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I played the demo, the controls are SHIT. You walk left and your robot thing walks in a circle. You obliterate people the size of ants with about 16 rockets and they DON'T FUCKING DIE.

So either it was a really shit demo and you reaaaaally hate working, or I was wrong.

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I had this pre-ordered for quite a while and then played the demo and cancelled the pre-order because it was probably one of the worst demos I've ever played.

It was the single player though and the game is meant to be more multiplayer orientated but I'll wait for a better mech game to come out since there's so much good stuff coming out for the 360 in the next couple of months.

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Never played the demo and the controls were hard for me at first but the more you play it the easier it is. The multiplayer is the best part of the game, since there a thousands of possible mechs to create with all the parts. Bah, maybe I'm just easy to please then.

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