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Hanso Foundation?


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I was on the YouTube front page and first video is something from ComicCon with Lost. I started to watch this video and I'm confused with this thing. Some girl has this beef with some fake or real company called the Hanso Foundation.

I have only two questions:

1) What is this Hanso Foundation?


2) Who is this girl?

Also I know this is all fake and this is all pretend but H.B.O.

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dun have time to go watch the video so i have no clue who the girl is, but i do know the hanso foundation is a fictional organization that is part of the lost experience a game created by the lost creators for fans to do until the third season comes out, im not 100% sure but the hanso foundation is some sort of sponsor to dharma.

EDIT Actually, by the sound of things, it seems that you're talking about rachel what's her name, or something like that, she too is a fictional character part of the lost experience game.

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