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Help finding old games

Guest The Trooper

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Guest The Trooper

Hello there, I've recently been thinking about some of the first games I ever played on my pc, problem is that i dont own these anymore and would like to know what the names where (liscenses probably already gone anyway :ph34r: ) These were both for a Windows 3.1 or something, it wasn't 95.


The first game was some sort of an action/puzzle game in a castle... I seem to think the main charachter was an old man with a stick, going through the castle and avoiding monsters. I'm not sure if the old man could do any attacks but I seem to remember that you just had to safely get through the rooms. It was a great game at the time but i remember being terrified of the monsters (I was like 5 at the time). It was a drop down game, but was 3D in a way, think of it as...


with the yellow blocks being boxes, the red being the man and the green being a monster. The idea was to avoid all monsters and get to the (whatever it was that required going into a house)


The second game was a really basic RPG, it ws something like the second in a series and was 2d (shown from the top down). The one thing that stands out was that there was a little town that the characher was brought up in, there was a castle to the left (but was locked) and the place where the mosters were involved a long route up to the top of the screen. The path was slanted though so something like.


The top is where the first battle occurs, the right side was where there were some random shops and the left side had some really expensave stuff i couldnt afford. the middle is the castle :P

I remember having to buy some armour and going up to the dungeon, where i'd be slaugtered by a rat. I'm just guessing it'll be a lot easier to play now.

I'm not expecting much feedback, due to the fact there were probably tons of games like these back then, but if i only end up finding one of the games i'll be forever greatful.

Cheers in advance

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Guest The Trooper

Was the second one castle of the winds, or castle of the winds 2. Both were extremely enjoyable games. Castle of the winds, was shareware, and the second I believe has been realeased as freeware a few years ago.

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