanks for the feedback Inner D Monz. When (or if) I get a regular TV show I will have monthly PPV's which will be written up in a much bigger way. I went with Aguila Rios because I never liked Mr Aguila.. but didn't want to just use his WWE name. As for the name Bischoff promised I thought I'td be obvious but ah well, glad you like it so far.

Virgin World Wrestling

Live on PPV

8th August 2006

After an explosive debut show last week.. look for an even more exciting second event.

The World Title tournament begins with the first two Quarter Final matches Maven Huffman vs the debuting monster.. Matt Morgan! As well as Chris Kanyan against Goldberg! Rumours have recently circulated the internet about Goldberg quitting after losing to Jericho last week, we can Confirm the rumour and say that Eric Bischoff will be bringing in a replacement for Goldberg.. who Bischoff has promised to be superior to to Goldberg in every way!

Last week Mark Jindrak scored an upset over Buff Bagwell.. this week he will get a chance to continue his winning ways when he faces Perry Saturn. What will Buff have to say about this?

The First ever VWW Tag Champions.. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch will have their first defence against the New Island Boyz Kishi and Kimo!

In other title news.. Eddie Colon will go one on one with Aguila Rios in a Light Heavyweight Number One Contendership match.. the winner will get a title shot in the near future against champion Jimmy Yang.

Don't miss it.. also with appearances from Diamond Dallas Page and Kronik!

Confirmed Matches

World Title Quarter Final - Maven Huffman vs Matt Morgan

World Title Quarter Final - Chris Kanyan vs Goldberg

VWW Tag Championship - Cade and Murdoch © vs Island Boyz

Light Heavyweight No 1 Cont. - Eddie Colon vs Aguila Rios

Mark Jindrak vs Perry Saturn

OOC: Predictions welcomed once again.. but be sure to give reasons.. one person forgot last time.

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World Title Quarter Final - Maven Huffman vs Matt Morgan Morgan blows and Maven deserves a push

World Title Quarter Final - Chris Kanyan vs Lesnar Assuming it's Lesnar, you'll want him to win his first match.

VWW Tag Championship - Cade and Murdoch © vs Island Boyz You wouldn't have the champs lose in their first defence or the titles would seem worthless.

Light Heavyweight No 1 Cont. - Eddie Colon vs Aguila Rios Rios is just better.

Mark Jindrak vs Perry Saturn After defeating Bagwell, I smell a Jindrak push.

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Virgin World Wrestling

Live on PPV

Tuesday 8th August 2006

The pyros explode and the show kicks off with Aguila Rios walking to the ring sporting his cocky attitude and taunts.

Eddie Colon def Aguila Rios to become Light Heavyweight Number One Cont.

A good fast paced match to open up the show. Rios took full advantage of the fact he was the most experienced of the two.. pulling of crazy luchadore moves with ease. Colon did a decent job of getting the crowd behind him but didn't seem to have a chance.. he fought against the odds and barley kicked out of a tornado DDT! Rios.. frustrated climbed the turnbuckle and hit a diving moonsault! Much to Aguila and the crowds shock.. Colon kicked out again! Aguila climbed up the turnbuckle and waited for Colon to rise... he hit him with a top rope hurricanrana into a pin! The referee counted 2 when Colon flipped the pin around and scored the 3 count! Colon's celebration was shot lived though as the VWW Light Heavyweight Champion.. Jimmy Yang sprinted to the ring and hit Colon in the face with a martial arts kick! Yang left carrying his belt to some boo's while Aguila stood leaned against the turnbuckle.. clapping in a cocky fashion.

Match Rating = 66%

Running Scared?

Jericho's music played and the cocky Canadian walked down to the ring microphone in hand.

Jericho: Welcome.. To Jericho.. Is ... Virgin!

Jericho got quite abit a heat from the crowd.

Jericho: You know what? When I heard that Goldberg was gone.. I wasn't surpised in the least!

Jericho: I mean.. I beat him so badly.. who in their right mind wouldn't run away like a little baby!

The crowd boo'ed heavily at this.

Jericho: Thats right.. boo.. hoo.. hoo.. big baby Goldbergs wun away.. boo .. boo I'm Goldberg.. Jericho beat me up.. I want my mummy..

Jericho: Well guess what? Goldberg .. you can run to your Mummy because no one else gives a damn about you baldy!

This got more booing from the crowd as well as a few laughs.

Jericho: So I hear Mr Bischoff has a replacement for ole' baldy? Well Eric.. I want you to come out here and show me what Jackass you've got everyone excited about!

Almost on request Eric Bischoff's music played and out he came to the ring.

Bischoff: Let me get this right Jericho.. you're calling .. me.. out here?

Jericho: Thats right jackass.. I called you out! First of all I demand to know why I am not in a World Title Quarter final match tonight!

Bischoff: Don't concern yourself with that.. you will be in one of next weeks quarter finals.. and you'll be facing .. Diamond Dallas Page!

The crowd cheer at the mention of DDP's name.

Jericho: Page.. no problem for the King of the world! Now.. I demand you bring out the ass clown you've got to replace Baldy!

Bischoff: Jericho let me just say... be careful what you wish for..

Eric smirked and notioned forward promting Jericho to look behind him where Brock Lesnar was stood! Lesnar floored Jericho with a huge clothesline! the crowd were going crazy for Brock! Lesnar tossed Jericho out of the ring.. threw hi minto the ring steps.. hoisted him on his shoulder.. and rammed him shoulder first into the ringpost! Lesnar rolled Jericho back into the ring and threw him into the turnbuckle before hitting him with shoulder thrusts.. Jericho stagged into a Belly to Belly Suplex! Brock picked Jericho up by his hair.. hoisted him up and nailed the F-5!! Bischoff raised Lesnars hand..

Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen.. I give you Brock Lesnar!!

The crowd went crazy as Lesnar left with Bischoff and Jericho was helped out of the arena by a medic.

Segment Rating = 85%

Mark Jindrak def Perry Saturn via DQ

Jindrak walked into this match with a lot of momentum coming off his big win last week and had control for the earlier part of the match.. things soon changed when Saturn hit a T-Bone suplex. 3 to be exact. Jindrak came back after reversing a DDT into a back body drop. Saturn got a last bit of offence in when he went for his 3 handled family crezenda.. but Jindrak dropped behind him and nailed the Mark Of Excellence! Before he could get the cover.. Buff Bagwell ran to the ring and hit Jindrak in the back with a steel chair! The referee immedietly called for a DQ as Bagwell hammered Jindrak with the chair a few more times before tossing it aside and leaving.

Match Rating = 74%

Positively Partners

Chris Kanyan was sat backstage fastening up his wrestling boots.. DDP was stood behind him.

DDP: Are you ready Chris? This is probably the biggest match of your career!

Kanyan: Am I ready? Are you serious? Against that monster!

DDP: Whoa... Whoa.. cool it Kanyan... you gotta stay positive!

Kanyan: I'd like to see you stay positive against Brock Lesnar!

DDP: You're going about this all wrong.. this is a big chance for you to prove yourself!

Kanyan: But..

DDP: So go out there and show Brock LesSCUM what you're made of!

Kanyan: Man.. you're not listening to me... he's insane.. totally unstable.. I'm far to civilized to be wrestling such a man..

DDP: Civilised nothing Kanyan... I'll be watching you're back.. don't worry... If Lesnar tries to pull anything.. he WILL... feel my BANG!

DDP did his Diamond Cutter signal with his hands accompanied by a big cheesy grin.. Kanyan gave him a thumbs up and a goofy smile.. before turning away from Page and rolling his eyes toward the camera.

Segment rating = 78%

Maven Huffman def Matt Morgan to advance in World Title Tournament

Morgan didn't get much of a reaction at first due to it being his first match and a lot of people not recognising/remembering him. Morgan used his big size as an advantage hitting a few powerful moves at the start of the match. It didn't take long for Maven to gain momentum and he finished Morgan off with a great looking top rope cross body, which got him the pin.

Match Rating = 62%

Next World Champion?

After the match Maven Huffman grabbed a mic.

Maven Huffman: What you people just saw was a glimpse of the future of wrestling as you know it.

Maven Huffman: I just beat a man almost twice my weight with relative ease.. and In a few weeks I will be the first VWW World Champion!

Maven Huffman: I'm going to prove all the doubters wrong.. I'm going to show you all that when it comes to the big time.. Maven Huffman is "Tough Enough!" to go all the way!

Maven left the ring to cheers from the crowd.

Segment Rating = 82%

Cade and Murdcoch © fought Island Boyz to a No contest in a Tag Title Match

Kishi and Kimo took it to the champs right away in their fight to become tag team champions. The champs soon got their way though as Cade distracted the referee long enough for Murdoch to attack Kimo on the outside.. throwing him into the ring steps. Kishi chased Murdoch off.. but as the legal man, imo had to continue. Quick tags between the champs kept them fresh while keeping Kimo quite the opposite. Kishi finally got tagged in by Kimo and cleaned house.. superkicking Cade and then giving the stinkface to Murdoch.. whose face was more of a picture than usual afterwards. Kishi climbed the second rope for the Banzai Drop when he got hit in the back by a steel chair courtesy of Bryan Clark of Kronik! Brian Adams then smashed Lance Cade with a steel chair! Kimo and Murdoch both became victims of Kronik too! Kronik picked up the tag belts and held them in the air along with the chairs signalling that they wanted them!

Match Rating = 64%

Revenge is Buff?

Buff Bagwell was stood backstage looking at the camera with a not so happy expression on his face.

Bagwell: This is normally where i would tell you all about how gorgeous I am.. but not tonight.

Bagwell: You see last week.. Mark Jindrak embarassed me.. he made a fool out of me!

Bagwell: As you all saw earlier tonight.. he isn't going to get away with it.. and next week I'll make him pay!

Bagwell removed his sunglasses...

Bagwell: You see.. I was just speaking to Eric Bischoff and next week me and Jindrak are going to go one on one in the last quarter final tournament match!

Bagwell: So not only will I make a fool out of Jindrak.. I'm taking one step closer to being the first ever VWW World Champion! So just remember.. I'm Buff.. I'm Tuff... and..

He paused for a second.. dropped his sunglasses and crushed them with his foot!

Bagwell: ....I've got the Stuff!

Segment Rating = 72%

Brock Lesnar def Chris Kanyan to advance in World Title Tournament

As soon as Lesnar entered the ring Kanyan attacked him.. Lesnar totally no sold and Kayan ran way! He jumped out of the ring and ran around it.. all the while looking behind himself not realizing that Lesnar had gone through the ring and cut him off! Lesnar grabbed the shocked Kanyan, threw him into the ring and went right to work on him. Lesnar dominated most of the match.. as you'd expect. Kanyan managed to use his speed a few times to avoide being on the worse end of a Lesnar attack... but Kanyan favoured stupid grins and coky taunts to the usual.. following up on the attack method. Lesnar looked ready to finish Kanyan when DDP ran into the ring! DDP ran at Lesnar only to get an F-5! Kanyan got back to his feet and became the next victim of the F-5 which led to Lesnar getting the pin! Lesnar celebrated as the show went off the air.

Match Rating = 83%

Overall Show Rating = 75%

OOC: Thanks mrroboto488 for the predictions.

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Wednesday 9th August 2006

Eric Bischoff's Office

Eric Bischoff was sat in his office when he got a phone call from Richard Branson.

Branson: Hey there Eric.. numbers are in for last nights show.

Bischoff: Okay.. how did we do?

Branson: Well we got 0.16 buyrate.. same as last week.. but we got almost five times the ticket sales we did last week! We sold nearly 3000 as aposed to last weeks 450!

Bischoff: Thats great news Mr Branson.. I told you I wouldn't let you down!

Branson: Yeh.. good call bringing Lesnar in... sice Virgin is technically a British Promotion... the WWE can't do anything about it.

Bischoff: My thoughts exactly sir.

Branson: One thing Eric.. what was the deal with shoving Morgan right into a tournament match?

Bischoff: Its Maven.. he wasn't happy losing to Saturn on the first show... he wanted an important win.... Morgan wasn't happy being left off the first show so I said I'd give him a match with importance... it pleased them both and we still had a good show.. I don't see whats wrong with..

Branson: Fine then Eric.. just remember its you running this company.. not them.

Before Eric could say anything Branson hung up the phone.

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I'm loving it so far..

sorry for maybe being an asshole :P

But 3000 .. almost five times more than 450?

Maybe I fucked up in math .. but I'm sure that's like nearly 7 times.. and definitely more than 6 times more :)

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I'm loving it so far..

sorry for maybe being an asshole

But 3000 .. almost five times more than 450?

Maybe I fucked up in math .. but I'm sure that's like nearly 7 times.. and definitely more than 6 times more

Just thought I'd reply to this and justify my mathematical skills :P

It was supposed to come across as 5 times MORE than than the last weeks 450. Which would actually be 6 lots of 450... and I was rounding 450 to 500 as the 'nearly 3000' was actually closer to 2700.. just thought it'd be easier to put it that way... maybe my logics a bit off.

Anyway glad you like it so far :)

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Yeah I'm loving it... meh only thing that bothers me is Brock Lesnar.. but I never been a big fan .. probably 'cause I'm a huge Rock mark and first time I saw Brock was at SS when he beat Rock :(

lol anyway yeah it's ace keep it up (Y)

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been reading but not giving feedback. It's good and I really like the origional idea. Focusing on a Jericho-Lesnar fued for awhile over the title could be good but theres only one thing I have a problem with Bischoff wouldn't take that from Branson -_- but seriously its good keep up the good work (Y)

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