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Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls


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I half heartedly played Origins on the PSOne, but I just got this on the GBA the other day for £15 and it's so much more fun to play, I fucking love Squaresoft (fuck Enix). So to give this meaning, anybody, what are your opinions (on any version) of the games?

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I played the original versions of both 1 and 2 thanks to an emulator, and to be honest I could never really get into them. The DoS versions however are fantastic to play despite being the same games. I've almost got through 1 so far, just onto fighting Tiamat for the first time. Still haven't played a great deal of 2 yet other than a few minutes here and there.

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If you want to complete the shrine, then yeah I think you have to go through them all. I'm giving it a crack myself right now, just going back to the flying fortress to collect a Ninja weapon I missed, and still kicking myself that none of my party can equip Exaclibur :(

Hopefully I won't have any trouble with the shrines, my whole party is level 50 but I'm pretty unlucky when it comes to equipment. Choosing a Ninja/Master/B.Wizard/W.Wizard group probably wasn't the smartest idea.

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