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WWE: After Vince

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08/01/06 | 2:26 AM

From PWInsider.com...

- Big breaking news coming out of Raw last night. It seems as though the limousine Vince McMahon was traveling in after Raw was struck by a truck while on it's way to the airport. Vince is said to be in good condition in a local hospital where he apparently suffered two broken legs, a broken clavicle and a concussion. Word is he will be spending the next week or so in the hospital for observation.

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From WWE.com...

UPDATED SummerSlam Card..

WWE Championship Match: Edge © Vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Booker T © Vs. Batista

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) Vs. Kenny & Mikey ©

"the Immortal" Hulk Hogan Vs. "the Legend Killer" Randy Orton

Mick Foley Vs. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

WWE United States Championship Match NO DQ: Finlay © Vs. William Regal

Rey Mysterio Vs. Chavo Guerrero

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Johnny Nitro © Vs. Carlito Vs. Shelton Benjamin

Lashley Vs. Ken Kennedy

Kane & the Undertaker Vs. Umaga & the Great Khali

WWE Womens Championship Match: Mickie James © Vs. Trish Stratus

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08/21/06 | 2:13 AM

From PWTorch.com...

WWE Presents SummerSlam

-Awesome video package to highlight the main matches of the evening. The videos end with a montage of finishing moves being hit. And we are LIVE from Boston, MA. Your hosts for the evening are JR, the King & JBL.

-CHAVO GUERRERO VS. REY MYSTERIO. Match starts off as a brawl. Rey with lefts and rights to Chavo. Rey takes it to Chavo for a while, but Chavo gets a low blow to turn the tides. Chavo dominates for the next few minutes and then there's a back and forth near-fall session. With Rey on the top rope about to attempt a moonsault, Chavo dropkicks Rey's leg and sends him to the floor with a sick bump. A suicide plancha from Chavo and the action spills to the floor. They brawl outside for a bit and then Rey whips Chavo into the stairs. Rey sends him back in the ring to continue the beating. Rey attempts to pick Chavo up, but Chavo gets a near-fall with a small package. Rey comes back with more right hands to Chavo. Chavo runs at Rey, Rey trips him, and Chavo falls to the second rope. 619 then a West Coast Pop to finish Chavo off at 12:35. ***

-In the back King Booker is sitting down with his court. He tells Finlay and Regal that eventhough they have to wrestle one-on-one tonight, Booker doesn't want them hatin' on each other. Be competitive and may the best man win, but that's gotta be where it ends. Regal and Finlay exchange insults and then stare at each other.

-Todd Grisham interviews "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Flair cuts one of the best promos I've ever heard on a pay-per-view about how much respect and love for the business means to him and how that's the only thing he and Foley have in common. He knows that it's No DQ tonight, but he doesn't care, Foley's going down the hard way, in the ring. And it really has me itching to see him kick Mick Foley's ass tonight. Damn, what a promo.

-LASHLEY VS. KEN KENNEDY. Kennedy and Lashley stand in the center of the ring, and Kennedy slaps Lashley. Big mistake. The match goes back and forth, but Kennedy never really gets going and Lashley finishes with the Dominator at 06:13. After the match as Lashley is heading to the back a fan in the crowd says something to Lashley and when Lashley turns to face him, the fan throws water on him. Lashley pulls him over the barrier and beats on him until security arrives. In all the mayhem, Ken Kennedy is able to crush Lashley's skull with a chair and apparently the feud continues. **

-Trish and Carlito wish each other good luck for their respective matches tonight. They both head their separate ways, but both of them turn around and kiss~!!! Awwww.

-"The Animal" Batista is shown warming up backstage. He's ripped and ready for his match tonight.

-The official theme song of SummerSlam is "The Enemy" by Godsmack. Cool.

-INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: JOHNNY NITRO © VS. CARLITO VS. SHELTON BENJAMIN. All three guys are in the ring at once and it doesn't seem cluttered because they keep it as a glorified handicap match with Nitro and Benjamin beating on Carlito all match. Elimination match rules come into play when Melina gets up on the apron to distract Carlito. Nitro runs at Carlito, who moves and Melina is sent crashing to the floor. Nitro is distracted long enough for Carlito to get the rollup and dispose of Nitro rather quickly. From there Shelton and Carlito tear the house down with crisp action. Carlito hits the Back Cracker and goes for the pin, but Carlito is still reeling from a suplex from earlier. Shelton eventually gets the win with an exploder suplex on Carlito from the second rope at 10:53. After the match Shelton celebrates like he just won the lottery or the Super Bowl or possibly both. ***1/2.

-DX is here. They rip on the Spirit Squad as they walk through the backstage area. They're stopped by Johnathan Coachman. Coach let's DX know that they're gonna have to wrestle in a 5-on-2 handicap match tonight for the titles. DX doesn't seem too worried though.

-WWE Champion Edge and Lita arrive. They get out of their limo and enter into the arena.

-A promo for September's Unforgiven is aired. Apparently John Cena's gonna win the belt tonight.

-Trish is consoling Carlito in the back when she's told that she's up next. She promises Carlito they'll talk later and makes her way to the curtain.

-WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: MICKIE JAMES © VS. TRISH STRATUS. The two women really go at it and are given enough time to develop a story. Trish works Mickie's back, Mickie works Trish's knee. Trish nearly hits the Stratusfaction, but Mickie throws her off violently and Trish jams her leg. It appears to be a work as Trish has no trouble running when Mickie whips her into the ropes and then hits a sick hip toss onto the ropes and Trish's legs smack off the ropes violently. Mickie locks in a figure four leglock and scores the win at 08:34. Carlito runs out to check on Trish and Mickie heads to the back with the title still around her waist. **1/2

-Randy Orton is in the back preparing to kill Hulkamania. A split screen is shown that shows Hogan in his locker room with his family warming up. Brian Knobbs is there too. I hope he comes out with Hogan and Orton kills his legend too.

-UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: FINLAY © VS. WILLIAM REGAL. Both men don't bother to lock up. They just throw fist after fist until finally Regal is staggered. They stiffly smash and kick each other and the crowd seems bored. But this match is so hard hitting that I'm loving it. Regal gains the upper hand by blocking Finlay's right hand, and takes him to the mat. Regal locks on the Regal Stretch, but Finlay gets to the ropes. They continue to stiff each other and Finlay brings out the Little Bastard when the ref goes down. Regal knees the Bastard to the face and eliminates him. The ref gets up and Regal manages to lock on the Regal Stretch in the center of the ring, but Finlay doesn't tap, instead he tries to get to the ropes, but he cannot. Finlay taps out and we have a new US champion at 14:28. After the match Regal waits for Finlay to get up and they shake hands. *** for the stiffness alone.

-Armando Alejandro Estrada and Khosrow Daivari are standing by with Maria. They cut a highly entertaining promo where they argued over which of their clients would score the winning pinfall over Kane and the Undertaker.

-UMAGA & THE GREAT KHALI VS. THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION. All four men brawl in the ring to start. Basically the match devolves into a Texas tornado tag match. The slow pace kinda brings the crowd down a little, but Umaga manages to hit his samoan toss/drop on the Undertaker and that brings the crowd back to life. UT tries to go old school on Khali, but Daivari shakes the rope, and UT crotches the ropes. Khali then chokes the Undertaker with one hand and Kane comes in to save. UT plays Ricky Morton for most of the match until he's able to hit Umaga with a flying clothesline and tag in Kane. Kane comes in and beats down both Umaga and Khali. On the outside Daivari distracts the Undertaker and UT chases him around the ring. This allows a run-in from GYMINI?!?!? They come out and beatdown the Undertaker. Kane is distracted and turns right into the Samoan Spike from Umaga. Umaga gets the pinfall at 07:51. *1/2

-Mick Foley responds to Flair's promo by telling Flair that no matter what Flair says, Mick is more than a stuntman. He's a wrestler, he's a fighter, he's whatever it'll take to beat Ric Flair within an inch of his life. Tonight Flair better be ready for a fight, because that's what he's getting.

-Jonathan Coachman is in his office with the Spirit Squad. He asks them to win, for his own sanity. With Vince retiring and Shane taking over, Coach wants to make a big impression by taking out DX. The Squad promises to do their best, but Coach doesn't want their best...he wants them to win. Coach tells them not to worry though, he has a backup plan just in case.

-WWE WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: THE SPIRIT SQUAD VS. D-GENERATION X. The match got off to a quick start with Triple H putting Johnny away in under a minute with a Pedigree. The crowd laughs and Triple H tags out to HBK at the behest of Kenny. Kenny and HBK go at it for a while and actually put on a great show. Kenny and the Spirit Squad eventually use their superior numbers to gain the upper hand. HBK is the face-in-peril and the Spirit Squad keep him in their corner. Nicky goes for a Stinger Splash, but HBK moves and superkicks him. He covers Nicky and gets the three. HBK is able to tag in Triple H just as Mikey is getting in the ring. Mikey and Triple H go at it in the center of the ring with Triple H getting the upperhand and eventually pedigreeing Mikey. Kenny makes the save though and all three remaining members of the Spirit Squad are in the ring beating down DX. DX fights back, Triple H disposes of Mikey and Mitch, and Shawn tosses Kenny to the outside. The crowd erupts as HBK decides to fly over the top rope and down onto the Spirit Squad. Shawn rolls Mikey back in the ring and one pedigree later Mikey is gone. The match turns into a regular tag match and Mitch is able to use his size to gain an advantage over Triple H. Spirit Squad has control again and they keep Triple H confined to their corner. Triple H grabs Mitch by the tights and tosses him into Kenny. They collide and Kenny falls to the floor. Mitch staggers back to the center of the ring and right into a Triple H pedigree. Mitch is eliminated. DX basically toys with Kenny and makes an ass out of him in the ring for the next few minutes before finally disposing of him with a pedigree and then a superkick. Triple H covers Kenny and gets the pinfall and the win at 16:46. After the match The Coach comes onto the TitanTron. He congratulates DX on their victory, and says that he has a present for them. They turn around and some big ass guy is standing in the ring. He kicks both men in the chest and then chokes out Shawn. Triple H fights back for a bit, but the man kicks him in the stomach and takes him to the outside. Standing on the apron, the man is able to lift Triple H up and suplex him down through the Spanish announce team table. Triple H is laid out as this mysterious man heads to the back with Kenny. ***

-In the back World Heavyweight Champion King Booker is standing by with his Court. Finlay is pissed that he lost to Regal, but promises to behave. Booker is coming up with a gameplan for his title defense tonight when SmackDown! GM Teddy Long comes in and tells Booker that he has decided that Booker's court will be barred from ringside. Booker isn't happy, but says that doesn't matter because Batista is no match for him anyway. At this point Teddy Long excuses himself and as he leaves, Edge and Lita enter. Edge says that with he and Booker on top of their respective brands they can dominate sports entertainment. So Edge wishes Booker good luck and Booker does the same.

-The Spirit Squad and the man who attacked DX earlier are meeting with Jonathan Coachman. Spirit Squad aren't happy, but Coach is delighted. He introduces the man as Oleg Prudius. He says Oleg is his new insurance policy. If someone wants to disobey him, Oleg will make them obey.

-"NATURE BOY" RIC FLAIR VS. MICK FOLEY. The match starts off as a brawl, but not a Foley brawl, a Flair brawl. Before long Flair is busted wide open, but that doesn't stop him. They battle all around the ring with both men throwing each other into the barricade, into the steps, and all over the place. The crowd is so into the match that they seemingly don't notice a blown spot by the referee of all people, who fails to be in the right spot for a ref bump, and Foley has to stop and start over. Flair gets a low blow and the figure four on Foley, who taps, but the referee is out. Edge and Lita come out and Edge distracts Flair. Foley grabs Flair from behind, but Flair gets another low blow on Foley. Flair knocks Edge off the apron and then kisses Lita. Foley charges Flair from behind, but Flair moves and Foley knocks Lita off the apron, and turns around right into a kick to the stomach from Flair. Flair with a knee lift, a knee drop, and then the figure four, this time with the referee up. Before Foley can tap, Edge breaks it up. Edge and Foley double team Flair until John Cena rushes out and chases Edge to the back. The finish finally comes with Flair crushing Foley's skull with a chair shot as Foley climbs to the second rope to do God knows what. 17:34. **

-Batista is shown walking to the ring. Behind him Trevor Murdoch ducks behind some crates to avoid being seen. They still let him in the building? Weird.

-WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: KING BOOKER VS. BATISTA. The match gets underway slow with Booker stalling for time. When they finally lock up Batista dominates. They go back in forth brawling in and all around the ring with each man gaining the upper hand at some point. A sick lariat from Batista gets a near fall, but Booker kicks out. Batista continues his assault on Booker with stiff punches and kicks to Booker in the corner. The match heats up when Batista sends Booker into an exposed turnbuckle and Booker gets busted open. Batista Bomb can only get a two count because Booker gets his foot on the bottom rope. Sharmell on the outside distracts the referee long enough for Booker T go grab his scepter and nail Batista with it, knocking him out. Booker goes to the top rope and brings back the Harlem Hangover leg drop and covers Batista for the pinfall at 09:45. **1/2

-Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. And then Todd Grisham is standing by with the Hogan family. Hulk talks about how tonight he has to snuff out Orton. Hogan says that he knows Randy's dad, and they never got along, but Randy is an even bigger punk than his old man and tonight Hogan has to teach Randy some respect. And if he even so much as thinks about putting his hands or any other part of his body on his daughter Brooke, then Hogan is gonna rip him in half. Whatcha gonna do Randy Orton when Hulkamania runs wild on you?!?!?!?

-A video package of this feud in then aired. The song used for this video is "I'm Alive" by Disturbed. Orton's famous "Hulkamania has been on life support for years and at SummerSlam, I'm gonna pull the plug." is repeated about eight times. That means Hogan is gonna win. Good video though.

-RANDY ORTON VS. HULK HOGAN. Both men start off with a staredown and have a few words for each other. Orton spits on Hogan and Hogan lets him have it. It's a usual Hogan beat down for a few minutes until Orton gets a low blow and then turns his attention to Brooke Hogan who is sitting in her seat at ringside. He hits on her, and her brother shoves Orton. Orton pulls Nick Hogan over the rail and starts beating on him. Brian Knobbs tries to jump the rail to save Nick, but security stops him and pulls Orton off Nick. Hulk Hogan is up and after Randy. Hogan chases Randy around the ring, and finally gets his hands on him. Hogan takes Orton to the woodshed and wrestles with a fire we've never seen from Hogan. He looks legitimately pissed and Randy and begins stiffing him in the ring a little bit. Hogan dominates and goes for the big boot, but Orton ducks it and takes out Hogan's knee. Orton takes Hogan's weight belt off and whips Hogan with it. The referee takes the belt off of Orton as Nick Hogan is helped to the back and Linda leaves her seat to be with him. Orton gets a swinging neckbreaker on Hogan and then again turns his attention to Brooke. He goes over to Brian Knobbs and shoves him down. Knobbs being a cripple he can't get back up and Orton agains tries to talk to Brooke. She slaps him and he grabs her by the arm, but Hulk Hogan is up and he jumps Orton. He runs into Orton, and the impact sends Brooke flying backwards. Hogan sees it and goes into the crowd to check on her, but Randy Orton follows and attacks Hogan in the crowd. Orton tosses Hogan back over the barrier. They fight their way back into the ring and Orton puts the boots to Hogan. He picks Hulk up and whips him into the ropes and gets a sleeper on Hogan. Hogan's almost out, but when the referee drops his arm, he battles back on 2. Hogan whips Orton into the ropes and hits the big boot. Big legdrop, but Orton kicks out. Hogan can't believe and picks Orton up. Punch to the stomach, ddt. Orton taunts the crowd and yells profanities at Brian Knobbs and an injured Brooke Hogan. Hulk is up, Orton punches him, no effect. Hogan "hulks up" and goes at Orton. Hogan hits three right hands to Orton. Orton blocks a fourth and sends Hogan into the corner. Orton hammers away and then hip tosses Hogan. Orton once again goes outside and is starting to piss off the announcers. All of a sudden, down the aisle walks Bob Orton. He tells Orton to stop it and go wrestle. Randy listens to his dad and the match continues. They brawl for a while and Bob Orton distracts Hulk. Hulk levels Orton with a right hand and knocks him off the apron. Hogan turns around, right into an RKO. Orton covers him. 1--2--3!!! Orton celebrates his win and gets on the mic after the match. He asks Brooke for a kiss, and as due the stipulations of the match, has to oblige. Orton gives her his number and Brooke looks confused as Orton heads to the back with his dad. Hulk is met in the ring by Brooke and Brian Knobbs. Time of the match: 20:04. ***1/2 stars for the entertainment value.

-A video package airs showing the highlights of the Edge/John Cena feud.

-WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: EDGE VS. JOHN CENA. The match starts off hot and the crowd is going crazy as Edge attacks Cena before the bell. Edge and Cena battle back and forth and eventually Lita gets tossed from ringside after referee Mike Chioda catches her grabbing John Cena's leg. As Lita is being escorted out, Edge uses the WWE Title to get an advantage. Edge takes it to Cena by beating him all over the ring. He does a sweet old school Macho Man Randy Savage, leap over the top rope and pull the opponent's head down move to drop Cena to the mat. Edge gets cocky however and instead of pinning Cena after spearing him, Edge gets up and taunts the crowd. Cena recovers somewhat quickly and is waiting for Edge when he turns around. Cena clotheslines Edge down and takes advantage. Cena is on fire as he smashes Edge with lefts and rights. Cena goes for an FU, but Edge turns it into a spinning ddt. Edge covers Cena but only gets a two. Edge picks Cena up and tosses him to the outside. Edge and Cena brawl on the outside. Cena gets whipped hard into the stairs. Edge busts Cena open with a wicked irish whip into the timekeepers table. A bloodied Cena battles back and gets Edge back in the ring. A few restholds and a slow section in the match quiets the crowd but they pop back up as Cena gets a near fall on Edge. Cena is losing blood profusely and tries to piledrive Edge, but he gets dizzy and drops the mat. Chioda asks Cena if he needs to stop the match, but Edge attacks Cena before he can answer. Edge tries to open up the cut on Cena's head even more with right hands to the head. Edge has Cena where he wants him and goes to the top rope, but Cena shakes the top rope and Edge crotches the turnbuckle. A superplex from Cena and both men are down. Cena gets to his feet at the count of 9. Cena covers Edge, but Edge kicks out. For the next few minutes of the match Cena works Edge's back with various backbreakers and knees to the back. Edge manages to suplex Cena to the outside and then waits for Cena to get up before spearing him back down to the concrete floor. Both men are down on the outside, but Edge breaks the count at 8, and then sends Cena back in. They continue to battle and neither man can gain an advantage but eventually Cena has Edge set up for an FU, but Edge slides down Cena's back and kicks him in the stomach. Edge breaks out the DOWNWARD SPIRAL and then covers Cena. Cena kicks out at two. Edge picks Cena up and whips him into the corner. Stinger splash and then Edge sets Cena on the top rope. A top rope impact ddt finishes off Cena at 27:37. After the match Lita runs out and celebrates with Edge. ****

-SummerSlam goes off the air with Edge and Lita embracing on the rampway and John Cena down and out in the center of the ring.

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-WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: MICKIE JAMES © VS. TRISH STRATUS. The two women really go at it and are given enough time to develop a story. Trish works Mickie's back, Mickie works Trish's knee. Trish nearly hits the Stratusfaction, but Mickie throws her off violently and Trish jams her leg. It appears to be a work as Trish has no trouble running when Mickie whips her into the ropes and then hits a sick hip toss onto the ropes and Trish's legs smack off the ropes violently. Mickie locks in a figure four leglock and scores the win at 08:34. Carlito runs out to check on Trish and Mickie heads to the back with the title still around her waist. **1/2

I'm going around giving advice so be calm lol! Mickie should've won with something more believable then a figure leg lock, possibly a boston crab since we've seen Trish tap to that before, if I were you i'd continue this.

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From WWE.com...

IPB Image


Last night at SummerSlam, Edge retained the title in a brutal battle with John Cena. Tonight Edge and Lita are looking to celebrate. But how?

Also last night at SummerSlam Randy Orton made good on his promise to defeat Hulk Hogan. How will the win effect Orton and will it make him even cockier than before?

One match already signed for RAW is a rematch from SummerSlam as Mickie James defends the Womens title against Trish Stratus. Can Mickie make it two wins in a row?

Also, Kane takes on Umaga in one-on-one action.

All that and a whole lot more tonight LIVE on USA!

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I think this diary is going in the right places. I hope to see more of it.

Also, i think Hogan WILL job to Orton in real life. Hogans only an asshole around other people from his era, ala michaels. He is a good boy when he's wrestling younguns.

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Well my original plan was to talk about how Hogan agreed to job to Randy because of his relationship with Randy's father. Then I was going to bring Bob Orton back for a tag match against Hulk Hogan and Nick Hogan, but decided that was kinda shitty and not the direction I wanted to take the WWE and this diary.

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IPB Image

WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW September 04, 2006

(The show opens with a quick video highlighting SummerSlam. It ends with a picture of Edge standing triumphant. Then the RAW video airs. It is followed by a live shot from inside the arena. Pyro goes off and Jim Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler get their cue to begin speaking.)

JR: WELCOME FANS TO WWE RAW! We are LIVE tonight, the night after SummerSlam, from Madison Square Garden in New York City. And tonight King, we got a couple of big matches already signed.

King: That's right, JR! Tonight we are going to see a rematch from last night as Mickie James defends her Womens Championship against Trish Stratus. And in a battle of two of the biggest and toughest competitors we've ever seen in a WWE ring, Kane takes on Umaga.

("ON THIS DAY I SEE CLEARLY" "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge starts and WWE Champion Edge makes his way down the ramp with Lita on his arm. Edge slides into the ring and Lita joins him. Edge is handed a microphone.)

Edge: First off tonight, for those of you here who are observant, you will have noticed that this title [takes title from waist and hoists it onto his shoulder] does not spin. That's right, the WWE has finally gotten rid of that ghetto-fied spinny belt, and has brought back a respectable championship belt! Why did they get rid of the spinny belt you ask? Well, that's because the John Cena era is OVER! Last night Cena had the chance to regain the spotlight, to regain the championship. But once again I went ahead and proved exactly why I'm the champion, because I am the best! I mean face it, putting anyone in the ring against me is bad enough, but when that person is John Cena well then you just KNOW it's going to be bad. And New York, as much as I'd just love to stay out here and chat, as the champ I got a lot of partying to do. So while you guys watch this show and fantasize about ever getting a woman, I'll be backstage celebrating...with mine!

(Edge's music plays as he and Lita head to the back. The crowd boos the two as they make impolite gestures to the crowd.)


JR: Well Edge is certainly confident wouldn't you say King?

King: Confident? The man is a jackass!

(In the back we see Jonathan Coachman sitting behind his desk. The camera pans back, and we see Triple H and Shawn Michaels, DX, joining him.)

Coach: After how you two won last night, I should strip you of those belts right now! You're just lucky there's a clause in my contract saying I have to follow all WWE procedures in order to strip someone or else you guys would be handing me those belts!

HHH: How we won? You mean cleanly and effectively? Your guys were no match for us. But answer me this Coach, who the hell was that guy that attacked us last night?

Coach: Oh, you mean Oleg? He's just my "insurance policy". To make sure everyone listens to me.

HBK: Insurance policy huh? Well if you think you're cashing in that insurance policy on us, you're dead wrong!

Coach: No Shawn, what's dead wrong is you guys being tag team champions! You show no respect whatsoever to me, to those titles, or to the WWE. And tonight I'll be damned if I'm not gonna do my best to get those belts off of you! Tonight you guys gotta defend your tag team titles against Cade & Murdoch!

HHH: (laughing) WHO?

HBK: I think he means Blackjack Lanza and that fruity redneck guy.

HHH: Double J?

HBK: NO, the other one! Travis Murdoch!


HBK: Still no idea?

HHH: Nope.

Coach: Shut up you two! And get the hell out of my office, you guys better be prepared, because you're gonna need to be if you wanna win!

(DX double over in laughter as the scene fades out)



JR: Welcome back fans, and as we just heard prior to the break, tonight DX will defend the tag team titles against Cade and Murdoch!

King: And something tells me DX isn't afraid.

JR: Gee, ya think King?

(Some Randy Newman sounding music plays and Rob Conway comes out to the ring. According to ring announcer Lillian Garcia he's now known as "Ravishing" Rob Conway. He gets in the ring and poses as the crowd boos. Then Viscera's music hits and he waddles his way down to the ring. Viscera enters and the match is underway.)

****Vis and Conway lock up and Vis shoves Conway to the mat. Conway gets back up and kicks Vis in the stomach. Conway hammers away on the back of Big Vis, but Viscera shrugs it off and whips Conway into the corner. Viscera runs at Conway, but Conway slides out of the way and Vis hits chest and stomach first into the turnbuckle.****

JR: OUCH! Man that impact moved the ring, King!

****Viscera staggers backwards and Conway is trying to get him off his feet but cannot. Finally, as Vis is staggered, Conway clips Viscera's knee and Vis falls to the mat. Conway puts the boots to him and then decides to go to the top rope. Conway leaps off and nails Viscera with a big flying elbow drop. Conway covers Vis, but Viscera kicks out on two. Viscera gets back to his feet and Conway tries a clothesline, but it has no effect. Another clothesline does the same and just makes Vis angry. Vis shoves Conway backwards and then whips him to the ropes, Conway comes off and just runs right into Vis. Conway hits the mat and Vis goes for a big legdrop, but misses. As Vis sits on the mat in pain, Conway gets a neckwhip and then picks Vis up and hits him with a big ddt. Vis is down on the mat and Conway hooks the leg. 1--2---3!****

WINNER: "Ravishing" Rob Conway.


(In the back we see John Cena arriving to the arena. The crowd pops big time. Cena accidentally bumps into Randy Orton who is walking around backstage. Orton stops, turns and looks at Cena and quietly calls him a "loser". Cena doesn't hear this and keeps on walking.)



(Trish Stratus' music hits and she makes her way out to the ring to a big pop. On her way down, Mickie James rushes out and attacks her.)

JR: Mickie James just came out of nowhere attacked Trish!

King: That's a pretty good strategy, you gotta admit JR!

****Mickie and Trish brawl on the outside. Mickie has control of the battle and she suplexes Trish down onto the floor. Mickie rolls Trish back into the ring and lays the boots to her. Mickie is just absolutely stiffing Trish as she grabs her by the hair and whips tosses her down onto her back. Mickie kicks her hard in the back and then picks her up, but Trish pushes Mickie away. Trish hits a clothesline and plays up to the crowd. She grabs Mickie and sends her hard into the corner. A monkey flip has Mickie on her back in the center of the ring. Trish picks her up, but Mickie puts a shoulder into Trish's midsection. Mickie whips Trish into the ropes and clotheslines Trish over the top. Mickie gets a baseball slide to Trish and then slides under the ring. Mickie and Trish brawl on the outside. They ignore the referee's instructions and continue to brawl up the ramp. Eventually the referee throws the match out and declares it a double countout.****

NO CONTEST: Double Countout


King: Man JR, these two women certainly don't like each other! They just brawled their way all the way up the ramp and then backstage.

JR: Certainly this is a feud that is far from settled. And fans tonight we'd like to welcome members of the New York Yankees sitting in the front row.

(The camera cuts to a row of players.)

King: Yeah there's Craig Wilson, Bubba Crosby, Andy Philips, and Sidney Ponson.

JR: Hey wait, is that Mick Foley sitting right next to them?

(Camera shows Foley sitting there. He shows the camera his ticket and then smiles and waves.)

King: Yeah it is. That's odd that he's in the crowd and not in the back coming off of his loss to Ric Flair last night.


(In the back Todd Grisham is standing by with Carlito.)

Grisham: Carlito, last night you were the one who got pinned in your triple threat match, costing Johnny Nitro the Intercontinental Championship...

Carlito: Well I'm not real worried about that Todd. You see Nitro can complain all he wants, but that's not cool. He didn't do his job. He didn't pin someone. There were two of us. All he had to do was pin one. He couldn't...

(Just then Carlito lunges forward into Todd Grisham and Johnny Nitro comes into the screen. He lays a beating on Carlito as Melina looks on. Nitro throws Carlito through the set and then lays the boots to him. Nitro yells "YOU COST ME MY TITLE!" a few times and then is pulled off of Carlito by WWE Officials and his valet Melina.)


(The scene shifts over to Maria, who is standing by outside of Cade & Murdoch's locker room. She knocks on the door and Murdoch answers with chaw hanging out of his mouth. Maria is a little freaked out.)

Maria: Um...guys...tonight, you have to wrestle DX for the tag titles...

Murdoch: Yeah we already know that Maria! Ya see we ain't stupid! *spits* And tonight, we gonna lay a beatin' on dem boys!

Cade: You know, Trevor's right! We have all the talent in the world, we just ain't had the opportunity yet! Well tonight we do! And we plan on making the best of it. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, we've always looked up to you guys. You were idols of ours. Well tonight, it's time that we finally use you as stepping stones to something bigger and better. Maria, take a good long look at my waist, because it's the last time you're ever gonna see it without a WWE Tag Team Title belt around it!

(Maria looks very very uncomfortable as Trevor drips some chew spit off his chin and onto her shoulder. She screams as the show cuts to commercial.)



JR: Folks, during the commercial break Carlito was being checked on by our medical staff. As it turns out, Carlito has suffered an injury of an unknown nature and right now he's being taken to a local hospital for observation.

(Trish is shown backstage with Carlito checking on him as he's loaded on a stretcher and into an awaiting ambulance.)

JR: We'll keep everyone out there posted on Carlito's condition.


(Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrrrada and his charge, Umaga make their way to the ring. They get in the ring and AAE decides he wants to speak.)

AAE: Tonight, Kane you will feel the wrath of Umaga! Last night you may have gotten the better of Umaga. But that will not happen tonight!

(As AAE continues his mic is cut and the lights go out. Kane's music hits as fire erupts from the ringposts and Kane makes his way down to the ring.)

****Umaga attacks Kane at the bell and chops him in the throat. Umaga grabs Kane and whips him into the ropes. Umaga gets a big clothesline on Kane. Kane hits the mat hard and Umaga drops his knee down on Kane's throat and chokes him with it. Referee Mike Chioda tries to get Umaga to stop, but he doesn't want to. Finally Umaga does and picks Kane up. He shoves Kane into the corner and lights him up with four or five headbutts to the chest. Kane fights back with a right hand to Umaga. Kane whips Umaga into the ropes and kicks him with a boot to the face. Umaga is staggered and Kane runs at him and hits a big flying clothesline. Umaga hits the mat hard and Kane picks him up. Kane goes to chokeslam him, but Umaga shakes it off and chops Kane hard. Umaga grabs Kane for a belly-to-belly suplex, but Kane blocks it hip tosses Umaga. Umaga is up and screams, he charges Kane, Umaga goes for the clothesline, Kane ducks and turns around right into a superkick from Umaga. Kane staggers back into the ropes and Umaga clotheslines him over the top. Kane takes a quick breather and climbs back in the ring. Umaga tries to pummel Kane, but Kane blocks the punches and then grabs Umaga by the throat. He picks him up for a chokeslam, and gets it. Kane goes to cover Umaga, but Armand Alejandro Estrada climbs up on the apron and distracts the referee. Kane notices and grabs AAE. Kane tosses AAE off the apron and down to the floor. He turns around and turns right into Umaga's Samoan Drop. Umaga covers Kane and gets the 1-2-3.****



JR: Wow King, neither man would give in to the other and they just took it to one another.

King: Yeah and once again Armando Alejandro Estrada proved why he's a very good manager. Like him or not, he's the reason Umaga won that match!

(Cut to RAW Interim GM Jonathan Coachman sitting behind his desk in his office.)

Coach: Ladies and gentlemen I asked for this time to address you all. The fans in the arena, and the fans at home. I just wanted to make it clear just how great of a job I'm doing as the interim Raw GM. I mean look at the matches I've given you since taking over. SummerSlam was a huge success, as will WWE Unforgiven. Live on Pay-Per-View next month! And quite frankly, I've outdone myself once again. Because I have just signed a HUGE title match for tonight. Tonight WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin will defend his championship in singles competition against Charlie Haas.


(DX is shown in the back discussing something. Probably going over strategy for their match tonight.)



(Back from commercial the Spirit Squad is shown standing in Jonathan Coachman's office.)

Coach: I'm telling you guys, I am going to do whatever it takes to get those belts back around your waists. I can't have those jackasses DX with the belts any longer. And believe me, I have a full proof plan.


("Also Sprach Zarathustra" plays and "the Nature Boy" Ric Flair makes his way down the ramp. The crowd gives him a standing ovation as he gets in the ring. He gets in the ring and takes the microphone.)

Flair: Last night, WHOOOO, what a night. For the first time in my illustrious career, I didn't know if I'd be walking out of the arena to go style and profile or if I'd be leaving on a stretcher. Mick Foley, I see you sitting at ringside. Let me just tell you that last night, you actually earned my respect. Yeah I know, that's surprising to me too, but Mick, you did it. You didn't just brawl, you wrestled a bit too. And I think you'd be the first to admit that I played your game too. I brawled with the best of them my whole career, but Mick you took me to a new level last night. And for once I left the arena, still able to walk, and I didn't style, and I didn't profile. Instead I left the arena a beaten man. A winner, but a beaten man nonetheless. Because last night for the first time, when I struggled to get the best of you, Mick, I thought maybe I just don't have it anymore. I used to be able to beat anyone they put me in the ring with. But last night if it wasn't for that chair striking you in the head, I most likely would've lost. And that to me is, to be honest, a very scary thing. It made me question if I can still go. And for that Mick Foley, you may have accidentally done the best thing you possibly could have for me. You gave me my drive back. So Mick Foley, I thank you for that.

(With that Flair climbs to the outside and goes over to Foley and shakes his hand. They hug very quickly and then Flair heads to the back.)



JR: Welcome back to Raw fans! Still to come tonight we have DX defending the tag team titles against Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade. But right now, the WWE Intercontinental Title is on the line.

("AIN'T NO STOPPIN' ME NOOOOOOOW!" WWE IC Champion Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos. He gets in the ring and jumps around as a way to warm up as Charlie Haas' music plays and he makes his way to the ring.)

JR: These two former tag partners know each other pretty well, and you can be sure there's no shortage of hate between the two.

****The two men lock up, Haas gets a side headlock, he hiptosses Shelton over and holds the headlock. Shelton eventually breaks the headlock and gets to his feet. Shelton gets an armdrag and then Haas dropkicks him as soon as he gets up. Shelton rolls to the outside for a breather. Finally satisfied Shelton gets back in the ring, he and Charlie lock-up again and Shelton whips Charlie into the ropes. Shelton gets a big clothesline and then quickly goes back to work on Haas by laying the boots to him. Shelton picks him up and whips him hard into the corner. Haas bounces off and right into an exploder suplex from Shelton. Cover 1--2--Haas gets a shoulder up. Shelton picks him and places him in the corner. Shelton goes for a Stinger splash, but Haas moves. Shelton hits the corner hard and Haas gets a neckbreaker. Haas picks Shelton up and tries to piledrive him, but Shelton turns it into a back body drop. Haas is down on the mat and Shelton kicks him in the chest. Shelton bends down to pick Haas up, but Haas gets a small package, 1--2--Shelton kicks out! Haas picks him up and whips him into the ropes, Haas misses a clothesline, and Shelton comes up from the other side and connects with reverse bulldog. Shelton covers Haas quickly, but he only gets a two count. Shelton picks Haas up by the hair and puts him in the corner. Shelton gets a few chops to the chest of Charlie Haas. Shelton picks Haas up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Shelton climbs up and grabs Haas for a top rope exploder suplex, but Haas shoves Shelton off the top. Shelton hits hard and Haas waits for Shelton to get up. Shelton is up, Haas leaps off the top rope with a flying crossbody. Shelton rolls it over though and he covers Haas, 1--2--Haas gets a shoulder up. Haas pushes Shelton off of him and Shelton is trying to recover. Haas grabs Shelton by the head and picks him up. Shelton pushes Haas away and kicks him in the stomach, Shelton whips Haas into the ropes and hits a hard spinning heel kick on Haas as he comes back towards Shelton. Haas is down. Shelton picks him up and hits him with a fisherman's hook suplex. The referee counts 1--2--Haas kicks out. Shelton can't believe it. Haas gets to his feet, and he and Shelton just start swinging away at each other with right hand after right hand. Each man connects with a right hand, but then Shelton kicks Charlie Haas. Shelton hits a rocker dropper on Haas. Shelton covers him and puts his feet on the second rope. Shelton finally gets the three count.****

JR: It took a lot for Shelton to get Haas down for the three count!

King: Yeah Charlie Haas really showed that he has the desire to win running through him.

WINNER: Shelton Benjamin.


(JR and King talk about the Raw sponsors as the ring clears. As soon as they finish John Cena's music plays and Cena comes out to a big pop.)

Cena: Hello New York City! I'd like to thank everyone for the awesome ovation and the awesome response I got both last night at SummerSlam, and live right here tonight. (Cena pauses) So with that out of the way, I can now move on to other matters. Namely SummerSlam last night. I will not make any excuses. Things happen, and I know it's a cliche, but you can't win them all. Last night Edge was clearly the better man. He took it to me and he came out on top. Hell, he's the champ. Now now don't get me wrong, I'm not going soft or anything, I still hate Edge's guts. He just beat me last night.

("Burn In My Light" hits and Randy Orton comes out on stage. The crowd boos the hell out of the man who beat Hulk Hogan about 24 hours prior to this appearance.)

Orton: John Cena, do yourself a shut the hell up. You may not be making excuses for your loss, but you are proving exactly how big of a loser you are. I mean let's look at the facts. Last night, I, Randy Orton, the Legend Killer, defeated the biggest star in the history of the wrestling business, "the Immortal" Hulk Hogan. Last night, you couldn't even beat Edge. John Cena, you are totally pathetic.

Cena: Well why don't you get your ass in this ring and I'll show you how pathetic I really am. I'll beat your ass Orton! What do you say?

(Orton begins to walk down the ramp, and starts to take off his tie. He gets halfway down and then stops.)

Orton: Oh, you can have a match with me...but not tonight. Not in front of these fans! But I'll see you next week Cena!

(With that Orton's music plays again and he poses as he makes his way back up the ramp.)



JR: We're back fans! And right now it's time for our big main event for this evening.

(Murdoch & Cade's music plays and they come out to the ring. The crowd doesn't really care too much about them. They get in the ring and the whole DX entrance thing starts. BREAK IT DOWN! Shawn Michaels and Triple H make their way down the aisle to a huge pop. They get in the ring and the match is underway.)

****HBK starts off in the ring with Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch tries to lock up with HBK, but Shawn is distracted by Murdoch's breath and Shawn turns his head to avoid the smell. Murdoch shows he has something resembling a brain and attacks HBK from behind. Murdoch hammers away with punches and forearms to Shawn's back. Murdoch whips Shawn into the corner where Cade is. Murdoch comes over and puts knees in Shawn's midsection. Murdoch does it repeatedly and when the referee forces him to break it, Lance Cade chokes HBK. Shawn fights back and punches Cade, knocking him off the apron. Shawn charges Murdoch and hits a clothesline. Murdoch is up and HBK hammers away with some right hands, but Trevor doesn't feel a thing and kicks Shawn in the stomach. Trevor grabs the back of Shawn's head and hits a knee lift on him, sending Shawn staggering backwards. Murdoch gets a clothesline on Shawn and tags Lance Cade in. Cade comes in and lights Shawn up with a few right hands. Cade whips Shawn into the ropes, but Shawn hits a flying forearm on Cade. Shawn tags in Triple H. The crowd goes nuts as HHH comes in and takes it right to Lance Cade. Triple H gets an atomic drop that sends Cade flying into DX's corner. Shawn punches him and the impact causes Cade to fly back towards HHH who picks him up and gets him with an inverted atomic drop. As Cade holds his jewels, Triple H clotheslines him to the mat. Triple H picks Cade up and holds him as he tags in HBK. Shawn comes in and kicks Cade in the midsection. Shawn whips Cade into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Cade sees it coming and stops. Cade grabs Shawn's head and ddts him into the mat. Cade tags in Murdoch. Murdoch comes in and picks Shawn up. Shawn hits him in the stomach and then whips Murdoch into the ropes. Murdoch gets clotheslined and Triple H is tagged in. Murdoch is up, and Triple H kicks him in the stomach. Triple H sets him up for the pedigree, but Cade comes in and attacks Triple H. Shawn Michaels comes in and waits for Cade to turn around, SUPERKICK! Cade is down and out. Triple H grabs Murdoch and sets him up for the pedigree again when out of nowhere comes the Spirit Squad. They rush in and attack DX. Kenny & Johnny beat down Shawn Michaels, while Mitch and Mikey take on Triple H. Triple H and HBK manage to fight back as the referee calls for the bell.****

WINNERS by DQ: D-Generation X


JR: The Spirit Squad have ruined this match and they have attacked DX!

(Triple H manages to get the pedigree on Mikey. Triple H dumps Trevor Murdoch to the outside with a clotheline, but Mitch then attacks Triple H from behind. Shawn Michaels is being held by Johnny, but when Kenny goes to smash him with the WWE Tag Team title belt, Shawn moves and Johnny goes flying over the top. Kenny can't believe it and Shawn sneaks behind him. Kenny turns right into a superkick! Kenny flies through the ropes. Shawn then turns his attention to Mitch, who is actually beating up Triple H. Shawn punches Mitch in the back, and Mitch turns around. Shawn hammers away with lefts and right. Suddenly the camera cuts to the entrance ramp. Raw Interim GM Jonathan Coachman comes down the ramp leading the way for his "Insurance Policy" Oleg.)

JR: AW COME ON DAMMIT! Jonathan Coachman cannot resist the chance to attack and injure DX!

(Shawn and Mitch are exchanging right hands as Triple H gets a low blow on Mitch and then dumps him to the outside. With their backs turned to the entrance way they don't see Oleg get in the ring behind them. They turn around and both men run right at him, but he catches them and hits a double urinagy slam (Rock Bottom) on them. Coachman is going nuts as Oleg picks HBK up and powerbombs him over the top rope and down to the floor. Oleg then grabs Triple H and locks him in a rear naked choke. Triple H is choked out and is laying motionless in the center of the ring. Coachman grabs a microphone.)

Coach: DX, your reign as champs will officially be over starting next week! Because next week, you're going to defend the titles against Kenny & Johnny of the Spirit Squad, and yours truly is going to be the special guest referee!

JR: Aww Coachman makes me sick!

(The copyright information comes on the screen as Coachman, Oleg, and the Spirit Squad stand triumphant in the center of the ring.)

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Following last week's shocking upset over Test, Balls Mahoney has earned himself an ECW World title match. Can Balls end Big Show's reign of terror? Or will the Big Show continue to destroy everyone in his way.

Plus, earlier this week Paul Heyman signed a big main event as Sabu teams up with the Sandman and they go up against the team of Mike Knox & Kurt Angle. Can Knox and Sandman finally settle their score? Will Sabu finally get the best of Kurt Angle? Find out this Tuesday Night only on Sci-Fi!

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ECW On Sci-Fi | Tuesday, Week 1, September 2006

("Bodies" by Drowning Pool hits and ECW ON SCI-FI is on the air!!! Already in the ring are Stevie Richards and Tony Mamaluke.)

Styles: Welcome back fans to ECW ON SCI-FI! Tonight Balls Mahoney will get the chance to finally take the ECW World Title away from the Big Show's massive body.

Tazz: Well no doubt he's gonna try, but it'll be tough Joey. Real tough.

Styles: Right now, we're kicking off this addition of ECW on Sci-Fi with some action!

****Mamaluke and Stevie lock up. Mamaluke sends Stevie into the ropes and gets a drop toe hold. Tony attempts and STF, but Stevie counters and gets to his feet. Stevie and Tony exchange right hands and then Stevie kicks Tony. A ddt by Stevie and he makes the cover, 1--2--Mamaluke kicks out. Stevie picks Tony Mamaluke up and whips him hard into the corner. Stevie runs at Tony, but Tony moves. Stevie puts his hands on the ropes and jumps up, and Tony catches him on his shoulders. Mamaluke with a nice shoulder breaker on Stevie. Stevie holds his arm, and Tony locks in a fujiwara armbar. Stevie screams in pain, but manages to get to the ropes. Mamaluke breaks the hold. Mamaluke backs away and lets Stevie get to his feet. Mamaluke runs at Stevie, Stevie ducks and back body drops Mamaluke down to the apron. Stevie connects with a right hand and Tony staggers and nearly falls off the apron. Stevie kicks Tony in the stomach and suplexes Tony Mamaluke back into the ring. Stevie also connects with a big knee drop. Stevie picks Tony up and ddts him to the mat. Stevie covers Tony. 1--2--3.****

Winner: Stevie Richards


Styles: A very solid win for Stevie Richards. Both men were looking for a win to get back on track here in ECW.

Tazz: And Stevie's the one who got it.

(Little Guido is shown walking through a corridor backstage. As he turns the corner he bumps into Kevin Thorne.)

Thorne: Hello Guido.

Guido: Yo move ya ass!

Thorne: I will, but first I wanted to ask you something.

Guido: Yeah? What is it?

Thorne: Have you ever thought about joining the Lifestyle?

Guido: [stares] Uh...but I like women.

Thorne: Hahaha...no, vampirism. It's so exciting. You should try it.

(Guido just stares at Thorne weirdly and then pushes his way past. Thorne stares at him as he walks away, Thorne licks his lips as the scene fades.)



(In the back Kurt Angle is warming up in his locker room. There's a knock at the door and Danny Doring walks in with a picture and a pen.)

Doring: Um, Kurt?

Angle: What?

Doring: I was um...wondering. Could I uh...y'know, get your autograph? IT'S FOR MY GRANDMOTHER! Yeah, she's sick! And she uh...she loves you. And the ankle lock. That's her uh...favorite, favorite uh...move. Her favorite move. So what do you say?

Angle: Sure thing Donny. So who am I making this out to, Donny?

Doring: It's Danny...

Angle: Your grandmother's name is Danny? Stop jerking me around! This is for you isn't it?!?

Doring: ...no.

Angle: [scribbles on it] Here.

Doring: [takes autograph and looks at it] THANKS KURT!

Angle: Whatever. Now get out, I got a match later.

(Doring leaves and when he gets outside of the locker room he reveals his true intentions.)

Doring: YES! This baby's going up on eBay!


Styles: That was sad.

Tazz: Come on Joey, you gotta give the guy some credit, he has to do something to make some money now that his pay has been cut drastically.

Styles: Well that's very true. Fans, to recap what happened last week on ECW, Paul Heyman had been told that he needed to cut the budget for ECW down in order for ECW to make a profit and stay around. So Heyman made a battle royal featuring 10 ECW wrestlers, and the first five eliminated got their pay cut, according to when they were eliminated. And Danny Doring, well...he was first eliminated.

Tazz: Yeah Joey, clearly Heyman needs to be stopped. I've never seen him on an ego trip like this!

Styles: I agree Tazz. I agree.

(Some Beastie Boys ripoff music plays and out comes Little Guido and his tag team partner Big Guido. They get in the ring and await their opponents. Alice In Chains ripoff music plays and Tommy Dreamer and his tag team partner Terry Funk make their way out to the ring. They get in the ring.)

****Dreamer starts the match with Little Guido. They lock up and Dreamer shoves Guido to the mat. Guido crawls over to his corner and tags in Big Guido. Big Guido comes in and grabs Dreamer by the shirt and tosses Dreamer into the corner. Guido chokes Dreamer with his boot. Referee Mickie Henson forces Big Guido to break it at the count of five. Guido hip tosses Dreamer halfway across the ring. Dreamer hits hard and is pain. Big Guido walks over to Dreamer and grabs him by the hair. He picks Dreamer up, but Dreamer elbows him in the stomach. Dreamer tags in Terry Funk. Funk comes in and cleans house on Big Guido with right hands. Funk knocks Little Guido off the apron, and then turns right around in a big boot from Big Guido. Big tags in Little and Little Guido stomps on Terry Funk. Little Guido locks Terry Funk in a side headlock, but Funk manages to break the hold. Funk whips Guido into the ropes and then clotheslines him. Funk tags Dreamer back in. Dreamer comes in and grabs Little Guido. Dreamer piledrives Guido into the mat. Big Guido comes in but gets clotheslined to the outside by Dreamer. Dreamer turns around, and Little Guido is on his knees trying to get up. Dreamer drops Guido with a swinging neckbreaker and then covers Guido for the 3 count.****

WINNERS: Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk.



(The commercials end and the scene fades with The Sandman and Sabu standing in front of the usual ECW black background.)

Sandman: Well well well, Kurt Angle and Mark Knox you two have decided to stick your noses where they don't belong week in and week out. Knox when you caned me, you woke me up. You got me good, I'll admit. But I'll get you better. And Kurt Angle, I think I speak for Sabu back there when I say I hope you said your prayers today, because this is ECW. This isn't the Olympics, this isn't the WWE, THIS IS EXTREME!

(Sandman canes himself in the head and then cracks a beer on his forehead. He walks out, and Sabu points to the sky and then follows behind the Sandman.)


Styles: Right now, let's take a look at ECW's rookie of the year front-runner, CM PUNK!

(A video is shown of the injury CM Punk sustained in a match a few weeks back against Sabu. The video then shows Punk walking into the hospital to have surgery on his injured arm. The video ends with the words "CM PUNK RETURNS NEXT WEEK!")


("I might not have good looks, I might not have great style, but there is one thing I do got..." Balls Mahoney marches down the aisle with a chair in hand as the crowd chants "Balls" at him. He gets in the ring and grabs the microphone.)

Balls: OH BIG SHOOOW! Come on down! I'm ready to kick your ass!

("WELL WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW" Brand New Sin's version of Big Show's theme hits and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion the Big Show makes his way down to the ring. He gets in the ring and stares down at Balls. There is a huge size difference.)

****Balls takes the chair and swings it at Show, but Show blocks it. Balls hammers away on Big Show with absolutely no effect. Instead the Big Show pie faces Balls down to the mat. Balls gets up and charges Show. He shoulderblocks Show right in the stomach. Big Show grabs Balls underneath the arms and tosses him outside. Balls doesn't jump high enough and gets caught in the ropes a little bit. Big Show follows Balls outside. Big Show grabs Balls and picks him up by his hair. Show whips Balls hard into the steel ring steps. Balls hits them hard and flips over. Big Show stalks Balls and grabs him again. Show backs Balls into the apron and slaps Balls hard in the chest. Big Show whips Balls hard into the barrier. Show goes to kick Balls in the face, but Balls ducks and Show gets his leg caught on the other side of the barrier. Balls takes advantage and goes and grabs his chair. Show is still stuck, and Balls just cracks him in the back with the chair. Show shrugs it off so Balls goes to the other side and cracks Show in the face with the chair. Show is staggered, and still stuck straddling the barrier. Balls hits Show one more time, this time the impact causes the Big Show to fall off the barrier and down to the floor. Balls kicks Big Show in the head. He goes under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets the table up, and sets it on fire. He tries to shove Big Show face first into the flames, but the Big Show shoves Balls with one arm into the ring apron. Balls hits hard and holds his back. Big Show is up on his feet. He grabs Balls by the throat, and chokeslams him down right onto the table. Show puts his foot on Balls as the referee counts him down 1--2--3.****



(After the match the Big Show is celebrating in the middle of the ring. All of a sudden someone jumps over the barrier from the crowd. It's RVD! RVD climbs up to the top rope with a chair in hand. He's on the turnbuckle behind Show. Show turns around, RVD throws him a chair. Show catches it. VAN DAMINATOR! Show is staggered and he falls to the outside. Inside the ring RVD grabs the ECW World Championship belt and climbs to the top rope and holds it high above his head.)


Styles: It's obvious that RVD wants his belt back, and he's gone a long way to showing that tonight.

Tazz: Yeah well with Paul Heyman not here tonight, RVD managed to find a way into the building and made his presence known.


Styles: Welcome back fans to ECW On Sci-Fi! Before we get into our main event, I would just like to announce that a huge match has been signed for next week. ECW Chairman Paul Heyman who is at home sick with the flu must've been made even sicker with Rob Van Dam finding a way into the building. So next week he's made a huge main event. It's going to be Rob Van Dam taking on Kurt Angle, and the winner of that match will meet The Big Show for the ECW Championship at a later date.

("Angle's Theme (ECW Remix)" hits and Kurt Angle comes out to the ring to join his tag partner Mike Knox, who is already in the ring with the lovely Kelly. As Angle gets in the ring a (somewhat) familiar song plays and The Sandman comes down through the crowd. As Angle and Knox are watching the Sandman, Sabu runs into the ring behind them.)

****Sabu goes right for Angle, attacking him from behind. Mike Knox attacks Sabu and he and Angle double team Sabu. The Sandman hits the ring with his Singapore cane. Sandman goes for Knox, but Knox ducks and kicks Sandman in the stomach. Knox hammers away on The Sandman with right hands. Angle and Sabu are brawling on the opposite side of the ring. Angle dumps Sabu out, and runs up behind The Sandman and clips him and takes his knee out. Angle then goes to the apron.****

Styles: Kurt Angle with the clip on The Sandman. He's a master tactician in the ring, he knows that if they can take out The Sandman's legs he won't be able to tag Sabu back in.

****Knox has The Sandman down and Angle yells at him to "Work his legs!" Knox does just that by putting the boots to Sandman's knee. Knox locks Sandman in a few submission/rest holds. Sandman yells in pain and Knox tags him in. Angle comes in and continues the work on Sandman's legs. Angle picks Sandman up and whips him into the ropes. Angle goes for a clothesline, Sandman ducks. Sandman stops just behind Angle and picks up his cane. Angle turns around and gets caned right between the eyes. Angle hits the mat, and Sandman turns and just crushes Knox with the cane. Knox falls off the apron, and Kelly runs over to check on him. Sandman tags in Sabu. Sabu runs at Angle and gets him with a double leg takedown. Sabu hammers away on Angle's face. The Sandman runs along the apron over to where Mike Knox is. Sandman goes for his summersault onto Knox, but Knox moves and Kelly gets hit. Knox grabs Sandman's cane and goes to cane him with it, but Sandman hits Knox with a low blow. Sandman takes the cane off Knox and just unloads with cane shot after cane shot to Knox. He busts Knox open. In the ring Sabu and Angle are brawling and neither has a clear advantage. Sabu dives at Angle, and accidentally knocks the referee out. Angle gets Sabu with the Angle Slam. Sandman slides in the ring and canes Angle. Angle hits the mat. Someone enters the ring behind Sandman. It's TEST! Test kicks Sandman right in the face. Test rolls Angle onto Sandman. The referee recovers. 1--2--3!!!****

Winners: Kurt Angle & Mike Knox


Styles: Thanks to Test, Kurt Angle & Mike Knox have just stolen a victory!

Tazz: Why did Test help Angle & Knox, Joey?

Styles: I have no clue. Maybe we'll find out next week!

(The show goes off the air with Test, Angle & Knox standing over Sabu & Sandman.)


Edited by Evil Chase K
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WWE Friday Night SmackDown! | Week 1, September 2006

(The SmackDown! video plays and we get right into the arena. Pyro goes off and the camera pans around the jam-packed crowd in Tennessee. We then cut to ringside with Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield.)

Cole: Welcome fans to WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN! Tonight we have a few big matches already announced including William Regal defending his newly won United States Championship against Tatanka, as well as six-man tag action when the WWE Tag Team Champions the Hooliganz, team with Rey Mysterio to take on the Pitbulls and Chavo Guerrero!

JBL: And what a night it's going to be. Coming out of SummerSlam there are still a lot of scores that need settled.

(Booker T's music hits and he comes out down the ramp wearing his crown and cape, and a suit. Sharmell is at his side and the World Heavyweight Championship is draped over his shoulder. He gets in the ring and is handed the microphone.)

Booker: Sunday night was a huge night in the grand scheme of things for your World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker. But in a career full of great moments, it didn't even rank in the top 10. You see Batista might be a good wrestler. Hell he might even be one of the best, but compared to me, compared to my talent level, he's not even close to me. And last Sunday night I went out and proved that I'm the King for a reason. Because I cannot be beat. Not by Batista, and not by anyone else.

Voice: Woah woah woah Booker, hold up for a second.

(The camera cuts to the stage and SmackDown! GM Teddy Long is standing on the stage.)

Long: Hold up playa, I know you deserve your time to speak and you would've gotten it. But I had a great idea and I just had to share it witchya. Tonight Booker T, you're going to defend that World Heavyweight Championship in a rematch from SummerSlam. That's right, your opponent tonight will be BATISTA!

(Booker throws a fit and he and Sharmell scream at Teddy Long.)

Long: Good luck tonight playa.

(Long turns around and heads to the back as the show goes to commercial.)



Cole: Welcome back fans. In case you missed it, just before the break we learned that tonight Booker T will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista.

(Some strange Jamaican music with the melody of Barry Manilow's "Copa Cabana" hits and "Classic" Colt Cabana struts out onto the stage. The crowd doesn't seem to know how to react as he struts down the ramp.)

Cole: "Classic" Colt Cabana is making his WWE debut tonight. He's a young wrestler who came here to WWE to have some fun as well as become one of the top wrestlers in the world.

JBL: Well I'll tell ya what, if he doesn't stop having fun and focus on wrestling his career here in WWE won't last. That's for sure.

(Cabana gets in the ring and takes off his jacket and shades and hands them to the ring attendant. He takes off his headband and throws it into the crowd. Then Gregory Helms' music hits and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion comes down the ramp.)

Cole: This is a big non-title match. If Colt Cabana can get the win it would definitely put him on the fast track to move up the ladder in the Cruiserweight ranks.

****Helms and Cabana lock up. Helms locks Cabana in an armbar. Cabana struggles to get out, but Cabana manages to flip out of it, and toss Helms over. Helms gets up and Cabana runs at him with a clothesline. Cabana starts to dance and act like a goof in the ring. Cabana is playing up to the crowd as Helms recovers. Helms attacks him from behind and shoves Colt into the corner. Helms gets a monkey flip. Cabana is on the mat and gets to his feet. Gregory Helms suplexes Cabana and then floats over for the pinfall, but only gets a 2 count. Helms picks Cabana up and sets him up for a piledriver, but Cabana gets a backbody drop instead. Knee drop onto Helms' face. Cabana picks Helms up and whips him into the ropes. Cabana gets a samoan drop on Helms. He covers him, 1--2--Helms kicks out. Cabana picks up Helms again and takes him to the corner. Cabana chops Helms hard in the chest. Helms kicks Cabana in the stomach and then throws Cabana shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle post. Cabana hits hard and holds his shoulder in pain. Helms gets a single arm ddt, jamming Cabana's shoulder into it's socket. Cabana is favoring his shoulder even more. Helms whips Cabana into the corner. Cabana hits hard. Helms rushes over and gets a Shining Wizard on Cabana. Cabana falls hard to the mat. Helms takes him into the center of the ring and gets the Nightmare On Helms Street on Cabana. Helms covers Colt. 1--2--3!!!****

WINNER: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms


Cole: An impressive win by Gregory Helms, wouldn't you say JBL?

JBL: Yeah I guess so, I just wish that Colt Cabana guy would take his wrestling more serious. He could be really good if he wasn't so damn silly.

(In the back we see Ashley walking down the hall. Simon Dean comes out from a room, presumably his locker room.)

Simon: Ashley, hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Simon: Uh yeah I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to go out some time. On a date.

Ashley: Ummm...well, Simon I really appreciate the offer, I do. It's just that I don't really like to date people I work with. It's just a personal rule I set for myself. I hope you understand.

Simon: Oh, yeah it's totally cool. I understand completely.

Ashley: Good. Thanks for asking though. I'll see you around.

Simon: Yeah, sure. See ya later.

(Ashley walks off. She turns the corner and Simon lets out an exasperated sigh and slaps himself on the forehead.)


Cole: Still to come tonight folks, we have a huge six-man tag between Chavo Guerrero, the Pitbulls, the Hooliganz & Rey Mysterio. That's gonna be a big one right here tonight on Friday Night SmackDown!

(A graphic hyping the six-man tag is shown.)



(SmackDown! is back and a shot from high above the ring inside the arena is shown. All of a sudden the lights go out and the Undertaker comes out to the ring. The crowd goes nuts as he gets into the ring and the lights come on.)

Undertaker: Great Khali, Daivari, Gymini, at SummerSlam you picked the wrong man to attack. So if you would all be kind enough to come out here and meet your maker...

(Daivari's music hits and he leads his team of Great Khali & Gymini down the aisle and into the ring. All four men staredown the Undertaker. He decides to attack Khali and has him reeling for a bit until Gymini attacks. They get the Undertaker to divert his attention to them, and Khali is able to chop the Undertaker in the back of the head, knocking him out. They stomp on 'Taker for a bit, but he sits up. Gymini and Daivari bail out of fright, and Khali gets clotheslined over the top rope. The Undertaker stares at the four men as they walk backwards up the ramp.)


Cole: Well it looks like this situation is far from over!

JBL: Well you really gotta question the smarts of men who willingly piss off the Undertaker. That's not a real smart move for anyone.

Cole: Well they have one thing going for them in that the Great Khali has shown time and time again that he is not afraid of the Undertaker. And he's the only man to ever step foot into a WWE ring that is actually larger than the Undertaker.

JBL: Why don't you let me do the thinking from now on Michael?

(Some Native American chanting is heard coming from the PA and then Tatanka's music plays. He does his Native American war skip down to the ring. He gets in the ring and takes off his headdress and all that other stuff and awaits his opponent. William Regal's music plays and Regal comes out with the WWE US title around his waist. He gets down to the ring, wipes his feet on the apron and steps into the ring.)

****Regal and Tatanka have a quick staredown, Regal gets a European uppercut that sends Tatanka flying backwards. Clothesline by Regal. Tatanka is back up, Regal kicks him in the stomach, and gets a butterfly suplex on Tatanka. Tatanka is down on the mat and Regal takes advantage and applies a side headlock on Tatanka. He keeps it applied for a bit, but Tatanka manages to get to his feet and break the hold. Tatanka whips Regal into the ropes, and hits him with a flying shoulderblock. Regal hits the mat hard and he rolls to the outside to get a breather. The crowd boos, but Regal just waves to them. Tatanka yells at Regal to get back in the ring. Regal slowly climbs up to the apron and the referee forces Tatanka to back up, and Regal gets back in the ring. Tatanka meets him in the center of the ring and throws a right hand, but Regal blocks it and kicks Tatanka in the stomach. Regal hits a European uppercut again and Tatanka staggers backwards. Regal kicks him in the stomach and then hits a high knee lift to Tatanka's face. Regal is in control and he knows it. He gets a little cocky and slaps Tatanka in the face. Tatanka punches Regal in the face. Regal gets knocked back, and Tatanka runs at him and goes for a clothesline, but Regal ducks. A neckbreaker puts Tatanka down. Regal posts his knee right square in the middle of Tatanka's back, and pulls up on Tatanka's head. Tatanka screams in pain as Regal uses his forearms to smash Tatanka in the side of the head a few times. Regal finally lets go of the hold and picks Tatanka up. Regal uses a backbreaker on Tatanka to continue to soften him up. Regal kicks Tatanka hard in the back and then picks him up. Regal whips Tatanka into the turnbuckles and Tatanka hits hard. A clothesline in the corner does more damage to Tatanka's back. Tatanka collapses to his knees in the corner. Regal bends down and taunts him. Regal boots him in the face, and Tatanka slumps back into the corner. Regal picks up Tatanka to whip him into the opposite corner, but Tatanka manages to reverse it. Regal hits the corner hard and momentum sends him back towards the middle of the ring. Tatanka gets a Tomahawk chop to Regal's head. Tatanka whips Regal into the ropes and gets a samoan drop on Regal as he comes back towards the middle. Tatanka is up and seemingly shaking off the pain. The crowd is going wild. All of a sudden the camera cuts to the entrance ramp and Finlay is coming down with a chair. Tatanka picks Regal up and piledrives him into the mat. Tatanka goes to follow up on the piledriver but Finlay yells something at him. Tatanka gets distracted and Regal recovers and hits Tatanka with a low blow. Tatanka doubles over in pain and Regal whips him across the ring. Finlay goes to hit Tatanka with the chair, but Tatanka stops before that happens and tosses William Regal into the chair instead. The referee sees it and calls for the bell.****

WINNER by DQ: WWE United States Champion William Regal.

(As they head to the back Regal and Finlay begin to argue. They argue all the way up the ramp and then begin brawl on the stage. WWE Officials rush out to break it up.)



(Ashley is standing around backstage talking to the makeup lady when Sylvan shows up behind her. Sylvan clears his throat and Ashley turns around.)

Ashley: Oh, hello Sylvan.

Sylvan: Why hello, Miss Ashley.

Ashley: What's up?

Sylvan: Well, you see I just wanted to let you know that I find you to be absolutely stunning. And I was wondering if you'd like to accompany me to dinner and perhaps a movie in my home city of Montreal. We can take my personal jet. What do you say Ashley?

Ashley: Oh that's very flattering Sylvan, but actually I um...I don't date people I work with. Sorry, it's just a rule I made for myself. You know you start to date someone and things get weird or whatever.

Sylvan: Ashley, no need to make an excuse. If you want to be stupid and not make a date with the WWE's #1 sex symbol, it is totally your loss.

(Sylvan storms away and Ashley just goes about her business.)


JBL: Well, that certainly was...interesting.

Cole: Yeah Sylvan asking someone for a date.

JBL: And it's a woman no less! Who'd have thought?

(In the back Matt Hardy is standing by with Josh Matthews.)

Matthews: Matt, you asked for this time to speak, so go ahead...say what's on your mind.

Hardy: Thanks Josh, you see I asked for this time so I could speak to all my fans. First off I would just like to thank you all for continuing to support me. I know I haven't been the best wrestler lately and I've struggled in the win department, but that's all going to change. I'm focused, I'm rejuvenated, and I'm ready to make an impact. So get ready because it's Matt Hardy's time for once.


(Vito is already standing in the ring. He's awaiting his opponent. The British Bulldog's theme plays and out onto the stage comes Harry Smith. The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith's son. He comes down to the ring. And gets in and is ready for action.)

Cole: This is the debut of Harry Smith, the youngster from England is the son of WWE legend "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith.

JBL: And what a task he has in his first match, taking on that freak Vito.

****The bell rings and the two men lock-up. Harry Smith gets an armbar to start. Vito thumbs him in the eye to break the hold.****

JBL: What a veteran move from Vito! I love it! That's using your brain! He's still a freak though!

****Vito takes control and whips Harry into the ropes. Harry comes off the ropes and Vito catches him with a back body drop. Harry hits hard and Vito stomps him a few times. Referee Charles Robinson tries to stop Vito, but he just yells at Robinson and Robinson backs off. Vito picks Harry Smith up by the hair and then suplexes him down. Vito turns to the crowd who is booing him and calling him names and tells them to shut the hell up. He then picks Harry back up and puts him in the corner. Vito delivers three hard chops to Harry's chest, reddening him up. Vito kicks Harry in the stomach and hip tosses him across the ring. Harry hits hard on his back. Vito hits a running legdrop on Harry and then covers him. 1--2--Harry kicks out. Vito asks for a faster count. He backs Charles Robinson into the corner. While he's arguing Harry Smith gets back up. He attacks Vito. He whips Vito into the ropes. Harry Smith gets a drop toe hold and then tries to lock on an STF, but Vito manages to get out of it. Smith is up to his feet. He picks Vito up, but Vito punches him in the stomach and manages to hit Harry Smith with a facebuster. Vito covers Smith, but he kicks out on 2. Vito picks Smith up and goes to piledrive him to the mat, but Harry Smith drops Vito with a double leg takedown and then catapaults him into the corner. Vito bounces off the turnbuckle and right into the arms of Harry Smith. Smith picks Vito up and hits a running powerslam. Harry Smith covers Vito. 1--2--3!!!****

WINNER: Harry Smith by pinfall.


Cole: What a great debut for Harry Smith! He's certainly got a hell of a career ahead of him here in the WWE.

(After the match Vito gets up and storms down the ramp. He stomps his feet and generally just throws a tantrum. The camera follows him as he trashes everything along his way. He goes into his locker room and picks up his bags and heads for the exit. SmackDown! announcer Josh Matthews catches up with Vito.)

Matthews: Vito, Vito, please...can I get a few words with you?

(Vito just keeps walking)

Matthews: Vito, where are you going?

Vito: Home.

(Vito leaves through an exit door and leaves the arena leaving Matthews standing there scratching his head.)



(The show comes back from commercial with Chavo Guerrero standing there looking into the camera from the WWE interview area.)

Chavo: Rey Mysterio, there is a time and a place for pleasantries. And there's a time and a place for business. Well right now is a time for business. You see Rey, we came up in this business together. We have a long, storied history from Mexico to the States. We both have family who were stars in this business. As well as good friends with one another. Could you imagine what your uncle and my dad would say to each other if they were sitting together watching us wrestle at SummerSlam? It wouldn't be about how proud they were. It would be about how disgraceful our feud is. Not just to our family's names, but to this sport. And you see Rey, that's why this whole thing cannot just end. There has to be a casualty. We've already disgraced our families, and we've already disgraced this sport. You by your greed and willingness to use tragedy to get to the top. And me for my lies and my deception. But hey, I guess that runs in the family huh? [Chavo smirks] Rey, this didn't end at SummerSlam, and it won't end anytime soon. Not until one of us has been run out of the sport we both love. The sport we gave our lives to. The sport we gave our heart and soul to. For this to end, one of us has to be eradicated from this sport. And I'll be damned if that someone is going to be me.


(Back in King Booker's locker room, Booker is shown sitting down behind a desk with his feet up. On the other side of the desk sit two new SmackDown! newcomers, Sylvester Terkay & Elijah Burke.)

Booker: Now, both of you are amazingly qualified. I mean I can't believe this, Elijah, you are a classically trained...[booker strains to read] tromboner? What's that?

Elijah: Oh that means I played trombone.

Booker: Really?

Elijah: Uh...yeah, sure!

Booker: That's great, but how does that help me?

Elijah: Well, you get to say you have a classically trained tromboner in your Court.

Booker: Okay, okay I can see where that would come in handy. And you uh, Sylves...baby how you say that name?

Sharmell: Sylvester.

Booker: Like the cat?

Sharmell: Yes Book baby, like the cat.

Booker: Aight Sylvester...it says here that you like to go out into the woods and step on baby squirrels. Why exactly is it that you do that?

(Sylvester just stares at Booker.)

Elijah: Oh uh, he doesn't talk much. But I can tell you why. Because he can, that's why. I mean look at the man, who's gonna tell him that he can't do that? WHO?

Booker: I don't know who?

Elijah: NO ONE! That's who!

Booker: Oh, right. Well it's been a pleasure interviewing you guys for the open position. I'll notify you of which one of you I've selected before the night is over.

(At this point Booker stands up and so do Elijah and Sylvester. Booker shakes hands with Elijah, but Sylvester just stares at Booker and then turns around follows Elijah out of the room.)

Booker: And I thought Goldust was weird.


Cole: Well that certainly was interesting!

JBL: If Booker T was smart he'd pick that monster Sylvester. That guy is an absolute machine.

(Chavo Guerrero's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with the Pitbulls, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash following closely behind. They get in the ring and await their next opponents. Rey Mysterio's music hits and he comes out of his chute thing as usual, but with the WWE Tag Team Champions, the Hooliganz joining him as he pops up into the air. They run down to the ring and the match starts as a brawl.)

****All six men start off in the ring together. Rey targets Chavo, Kendrick targets Kid Kash, and London takes on Noble. The ring clears until it's just Rey Mysterio and Chavo in the ring. Chavo pokes Rey in the eye and takes over the advantage. Chavo twists Rey's arm, and then elbows Rey right on his elbow. Rey jerks his arm away in pain, only to be dropkicked down by Chavo. Chavo grabs Rey's leg and then tags in Kid Kash. Kash climbs to the top rope and flies off the top with a big legdrop onto Rey's arm. Rey holds his arm again as Kid Kash picks him up. Kash whips him into the ropes and gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Rey. Kash adds to the punishment by applying pressure to Rey's head and his legs, forcing his back down over Kash's knee even harder. Rey screams in pain, and eventually Kash let's go. Kash tosses Rey into his team's corner. Chavo Guerrero walks a little ways down the apron and distracts the referee as the Pittbulls do a number on Rey. Noble chokes him as Kash kicks him repeatedly in the stomach. Finally Paul London comes in to stop it, and of course the referee turns around in time to see London in the ring and is again distracted as he tries to get London out of the ring. While this is happening, Chavo begins to choke Rey with the tag rope. The referee finally turns around and sees it and he scolds Chavo for choking Rey. Kid Kash places Rey up on the top turnbuckle and Kash uses it as a way to get Rey on his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver, but Rey has enough energy to turn it into a spinning ddt. Kash is down in the center of the ring and Rey is trying to recover to make the tag. Chavo just gets in the ring, and is stopped halfway by the referee. While the referee and Chavo argue, Rey manages to tag in Brian Kendrick. Chavo goes back to his corner, and the referee, not seeing the tag forces Rey to remain the legal man. Kash has recovered enough to kick Rey in the stomach and get him with a rocker dropper. Kash drags Rey to his corner, and tags in Jamie Noble. Noble goes right to work by stomping on Rey and applying pressure to Rey's back with a surfboard.****

Cole: Fans we will return to this match in a few moments, but right now we have to take a short commercial break.


****The show returns with Rey still being worn down, this time by Chavo. Chavo is slapping Rey in the face and screaming at him as a highlight of action that took place during the commercial is shown. It shows Jamie Noble dropping Rey Mysterio with a huge superplex. Chavo then turns his attention to the Hooliganz. He taunts them and slaps Brian Kendrick. Kendrick tries to get into the ring, but the referee stops him. Chavo keeps taunting Kendrick and totally fails to realize Rey Mysterio getting to his feet behind him. Chavo turns around and Rey gets him with a Lou Thesz press. Rey hammers away on Chavo. Rey finally is able to tag in Paul London and the crowd goes nuts. London runs over to the Pittbulls and punches them both. They try to get in the ring and the referee holds them back. While he does this The Hooliganz exact a small measure of revenge by double flapjacking Chavo face first into the mat. Kendrick leaves the ring and London is able to take advantage. London goes for a ddt, but Chavo manages to get out of it, and crawl over to Kid Kash. He tags Kash in. Kash comes in and he and London lock up. Kash with a waistlock, it gets reversed by London, and then that gets reversed again by Kid Kash. Kash goes for a German suplex on London, but London lands on his feet and gets the spinning heel kick on Kash. Kash is stunned and London is able to tag in Brian Kendrick. Kendrick climbs to the top rope. He waits for Kash to get up and at the best possible moment, Kendrick leaps off the top rope and bulldogs Kash to the mat. Kendrick covers him, but Noble gets in and breaks the count up. Noble is kicked out back to the apron. Kendrick picks Kash up, and Kash fights him off. Kash with a big ddt and then he tags in Jamie Noble. Noble picks Kendrick up and takes him to a neutral corner and places him on the top rope. Noble attempts a superplex, but Kendrick blocks it and throws Noble face first down onto the mat. Kendrick tries to come off with an elbow drop, but Kid Kash shakes the top rope, and Kendrick crotches the turnbuckle and then falls off. Noble looks pretty hurt, and Kendrick starts to crawl towards his corner. He gets over and tags in Rey. Noble attempts to make a tag, but Rey grabs him and whips him into the ropes. A dropkick has Noble laying on the second rope in position for the 619. REY HITS IT! He goes for the cover, but all hell breaks loose as the other two men from each team enter the ring. London clotheslines Chavo over the top rope, and Kendrick hits a flying crossbody on Kash to knock them both to the outside. Rey goes to the outside. WEST COAST POP! Rey covers Noble. 1--2--3!****

WINNERS: WWE Tag Team Champions the Hooliganz & Rey Mysterio


Cole: WOW! What a match that was! Wait, what's that? Next week? Alright. Fans I have just been informed that SmackDown! GM Teddy Long has signed a big match for next week. It's going to be the Hooliganz defending the WWE Tag Team Titles against the Pittbulls.

JBL: I got my money on the Pittbulls in that one.

Cole: Fans stay with us, when we come back, that man [batista is shown walking in the back] will wrestle World Heavyweight Champion Booker T for the World Heavyweight Championship!


(Batista's music plays and he makes his way down the aisle to a huge pop. He gets in the ring and gets ready and then World Heavyweight Champion King Booker makes his way out to the ring. Booker gets in the ring and gives his crown, his cape, and his scepter to Sharmell, and then hands the World Heavyweight Championship to referee Nick Patrick. Patrick displays it to the crowd, hands it to the time keeper and then asks for the bell.)

****Batista and Booker stare each other down. Booker slaps Batista and Batista just shoves Booker down. Booker gets up and shoves Batista again, but Batista just punches Booker in the face and knocks him down. Booker is up and he decides to head outside to talk to Sharmell. After stalling until 9, Booker gets back in. He and Batista finally lock up and Batista backs Booker into the corner. Batista gives him a clean break, but Booker thumbs him in the eye. Booker shoves Batista into the corner and begins to kick him repeatedly in the stomach. Booker whips Batista to the opposite corner. Batista hits hard buts uses the momentum to come back towards Booker and clotheslines Booker hard. Batista picks Booker T up and hammers away on Booker's back. Batista knees Booker in the stomach and then suplexes Booker. Batista is up and poses for the crowd. This allows Booker T to bail. The crowd boos loudly as Booker discusses strategy with his wife Sharmell again. Booker gets back in the ring and Nick Patrick makes Batista give him plenty of room. Booker is back in. He and Batista lock up once again and Batista tries to toss Booker, but Booker blocks it and punches Batista in the stomach. Batista doubles over, and Booker goes for a quick axe kick, but Batista moves and then clotheslines Booker very hard. Booker is on the mat, and Batista picks him up. Batista gets a short-arm clothesline on Booker, but Booker doesn't fall. Two more short-arms from Booker, but Booker isn't down yet, Batista goes for a big swing but Booker ducks. Batista turns around and Booker T kicks him in the stomach. Booker manages to pull off a big ddt, but Batista just pops back up like it had no effect. Booker hammers away on Batista, but with no effect. Finally Booker tries to kick Batista, but he catches Booker's foot, and then clotheslines him down hard. Batista picks Booker T up and whips him hard into the corner. Booker bounces off the turnbuckles pretty hard and right into a spinebuster from Batista. Batista goes to cover Booker, but Sharmell jumps up. Batista is distracted and yells for her to get down. Booker T crawls up behind Batista. He gets a low blow on Batista, and Batista doubles over in pain. Booker goes for the scissors kick and hits it this time. Booker covers Batista, 1--2--Batista kicks out! Booker picks Batista up, and goes to whip Batista towards Sharmell, but Batista reverses it and Sharmell grabs Booker's foot and trips him. Booker staggers right into a Batista Bomb. Batista covers, 1--2--Nick Patrick gets pulled out of the ring by Elijah Burke! Batista gets up and he yells at Elijah. Behind Batista is Sylvester Terkay. Batista turns around and Terkay just levels him with a palm strike. Batista staggers back and tries to attack Terkay, but Terkay puts him down with a wicked high angle belly-to-belly overhead release suplex. Terkay heads out of the ring, and Batista staggers to his feet. Booker T gets the Book End on Batista. Nick Patrick is rolled back in the ring by Elijah Burke. 1-----2------3!****

WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: King Booker


(Terkay, Elijah, and Sharmell get in the ring and celebrate the win with Booker T.)

Cole: Now that Booker has aligned with Sylvester Terkay and Elijah Burke, where will Finlay and Regal end up?

JBL: Possibly on the outside looking in Michael!

(The copyright information comes on the screen and the show goes off the air with the four standing in the ring celebrating their victory.)

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From WWE.com...

IPB Image

WWE Monday Night RAW Preview

Last week on Raw Interim GM of Raw Jonathan Coachman booked DX to defend the World Tag Team Championship against the Spirit Squad's Kenny & Johnny, and Jonathan Coachman will be the referee. Will Coachman's plan to take the titles from DX succeed? Or will DX have a plan of their own?

Also WWE Champion Edge has promised that he will take his title reign to the next level. What does that mean and how does he plan on accomplishing that?

Plus, rumors at WWE Headquarters are flying and they say that WWE Chairman Shane McMahon will be at Raw and that he will have a huge announcement to make at the show.

With "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Mick Foley apparently burying the hatchet last week, will see one or both of them on Raw? And if so will their friendliness continue, or was it just a one night show of respect?

Following their confrontation last week, former WWE Champion John Cena has vowed to get his hands on Randy Orton. Will he?

Find out this Monday Night at 9 PM on USA!

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Guest Beeker201

This has got to be one of the best diary's i've read (In my opinion). It's very intruiging(sp?), and has me interested in whats going to happen next (unlike a few other diary's i've read) The format of it is fine the way it is. Hopefully you'll stick with this for a while, as I would like to see how everything goes.

And (for what there worth, if you take ideas) I would really like to see a complete dx reunion, and Kane have some meaningful storylines (unlike how he seems just thrown into random matches on t.v.)

Keep up the good work.

Edited by Beeker201
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If you want me to keep it going, keep giving me feedback, it helps me stay motivated.

As far as DX goes, I already have their storyline planned out for the next few months.

And Kane, well you'll probably be pretty happy with his role in my diary. Unless something changes.

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