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  1. I'm new. Do you still need me to replace in or do you just wanna run it back with the folks from last year?
  2. I'm totally free on Sunday. The earlier the better but, if that doesnt work for anyone, disregard that request
  3. I'm a fantasy baseball guy if you still need 1
  4. I'm happy all the way around with that return for Stafford. Ofcourse the 1sts wont convey this season because they had already traded that for Ramsey. But I'm ok with waiting. I like the Rams enough that I wont feel dirty about hoping for Stafford to have success there. They have an awesome defense. And then Kupp, Woods, Higbee, a trio of young backs around Matthew. Not bad. Goff is definitely part of the value of the package. I dont know what to expect from him. Had the Rams made it public they were trying to trade him, what do we think the return would've been? Trevor is goin
  5. I'm hoping Colts. Read that would be Stafford's first choice. I hope the franchise does right by him even if the package they get in return is slightly worse
  6. The teams in this city are at an all time low. All 4 are cellar dwellers. Atleast the Tigers and Red Wings have been rebuilding and stocking the cupboards with good prospect talent. The Lions and Pistons have been perennial top 10 drafters despite trying to be competitive. I look at the Wings and Tigers as being 2 or 3 years away from circling the wagons and being competitive playoff teams. The other two are more like 5 years away because they're just now embracing the rebuild. Unfortunately, the most I can muster is a cautious optimism for the Lions. Out of the 53 man roster from this season,
  7. Yeah I wouldn't wish that upon anyone lol. The one selling point I can mention is: did you see what a great moment it was when the Cubs won the World Series? Someday, in 2055 or so, I'm going to bawl like a baby when my Lions make it to a Super Bowl and lose.
  8. I would add Jesse James to the list of bad contracts as well. And then Coleman and Trufant are in the $10 million range. I know we're up against the cap this year but maybe I wasnt factoring in all the expirings.
  9. I'm a couple pages late on the Lions talk. The direction I WANT to go is a complete rebuild. The Raiders sold off Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, plus got swindled out of assets from the Antonio Brown fiasco. The Dolphins gave up Minkah and Tunsil. Both teams tanked for 1 season and now are in the playoff picture. Quinn left the franchise in shambles in terms of the salaries that are still due going forward. I honestly think whoever takes the job is going to feel like they're locked into trying to be win-now because of the lack of room to maneuver. Stafford's window is definitely clo
  10. Radiohead and Porcupine Tree are similar to TOOL/Perfect Circle. To broaden your horizons, REM and Guster. REM's old stuff is kinda punk. You may consider Guster emo but I don't really think they are.
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