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The Early November

Only In Dreams

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Anyone, listen or at least hear of the Early November. A band thats on the label Drive-Thru Records, on July 11 they are release The Mother, The Mechanic, The Path a triple disc Rock Oprea, I guess you would call it that has three different styles of music blended into one to make sure the look at feel of the album sounds totally different.

I seriously cannot wait for this CD to come out, I've had it preordered through West Aspen Merch, since they were holding a promotion for the CD, with the CD, Shirt and poster.

Songs I would Recommend:

- Sunday Drive

- Ever So Sweet

- I Want to Hear You Sad

- Something that Produces Results

- The Course of Human Life

.. Well pretty much any song. Those are a few that I personally enjoy.

Something with this band that I rarely have with anyothers, is the fact that I can sit and listen to their full lengths without ever skipping a song and what not, which is something that I rarely do with music I listen too.

If you've heard of The Early November..

- Do you like them? Or Not?

- Favorite Song?

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They're pretty good, emo to a fault though. Ever So Sweet is awessome,but that line "ever so sweet/that you baked in cakes for me" and then the bit about hurting his teeth, it's just stupid, cracks me up and ruins what is otherwise an awesome song.

The singer has a side-project called I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business, that's pretty cool too, less emo, more ambient.

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Guest KoRnCHiLD

they supported The Starting Line when i saw them last year, they was ok but nothing too special in my opinion. that new album sounds good tho, might have to check it out.

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I liked Ace's side project, I thought it was totally different from them, I think we can expect Ace to use that sound in one of the disc's in the triple disc set.

Fluxy is an alright song, Never truly gotten into it as the others, but none the less I always listen to it.

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