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Any idea what this song is?

MalaCloudy Black

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All I can tell you off the top of my head is that it has a spoken word beginning about the heart. It's something like this echoing "The heart. Take a look as we step inside." Then it kicks into the song.

I think it's a Shadows Fall song, but I'm not sure..

all I know is that it's Tyler Black's theme in IWA.

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Thanks for the advice, dickwad. I'm fairly sure he'll have thought of that, but as he said it says "something like" those lyrics, and Googling what Cloudy wrote produces nothing.

If it were that simple, why didn't you just tell him what it was via these same lyric sites, instead of being an arrogant prat?

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Ah, I just assumed it was because in one of the IWA DVDs Tyler's announced as from "Shadows Fall, Michigan".

There are at least two versions of whatever this song is too, one is heavy and the other is really mellow and acoustic like.

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There has been much dispute over my entrance music(s) and I would like to use this time and internet space to clarify some pre and misconeptions about my themes.

The theme I most regularly use at shows is called "Endless" and is by the band Unearth. If I have nothing goin; its just a regular little match, then that is what can be heard. It quickly builds to a quaint little breakdown where vocalist Trevor Phipps shouts, "endless fight!" over a few times.

When tagging with Marek Brave, we 99% of the time use "Fixation on the Darkness" by Killswitch Engage. It's very energetic from the fet go and he and I both thoroughly enjoy KSE, so it works out well.

For special occasions, like the 2005 TPI, I will use an edit of Haste the Day's "American Love." A lot of people may have went to listen to the song and been very confused because the tune starts out very heavy with lots of screaming, and the music I entered to was nice and melodic until it hit the mean ass fucking breakdown. Well, I only use the last two minutes of the song. So, I hope that helps some people out.

Recently, I have been experimenting with some new songs to enter to. The one I used for my match vs. Low-Ki was what is commonly referred to as "the Pantera breakdown," but that is only half correct. The song is called "Domination" and is off their 1990 release, Cowboys From Hell. That song is long and the part I used for my entrance is the last like 3 minutes or so, from the bass/drum breakdown with Dime tapping over it until the end.

For the 4/1 show in Midlo, I used another track from Haste the Day called "Walk On." I know it took a while for me to start dancing, but that breakdown is well worth it. You may see me using that one in the future, too.

For the last Indy show in my match against Richochet, I used the song "Miles Apart" by Above This Fire. I was kind of out of it on this night and so my energy level was not at its peak and so I think the entrance suffered a bit. But this song will be used again, I like it a lot.

For all of my Scott County Wrestling matches I use the song "End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage. I also used this song before my recent No Limits match with AJ Styles. It is my favorite song to come out to and I hope to start using it in more places by the end of this year. The only shitty thing about this music-- some may say-- is that I don't dance to it, and that is sort of my schtick right now...sooo who knows?

Lastly, I have gotten some flack for not sticking to one theme everywhere I go, but I don't really give a fuck to be completly honest. I really like using different songs for my entrance and I don't care who tells me any different, I think it's cool. One thing I did do though, to create a little bit of familiarity for the people is that I added the sound byte before all of my songs. That sound byte is of Brad Pitt's character in the Fight Club, Tyler Durden, saying "And you open the door and you step inside; we're inside our hearts." I love Fight Club and I love what Tyler Durden represents as a character, so I swiped that cute little diddy and made it my own.

In closing, here is a list of some songs that I have not used that I may be using soon in a city near you:

"All That Remains" - Inked In Blood

"The Sound of Names Dropping" - Stretch Arm Strong

"A Threnody for Modern Romance" - It Dies Today

"Element of One" - Killswitch Engage

...and a list of all the songs I have used so far

"Fixation on the Darkness" - Killswitch Engage

"The End of Heartache" - Killswitch Engage

"Endless" - Unearth

"Domination" - Pantera

"American Love" - Haste the Day

"Walk On" - Haste the Day

"Miles Apart" - Above This Fire

I think the two I am thinking of are The End of Heartache and Walk On. I'll get them in a mo. :w00t:


Maybe I should read the full blog entry. =D

It's a Fight Club soundbyte..

I doubt I could find an mp3 of that attached to the other songs :(

Edited by Cloudy
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