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This seriusly was a hit

Herr Matzat

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I can't say I'm surprised this song was used as a remix of sorts. Ian Stuart actually did a cover of this song, except that it was a White Power song (and his mother cried....White Pride...). Kind of funny that this song was used at to different ends of the racial spectrum after Elvis.

For the record, a funny track from Elvis is the "Are You Lonesome Tonight, Laughing Version". He's doing his normal rendition of Are You Lonesome Tonight and because he's so fucked up on something, he ends up laughing halfway through the set and can barely get himself back together.

For one more record, I fucking love Elvis Presley. The stuff written in the 50s like Jailhouse Rock, Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, and Don't Be Cruel. These were some great rock songs, catchy as hell, and Elvis had a great voice.

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Bahah is that dude supposed to look like Elvis?

Quality either way.

Oh, and Elvis is the one. It was the only music in my house for most of my youth, my dad is obsessed. He has everything.

But yeah I fucking love Elvis.

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