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I am not sure by what you mean. Do you mean groups that are just a drummer and a bass player?

If thats what you mean, then check out Death From Above 1979. Even if it isn't what you mean, check them out. "Romantic Rights" is a great song.

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No, Drum And Bass isn't that...it is pretty much mixing desk, electronically based music. I'm not always sure the distinction between some of the electronic music, but D'n'B always seems a bit heavier and often a bit dancier, using more bass (thus its name). Someone could probably do a better job of describing it though.

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Can't believe I forgot Venetian Snares and Roni Size, Bushmeister and CSAMH rock for those.

DnB is, according to my A-Level Music Tech, fast paced, heavy drum beats with intricate, loud bass lines. DnB also incorporates a load of other styles, like jazz (Squarepusher in particular), funk, reggae, techno and jungle.

Dillinja is also a good shout if you want some heavier jungle style DnB.

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For some more relaxed DnB tracks, try Esthero, specifically 'Innocence [DnB Remix]' and the track she did with Saul Williams, 'Tao Of Now'.

I've noted down all the suggestions thus far - apart from DFA1979, who kick ass, but aren't what I'm looking for - and will thank those whose suggestions I like when I pick some up.

Oh, and I already got some Roni Size, because I read an interview with Cedric, quoting him as an influence, which brought me through to this whole DnB thing in the first place :D

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There's a certain bpm rate that makes something 'dnb' in the same way that techno, trance, rnb and the like can be classed.

dnb is usually between 160-180 beats per minute

techno is 130-140bpm

jungle is 180-190bpm

rnb is 90-100bpm

trance is 140bpm

hardcore techno is 160-300(?!)bpm

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I know these aren't electronic hardcore (on a second look-around, I found almost no hardcore/breakcore material on my comp that would have even gone near like 200 bpm. Maybe Hammy should've said speedcore and/or gabber?) but since you mentioned Nile and Cradle Of Filth... These are the fastest drummers (humans & machines) I could find on my playlist. This should give you an indicator about a 300 bpm assault.

Drum machine:

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Ark Of Ecoterrorism

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Contaminated Drug Supply

Human drummer:

The Berzerker - No One Wins

The Berzerker - Pure Hatred

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Ahh hthe Propellorhead's album "Decksanddrumsandrockandroll" was quite good. A bit all over the place though...

For gimmick dnb try some Aphrodite.

"King of the beats", "Man of steel", "Rockafella skank remix", "Summer breeze remix", "Wishing on a star" and even the "No diggity remix" are good. "Underwater Love" and "Top drop caddy" are great. Their remix of "Smack my bitch up" is one of the better Prodigy remixes (along with Aphex Twin's "Breathe", Chemical Brothers "Voodoo People" and Underworld's "Out Of Space")

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