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Last Comic Standing S4


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Anyone watched this season?

It has sucked, the comics aren't nearly as good outside of Josh and Gabriel, and they did not focus on the living portion of this and the way it was set up it blew. What made Season One so good was the living stuff, not so much the stand-up. However, finale is tonight and hopefully Josh wins.

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Chris Porter was awesome. The Cosket joke was great. And Ty is awesome, to. The whole "I can't afford food. But.. If I had a choice.. I'd choose Applebees" was great.

I hate Josh Blue. I hope for the love of god he doesn't win. The only joke I liked of his was the "Gabriel stop phoning me!" and now he's overdone that. So yeah, go Ty Barnett. :)

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TY started off bad, but now has gotten a lot better.... opposite for Porter, started off good, got really really bad and thankfully eliminated. I find Blue's stuff very funny, and he switches up his routine to keep it fresh instead of the same stuff over and over.

Dat tonight had about 2 decent jokes, and now gone for hopefully forever. HEFFRON IS NEXT!!!

I'm thinking Josh wins via pitty vote like Dat.
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