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  1. Real close to picking all away teams but there's no way that's right...right? I talked myself into one home team but they only get 1 point of confidence. San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles 3 Los Angeles Rams vs Indianapolis Colts 4 New England Patriots vs New York Jets 5 Las Vegas Raiders vs Pittsburgh Steelers 1 Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens 2 @KrabbyI'm not sure those tags worked. I'm guessing because it was a quote. Plenty of time to get picks in ofcourse. Just wanted to give you a heads up if you wanna ping a
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans (5) Denver Broncos vs New York Giants (4) Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots (1) New York Jets vs Carolina Panthers (2) Arizona Cardinals vs Tennessee Titans (3)
  3. Small clarification, it's a penalty whether the returner calls for a fair catch or not. You have to give him space to receive the kick. I think that play was especially bizarre because the gunner just straight up intercepted the punt lol
  4. Literally my only skill in life. Deciding that a group of people are better than another group of people at an activity I'm terrible at.
  5. Momma always said no 2 groins are the same
  6. I honestly think 6 wins might be optimistic. Our over/under in the sportsbooks is set at 4.5. I think it's between us and Houston for worst record. That being said, we'll probably lead the league in kneecaps bitten off. It'll be fun to watch even if we're not competitive. Between the Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons, I've gotten pretty used to just enjoying watching young talent progress and not really worrying about wins and losses.
  7. Monk and Nunn. LeGM is trying to have God on his side this season.
  8. 3 years/85 million seems excessive for a 32 year old that has famously bad advanced stats. The Bulls seem keen on going all-in and they still have Markannen as an rfa. Lauri for Porzingis swap? 🤞
  9. Andre Drummond is going to try to rehab his value the same way Dwight Howard did, by backing up Joel Embiid. Signed a minimum contract with Philadelphia. Dude probably cost himself $50 million by opting in last season. Malik Monk too. All of a sudden they have just as much floor spacing as they had last season.
  10. I had never heard of a foot injury with a 5-12 week recovery. Now the same team has 2 high-profile cases of it in a week. I almost wonder if this is something their training staff has identified as a preemptive procedure. Almost akin to high school pitchers getting Tommy John surgery out of the way early.
  11. Reggie Bullock to Dallas for 3 years/30.5 mill 2019: Sign Seth Curry for 4/32 2020: Trade Seth for Josh Richardson 2021: JRich regresses hard and picks up a player option for 11 mill that he is no longer worth so the Mavs dump him to clear the cap space for Bullock Pretty sure I would just prefer having Seth back. This team is so frustrating. Can't wait until we attach picks to unload KP for an equally horrendous contract like Kemba.
  12. Westbrook is about 40% of the player that the media and casual fans seem to think. That trade was more about acquiring a max contract that can be flipped along with Talen Horton-Tucker and some picks for the next star malcontent. I'm pretty positive Beal doesn't get traded. He's never expressed interest in leaving DC. Everyone just sees a good player mired in a shitty situation and assumes he wants out. All indications are that he loves being a Wizard. Now come deadline time, if they're looking like a lottery team, maybe they make that decision for him.
  13. I would argue that Kemba is equally in need of a time machine. Or 2 working knees. This is basically bad contract + 16th pick for bad contract + Moses Brown. Brown is probably better than whatever the Celtics could've drafted. Kemba can be a mentor for SGA for a couple years and OKC clearly just wants every 1st round pick for the rest of time.
  14. I'm new. Do you still need me to replace in or do you just wanna run it back with the folks from last year?
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