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Fight Night Round 3 problem


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Don't know for EB, but most places that I've bought from give a time varying from 1 day to a week or two.

Either way, the sooner you return it the better chance they'll take it back. Make sure to have your receipt of course.

EDIT- Just checked their site. Apparently for games and such it's exchange for same title only, and for online orders you have 30 days. I imagine it's something similiar if you bought it in the store.

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I went to buy it and they said they had it preowned cheaper so I took it. Grrr, they better not screw me on it. I also bought Winning Eleven 9 today, it's aight.

Most EBs in the area offer a 14-day return for whatever reason, while you can buy extended warranties for $5 or so. As long as you have the receipt and it hasn't been terribly long, I can't see them giving you a lot of grief in the matter.

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All of these guys you rant on about may be pound 4 pound tough fighters...BUT....they wouldn't hold a candle to my super-punching Heavyweight Kings.

"The Green Warrior" Carl Greene

and the undisputed KO King in Boxing, "The Siberian Tiger" Frank Draeger! :devil:

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