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Guitar I just bought -- was I jipped?

Dr. Rated-R

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Alright. I need to know if this was worth what I'm paying for it. Because I know nothing about guitars, yet playing one is something I've always wanted to get into. I just want to know if this guitar, from eBay, was worth what I'm paying for it? That would be $37, after shipping. Here's a verbatim copy of the description.

EDIT - Keep in mind I wasn't expecting, you know, something fit for a God. I know that a $37 guitar won't be special or anything. I just want confirmation that it won't fall apart when I pick it up or I couldn't buy this thing for $8 at a Dollar General or some shit.

38" Acoustic Cutaway Guitar w/ Accessories + FREE LESSONS!!! (Gig Bag, Pitch Pipe, Extra Strings, Picks, Shoulder Strap)

Guitar Package Includes:

38" Acoustic Guitar

Gig Bag

Guitar Strap

Guitar Tuner (Pitch Pipe)

Extra Strings

High Gloss Finish

Linden Binding

Betula Top


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To be honest, any guitar you get for $37 can't be too big of a loss.

And to add, it looks fine, but you kind of can't tell from the picture and info. given. I doubt it will fall apart though, and my first guitar came from the corner in some flea market for $25.

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From an initial glance it looks like a good purchase. If you were to go to a music store they'd try to sell you something close to 100 bucks for a starter guitar. The fact that it came with extra strings is also a pretty nice deal (as long as it's not already missing strings). It sounds like this dude offered some good accessories as well including the gig bag and tuner. To me it looks like great value for 37 bucks.

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