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Anyone heard of her?

My friend just introduced me to her with a couple albums, she's a total Mirah fangirl, so far it's really good stuff. If you can find it get the album C'Mon Miracle, and if you can't find the album get the tracks Jerusalem & The Light (both from said album, may have more luck finding a few tracks than a whole album).

It is beautiful stuff. I love it.

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It's certainly beautiful stuff. I'm particuarly loving "The Garden". I have a thing accordians.

She's not hot though. :(

The more I listen to, the more she's starting to grind off on me. I dunno. Some songs are good. But I cannot stomach her voice for long. Got to love "Dreamboat". Lyrical genius I tells-you.

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I listened to it for a few hours straight and just loved it all. Yeah, I love her sense of lyricism; especially in "The Struggle" where there's some really quotable lines like "We can try to bury the hatchet in the cold, cold ground".

text doesn't even do it justice, you have to hear her sing it.

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I have You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This and I fucking adore it. I need to get everything else she has, especially because "Cold Cold Water" is on the following release and that's the song that made me become very fond of her.

"Words Cannot Describe," "Engine Heart," and "Sweepstakes Prize" are just three of my favorite songs ever.

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