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Hall Of Fame Wrestling

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--18TH JULY 2006--

Vince McMahon sat back in his plush leather swivel chair in his office in WWE HQ. Mr. McMahon is watching a television as the final moments of this week’s ECW broadcast comes to an end. For some unknown reason, the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment is not on the road and at the location of ECW/Smackdown this week. Perhaps that will reinforce the feeling that Raw is the superior brand, since he was sure to have been on the USA Network a night previous. No doubt, it’ll be all over the internet within an hour.

We are looking over his right shoulder, in his hand there is a TV remote and he shifts his thumb to the standby button, the TV in front of him flickers off. Mr. McMahon purses his lips, perplexed as he reflects on the latest instalment of the reborn Extreme Championship Wrestling brand. Mr. McMahon looks up at the wall in front of him. On it hangs a framed picture of some of the great WWE/WWF World Champions of the past. The Iron Sheik, Bob Backlund, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Sgt. Slaughter and Yokozuna can all be clearly picked out. Lines appear on McMahon’s forehead as he considers something, that the young superstars of today like Edge, John Cena and Rey Mysterio would run rings around most of those former Champions in their heyday. They do on a regular basis with Hulk Hogan. Maybe they wouldn't.

Mr. McMahon stands up; he paces over to the other side of his office to a cabinet full of drawers. He pulls one of the handles and it slides open, revealing a jam-packed drawer full of paperwork. McMahon sifts through them for a second before pulling out a pale green file, marked in big black letters “Legends Contracts”. He takes the file back to his desk, sits down and opens it. He picks up the cover sheet with the full list of signed Legends, half of the names on it are typed and the later additions scrawled underneath in various shades of pen ink. Vince starts to think about the WWE audience, they range from young children to aging pensioners. Something that WCW had tapped into for a time was that there was a market for older wrestlers to prosper. They featured Piper, Warrior, Hogan and Flair all fairly successfully for a number of years. Even recently, this feeling had been strong enough to bring Tatanka and ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan back to the WWE fold, in fact only last week did Vince take a steel chair and bash Duggan over the back of the head with it.

There obviously still is a nostalgia target audience, since the mid-nineties many children who watch WWE programming today have been born and parents have explained to them how the 600-pound Yokozuna destroyed everything in his path before Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart defeated him at Wrestlemania X or how Jake Roberts carried a live snake to the ring and set it upon unsuspecting opponents like Jerry Lawler. If there still was a market for it, a Legends tour could prove profitable in a similar way to the resurrected ECW is at the moment. Taking that idea even further, a TV show of its own could draw a million viewers, both young and old. Vince had a sparkle in his eye as he looked down at the piece of paper in his hand. He already had a roster to work from! Those that are still active could be offered contracts for one last run and those that aren’t could perhaps be persuaded back out of retirement. Of course those that were deceased wouldn’t be available but that’s unavoidable. But wait, Vince McMahon was getting ahead of himself.

First, he had to develop the idea beyond exactly that…an idea. The mid-nineties would be perfect. Long ago enough for people to have a feint memory of the wrestlers but not too long that it’d be considered ancient. Luckily, there are a few people still around who lived through that time with the company like Howard Finkell, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. Of course he has the World Championship Wrestling names and logos etc. at his disposal. But did he want to bring back WCW, a company he fought against for years and give that name recognition? It's a delicate choice, WCW is recognisable but it'd be a fresh product attached to it. This could be a mistake in the XFL region or a financial success in line with the new WWECW brand. McMahon pulls a pen and notepad towards him and begins to scribble notes as we fade.


The thing to remember is that when us normal folk have an idea to launch something like this, it rarely ever happens mainly for monetary and reputation reasons. However as we look at the confident face of Vince McMahon at his opening press conference, it’s simple to realise that when being concerned with somebody of his stature - dreams become reality. A lot has happened in six months since the idea popped into his head. He developed the concept, contacted talent and managed to pitch the newly reformed Hall Of Fame Wrestling brand (he didn't go with WCW) to ESPN, who previously had been interested in the TNA Impact show when it became available and still had an audience for wrestling in the eyes of their directors after many wrestling programmes in the early nineties.

Mr. McMahon is sat at one of those press conference desks, plenty of microphones and dictophones on the desk in front of him. Alongside Mr. McMahon is a man dressed in a suit identified as George Bodenheimer (President of ESPN) by a namebadge, Dusty Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Above McMahon's head is a banner stretching across the entire table that reads "WWE: Old School - Hall Of Fame Wrestling".

The major talking points of the press conference were:

1. The 'Hall Of Fame Wrestling' name was selected as the WWE's fouth roster extension name due to Mr. McMahon dismissing World Championship Wrestling as a possibility. Even as he was considering using WCW, McMahon had to turn over to the weather channel to ensure that hell had indeed frozen over. It turned out that it hadn't and thus, he selected a different name. McMahon's concept of Hall Of Fame Wrestling does not mean that all wrestlers will be a part of the WWE Hall Of Fame or a future member, it's purely a recogniseable name for television purposes.

2. The new HOF Wrestling will primarily be based on the Old School tagline, many wrestlers from the years gone by are still active and will form the basis of the roster but there will be younger wrestlers added in for balance purposes.

3. ESPN will carry the new HOF Wrestling weekly two-hour programme of 10pm to 12pm on Wednesdays. The first show will be February 7th, 2007. This makes the main WWE programming available Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and now Wednesdays.

4. The Championships available to the wrestlers under HOF Wrestling contract will be - HOF World Championship, HOF International Championship and HOF Tag Team Championships initially. Further Championships such as the Television Championships could be made available but at the present time only the aforementioned three titles will be on offer.

5. Six monthly or one year-long contracts will be offered to various talents. The only official roster members so far are Ted DiBiase and Dusty Rhodes, who were present at the press conference.

6. Wrestlers currently under WWE contract who were a part of the then-WWF and currently compete on one of the other brands will be given the option to move to Hall Of Fame Wrestling but it will be their choice completely.

7. Hall Of Fame Wrestling will have their own special events every third month similar to Saturday Night's Main Event. The event will have an exclusive name and happen on a Sunday to promote a more 'PPV' feel.

Vince McMahon's business decision to introduce a brand mainly filled of aging wrestlers was met with mixed reaction. Some thought it was a genius move, by using a name already memorable in most current WWE fans' minds he could tap into the older viewers while some praised his direction in providing a new product that differs greatly from the three existing brands. Others argued that McMahon had officially lost it and even members of Vince's own family questioned it. Would an Old School concept ever work? Logic says that the wrestlers he intends to use will draw at first but when fans see their older washed up state, it'll bomb and very quickly. Whatever the problems, most in WWE were anxious to see what sort of Old School/New School hybrid is produced.

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Promotion Information:

Owner: Vince McMahon

Money: $5,000,000

Public Image: 25%

Size: National

Based in: America

Risk Level: 50%

Production Values: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 80%

Top 5 Faces

1. Hulk Hogan

2. Undertaker

3. Ric Flair

4. Dusty Rhodes

5. Roddy Piper

Top 5 Heels

1. The Rock

2. Ted DiBiase

3. Bam Bam Bigelow

4. Sean Waltman

5. Vader

World Wrestling Federation Active Roster:

Faces Heels Tweeners

Main Eventers:

Hulk Hogan

The Rock


Upper Midcarders:

Ric Flair


Bam Bam Bigelow

Jim Duggan


Road Warrior


Lower Midcarders:

Bobby Eaton

Dean Malenko

Dennis Convey


Greg Valentine


Jake Roberts

Jim Neidhart

Ricky Morton

Robert Gibson

Sean Waltman



Henry O. Godwinn


Jimmy Hart

Kim Chee

Paul Bearer


Ted DiBiase


Bobby Heenan

Dusty Rhodes

Roddy Piper

Tag Teams:

Midnight Express

Rock 'n' Roll Express


Howard Finkel (Ring Announcer)

Mean Gene Okerlund (Commentator)

Steve Romero (Backstage Interviewer)

Josh Matthews (Commentator)

Current Champions:

HOF World Champion: Vacant

HOF International Champion: Vacant

HOF Tag Team Champions: Vacant

Upcoming HOF Wrestling Special Events:

25th March 2007: The Memory Remains

24th June 2007: TBA

30th September 2007: Generation Gap

23 December 2007: Winter Combat

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HOFWrestling.com (a subsidiary of WWE.com) contains Bio's of the following Hall Of Fame Wrestling superstars, these are known as the Major Players:

IPB Image

Bam Bam Bigelow

Recognisable of course by his tattoo'd head. Perhaps Bam Bam Bigelow highest profile match was with American Football player Lawrence Taylor at Wrestlemania XI. Has wrestled in all three 'big' companies - WCW, ECW and WWE/F. In ECW, Bigelow held the Television and World Championships in addition to being part of the Triple Threat tag team/stable. In WCW, he formed the Jersey Triad to become a 2-time WCW Tag Team Champion. Despite never holding a title in World Wrestling Entertainment and retiring in 2004, Bam Bam has been persuaded out of retirement to compete in Hall Of Fame Wrestling.

IPB Image

Bobby Heenan

A true Hall Of Famer and Legend in professional wrestling. A survivor of throat cancer, Heenan is truly a remarkable man. Remembered fondly for his wit, sarcasm and banter with the late, great Gorilla Monsoon. Widely known as one of the greatest wrestling managers in history and a unique individual. The list of wrestlers he managed is long and exclusive. Andre The Giant, King Kong Bundy, The Blackjacks, Jesse Ventura, Big John Studd, Rick Rude, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect, Paul Orndorf The Islanders have all been managed by Heenan and almost all of them led to great success.

IPB Image

Dean Malenko

Born into the Malenko wrestling family, Dean is known across the world as the 'Man Of a Thousand Holds'. A great technical wrestler who has wrestled all over the world. Another man who has wrestled in WCW, ECW and WWE - winning Championships in all companies. In WCW, Malenko participated in a heated rivalry with Chris Jericho, in ECW had some of greatest matches to date with the late Eddie Guerrero and in WWE arrived as part of the Radicalz before holding the Light-Heavyweight Championship for close to 12 months. As a matter of fact, Malenko has been part of two great wrestling factions. The Radicalz and the Four Horsemen with Ric Flair (fellow HOF Wrestling superstar). In 2001 Dean announced his retirement but recently trained for a match at ECW One Night Stand 2 with Chris Benoit that unfortunately never happened. Still training, Malenko has signed a Hall Of Fame Wrestling contract.

IPB Image

Dusty Rhodes

Dusty will make special appearances for Hall Of Fame Wrestling and is a sure-fire future Hall Of Famer. Rhodes had legendary feuds with stars such as Abdullah The Butcher, Kevin Sullivan, Blackjack Mulligan, Nikita Koloff, Harley Race, "Superstar" Billy Graham and most notably, The Four Horsemen (especially Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard). Rhodes, Flair, and Race each fought each other many times over the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Dusty is a 3-time former NWA World Champion and a most recognisable figure (and voice) in all of wrestling.

IPB Image

Greg Valentine

Known as 'The Hammer', Greg Valentine is perhaps one of the most underrated competitors currently on the Hall Of Fame Wrestling roster along with Bobby Eaton. Valentine is a WWE Hall Of Famer and is still competing to this day. Valentine recently competed on WWE Heat and put in a strong performance, which has led to Valentine being offered a Hall Of Fame Wrestling contract. On his CV, 'The Hammer' notes that he appeared at the first and twentieth Wrestlemania. A former WWE Intercontinental Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, 4-time NWA Tag Team Champion and WCW United States Tag Team Champion. His past is littered with Championships, but will his future be?

IPB Image

Hulk Hogan

What is there to say about Hulk Hogan that hasn't been said before? He remains a distinction as one of the most successful and popular professional wrestlers in history, leading his fans to call themselves "Hulkamaniacs." Currently the star of 'Hogan Knows Best' on MTV and he makes regular appearance for WWE, usually on Raw. Hogan is another WWE Hall Of Famer. A movie star, the superstar of the first Wrestlemania and a consistent in-ring performer. Left the (then) WWF in 1993 to resurface in WCW in 1994. The leader of the most revolutionary group in sports entertainment history, the nWo. A multiple time former WWE World Champion and WCW World Champion, 13 World Championship reigns in total. Remains one of the biggest draws around and is back in the ring for Hall Of Fame Wrestling.

IPB Image

Ric Flair

WOOOOOOOO! Ric Flair has left Raw and joined Hall Of Fame Wrestling, a valuable commodity still after all these years. He has been one of the leading personalities in professional wrestling since the mid 1970s. For much of the run of World Championship Wrestling he was considered their flagship wrestler. While he may not have had the influence on the business that Hulk Hogan had, Flair inspired many of today’s top professional wrestlers such as Kurt Angle and Triple H. Flair was also the first person to hold the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He is recognised widely as a 16-time world champion, even though some records reveal that he has won a total of 22 World titles; 10 of those in the NWA and 2 in the WWF/WWE. Flair will now be Stylin' and Profilin' on Wednesday nights.

IPB Image

Road Warrior Animal

For many years Animal teamed with Road Warrior Hawk, starting out in 1983. He recently returned to Smackdown to tag with Heidenreich as the New Legion of Doom and were successful for a time, holding the WWE Tag Team Championships but Animal soon realised that this new LOD could never live up to the original Road Warriors. A successful tag team wrestler in Japan also, Animal has brought his Road Warrior rough and power style to Hall Of Fame Wrestling.

IPB Image

Roddy Piper

The Rowdy one is a WWE Hall Of Famer. There was no doubt that he would appear in Hall Of Fame Wrestling for a Piper's Pit segment or two! Hailing from Glasgow in Scotland, the kilt wearing-bagpipe playing Scotsman has come to Hall Of Fame Wrestling to chew bubblegum and kick ass as he would say. Only problem is, Piper is all out of bubblegum! Piper's Pit was the home of many memorable moments such as Piper smashing a coconut over Jimmy Snuka's head, Andre The Giant turned his back on Hulk Hogan to challenge the Hulkster to a match at Wrestlemania 3 and Piper extinguishing Morton Downey, Jr.'s cigarette with a blast from a fire extinguisher at WrestleMania V. A former Intercontinental Champion and WCW US Champion in his own right.

IPB Image

Sean Waltman

This is a man who contraversy just seems to follow. Wherever he goes, trouble goes with him. Debuted in the then-World Wrestling Federation as the Lightning/1-2-3 Kid and quickly upset Razor Ramon (Scott Hall). Gradually his head was turned by the Million Dollar Man's money until he left for WCW and the nWo. Upon returning to WWE, Waltman was inducted into the new version of D-Generation X with Triple H and the New Age Outlaws. A multiple time WWE Tag Team Champion, WCW Cruiserweight Champion, WWF European Champion and WWF Light-Heavyweight Champion.

IPB Image


One of the WWE's most successful managers, Sunny has returned after leaving WWE in 1998. Mainly a manager of tag teams, she led the Smoking Gunns, the Godwinns and the Bodydonnas to the WWE Tag Team Championships. Now Sunny is back in Sunny shape and may be on the lookout for a new tag team to lead to the gold.

IPB Image

Ted DiBiase

The Million Dollar Man has been working with WWE for several months in a backstage capacity but his head has been turned by the birth of Hall Of Fame Wrestling. Despite playing a character fans badly hated, DiBiase is fondly remembered, so much so that he was chosen as a legend fans wanted to see in the SmackDown! games, during a poll survey done by THQ. His Million Dollar Championship and entrance music is widely remembered, along with DiBiase's evil laughter after a comment. One of wrestling legendary figures, DiBiase's role is currently unknown in the new HOF Wrestling brand.

IPB Image

The Rock

The first third-generation WWE athlete, a 9-time former World Champion and the People's Champion. The Rock's heated rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin broke new ground in the Attitude Era. Recently his focus has been on making movies but he couldn't turn down a contract with Hall Of Fame Wrestling. The Rock is back in town but nobody is quite sure what his attitude will be.

IPB ImageIPB Image

The Undertaker

For over 14 years, the Deadman has called WWE his home and he has had many memorable rivalries. In 1991 he defeated Hulk Hogan with help from Ric Flair to win his first WWE World Championship. The Undertaker is known by many mannerisms - his eyes rolling in the back of his head, the black entrance attire of a cloak and hat, his Undertaker symbol and his deadly Tombstone Piledriver. Over the years he has participated in some of the most shocking WWE moments such as his Royal Rumble 1994 match with Yokozuna, forming his Ministry of Darkness, strapping Austin to a symbol, abducting Stephanie McMahon and forcing Jim Ross to kiss Mr. McMahon's backside. To this day he is going strong and most recently competed on the Smackdown brand. He is in superb physical condition, Taker has been on a lighter schedule recently to heal from his nagging injuries so he should be in peak condition for Hall Of Fame Wrestling. Paul Bearer is also to return by the side of the Undertaker.

IPB Image


Formerly Tugboat and then one half of the Natural Disasters with John Tenta (Earthquake). Tenta passed away recently, prompting Typhoon to join Hall Of Fame Wrestling and recreate the Natural Disasters with a new tag team partner in honour of Tenta's memory. Who this tag team partner is, is currently unknown.

IPB ImageIPB Image


The Monster known as Vader enters Hall Of Fame Wrestling with one goal on his mind, inflicting pain! Vader has always been massive, intimidating and hard hitting. A legend in Japan and one of the toughest man known to compete in the United States. Now Vader has aligned with the 'Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart is an effort to win the HOF World Championship.

Credit to Wikipedia for some of the information and South Park Wrestling Federation for the images.

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OOC: Thanks!

IPB Image

The Debut!

Hall Of Fame Wrestling debuts on ESPN with a host of returning superstars and legends. Mean Gene Okerlund and Josh Matthews present the first edition of Hall Of Fame Wrestling from Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. Signed to appear are Legends such as 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase and Jimmy Hart. Already announced is a Battle Royal to determine the two participants who will tussle it out for the Hall Of Fame Wrestling International Championship a week later. The invitations for this Battle Royal have been issued and many Hall Of Fame Wrestling superstars have accepted! The Mountie and the Big Bossman had quite a rivalry in 1991 culminating in an infamous Jailhouse Match. That rivalry is renewed when Hall Of Fame Wrestling lands in New York. Speaking of rivalries being renewed, one of wrestling's greatest feuds is re-opened as the Midnight Express are facing off against the Rock 'n' Roll Express. In addition to this the General Manager of Hall Of Fame Wrestling will be introduced in person and he or she will talk about Championships.

Matches announced:

International Championship Contender Battle Royal

Sean Waltman & IRS vs. Goldust & Jim Neidhart

The Mountie vs. Big Bossman

Midnight Express vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

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IPB ImageIPB Image

HOFWrestlingNews.com (the official resource for all things Hall Of Fame Wrestling) understands that the process to introduce younger wrestlers into the HOF Wrestling product to balance out the roster has already begun with the announcement of the first card. Two notable inclusions saw The Mountie and the Big Bossman. Due to Ray Traylor's passing and Jacques Rougeau's retirement, the original wrestlers will not be performing. Mason Raige from OVW and Kevin Matthews from DSW will be given the gimmicks of ‘The Mountie’ and ‘The Big Bossman’.

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IPB Image

Hall Of Fame Wrestling

Date: 7th February 2007

Channel: ESPN

Time Slot: Prime Time

Announcers: Mean Gene Okerlund & Josh Matthews

The New General Manager

Fireworks erupt and the arena rocks as the camerapeople pan around the fans! Mean Gene Okerlund and Josh Matthews open the show, officially introducing Hall Of Fame Wrestling from the Nassau Coliseum in New York! Without further delay, HOF Wrestling ring announcer Howard 'The Fink' Finkel takes it away...

Fink: Welcome one and all to the debut of Hall Of Fame Wrestling on ESPN! Allow me to introduce to you, the General Manager of Hall Of Fame Wrestling...BOBBY 'THE BRAIN' HEENAN!

The crowd erupts as 'The Brain' walks onto the stage. He waves to the crowd before making his way down to the ring shaking hands with the many fans lining up along the isle. Heenan enters the ring and accepts the microphone from Howard Finkel. The Fink leaves the ring as Heenan begins to address the capacity crowd.

Heenan: Thank you.

The crowd applaud once more and Bobby waves his hand to ask for quiet.

Heenan: The first thing I want to do is thank World Wrestling Entertainment, greatest company going, for putting me back on television...

One fan near the front shouts out "Where you belong!".

Heenan: As the General Manager of Hall Of Fame Wrestling I will be focusing on the in-ring product. Which means that Championships will be won by the people who deserve them. Tonight we will see an International Championship Contenders Battle Royal and the last two remaining wrestlers will fight next week for the International Championship. In the case of the Tag Team Championships, they will be on the line tonight when the Rock 'n' Roll Express meet the Midnight Express.

The fans react to the two Championship announcements so far. Most remember the memorable matches for the last 20 years between different combinations of the Rock 'n' Roll and Midnight Express.

Heenan: And finally, our first World Champion will be determined in a tournament which will start next week. The tournament will feature: The Undertaker, Kamala, Goldust, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan among others. Now let's get this show on the road!

Heenan hands the microphone back to Finkel before leaving the ring. He shakes hands with all the fans on his way backstage.

Midnight Express vs. Rock 'n' Roll Express

Immediately Bobby Eaton distracts Ricky Morton and Dennis Condrey takes advantage, attacking Ricky from behind! Condrey works over Morton before Ricky mounts a comeback. He rallies back against the Midnight Express member until Condrey takes a shortcut with a thumb to the eye. Dennis Condrey knocks Ricky down and Gibson comes in protest as the two Midnights double team Morton. Eaton then catches Robert Gibson unaware with a forearm to knock him down off the apron. Ricky Morton is sent into the ropes and he rebounds back to duck underneath a double clothesline. Gibson slides back in and the Rock 'n' Roll knock down their opponents with tandem clotheslines!

Gibson is sent out of the ring but gets a tag from his partner as Condrey tags in Eaton. Gibson takes control of Bobby Eaton as the respective partners stand on the apron. Gibson kicks away at Bobby and then mounts a corner for the classic 10 punch. It's not long before Dennis Condrey again makes his presence felt, distracting the referee and that draws Morton back in. Condrey is able to come in to nail Gibson. The Midnight Express double team Gibson now, Condrey taking over. Condrey smothers Robert Gibson and Eaton back in. Robert is held open for Eaton to slam a boot into his ribs.

Bobby Eaton resumes the control over Gibson with an abdominal stretch. He positions himself so that he can use Condrey's arm as a leverage tool and the Midnight Express get away with cheating for a while until Gibson powers out! He hiptosses Eaton over to the mat and then makes the BIG tag to Morton! Ricky Morton comes in a house on fire and knocks down both of the Midnight Express down. Eaton rolls to the outside as Ricky punches Condrey continually until Bobby Eaton climbs back in the ring. He holds onto the referee and Condrey drops to his knees for a LOW BLOW! Mortin is hurt but Eaton holds onto the referee too long, allowing Gibson to GERMAN SUPLEX Eaton over! Morton covers Eaton as Gibson takes care of Dennis Condrey, 1-2-3! Rock 'n' Roll are the new HOF Tag Team Champions! The Rock 'n' Roll begin to celebrate but Dennis Condrey snatches a tag belt away from the referee and nails Ricky Morton in the back of his head!

JM: We've got new Tag Team Champions!

MGO: But the Midnight Express do not look like good losers here tonight.

Sunny Introduces Her New Tag Team

Backstage Sunny is standing by with Steve Romero. Sunny is wearing a tight black dress, as usual showing off her 'assets'.

Romero: Sunny, you have requested this time. What's going on?

Sunny: Well Stevey, I'm going to give you the BIG scoop. You see Josh, what Sunny wants...Sunny gets.

Romero: And what does Sunny want in Hall Of Fame Wrestling?

Sunny smiles in her seductive fashion, her white teeth almost blinding.

Sunny: Sunny wants gold. I have led so many men to Championship gold in the past and I want to do it again.

Romero: Which gold would you be referring to?

Sunny: Tag Team Championship gold Stevey. Tag Team Gold. Now I could have looked down the Hall Of Fame roster and chosen any two talents to lead Sunny back to the gold but if I were to do that then there would be no element of surprise. I have brought in a team to compete on this roster and a team to dismantle the tag team competition.

Romero: Wow, who are your team?

Again Sunny smiles and motions off-camera, from which direction two men wearing traditional Japanese karate uniforms in black, one with a red mask and one with a black mask.

Sunny: Stevey, we've already seen the Midnight Express and the Rock 'n' Roll Express so now meet...the Orient Express! Robert and Ricky, we're coming for those Tag Titles.

Sunny strokes the shoulders of her two Japanese assassins, their expressions hardly change as they slam their fists together in a sign of tag team unity.

***Commercial Break***

The Mountie vs. Big Bossman

As the preview highlighted, the former Bossman and Mountie in 1991 were heated rivals when both claimed to be the only true law enforcer in the then WWF. Josh Matthews paid respect to the late Ray Traylor at this time, in a nice touch. This match starts quickly with The Mountie attempting to cheat but the referee blocks his path. Bossman waits as the ref calls for the opening bell before they lock up. Bossman has the bigger mass, he holds a strength advantage and throws Mountie down to the mat. A second grapple leads to the same result and Mountie is getting frustrated. The third lock up sees Bossman take Mountie into a corner showing his strength. Bossman attempts to provide the requested clean break but Mountie lands a rake to Bossman's eyes.

Mountie takes Bossman into the corner, ramming his head into the turnbuckle and then launching into him with a series of kicks. Bossman is whipped across the ring and Bossman hits the turnbuckles hard. Mountie runs in only to get a back elbow across his chest. Bossman spins Mountie into the corner and nails him with a succession of right hands, then kicks and stomps as Mountie slumps down in the corner. Bossman then picks Mountie up out of the corner and then tosses him over the top rope to the outside! Mountie is quickly up to his feet and not happy, he kicks the ringsteps in frustration. Mountie stays on the outside as the referee begins his count, Mountie appears to be leaving the ringside area but the Big Bossman slides out of the ring and runs after him! Bossman clotheslines him down before bringing him back to the ring.

Bossman works over Mountie with uppercuts and punishing right hands. He then irish whips him into the ropes perhaps looking for the Bossman Slam but Mountie holds onto the ropes. Bossman runs at him but Mountie gets a foot up into his face. Mountie chokes Bossman and then bodyslams him down. Mountie drops an elbow across his chest. Mountie then goes to the Big Bossman's legs and applies his Boston Crab! Bossman is trapped, he reaches for the ropes but can't reach them...BOSSMAN POWERS OUT WITH HIS LEGS! Mountie can hardly believe it! He grabs for his taser and runs at Bossman...BOSSMAN SLAM! 1-2-3! Bossman wins!

MGO: The Big Bossman picks up a huge win here!

JM: It didn't look likely, he took a real beating until he pulled out the Bossman Slam!

Ted Dibiase Meets Ric Flair Backstage

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase is dressed in his classic Million $ Suit and walking backstage, $100 bills in hand in a fan shape. Ted admires his money and turns a corner...only to walk into 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair! Flair is not dressed to compete either, he's wearing one of his expensive suits. DiBiase's money has been knocked out of his hands onto the floor and both men look down at their feet.

DiBiase: My money!

Flair: WOOOOOOOO! Just calm down Teddy.

DiBiase: Calm down?! That's my money and I'm the Million Dollar Man!

Flair: I know exactly who you are.

DiBiase: Then you know that you don't stand on Superman's cape, you don't spit in the wind, and you DON'T walk into the Million Dollar Man!

Flair and DiBiase continue to square up for a few moments before IRS and Sean Waltman attack Flair from behind! They beat on Flair and send him crashing into a wall! Flair slumps to the ground and the trio walk away laughing. As IRS, Waltman and DiBiase exit, Dean Malenko arrives and checks on Flair's condition.

***Commercial Break***

IRS & Waltman w/Ted DiBiase vs. Goldust & Jim Neidhart

With the Million Dollar Man accompanying Waltman and IRS, Josh Matthews speculated that the Million Dollar Corporation had returned since all three are former members of the group. Goldust and Neidhart make a pretty weird but powerful team. The match starts off with the usual tie ups, Jim Neidhart having more strength up his sleeve than the Tax Man. IRS backs into the ropes and runs at Neidhart with a shoulder block but 'The Anvil' does not budge an inch. IRS attempts the same move again but this time Neidhart nails him with a clothesline! The fans are right behind Goldust and 'The Anvil' as Neidhart picks IRS up and hurls him into a neutral corner. Neidhart attempts a running turnbuckle clothesline but IRS get a foot up in his face. He takes Jim into the corner and then works the body, landing body punches deep into Naidhart's stomach.

Irwin looks for an irish whip across the ring but Jim reverses! Neidhart then runs at him but IRS blasts him with a back elbow. Neidhart is taken to the ropes and irish whipped into the opposite set. He bounces back off, ducks a clothesline and knocks IRS down with a flying shoulder block! IRS quickly scampers out of the ring, where he is joined by Waltman and the Million Dollar Man. After a short huddle IRS returns to the ring but immediately tags in Sean Waltman. Jim Neidhart shrugs his shoulders and tags in Goldust. Goldust inhales deeply and bites, which draws a startled expression from Waltman. Sean comes at Goldust but Goldust blocks and unloads on Waltman! Goldust punches, chops and kicks at the former X-Pac to force him back into a neutral turnbuckle. Goldust goes to work on Waltman before pulling him out of the corner and whipping him to the opposite corner. Goldust runs in for a shoulder to the gut but Waltman dodges out of the way! Goldust's shoulder goes through the ropes and slaps the steel ringpost.

Waltman peels Goldust off the post and pulls him up. He connects with a few hard martial arts roundhouse kicks before landing a spinning shot to the jaw! Goldust slumps down in the corner and Waltman prepares for a Broco Buster...but then remembers who he's in the ring with. Waltman drags him out of the corner and locks in a reverse chinlock to slow the Gold One down. Waltman then tags in IRS. Waltman holds Goldust down for IRS to kick at his ribs. IRs makes acover but only gets 2. IRS and Waltman concentrate on Goldust, Goldust gets hammered with elbow drops, a leg drop and then another reverse chinlock. Goldust is being weakened down by IRS, who then tags Waltman back in. IRS goes for an elbow drop but Goldust moves out of the way! He makes the big tag to Neidhart. Jim uses his power to maul IRS and he slams him down with a powerslam! IRS is then taken straight south with a spinebuster as Neidhart looks to be on track to a big win. Neidhart knocks Waltman off the apron and the referee has to restrain Waltman from coming in as 'The Anvil' powerbombs IRS when suddenly BAM BAM BIGELOW runs down to ringside! Bam Bam pulls Goldust down off the apron and then looks in the ring to see Neidhart with the pin on IRS. Bam Bam climbs up to the top rope and launches off to land a Diving Headbutt onto Jim Neidhart! He rolls IRS on top of Neidhart and exits the ring just in time as the referee turns around. 1-2-3!

Ted DiBiase applauds his tag team's victory as Bam Bam Bigelow now slams Goldust's head into the steel steps at ringside. IRS picks up 'The Anvil' and holds him wide open for Waltman to lash with his martial arts kicks. The four men continue the assault until Dean Malenko and Ric Flair run to the ring! As soon as they get into the ring DiBiase, Waltman, IRS and Bigelow all bail out! Flair motions for them to come back and get some but DiBiase declines on behalf of his charges.

MGO: IRS and Waltman pick up the win but that isn't the whole story here.

JM: DiBiase and Bigelow got involved, then Malenko and Flair!

MGO: This comes after IRS and Waltman attacked Flair backstage.

Million Dollar Corporation Interview

Backstage Steve Romero walks into the locker room where Ted DiBiase, IRS, Sean Waltman and Bam Bam Bigelow are celebrating their victory over Goldust and 'The Anvil'.

Romero: Ted! Ted! What's going on?

DiBiase: HA HA HA! What does it look like Romero? It looks to the Million Dollar Man like the Million Dollar Corporation is back.

Romero: The Million Dollar Corporation here in Hall Of Fame Wrestling?

DiBiase: That's what I said idiot! What you have just seen out in that ring is only the start. We will control Hall Of Fame Wrestling with my money and these men's wrestling skill and power.

Sean Waltman and IRS look very proud of themselves.

Romero: You have one win tonight, can Bam Bam continue this good start?

DiBiase: Look at Bam Bam Bigelow. Do you know that he has never held a singles championship in this company? Well that all changes tonight when he will be in the final two of the International Championship Contenders Battle Royal.

Romero: And any comment on Ric Flair?

DiBiase: What Flair need to remember is that I'm the Million Dollar Man and everybody will pay! If Flair wants to get involved in my business and bring in his little Horsemen buddy, we've got no problem knocking him down a peg or two.

The Million Dollar Man launches into a bout of his evil laughter as we go back to ringside.

***Commercial Break***

The Rock vs. Typhoon

Big man Typhoon enters the ring first for a match the announcers hype up as with a Mystery Opponent. The Mystery Opponent turns out to be The Rock! Rocky is in full heel mode as he taunts the crowd all the way down to the ring, using his slower entrance music. The Rock takes an early short-cut, attacking the bigger Typhoon as soon as the bell sounds and working him over in a corner. Typhoon comes back with a few hard punches to the head and a clothesline to knock Rock down.

Typhoon attempts a big elbow drop but The Rock rolls out of the way and nips up to his feet. He taunts the crowd before putting the boots in on Typhoon. The Rock continues stomping away at Typhoon before applying a ground sleeper. After a few minutes of Rock weakening Typhoon, the former Natural Disaster fights back. He gets back up and drives a few elbows deep into Rock's stomach. He backs Rocky into the ropes and shoots him forward. Rock comes back off the ropes to find Typhoon with his head lowered and The Rock applies the brakes. He connects with a DDT and gets a 2 count.

With Rock on a charge, he picks Typhoon up off the mat but Typhoon responds with a knee to the gut but still The Rock comes back with a hard clothesline. The crowd jeer as The Rock lands three open-handed punches followed by a fourth devastating punch. The Rock manages to pick Typhoon half way up and then drives him down with a spinebuster. To the displeasure of the crowd, Rock stands over Typhoon and removes his arm pad. He tosses it out into the audience before landing the People's Elbow! Rock then makes the pin for 3.

JM: The Rock picks up a big win over a big man.

MGO: You know Josh, I didn't hear The Rock's name mentioned earlier by Bobby Heenan when he was talking about the World Championship Tournament...

Vader Time!

The familar sound of "It's Time...It's Time...It's Vader Time!" is heard as a video package highlights Vader's international career. All of his hard hitting offence is highlighted such as his moonsault, body punches, Vader Bomb and a the infamous punches to break Foley's nose. The video package ends with: "Vader - Arrives Next Week!".

Hulk Hogan & Undertaker vs. Orient Express w/Sunny

Sunny comes down to the ring with her new team, the Orient Express. Sunny joins commentary quickly reveals that the names of the two masked Japanese Assassins are Dark Magus (black mask) and Tomoko Onamari (red mask). Her Orient Express are facing a dream tag team in Hulk Hogan and Undertaker.

The match begins with some technical wrestling, Tomoko and Hogan grappling and then Tomoko applies a headlock to Hogan. Hulkster fights out of it, landing punches to the gut before backing him into the ropes. Hogan knocks down Tomoko Onamari with a shoulder block and then clotheslines the Japanese wrestler down. Hogan tags in Undertaker, who has Onamari backing right up. He tags in Dark Magus, who by his name probably would be more suited to facing The Undertaker. Sunny marvels at getting such a big match for her tag team's first match in Hall Of Fame Wrestling. Taker gains a quick upper hand with an uppercut. Magus is reeling but comes back with whipped kicks to the legs of Undertaker. He pushes Taker back into a corner, where he laces viscious chops in on the Deadman. Undertaker reverses Magus into the corner with his classic pick up and throw. He blasts Magus with body shots and then one big right hand leaves him laying in the corner.

Undertaker picks Dark Magus back up and rings his arm around. Taker steps up onto the top rope and walks along before landing Old School! He makes a pin but only gets 2 as Tomoko Onamari breaks it up. Undertaker tags Hogan back in, the dream team seemingly working well together but Magus catches Hogan with a thumb to the eye to stall him. He tags in his Orient Express partner and they double team Hogan, taking him up and over with a double vertical suplex. Tomoko has a cover, but also gets just a 2 count. Tomoko chokes the life out of Hogan, then lands a standing moonsault to the chest of Hogan for another 2 count. Tomoko taunts The Undertaker, drawing the referee to try and stop Undertaker coming in which allows Dark Magus in behind the ref's back. After several moments of both men stomping on Hogan, Tomoko leaves the ring and slaps his own hands together to signal a tag. At the announce desk, Sunny applauds her tag team despite Josh Matthews' shouts of unfairness.

Dark Magus works over Hogan, dropping elbows and leg drops across Hogan's head and chest. He tags in Tomoko, who goes straight up top. Tomoko comes off with a MOONSAULT and lands it perfectly across Hulk! Instead of making a cover, Tomoko tags in Dark Magus. Magus climbs up the turnbuckle as Tomoko picks Hogan up off the mat...MISSILE DROPKICK! Hogan is being beaten black and blue but he kicks out at 2 as Magus makes a cover. Suddenly Magus' offence has no effect as Hogan is soaking in the support of the crowd! He gets back up and blocks a right hand, he fires back with four rights of his own before knocking Dark Magus down with a running clothesline! Hogan makes the big tag to Undertaker and the Deadman comes in to clean up...TOMBSTONE TO DARK MAGUS! Tomoko flies off the top rope but gets caught! CHOKESLAM TO TOMOKO ONAMARI! Undertaker pins Dark Magus for 1-2-3 as Sunny does not look impressed.

Sunny: He cheated! Undertaker cheated!

MGO: I didn't see that myself...

JM: Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker pick up the win in tag team competition as they warm up for the World Championship tournament.

***Commercial Break***

International Championship Contender Battle Royal

The rules for this contenders battle royal is very simple, each participant enters at two minute intervals similar to the Royal Rumble and the remaining two will meet in one week's time to determine the International Champion. Howard Finkel (as always) goes through the rules and format as the fans are getting impatient in the Coliseum.

Dean Malenko appears first through the curtain, having drawn the unlucky Number 1. Many fans in the arena groan at Malenko getting first number but Dean himself still looks very focused as always. Number 2...Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine! Valentine's entrance drew some cheers based on his reputation in Rumble matches and he heads down to the ring for a two minute date with former Four Horsemen member, Malenko. Valentine doesn't even wait for the bell to sound, he initiates a fist-fight with Malenko and the referees quickly kicked the match off. The two exchange more right hands at the outset, then Valentine goes to his vile CHOPS which of course draw the cutomary "Wooooooo!'s". Greg Valentine gains the upper hand with a kick to the gut and then a sneaky rake of Malenko's eyes. Immediately Valentine attempts to toss Malenko over the top rope but Dean holds on and lands on the apron. He slams a knee into the gut of Valentine before sunset flipping back inside the ring. Instead of making the pin as usual, Malenko stands up and RAMS his feet into Hammer's face with a basement dropkick! Malenko then tries to get Valentine out but 'The Hammer' tangles his legs in the ropes to make sure he's not going over as the countdown appears and the fans count along until it reaches 0...

3. Henry O. Godwinn runs down to the ring and slides in. He targets Valentine and nails him with a kidney shot before knocking down Malenko with a big headbutt. The nasty hog farmer drops a couple of elbows on each man before he is double teamed by the recovering pair of Dean Malenko and Valentine. They work over Godwinn in a corner, Malenko punching away as Valentine laces in the kicks. They irish whip him to the far turnbuckle, Valentine then runs after him and connects with a turnbuckle clothesline. He turns around into a dropkick from Malenko! That partnership didn't last long as now Malenko tries to get underneath Godwinn to eliminate him. The counter appears once more and the fans count down to 0...

4. Number 4 is... Hacksaw Jim Duggan! Duggan carries his 2x4 and Old Glory to the ring, dropping them at ringside before getting into the thick of the action. Duggan goes straight for Greg Valentine, who he finds just geting back up after being dropkicked by Dean Malenko. Jim Duggan hammers him with heavy right hands and shots to the head as Godwinn kicks Malenko away from him. Godwinn then runs at Malenko but 'The Man of 1000 Holds" responds by droptoe-holding HOG down to the mat and locking on an STF! Meanwhile Duggan rams his shoulder into Valentine's gut and rams him back into the turnbuckles behind him. After a few shoulders to the mid-section, Duggan emerges and nails Valentine with a hard right hand before trying to lift his legs up onto the top rope! Valentine struggles desperately as the counter appears and the fans start to chant the clock to 0...

5. Kamala is number 5 and he is led to the ring by Kim Chee. He climbs into the ring and immediately Duggan is on him. He clubs down across Kamala's back as he's getting up to his feet and Kamala fights back with knife-edge chops to Duggan's exposed chest. On the other side of the ring Dean Malenko knocks down Henry O. Godwinn with a running outside crescent kick before Malenko gets blasted by Valentine with a clothesline. Valentine goes to work on Malenko with stomps along with a dazed Henry Godwinn. Godwinn and Valentine pick up Malenko and take him to the ropes, they attempt to eliminate him but Malenko coils himself around the ropes. Eventually Valentine drops Malenko and headbutts Hank Godwinn. Godwinn responds with a headbutt of his own to knock 'The Hammer' down as the countdown begins and the fans count to 0...

6. Number 6 is...Jake 'The Snake' Roberts! Roberts walks down to the ring, showing his experience by letting the others beat on each other for as long as possible. He places his bag containing the snake at ringside, then slides in and holds himself very close as he weighs up the options. Jake aims for Dean Malenko, the first man in and stuns him with a few classic Jake jabs. Duggan and Kamala are still going at it, Kamala has taken Duggan into a corner and has one Hacksaw leg up on the top rope as he attempts to wench him over. Godwinn lands another headbutt to Valentine. Greg stumbles back to the ropes and Henry O. sprints at him...Valentine ducks and Godwinns sails over the top rope! GODWINN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Jake Roberts continues to nail Malenko, who manages to duck a punch and hooks Jake up with a vertical suplex leading to a float over and Malenko is on top of Jake, punching downward at his head. The two minutes are over as the counter appears and the fans count along to 0...

7. Goldust is the next to enter, he jogs to the ring and slides in as Jake Roberts is waiting. Goldust blocks a Roberts punch and responds with an open-handed slap to Jake's chest. Roberts staggers away and Goldust sees Valentine positioned in a corner. Goldust kicks him in the stomach before mounting up to the second rope and raining down on him with the classic 10 punch and the fans count along (must be the theme of the battle royal). Goldust jumps down and points to Valentine. He then places each of Valentine's legs over the ropes and steps back. Goldust starts his run up but out of nowhere Roberts cuts him off with a short clothesline! Valentine manages to get his legs off the ropes but he gets picked up by Malenko and Valentine teeters on the top rope! He drops down but lands on the apron and Malenko tries to kick him down to the floor. Josh Matthews reminds the good folks at home that the final two will face each other next week for the International Championship. Kamala has Duggan on the ropes, literally as he holds Duggan's leg trying to throw him over. The counter appears and the fans start to chant the clock to 0...

8. Eight man in is...'The Anvil' Jim Neidhart! Neidhart sprints to the ring and slides in just as Greg Valentine CLOTHESLINES Goldust over and out! GOLDUST HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Neidhart targets Kamala but Duggan appears territorial and clotheslines Neidhart down. Duggan then goes back to nailing Kamala and lifts him against the ropes as Kim Chee below instructs Kamala to stay in. Malenko has Valentine down and applies his Texas Cloverleaf! Valentine starts to tap out but that means nothing in this environment and Jake Roberts, takes advantage. He hooks Malenko up...DDT! The fans cheer for Jake's finisher but Greg Valentine is hardly in a mood to thank Jake as he tees off on 'The Snake' Roberts. Neidhart is back up and Roberts goes downstairs on Valentine to lift him in the air for 'The Anvi' to run against the ropes and hit the Hart Attack. The counter appears once more and the fans count down to 0...

9. 9th man in is Bam Bam Bigelow! The ring is filling up with beef as the 'Beast from the East' enters with his manager Ted DiBiase. Bigelow goes straight for Jim Neidhart and he grabs the former Hart Foundation member by the throat and tosses him out over the top! JIM NEIDHART HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Mean Gene notes that the two men who competed earlier tonight have been eliminated. Valentine headbutts Jim Duggan in the lower back as he still had Kamala almost out. Valentine chops away at Duggan for a moment before Jake Roberts from behind grabs Valentine and holds him open for Jim Duggan to nail Valentine with a couple of punches. Duggan kicks Valentine in the gut to double him over and Jake connects with a reverse DDT. Malenko is back up, still feeling the effects of Jake's DDT and is vulnerable to a vicious tomohawk chop to the head of Malenko. The countdown appears and the fans count along until it reaches 0...

10. The last man to enter this battle royal is very popular, it's Road Warrior Animal complete in classic Legion of Doom/Road Warrior tights and spiked shoulder pads, Animal heads for the ring. He goes after Bam Bam Bigelow but the big Million Dollar Corporation member sidewalk slams him down. Bigelow then gets underneath Kamala and Jim Duggan...KAMALA AND JIM DUGGAN HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED! The double elimination draws praise from the commentary team and Ted DiBiase on the outside. The full compliment of wrestlers have entered as Valentine is the next target for Bigelow. Roberts and Malenko seem to have formed some kind of alliance despite Jake's DDT on him, they team up to stomp away at Road Warrior Animal. The alliance quickly breaks down as Malenko kicks Jake and then goes behind him to back suplex Jake up, then down to the mat. Greg Valentine stalls Bigelow with a kick to his left knee and then lands a low blow! The Million Dollar Man protests but Valentine leaves the scene of the crime. He finds Malenko trying to eliminate Animal but the Road Warrior shakes off Malenko. Animal reverses on Dean, now trying to get Malenko out but Dean slips out the back door. Valentine joins Malenko as they toss Animal out before he even knows what happened! ANIMAL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The final four are Roberts, Malenko, Valentine and Bigelow.

Bigelow charges across the ring and corners Dean Malenko with a turnbuckle splash. Malenko appears winded and Bam Bam wastes no time in trying to flip him out over the ropes. On the other side of the ring, two wily veterans in Valentine and Roberts are exchanging punches. Valentine gains the advantage for a moment with his chops but Jake's jabs prove just as effective. Valentine is backed into the ropes and whipped to the far side, he bounces back into a clothesline from Jake. Valentine is back up quickly but groggy and Jake clotheslines him over the top! GREG VALENTINE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! At the exact same time, Bigelow manages to get Malenko over and he drops him down to the floor! DEAN MALENKO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

The final two are Bigelow and Jake Roberts, they turn around to see each other and the bell sounds to conclude this match! Bigelow begins shouting that the International Championship is his as Jake grins and shakes his head!

JM: What a battle royal! Next week we will see Bam Bam Bigelow versus Jake Roberts for the International Title!

MGO: That should be an incredible match!

JM: We'll see you next week!

-- © World Wrestling Entertainment (Hall Of Fame Wrestling) --

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IPB Image

Crowning the first ever HOF International Champion

The first ever Hall Of Fame Wrestling broadcast saw many developments and significant announcements. New General Manager Bobby Heenan addressed all three Championship situations, the International Championship will be settled this coming week as Bam Bam Bigelow and Jake Roberts survived a gruelling 10-man Battle Royal to earn the right to fight each other for the gold. We have new HOF Tag Team Champions in Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson collectively known as the Rock ‘n’Roll Express. Meanwhile the matches have been announced for the first round of the HOF World Championship tournament and the big match sees The Undertaker one-on-one with The Rock, in a match that will be the Main Event when the Hall Of Fame Wrestling roster arrives in the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York. Once again Josh Matthews and Mean Gene Okerlund are the hosts.

Matches announced:

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts (International Championship)

Hulk Hogan vs. The Mountie (HOF World Championship Tournament)

Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine vs. Goldust (HOF World Championship Tournament)

Big Bossman vs. Ric Flair (HOF World Championship Tournament)

Undertaker vs. The Rock (HOF World Championship Tournament)

The HOF World Championship Tournament brackets are as follows:

Round 1:

Match 1

Undertaker vs. The Rock

Match 2

Goldust vs. Greg Valentine

Match 3

Big Bossman vs. Ric Flair

Match 4

Hulk Hogan vs. The Mountie

Round 2:

Match 5

Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2

Match 6

Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 4

Round 3 (Final):

Match 7

Winner of Match 5 vs. Winner of Match 6

Seeds: 1. Undertaker, 2. Hulk Hogan, 3. The Rock, 4. Ric Flair.

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OOC: Thanks everybody for the positive feedback, it means a lot!

IPB Image

Hall Of Fame Wrestling

Date: 14th February 2007

Channel: ESPN

Time Slot: Prime Time

Announcers: Mean Gene Okerlund & Josh Matthews

‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan vs. Kamala w/Kim Chee

Fireworks erupt and the arena rocks as the camerapeople pan around the fans! Mean Gene Okerlund and Josh Matthews open the show, officially introducing Hall Of Fame Wrestling from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York!

'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan is first one to the ring, complete with 2x4 and Old Glory waving high. Kim Chee leads Kamala to the ring and the referee calls for the bell. They immediately start a grappling war, both big men and neither give up any ground. They break their grapple, Kim Chee shouting instructions to the 'Ugandan Giant'. They grapple again and this time Duggan locks on a headlock. Kamala backs him into the ropes and then knocks Duggan down after he hits the ropes with a shoulder block. Kamala drops a knee drop across his chest before taunting 'Hacksaw'.

Kamala goes for another knee drop but Duggan rolls out of the way! He gets back up swinging and punches Kamala in the stomach on the way. Kamala doubles over and Duggan takes him down with a DDT! He then rolls over into a cover but only gets 2. Duggan picks Kamala up, takes him into a corner and starts to punch away until Kim Chee steps up onto the apron to protest. The referee attempts to hold him back and Jim Duggan leaves Kamala to grab Kim Chee by the throat! Duggan points at Kamala and the crowd HOOOOOOO! with Duggan before he nails Kim Chee with a hard right hand! Kim Chee is knocked down to the arena floor and then turns back to Kamala but the 'Ugandan Giant' has his wits about him. He slams a knee deep into Duggan's stomach and then wraps his arms around him...BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Kamala stays on top for the cover but gets just 2.

Kamala follows up on the advantage staying on top of Duggan to stomp down on him. The American Patriot is getting hammered as Kamala stands off him to taunt the crowd and check on a recovering Kim Chee on the outside. Kamala returns to the ring and Jim Duggan gives out another big HOOOOOOOO! before knocking Kamala down with a big clothesline. Kamala is quickly up but then quickly back down with a shoulder charge. Duggan picks Kamala up, Kamala stuns Duggan with a tomohawk chop but Duggan comes back to push him against the ropes and Duggan gets down into a three point stance to hit a tackle as he rebounds. Duggan pins for the 3.

JM: Both competitors fighting hard but it's Duggan who emerges victorious!

MGO: 'Hacksaw' really took the fight to Kamala and Kim Chee here in Buffalo.

Orient Express w/Sunny Interview

Steve Romero is standing by with Sunny and her Orient Express. Sunny is looking beautiful in another of her sleek dresses.

Romero: Sunny, you have requested this time.

Sunny: Yeah I have Stevey-baby. I want to set the record straight from last week.

A highlight clip is shown of the Orient Express versus Undertaker & Hogan in a tag match. The clip ends as Undertaker pins Dark Magus for a three count after a chokeslam.

Sunny: Everything that you just saw was all my fault. I went on commentary with little Josh and Mean Gene to make sure everybody knows exactly who the Orient Express are. I wasn't at ringside leading my team to victory but from now on, all that changes.

Romero: You mentioned last week getting a crack at the HOF Tag Team Championships. This week the Midnight Express meet the Natural Disasters. The winner of that match could be considered the number one contenders to the reigning champions. How do you feel about that?

Sunny: It's unfair! We had one match against two former WWE Champions in our first match as a tag team. What we want is the chance to win the titles, just a chance and we'll prove that there's only one Express in Hall Of Fame worth mentioning and it's us!

Romero: Speaking of the Natural Disasters, Typhoon's tag team partner debuts tonight. Any comments on that?

Sunny: It doesn't matter one bit who his partner is, as soon as thety get into the ring with us...the result is simple. A win for the Orient Express and Sunny. As a matter of fact, allow me once more to introduce my team one more time. This...

The Orient Express member wearing the black mask steps forward and folds his arms across his chest.

Sunny: ...is Dark Magus. And his tag team partner is...

The remaining Japanese Assasin, the one wearing the red mask joins his partner in front of the camera.

Sunny: Tomoko Onamari. I'm Sunny, but you already know that Stevey. Together we are the Orient Express and we're taking Hall Of Fame Wrestling by storm!

Natural Disasters vs. Midnight Express

Despite losing the HOF Tag Team Championship match last week, the Midnight Express appear very confident here tonight. The tag team partner of Typhoon is introduced as Tsunami, a Natural Disaster to replace Earthquake in the team and Josh Matthews speaks highly of the late John Tenta. Tsunami appears a lot smaller than Typhoon, somewhere in the 270 mark. The new member Tsunami goes to work quickly at the outset, kicking Bobby Eaton in the gut before dropkicking him down. Eaton is quickly up and shrugging it off. Tsunami takes his arm and rings it over, gets underneath Eaton to back drop him over to the mat and Tsunami holds onto Eaton's arm. Eaton rakes Tsunami in the eyes and tags in Dennis Condrey quickly. Tsunami knocks Condrey down with a running shoulder block.

Tsunami backs into the ropes to build momentum but Eaton nails him in the shoulder with a forearm smash. Tsunami stumbles forward and Condrey begins hammering on his shoulder. Dennis Condrey applies a hammerlock but Tsunami leans underneath his arm to reverse. Condrey responds with a hard elbow back into the side of Tsunami's head. Condrey then hiptosses Tsunami over and tags Eaton back in. They take Tsunami into the Midnight Express corner and double team him with kicks to the stomach. Eaton and Condrey take Tsunami along the ropes. They whip him across the ring and he bounces back to run through the Midnight Express! Tsunami manages to tag in Typhoon! Tsunami holds Eaton open for Typhoon to launch a kick into. Typhoon looks for an irish whip into the rops but Bobby Eaton manages to reverse. Typhoon comes off the ropes and Eaton leaps into the air but he's caught and then spinebustered down! Typhoon drops a leg across the face of Eaton before making a cover but Eaton kicks out at 2.

Eaton starts to get up and Typhoon lands a clubbing blow to the back of his head. Eaton is taken the the Natural Disasters corner. Tsunami puts his foot up on the top rope for Typhoon to ram Bobby Eaton's head into. He then tags in Tsunami and the rough brawler delivers punches to the body. Eaton manages to push him away and knocks him down with a clothesline. Eaton reaches for his corner but Tsunami recovers quickly and grabs his leg. He drags Eaton back across the ring to the Natural Disasters corner and Tsunami grapevines one of his legs as he tags in Typhoon. Typhoon kicks him in the head and then drops to his knees to apply a kneeling ground sleeper. Typhoon holds it on for a minute or two as the referee checks on Eaton. Eaton fights upwards and drops down with a modified jawbreaker. Eaton crawls and tags in Condrey just as Tsunami tags in. Condrey is quickest off the draw, ducking a wild punch from Tsunami and then clotheslining the Natural Disaster down. Condrey pulls Tsumami back up and pushes him against the ropes to roll him up but Tsunami quickly kicks out. He attempts the same move to Condrey but Condrey ducks and Eaton nails Tsunami in the face! Eaton rolls him up for the 3!

MGO: The Midnight Express are back on the winning track.

JM: Tsunami's debut as a Natural Disaster didn't go to plan but they will be a force in times to come.

***Commercial Break***

Greg Valentine vs. Goldust (HOF World Championship Tournament Round 1)

Josh Matthews reminds us that Valentine eliminated Goldust from last week's International Championship battle royal so this HOF World Championship Tournament Match has a lot of meaning behind it. Mean Gene speculates that this tournament match could prove very as both have a great chance of progressing considering that none of the four seeds (Undertaker, Hogan, The Rock & Flair) are involved in it.

They kick the match off with a Goldust arm drag on Valentine. Goldust is first back to his feet and he quickly grabs Valentine bringing him to his feet also, Goldust kicks Valentine in the stomach but Valentine manages to grab a hold of Goldust’s foot. Goldust is stuck on one foot but quickly kicks his foot into the back of Valentine’s head with an enziguri knocking him down and letting go of Goldust’s other leg! Goldust grabs Valentine and pulls him to his feet and irish whips him into the nearby turnbuckle, Goldust’s follows closely with hard clothesline. Goldust then attempts to lift Valentine onto the top turnbuckle and he manages; he then begins to climb them himself, Goldust grabs Valentine but Valentine retaliates by striking Goldust over the head a few times before pushing him off of the turnbuckle and crashing into the mat. He then hops down to the mat himself and heads over to Goldust who is climbing back to his feet, but Valentine who is already there stops him by wrapping his arm around Goldust’s head and dropping him with a DDT.

Goldust is laid out by the DDT executed by Valentine, although Valentine takes a few seconds to catch his breath before going back to take on Goldust. As he stands above Goldust, he reaches down to grab Goldust, but Goldust grabs Valentine’s arm and pulls him down to the mat. Goldust locks Valentine into an arm bar and Valentine tries his best to break the hold, but to no avail. Goldust keeps the hold on until Valentine is able to inch his way to the lower rope and the referee orders the move to be broken.

Goldust is annoyed that he didn’t put Valentine away with that, he glares at the referee and Valentine attacks Goldust, clipping Goldust’s leg from behind. Goldust falls to his stomach in pain, but Valentine grabs him by the legs turning him over. Putting his own leg in between Goldust’s legs he sets Goldust up for the spinning toehold dead center in the middle of the ring. Goldust screams in pain as he reaches for the nearest ropes but they are just too far away. As Goldust slowly pulls himself to the ropes, Valentine lifts his leg up and pulls him back to the middle of the ring.

Valentine still holding the submission maneuver on Goldust as Goldust begins to reach for the ropes even more. Goldust pulls himself and Valentine over to the nearest ropes and he is just inches away from grabbing the bottom rope. Finally, after one last big stretch he grasps the bottom rope and the referee immediately tells Valentine to break the hold. Valentine refuses to let go and so the referee begins to count him for disqualification. Valentine breaks the maneuver after four.

Valentine walks around the ring waiting for Goldust to even attempt to get to his feet, but Goldust is still writhing on the pain that he just endured at the hands of Valentine. Valentine walks over to the hurting Goldust and lifts him up to his feet. Goldust grabs Valentine’s hair trying to use it to keep him up and Valentine places him over his shoulder, he drives him down into the canvas with a huge spinebuster. Goldust lies on the canvas without moving and Valentine takes this as his chance to secure his win.

Goldust rolls over onto his stomach and grabs the middle rope and pulls himself up trying to get to his feet. Valentine can’t believe that Goldust kicked out, but he waits patiently for his opponent to get up. Goldust finally makes it up to his feet and Valentine charges towards him, Goldust steps to the side and steers Valentine shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Goldust peels Valentine off the turnbuckles but 'The Hammer' sweeps Goldust's legs from under him and makes a pin with his legs on the middle rope! 1-2-3!

JM: Valentine advances to the next round!

MGO: But Josh, he cheated! His feet were all over the ropes!

Vader w/Jimmy Hart Interview

Backstage Steve Romero has the unpleasant task of interviewing Hall Of Fame Wrestling newcomer Vader and his manager Jimmy 'Mouth of the South' Hart.

Romero: Jimmy Hart, you have brought Vader to Hall Of Fame Wrestling. Why?

Hart: Oh baby! That's the question everybody's asking Jimmy Hart this week. Why has Jimmy Hart signed with Hall Of Fame Wrestling. Well it's obvious baby! I am a WWE Hall Of Famer! Why wouldn't I be here????

Romero: But why have you brought Vader?

Hart: This man is not Vader!

Romero looks confused as he tries to avoid eye contact with the Rocky Mountain Monster.

Romero: I don't understand. Then who is he?

Hart: This is Big Van Vader! BIG VAN Vader! BIG VAN VADER! Vader was a softy, he was a wimp and a shell of his former self! A shell of the man known throughout Japan as BIG VAN VADER! Big Van Vader is the monster, the man who destroyed Mick Foley's face and the man who dominated World Championship Wrestling!

Romero appears impressed as Big Van Vader smirks behind his strapped mask. Hart's high pitched voice continues.

Hart: He may be Big Van Vader but the time is the same, what time is it baby????

Big Van Vader: IT'S...VADER TIME!

Hart: Oh yeah baby!

***Commercial Break***

Ric Flair vs. Big Bossman (HOF World Championship Tournament Round 1)

Ric Flair wearing a magnificent robe as always enters followed by 'Hard Times' blaring out and the Big Bossman runs down to the ring. He twirls his stick before the referee takes it from him and the two fan favourites lock up. Flair lands a quick thumb to the eye as the dirtiest player in the game takes over on the bigger man. Flair snapmares Bossman over to the mat and he slaps a knee into Bossman's back. Flair drops a vertical elbow down on Bossman's left shoulder and then his right shoulder. Flair pulls Bossman all the way down to the mat and gets on top of him for a cover but Bossman kicks out at 2.

Flair pulls Bossman up to his feet and takes him into a corner, slamming his head against the top turnbuckle. Flair opens Bossman up in the corner and tears open his blue corrections officer shirt to expose the bare flesh underneath. The fans know what's coming as Flair loads him up and CHOPS Bossman's chest. The crowd WOOOOOO! along with each following CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! Flair irish whips Bossman to the far corner and Flair runs in but Bossman gets a foot up in Flair's face! The 'Nature Boy' staggers back into the middle of the ring and Bossman takes advantage. He snatches at Flair's arm and irish whips him into the turnbuckle, Flair goes upside down and inside out before dropping down to the mat on his feet. Big Bossman runs at Flair and knocks him down with a flying clothesline! Bossman gets on for the cover but Flair kicks out on 2. Big Bossman pulls Ric Flair up, he sets him up for a vertical suplex but Flair blocks! Flair escapes the Bossman's grip and flips Bossman down to the mat with a fireman's carry takedown. Flair grabs Bossman's legs and starts to set him up for the Figure Four but IRS is running down to ringside!

Flair drops Bossman's legs as IRS jumps up onto the apron and Flair knocks him back down with a CHOP! The referee holds off on calling for the bell as Flair got rid of IRS without interference. Flair looks down at IRS and on the other side of the ring Sean Waltman has come through the crowd! He jumps over the barricade and the Bossman is close, he grabs his nightstick and slides to the outside...Bossman nails Waltman with the nightstick to his ribs! Bossman rolls back in the ring still with nightstick in hand and the referee takes it off him as Flair rolls him up in a SCHOOL BOY! 1-2-3! Ted DiBiase is seen cursing at the top of the ramp as Flair has his arm raised in the air. Flair bails out of the ring as IRS and Waltman finally get in it.

MGO: Ric Flair advances to the next round of the World Title Tournament.

JM: The dirtiest player in the game showing it there, he was aware as Bossman was dealing with the referee.

MGO: And Flair managed to avoid the Million Dollar Corporation interference!

Ric Flair Promo

Ric Flair has reached the backstage area near the parking lot and Dean Malenko is there to meet him.


Malenko: Great match Ric! You're a step closer to the World Championship, one more time!

Flair: WOOOOOOOOO! Did you see 'em Dean???? Did ya????

Malenko: Oh I saw them.

Flair: DiBiase thinks he can outsmart me???? I'm the NATURE BOY! WOOOOOOOOO!

Dean sees the Million Dollar Corporation approaching.

Malenko: We getting out of here?

Flair: It's party time Dean! Let's go!

They head into the waiting limo, it speeds off into the night as Ted DiBiase and his Corporation arrive on the scene.

***Commercial Break***

Bam Bam Bigelow w/Ted DiBiase vs. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts (HOF International Championship)

The referee shows both men the belt before raising it above his head for the fans to see. He hands it over to ringside and calls for the opening bell. Immediately Jake nails Bam Bam with right hand to the ‘Beast from the East’. Bigelow staggers back just a bit...only to catch Jake with a straight right of his own! Jake rebounds back but somehow manages to catch his balance. Bam Bam keeps moving in on Jake having him back against the ropes. Bigelow grabs Jake for a belly to belly suplex, and turns to his right, taking Jake to the mat!

Bigelow follows up and looks for a mount but Jake drives both of his feet into the midsection of Bam Bam! Jake shuffles and takes Bam Bam down with a drop-toehold! Bigelow smacks the canvas but gets up only to be taken down again by a running high knee!! Bigelow bounces off the canvas to his feet again, and Jake follows up with a HARD kick to Bigelow’s ribs! Jake follows up and strikes Bigelow’s ribs with another HARD kick-NO! Bigelow catches Jake’s leg and grabs his right one to take him to the canvas again.

Bam Bam gets the mount this time and he unloads on him with left and rights! Bigelow lands some but misses a few as Jake tries to block but Bigelow grabs Jake’s right arm AND STRIKES HIM FLUSH WITH HIS LEFT ELBOW!

Bigelow continues to pound away on Jake with straight punches to his face and head! Bigelow looks for a straight left but Jake grabs his left arm and strikes Bigelow with HARD forearm shot! Jake uses his experience to slide out from the mount and gets to up his feet. Jake lands a STIFF straight kick to the ribcage/midsection of Bigelow before going behind Bigelow and rolling him up in a school boy! Jake only gets two as Bam Bam kicks out with authority.

Jake gets to his feet as Bigelow rolls over and both men are back up vertical. Jake lands a kick to the leg of Bigelow and then a STIFF forearm shot, but Bigelow DRIVES his shoulder into the midsection of Jake LIFTING HIM UP IN THE AIR AND DRIVING HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Jake howls in pain and Bigelow UNLOADS WITH RIGHT HANDS!

Bigelow continues to unload with the right hands causing Jake to slump down in the corner. The referee tries to get between Bigelow and Jake but Bigelow gives the ref a little shove and strikes Jake in the face with a hard knee shot much to the approval of Ted DiBiase. Jake quickly clutches his face and slumps over to the side as Bigelow sprints and bounces off the ropes STRIKING JAKE IN THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD WITH HIS KNEE! DiBiase was holding Jake in position! The crowd groan and Jake falls to the canvas. Bam Bam drags him out of the corner and then the Beast heads onto the apron. He climbs up to the top rope and connects with his DIVING HEADBUTT! Bam Bam pins for 3!

MGO: We have a new Hall Of Fame International Champion and his name is Bam Bam Bigelow.

JM: Thanks to the Million Dollar Man too!

Million $ Corporation Interview

Steve Romero is backstage with Ted DiBiase, Waltman, IRS and the new International Champion - Bam Bam Bigelow.

Romero: Million Dollar Man, has Bam Bam winning the International Title offset the disappointment of Ric Flair advancing in the World Championship Tournament?

DiBiase: What? What are you saying Romero? The Million Dollar Corporation has gold in it's ranks thanks to Bam Bam Bigelow!

Romero: That's great for you guys, but Ric Flair?

Before Ted DiBiase can respond, the 'Beast from the East' steps in with his newly won International Title belt gleaming on his shoulder.

Bigelow: Hey! I'm not gonna let Ric Flair overshadow my title win! Tonight is all about me!

Romero: I'm sorry. Bam Bam, tell me how you did it...

Bigelow: I'm the 'Beast from the East' Romero, I destroy all the competition and Jake Roberts is one more body I've beaten.

Sean Waltman now interjects himself.

Waltman: Stop stirring things Romera! This is Bam Bam's night!

Romero: It's Romero...

Waltman: You can stop talking about Ric Flair right now, he'll get what's coming to him next week!

Steve Romero is man-handled and pushed out of the Corporation's locker room by IRS, Bigelow and Waltman.

Hulk Hogan vs. The Mountie (HOF World Championship Tournament Round 1)

Mountie starts the match strong despite the strong reaction for the Hulkster. Mountie, younger and faster, looks to capitalise early on in this one. Mean Gene talks about how the winner will meet Ric Flair next week. Mountie quickly takes Hulk into a corner and chops at his chest. He then hammers down on Hogan's head. Mountie headbutts and lands more strikes to the Immortal One. Mountie whips him into the turnbuckle opposite and then follows in with a hard clothesline. The Mountie whips him across the ring one more time. Hogan staggers out of the corner into Mountie's clutches he takes him down to the canvas with a back body drop! The Mountie then exits onto the apron and then climbs to the top rope. Mountie jumps off the top rope...FLYING CLOTHESLINES TAKES HOGAN OFF HIS FEET! Mountie gets on top for a 2 count as Hogan kicks out. Mountie complains to the referee before picking Hogan up.

Hogan ducks a punch attempt and he picks Mountie up for an atomic drop! The Mountie gets back up and is knocked down with a running clothesline from Hulk. Mountie is pulled to his feet and Hogan performs a back suplex on the Canadian. Hogan stomps on Mountie before driving an elbow down into his heart. Hulk pulls Mountie up and whips him into a turnbuckle. Hogan runs in and Mountie dodges the attack! Hogan hits the turnbuckles hard and Mountie follows up, slamming his head into the turnbuckle but it has no effect! Mountie tries again and Hogan waves a finger at Mountie! Hogan blocks a right hand attempt, then connects with four of is own before knocking The Mountie down with a big boot! Hogan runs into the ropes...LEG DROP! 1-2-3!

MGO: Hogan gets three, good win for the Hulkster.

JM: Hogan has won and only winners advance in this tournament.

***Commercial Break***

Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. The Rock (HOF World Championship Tournament Round 1)

This PPV quality according to Josh and he’s not wrong. Rock is out first, he taunts the crowd on his way down to the squared circle. The Rock motions for Undertaker to come down and even starts to hold the ropes open for the Deadman. SUDDENLY THE LIGHTS GO OUT! THE LIGHTS COME BACK ON AND THE UNDERTAKER IS STANDING IN THE RING BEHIND THE ROCK! THE FANS EXPLODE! The Rock shakes his head, thinking that the Phenom is screwing with him and he seemingly ignores the electric crowd reaction. The Rock stands up and turns around looking for a microphone BUT THE ROCK WALKS RIGHT INTO A DEVASTATING HAYMAKER FROM UNDERTAKER! THE ROCK IS DROPPED LIKE A TREE BEING CHOPPED DOWN IN THE WOODS!

Rock is clutching his jaw as he squirms on the mat. Undertaker stomps down across The Rock's back! Rock tries to escape under the ropes but Undertaker grabs him by his trunks! He drags him back into the centre of the ring and lifts him high above his head...GORILLA PRESS SLAM! Undertaker starts to choke The Rock out on the mat with one hand! The referee tries to stop the choke but Undertaker shrugs him off as the life starts to expire from The Rock! Finally Undertaker lets it go. Undertaker is red hot as he now grabs The Rock by his throat and he pulls The Rock to his feet. The Rock is dazed, he's pretty much out of it as Undertaker runs him to a corner and snaps The Rock's head off the top turnbuckle! He whips The Rock back into the turnbuckle before flattening him with a turnbuckle splash! Rock stumbles out of the corner and turns around into a big boot that almost kicks his face off! Rock goes down and down hard as Undertaker is enjoying a dominant role in this match. Before The Rock can get up Undertaker drops a heavy knee across his back, leading to The Rock screaming out in pain. Undertaker then snatches at the referee’s belt, unties it and then swirls it around over his head! The crowd pop as The Rock starts to crawl away...LASH! LASH! LASH!

Undertaker wraps the belt around his hand, the buckle facing outwards across his knuckles. He pulls The Rock to his feet by his hair, he parades a weak and vulnerable Rocky around each side of the ring to the fans. He then drives a knee into The Rock's gut to double him over before whipping him forward INTO THE BUCKLE-CLAD BELT! The Rock has been like the proverbial yo-yo, up and down all the way through the match so far and now he finds himself in the down position. Undertaker takes the belt off his hand and passes it to the referee, who gets rid of it. Undertaker turns The Rock over and makes a cover but Rocky gets a shoulder up at 2. Undertaker drags The Rock to his feet. Undertaker scoops The Rock up into his arms looking for a Tombstone Piledriver...The Rock slides out over Undertaker's shoulder! He lands on his feet and Undertaker launches at Rock looking for a clothesline...The Rock ducks and catches Undertaker with a QUICK DDT! Rock rolls to the outside and starts to walk up the entrance ramp. In the ring, Undertaker sits up and he goes to the outside in pursuit of Rocky. Rock looks behind him to see Death itself coming for him and he starts to move quicker but a HUGE HAND grabs the back of his neck! The Rock tries to walk but the hand's owner spins him around! The Rock goes face-to-face with The Undertaker once more! The Rock is disappointed and even more so as Undertaker brings him back to the ring! Taker rolls him in and then climbs in but a recovering Rock cuts him off with a kick to the head.

The Rock pulls Taker into the ring and stuns him with a few hard right hands. Undertaker is quickly reeling. The Rock hits more right hands and then clotheslines Undertaker over the top rope! Undertaker lands on his feet and grabs Rock's foot. He pulls Rocky out under the bottom rope and Rock responds with a slap to the Undertaker's face. The disrespect draws a glare from the Deadman and The Rock backs up before nailing Taker in the stomach with a kick. Rock rams Undertaker's face into the announce desk several times! Rock then picks up Josh Matthew's bottle of water. Rock takes a swig and then spits the contents back in Undertaker's face! He whips Undertaker into the steel steps! The Rock rolls Undertaker back into the ring and joins him. Rocky is blasted with an uppercut by The Undertaker and he sets Rock up for Old School. Taker walks the top rope and Rock kicks the ropes! Taker loses his balance, crotches on the top rope and falls into the ring. Rock pins him but puts his feet on the ropes and the referee only makes it up to 2 before he sees the cheating. The Rock argues with the ref until Rocky turns around into a goozle! CHOKESLAM! Taker pins 1-2-3!

JM: What a match!

MGO: The Undertaker advances and he will take on Greg Valentine next week!

JM: We'll see you next week!

-- © World Wrestling Entertainment (Hall Of Fame Wrestling) --

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HOFWrestlingNews.com presents it's fortnightly newsletter for all things Hall Of Fame Wrestling. Administrator Craig Thompson reports:

- Vince McMahon is very big on Josh Matthews and Mean Gene Okerlund working together. While Mean Gene is not as quick as he used to be, he provides valuable insight into the Old School wrestlers matches and Matthews provides a more modern quick reaction to what's happening in the ring. After Velocity stopped being run, Matthews has been working on production but was keen to get back in the commentary booth. It was a straight choice between Romero and Matthews, Matthews got the nod with Romero acting as the backstage interviewer (a role he has fulfilled before on Raw and Smackdown occasionally). However, most wrestling fans don't understand why Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross haven't been transferred over. As the senior announce team, they are perfect for the part but McMahon isn't considering moving them. Raw would perhaps suit a younger announce team at this point in time but JR and Lawler are yet to budge.

- The younger wrestled playing the part of the Big Bossman and the Mountie bring much needed youth to the brand, their matches so far have been good enough to offset a good number of the fans' complaints at them. Kevin Matthews in particularly appears to have greatly studied Ray Traylor's matches while adding his own version of charisma and offence.

- With only Ric Flair, Jim Duggan and The Undertaker being taken from the main two brands the impact has been minimal on the main rosters. Duggan's run as Eugene's mentor was over. Flair had become out of place on a roster filled with Nitro's, Cena's Benjamin's, Haas's and Edge's. Undertaker remained a special attraction for Smackdown. Unlike ECW, which took Kurt Angle at a time when Smackdown needed wrestlers badly.

- Tsunami is being played by Kasey James, who has been left in limbo in Ohio Valley Wrestling since Roadkill joined the new ECW brand. It is assumed that Kasey will carry the Natural Disasters in the ring in a similar way to Owen Hart carrying Yokozuna and Haku carrying Andre The Giant in their tag teams.

- Management are said to be extremely pleased with the two main events of the shows so far. Both the International Championship Contenders Battle Royal and Undertaker vs. Rock were big ratings grabbers and saw some exceptional wrestling in each.

- Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes will be used soon, it's just a matter of finding something appropriate for them without throwing two legends on TV without a reason.

- With all three Championships being settled within the first few shows, fans are happy it hasn't taken several weeks to sort. Bigelow as International Champion and more importantly Bigelow as International Champion while a part of the Million Dollar Corporation, thus the stable has gained legitimacy.

- Discussed for signing to the Hall Of Fame roster has been Randy Orton. Orton as 'The Legend Killer' would be an excellent fit but McMahon has refused the idea. He feels Orton is better served building up his Legend Killer reputation with a match legendary killing act every few months rather than every week. One name that has been mentioned is Umaga and his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada. Umaga was scheduled to take time off shortly and management are mulling over the idea of having him appear on Hall Of Fame Wrestling before taking his break in a move that will surely bring backlash from fans.

- Speaking of fans, many have questioned why Shawn Michaels is not on the brand. The simple answer is that Raw would then be seriously impacted and with Hogan, Undertaker and Flair the top three faces Michaels would be either forced to turn heel (which he doesn't want to do) or play fourth fiddle to those ahead of him.

- Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and The Undertaker have taken over booking duties with Vince McMahon of course having the final say on matters. They are said to be working well together without many arguments so far. One difference of opinion has stemmed from Bret 'Hitman' Hart. Undertaker is pushing hard for Bret to make at least one appearance to give the brand added star power, Anderson is reluctant but understands Taker's thoughts. Flair has point blank refused after his war of words with Hart. In addition to that reason, Flair is hoping for HBK to make appearances in the future and Hart's presence would probably stop that happening. The issue has been put on the backburner for the next few weeks.

Edited by CraigOrion
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IPB Image

Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan!

The Main Event this week live from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York sees a repeat of the Bash at the Beach 1994 pay-per-view Main Event. The second round of the World Championship tournament pits Ric Flair against Hulk Hogan. The 'Immortal One' versus 'Nature Boy'. Former WWE Champion vs. Former WWE Champion. Former WCW Champion vs. Former WCW Champion. Former Royal Rumble winner vs. Former Royal Rumble winner. They square off and only one can advance into the final where they will meet either Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine or The Undertaker.

Last week while in a tournament match with Ric Flair, Bossman acted seemingly as an ally against the Million Dollar Corporation. He even nailed Sean Waltman with his nightstick. This week the Corporation get an opportunity for revenge as the new International Champion Bam Bam Bigelow puts his title on the line to draw Bossman to the ring. Speaking of Waltman, he once again teams with IRS to take on the new version of the Natural Disasters. Tsunami's debut one week ago did not go as planned as the Natural Disasters went down to the Midnight Express. They will be targeting a different outcome when they take on DiBiase's men. Finally, the Midnight/Rock 'n' Roll rivalry continues with Bobby Eaton in singles action against Robert Gibson.

In addition to this, Vader, Road Warrior Animal, Goldust, Kamala and Jake Roberts will all be in attendance!

Matches announced:

Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan (HOF World Championship Tournament)

Undertaker vs. Greg Valentine (HOF World Championship Tournament)

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Big Bossman (HOF International Championship)

IRS & Sean Waltman vs. Natural Disasters

Bobby Eaton vs. Robert Gibson

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IPB Image

Hall Of Fame Wrestling

Date: 21st February 2007

Channel: ESPN

Time Slot: Prime Time

Announcers: Mean Gene Okerlund & Josh Matthews

Jim Duggan, Animal & Goldust vs. Orient Express & Kamala

Fireworks erupt and the arena rocks as the camerapeople pan around the fans! Mean Gene Okerlund and Josh Matthews open the show, officially introducing Hall Of Fame Wrestling from the Blue Cross Arena in New York!

Kamala is starting the match off for his team, Tomoko and Dark Magus standing on the apron in their corner with Sunny and Kim Chee watching on. Goldust is elected to start off for the opposition. Kamala is conferring with his team-mates as Goldust attacks him from behind! Tomoko and Magus immediately come in to beat on Goldust but Goldust's partners jump in there too! Goldust knocks down Kamala as Duggan kicks Onamari into a corner! Magus and Animal have paired off, exchanging right hands! Animal lands a dropkick, knocking Dark Magus through the ropes to the outside!

Goldust clotheslines down Kamala and kicks him under the bottom rope. Duggan is beating down Tomoko in the corner until he drops to the mat and rolls to the outside too. The three-man team and the two managers join together as they attempt to come up with plan B. Duggan, Animal and Goldust are all stood in the ring firing the crowd up before Animal climbs up a turnbuckle to the top rope. Down below the heels are huddled together and Animal leaps into the air, he drops down on top of all five! The fans are shocked at Road Warrior Animal flying off the top rope. Animal is first back up on his feet, he picks up Kamala by his hair and rolls him into the ring where Goldust is waiting. Animal is then assaulted from behind, both Onamari and Magus landing clubbing blows to the back to send him down to the ringside floor. Goldust pulls Kamala up from the mat, he goes for a right hand but Kamala manages to block! He comes back with two hard shots to the face, sending Goldust reeling back to the ropes. Goldust is then kicked in the gut, a second kick from Kamala drops him down to the canvas.

Kamala picks Goldust up off the canvas, he irish whips him across the ring but on his return Kamala has lowered his head way too early and Goldust applies the brakes to take Kamala down to the mat with a facebuster! We see a replay of Animal's flying cross body to the outside as Goldust makes a tag to Animal. He comes in to find Kamala down on all fours, he performs a double axe handle on his lower back. He waits as Kamala starts to get up, He then lands elbows to the side of Kamala's head. Goldust whips Kamala into the ropes, he comes back off and he leaps into the air for a leap-frog but Kamala catches him...SPINEBUSTER SLAM! Kamala stands over Animal, he looks down as he squirms in pain. Kamala slaps hands with Dark Magus, who immediately comes in and stops Animal thinking about making a tag by dropping an elbow across his shoulder blades. He pulls Animal to his feet and takes him into a corner. He slams Animal's head against the top turnbuckle. He goes to whip him across the ring but Animal reverses! Magus's back absorbs the Kamala from the turnbuckle and he then is blasted from the front with a turnbuckle splash by Animal!

Tomoko gets into the ring and Onamari gets a running clothesline in on the Road Warrior to ensure that a pin doesn't happen, immediately though Jim Duggan is on him! Duggan catches Tomoko with a florearm smash to knock Tomoko away from Animal. The referee doesn't know where to look as Dark Magus tags in Kamala. The match is breaking down as quickly all six participants are in the ring! Kamala finds Duggan on the ground thanks to the Orient Express and Kamala connects with a splash! 1-2-3! It's over!

JM: I'm not sure how but Kamala pins Jim Duggan!

MGO: Was he even the legal man? I don't know.

JM: All I know is that the referee made the count...

The Million $ Corporation Celebrate!

In the ring, the Million Dollar Corporation gather. They are applauding as Bam Bam Bigelow as the new HOF International Champion steps forward with the shiny belt over his shoulder.

DiBiase: Ladies and gentlemen, put your filthy hands together for BAM BAM BIGELOW! The 'Beast from the East'!

The fans hardly respond with applause, until suddenly they do. Bigelow soaks in the applause until Waltman notices Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. He taps Bigelow on the shoulder and Bam Bam is less than impressed to see Roberts on the screen.

Roberts: Bam Bam Bigelow, last week you beat me in the middle of the ring fair and square. I'm not going to whine and cry about it. But I'm challenging you to a rematch next week to a rematch.

Bigelow seems unbothered by the challenge, DiBiase meanwhile is motioning for the match to happen.

Roberts: You know Bam Bam, it's more shameful to deny fear than it is to run from danger.

That pushes Bam Bam over the edge and he nods his head, DiBiase smirks and rubs his fingers together to signal that there could be a lot of money made.

DiBiase: Roberts, it's on! Next week you and Bam Bam! International Championship on the line! You're going to get blown away...again!

Jake 'The Snake' grins, he's got his match as Bigelow looks focused with DiBiase talking to him and pointing to the belt.

Bobby Eaton w/Condrey vs. Robert Gibson w/Morton

They lock up and quickly the Midnight Express member locks on a headlock. Both Condrey and Morton are at ringside. Eaton releases the hold and starts shouting at Ricky Morton for some unknown reason. This distracts Eaton long enough for Gibson to gain enough momentum picking herself up off the mat and diving forward driving his shoulder into the back of his leg. Robert drives a hard knee into the back of his opponent head dropping him with a thud to the mat. Gibson then leaps into the air for a flying fist drop deep into Eaton's chest. Gibson grabs Eaton by the head and pulls him up to his feet. He then grabs him by the arm and whips him hard into the corner. He follows up with a running drop kick that causes Eaton to stagger out of the corner as Roberts climbs the turnbuckle. Robert reaches the second turnbuckle and flies toward Eaton latching onto his back and hooking in a sleeper hold very tightly around his neck.

Bobby reaches up grabbing hold of both of Gibson’s arms and tries to break her free but he is latched on like a pit bull. He continues to stagger forward with Robert latched to his back. Eaton staggers close to the ropes and makes one more attempt at getting the Rock 'n' Roll member off his back by reaching behind and grabbing him by his head. This causes Gibson to fall over his shoulders to the mat but Gibson retains holds of the sleeper as Josh Matthews praises Gibson. Both Morton and Condrey on the outside are glaring across the ring at each other.

Eaton fights out of the sleeper and almost pins Gibson with an inside cradle but only gets a 2 count. Gibson then school boys Eaton down but he also kicks out at 2. They arm drag each other over in succession as the pace quickens, suddenly Eaton drops to the mat. Gibson stands back as Bobby Eaton appears injured and the referee checks on him. Condrey runs around the ring and slams Morton's head into the ring apron. Behind the referee's back, Condrey leans in and trips Robert Gibson! Eaton crawls over and makes a cover but Condrey is holding onto Gibson's legs! 1-2-3!

MGO: The Midnight Express have stole one! Bobby Eaton isn't hurt at all!

JM: They used tag team strategy in a singles match, that is clever.

***Commercial Break***

IRS & Sean Waltman w/Ted DiBiase vs. Natural Disasters

Ted DiBiase distracts Tsunami as the match begins and Waltman quickly takes advantage of the situation, Tsunami is taken into the S.W.A.T. corner and IRS pounds on his back. Tsunami is beaten down to the mat as Waltman now taunts Typhoon by slapping him in the face! Typhoon places a leg through the ropes and the referee stops him coming in! IRS pulls Tsunami up and holds him as Waltman takes a free shot to the jaw. As the referee turns around IRS pushes Tsunami away from him and Waltman knocks him down with a spinning wheel kick. Waltman then tags in IRS, IRS goes behind Tsunami into a waistlock and he takes him over to the mat with a German Suplex. IRS holds on in a pin but only gets 2 from the referee.

Tsunami sits up after the cover and reaches out to his corner but Typhoon is too far away. IRS stomps down on his back before making the tag back to Waltman to the approval of the Million Dollar Man. Sean Waltman comes in to apply a front facelock, as basic as they come and it's effective to stop him gaining ground on his partner Typhoon. Tsunami suddenly powers upwards and breaks the facelock, launching Waltman up into the air and then he comes crashing down. It takes a few seconds before he starts to get up, which gives Waltman enough time to shake away the cobwebs. Waltman whips him into a turnbuckle and then follows closely in but Tsunami's chest slams into the turnbuckle, they knock heads! On the outside of the ring Ted DiBiase is complaining at the referee. Both are down but moving, Tsunami edges towards his corner but Waltman finds himself next to his ankle and grabs it to stop him tagging in Typhoon. Tsunami uses his other foot to kick Waltman off and Sean has to go for his own corner as Tsunami desperately gets closer to Typhoon...TAG! BOTH TEAMS TAG!

IRS comes in but Typhoon is dominant as he first clotheslines down Waltman and then Irwin with hard clotheslines. Another clothesline for Waltman is followed up with one from the left side on Irwin! Typhoon grabs Waltman, whips him against the ropes and he comes off at speed into a back body drop! Typhoon then goes at IRS, Irwin catches him with an uppercut but it doesn't phase the Natural Disaster! He picks up IRS and holds him over his head! He presses him above his head a few times before dropping IRS down to the canvas! Typhoon drops an elbow down on Irwin's chest! Waltman is getting back up and Typhoon tosses him out over the top rope! IRS then shoves the referee aside to nail Typhoon with a LOW BLOW! The referee didn't see it! Typhoon crawls to tag Tsunami in but as soon as he does, IRS and Waltman are all over Tsunami. The crowd pop pig time as 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair appears and starts to walk to the ring! Ted DiBiase shouts his men to get Flair as the referee gets between Flair and DiBiase. Malenko appears from underneath the ring to spin Waltman around and he hits him with a Double Underhook Powerbomb! Tsunami makes the pin and the referee returns to the ring...three count! Flair quickly exits back up the ramp with Malenko as DiBiase is confused by Dean's appearance and then angry at the loss as he hears the announcement!

JM: Flair just cost the Million Dollar Corporation a win here!

MGO: Turn about is fair play Josh.

Ric Flair & Dean Malenko Interview

Steve Romero has caught up with a happy Ric Flair and Dean Malenko.

Romero: Ric! Dean!


Romero: What was that about? You have just cost the Corporation a big win out there!

Malenko: Yes we did Steve, you can call that a receipt or you can call it payback if you like. The fact is, me and the Nature Boy weren't impressed with the Million $ Corporation sticking their nose into our business these last two weeks.

Romero: But you know that this won't be all over between you guys?

Malenko: Of course we do, but for Ric's match with Hulk Hogan...I'll be at ringside!

Malenko and Flair begin to walk away but the 'Nature Boy' returns for one last word with Romero...


***Commercial Break***

Vader Strikes!

'The Anvil' Jim Neidhart is walking backstage, he shakes hands with a couple of the young workers before he turns a corner...


We catch up with Neidhart to see Jim down on the ground holding his face and BIG VAN VADER stood over him with a steel chair in his hands! Jimmy Hart is laughing is his oqn unique manical way as Big Van Vader drops the chair on Neidhart's chest. Vader and Jimmy Hart leave the scene as Neidhart is left in pain on the cold floor.

General Manager Announcement

Hall Of Fame Wrestling General Manager Bobby Heenan appears on the screen and he gets a great response from the fans in attendance.

Heenan: Fans, I cannot believe what we have just seen. Big Van Vader attacked Jim Neidhart backstage and I am not going to stand for this conduct in HOF Wrestling. I will speak to Mr. Vader and Jimmy Hart personally but as for Jim Neidhart, he will have his chance at revenge next week when he wrestles Big Van Vader one-on-one!

Heenan disappears from screen.

***Commercial Break***

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Big Bossman (HOF International Championship)

Bossman goes straight for Bam Bam! Bigelow drops to the mat and rolls outside the ring to avoid him! Bam Bam points at his head as he argues with a few fans, he turns around to find Bossman right behind him! Bam Bam is spun around and Bossman nails him with a bone shaking right hand! Bam Bam is knocked down onto the ringside mats and Bossman pulls him straight up. One more right and sends Bam Bam sprawling along the ring apron! Bigelow is chopped, then whipped into the apron before Bossman waffles him again with another strong right hand! Bam Bam is the grabbed and tossed into the ring. Bam Bam is sent straight into a corner and Bossman lands heavy kicks with his boots into Bam Bam's chest. Bossman unloads, grabbing the top rope with his left hand to ram his right fist into Bam Bam's head! Three hard shots later, Bam Bam is dazed and stunned but Bossman simply follows up with a loud chop that echoes around the arena. Bossman is all over Bam Bam, taking the fight and opening up on Bam Bam! Bossman then sets Bigelow up and hiptosses him out of the corner! Bigelow is sent half-way across the ring, he places a hand in his lower back after landing hard.

Bossman grabs the left hand of Bam Bam, jerks him to his feet and then chops him back down! Bossman holds onto the arm and drags him back up for a second chop! A third chop leaves Bam Bam back on the canvas until Bossman kicks his back for added insult. Bossman grabs Bam Bam's dirty blond hair and rams his face into the nearest top turnbuckle. He then takes Bigelow along the ropes and whips him across the ring. As Bam Bam bounces off the ropes, Bossman lowers his head for a back body drop but Bam Bam puts on the brakes! He kicks Bossman in his shoulder but it has no effect! Bossman stands up fully, he intimidates Bam Bam and Bigelow begs off. Bigelow backs into the ropes and sprints towards Bossman...BIG BOOT FROM BOSSMAN! Bigelow stands up but he's out on his feet and Bossman lines him up for a clothesline over the top! Bam Bam lands on his feet at ringside but the momentum takes him into the barricade! Bossman raises his arms up to the fans before exiting the ring through the ropes. He drops down at ringside and picks Bam Bam up...Bam Bam lands a thumb to the eye! Bossman is then whipped into the barricade, stomach first before Bam Bam lands a big jumping forearm to the upper back of his opponent. Bigelow then grabs Bossman by his trousers and rolls him back into the ring.

Bam Bam jumps up onto the apron and enters the ring through the ropes to find Bossman on all fours. Bam Bam punts him in the ribs, his boot smacking off the skin. He goes downstairs with more kicks to the bread-basket and the fans are getting on the back of Bigelow. Bam Bam pulls Bossman to his feet and walks him back to the ropes before whipping him but Bossman reverses! Bam Bam is sent into the ropes but comes off and dives underneath the legs of Big Bossman. He gets up, waits for Bossman to turn around before connecting with a hard clothesline! Bossman is only rocked! Bam Bam quickly runs against the ropes and ducks a wild clothesline attempt before blasting Bossman with a flying clothesline! Bam Bam grabs Bossman by the hair before sending him into a turnbuckle. Bigelow makes sure that Bossman's head bounces firmly off the top turnbuckle pad. He tries to whip Bossman across the ring to the opposite corner but Bossman reverses again! Bossman then charges in but he catches an elbow into his head! Big Bossman slumps to the mat and Bam Bam quickly climbs up the turnbuckle and comes off with his Diving Headbutt! Bam Bam picks up the win with the 1-2-3 and then DiBiase grabs the International Championship from the timekeeper's table.

JM: Both Bam Bam and DiBiase know that the title almost went home with the Big Bossman.

MGO: He had Bigelow on the ropes for a long time in this match.

The Rock Reflects

Steve Romero is standing by with 'The Great One'. Rock is bouncing from foot to foot, in his wrestling attire despite not actually having a match on the card.

Romero: Rock, you have co-cut off

Rock: Steve Romero...know your role and SHUT your mouth!

Romero stands quietly and The Rock takes the microphone off him before shoving Romero off the screen.

Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to...(Fans booing) Finally the Rock has come back to...(More Fans booing) Finally the Rock has come back to...(Still more fans booing) Oh who gives a crap! The fact of the matter is that all week people have been coming up to The Rock asking "How did it feel to lose to The Undertaker?"

The fans cheer the mention of the Deadman's victory.

Rock: All right, The Rock let's revisit the match. Well on one side there was The Great One, the People's Champ, THE MOST electrifying man in sports entertainment and on the other side we had... The Undertaker. All that happened was that The Undertaker got lucky! He may have pinned The Rock but next time Undertaker...it'll be your ass resting in peace! Jackass.

Rock tosses the microphone in the air and walks off as we go back to ringside.

Greg Valentine vs. The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer

Undertaker begins to pace towards 'The Hammer', Undertaker kicks Valentine in the midsection and he swings him into the corner turnbuckle. Undertaker charges towards Valentine only to have an elbow shoved into his face making him stumble backwards. Valentine then turns around and he charges at Undertaker. Greg wraps his arm around Undertaker’ neck and drives him down with a neckbreaker! Undertaker crashes down to the canvas but he is quickly up to his feet stalking Valentine into the corner. Valentine goes with a right jab but Undertaker blocks the attempt and he blasts Valentine back in the corner with a chop that echoes across the arena. Valentine’s chest turns red as Undertaker delivers another chop and Paul Bearer nods as he carries the urn close to his chest. Valentine begins to walk away holding his chest but Undertaker walks behind his weak opponent to catch him with a thrust to the throat and Valentine begins to stumble as he didn’t sense Undertaker behind him.

Undertaker grabs Valentine by he head and he drives his knee into his face. Undertaker stands over Valentine as he begins to crawl towards the ropes and Undertaker kicks him in the gut making him fall over on his back in pain. Undertaker bends down over him and he grabs him by the throat and lifts the former Intercontinental Champion up off of the canvas and he throws him back in the corner like a rag doll. Valentine back is slammed against the turnbuckles. Undertaker walks slowly towards him. Undertaker drives his elbow into Valentine’s face.

Valentine gets up using the corner ropes and he is up as Undertaker turns around to find that Valentine is up on his feet. Undertaker goes to kick him but Valentine grabs him by the foot and pushes the big man back. Valentine then charges towards the ropes and he dropkicks The Undertaker. Undertaker is quickly back up and Valentine takes him down with a snapmare. Undertaker again gets back up and Valentine kicks him in the midsection causing the big guy to double over. Valentine grabs Undertaker and he swings the big guy into the opposite corner and on the rebound takes him down with a forearm shot! Valentine then drives his knee into the face of Undertaker as he falls back onto the canvas. Undertaker gets up quickly and Valentine drives a knee into his sternum, he lifts the big man up and delivers a VERTICAL SUPLEX on The Phenom. Both men crash down to the canvas. Undertaker is reeling and Valentine quickly lifts him up to his feet. He begins to chop the big man across the chest and Undertaker winches in pain as he stumbles back until he hits the ropes. Undertaker fights back with an elbow to the chest of Valentine, Valentine kicks Undertaker in the gut and he doubles over once again. Valentine places Undertaker’ head between his legs and goes to lift him up, but Undertaker fights back and he over powers Valentine! Taker clasps a hand around Valentine's throat...CHOKESLAM! 1-2-3! Paul Bearer enters the ring as Undertaker drops to a knee in celebration and the lights around the ring turn blue.

JM: Undertaker advances into the final with a dominating display!

MGO: He will meet either Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair.

***Commercial Break***

Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan

As Flair is making his entrance with Dean Malenko, the Million Dollar Corporation attack from behind! IRS, Waltman and DiBiase strike! Malenko and Flair fight back but Flair appears to have developed an injury! He's holding his ribs gingerly as he and Malenko run the Corporation off. He completes his entrance and then Hogan comes out.

Flair and Hogan lock up with Flair quickly turning the grapple into a headlock. Hogan goes underneath to reverse into a hammerlock. Flair searches around him and nails Hogan with an elbow to the side of his head. Hogan staggers back but blocks a right hand attempt from Flair. Hogan knocks the 'Nature Boy' off his feet with a right hand of his own. Flair gets back up to his feet and then Flair is knocked back down again! This time a clothesline finds it's mark for Hogan, he turns around to find a dazed Flair already getting back to his feet and Hogan nails him with a second running clothesline! Hogan pulls him off the canvas and whips him into the nearest turnbuckle. Flair's back connects with the pads and he stumbles out into a HUGE back body drop! Flair crawls into a corner for Hogan to stomps away at his chest! Hogan is just unloading with vicious kicks! He then begins choking Flair with the flat of his boot!

Hogan spends a moment being admonished by the referee as Flair crawls out of the corner. Hogan then drops an elbow onto the back of his head before lifting him a few feet off the canvas...only to drive his face down into the mat! He then pulls Flair up, takes him back against the ropes but Ric strikes with a knee to the gut! Hogan is vulnerable and doubled over for Flair to back into the ropes. Ric takes Hogan down to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker! Ric picks up Hogan and delivers a mighty right hand to send him sprawling back into a corner. Flair is suffering, he visibly holds his ribs as he walks towards Hogan.

Hogan is leaning on the top rope, his back to Flair and the former 16-time World Champion lands a clubbing blow to his back. He then pulls Hogan out of the corner and attempts a European Uppercut but Hogan reverses him into a backslide but only gets a 2 count. Hogan beats Flair to his feet but Ric blocks a shot and catches Hogan with a CHOP that sends Hogan down to the mat. Flair takes Hogan to the ropes, he chokes him on the middle rope with his knee before dragging Hogan up. He goes for an irish whip but it is reversed and Hogan hits him with a POWERSLAM! Both men are down for a moment, Hogan is the first to get to his feet but Ric is playing possum and catches his opponent with a thumb to the eye. That move draws a cheer from the fans and Flair hooks his arm around the waist...GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! The suplex is executed well by Ric, leaving Hogan flat on his back. This is some good recovery time for Flair, his ribs still bothering him. Flair's eyes look towards the entrance, as if anticipating the arrival of the Million Dollar Corporation. Ric pulls up Hogan to his feet, then goes behind him and takes him down with a Russian Legsweep! Flair covers for only 2. He pulls Hogan up, spins him around and levels him with a forearm to the face. Hogan goes down to a knee, not for long though as he soon gets up to a full vertical base only to receive a knee to the gut. He sets Hogan up for a neckbreaker...Hogan turns in and powers out! He then takes Flair down to the mat with a reverse DDT!Hogan makes a cover but Mark Jackson won't count as Hogan's legs were under the ropes. Hogan doesn't waste any time arguing, he picks Ric up and chops away at his chest! He then irish whips Flair into a turnbuckle. Ric blocks the turnbuckle with his leg before turning into a shoulder block from Hogan.

There's a faraway look in Flair's eyes but Hogan is already getting back up. Flair uses the ropes to pull himself up and the two men exchange right hands! A right hand by Hogan is met by one from Flair, Hogan lands a stiff right but Ric CHOPS in response! Hogan backs against the ropes and gains momentum to knock Flair down with a STIFF clothesline! Ric to his credit gets back up, however groggy he is and Hogan can measure him...SPEAR! RIGHT TO THOSE INJURED RIBS! Hulk Hogan backs into the ropes and land the big LEG DROP! Hogan pins for 1-2-3!

JM: Ric's injured ribs cost him and that was thanks to the Million Dollar Corporation!

MGO: Be that as it may, Hulkster will meet Undertaker next week for the HOF World Championship.

JM: We'll see you next week!

-- © World Wrestling Entertainment (Hall Of Fame Wrestling) --

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OOC: Last update for the weekend, next one probably Monday.

IPB Image

HOF World Championship To Be Decided

Hulk Hogan meets The Undertaker in a hotly anticipated match from Madison Square Garden in New York City. These two have met before, most notably for the WWE World Championship at Survivor Series 1991 and then Tuesday in Texas, then at Judgment Day 2002. Hogan has defeated The Mountie and Ric Flair on his way to the tournament final whereas the Deadman has defeated the Big Bossman and Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine on his journey.

Gene Okerlund and Josh Matthews will be at ringside to oversee proceedings as Big Van Vader takes on the man he assaulted last week with a steel chair, Jim Neidhart. The Natural Disasters face off against Sunny’s Orient Express and The Rock will be in action!

Bam Bam Bigelow’s International Championship is on the line as Bigelow defends in a rematch against Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. Ric Flair and Dean Malenko are proving a thorn in the Million $ Corporation’s side, this week sees two singles matches as it’s Flair versus IRS and Sean Waltman versus Sean Malenko. One half of the Tag Team Champions, Ricky Morton looks to avenge his tag team partners loss to Bobby Eaton, he takes on Eaton’s partner Dennis Condrey.

Matches announced:

Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker (HOF World Championship)

Bam Bam Bigelow © vs. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts (HOF International Championship)

Vader vs. Jim Neidhart

Natural Disasters vs. Orient Express

Ric Flair vs. IRS

Dean Malenko vs. Sean Waltman

Ricky Morton vs. Dennis Condrey

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Guest XxX_Pepsi_twist_XxX

_ really like this idea but I think with those names one the roster it wont have alot of shelf life , But ill be reading it

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IPB Image

Hall Of Fame Wrestling

Date: 28th February 2007

Channel: ESPN

Time Slot: Prime Time

Announcers: Mean Gene Okerlund & Josh Matthews

Ricky Morton w/Robert Gibson vs. Dennis Condrey w/Bobby Eaton

Fireworks erupt and the arena rocks as the camerapeople pan around the fans! Mean Gene Okerlund and Josh Matthews open the show, officially introducing Hall Of Fame Wrestling from Madison Square Garden in New York City!

On the outside Robert Gibson gets the crowd going at the outset, stomping his foot in support of his Tag Team Championship partner. Soon, the crowd follow suit clapping. They start to cheer for Morton. Condrey is not impressed and they lock up with Condrey quickly turning it into a hammerlock and then sweeping Morton’s legs from under him. Morton starts to get to his feet but Dennis Condrey has to receive two elbows into the ribs before his grip loosens. Morton whips Condrey into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Condrey ducks and locks in a waistlock…BELLY-TO-BELLY OVERHEAD THROW!

Condrey is quickly into the cover but he only gets 2. Condrey appears a little frustrated and Morton groggily gets back up. Condrey doubles Ricky over before going into the ropes. He comes back off but Morton is waiting and connects with an impromptu hurricanrana! Ricky Morton looks for a boston crab but Condrey makes it to the ropes before he can really lock it in. The referee starts to count and gets to 4 before Morton releases the crab.

Ricky Morton remonstrates the referee as Condrey uses the ropes to pull himself up. He catches Morton with a thumb to the eye. Condrey has Morton set up for a DDT but Morton suplexes out of it! Morton goes to the apron and climbs high up top. He looks down at his partner Gibson, then out at the crowd and finally down at Condrey. Morton prepares himself before flying off with a TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP! He landed it right in Condrey’s heart and then pins for 3 with Gibson holding Eaton back to make sure that the Midnight Express member doesn’t break it up.

JM: Wow! Ricky Morton gains some retribution for Gibson’s loss last week against Dennis Condrey of the Midnight Express.

MGO: But Josh this issue is far from over, all these men have very long memories.

Heenan’s Announcement

General Manager Bobby Heenan appears on the big screen inside his office.

Heenan: Ladies and gentlemen, it seems to me like we have many many wrestlers wanting to get a shot at the International Championship. This Title may be in the hands of Jake Roberts or Bam Bam Bigelow at the end of the night.

Jake’s name receives a big pop from the MSG crowd.

Heenan: What we are going to do is have a series of matches to determine a new number 1 contender. Two men will fight next week and the winner will then defend his contendership each week right until Memory Remains, our first Hall Of Fame pay-per-view event. Should the contender be beaten during those defences then the man who defeated him will become the contender.

We fade back to the ringside area for the next match…

Orient Express w/Sunny vs. Natural Disasters

Typhoon starts the match off for his team and quickly knocks down Dark Magus. Typhoon pulls Dark Magus up to his feet and goes to whip him off the ropes but Magus reverses and pulls Typhoon in for a clothesline. Typhoon blocks it and lifts Dark Magus over to the mat with a back body drop. Typhoon pulls himself up and leaps into the air to nail Dark Magus with an elbow drop. Typhoon pulls Dark Magus up and throws him between his legs, then throws him up onto his shoulders for a Powerbomb. Magus struggles and drops down, landing on his feet before Typhoon charges out of the corner and Dark Magus rolls underneath him to tag in Tomoko as Sunny applauds her team. Tomoko Onamari jumps over the top rope and Typhoon turns around into a spinning heel kick by Tomoko that drops him to the mat. Tomoko pulls Typhoon up to his feet by the hair and Tomoko gives Typhoon a massive whip into the opposing corner causing Typhoon to hit the turnbuckles so hard he falls onto his face on the mat. Tomoko walks over to Typhoon and pulls him up but Typhoon begins firing off right hands only to take a knee to the gut, driving the wind out of the Natural Disaster. Typhoon pushes Onamari away from him, crawls over to his corner holding his back and tags in Tsunami. Tsunami enters the ring and begins firing off right hand after right hand to the face of Tomoko. Tomoko throws a few rights and lefts at Tsunami but he ducks each swing and fires off a few more of his own. Tsunami bounces off the ropes and leaps at Tomoko hitting him in the jaw with a flying forearm smash!

Tsunami runs into the ropes again and hits Tomoko with a hard clothesline. Tsunami tries to pull Tomoko up to his feet. Tsunami backs Tomoko into corner and stomps away at him. Tsunami then gives Tomoko a few chops to the chest, leading to Tomoko grabbing Tsunami by the head and switching places with him before levelling him with a roundhouse kick. Tomoko pulls Tsunami up and tags in Dark Magus. Dark Magus comes in while Tomoko holds Tsunami open. Dark Magus gives Tsunami a few shots to the ribs and then takes over as Tomoko leaves. Dark Magus whips Tsunami off the ropes and nails him with a flipping dropkick. Magus covers but only gets a 2 count. Tsunami is picked up and whipped into the ropes by Dark Magus. Magus then goes for a clothesline but Tsunami ducks it, floats around and lays Dark Magus out with a Reverse DDT! Tsunami rolls over to his corner while Dark Magus crawls over to his and a double tag is made!

Typhoon comes in and ducks a right hand by Tomoko, kicking Dark Magus in the ribs and sending him rolling out of the ring. Typhoon charges at Tomoko and spears him into the corner, then drives shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust into his ribs. Typhoon whips Tomoko into the opposing corner and then crushes him with a splash! Typhoon backs up and hits Tomoko with a second running splash! Typhoon backs up and nails Tomoko with a third! Tomoko staggers into the middle of the ring before collapsing on the mat. Typhoon rolls Tomoko over and covers him but Dark Magus runs in and breaks up the cover before the 3. Typhoon pulls Tomoko up but Dark Magus is back after knocking Tsunami off the apron. They combine to nail Typhoon high and low at the same time! Tomoko covers for the 3 count and they then celebrate with Sunny.

JM: Great win for the Orient Express!

MGO: This issue is far from settled if you ask me, the Natural Disasters will be back for the Orient Express and Sunny.

***Commercial Break***

Ric Flair vs. IRS w/Ted DiBiase

Ric Flair launches and connects with a couple of boots into the gut of IRS at the outset. IRS is sent for an irish whip but he holds on to reverse and Flair is sent into the ropes. The ‘Nature Boy’ bounces back off into a powerslam by Irwin! IRS pins but gets just 2. Both competitors get back up around the same time with IRS putting in an early complaint to the referee. Flair quickly regains his faculties and runs towards IRS but Irwin dodges out of the way! IRS sends Flair sailing over the top rope but he gets trapped in the ropes! IRS punches and kicks away at Flair despite the referee’s instructions. Finally the referee manages to unhook him and with no help from IRS, who still kicks away at a prone Ric Flair.

IRS leans down through the ropes to grab Flair by his hair and he pulls him up onto the apron. IRS levels Flair with an overhand right but Flair responds with an elbow back in IRS’ face. Flair climbs through the ropes and stomps all over the Million $ Corporation man. IRS is down and seemingly hurt as Flair heads for the nearest turnbuckle. Ric exits to the apron before climbing up to the top turnbuckle. IRS is back up and brings Flair down the hard way!

IRS takes his time in getting up to his feet before dragging Flair up and he hooks him up by grabbing his head, Flair tries to take some body shots, but IRS elbows him in the back of the head for good measure. IRS grabs Flair and sets him up for the Stock Market Crash but Flair escapes and rolls IRS up…1-2-3! Flair wins! He gets out of the ring quickly as DiBiase and his corporation members run down to the ring.

MGO: Ric Flair victorious here tonight.

JM: He got away with a win over the Tax Man.

The Bizarre One

A video package highlighting Goldust’s most bizarre antics (from before he became a comedy character) are seen, many with Marlena by his side.

***Commercial Break***

The Rock vs. Big Bossman

They tie up and neither appear to be gaining an advantage until Bossman pushes Rocky back into a corner. The referee calls for a clean break and Bossman appears to be giving it before Rocky slams a knee into Big Bossman's gut! Big Bossman doubles over and The Rock performs a variation of a knee lift to set him back upright in the turnbuckle. The Rock works over the body, stiff body shots lifting his opponent off his feet with each devastating shot.

The Rock then grabs his head with one hand and just tees off on him with the other, landing a succession of straight right hands. The Rock then pulls him out of the corner and delivers an irish whip to the opposite corner, Big Bossman's back smacks into the turnbuckle and he starts to stagger out of the corner but Rock has built up a head of steam...turnbuckle clothesline! Big Bossman squashed in the corner!

Rock pulls Bossman out of the corner but the Big Bossman responds with an uppercut. The Rock is reeling as Bossman clotheslines him down hard. Bossman drapes The Rock over the middle rope and chokes him with his boot. Bossman then runs against the ropes opposite, slides underneath the ropes beside Rock and levels him with a right hand in a vintage Bossman move. Bossman returns to the ring and pulls Rocky up but the resourceful former Maimi Hurricane rakes his face. Rocky shoves Big Bossman back into a corner and unloads with a succession of right hands.

Big Bossman is now allowed to stagger out of the turnbuckle and The Rock is waiting...DDT! The referee checks on Big Bossman but The Rock brushes him aside and picks Big Bossman up by his neck. The Rock lifts him onto his feet and then sends him into the ropes. The Rock waits as Bossman comes back off the ropes…SPINEBUSTER SLAM! Rock removes his elbow pad, tosses it aside and performs the PEOPLE’S ELBOW! 1-2-3!

MGO: The Rock pins the Big Bossman but there were some leery moments for Rocky in this one.

JM: Couldn’t agree with you more Mean Gene, Bossman nearly had him.

Sean Waltman w/Ted DiBiase vs. Dean Malenko

The two men exchange right hands! A right hand by Dean is met with a forearm shot from Waltman, Malenko lands a stiff right but Waltman chops in response! Malenko backs against the ropes and gains momentum to knock Waltman down with a STIFF clothesline! Waltman to his credit gets back up, however groggy he is and Malenko can measure him for a dropkick! Malenko looks for a scoop slam that Waltman escapes from, sliding out of the hands. He lands on his feet behind Malenko and waistlocks him...GERMAN SUPLEX! NO! MALENKO BLOCKS IT WITH A BACK ELBOW! Sean turns around to see Malenko sprinting at him...KITCHEN SINK!

Dean starts to pull Waltman up before Sean catches him with a kick to the gut. He then lifts Dean up into a slam but Malenko escapes once again. He whacks Waltman with a jumping crescent kick and pins but gets just 2. Malenko quickly grabs Waltman's arm and drops a leg across it before turning it into an armbar! He wrenches back on it, Waltman’s eyes are looking around to measure where the ropes are and he begins edging towards the ropes! He's using his feet and legs but Dean shakes his head, he shouts at Waltman to tap out but still Waltman is getting closer to the ropes!

Ted DiBiase pushes the bottom rope closer to Waltman, who gratefully grabs hold of it. Malenko releases the armbar and attempts to get at DiBiase through the ropes but the Million Dollar Man runs around the ring away from Malenko and IRS appears lurking in the background. Before Dean can do anything Sean Waltman lands a kick to his gut and follows it up with a facebuster! Waltman pins for 3! IRS, DiBiase and Waltman then look to triple-team Malenko but Ric Flair runs down to the ring to run them off!

JM: Unlike earlier, the Corporation steal one!

MGO: The contingency plan was DiBiase and maybe IRS but Flair put a stop to that.

***Commercial Break***

Kamala vs. Jim Duggan…Next Week!

A video package is seen highlighting the Duggan/Kamala rivalry over the last few weeks starting in the International Title Battle Royal and continuing since then. Next week, they square off one-on-one as General Manager Bobby Heenan looks to end the rivalry.

Big Van Vader w/Jimmy Hart vs. Jim Neidhart (Falls Count Anywhere)

The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation was added by Jimmy Hart’s negotiations apparently. The match starts backstage as Big Van Vader attacks ‘The Anvil’ on his way to the ring! We join with action as Neidhart is down on his knees and Vader hammers down with a sledgehammer blow to his head. He then turns around to examine what he can use behind him and Big Van Vader picks up a steel chair. He folds it up straight and smacks it against the wall for effect, leading the fans closeby to react. He brings it at Neidhart, lifting the chair above his head but ‘The Anvil’ has prepared and SPRAYS THE CONTENTS OF A FIRE EXTINGUISHER IN VADER’S FACE!

Big Van Vader staggers away hardly able to see, he wildly swings and Neidhart patiently waits for his chance before burying that fire extinguisher into his gut. He then leaps into the air and knocks Vader down with a flying clothesline! Jim then looks around and picks up a steel trashcan conveniently placed nearby. He raises it up and RAMS it down across Vader’s head! The Rocky Mountain Monster's eyes are glassy as he grabs his head and sends him into a wall! Vader needs some distance and he pushes Neidhart away before he heads up a flight of stairs. Neidhart keeps close, following Big Van Vader and they emerge just behind the curtain. They walk onto the stage and ‘The Anvil’ has picked up a trashcan lid. He nails Vader in the small of his back with it, dropping Vader to his knees before kicking almost through his head to knock him all the way down.

Jim takes a run up and jumps into the air before dropping a leg drop across Vader's head/chest. She moves into a cover but only gets a 2 count. Vader rakes the eyes of Neidhart as she gets off the cover. She walks away holding his face as Vader also gets back up. Vader catches Neidhart with a headbutt to knock him down. He then stomps down on the back of his head. Big Van Vader picks him up, all the way up onto his shoulder and aims him at part of the HOF stage set...CRASH! Neidhart sent like a dart into the set! Big Van Vader is not impressed to see Jim getting back up quickly and he nails ‘The Anvil’ with a running clothesline! Neidhart is knocked back down hard to the staging and Vader disappears through the curtain backstage. Referee Mark Jackson calls him back and Vader does return, with a steel chair in hand! Vader gets ready to strike with it but Neidhart catches him in the gut with a spinning kick. Vader drops the chair and doubles over. Neidhart takes him down with a bulldog!

Vader crawls into a sitting position beside the set, the metal behind his head as Neidhart is up...RUNNING KNEE BY NEIDHART! VADER'S HEAD SNAPS BACK AGAINST THE SET! Neidhart has the cover on but Big Van Vader kicks out! Vader is quickly up to his feet but he's groggy and stood against that set as Neidhart goes for a running splash...but misses! Vader collapses to the floor as Neidhart's body smacks into the set! He tries to get up but Vader has that chair and SLAMS it down across his back! Vader picks Neidhart up and DELIVERS A DEVASTATING POWERBOMB! Big Van Vader covers for a safe 3 count.

JM: Jimmy Hart screwed over of his ex-clients, Neidhart wasn’t prepared for Falls Count Anywhere!

MGO: Big Van Vader looks dominant but we’ll found out just how good he is when he consistently performs.

Jake Roberts vs. Bam Bam Bigelow © (HOF International Championship)

Bam Bam’s title is on the line and he starts the match aggressively, pushing Jake into the corner and landing a hard headbutt to the chest. He follows this up by whipping Roberts to the far corner, Jake propels himself up expecting Bam Bam to run in after him but Bigelow puts the brakes on! Jake lands on his feet but turns around into a stunning right hand from Bam Bam. Jake’s groggy state allows Bigelow to grab Roberts and lift him up with a vertical suplex, landing Roberts right on the back of his head! Bigelow rolls into a cover but Jake kicks out at 2.

Bigelow picks up Roberts, his movements getting more rapid and whips Roberts into the corner, but Roberts gets his foot up when Bigelow charges in, sending the big man staggering back. This allows Roberts to rush in, grabbing Bigelow’s head and connecting with a running DDT! He rolls off of him before he can make the pin and drags Bigelow over to the corner, going to the second rope.

Roberts stands up fully and takes off with a knee drop, landing on nothing but mat! Bigelow gets to his feet, visibly and comes looking for a big boot but Roberts ducks it! Bigelow fires himself off the ropes and throws a hard clothesline which Roberts also ducks, on the rebound Roberts cracks Bigelow across the face with a forearm smash! Roberts sits there for a moment, grinning at his work and then crawls into a cover but gets 2.

Roberts sits up on his knees, he then stands back up and grabs Bigelow for the DDT…Jake’s taunt of signalling to the crowd costs him as Bigelow powers him over in a back body drop! Bigelow quickly climbs up top for his DIVING HEADBUTT! A 3 count later and Bigelow retains.

JM: Another competitive match between these two. Now we’ll wait to find out his next opponent for title in the International Contender Series announced by Bobby Heenan earlier.

MGO: Bam Bam retains the International Championship thanks to his agility.

***Commercial Break***

Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Hulk Hogan (HOF World Campionship)

Bobby Heenan comes to the ring with a brand new shiny HOF World Championship belt on his shoulder. He passes it to the referee as the two men enter the arena to standing ovations. The referee holds the belt up and shows it to both competitors. Undertaker then goes on the offensive immediately, wasting little time in pressing his size advantage. He hammers Hogan with body punches and then one big haymaker knocks Hulkster down. Undertaker picks Hogan up and tosses him into a corner, Undertaker works him over like a pro and then steps back. Taker explodes at Hogan with a turnbuckle splash/clothesline to leave Hogan staggering out of the corner not knowing what day it is. Undertaker looks for his big boot but Hogan ducks and blasts Taker with one of his own.

Hogan is down too but manages to crawl over to make a cover. The referee gets just 2 as Undertaker sits up. He glares at Hogan, who runs into the ropes and kicks Taker in the head. Hogan drops an elbow across his face and then begins to choke out the Deadman. The referee tries to step in as Paul Bearer protests on the outside. Hogan stomps away at Undertaker until once again Undertaker sits up. With a shocked look on Hogan’s face, Undertaker delivers a back elbow to leave Hogan reeling.

Hogan fights back out of the corner, reversing on Undertaker and chopping away at his massive chest. The match spills out of the ring as both go through the ropes. Hogan uses the environment to good effect, ramming Taker’s head into the barricade and then the ring apron. Hogan tries to send Taker’s into the steel steps but he blocks it with a foot against the steps. Hulk’s head is sent crashing into the steps and he’s busted open! Undertaker stalks the bloody Hogan around the ring, he grabs him and then rolls him on top of the HOF Announce Table despite Josh Matthew’s claims that neither he nor Mean Gene speak Spanish. Undertaker drives a couple of elbows down into Hogan’s heart before he attempts a leg drop…but Hogan moves out of the way! Hogan rolls him back in the ring and wipes off some blood before rolling in under the bottom rope too.

Hogan is in command as he sends Undertaker into the ropes and then connects with his famous big boot! Hulk backs into the ropes to gain momentum and goes for the legdrop…BUT UNDERTAKER CATCHES HIS LEG! He turns it into a half-Boston crab for a submission! Hogan is weakened for several moments as he desperately reaches for the ropes but the Deadman keeps him in the centre of the ring! Just when Hogan looks set to tap after a good few minutes, he discovers a second wind and begins edging close to the ropes! Undertaker fights against it but Hogan has built momentum and Hulk reaches the bottom rope! Taker releases the hold but the damage appears to have been done.

Hogan is pulled up and goozled! Undertaker delivers a mighty chokeslam for the closest of near falls! The referee’s hand was inches away from the canvas. Hogan mounts his comeback; suddenly Undertaker’s blows have little to no effect! Hogan points at Taker, delivers a good few rights of his own before whipping him into the ropes. Hogan takes Undertaker down with the boot, he delays for a moment as he hit him with the weakened leg. Hogan then nails him with the leg drop and pins for…2.99999! Undertaker’s shoulder came shooting up off the canvas! Hogan can’t believe it and he questions the referee, which allows Taker to nail him with a DDT! Hogan is picked up and TOMBSTONED FOR THE 3 COUNT! UNDERTAKER IS THE NEW HOF WORLD CHAMPION!

JM: The Undertaker! He’s the man in this yard!

MGO: The Deadman defeats Hulk Hogan in an amazing match!

JM: We'll see you next week!

-- © World Wrestling Entertainment (Hall Of Fame Wrestling) --

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HOFWrestlingNews.com presents it's fortnightly newsletter for all things Hall Of Fame Wrestling. Administrator Craig Thompson reports:

- A PPV schedule has been introduced for Hall Of Fame Wrestling. There will now be a pay-per-view every second month starting with ‘Memory Remains’ on the 25th of March.

- With Bobby Heenan currently suffering health issues, the search for an ‘assistant’ (or some other administration-esque title) has begun. Names being looked at include Sonny Siaki from DSW, Luther Reigns and Raymond Rougeau.

- Dusty Rhodes has been added to the booking team. This means that Dusty, Undertaker, Flair and Arn Anderson are controlling the booking of Hall Of Fame Wrestling. Of course the final approval goes to Mr. McMahon but as of writing, those four men are shaping the HOF cards with much more emphasis than (for example) Raw on the in-ring story telling.

- Stone Cold Steve Austin is interested in working on the brand and is rigorously training to make a wrestling return as opposed to being involved in angles outside the ring.

- Vince McMahon is still high on using Umaga and Estrada in Hall Of Fame Wrestling, nobody is really sure why. After main-eventing the Royal Rumble against John Cena & Edge, Umaga’s overness is fairly high and perhaps a feud with Big Van Vader could draw money, especially after Vader’s brutal match with Jim Neidhart this past week.

- Tatlent being considered for HOF include Tatanka, Jerry Lawler (for commentary probably), Terry Funk and Ken Shamrock. The most likely of that group to be seen on your TV next week are Tatanka and Ken Shamrock.

- A big storyline is planned for Goldust. What this storyline is, remains a secret but with Dusty Rhodes on the booking team it was expected.

- Gimmicks are being looked at for recycling by younger wrestlers. Gimmicks include Tugboat (although with the original Tugboat on the roster this could be a puzzling move), Warlord, Berzerker, Barbarian, Nailz, Max Moon, Damien Demento, Razor Ramon (yes, we laughed too), Doink, Flash Funk, Executioner, Mantaur, The Patriot and the Blackjacks.

- Fans and ‘experts’ have expressed concerns about the shelf-life of Hall Of Fame Wrestling. The best gauge of this is probably the television deal with ESPN, which is a one year deal with a second year option to be discussed. Although admittedly WWE could replace HOF with other WWE programming if necessary. The wrestlers are all (bar DiBiase and Dusty Rhodes) working under 1-yearly deals.

- Reigning HOF Wresting Champions:

HOF World Champion: The Undertaker

Won - 28th February 2007 in Tournament Finals vs. Hulk Hogan

Defences - None so far

HOF International Champion: Bam Bam Bigelow

Won - 14th February 2007 vs. Jake Roberts

Defences - Big Bossman (21st Feb), Jake Roberts (28th Feb)

HOF Tag Team Champions: Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Won - 7th February 2007 vs. Midnight Express

Defences - None so far

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